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wolf’s fang Mountain Bike bicycle fat bike 21 speed Aluminum alloy frame 26 inch road Snow bikes Man Free shipping

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  1. A***v

    June 18 paid, june 26 came to orenburg. The packaging is good, everything is wrapped capital. Going easy if your hands grow out of your shoulders. Gifts from the store: flashlight, stickers, bottle, mount for it, kachok, bell, wings, handbag. Quality and smell at 1, threw everything except a call, pumping, the rest immediately buy separately. (by the way, the rear native wing broke on the cat after 10 km) my advice: the above order separately, and the seller, if you read, put less gifts, but better if they are better. I ordered from the seller a set of aluminum wings, they look very cool on this bike, but the seller forgot to put them in a box with fat. The seller is very sociable and polite. The bike will require brake and switch settings. Then enjoy the trip! I liked the bike, the weight is lighter than the usual mountain, but it goes a little heavier due to the wheels, but the patency at the height!


  2. A***o

    For your money a great option.


  3. Customer

    Led cool, arrived in a week. Without jambs, there are no dents-scratches, the child is not weak for two days, satisfied.


  4. G***v

    Everything is fine


  5. A***a

    I recommend this super bike. I ordered with an elongated fork, and i do not regret it. I recommend to everyone. The store is just super sociable! Always going to a meeting. Thank you very much.


  6. A***a

    You can take


  7. N***i

    I bought it a couple of weeks ago for 11500 like. Changed the seat 500 rubles, the asterisks on the shimano wheel 600 rubles + replacement 150, because the shooting kit is not included, and bought i could not unscrew. Frame is not aluminum. Steel. Transmission can not configure. Not everything is included, but i have enough of these. The rest is still working, but! I immediately dismantled it all, removed the factory grease, lubricated with litol and collected. In the steering column, the bearings are dead, easy to bend, but there are no problems with them yet. In the wheels just balls 6,2mm without a clip (one was missing) i long resented that the frame was not aluminum and the store sent me flashlights as a gift. The front is the same mutton as the one that is included, and the rear is cool. The remaining costs refused to pay, although at first offered 500 rubles for 5 stars. And i wanted 2000 without any conditions, but ali closed the dispute without compensation. And then i saw the prices in the store 2 times more and decided to write a review. My conclusion: led cool for this price. Sold sane.


  8. I***n

    Everything is well packed, the quality corresponds to the price, delivery 3 days, gifts so yourself, but still nice 🙂 the store is sociable and itself also monitors the delivery. Cross-country off-road excellent) on the asphalt rides well, quickly, though there is little knurling, you have to constantly twist the pedals. The result, the bike is good, it costs its money, the seller is excellent, i liked everything 🙂


  9. V***n

    I paid the order 16.07, received, in perm, 20.07. i could not even assume such promptness. completeness complete + pleasant trifles as a gift. there is no factory marriage, the goods meet expectations. Seller recommend. excellent price-quality ratio. Nephew is delighted with the bike 🙂


  10. V***n

    The bicycle is wonderful, my husband gave me, i ‘ve long wanted it. they say that women are hard with him, of course he weighs 22 kg, but when traveling he is very maneuverable, convenient to manage, i’m delighted!!! without marriage, the truth lacked a couple of screws, but the husband said that it was insignificant. all as in the picture, the packaging is a good cardboard box, the size is 150na75by 30, lined with cloth, itself was great in foam. the assembly of her husband took 20 minutes. fastest delivery 4dn. home, free. very glad, thank you we will order more.


  11. B***b

    Normal is great) i’m happy) requires investment for perfection)


  12. M***k

    The bike is cool. For 13k₽ we definitely better not to buy. Switch and brake handles shimano, only on the handles written v-break. Everything is configured, only the brakes tightened. Speeds work well. In the pedals a small backlash, well, i think with time i will change the mechanism. With the shipment, the store deceived, when ordering indicated the delivery from russia. In fact, the goods were not, had to wait for sending 2 weeks. In another 5 days i drove to peter. Great light, but at the same time big. For me, the height of 193 cm and 105 kg of siduh is normal, the steering wheel is slightly low. A couple of cm higher than the steering wheel, it would be perfect. The front fork is motorcycle, the shock absorber itself is planted even when you just sit on the bike. And it seems like it’s eating. Let’s see how it will be further, can be developed. The fork was scratched, the photo shows. And on the trail on the cardboard, scratched about it, without any impact. Gifts were: plastic wings-flimsy, bottle, flashlight, pump with mount (works), bell and cable.


