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wolf’s fang bicycle Mountain Bike road bike Aluminum alloy frame 26×4.0″ 7/21/24speed Frame Snow Beach Oversized Bicycle Bikes

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wolf's fang bicycle Mountain Bike road bike Aluminum alloy frame 26×4.0″ 7/21/24speed Frame Snow Beach Oversized Bicycle Bikes

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Based on 90 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. G***n

    Until i went. Looks cool. The height of 182 seat is not even necessary to lift, afraid will be small)


  2. O***v

    Great from china order not the first time —— all in order collected 15 minutes to the full state —- gifts in stock —- about the quality can be spoken only after pokatukh —- transmission as the first great were configured immediately —– the weight of a man who ordered 105 kg and a height of 180 cm.


  3. A***z

    All super, delivery fast less than a week, store sociable. Collected minutes for 30 all the speed is switched clearly did not even have to be adjusted. The son is happy. I recommend this seller.


  4. K***n

    I ordered a second bike from this store and did not disappoint everything as always at the height, ordered june 23 and june 28 already received, jambs on delivery and delivery was not all intact. The seller sociable is always unwritten. In short, all super hood.


  5. A***v

    A decent device for your money, beautiful. Of the minuses: you need to mess with the adjustment of the brake pads and the mechanism of switching speeds (as tried, and could not force normally to turn on the last speed), hexagon, which are included for assembly, made of some kind of underflow and merged with the first serious effort, so you need your reliable.


  6. S***v

    For your money, a great bike!


  7. S***k

    Excellent fatbike, made well, light, rides gently… Frame aluminum. Delivery 7 days to krasnodar region. The only thing that did not like-it’s a sidushka very uncomfortable, rigid, immediately under the replacement… Seller recommend, very polite and responsible ..


  8. I***n

    The fork in relation to the steering wheel and the wheel is somehow crooked, but the stroke does not seem to affect. Arrived to yuzhno-sakhalinsk in 28 days. No significant jambs were found. Requires setting speeds of both front and rear stars.


  9. A***v

    Delivery for a week after the order. the store is responsive. the bike for such money is excellent. i recommend the seller.


  10. E***f

    Everything is super, the product is satisfied. the reflectors on the pedals fly out, do not hold well. the seat is uncomfortable. It came in 5 days, no scratches, i advise everyone


  11. V***v

    The third is great


  12. S***k

    A great bike for this money. Brakes and switches are adjusted easily, pedals and aluminum frame. For this money you will not find better. The store is very polite and decent. Delivery to krasnodar region 7 days. I recommend the product and the store.


  13. S***i

    Fet bike is good! Quality for such a price is good! Ordered the second. Came to lysva in 4 days. No scratches damage. Seller and goods advise.


  14. M***r

    Ordered great father, he is very pleased. came very quickly, in 6 days. Quality for such money is good. I recommend the store.


  15. E***V

    The store is sociable, always in touch, great delivered 26 days before magadan, purchase is satisfied, i recommend! +++


  16. S***i

    The bike is just super for such money!!! On the asphalt goes easily and confidently, and it’s a pleasure to go through the forest. Of the minuses only that everyone asks why such wheels and whether it is hard on the asphalt. Took the bike as a means of transportation from point “a” to point “b”, and got a mountain of pleasure and impressions. It came all whole and without strong rubs. The bike is going to be very easy and to adjust first especially and not necessary, and then only small adjustments. Gifts are mostly full of g, but bicycles bought in the store and this is not. The store is very sociable. And in conclusion: great just super!!! The seller is normal!!! I regret that i did not buy it earlier.


  17. O***s

    The bike came in perfect order. Collected in half an hour. I’ll see how it will be in the future.


  18. V***v

    Fast shipping railway. Previously called and said that there is only green color i agreed to green. There are scrapes and chips of paint, but as they say on money. Good budget fatbike.


  19. V***v

    Many thanks to the store for speedy delivery and good communication. The bike is superb for relaxing trips. Pretty light, aluminum frame. Switches of course the bottom but work well. Huge gratitude to the seller for high-speed delivery and good communication. The bike is excellent for quiet trips. Quite light, aluminum frame. Switches of course the bottom but work well. Credit device.


  20. R***r

    Great just awesome.


