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WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance

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1080P 12V2A Power1080P 16GB 2A Power1080P 32GB 2A Power1080P No Power
WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home SurveilanceHTB1MiQtacvrK1Rjy0Feq6ATmVXaT WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
Plug and Play, so easy to installation
With the free and easy to use app, you can view your security cameras secuely from virtually anywhere in the world.
Connect the mobile with the wireless router(Pls confirm the mobile is connecting with the 2.4G WIFI,as the camera WIFI not support 5G network yet)
WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home SurveilanceWIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
1920X1080P Resulution OUT PUT
HTB1WEZyaffsK1RjSszgq6yXzpXam WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
Real-time two way audio communication
Camera has built in microphone and speaker.
Never miss a moment with your family.
HTB1wQMFafjsK1Rjy1Xaq6zispXa8 WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
Motion Detection & Email Alert
The smart motion detection helps you keep close eye on every movement happened in your home and office.And yoursquoll get instant alarming email with images captured when the home or office is invaded.
HTB15ekvaoLrK1Rjy1zbq6AenFXal WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
Smooth pan and tilt monitoring
Smooth 355 degree pan allows you to enjoy a sweeping view of the entire room.Control the movements of the camera. head on your phone to see whatever you wan to see.
WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
Support Night Vision
Infrared night vision at up to 30m allows you to see the facts you need.
Whether it is someone sneaking in at midnight or a raccoon's break-in,all will be captured by the camera in close-up detail.
HTB1h0cAaorrK1RkSne1q6ArVVXaJ WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
Easy install the TF card
Take off the 4 pcs screws,then put into the tf card.
*NOTE : it will be overwrite the oldest files when memory is full!
WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
Connection Ways(wifi and wired network)​
Warm tips: Before seup the camera, please press the “reset button” with 5- 7 seconds to factory reset.
HTB1ktcAaorrK1RkSne1q6ArVVXav WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
HTB1rHQtacvrK1Rjy0Feq6ATmVXa5 WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
If you choose the camera with power, we will send the right plug adapter to you.
(if you choose “1080P no power”, it will not include Power adapter)
H5b030f8cbb2c419aa18dde453f7e16b8p WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
The camera contact to APP Video: step1: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=_im9M9G91j0&t=5s
The camera reset video: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcMNnC8CY0Y
The camera remote video: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1LNDT3qMqw
​Please do step 1 first when you receive the camera, your camera voice must be the same as our video, if not the same, please reset the camera then contact again.
– HD 1080P Resolution
2.0MP High Definition image,Clear and fine images.Max Image size 1920*1080.
– Audio Record
Can record the sound around the camera,Most Other Camera Not Support Audio Record.Clear listening effect, Save voice evidence, True sound reproduction, Clear detail recording, Help you record important sound evidence.
– Motion Detection Alarm
The camera detects the moving person.Send a mobile phone alarm message.
– PTZ Control
Can rotate 320 degrees horizontally and rotate 120 degrees vertically.The mobile phone can control the rotation angle of the gimbal and see the direction you want to see.
– Two-Way Speech
Filter noise, clearer sound, real-time two-way speech,Easy to deal with various problems.Drive away the bad guys.
– WiFi Link
Only need to connect to the wireless WIFI network,No plug-in network cable, Signal stability.
– Mobile Video Surveillance
Support mobile phone iOS, Android system,Remote monitoring of mobile phones,You can view and monitor at any time.
– IP66 Waterproof
IP66 waterproof.Professional waterproof design,Outdoor waterproof, Good sealing,No need to worry about rain.
– JPEG Snapshot
Snapshot function.Snapshot function.Upload pictures from your phone.
– Infrared Night Vision VIew
The Farthest IR Distance is up to 30M.
– Day&Night
IR cut filter with auto switch.
– TF Card
TF card slot,Maximum support 128g. Defult is not include TF card.
Must be 8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB.
Most of the 128GB can not work, if you need, you can buy 128GB card from us.
We only make sure Our card and Kingsten, Sandisk orgional card 8-64gb can work well.
Card must be Class10 or more better.
​Your TF card can work on PC not means can support this camera, we will not accept any dispute because of the card.
– Support ONVIF
Camera supports onvif protocol.
– Compression
Advanced H.264/5X video compression,Super low rate,high definition quality of image.
– Center Platform Aanagement SoftwareICSEE Pro or ICSEE.XMEye
When you use the phone APP contact the camera, it will have interference, when the camera far from the phone, this interference will be eliminate.
This item must use the APP to contact the wireless, can not use the Soft to contact the WIFI.
​We found some buyer want use the old way contact the wifi, That is impossible !!
Model Name
This is not the Zoom Camera, it is 3.6mm lens.
CMS Soft
Support Windows System,64 channel display
MicroSD Caed(Max 128G)
Support Alarm,7×24 hours work
Network protocol
RJ45 10/100MB Ethernet
WIFI(IEEE 802.11b/g/n)2.4GHz
Wireless rate
Online users
Max support 5 online visit
Code stream
Double Code stream
Lens Kind
HD Lens
1/2.7″ CMOS Sensor
Fixed: 3.6mm
Video compression format
Video frame rate
Main stream:1920times1080, Auxiliary stream:704×480
Image adjustment
Brightness, contrast, saturation, chromaticity adjustment, 3.6mm lens.
Minimum illumination
0.4 LUX
Signal to noise ratio
Audio compression format