  13. A***a

    The bike is good, everything is like in the description, the child is happy. Another bunch of gifts, of them are wings, only they are plastic-and one, the front, when the fall fell fell off the child, he was very upset… Also in gifts there is a bottle, a bag, a bell, a flashlight. We had a lining in the delivery, the store incorrectly indicated the recipient, but at the time of receipt this defect was corrected. Thanks to the seller, he answered and supported correctly. 5 stars!


  14. A***v

    I’ll start with positive. The bike is just gorgeous and chic. A little fussed with the assembly, went to roll it, because behind the fatbike i sat for the first time, this giant was easy in control to my surprise. Also from the pleasant, in the box there were gifts, namely: a bottle for water, a fastener for it, stickers, a lantern, a call and that for me the most important is a pump. The box is mainly whole, packed qualitatively, no scratches on the bike found. Another advantage personally for me that there are no stupid inscriptions on the bike, completely black. As for the store, he is well done, always in touch and is experiencing for the goods no less than a buyer, so i highly recommend it. But there is one huge minus (again it is subjective for me, someone can be lucky), so it’s with the company delivering me a bicycle to st. petersburg, i’m talking about jde (zheldorexpedition). Before these guys, to reach any balance is not enough on the phone, the delivery was agreed on one date, and brought to another with delay.


  15. E***G

    Great excellent, for 9 days arrived in rostov-on-don, in quality like good, i will check in the process, collected in 2,5 hours, still need to configure the main systems, but this will happen in the process, as a whole satisfied as an elephant, delivered without scratches and damage, the store is a huge gratitude! Great really really liked)


  16. A***v

    Everything is fine i’m happy


  17. L***y

    Ordered 17. 07. Sent 20. 07. Got 26. 07. 2019. Sent from yekaterinburg by the transport company zheldorexpedition. As the store promised, it was not without a few “kozek” on the fork and a pair of rubbing on the frame. I think they can save only the grate, but this will lead to an increase in the price, and sell it is not necessary, because they take it well. First of all i crossed and adjusted the light, without backlash. Rotation of front axle bearings and steering bearings. The carriage of pedals and the rear axle will be removed and lubricated after the arrival of special keys. It was necessary to adjust only the front brake, on the rear axle nothing rubs and everything switches. Velom and the work of the seller is happy, the time will show how long the budget body of aelik will last. I was pleasantly surprised at how fentolik rides on loose sand, i like it straight. I recommend to drive on our “roads”.


  18. S***v

    Great looks cool!!!. Everything seems like in the description. Delivery from the store was 23 days. Came with a dent on the fork (the work does not affect but visually visible) the question was solved through a dispute although the seller offered without it. There are questions for packaging and delivery but in general not bad.


  19. I***v

    Very beautiful, really huge, and it seems so reliable, the words are not enough to describe my sense of joy. It’s like a tractor like a huge stylish fashion tractor.


  20. A***o

    The store is very sociable, responds to each message. On may request answered positively, went to the meeting that i really liked, the bicycle came before the birthday of my brother (as i asked). from frankenburg to kostroma came in 8 days, the transport company zde. i liked the bike, and my loved ones. i do not know how and how much will last, but while there are no complaints. a friend who knows about bicycles said, What is worth your money. thanks to the seller for the responsiveness. i will add a photo later. now just go rain.


  21. N***a

    Got a bicycle, very satisfied! The quality is excellent, in general everything is right. If you decide to order this model do not even think, but buy and the price is very acceptable! In the kit a whole bunch of all kinds of gifts. thanks!!!


  22. A***o

    This is the second bike. Delivery lightning. Great. great. Jambs did not reveal. The store is always in touch, solves issues quickly in the case. I recommend the seller and the product. Five stars is not enough, i would put ten.


  23. V***n

    Super fast delivery ordered from china, the store offered another model from the warehouse in ekatirinburg the difference was one presence of inscriptions and disks of red color, brought to the region before arrival by courier service for free, i order a second, everyone is happy, it took ten minutes to assemble, did not put the call unnecessary and the wings while dry, Before ordering, communicate with the seller will tell the best options and ways of delivery, will not come to ride for him hell where some wrote and pay half the cost of the bike)) seller well, delivery from the order three days.


