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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Visual navigation version
Can be seen to be cleaner
Visual dynamic navigation
High-precision map construction
Intelligent electronic control water tank
2500Pa* large suction

Hb406d8c4de3448c78f71d8b74afdcfe87 Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned CleanerHccd00db76ad24c288f48c9d154a3af04o Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

Sweeping one step in place
The floor is clean and all are handed to me.

H31c6065c75e842f6a586cecfd5d43adeZ Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

New visual navigation system
Quickly understand the home environment

Equipped with a high-speed visual navigation system to help quickly capture coordinate information, extract complex spatial features, and create faster and more accurate maps.

30000 / sec Dynamic visualization 166°
Feature point acquisition Panoramic planning Wide angle
Hc8c279e31a0d4926ae4402a2d70c397aH Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

Visual dynamic mapping

Apply professional oV vision sensor, simulate neural network algorithm, and match 50 times/second* path calculation, which can maintain dynamic survey during travel, and map drawing is more accurate and efficient.
Hc36728b63006451c80d85b0cc32e6c3dw Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

Three sensor-assisted positioning
See clearly

The visual navigation is matched with the dual gyroscope and the optical flow sensor with multiple auxiliary positioning, which can obtain the position information more accurately and completely.

High precision visual navigation Dual gyroscope assisted navigation Bottom optical flow calibration
Collect coordinate information and draw Obtain angle information to assist judgment In low light environment, assist
Accurate map. Direction of travel. Take the route.

Hde21a376f7ed421ca8ee215c891085fcS Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

VSLAM algorithm + 4 core processor *
Will think independently, in order to be responsive

It is equipped with CortexTM-A7* quad-core data processing chip, and with VSL AM algorithm, it has more computing power, and can locate the exact position of the robot in real time and intelligently draw the working path.

4 Nuclear Dual core Mai 400 1.8 GHZ
CPU Image processing unit* Main frequency
Hc7dcc5b51444486ba74942307f364c206 Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

Automatic intelligent electric control water tank
Precision water control, wet drag is cleaner

Equipped with a 200ml intelligent electronically controlled water tank, the water is automatically controlled throughout the whole process, and the floor is protected, and the water is evenly leaked.

Active water control Suspended mop Precision electronically controlled water pump
Pampering the floor Close to the ground Wet drag more evenly
Hc6fb74a4bd1a4ea3998d5c5bc9491b807 Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

2500Pa large suction
Sweeping all kinds of dirt on the ground

Japan’s powerful brushless motor has continuously promoted strong suction, and it can remove the dust and dirt from the floor gap at the moment of starting.

NIDEC 4 block 600 ml
Japanese brushless motor Suction mode adjustment Large capacity dust box

H61b293e64acd44fcb7f23e8d3669c457a Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

Suspension suction + powerful main brush + high precision filtration
Let every part clean and nuance

Large diameter suspension suction port that fits snugly against the ground.
Hf3e929dceab5471d8f59c1767e712ac7H Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner
0.1mm ultra-dense fiber* main brush, Washable filter screen effectively intercepts
suitable for a variety of floor cleaning. dust as small as 0.3μm* and discharges clean air.

New 8.2cm* slim body
Walking more freely at home

The in-line visual sensor gives me a thinner body, free access under the bed, the bottom of the cabinet, and the bottom of the sofa. The bow-shaped travel route has a higher cleaning coverage.
H4dbdc98668d34211a2c33eb904a015429 Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

15 sets of high precision sensor full coverage
Better adapt to the complex terrain of the home

The fuselage is equipped with 15 types of high-precision sensors, which are more adaptable to the environment and help to prevent falling.
Ha19f55f702f646138c709d441921efd8D Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner
1.The bottom optical flow path is calibrated,and the travel on the carpet is straighter and more accurate.
2.7 sets of front infrared sensors, 20cm recognition distance, decelerate close when automatic recharge.
3.The step difference is sensitive and the system automatically turns to avoid falling.

20mm strength is more difficult*

Thresholds, rails, carpets, easy to climb
H8ca1333b6926431e882e2c53a72c5cc5n Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

Xiao Ai classmates voice linkage
Clean as long as one sentence

H47965409be4f429fa1605f50a792cec80 Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

Mijia Internet Intelligence
Deliberately cleansing life, in the palm of your hand

Hb38ccf6599e04687ac7711852efccf9e9 Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

With physics, virtual wall

Limited cleaning area, no one at home
Hafdde033feb640558ba959dd8bbb34d98 Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned CleanerH30eca9e6d0f541f8b91c722f76dd179ee Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned CleanerHf363783c45394618b23234bf92a8f568q Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned CleanerXiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

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Hfcbc78bcc0a740b4bd969d95c52ad2a7H Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Sweeping Mopping STYTJ01ZHM for Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Cleaner

Based on 163 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. A***w

    Very fast shipping. The vacuum cleaner works, there are some claims to navigation, one place can drive three times, and something can miss. For such a price, will go.


