10 Fantastic Benefits of Using a Smartwatch

10 Fantastic Benefits of Using a Smartwatch

10 Fantastic Benefits of Using a Smartwatch

When smartwatches was initially invented, little did we know how quickly it will become part of our daily lives. Prior to this invention, we all never felt the need for smartwatches; but here we are on a technology jet ages where new inventions are coming up a lot faster than we are prepared to embrace.

If you have been in doubt about whether buying and using a smartwatch worth it; I can assure you that by the end of this article, you’ll have more than enough conviction as to why smartwatches has suddenly become an essential part of our daily lives.

What is a Smartwatch

Inundated with numerous capabilities and track-able daily essentials; every touch-screen enabled wristwatches with the ability to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi can be referred to as a Smartwatch. Hence every smartwatch is expected to have lot more advanced and cutting edge functionalities than a traditional watch.

Beside other advantages of using a smart watch; the following are the ten key benefits of using a smart watch which has made it a worthwhile investment for many that are using it.

1. Making and Receiving Calls and Messages

Incoming calls can easily be received or rejected via your smartwatch without the need to get the phone out of your pocket. For this to be possible, your smartwatch should obviously be connected to your smartphone. Though technologies have since taken advanced step further by producing some SIM cards enable smartwatches which work independently of the smartphone. Such smartwatches has its own voice and speaker support which allows you to speak directly to your phone during phone calls and also hear from the other party. This invaluable feature can be incredibly useful in various circumstances which includes the following scenarios:

  1. When your phone is out of reach or maybe on charge.
  2. When you find yourself in a very awkward position like standing on a train filled with a lot of other passengers during rush hours.
  3. During your routine exercises – like running or cycling etc.

2. Unique Vibration Patterns for Navigations

The use of phone when driving or cycling is always a dangerous act due to the obvious reasons of having divided attentions whilst driving or cycling. This is where a smartwatch comes handy. Aside from the flexibility of just looking at your wrist to find your navigations, some smartwatches like the Apple Smartwatch have taken one step further by offering different vibration patterns that indicates to either take left or right. In fact, if you master these vibration patters which are obviously not hard to get use to; you can make an entire journey without taking your eyes off the road. Just by mere following the unique vibrations patterns which can mean either take left, right or continue ahead.

3. Fitness and Health Tracking System

Fitness and Health Tracking has become a core feature of every smartwatch and it’s indeed amongst the frequently used. As the very basic, many smartwatches Fitness and Health Tracking System offers the following:

  1. Pedometers – This keeps counts of the number of steps you have taken in a day and can also allow you to set certain goals of the number of steps you intend to achieve within 24-hour period.
  2. Heart Rate Monitor – Monitors your heart bit at certain intervals, mostly every hour and accumulates the report. This also comes handy during exercise if you wish to monitor your heart rate.
  3. Calories Monitor – In line with the number of steps taking; this feature monitors the number of calories burnt and you can view this easily on your smartwatch. Obviously as more steps or exercises are taken, the number of burnt calories increments.
  4. Pulse Rate Monitor – This monitors your pulse via your wrist and displays the rate after some intervals.
  5. Swimming Monitor – Been that smartwatches are obviously water and moist resistance; you no longer need to remove your watch prior to swimming, as we all used to do before the invention of smartwatch and certainly no longer need to manually count the number of laps you do whilst swimming with your smartwatch because your smartwatch have taken that responsibility.
  6. Blood Pressure Monitor – This offers a quick way of checking your blood pressure and indicates your highest and lowest reading for the day.
  7. Sleep Monitor – This is one of my favourite monitors. It not only monitors the duration of your sleep but also goes further to indicate the number of hours you’ve had a deep sleep and light sleep. All you need to do is just wear your smartwatch while you sleep and it does all the magic for you.

The above fitness and health features also comes with weekly and monthly report which is updated when the smartwatch is synchronized to its app on the smartphone. You can easily dig a bit deeper on any of the above to monitor your overall performance over past weeks or months.

4. Change Smartwatch Interface

Back in those days, once you buy a watch, you’re stuck to the looks of the watch. If you get bored of seeing the same interface, then you will have to buy another watch with different interface. But things are quite different now with smartwatch. Unlike a regular watch, smartwatch offers the opportunity to change its interface to different looks any time you wish. Most of the smartwatches are bundled with loads of built-in interfaces that you can change to. It also offers opportunity to download both free and paid interfaces. Many people like to change their smartwatch interfaces to match their outfit while others switch to different interface according to the day of the week. Beside interface change, some smartwatches also come with extra bands that you can change to at any time to fit into your outfit. In other words, ability to change interface and change bands can make a single smartwatch appear completely unique as often as you desire.