  21. I***a

    Two days have passed from the moment of ordering to arrival at the destination. Immediately it is necessary to adjust the rotation of the axes of the front and rear wheels!!! Bearings (bulk) were overstretched, this was already written in the reviews. Pedals aluminum, the first trial trips withstood with success. Adjustment of switching difficulties did not cause, everything is very clear, but the adjustment at all 21 speeds is not possible, but such a range is not needed in practice. The store of success in business, very responsive and cheerful person.


  22. Customer

    Excellent fetbike, came for 5 days from orenburg to the moscow region. The store is well done, always in touch and answers quickly. Quality fetbike, very light, steel only fork, steering wheel and connecting rods, the rest is made of aluminum alloy, even pedals (although some write plastic). The price for such a product is very good. Even if the speed switches and fakes, it does not spoil the attitude to this fatbike, for such money it is a sin to offend, and if that and change this hinged will not be difficult. Overpay for the stickers of famous brands i do not see the point, the frame is welded qualitatively and there are no complaints to the color, they sculpt them in one factory for different brands. The best value for money from this seller, definitely recommend to buy from him. The seller’s gifts are also cool, who writes stink washing powder to help them, wash the purse and will be happy. The seller special thanks for the gifts, a trifle but nice. I also wish the seller success in selling and prosperity.


  23. R***m

    The bike is great. Arrived not broken, without deformation, the paint is whole. There are gifts and wings. This is my first order for ali worried will be sent or not. The store is responsive, answered all questions. Seller recommend.


  24. V***v

    Paid 30.06 received sms that is not available, as the goods will come send. Sent 15.07 received 22.07. The store is sociable. at the expense of gifts well, it was fashionable to not send this garbage, a fanarik who for 10 rubles. no cton would buy, wings liquid curves. and the very great, beautiful, brutal appearance, in general i’m happy. riding cool


  25. E***h

    Bike super! Attracts attention! The son (13 years old) is very pleased. The wife and the younger son now also ask for the same bicycles. On forest paths and different irregularities, on the sand to ride a pleasure. Quite light, the son himself pulls it to the 3rd floor… delivered a bicycle for 3!!!!!! Day! All because the warehouse is in yekaterinburg. The truth was not enough details. Contacted the store, the seller responded very quickly and sent everything, in 4!!!!! The day has come… The seller very clearly monitors everything, goes to contact, helps immediately. In yekaterinburg managers are also very adequate people. Decide everything quickly and do not tighten with the shipment. In general, the seller is excellent! Do not doubt buy only from him. By the way, who does not like the inscriptions on a bicycle… Black color for you, it goes without inscriptions, matte. Order is tracked. Going bike fast. The seller put a bunch of gifts. The bike looks really cool!!!! I want to wish the seller big sales.


  26. Y***a

    Finally arrived (((drove for a long time, more than a month. As i understood from communication with the store, from china carried a large party to yekaterinburg and this party was long rammed. But from the ekat great flew in 6 days to moscow in kartovo. Came in the box. Going easy, will cope with the girl. Was already set up. For my 164 cm is great just a huge monster. Feels good off-road. Speeds took 7, for those who want a fast ride, this is not an option, but it’s not critical for me, we will put the motor. By weight, it is not too heavy. Speeds switch smoothly. Shimano switch. After one trip, there are no complaints. Let’s see how it will continue to behave.


  27. N***y

    Ordered 06.08 sent in two days received 13.08 received had to go for 50 km. The store is always in touch. Problems with switching, you need to adjust. And so everything is fine, thank you.


  28. I***v

    The bike came, all that is in the description correspond, there are not big calculations, but it’s not scary, great pleased with the truth came to the name of another person well that was familiar…


  29. E***h

    Arrived to krymsk krasnodar territory for 10 days, packed well, arrived without damage, excellent fett, i recommend the store, responsive and constantly in touch. Definitely five stars deserve! Thank you!


  30. S***i

    Bike fire! I recommend.