  2. R***r

    The goods came quickly, despite the New Year’s holidays, figured out easily, synchronized with the smartphone without problems, spent the first cleaning, everything is decent, I’m happy.


  3. L***v

    The goods are well packed, reached St. Petersburg for 3 days from the date of shipment. But before that, 5 days waited for the store to send the order. My questions the seller generally ignored, this is a fat minus .. The vacuum cleaner itself is super, everything works without problems, set up the Russian language out of the box (in Mi Home chose the country Russia, then the Russian audio package loaded). Also after connecting via WiFi installed some updates in a couple of minutes. I recommend the product!


  4. A***

    Ordered from the Russian Federation. sent the next day, delivery to the Primorsky Territory 2 weeks. Everything came intact, in working order. Quickly I sync with Mi Home. how to install Russian language is not enough mind)) order quite, thank you.


  5. G***r

    In principle, everything is fine; sent quickly-everything has come to an end. The store is not particularly sociable. It came in a torn package, lucky that the vacuum cleaner itself was not hurt. The seller for this remark is purple. Keep in mind.


  6. V***n

    I order a second vacuum cleaner from this store, I’m happy, I recommend it to everyone!


  7. A***n

    A good robot vacuum cleaner, in the box the store put the adapter on the euro plug.


  8. A***v

    I have this first vacuum cleaner of such a plan, goes everywhere in order, does not repeat, at the end of cleaning again around the perimeter, I like


  9. A***j

    Thank you, everything works. To Peter in 10 days.


  10. S***n

    Great store and great vacuum cleaner. Everything is fast and clear 🙂


  11. N***a

    Until everything is fine! The vacuum cleaner came for 2 weeks to Moscow (delivery from Russia), took in the post office. It works, bright, vacuuming adequately, wipe well, but of course a full-fledged wet cleaning will not replace. I’m allergic to dust, so I’m completely satisfied with its “wipe with a cloth”. Works with app. Everything passes. Maybe several times poke into the legs of the chair, but then finds the way under the chair and under the bed and everywhere passes.


  12. R***r

    The wife is very glad, the delivery time was surprised, the delay of 3 days to Yakutsk, very cool, to the application connected with the second attempt) not very noisy


  13. A***v

    It was the first expensive purchase on Alika. I found a model, read a lot about it, and I realized that I want this dust. In St. Petersburg the Chinese 16R. On Ali 12R. Decided! I found this store, many reviews are normal. Paid 9.01. Started writing to the seller. When sent and T. D. Silent 11.01 changed to “sent” status… Hurray turn on the link, and there the track is assigned, but the Mail has not received it yet. I write to the seller he is silent. I saw that the weight is different in sending and on the site. Started to catch up with 16.01 he appeared at the post office. 21. 01 he arrived. Whole and everything works. In a couple of days: Outcome: + Chic price; + Orig and everything works + Collects wool for the dog. It is necessary in vet clinics not brushes with vitamins to recommend, but a robot vacuum cleaner. + He washes + All on Russian + Can put the schedule + 25 square meters. Container for 3 cleaning or 3 days. But we have a dog. —– The seller was silent all the deal!!! -Builds, but does not remember the map. => You can not choose the cleaning area. -Removes all Z, the ball expensive go around the perimeter, and then inside it on Z.


  14. R***l

    Everything is fine! Delivery from Russia, came quickly. You can take, for this price just a gift.


  15. Customer

    I give you less stars because even though the product I ordered it with EU Type Plug, the store does not command it as such, nor with an adapter. Having to open dispute. Apart from the above, the product perfectly meets its functionality and the quality-price ratio is very good. Very happy with the purchase


  16. N***o

    Socket not EU


  17. Customer

    Vacuum cleaner Super!


  18. L***v

    The parcel came quickly, the delivery was Courier everything is fine. The goods and all goods from Xiomi are very good quality.


  19. Customer

    Thanks to the store, very quickly sent, well packed. Checked perfectly works. On the phone the program was put without problems. Delivery was from Moscow.


  20. U***n

    Quality is excellent, delivery in January holidays 3 days


  21. I***o

    Vacuum cleaner just top. Put the Mi Home app from the WEVS (taken on 4 PDA) and immediately loaded the Russian language. A little later I will deal with the filling of the voice of leather bastards 🙂 the store does not answer the messages, but the order was sent a few days later and the delivery was up to Mo fast, so I advise everyone.


