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XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI

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Robot 1C Add SpareXIAOMI Robot 1C

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We offer three year warranty for the robot. If there is any damage, We will send you free parts, please you install it (we will send you the installation video). But if it is damaged by human factors, or if it is destroyed by external forces, you will need to pay some fees.

XIAOMI Robot 1C Main Features
XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI

● Visual Dynamic Navigation System
Quickly capture coordinate information, extract complex spatial features, maintain dynamic surveys while traveling, map more accurately and efficiently.
● VSLAM + 4-core CPU
More computational, able to locate the exact position of the robot in real time and intelligently draw the working path.
● 200ml Water Tank
Precision water control, wet drag is cleaner.
● 2500Pa Powerful Suction
Equipped with brushless motor, adjust the air duct design, easily absorb dust particles.
● Suspension Suction + Powerful Main Brush
Large diameter suspension suction port, close to the ground.
● High Precision Sensor
15 types of multi-directional sensors, sensitive to various complex environments, easy to avoid obstacles.
● Mijia APP Remote Control
Appointment cleaning, not at home can also control.
● 20mm Crossing Obstacle
Easily climb the threshold, rails, carpet.
● 8.2cm Slim Body
Easy go to the bottom of bed, cabinet and sofa.
● Automatic Charge
Automatically recharge when less than 15% of battery power. When the battery is charged to 80%, return to the power-off position and continue to sweep.

Hef9df5c298d44569a40d33cc48a177aeh XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI

Detailed parameters
XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C
Sweeping & Wet Mopping
Visual dynamic navigation
High-precision map construction
Intelligent electronic control water tank
2500Pa* large suction
H3d313a7d371d443eaaab1ccd705d722bJ XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
Visual dynamic navigation system
Powerful quad-core processor
High-precision map construction
Faster and more accurate
Whole house cleaning path planning
2500Pa *Super suction
Do not repeat without sweeping
Sweeping all kinds of dirt in the house
Intelligent electronic control water tank
Class 15* motion sensor
Evenly effluent
Adapt to complex home environments
Large caliber suspension mouthpiece
APP remote control
Clean performance is more outstanding
Cleaning dynamics can be seen
Ha2df2a92b9e5431c98dbcde884fdc38av XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
Sweeping & Wet Mopping Simultaneously
Xiaomi vacuum 1C can sweeping and at the meantime mopping the floor automatically.
H003727ab300c4e2abdfbc9aef4bcaba5J XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
New visual navigation system
Quickly understand the home environment
Equipped with a high-speed visual navigation system,
to help capture coordinate information quickly,
and extract complex spatial features.
Map creation is faster and more accurate.
30000/sec Feature point acquisition
Dynamic visualization Panoramic planning
166° Wide angle
H9f9a608dad5d4610b324b0fb0acfccc5U XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
Visual SLAM Intelligent Path Planning
The OV visual sensor scans the surroundings, smart plan sweep route,
efficient completion of the cleaning task, do not miss any corner.
H6881c241f7044bea93a9127815a08d80D XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
Three Motion Sensor, Accurate Navigation
Equiped with dual gyroscope and the optical flow sensor, which can obtain the position more accurately.
High precision visual navigation collect coordinate information and draw accurate map.
Dual gyroscope assisted navigation obtain angle information to assist judgment direction of travel.
Bottom optical flow calibration In low light environment, assist take the route. Tookfun.
Hde32a2f084a149bd976918cdbb9af6e9Q XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
Think Independently, Strain against Situation
1C Robot is equipped with the CortexTM-A7 quad-core data processing chip
and the dual-core Mali 400 image processing unit. With the VSLAM algorithm, the computing power is stronger, and the accurate position of the robot can be fast located in real time and the cleaning path can be drawn.
XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
Smart Electric Control Water Tank
The robot is equipped with a 200ml intelligent electronically controlled water tank,
which automatically controls the water volume throughout the whole process,
protects the floor, and evenly outlet water without leaking.
Ha40877dbc18a4e9dbc14a9c6ae0afaa37 XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
2500Pa Suction Wipe out all Dirts
It uses Japan's NIDEC strong brushless motor, continuously provides powerful suction,
which sweep dirts on the floor or between gaps in an instant.
Hcc22cb3271ec4a77a2eaa1766991a6a5L XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
Suspension suction + powerful main brush + high precision filtration
Let every part clean and nuance
Large diameter suspension suction port that fits snugly against the ground.
0.1mm ultra-dense fiber* main brush, suitable for a variety of floor cleaning.
Washable filter screen effectively intercepts dust as small as 0.3μm* and discharges clean air
Hcd8af5d3ae4c4b189d3956c3869c06dbP XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFIH6bc0fcaeef234d2fb7650f6317b47a8bv XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
Slim Body 8.2cm to Go Freely
The built-in visual sensor gives it a slimmer body, so it works freely under bed, cabinet and sofa by “S” shape route for a high coverage.
Hd39e712ef0e34ec69d46840173a3b717t XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
15 Kinds Sensor for Comprehensive Ability
The device is equipped with 15 kinds of high-precision sensors, which have stronger environmental adaptability, helps to better prevent falling, infrared sensing, collision avoidance, obstacle relief, obstacle avoidance, etc.
Hf3029e2b6ae34461a972d2bd5f91e50eG XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
Climb Over 20mm High Obstacles
H90bf69b3f6984b2a82b31dbd016132fdE XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
Mihome App Smart Control
Mijia Internet Intelligence
Deliberately cleansing life, in the palm of your hand
Firmware upgrade
remote control
Mode adjustment
Schedule cleaning
Fault reminder
Real-time rendering
Hed99a323ec4b4625a59d96b764f453daa XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFIHf29135d4e22642c2aa8363923a48a6d0W XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
Customize The Cleaning Area
Equipped with virtual wall, you can set the cleaning area personality.
Note: The virtual wall need to be purchased separately.
Had90f02e1c9440eaba6b65419244cffeo XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI
OTA online firmware upgrade
Constantly refreshing learning ability, the more you use the smarter
Large capacity lithium battery power
120m2 room – sweeping
Low battery automatic recharge
When the automatic recharge amount is less than 15%,
the battery will return to the breakpoint for self-recovery.
XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI

11605637038 1010964891 XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI

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XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI

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XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI

US Plug Adapter (2 Pin Flat Pin)
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XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI

Australia/New Zealand (2 Pin Plug Adapter)
Australia,New Zealand,Argentina

XIAOMI MIJIA Mi Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C for Home Auto Dust Sterilize 2500PA cyclone Suction Smart Planned WIFI

UK Plug Adapter (3 Pin Flat Pin)

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  1. B***y

    Took 27.03.20. For 15300. Super vacuum cleaner. It turned out to be quite quiet! The store gives a guarantee of 3 years. Cleans perfectly)


  2. G***v

    Delivery to Ukraine took a month. Another month there was a customs clearance (Boryspil). I recommend the store, decent. I was in touch all the time. Answered me within half an hour, after my appeals, regularly. The company yutek melted. Well, very long. Month. Before ordering, ask with whom the seller cooperates, then read reviews about the company-customs clearance. The goods correspond to the declared. Works great. Tried to work in manual mode and through Mi Home. Everything is clear. 5 stars. It was cheaper than in any Ukrainian store. Profitable, but we have to wait. Packing in factory box.


  3. J***a

    Excellent vacuum cleaner .. only tried, I liked it. I’ll learn more tomorrow. The only thing until I was able to install the Russian language. He got out of France in a week.


  4. V***v

    I confirm all the positive reviews about this machine. Despite the coronovirus, the device arrived, drove 7 weeks.


  5. S***v

    I ordered it when the virus raged in China. Delivery was 48 days, of which the vacuum cleaner lay in the transit city for almost 3 weeks. I think the store’s fault is that the whole world is in chaos. As soon as the vacuum cleaner arrived in Russia delivery, then to perm arrived in 2 days. Delivery to the apartment. Regarding cleaning. Everything is cool! Take and will not regret. I really don’t have carpets, so I’m the Xs how he vacuumes the pile. Laminate cleans and washes with a bang. A little anointed with the first setting, but this is only because I did not read the instructions.


  6. S***a

    Very fast shipping! Cleans perfectly!


  7. S***v

    Everything came a week before Novosibirsk. Works, washes, without problems absolutely. Brought home the courier. I hope the dust is not bricked, as it happened in many at 4 PDA ..


  8. K***V

    Excellent dust, although this is the first robot, but friends immediately in Russian says, cleans, paints where cleaned. Until I tried wet cleaning, I think I will not fail like all Xiaomi products.


  9. T***v

    5 days to arrive. Cleans well. Strong suction. Cannot go on a soft carpet. Goes only on hard and heavy carpets.


  10. P***k

    Really good. Fast delivery. Xiaomi is my favorite brand. I recommend the store.


  11. R***n

    Before SPB 2 weeks. Vacuum cleaner cool!


  12. I***v

    Pretty fast delivery, thank you very much. All good things.


  13. G***s

    Got a vacuum cleaner in 34 days, according to the current standards quite quickly. Delivery by courier sdek to the threshold. The store unfortunately put the instruction only in Chinese! I had to deal with Google-translator. Then by downloading and installing the Mi Home app again Google how to link them to a smartphone via WiFi. Found out that you need to hold both buttons (on and home) for 3 seconds. After connecting with the smartphone, updating the firmware and short settings all earned! Wet cleaning until I tried. The vacuum cleaner was pleased. Recommend.


  14. E***a

    Good store, sent the order the next day. He answered questions promptly. Thank you!