  31. R***c

    Got in the best form! From yekaterinburg to moscow days 5-6. Sent quickly. Nothing is broken, the packaging is not damaged! The store is a good man, he also tracks everything, he is worried, is always available for communication. In appearance, everything is fine, until collected, only unpacked. He also ordered metal wings to him. Everything came in one package. Shipping is jde, all is tracked. They sent sms on the arrival of the goods to the warehouse. He did not go, he paid 580 rubles. For delivery to the pod. In short, all-zahbok!! I recommend the seller and the product definitely!!


  32. S***v

    The store is just super!!!!!!!!. If suddenly there is some misunderstanding the seller solves these problems by 5 + i advise everyone to buy from this seller. the seller of large sales. separately many thanks to managers from yekaterinburg roman and igor they are just cool guys.


  33. P***p

    For its price, fire. You need to invest the cost of the bike to bring it to mind. Suspension noname cast, lubricated, fork stroke 1-2 cm, no more. Brakes lag, discs bent


  34. A***v

    Bike super! Delivered very quickly. Ride it is a pleasure.


  35. R***n

    Great came quickly, very cool. The speed switch was configured, that’s only with the brakes problem, i can not adjust them, but it’s not a big problem, just have to go to the specialist and adjust me. The store is sociable, many chinese gifts, nice). Thank you very much!!!! After a week i will write that yes as ………


  36. V***k

    The front fork of the blind is struck Small kotzki on paint meet


  37. M***r

    I ordered not myself, but the person is happy. The store is handsome, everything quickly and on time does.


  38. V***s

    The bike at first glance seems normal but the plug need to change it just spring on the big bugle lupit in reverse, the rear switch setting is not subject to switching is not clear, most likely damaged when transportation, brakes are not at all ochem today almost got into an accident, well, the gifts can not be laid out of all functional only pump and cable anti-theft. The cost will be great to invest in the alteration.


  39. I***v

    Ordered from russia, the warehouse is in the ecb. The bike was received on the eighth day, after the order, as, in my city there is no warehouse. He lay in the next city for four days, then delivered to the house (without additional payments). The packaging is good enough, but still managed to infect a little during transportation (not critical). Thank you for the gifts! Trifle, but nice) The assembly of the bicycle is simple, the keys are included. Immediately changed the front and rear brakes in places, right rear, left front and immediately loosened in front to the maximum. Adjusted front switch (jammed chain). The wheels pumped with a supplied pump, works). The first impressions: the bike is created for a slow ride on non-smooth roads, all irregularities swallow tires). The brakes are weak, or the pads are bad or not touched yet (although vryatli). Bicycle-a gift to your beloved wife, she is happy and this is the main thing! On operation i will write off later. P.s. Seller oooooooooochen sociable, the first time such)


  40. R***r

    Great great. For their money is just a bomb!


  41. P***a

    The parcel of their Yekaterinburg to the Altai territory came in 4 days. Everything corresponds to the description. Assembled in the apartment, wheels without eights, in general all without damage. the speed switches well. Brakes work. Looks powerful, bought for a grandson of 11 years for a birthday. We think that will be happy. The store is sociable, he himself contacted on questions of delivery. Definitely recommend the seller!


  42. Customer

    The goods are excellent came very quickly without any jambs, the producer is sociable, the only thing to specify is whether there is a delivery service in your city with which the store cooperates)


  43. E***T

    Ordered two bicycles 11.11 to the Moscow region, sent in two days. Initially they talked about TC yellow-Dor, but the store independently changed the TC, putting me to know when the cargo was sent. The parcel came 19.11 to Moscow, 70 km from my house. I had to order delivery to the House (+ 1420₽). In TK barely reached, agreed on a certain number and time, but the delivery was two hours late, because of which I was late for work… Vela collected quickly, but it took a lot of time to adjust, one was bent front brake disc and strong scratches on the frame. On the second rear speed switch was not adjusted, the chain merged, the front fork curve and the wheel eight…


  44. V***i

    Hello, everybody! At the same time I ordered 4 bicycles two adults and two children. I write a general review, so as not to repeat under each model. Delivery time 7 days Yekaterinburg-Krasnodar, the goods came exactly as in the description, thank you very much to the store for choosing the carrier TC GTD, the packaging of bicycles of course lost, in places through but in general excellent, packed qualitatively, if the carrier has at least 15% brain, it will reach in safety. Of the 4 boxes, one got the most, and a little rubbed gloss on the fork of the children’s bicycle and it was his problem with the front brake, maybe a coincidence. The essence of the problem, the curve disk could not adjust, and when it is not tightened, the curve is smaller, after stretching becomes a screw, and touches the pads on both sides. Most likely the question to the plane of the wheel hub. The others came in excellent quality.