  22. Customer

    The store sent the goods in a week. The parcel came also in a week to the Post Office. Dust is sharp, removes norms. The charge is enough for a whole floor (100 m. K.), with a damp cloth leaves strips on a dark laminate. I am very happy with the acquisition. The card does not remember, builds a new one every time. Uncritical


  23. M***a

    Quality at height, vacuum cleaner and wash perfectly.


  24. V***l

    Of course the suction force is not the same as a conventional vacuum cleaner, but while you are not at home it works and dust will collect all…


  25. D***d

    Excellent robot vacuum cleaner. At 200% performs its functions. Cleaning is very like. The price is not expensive for such a model. Who doubts, boldly order. If more and will last more than one year, then in general the price will not be. Of the minuses I want to note that the store did not send the order for a long time, the delivery took about 2 weeks (from Russia). Also not a large volume of the battery, in the “Turbo” mode generally very quickly discharged. Navigation at the vacuum cleaner could be better, but in general not critical. He’s doing his job. In general, I never regretted that I made a purchase. I advise everyone.


  26. A***a

    I use it for 2 weeks! I advise everyone, especially those who have fluffy friends live at home))) and who have relief linoleum or parquet, there constantly small wool remained after washing the floors and now everything just perfectly very well collects several cleaning modes-noiseless, standard, medium and trumpet) on turbo noise as well, Like a conventional vacuum cleaner)


  27. E***o

    Shipped in 5 days after payment! Ordered delivery from Russia! After sending arrived in 4 days


  28. A***a

    Delivered in less than 10 days. Everything works.


  29. V***v

    Excellent polysos, only the problem was its to the attachment application. Russia can not be put, put China or the USA, still will be on the Russian


  30. A***v

    All OK!


  31. M***V



  32. E***

    Vacuum cleaner-fire. 60 squares removes using 60-70 percent of charging, thresholds 2 cm for it is not a problem, comes by. The floors wipe perfectly, the water consumption-the floor of the tank for 60 squares. Sending was from Russia, waited 2 weeks.


  33. V***m

    Vacuum cleaner at first sight liked with his duties copes


  34. S***v

    The store did not send a week, but after sending from Moscow received at the post on the 3rd day in Kirov. The box is surprisingly in perfect condition, after updating through the phone everything on the Russian, it’s a pity that the set did not have a magnetic tape to limit movement. And so the girl runs everything cleans, though managed to get confused in the wires and get stuck under the refrigerator-had to save.


  35. K***k

    The order came in 8 days, packed perfectly. Tuned easily, works great! Thank you store!


  36. A***n

    Got the vacuum cleaner faster than expected, the package is not damaged, the kit is full, the vacuum cleaner is working. No problem! I recommend this store, it is very convenient that the warehouse in Russia.


  37. M***a

    Vacuum cleaner received, on the road 10 days. Works, performs its functions. Manage through the app on the smartphone, very convenient. We liked it, called Berrymore!)). Thank you.


  38. D***v

    Super fast delivery to the Ulyanovsk region for a week, I’m just surprised! Respect. Given the negative experience of another store, who a month soared the brain and never sent from Russia (it turned out only after the opening of the dispute, in the order wrote what sent). This seller sent on the next day and in a week finished. Packed simply in a package and in its box. Whole. Dust is super) two-piece removed without problems, there are 40% more charge left. While there is a problem (as the people write) with parking to the base, after cleaning did not find, asked to move. On the account of the application, standing from vevs, China, found everything, but the update did not fly. Demolished, put from the market, the region of Russia, flew update, everything is super) wet cleaning has not yet tried. Let’s see how it goes, I will add then more feedback.


  39. O***o

    Goods BC. Novgorod came quickly, 3-4 days to the Post Office. Wife is happy. Seller recommend


  40. R***r

    While satisfied. Works every day. He copes with his task. We hope to work for a long time. I recommend to everyone, an excellent assistant at home


  41. Customer

    Order arrived quickly in 11 days! The vacuum cleaner really liked. The charge is enough for 2 times cleaning (70sq. m). Dust and debris from the laminate sucks well, but next time I choose a model with two brushes, it seems to me that one is not enough for cleaning in the corners. I recommend that I did not regret buying.


  42. D***o

    Delivery fast 02.02.-14.02. Everything works., everything is whole. The only thing is the plug, Chinese, flat, but put the adapter, for our outlets (EU). I’ll cook. Such a cable can be bought from us. Or this one. So I realized that China has no grounding… And so everything is fine, removes. Called special officer Duffy))).