  15. Customer

    Today I got my vacuum cleaner. Installed the program, Russian. Beauty. Given that I have children, I hope the vacuum cleaner will be my assistant. Only for a very long time went and not a racist, the store always replied.


  16. M***v

    There was an instruction only in Chinese. Downloaded on the Internet, so there were no problems with the connection. Updated and spoke at Russian. Nice toy. The cat is still in shock.


  17. V***k

    Everything is super, with Android connected and updated without problems, changed immediately the language, with an iPhone error when connecting, shared access to the vacuum cleaner via Android and all OK)


  18. A***v

    Very fast shipping! Vacuum cleaner super, I recommend!


  19. Customer

    The vacuum arrived in 5 days, everything looks good.


  20. G***s

    Came in 4 days from Czech Republic to Latvia. Great vacuum cleaner!


  21. I***a

    Great store. I did everything very quickly, qualitatively and very reasonable. I recommend definitely.


  22. A***o

    Ordered in late January, forgot that China starts Chinese New Year, received on April 10. Seller well done


  23. O***a

    Miracle assistant in home cleaning, especially in the house where there are pets. Seller long sent, first because of Chinese New Year, and then because of quarantine. But the vacuum cleaner umnichka, updated, connected, scans every corner and even breaks into a closed door. In general, the purchase is happy.


  24. Customer

    Delivery to Belarus without duty. Delivery took 35 days since the payment of the order. Of these, sdek from Moscow to Minsk took 6 days. I’m happy with the vacuum cleaner. The language can be changed in the official Mi Home application, including There is also Russian


  25. R***v

    Excellent vacuum cleaner, all functions work on Hurray. Russian language is put without problems in the michomus. Delivery from Russia is fast.


  26. E***a

    The goods were shipped in 6 after the purchase and another week delivery by courier sdek to the door. The whole thing. In the order there was a Euro plug, but it came not the same without an adapter. The dispute did not open, the store returned 2 $. He answered questions very quickly. Pylik works, speaks Russian, the choice of language through Mi Home, the region in the app chose Russia, there was a choice of Russian voice.


  27. A***a

    Thank you! Very quick delivery!


  28. D***d

    Great vacuum cleaner. Long set up the app for the phone. If someone like to encounter such a problem, at the very beginning, as soon as the app downloaded, it is necessary to choose China (the app will remain Russian), then the phone and the robot will find each other. Rides, washes, builds his own way, can start from one room, tomorrow with another. At 65 sq. m is enough with a lighter charge, it is torn to go to the second circle. Wool, hair collects on Hurray. The cat is afraid of him, and the rabbit tries to attake when the one is off))


  29. Customer

    All well packed, box came without damage, 5 weeks after shipping from China, shipping fast, vacuum cleaner super for your money


  30. A***v

    Delivery took sooo long, long sent more. In the work plan, no questions yet, everything works


  31. E***h

    Vacuum cleaner is good. Recommend


  32. D***c

    The goods themselves are chic. Removes wonderful. The map every time builds again. The base is returned only in case of direct visibility to the base. Or if the card is already drawn after cleaning. The battery is really small. Enough back-to-back for 40 squares at full power. Cleaning is elementary. Socket Chinese with adapter. To the phone clings quickly and easily. Language Russian.


  33. A***v



  34. R***r

    The parcel came quickly (walked from Russia), delivered the courier. Basic equipment, complete with euroglass. The vacuum cleaner is still happy (we stick several days). Works without passes, it is controlled remotely, with the settings of problems did not arise. At maximum power, the noise level is acceptable. Quickly finds the station. The function of wet cleaning is also pleased, suitable to refresh the floor and maintain perfect cleanliness. Looks like the best for your money) thanks to the store.


  35. D***v

    In RB in 7 days. Thank you for your promptness. Before the first connection, I recommend that you study the appropriate branch on the 4pda Forum.


  36. A***v

    The vacuum cleaner was brought in 1,5 weeks. Works. Seller reliable.


  37. D***n

    Good dust. At the middle level noise and discharge quickly. Apartment for two charges removed. And so a good replacement for the wife. More precisely supplement


  38. Customer

    The vacuum cleaner is good, not noisy. charges quickly, discharges at the intension slowly. Wet cleaning liked. Firmware has not yet updated, T. K. On the forum 4pda complained about the latest firmware, the dust stopped working. I hope this problem will be solved soon. The store is responsive, always replied, explained, calmed during waiting for delivery. delivery month. Seller promised 3 years warranty, T. K. The goods are original, but there is no warranty card. I hope, in case of which, the seller will keep his word. In general, the vacuum cleaner is decent, take it, you will not regret it.


  39. A***v

    The vacuum cleaner is just a bomb. Delivered directly home by courier service. Packed well, no damage. Connected it to the Mi Home app on the phone via Wi-Fi. We’ll go ahead, then I’ll drop it.