  45. V***v

    Quality led decent. Aluminum frame welded qualitatively. Painted in Matt color. I don’t have one chip or a claim for a bicycle. Hitch all entry level Shimano tourney, and it’s not bad anymore. You can take the front fork rigid. Elastomeric is very heavy and low torsion stiffness and 7 speeds are enough. Packed very high quality and reliable. Cardboard corrugated box + bag. The foam is laid and everything is fixed with foam film. The bike in the box is fully assembled, lubricated and tuned. It was only necessary to install the steering wheel and front wheel with brake disc. And install the seat. From Yekaterinburg to Moscow the cargo was 4 days. Immediately specify from the store the question of where you will pick up the parcel, or pay in the transport company GTD for delivery to the address. I was called from Yekaterinburg, specified where to direct the bicycle. Russian and Chinese guys thank you for your work!


  46. G***o

    This is the fastest delivery in the history of orders for AliExpress! The parcel was received on the second day after the order, because. The office is located in the next city. I put the highest score on all points! The store is super! Very sociable and conscientious, more such! The parcel came without the slightest damage, no scratches or chips. The bike is just super, and corresponds to the description. Moreover, the frame of the new generation, apparently took into account the wishes of buyers. The only thing, the bike was bought with the condition of upgrade of suspension equipment, connecting rods and front fork. In general, for the first time, this kit will be ideal in all cases, because, everything is of good quality. The bicycle was purchased as a gift to your beloved wife, because. I and my younger daughter have such bikes. Product and seller highly recommend! If you are looking for a bicycle of this type, then safely take here, from this seller!


  47. A***v

    Great Fire, store thanks for everything))


  48. W***v

    The bike is excellent worth every penny, received after the order in 19 days, to Kaliningrad,: ^). it is quickly set up. The store is sociable very,,, I recommend both the product and the seller.


  49. Customer

    I bought under an electric bike. Delivery from Yekaterinburg less than 2 weeks to Syktyvkar. For their money, the quality is very pleased. Quality and beautiful welding seams on the frame. On painting while there are no complaints. Packed was excellent (box, bag). The machine should be spacious. Cons: -The opening of the frame small battery 48 V 20ah in a plastic case (triangle) did not fit, instead of the case bag. -Spring Fork, off-road helps weakly, ordered pneumatic. Features: Brakes and mannets in one case, you will have to buy mannets. Wings order aluminum. I ordered another piece of santhur. Hydrotormosis also bought separately, although the standard look decent. Conclusion: for your money, the device is fire! The store is sociable, gave a package of trifles, although they do not use much. Specify whether the Akum is suitable for the frame)


  50. O***o

    A good bike at a very affordable price delivery to Khakassia two weeks, after the test I will write and so 5 +


  51. Customer

    Great came. Shipping norms. Not yet collected. I’ll leave more feedback.


  52. V***n

    Sociable store, super shipping, great just class. Everything is fine. The move, natate, didn’t even expect from such wheels, light.


  53. A***v

    Well what to say. Great I liked it. It’s kind of in place. He’s doing great. He’s twisted 3-4 times, and he’s going like he’s on the asphalt. And jumping on the nomads is a pleasure. The truth needs to be used to the fork. Pretty lightweight for their sizes. For growth of 178 and weight 80 just the same. for such money a great choice. hello everyone


  54. A***V

    Came to the Rostov region. 20 days. Packed well. It’s all. No dents. No scratches. The set is full. It’s fine. The store is gray. Thank you.


  55. D***n

    The bike came exactly as in the tracking! The store is good, very sociable recommend to buy from him. The quality corresponds to the price slightly refine and will be a great bike! Frame is very light because of this and took it!!! I put five stars


  56. A***r

    It’s fine. Shipping and shipping is very fast.


  57. V***v

    Great came fast. Everything looks great.


  58. V***y

    Received three days after the order. bike without damage, corresponds to the description. store socially recommend.