  43. A***a

    The order came quickly, the store contacted, sent quickly. Track tracked. I can not adjust yet. Can I even connect it to the phone if there is no Wi-Fi? Distributing the Internet from the phone? How to sew in Russian?


  44. D***V

    The second device is from this store. Fast delivery, works fine.


  45. A***v

    Everything quickly, in St. Petersburg for 5 days came, found in the native program there without problems changed the language, everything works, cleans and washes quite well. The store is well-recommended.


  46. S***n

    Pylik delivered for a week (Yekaterinburg) all in the best form. Through the iPhone could not connect, I had to use the Android, and then distribute it to iPhones. Pleasantly surprised-in the application found a Russian voice. Wet cleaning works. This is the second robot from this store, so I recommend!!!!!!!!!


  47. S***n

    Came very quickly. I took it at the post office. Works in the village to the Internet is not connected. Twitter something in Chinese and properly cleans the house.


  48. Customer

    Great device!!! Quiet. Crawling cool. Slides under the lockers easily. Cleverly connected with the application. The language was established without dancing with beads. Vacuum cleaner-I recommend! The store is well done!!!


  49. N***e

    Very good vacuum cleaner. But I would say that he has a function of not washing the floor, but rather wet cleaning. That is, just refresh and collect some dust. But on a full floor washing is not to count.


  50. R***n

    Delivered quickly, like everything works, already testyla, satisfied. I recommend to buy


  51. R***o

    The product is very satisfied, delivery to Tyumen 5 days, the store sent very quickly, I recommend


  52. V***n

    Quickly arrived, intact and unharmed. Works properly.


  53. D***v

    The vacuum cleaner really liked, navigation at altitude, for 4 cleaning drove everywhere, it was not noticed that somewhere missed the zone, if somewhere caught a dead end, at the end of the cleaning returns to this place, on the base parking is excellent, vacuuming is satisfied, not a drop did not regret that he took without lidar


  54. A***v

    It’s okay.


  55. J***v

    It’s fantastic! Robot just Super!!!


  56. D***v

    Bright enough and really quiet. Quite normally oriented in space, thought it would be worse. So far I did not like only that it kicks enough. Maybe even move the stool. The first version of the vacuum cleaner was more accurate.


  57. S***v

    Dust is just fire. You only need to lift the sofa 1 cm and then generally everywhere will climb))) Delivery is fast. Seller recommend. If for a couple of weeks early ordered, then 2 thousand cheaper would cost ((( Bought as a gift, the spouse is happy.


  58. J***v

    Super! I recommend! This is already the second!!! Take it boldly!


  59. A***n

    Vladivostok was a week longer than the stated deadline.


  60. A***n

    Today is 22.03.2020. Almost a month I use a robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi 1C. Vacuum cleaner is happy for all 100%: Cleans on schedule after a day (area of 80 sq. m) plus once a week full wet cleaning. For all the time no complaints, the service is very convenient and completely untimely. The store worked the order for “excellent”!: delivery to Moscow for 1,5 weeks, packed qualitatively, reached in excellent condition. I recommend-you will not regret!


  61. N***a

    The parcel came quickly. For a month already works, everything is fine, now it is in our first place, on the second washing machine and then dishwasher! Take not even think! Mandatory equipment in the house), I long dreamed of such a robot and now I’m happy every day!!! To the application could not connect, the daughter of 15 years connected without problems, not that I tried two hours))) in the application changed azyk to Russian. All Super!!! Thank the store!!! God forbid to work for a long time this super indispensable miracle!!! Removes very carefully, rather gorgeous, intelligent, everything controls where removed, where not, now clean and even perfectly clean with wet cleaning! Beauty and paradise for women’s hands.


  62. N***y

    Great purchase. I recommend. From the steps does not fall. We use it daily. We do not remove the rag, my under running water. Use under supervision. Then the container with water will unfasten (not a defect, stumbles with a button on the corners of the furniture) then the laces-wires wrap… The package came super fast. I ordered from the warehouse of Russia. the vacuum cleaner is fast and powerful.


  63. I***a

    The store sent the goods within a week. In a couple of days I already had in the Moscow region. There are no complaints about the product, everything is fine


  64. M***`

    Took for 14500 in the twentieth of March, sending from the Russian Federation. The store sent the order in 7 days after the purchase (maybe because of the coronorous pandemic), came in 3-4 days after sending. Removes well, in turbo mode sits down quickly. The plug is Chinese, the seller put the adapter.