Built-in microphone
External speaker
Built-in motor control
Rotation angle
Level: 330 degrees, vertical: 90 degrees
Night Vision
Infrared night vision, color filter automatically switch
Night vision
Alarm detection
Motion Detection
Detection area
Support 1 independent screen detection
Alarm notification
iPhone,Android Alarm
Physical characteristics
Shape material
Use environment
Outdoor waterproof
Power consumption
DC12V/ 2A,Adapter is not include except you choose with adapter
Operating temperature
Negative 20degC~+50degC
Working humidity
170x115mm, main body 
Net weight: 0.5kg 
Gross weight:0.7kg
Operating environment
Centralized monitoring of computer systems
Microsoft XP,Vista,Win7,Win8
Internet Explorer6.0,7.0,8.0,9.0,10, Firefox, Google, Safari, etc.
Package information:
This item is free shipping to most of the countries, But you must to pay the tax is your custom require,for aliexpress rule tax is not include in the item price,buy have duty pay tax,so you must confirm weather your coustom easy take the tax problem.
1x IP camera
3x Screws
1x User manual
1x Screw tool
1x 12V2A with 3M cable(need you choose the Power adapter option then will include.)
This one “1080P no power” is not include the power adapter, you need buy it or use the 12V2A,3A,4A adapter.
Warehouse Russian:
The order from Russian, we will send from Warehouse if have stock.
Warehouse Spain:
The order from Spain, we will send from spain warehouse except 35xxx,38xxx,51xxx,52xxx zip code.
HTB16nYgdjgy uJjSZKzq6z jXXaA WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
How about the delivery and how to do if the item not arrive on time ?
1: Most of the parcel will arrive in 20-60 days, the Brazil will need 30-90 days arrive. Other remote country even need more days.
If you order the item, please make sure that in 60 days do not make any dispute to say item still on the road. You can contact us online and we will reply you where is the item and what is the problem with the shipping. Brazil need wait 90 days.
For example, Germany buyer brought one item on 01/01/2018, and we send out the itme on 05/01/2018, our delivery time will be 60 days until 05/03/2018, in these days you can ask us help you extand delivery for the order. We will not accept anyone open dispute in 60 days.
About the delivery time, the airmail shipping sometime slow and sometime fast, this will have many reasons, like the custom Improve security specifications, Item made of metal, or the item include li-battery inside. So please understanding about the delivery time.
2: Russian buyer need offer us your city, province, contact number, passport number, receiver name clear. Some of the russian address have the same city by not the same province, sometimes will got the problem with the address.
3: If you need the item arrive fast, or if you need it hurry, please choose the Express to send the item, like the SPSR,DHL,FEDEX,TNT,EMS.
HTB1nDyWlm I8KJjy0Foq6yFnVXaH WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
How to Receive the package ?
1: This is the electronic product, so sometimes easy damage by shipping, or somewhere no working.
So when you saw the itme package box is Severe extrusion or deformation, please help make a video of open thepackage.
This will help us save more time to confirm the problem and make refund. If damage item by shipping, the shipper will bear some loss.
2: If your post agree with you open the package before sign the item, you can check the item weather complete first, if it have any problems, you can choose Rejected the parcel. And please contact us at the first time to let we know the parcel is damage.
WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
How to do if you get some problem and can not be slove by yourself ?
1: When you have the problem how to use the item, please leave message into the order, our worker will reply you in 24 hours.
We will on work from Monday to Saturday Chinese BeiJing Time 10:30 to 17:30. In this time you can ask us the technical questions. We will have engineer online to help you slove the problem. If we can not reply in 24 hours, please send more message again.
Other times we will just reply the message, if on Sunday, please leave us your question into the order or wait on Monday to contact us online.If you think your question is not easy to slove, please find a free time to keep online to ask us to help you.
2: All the items will take a 1 year warranty, in this year if you find anywhere no working, please contact us online, we will help you slove the problem as soon as possible.
In this way we will offer you some questions, please kindly to reply us, this will help us fast confirm the problem.
HTB1t9z dVHM8KJjSZFwq6AibXXai WIFI Camera Outdoor PTZ IP Camera H.265X 1080p Speed Dome CCTV Security Cameras IP Camera WIFI Exterior 2MP IR Home Surveilance
What problem can open the dispute ?
1: When after we talk about the problem, we will tell you how to do with the item.
Sometimes if real have problem we will make some refund, or full refund. This all need you contact us to talk about the problem first, do not worry, any problems we will help you slove it first, if we can not help you slove the problem for a long time, you can open dispute to ask refund.
2: Some of the item is expensive, and you have choose the air mail shipping to send out the item, so please know the item will on the road for a long time, no one can promise the item can be intact, some times the parcel have somewhere deformation, please understanding about this.
If you can not accept any deormation, please choose the Express shipping way, like the FedEx,DHL,TNT,EMS,ARAMEX to send out the item. We will take a strong package for you.
3: When you get the problem of the item features, Please don't open dispute first, feature problems most because of the country reason or the technology reason. So contact us to help you slove the problem will be best !
We are the chinese USAFEQLO factory, we have engineer to Production and research and development CCTV security items, if you have any problem, please trust us first instead of your loacl person.