  40. A***a

    Come quickly. To Krasnoyarsk 8-9 days. Pleases that the kit includes an additional cable with a Russian plug, not a miserable adapter)


  41. V***v

    The vacuum cleaner is great. Dust collects, floors wipe. Delivered quickly. Recommend.


  42. M***n

    Thank you very much for the vacuum cleaner! Came very quickly and perfectly packed, as promised by the store!!!


  43. Customer

    Hello friends, my vacuum cleaner arrived very quickly in just 5 days. Thank you very much. It’s great, I hope it works smoothly.


  44. A***v

    It was exactly the entire period of protection of the buyer, more than 2 months. I had to contact the store to send the parcel from a warehouse in Moscow-it stuck there, otherwise I will open a dispute and take the goods and money. Then the parcel was sent and it came in 5 days. Setting it went quickly and successfully, the update passed and you can choose Rus language, vacuum cleaner normally, made 2 circles, first dry cleaning, then turned on the water and passed a second time with water. The base was successfully returned.


  45. R***r

    The vacuum cleaner is very pleased. The vacuum cleaner drove for a very long time, but this is apparently connected with the pandemic. I will always answer questions. But all I did was assure me that I was doing everything I could and urged the logistics company to update the data. On the tracking site even now judging by the track, the vacuum cleaner left Astana on March 11. And according to sdek, who delivered the vacuum cleaner to the door-in Kazakhstan, the vacuum cleaner has never been. 5 stars because the vacuum cleaner really costs its money. Plus, and cheaper while driving.


  46. A***v

    Great thing.


  47. D***n

    The store long hides, but rides quickly, sociable, the request performs, on the site 4pda, this is the most popular shop, the dust works, let’s hope, that more problems both with 1045 firmware will not. Yes clearance for Ukraine almost 50 dollars.


  48. P***v

    Got to me in exactly a month, delivery to the apartment. Everything works, vacuum cleaners are great!) Well, I’m not so lonely now,.


  49. N***a

    Thank you to the store, very satisfied with the robot, my daughter gave him the name Xu, said this is a girl))) talks in Russian language) with the application immediately made friends) removes perfectly) has already become a member of our family)))


  50. B***b

    14 days from Moscow to 27 regions. Updated to 35 firmware. Although not up to 45(4pda to help) sold for a long time sent, the dust suits, only a small container of ACC. On Turbo quickly consumes.


  51. A***v

    Came a month after the order. Great device! Builds the map of the apartment, removes well, gets into all corners, acts systematically (spiral the entire area, then pass the perimeter). The only strange thing is that the map of the room does not remember, but builds again for each cleaning. We are happy, we recommend this device)


  52. J***o

    Bought a robot vacuum cleaner for parents. Thank you to the store, without problems changed the delivery address and wrote about the location of the goods, since the goods for famous reasons was not tracked. Everything works, there are no complaints, parents are happy with this help around the house!)


  53. A***y

    From Russia came quickly, problems with the brick after firmware on 45 firmware can stop working for everyone to watch 4 PDA!


  54. V***s

    The robot came in well packed, the box is whole, everything is there, no damage, it works well, but did not like to send the goods, instead of promised 3-5 days, the store sent the goods (I will notice from Russia) 5-6 days, as a result, the robot was brought only for 9 days!


  55. Customer

    I came to Mo in 2 weeks, while I like everything, I quietly go to carpets.


  56. M***n

    Everything is fine, a week and a half! All protested everything works!


  57. V***v

    Handsome. Running, puffing, cleaning. Pretty big.


  58. Customer

    Excellent removes, scrubbing. So that correctly drove around the apartment before cleaning, raise from the floor all that can be raised, and during-do not touch the door and others. Items, until the end of cleaning.


  59. A***M

    Came in a week!) Kujia’s voice package was installed easily) bought for 455. I recommend both the store and the goods


  60. A***n

    Vacuum cleaner came, after tests I will leave feedback


  61. N***N

    Completely satisfied for this money. Replacement of the voice package is described on 4 PDA only go to the forum about this model (there are features). Integrated it into a smart house. Vacuum cleaner recommend! Wet wipe is very convenient. The shipment was from the Russian Federation and the store had to hurry on the shipment. Delivered to the apartment.


  62. A***v

    Very nice device perfectly corresponds to the description, operates very well, this is very visible when you take the trash tank out of the device.


  63. N***a

    The order came a month before n. Novgorod. Well packed, intact, brought the courier home. Easily sorted out, downloaded the application and changed the language to Russian. Wet and dry cleaning. So far very satisfied


  64. S***v



  65. N***l

    The parcel came very quickly. Not even expected. The order was made on April 8, and the 17th was already received. Delivery was sdeck. Brought straight home. Everything as in the description, there were no difficulties. Works well. In the application everything shows, the vacuum cleaner immediately transferred to Russian. Used the coupon, there was a very pleasant discount. Took for 15 thousand with a penny. I’m happy with the purchase.