  65. R***v

    My charm


  66. M***v

    Everything is fine, up to Ryazan 5 days because of the virus, vacuum cleaners well, the application has not yet put.


  67. B***r

    Sent for a long time, due to non-working days, but came from Moscow in three days, everything corresponds to the description


  68. S***v

    Cuper really liked how he runs away, everyone pleases


  69. G***g

    Excellent device, the second has already ordered, the flight is normal.


  70. L***a

    Very cool vacuum cleaner, I’m happy


  71. R***s

    The order was processed more than a week, but then delivery in 2 days, sending from Moscow. Speaks English, the map each time draws a new one.


  72. Customer

    Very satisfied with the purchase. Dust collected perfectly. We haven’t tried washing yet.


  73. N***v

    It came in 10 days to Kazan, the store put an adapter for our outlets. If desired, for rubles 100 you can buy a cord to use without an adapter. Good looking vacuum cleaner and best price.


  74. A***v

    I ordered a vacuum cleaner on June 15, I received it in Irkutsk at the post office on June 23, I think that I quickly got there. The track was served, the shipment was from Moscow. The packaging is factory, only on top of the package postal and Scotch was coiled with another set of brushes, ordered immediately with them. Connected without problems, immediately updated software, Russian language works. In short, the purchase is happy with 100%. The store is well done, put immediately an adapter on our outlet. All corresponds to the description, I recommend the seller.


  75. E***a

    Delivery 5 days to Altai, chose the post of Russia. Sending the next day. i recommend. The box is all not crumpled. The cord is not our fault.


  76. P***r

    The price is overstated, it was possible to buy 3-4k cheaper. The vacuum cleaner came quickly, works without complaints.


  77. C***r

    Delivery 4 days (to mail), 3 day shipment, the store notified about the shipment (I asked), but… of course I wanted to open a dispute!!! Wrote before sending 2 times to the seller to send the European version! The result is Chinese, there is an adapter! When buying a price has knocked down a promotional code, we are looking for in net, this is full! The goods are new, 2 day it is driven, glad as an elephant! 4pda Thank you, the language package is installed for 4 min) download a specific assembly and replace 1 file with a mihom) difference now from Chinese and European except the plug can not see)


  78. Customer

    With the function of easy wet cleaning copes well. Do not expect it to perfectly clean floors. But as a daily Assistant against dust, it’s not bad. In general, I’m happy with the purchase.


  79. A***s

    The robot sent is the Chinese version with a power adapter for Europe, despite having requested the European version. The default voices of the vacuum cleaner are in Chinese, so if you ‘ve never used this robot before, the installation can be more complicated. Once the voices are configured they can be changed to Spanish via the MiHome app.


  80. A***o

    Everything is fine, I recommend


  81. E***a

    The robot came quickly, days in 10 from Moscow. Full set, good quality plastic and components. The robot is bright, it removes perfectly.


  82. B***t

    100% satisfied with the store and the aspirateu. The vacuum cleaner is efficient and organized.


  83. V***v

    The vacuum cleaner just super, between the old seebest and this, the gap in favor of Xiaomi. I have not yet put the voice, I’m looking for a phone on Android. China region.


  84. N***n

    Wonderful vacuum cleaner! Ordered 21, received 25 in the morning, in Moscow! Everything is as stated, it works well. First installed region China in Mi Home, but failed to install update, because I chose the wrong model. And then took, installed the region Russia, chose the right model of the vacuum cleaner and installed everything, update, russian. I became friends with Yandex station. Everything works! Thank you store!


  85. A***a

    In Samara it arrived in 3 days, ordered delivery from Russia. Everything is fine, everything works. Rides around the apartment shustro. In the new version of the firmware, you can put virtual walls and zoning cleaning


  86. E***a

    The order came within a week. The vacuum cleaner is very satisfied, the complete set is full, the box is also in perfect condition (you can at least for a gift). Already managed to try the device.


  87. T***a

    Vacuum cleaner cool! Surpassed all our expectations! Cleanliness supports perfectly!


  88. R***i

    Super fast delivery by mail 3 days. Everything came whole, charged, but enough charging for not much. Especially to test yet did not work, we will test for how much it will last. Base found it the first time. There was no need to communicate with the store.


  89. S***n

    Excellent vacuum cleaner, I regret that I have not purchased before. Delivery also has not pumped up, days 4 no more


  90. M***n

    From Russia came in 5 days by mail of Russia to Mo. The box is not damaged, there is a euroadapter, but you can stupidly replace the plug. Could not connect with the edge in the application, you need to understand, does not find Wi-Fi. Vacuum cleaner is excellent, every corner comes in, all evening I watched thought I would be stupid, but no, it’s all right. The quality is excellent. Take it definitely. Seller recommend. Photo of a full container with 50 sq. m.