  24. V***v

    Passed 200 km, the flight is normal, weight 99 kg height 192 cm low seat need to change the pin, the fork front is blank, dangles, the steering wheel will fasten the unknown where and what, the store for sending a different color warned, waiting to send 10 days, after sending 4 days to eagle from yekaterinburg


  25. A***o

    Burying, daring and quick. Total weight 17 kg. The road keeps smartly one in one any led. I ordered black, black and red. Components one in one. Everyone is happy.


  26. V***k

    The bike is really good. Drove about 20 km. What can i say-my 140 kg withstands normally, the height of the seat for my 188 cm height, so that the foot in the lower position of the pedal was straight, enough at the limit. Minus-seat, already ordered a normal, wide, and the feeling that sat on the stick after the ride does not last long. Whether it is a problem with computer translation, or another problem, but it is difficult to communicate directly with the store. For example, after receiving the first bike i write to him that with a bicycle with narrow wheels you sent me wings for a fatbike, and they do not fit him, what he says to me is you are in moscow, i’m in beijing, give me five stars. And so several times. Therefore, if there are questions, it is better to call the guys in yekaterinburg, i will now indicate the number, they are normal, in russian, everything will explain. Tel. + 7 922 110 11 22.


  27. A***v

    In Voronezh delivered in 5 days! Put the steering wheel, the front wheel and everything is ready! The bike is very light, despite the fact that it has a footrest and protection of the rear switch. This is my best buy on AliExpress, many thanks to the store)


  28. A***y

    The goods came in perfect condition. The store is very sociable, the goods sent quickly. The parcel arrived in 10 days. FET is excellent, a little adjusted speed and brake switches and on the way) the seller recommend unequivocally!


  29. A***v

    Powerful led! Powerful wheels! Looks solid! I’m lucky! Warehouse in Yekaterinburg like me, after the order the next day received! Whole! No jambs! Going easy! The main thing is to tighten all the bolts! I’m going to roll over today. I hope there will be no problems. One minus, rubber stinks. In general, I recommend the store!


  30. Customer

    Bike fire. For its price is very good. The store is very friendly, sent a bunch of gifts. Delivery to Togliatti for 4 days by the transport company Super (did not expect). I will apply for sure!


  31. Customer

    The bike came on time, but the delivery was not home, but for 90 km. I had to negotiate with the transport company, meet the courier in my car. and with the bike everything is fine, everything is intact. Plainly опробовать failed (little проехал) but rides well, gifts were both in the description. appearance matches the description and pictures online store For 11500 rubles norms.


  32. Z***v

    The order came. everything is in good condition. put 5 stars. Delivery question: I’m used to receiving by mail or courier, regardless of the order (weight, size). There is no transport company in our city, so free delivery was not quite free. received a friend and brought. Well, for “ovos” I paid him, although he did not take, but .. almost even quarreled. in principle, the store is normal, but only on the last day sent the order.


  33. G***h

    Good store, sociable!!! Today Received a bicycle!!! Well packed, fast delivery!!!


  34. I***

    One one of the other is the one one one of the other: one one one one one of the other is the one one one of the other: one one one one of the other: one one one one of the one one, one one one one of the other, one one one of the other, one one one, one one one of the other, one one one, one one one one one of the one, one one one one one and one one, one one one and coloring for five, sat down and went, what else needed, the price is super, what I wanted, The store immediately sent a copy of the invoice, answered all the questions, the purchase is pleased with the success, all five bucks with a plus, but unfortunately catafot did not put, yes no question!


  35. K***k

    The parcel came as promised! Seller fire! Answered every day, the package without scratches and collected for 20-30min. Seller advise!!!


  36. M***m

    Led norms for their money, pedals are not very, the fork is soft, and so all norms


  37. A***r

    Collected all ok not yet traveled, arrived without dents and scratches.


  38. M***m

    I take the second FET, good quality for this money


  39. A***n

    Super sold! I learned that because of the virus, the wait was long. And Chinese friend allowed to choose another from the Russian warehouse everything agreed and delivered in 8 days! Frame aluminum welding and milling curate, metal pedal, protection of the carriage all kinds of niches in the luffs No.


  40. O***r

    Good led, only the speed to be adjusted, and so by little reason to change ….


  41. A***o

    In general, everything is fine, there are small shortcomings, but great is good, delivery is fast to N. Novgorod in 5 days!