  59. E***v

    Well what my bike came!) Wow! Let’s start the frame all came without scratches. The only thing the front brake adjusted. The store very quickly answers the questions and himself contrasts the delivery for this big plus. lots of gifts. complete with wings, bag, horns side, lock, fan, flask and holder for it. I am delighted to advise this seller. Before Tolyatti delivery 8 days.


  60. N***a

    For such money is super great


  61. S***o

    Good and quality bike. Thank the store for the fast delivery, for communicating during the order and support when receiving the goods


  62. V***v

    For such money the bike is. In Volgograd the same 19 000 costs. Delivery from the order 8 days, from the time of shipment 3 days. There are taps on the fork.


  63. R***k

    The product came a whole (slightly pounded angle but not critical) in complete configuration. Delivery from Russia, ECB-MSK 5 days. The store was sociable, responded quickly. Not yet collected if I add the review.


  64. S***s

    The bike came, collected quickly. Everything is intact, there is no damage. Checked in fact, the move is excellent. I’m happy with the purchase. I recommend it.


  65. V***v

    In general, the bike is good, but: a large drop of sweating paint, the fork is lofty. Tracks at least cheap, but also thanks for this). Customize and will be great). Sent on March 10, received 16. In general I recommend!


  66. A***v

    The bike is excellent, the child is delighted, collected and tuned for half an hour, the store is sociable, answers all questions quickly, more would be such. This money is definitely worth, thank the seller


  67. I***o

    Although there is something to modify this bicycle, the geometry of the fork for example. But definitely recommend this producer. Very loyal. sociable and adequate. Paid Completely delivery of the transport company to M.O. everything went intact and safe. For gifts and for 100% shipping fee, store thanks.


  68. O***A

    The bike came very quickly to the Kemerovo region, gathered her husband very quickly. No scratches, everything works perfectly, just like the store sent a gift to the bike. The seller is very sociable, responds immediately.


  69. A***v

    Bike just fire! The store responds clearly and quickly. everything is set up has gone. the seller and great recommend. until Lipetsk 7 days.


  70. E***a

    Came in seven days in innocence. Carobka whole not torn, collected the keys that were in the box, led normal collected and went. Of course we can’t deny it. And so I’m happy. I’ll ride it later.


  71. G***r

    A great bike is worth your money. This monster is light enough). Delivery fast. The store responded very quickly.


  72. E***n

    Great received safe, packed well, no damages, hardness and scratches. The product 100% corresponds to the description, looks qualitative and reliable enough, in the future will show operation. Son is very happy! Delivery fast!!! The store is very sociable. Also the seller put gifts. I’m happy with everyone! The only thing that disappointed is the rear wing, it hurts plastic sticky in the place of attachment, but the Wings I understand go separately (gift), so I put 5 points. Seller advise.


  73. V***v

    Fatbike came in three weeks, okay. From Pyatigorsk to Kislovodsk it is 45 km., brought transport company for 1 T. R. Collected in two hours, the technique likes, but not yet rolled-the virus flies. The cone of the axle was weakened, they were clamped, the speeds were fixed well, the brakes too. Flashlight and bells work!! The tire of the front wheel was not filled in the rim at a length of 40 cm, dropped the wheel, set. Velos likes, powerful, big car. I don’t know if the elevator is coming in, seven floors. Thank you store for the quality goods, for your 17t. R. Quite perfectly!!!


  74. G***k

    Everything looks good later I will add photo.


  75. A***v

    Excellent store, all quickly to Vladimir in 4 days. I took for 17800 approximately, the quality of the norms, there is a non-COAS in the fastening of the fork, and I wanted to remove the sticker from the wheel began to move along with the paint. In the rest everything is fine. We will have this cost 30 rubles at least.


  76. Y***k

    The store is adequate, sociable. I’m ordering for a second time. The quality of the frame after careful inspection does not cause any harm. Aluminum frame (small damage of LCR during transportation allows this to be confirmed). The quality of the seams is very decent, there is a factory room on the carriage. The color chose black, matte (some white with yellowish). He led very light (as for fatbike of course), I hope for strength it will not affect anyway. The switches are all set, not even had to adjust. Shimano, but the cheapest option. Nevertheless, the daughter without problems has already left one season. Brakes pleased me and on the previous model, simple and tender. I emphasize again that this is fatbike. Gift quality has become better. What I didn’t like was the fork. And by weight and quality of manufacture, very small stroke, loofah. If you consider everything in general, a good choice and the seller comes to contact. One damaged detail came, a new one was sent out the next day.