  66. A***o

    Delivery to the door for a week (from Russia) region China


  67. A***a

    Thank you. fast delivery. children are delighted.


  68. I***h

    Tawar is satisfied, the order came quickly, delivered to the apartment by courier. Seller sent without tax.


  69. V***v

    A reliable store, reached Rostov in 8 days. Vacuum cleaner in average mode the tile is vacuum cleaner and washes 100 sq m on one charge


  70. A***v

    The vacuum cleaner is awesome. After iRobot this is fantastic kruglashish hood. The engine works almost quietly. It’s a pity you can not use them as battle robots, so it would be possible to use them during the period of quarantine battle


  71. M***.

    Quickly came to Latvia. The courier brought to the house. Works properly as expected. Price quality!


  72. V***a

    Everything is super! The courier delivered to the door in 10 days intact. The vacuum cleaner copes with its functions perfectly, clever, returns to the base, reprogram to Russian in 10 minutes. I advise everyone


  73. A***i

    Very cool assistant!!


  74. K***n

    Very quickly processed order and short delivery time. Cord for Russian outlets. Very happy. Thank you store.


  75. S***n

    Came quickly, removes well. Once the truth is sunk, I went to the ball and Chet did not like it.. I guess the bright sun stopped.


  76. O***A

    The vacuum cleaner received a week later in Syktyvkar. the apartment at 67 sq m in the standard mode does not always clean completely (the battery power is lacking). The experimental functions have not been set yet (firmware 1059). the card was remembered without it. Spoilli thresholds)))))) the container is always full. I recommend to buy immediately with consumables. The carpets enter without problems. In general I recommend. They bought mom. We have the first vacuum cleaner-so far like more, especially within firmware. But it must be understood that this unit for firmware thoughtful case will not stand))


  77. I***v

    Very happy with the acquisition! Recommend


  78. S***o

    Delivery was happy-only a week. The vacuum cleaner is just a bomb! Vacuum cleaner every day, but not always have time and strength, especially in the heat. This robot will perfectly vacuum the floor, the carpet is also. On the carpet with a long pile did not test, it is better, probably, to vacuum manually. First from the floor I remove all the chairs, dog beds and raise tulle, turn on and veil! Wool and small crumbs clean up on the whore. Controlled from the phone (you can put virtual walls, prohibited zones and zoning cleaning). Seller a lot of thanks, recommend!


  79. E***v

    Order from 24.06, for the summer sale did not have time, with the store’s coupon and Ali came out 13405 R., the usual price was 14745 R., chose delivery by mail, 03.07 took, the seller contact (Asked about the plug, while the seller said that there will be an adapter, and came the euro plug), In comparison with the senior Assembly more hard beats on the corners, on his way tries to slide everything, even shoes; the water tank is enough for 2 washings 92 sq of the apartment, in fact, of course, Q less because of the furniture, the cloth before washing is better to moisten, wash is good, the laminate is slightly damp; is taken almost everywhere, but T. K. Powerful beats on the corners knocked off the plug from the threshold of the balcony, went with it, screwed, you need to look at the first times and track “sharp corners”; updated to version 1059, by Russian does not say; to buy I advise, a month ago took the same vacuum cleaner Euro version, talking to Russian brother in the DNA for 23000, Functions and similar appearance, previous vacuum cleaner took in 2017, works perfectly, but does not wash, cleaning almost daily


  80. R***v

    A stunning vacuum cleaner, connected quickly and simply, cleans exceptionally qualitatively. Sent promptly. Delivery to Surgut month.


  81. N***a

    Cool assistant


  82. S***k

    Ordered by themselves, liked. Recommended to friends, they also took. Very good robot. Daily cleaning is what you need while at work, turned on, returned, and the house is clean. The only thing in the corners does not wash, it would be too perfect))) delivery fast maximum 6 days. Recommend


  83. A***a

    Great thing! Delivered very quickly! Earlier than expected!


  84. D***v

    Everything is fine, wife is happy!!!


  85. N***a

    Very profitable and practical purchase. Its function performs qualitatively. Amazing vacuum cleaner, cleaning perfectly. Delivery fast and straight in hand.


  86. S***a

    He went from China to Russia exactly 30 days, SDEC in a couple of days brought to Arkhangelsk. He made it for me for five days. Sent not fast. But! I answered all my capricious messages, was communicative, responded quickly. Vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner in 3 modes, wipe the floor, it is rubbing, that is, once a week sample cleaning should be carried out. In the House of the baby, who crawls everywhere, to maintain daily cleanliness vacuum cleaner-the thing is very convenient. The only thing I’m worried about is the battery, and suddenly it will die soon?! At the end of the cleaning, having traveled about 40 squares, comes to the station from 30%. The body is a little dirty from the fact that it licks everything and sticks a little on the furniture. Russian tuned without problems. Karoch is happy. Take it from her, she’ll get a discount for the next purchase. We first make such an expensive purchase on Ali! It was nice to transfer such big money, but the store did not fail!