  91. E***a

    Ordered 21.06 and 26.06 I already got my vacuum cleaner on my hands, very quickly, even surprised, externally, I like everything so far. I’ll check in, unsubscribe


  92. R***r

    Delivery is fast, the parcel was crumpled, but the contents are OK. The vacuum cleaner almost finished drawing the map of the apartment, confused in the cord, and after I took it off the map. We’ll do it again. But it’s definitely fun and even effective.


  93. O***v

    The store sent the order the next day. In Astrakhan got it in five days! Very fast! Everything is securely packed. Everything is in integrity and safety. The vacuum cleaner liked, especially the wife, for her and bought. Set up work through the phone, language Russian. When setting up immediately updated. There was the first cleaning. It’s okay for now. There are small shortcomings, not everywhere goes, for example, corners and TP, but I think it will not be better. While we still master the device)))


  94. N***r

    Cool dust packed Super delivery very fast only store at all not sociable


  95. N***v

    Overall all is well, the only one is Chinese version, and the plug is not euro .. Just included adapter


  96. Customer

    It’s okay. Worth your money.


  97. M***o

    Delivered earlier than promised. The vacuum cleaner is very satisfied.


  98. A***a

    A chic housemate, just perfectly removes, take and do not doubt my fluffy cat, with her, such a vacuum cleaner is not a replaceable thing


  99. E***r

    Manual in xinès. Nor in English.


  100. I***a

    Delivery 5 days. Vacuum cleaner super. Via the Mi Home app, it is easy to connect to Russian. Thank you.


  101. N***a

    Come in a week. Immediately launched, clearly went around the entire apartment, everywhere I got where I could get through. Later launched on wet, also without complaints. In the annex exactly made a map of the apartment. So today he really pleased me! I hope that will continue


  102. I***v

    Fast shipment 3 days waiting total Everything works For this money an excellent vacuum cleaner. I do not understand why to pay more for other models


  103. A***f

    Delivery from Moscow 4 days to NN, a robot in Chinese, changes in the application. The plug is Chinese, but the adapter was put.


  104. L***a

    The vacuum cleaner came quickly, the parcel is intact, the kit is full, everything works well. Sooo happy. The voice was in Chinese, put the run of mi Hom on the phone, switched to Russian. For speed 5 points to the store. But washing floors only for a perfectly smooth surface. Laminate washes norms, but you need to wash everything well in the usual way. Included euro adapter. Cleans generally Super.


  105. A***a

    Came from Moscow in 4 days to Nizhny Novgorod. The set is full, everything works, vacuum cleaners and washes perfectly!! In Chinese, until I figured out how to connect to the phone and rusify, I will add a review later.


  106. N***a

    The vacuum cleaner came to krsk for 9 days, the purchase is satisfied, it works well, thank you 🙂


  107. Customer

    Came from a warehouse in Russia very quickly. The packaging was opened to put the adapter for the outlet-without complaints. Packing without damage, vacuum cleaner working-everything is fine.


  108. T***o

    He’s just a miracle!!! The application for Russian can be downloaded, says cool) shorter than the House now another habitat))) I’m happy! It came in 7 days, delivery from Russia, everything is whole. He washes himself, and you sit. The dream of any mistress))) with the store did not communicate.


  109. E***a

    It came very quickly to the region! Thank you to the store, everything works clearly and perfectly!


  110. R***v

    Goes around the house, speaks Russian with carpets and wires fights. Well collects hair and dust. For one check, half a container collects. Drives in the dark to the touch as the camera stands


  111. S***v

    Vacuum cleaner Super, never regretted that I purchased, the store sent the goods immediately, the delivery is fast, I recommend the goods and the seller.


  112. V***v

    Sahalin reached in 14 or ten days, the whole without damage. until I started because I was on a business trip.


  113. F***s

    All right. super happy. Just keep in mind that it’s version Xin. It only affects the subject of the application but it works just as well. Very happy I repeat.


  114. J***n

    Novosibirsk in four days. The machine itself likes it.


  115. I***a

    He vacuum and clean, and I lie on the couch)))). Now you can every day not poison the apartment in the Pope pose upstairs every day, the dust vacuum cleaner will collect for you and the floor will wipe


  116. Customer



  117. A***o

    The vacuum cleaner is great. He came in two weeks. An indispensable thing for a large apartment with a pet. It works fast enough. Tried all modes, except for washing the floor, as a lot of carpets and there was no need to use.