  77. O***a

    The bike came, but he had to go to another city for 90 km., hire a car to bring. the transport company does not take to our city. They of course offered to deliver to place for an extra fee (although shipping was free to address). Unpleasant surprise with delivery.


  78. A***a

    Goods came in 4 days, bike fire, store is very sociable


  79. V***v

    Fete is cute!! The store is sociable, all the way sent me screenshots about tracking the goods. The package went 19 days. Everything works. Thank you!!!!


  80. V***o

    Fast and clear.


  81. L***a

    The goods and the producer who served us very satisfied. The goods came quickly, well packed. You can order, advice also please nested gifts


  82. A***v

    Delivery 5 days of ekb-Tambov The bike is very light Quality will check add later In appearance, everything is not bad Frame clear seams excellent Gifts are toy) not serious… Looks not bad


  83. R***r

    The bike came well packed, without jambs. Made a trial check in, everything works. The store is sociable, friendly. In St. Petersburg the goods came in seven days. Recommend


  84. N***a

    It’s just super! The bike is great! The store is very sociable and friendly! I highly recommend to order from him! To the great they put us a lot of gifts, all that was in the description! Thank you, thank you and thank you again!!!


  85. A***r

    Ordered the color black II, came without inscription on the frame, I consider it a great plus. The order came quickly, in 1,5 weeks. The box is huge 155/80/30 20 kg, it is better to think immediately how to pick it up. The store answered as soon as possible to all questions. Instructions and passports are not included, but with the assembly can be easily cope (it took me 2 hours, given that I in the bikes almost did not understand and watched the rollers on the YouTube on the assembly) also for the assembly of Wings need a cross screwdriver, the rest was in the box. From gifts the most useful flashlight and pump, the rest-pleasant trifles. Critical disadvantages did not notice, only transfers sometimes change strangely (you need to understand) and see how it behaves in the long term. Price/pros ratio 10/10.


  86. M***a

    Great bike. Everything works, without flaws. Came in a box, assembled, adjusted, rides without problems, the speeds are switched, the brakes are OK. Came quickly (about 10 days), a warehouse in Russia. The store put all the useful gifts. The seller answers promptly, conducting dialogue in Russian language. Order, do not be afraid.


  87. V***v

    The bike is not bad, but on additional nichtyakam and tools for assembly it is visible that from China. For the ratio of “price/quality”-5 stars. But for the bike-4 itself, even you can 4 +, but up to 5 does not reach. In general, not bad.


  88. Y***k

    The bike is just super, and taking into account the discount in general, the highest class.


  89. M***v

    После отправки до Петрозаводска доехал за 5 дней. В принципе неплохой велосипед. Заказывал племяннику, он доволен. Из минусов: слабое лкп, не было втулки стопора на передние тормоза (пришлось докупать), не смог сам отрегулировать переключение, слетает цепь, повезут в сервис.


  90. E***v

    – Заказ пришел очень быстро (5 дн Екатеринбург – Калуга). – Критичных повреждений нет. – В коробке: все детали в наличие + все подарки (вонь пластиком конечно жуткая 🙂 – Собрал байк без проблем (полно пошаговых видео на ютюбе): диски прямые, рама, тросики, механизмы в порядке, кроме одного -> в ручку тормоза на руле с левой стороны, на фабрике, забыли вставить пружинку, которая возвращает его в первоначальное положение после нажатия – сообщил продавцу, через 5 дней прислал новую. – Продавец адекватный, работает оперативно, на связи. – По эксплуатации: прокатился по полям, лесам, проселочным дорогам. Байк идет уверенно, тормозит хорошо. Из минусов – немного чувствуется гуляние передней вилки при поворотах руля. – Чуда не жду, понятно, что хватит такого байка ненадолго, но за 200-то долларов.. 🙂 пока все ОК. – Перерыл на алике кучу продавцов, мол у них байки на складах в РФ, оказалось вранье, после заказа, предлагали ждать много месяцев. Всем удачи )