  87. A***y

    He’s just! Very long delivery, 2 months to Khabarovsk


  88. A***v

    Great vacuum cleaner.


  89. R***r

    I didn’t talk to the store. The vacuum cleaner ordered 30.06, already received 06.07. It works well. The product is satisfied.


  90. G***a

    Everything is super, store good


  91. A***o

    The third has already ordered, the flight is normal.


  92. L***l

    Everything is fine, until the Krasnoyarsk week 1,5-2, sealed everything is good, everything is whole, norms work


  93. V***v

    The goods were shipped, two months waited, contacted the store who assured, that all is well and only the virus is all wrong, after opening a dispute, it turned out, that the parcel came back. In general, the money was returned.


  94. T***d

    I received the new product as announced, Time limit is delayed


  95. M***v

    Delivery fast, robot wife really liked


  96. N***s

    I like it very much. The house became much cleaner. It is cleaned on schedule. They put the cleaning up at 10:00. Well, when you need additional turn on. You can set a virtual wall. You can clean a certain area. Installed app. Russian. Update. There are no minuses. Everything is fine. Fast delivery, did not even expect. I recommend this model and store!


  97. T***y

    The order came, although it went 20 days longer than the declared time due to quarantine. Vacuum cleaner is happy as an elephant. No problem joined Home WiFi


  98. G***r

    It came to Mexico in 3 weeks. Care because the store sent my package for another transport to the mentioned one and charged in the description (JNET at place of DHL). The package arrived well and did not pay extra costs. I’ll perform an update after a certain time of use.


  99. E***o

    Cool vacuum cleaner, the family is happy!


  100. V***v

    I order a second time, very satisfied, works as needed, I advise


  101. D***v

    Russified, works fine


  102. C***r

    very good. excellent robot


  103. A***v

    The vacuum cleaner came quickly, but the charging docking station did not work. The store paid the full cost of repair. Everything is fine!


  104. E***a

    Ordered 30.04 but due to May holidays sent 9.05. 11.06 parcel arrived (delay at customs for almost 4 weeks, hello to our customs). When examined, it turned out that there is a factory marriage at the docking station-the connector where the cable is inserted, it was installed crivo. In correspondence with the store chose to solve this issue-I was sent a new docking station at the expense of the seller (options were proposed: return part of the money, send to Moscow for repair at the expense of the seller in the official service of Xiomi, repair in my city, but I did not like these options, so the seller offered to send a new one). The new docking station was sent out 15.06, received the car was in two boxes and can be seen, that the factory was open, I assume that the seller was doing a check, so that this time everything was fine. Connected the station and only then could connect the vacuum cleaner and check its performance. It showed when connecting 84% that I was pleasantly surprised.


  105. Customer

    Everything is super! Delivery to Yaroslavl 5 days from a warehouse in Russia. came in a box pasted with Scotch, the box is not crumpled, all in place, the whole. At work everything is fine, at home cleanliness with two cats. Under the kitchen set on the legs of 10 cm gets stuck without problems. Under the sofa in the kitchen only-only, does not get stuck. When the card was properly rebuilt, it began to remove faster and less poking into the obstacles. I put the forbidden area under the sofa in the room, because. He came out with difficulty. Takes her normally now does not climb there. Tried to install a virtual wall. Also everything is OK. wet cleaning, too, tried. the cloth is well laundered later. There’s enough water. Apartment 82 m, cleaning area 58 m, in the bathrooms it is not allowed, he got up there under the bedside table and on the scale, for a long time). Cats like it, they watch). In general, I highly recommend to buy.


  106. I***o

    I came quickly, with a connection to Mi Home had to hang out-from the first time I did not want to be recognized… The assistant was beautiful.


  107. Customer

    Ordered on Friday in the Kaluga region, and on Tuesday it was possible to take from us in the mail! Record fast shipping! Packing as in the store, the box is nowhere broken and not damaged. The vacuum cleaner itself is immediately ready to work, for verification launched without Wi-Fi, it works perfectly! Not noisy, I thought much louder will be the sound. In the kit there was a cord with a euro-plug. I ordered with delivery from Russia. I recommend to everyone this vacuum cleaner and this store-here are the most pleasant prices! Thank you so much!


  108. N***K

    Delivery of 2,5 weeks to Karaganda from the date of order, description corresponds, dry and wet cleaning tested. I have the first robot, I’m delighted with the purchase, I recommend!


  109. F***v

    Great assistant. I recommend the goods and the store.


  110. Customer

    All Super


  111. G***a

    Everything is super, I’m happy. To maintain cleanliness in the house is the most it.