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  1. Customer

    Super quality! Setting is very easy! Very satisfied! In the photo night shooting!


  2. R***v

    Delivery time, good camera


  3. D***r

    Everything perfect, great functionality


  4. G***r

    The camera came quickly, the packaging is in excellent condition, the camera without any external defects. About the efficiency of writing off later


  5. R***r

    Well, gorgeous! What to say! Set up for 7 min not knowing English! I recommend!


  6. Customer

    Do not save the settings of network services in CMS, click save go again settings failed, the browser does not work web interface broken, a bunch of glitches. To fix all the above probably do not hope.


  7. A***n

    The camera arrived intact, the condition is excellent, works without any problems, the video shows clearly (Full HD 1080 p) and without any hangs. I can safely recommend to potential buyers!


  8. K***n

    Rewelacja! Fast delivery. Image quality amazing.


  9. A***v

    Great camera. Fast shipping. 5 +


  10. K***g

    Did not check


  11. V***h

    The camera is good. Everything works. Moscow reached in 10 days. Happy, I will order more.


  12. A***y

    Good camera, very easy to adjust.


  13. Z***n

    Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!!!!!!!!


  14. A***n

    Camera all made of plastic


  15. A***i

    Super produit, super vendeur!!!


  16. R***L

    And I recommend it! Fast, not expensive and high quality! This is the 4th camera, all work fine. Huge + these cameras are h265. Traffic for a week of intensive online viewing ~ 3-4 GB with 3 cameras!. Standing in the village, in the forest, Wai-Wai catch perfectly. In the fog and in the Frost checked. Settings are light, control too. Take it, you will not regret it.


  17. G***v

    Ordered a second camera, the delivery increased to 2 weeks, the first camera was delivered quickly (3-4 days), but there are no complaints to the equipment, everything works. The second camera has not yet checked, I will write the connection.


  18. V***h

    Came quickly! Works fine! Powerful IR illumination. I do not know how to connect through a computer.


  19. I***v

    Delivered by courier. On the USB flash drive writes, through the application on the localka and through the Internet shows, the image of 2 megapixels pulls. I’ll write in addition!


  20. A***z

    Pending testing


  21. A***v

    It took 12 days to Ramensky mo .. In any way could not bring, the Courier in the accident was, then the wrong address .. But came and even works in all modes .. For 2 K in general chic ..


  22. W***n

    Item above received in good condition and thank you for your fast delivery.


  23. Customer

    Camera ordered 11.11 future 29.11. Well packed, but still don’t know if it works.


  24. I***V

    Second time I order. But this time as that with delivery is not very. The courier brought a crumpled box, and the delivery this time was longer in time. In a box like everything is whole. But the sediment remained.