5. Find a Phone, Keys or Devices

Who hasn’t been in a situation where you just can’t find your phone or your keys. These occurs mostly when you are rushing out urgently or already running late for an appointment. Smartwatch Find a Phone, Keys or Devices feature solves this problem with ease. In the case of finding your phone for instance, all you need to do is to tap on “Find a Phone” on your smartwatch and the phone starts ringing out loud wherever it is. Considering that you probably will be wearing your smartwatch a lot more often than you have your phone with you. It is undoubtable that you have higher tendency of misplacing your smartphone than you misplace your smartwatch. With this feature, locating your phone becomes super easy. Similarly, in the case of finding a key, all you need to do is to attach a specialized key finder to your keys and then install the applicable app on your smartwatch which you can easily tap on when you need to locate your keys.

6. Receives Phone Notifications

The flexibility of just turning your wrist to view and read a notification cannot be compared to bringing out your phone from your pocket just to see a notification. So long as your smartwatch is connected to your smartphone, every App Notification, Social Notification, Messages Notification etc. comes straight to your phone and vibrates on your wrist to alert you. This you can tap on to read the detailed notification. Some people are kind of put off by this feature especially if you are getting to many notifications too often but hey! you can easily turn this off if you don’t need it. In contrary if you are exercising, like running and you’re expecting a notification… That’s when you love this feature!

7. Music and Video Players

Arguably, it can be said that such a small screen can’t be an ideal device for watching videos but believe it or not, smartwatch will still gives you that amazing experience watching a video on your screen. This becomes a good fit when you have the need to watch something that you never ever have the time to watch. With smartwatch and once you have that few “as well” time; instead of doing nothing, you can easily engage in watching the video. Though the video feature are not found on all smartwatches but almost all the smartwatches has the music feature. With your smartwatch connected to your phone you can easily play, pause and control the music you have on your phone. Those moments you are playing a music on your phone and you want to quickly pause it so that you can hear what someone is saying – well, that’s where smartwatch shines because you don’t need to start bringing out your phone from your pocket. All you have to do is flip through your smartwatch and then pause or play your music.

8. Fall Detection and Automatic Emergency Call

This is essentially one of the most important features of a smartwatch considering that it could save lives. In cases of epileptic patients or elderly people with tendency of falling without notice, this single feature can be that life saver. When a wearer of such smartwatch falls on the ground. This works via a drop sensor which detects a fall and instantly sounds an alarm to the wearer for a short period of time and expects a response. If no response was received within the period of alarm, it automatically initiates and emergency call with assumption that the wearer could be unconscious. Though not all smartwatches have this feature now but I’m sure many will in future. I’d suggest verifying the existence of this feature prior to making purchases of a smartwatch if this feature is essential to you.

9. Longer Lasting Batteries

Though not all smartwatches can boost of this, but most smartwatches have a longer lasting battery. Some can even go up to 10 hours while some can do more depending on the smartwatch you bought. The question now is “Do you really care about the duration of a smartwatch battery?” Yes, you do, especially if you have one of those SIM cards enabled smartwatches that operates independently. On a long trip where you can’t charge your phone on the go, this smartwatch can keep you connected until you’re able to charge your phone again.

Smartwatch Longer Batteries.

10. Stylishly Fashionable

Let’s look away from the smart capabilities of a smartwatch for a minute and talk about fashion. Beside all these amazing things that a smartwatch can do, smartwatches are very stylish and can be a great addition to fashion. It’s hard to find an ugly looking smartwatch 😊 they all look fashionable in different ways depending on your choice and preference. In addition to that, smartwatches have dimmable capabilities which makes the screen to be completely blank when not in use and then wake back into action just by getting you wrist close to your face. This elegant behaviour can be an added flavour to the already fantastic benefits of using a smartwatch.


Even though there are always pros and cons to everything in life; there’s no doubt that considering the benefits of using a smartwatch, it’s advantages certainly outweighs its disadvantages. Why don’t you click here and view our most loved smartwatches and buy one for yourself.