  112. A***h

    The dust removes, the apartment in 49 square meters removes completely at one time on the tour. When connected, I updated and received Russian. It’s just like a door. There were no questions to work, the high of course the code came home, and there everything was removed. I thought that the child would throw everything away and break it, but there is no grafting to the order. If something did not remove from the floor, the beetle will break. So I’m happy with the wife is happy, the child is high. Washing floors while completely satisfied. Sand from the hallway removes! That’s the most important thing. The base finds, only you need to shake out. Delivery by sdecom to Komsomolsk on Amur from China in 20 days. I did not tremble about the first week at all, I stumbled in Mongolia and then in Moscow, from there in 2 days came.


  113. L***n

    Looks satisfactory, water tank could have been bigger for 2 BHK medium size apartment, also like dust bag there should be bigger water tank can be refilled from top and insert instead turning up side down for mop.


  114. Customer

    Продавец хороший, отвечает не игнорит. Робот пылесос пришёл в течении 7 дней. Протестить пока не успел, позже дополню.


  115. A***a

    Very cool Robinson, happy as an elephant.


  116. T***a

    I ordered delivery from Russia, came very quickly, tried and wet dry cleaning. Very satisfied! Worried that there will be a low-power, but no suction well and a very simple interface. Recommend!


  117. A***o



  118. O***a

    It is cool


  119. A***a

    Покупка года! Идеальный помощник. Шло оооочень долго. В Москву почти месяц(


  120. R***r

    Товар пришёл очень быстро. Товаром довольны. Продавца рекомендуем!!!!


  121. A***v

    Пылесос хорош… померанец сере за ним следить не нужно, что он где то застрянет. Он преодолевает ножки дивана, ну знаете такие трубки железные , если он тыркнудся куда то там где препятствия и там тупик он развернётся и через некоторое время вылезет оттуда. Даже между ножками стула пролазит и убирает там … есть небольшой минус – может потерять контейнер для воды … если через препятствия будет часто лазить. И жаль нет русской озвучки на iOS.


  122. S***s

    The parcel came quickly. The vacuum cleaner works. Very happy. I do my own business, and he works.


  123. A***y

    The box was wildly worn. But it has nothing to do with the store! The vacuum cleaner sucks well and as needed. Thank you!


  124. M***a

    Thank you. I ordered the second time (friends), this time the vacuum cleaner received very quickly. With its function copes perfectly. I’m happy that I have such an assistant. Friends now too kafuut ….. Thanks to the sensors from the second floor does not jump, the vows of 2.3 cm are moving a little heavy, the smell is not enough, you have to push him a little. We’ll order the first floor later. Thank you to the store for speed


  125. D***o

    Great thing, I live alone, without animals, there is no time and desire to clean up at all, the dust was cleaned up three times in the apartment and not to know now. Very pleased with the purchase. I built a map and behave more and more adequately each time.


  126. A***a

    I ‘ve been delighted for the third week. Delivered quickly, on time. Buying worth your money. Drives a vacuum cleaner, the robot is smart, sometimes it seems that it works with artificial intelligence. It reports that it has discovered a new area for cleaning, if you remove the item, the one he used to let go. He’s also rushing and going more smoothly before the alleged stain. I like the ability to manage it from the phone. I really like the robot vacuum cleaner. Thank you!


  127. L***a

    I’m delighted with the vacuum cleaner. Delivered in a week about. I use without an application, I hoped it without Wi-Fi to connect, through a cellular network, did not work. But I will not be difficult to press a button. Especially since it makes the child 3 years. I cleaned the week without wet cleaning. And after also wet tried-it’s very cool. Clear! We have the 4th floor, the windows are open, the dust is collected every day. I turn on the vacuum cleaner every day, the wool from the dog and sand collects. I cut the child, the hair did not assemble the first time, but collected. In general, I really like it. Your money is definitely worth it.


  128. R***r

    Cleaner for 5 +. To Samara has reached in a month. Delivered to the House by courier wait for Russia. Very happy. With its task copes: wet cleaning, garbage collects well. Definitely recommend.


  129. Ð***°

    I really liked this robot vacuum cleaner, in the kit additionally put a cord for our outlet. Came from Russia in just a week, packed perfectly) got to the application without problems, updated and spoke at Russian without complaints.


  130. O***a

    доставка была Сдеком до двери. упакован хорошо. Покупкой довольна. Удобно экономит время. Рекомендую


  131. A***v

    The store is excellent, the order went a month, put the wrong cord, but the seller made a discount on the right cord.


  132. A***k

    For such a price tag washing robot vacuum cleaner with control through the application… Well, just the best. Pleased with a set of consumables and voice in Russian language)


  133. E***e

    Not a bad thing) Robert was called!


  134. A***v

    отлично, доставка супер быстрая


  135. V***v

    Отличное качество, покупаю уже 2го робота в этом магазине. Доставка из РФ радует, только заказал, а уже надо идти за товаром. Рекомендую


  136. V***k

    Всем советую.