  25. Q***z

    Great good quality. As described I recommend


  26. I***n

    Normal camera for your money. It’s bad that you can’t manually configure your port and specify the IP address. We will test how much will withstand atmospheric phenomena. Quality norms, can be customized through third-party applications, native leaky, all China will be with you to watch


  27. I***i

    Packed well. Turned on and tuned easily. Fully corresponds to the description.


  28. D***v

    Good camera!


  29. Customer



  30. A***A

    Came quickly, everything works and turns. Through the program all set up. The quality of shooting according to the description. the motion sensor does not work very clearly (it catches, it does not). In the dark, movement works very badly. With the store did not communicate.


  31. F***r

    Spinning, shows the norms, the only offered icsee-disgusting prog, but works with normal xmeye


  32. R***n

    Everything works! connects without problems! the picture is clear! (and day and night) the goods came very quickly


  33. Customer

    Thank you very much


  34. V***B

    The camera is normal. Good value for money. Shipping is long. From a warehouse in Moscow 2 weeks were carried or most likely on foot the courier was walking. Ochenku reduced for a long delivery.


  35. S***a

    The goods brought the supplier SDEC, very quickly reached, everything works, the goods are satisfied, as a gift flash drive micro card for 64 GB Put, nice. I recommend!!!


  36. Customer

    To the camera itself there are no complaints. But the app is so-so. Used icsee and xmeye now installed icsee pro. They work as if by themselves, then there are alarming messages, then there are no. I turn off the alarm, the messages come. Frosts-23 sustained, though one camera lost the sound, then apparently thawed and again appeared. This is my third camera of this store. Delivery of the first cameras 3-4 days, and this drove 2 weeks from Russia to 37 regions. The parcel is tracked on IML website. The seller is sociable. This camera came with a non-working memory card. I negotiate the return of money for a memory card. There are cameras of other sellers, here the camera is quality and the seller is good.


  37. U***v

    Super!!!! I order not the first time I recommend it removes perfectly the parcel came quickly by courier to the store 5 +


  38. N***n

    Great camera! I’m taking the second one. Delivery is fast. Took 11.11 for 1750


  39. B***d

    good shipping and nice cam…


  40. I***V

    I order the fourth, all class, well done!


  41. A***v

    Everything works.


  42. A***h

    Got, not yet checked the work, sign off


  43. E***v

    Everything works fine. Delivered quickly.


  44. I***v

    Brought the courier in a week. The original packaging is enough for Russian Post. It has been working for a month, installed on the roof of the garage. In the cold-24-27 worked without complaints.


  45. C***e

    Good product


  46. E***v

    Great camera. But about the installation on the street Xs. How she will behave in our frosts.


  47. R***v

    The Leningrad region reached in 5 days. Delivered by courier. Very fast shipping. I will test, I will add a review.


  48. A***o

    A good camera, sees very well. Advise taking


  49. D***v

    The camera works. Connected to WiFi. Controlled from the phone, only slowly turns. I did not understand yet how to use it in IP mode to remotely look from it. Let’s see how she shows herself further.


  50. O***k

    The firmware is raw, not everything works through the web interface.


  51. P***l

    good quality , shipping was ok , tested it and works very well I recommend this store


  52. O***a

    Everything is fine


  53. S***v

    Very fast


  54. A***v

    We take the second, the camera is chic!


  55. G***n

    Checked in the work week. Works properly. With the computer you need to use CMS. Automatic point tracking via CMS is available. Is bound to a normal hybrid register or IP register. When working with PTZ via CMS, the speed of reversals is much higher than when manually controlled, it turns as furious by the program. IR illumination, as in adults. Very loud speaker, you can uninvited guests send meters with ten confident! But the microphone is quiet, a lot of mat in response not to hear, if only indoors. On the street would be placed with caution, if only under a good visor. And yes, very economically spends memory N. 265 is power. The funeral for the functionality of the Brethren at 264, 265 rules. I advise you. Sold communicates. I ordered a second one. KAEF. 1700r. Without everything.


  56. G***g

    Look like in the picture. Everything is OK!)


  57. V***v

    Delivery to zaurale 3 weeks by cdek from China. Delivered to the house. Quality corresponds to the description. Image quality is also on top. Later, I will refuse how it works.


  58. J***r

    Everything is fine


  59. K***l

    I order 2 more if the store gives an offer


  60. Customer

    From 11.11 to 6.12 in the Rostov region. Everything came intact, a little cut packing on one chamber. The insides were not hurt. The store was well sent by sdek and courier, but as always sdek pumped. Attachment all in the photo. ordered 1080 p 64 GB 2A power, focus 3,6. The truth was completely not tracked, for which minus *. Seller recommend. The installation has not yet been understood.