  118. D***o

    The goods arrived in 3 days in the Moscow region. Put the adapter on the Soviet socket. Happy with the purchase. It came without a fight. In the photo, the insane Skynet presses his dock station


  119. N***s

    Product looks as in description, all parts where were. Package is good not overpacked and came in suggested time frame. Robot it self looks good as well, with mapping function did all the room in no time mop function reasonable as well. Money well spent.


  120. N***a

    Like a normal vacuum cleaner, collected a lot of wool. Put the mother voice Maxim, began to fight in Russian) during cleaning traveled the whole apartment 3 times. Successfully climbed the step about 1,5 cm. The walls are fought sometimes quite hard) for two 40 m spent about 30% of the charge (in fact, the area of cleaning was about 20 m). The house became noticeably cleaner) the washing of the floors have not been tried yet. Of the cons, long hair all twist on the brush and they have to cut with scissors. Took for 14200


  121. V***o

    Everything is fine, only sent long, about 15 days. He’s building an apartment plan, there’s a cleaning area.


  122. A***v

    Ordered 24.06 Shipped 30.06 Received in Rostov-on-Don 03.07 Chinese version, Chinese instruction, network wire with adapter It works as expected.


  123. R***r

    The vacuum cleaner is just fire. It’s all written. Pretty fast and clean well. Almost not dull and well oriented. The map builds in the app. After the update spoke in Russian. Delivered in 5 days from Moscow but had to wait as much as in Moscow in the warehouse was not available. The store warned in advance and as sent it immediately reported. For purchase is recommended.


  124. K***a

    In the MSK there was no warehouse, the product offered to increase the time of dispatch, on the 9 day sent and another 4 days went on the Russian Federation. Prompt responds for a long time. The robot for a long time couldn’t get busted with my body, but the first time he joined her husband’s phone and the Machine appeared in my application. Speaking in Russian, the adapter to the socket was. The vacuum cleaner itself is cool, cleans well, of course not compare with washing the floors with hands on the knees, but for daily cleaning is wonderful. Nowadays, when it’s so expensive, it just does not replace and put it next to the dishwasher and washer)


  125. I***v

    Great Machine! Do not like that he washs the laminate across the laying, leaves traces. I did not find how to change the motion algorithm.


  126. A***n

    The second robot vacuum cleaner, the first was life7v, but it is much smarter, more functional and more convenient


  127. R***r

    The vacuum cleaner from Moscow to Khabarovsk went 11 days, the box is whole, all in working condition. Configured quickly, immediately requested an update, updated. The language is set to Russian. It is convenient that you can adjust the voice volume that the vacuum cleaner says. The map is building. Until we have not completely figured out how he builds the route, may part of the room skip, but then return from another room and clear, why does not immediately remove until it is clear. Works great!


  128. A***a

    Very good! Quiet, clever, clever, clean well! Very happy!


  129. M***v

    Excellent washing, but few AKB is enough for 40 kV. Together with the first version of the vacuum cleaner works perfectly. The house is clean now.


  130. R***r

    Dust fire, for 13.000 awesome!


  131. D***v

    The store is great! Sent the order literally the next day and I received it in 5 days. it is very fast. Sending was the Russian Post-yet the post began to work much faster! That’s good. Everything came in excellent condition. Now we start testing.


  132. V***v

    That’s great!


  133. V***v

    Came fast in four days. Robot fire. That’s what he collected after yesterday’s manual cleaning.


  134. Customer

    Fast delivery! Ordered 26.06.20 and already 05.07.20 this miracle of technology worked for the benefit of the family!!! Setup and installation took the power of 15-20 minutes, downloaded the app immediately installed update, set the language and voila, everything works!!!


  135. A***v

    Delivered in a week. Everything works. In the settings, the language changes to Russian. After building a full card, it will be possible to use area cleaning


  136. A***a

    Delivery from warehouse in Russia came to Ulyanovsk in 5 days. The item is a complete set, removes the garbage and wipes the floors. The cloth is removed, erased. The garbage compartment is also easy to clean. Wonderful home assistant. Mi app on the phone installed, added vacuum cleaner and voila can be controlled from the phone.


  137. O***v

    After turning on, he himself got on charge. Recharged started to work. Carpets easily overcome, but on one stuck because. There was a thread and he got mixed up in it. Realizing he wasn’t released, he turned off. Turns out the robot is afraid of darkness, in the dark it turns off. Firmware can be updated and make it Russian-speaking. Programming it better for a time when no one is at home. It’s noisy. Generally satisfied, but we use only one day. Then I’ll add the review.