  137. A***v

    Просто крутая штука, меньше чем за час убрал всю квартиру и провел влажную уборка. Ну конечно надо понимать что в трудно доступных местах требуется ручная уборка но на открытом пространстве он просто великолепен.


  138. L***a

    10 из 10! компактный, низкий – пролезает под диваном) мощный. уборка достаточно качественная, прекрасно справляется с мытьем пола. хорошо ориентируется в пространстве. не застревает, провода/носки не зажевывает. 40 кв.м примерно за 45 минут убирает. Приложение его видит только, если выбран китайский регион, в остальном проблем с подключением нет. Озвучка на английском и китайском. Обновился до версии 1059 – все отлично. Есть функции сохранения карты, зональной уборки, виртуальных стен (стены не пробовала). доставка из Мск в отделение почты (Екатеринбург) заняла примерно неделю.


  139. O***o

    Робот пылесос отличный, сравнивать не с чем, первый в нашем доме) инструкция на китайском, но все понятно по картинкам, в настройке вообще не было сложностей, приложение и сам пылесос работает через Wi-Fi , отзыв у пылесоса отличный) язык меняется в приложении) под проводами чистит, под шторки заходит) не шумный, по моему) в республику Хакасию, в Абакан доставили за 7 дней) рекомендую)


  140. Customer

    Все прекрасно работает, поставил озвучку “Максим с матом” трудиться бедолага почти каждый день уже две недели. Экспериментальные функции включены, выбор зоны и виртуальная стена работают. Влажная уборка на отлично, заряда с лихвой хватает на 50 квадратов.


  141. E***a

    пользуюсь больше месяца. я счастлива. очень


  142. M***r

    Very good machine … well worth the money


  143. R***r

    Пылесос очень нравится. Приехал за 7 дней. С повседневной уборкой справляется отлично. Управление в приложении простое, все на русском. Дома мебель на ножках, т.ч. по высоте спокойно проходит под шкаф и кровать. Хорошо справляется со всеми препятствиями.


  144. O***e

    I tested the vacuum, I need to test the mop, but by now is great, very satisfied, struggle a little pair it with the wifi but once done is great and now I can also use with my Google home


  145. E***a

    Покупкой довольна Полностью соответствует описанию. Быстрая доставка до Новосибирска (21.06 оплатила, 29.06 получила) Продавца рекомендую


  146. A***v

    Пылесос шел в Иркутскую обл. почти месяц, трек отслеживается плохо, лучше самому стараться отслеживать но когда приехал в город с транспортной сразу позвонили, ещё не включал. За сувенир спасибо.


  147. Customer

    Месяц пользуемся. На фото мусор сразу после нашей уборки с женой,он находит его всегда, даже после того как сам только закончит уборку. Доставка до янао 8 дней.по детскому коврику скачет отлично. По ковру с ворсом тоже, но не всегда на него заезжает. Раз в 2 недели нужно протирать датчики иначе не всегда адекватно ведёт себя. Если шторы чуть выше пола то норм, если лежат на полу то будет жевать их. Бывает не проходит участки прям по центру комнаты. На третьем уровне мощности из 4х, 55 м2 убирает час потом заряжается и на зарядку. 70 м2 убирал вобще с трех зарядок.днем когда дома никого это в принципе норм. В целом доволен. Моющий режим это просто влажная протирка. Были настроены скептически, но со своей задачей он справляется.


  148. T***a

    Доставка долгая. Заказала два робота сразу, пришли разницей в неделю. Очень недовольна. Товар не отслеживается


  149. A***v

    Все отлично. спасибо за подарочек.


  150. Customer

    Рекомендую! выбирал долго товор отличный


  151. M***m

    Обожаю его, убирает отлично, протирает тоже. Правда тупенький, бывает карту сбрасывает, теряется или не может найти базу, но за такую цену это ерунда))


  152. N***n

    Отличный пылесос! Пришёл раньше срока! Работает идеально! Всем советую! Продавец даже положил маленький подарок, но все равно очень приятно!


  153. M***v

    Переодически тупит из за отсутствия лидара, но это ему не мешает хорошо убирать квартиру. Мне нравится как он моет пол. У меня 2 кота и этот пылесос спасает идеально. Загрузил озвучку “кожаные ублюдки” и вообще красота. Для многих важна озвучка. Так же сразу с ним брал расходники, потому что потом лень будет заказывать, да и долго идти будет. Брал с расходниками за 16т.р. без них стоил 14т.р. Дёшево и сердито. Коты боятся, а пылесос убирает.


  154. R***r

    отличный пылесос! выполняет свои функции на 5+.быстро подключается к приложению, обновляется и в путь) доставка 10 дней из москвы до приморья! продавец быстро отвечает на вопросы. рекомендую!!!!