  138. N***v

    Original Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. Included is the adapter on our sockets.


  139. R***v

    It came on the 4th day. The packing is not crumpled, ordered from Russia. I thought that as in the version with lidar, each room will be painted in color and can be customized automatic mode, but alas. Although without these chips, the dust is very good and with its task copes with Hurray


  140. I***n

    Everything is fine. The goods came on time. No complaints


  141. M***a

    Vacuum cleaner fire! Removes perfectly, insists quickly and conveniently! In our house there is a rabbit, very much shedding, the vacuum cleaner collects everything! And on the carpet and tile, wet cleaning is excellent too. I recommend, until Kaliningrad it was 8 days.


  142. R***

    In Novosibirsk came in 6 days. The package is whole, the Russian Post worked on Hurray. Without Problems connected the vacuum cleaner to the phone. The firmware arrived automatically. Everything works. I chose Russian. The apartment became clean, I did not think that so much dust will collect. The cat is in shock, I’m happy!


  143. Customer

    All the norms, got what I expected, while it works


  144. S***o

    Great thing. Laminate and tile vacuum cleaner and wipe with a damp cloth. Immediately connected to mi-Home, updated, in the settings there is a Russian language. I am very pleased with the purchase! The store sent the goods right after the order.


  145. V***v

    Delivered in 3 days. All right. Charged at 85 ℅, started on the move, the robot drove. In Chinese said, groomed Mi Home, updated the firmware, chose Russian. Tipisny vovros: where does it find dirt? )) although washed pre-floors, quite carefully)))


  146. L***a

    Vacuum cleaner tested, really liked. As they received immediately sent to remove, charging was enough to almost remove 60 m2. The first time in the whole crash, but then adjusts his way. Happy for now. Tried wet cleaning, I liked it.


  147. E***a

    The store sent the goods for a very long time


  148. A***l

    Excellent robot, works well, the algorithm in cleaning is, quality materials, but it is better to follow the top cover, it is glossy, there is a risk of scratches if it comes under the sofa for example.


  149. V***v

    All is so cool that you can not pass words! Delivery is fast, quality goods, and most importantly, the result exceeds all expectations!!! Cat wool длинношерстного fold-like going to ur!!!! And in general, the thing is very cool. For the first cleaning were followed by the whole family, like roared!!! ))))) To the store Thank you very much. Good luck with everything!!!


  150. A***n

    Divine Thing, removes a lot of dirt every day, and you spend 5 minutes on it


  151. M***v

    пришли быстро.


  152. A***T

    Normal vacuum cleaner, garbage collects a lot. Mail as always distinguished, all corners of the box are crumpled. An order could be added to the box. And so neither is the order satisfied.


  153. A***v

    заказывал пылесос ксяоми ми 1с, доставка со склада в России, дошло в течение недели, пылесосом пользуюсь уже 2 недели, отличный аппарат с функцией полотера, очень доволен рекомендую


  154. M***a

    товар пришёл супер быстро заказ сделала 21.06 24.06 он уже был на почте. Описанию соответствует в комплекте переходник на евро розетку говорит по китайски


  155. A***l

    The twenty-first century entered my three! By pressing one button, activated the robot who did his job perfectly! In 50 minutes said two phrases in Chinese (before the start and at the end of cleaning)… The rest of the time worked in silence. .. I came under the beds, sofa, cabinets. I took a container (after my wet cleaning). I will not sew to Russian, I will not connect to Wi-Fi, I will not tie to the Internet-let myself understand how to sweep it. Main: The floor is dry, the wires are fixed, gum, flour, powdered sugar, etc. They’re not.


  156. Customer

    Пришёл быстро. Подключился. Разговаривает на русском. Сухую уборку сделал хорошо, влажную пока не пробовали. Попользуюсь и добавлю отзыв.


  157. A***n

    Спасибо! Все отлично!


  158. A***o

    Все отлично, рекомендую


  159. G***v

    С продавцом я не общался.Заказал,оплатил,и через 4 дня доставлено.Мы с женой 2 дня подряд просто сидели и смотрели на то как трудяга робот тщательно натирает пол в доме.Сказать что довольны покупкой это не о чем.Это новый уровень жизни.


  160. Z***a

    Спасибо большое за быструю доставку. Пылесос очень хорошо работает, и пылесосит и моет отлично. Рекомендую!!!


  161. V***v

    все отлично


  162. T***

    Отличный пылесос . Пришёл во время


  163. A***v

    Все отлично. Пришло за 2 дня, нареканий к пылесосу нет.