  61. R***v

    Thank you. Delivery from Russia to Moscow exactly a week by courier in hand.


  62. Customer

    29.11 ordered, 7.12 delivered to the address!


  63. A***o

    Managed to order at a very good price. I ordered without a memory card, but in the box was a Netac card for 16 GB. Like a trifle, but very nice.


  64. V***h

    Delivery to the house all 4 cameras work 32G for 3 days.


  65. V***k

    Thanks to the store. The camera is working, corresponds to the description. I liked the good quality of shooting in the dark.


  66. G***

    The picture when viewing on the phone is slow. Setup and connection without problems.


  67. K***s

    I order the second camera. Delivery for 12 days, Courier in hand. Recommend store and product


  68. L***o



  69. S***n

    The camera is super, at night the picture is like the day, installed in the country, you can see the whole yard, the setting is clear, itself turns to WiFi and everything, online viewing from anywhere in the world + motion function. And works from WiFi with USB modem. I will take another ode to the opposite side


  70. I***a

    The camera is excellent for my money, I order a second one. Came in for 5 days, handed the courier. What confused, is the lack of a logo, on the previous one it was. And so, the cameras are similar in model and firmware (in the menu “information about the device”). Tried at home-all OK! Ordered empty (without card and charging) for 1670.


  71. S***v

    All OK


  72. Customer

    Came quickly, transport, until I figured out the application, which is better, but the cameras work, connected, move.


  73. F***t

    Well done, not for the first time I take. I will still take


  74. A***v

    All as in the description. Brought the courier to the door. Configured for 5 min according to the instructions in English. In general, everything works. Thanks to the store. I’ll take more.


  75. A***k

    The parcel received, corresponds to the description, the goods are in excellent condition. Very satisfied thanks to the store.


  76. Customer

    The quality of the product and the quality of shooting are great!


  77. A***v

    Everything is super, I order the second. excellent store, the first has been working for six months


  78. F***k

    Not yet tried to look correct


  79. K***h

    All the rules. Camera rotation is not 180 degrees. And in general it works.


  80. M***n

    For such money will go


  81. A***v

    For this price will go


  82. E***v

    With the app had to all the same, And so everything works


  83. A***s

    Delivery in time, corresponds to the description


  84. A***a

    Works only up to-10


  85. S***v

    Everything’s fine.


  86. R***r

    Very quickly and well. Prodovtsa recommend


  87. A***o

    Outside camera works perfectly, see what lasts


  88. P***v

    Ordered 3 cameras without memory, came with memory for 16 GB. Checked the performance. Everything is fine. One minus: tuned at night, and the camera when turned on orets as cut)


  89. A***V



  90. Customer

    Good product. Recommended.


  91. O***a

    Delivery 2 weeks, next look


  92. E***v

    Tuned and connected without problems, the camera is super. I advise everyone to take.


  93. R***s

    Good value for money. Sharp images and very good motion detection function.


  94. D***i



  95. V***v

    As always great!


  96. S***p

    Super fast shipping, great room!


  97. N***n

    It all works. But I haven’t figured it out yet. Night shooting is on the SD card records. That’s only the instruction is not for Russian and little information, so it’s hard to understand.


  98. T***a

    Good product for the price. But human alarm dont catch nobody on Photo is just to slow.


  99. S***n

    Ordered two cameras came very quickly. even home brought Complete with both 32 GB Flash drives inside lay. Packing is double good. Everything came in integrity and safety. Checked the connection works on both network and WiFi. There was no way to check on Poe. The program is very convenient compared to ycc565. More Settings and adjustments. Clearer operation when detected. Convenient viewing from the flash drive from the recorded. In general, everything is chic — until ….


  100. J***



  101. U***v

    Super!!!!!! Zazull May 30 received June 2 to the store 5++++ I order from him not the first time the goods to the quality seller prosperity


  102. A***v

    Everything works


  103. A***v

    The camera works, it came in a week, but the quality would be better, it’s not visible at all on the camera, everything is blurred!


  104. T***a

    Long did not get to connect the phone with Camera. But then it all worked out. Recommend


  105. I***N

    Everything is fine, delivery is fast, handed the courier, the camera of his money is worth


  106. Customer

    Thank you


  107. S***h

    There is a definition of human movement. Delivery about 50 days to curve Horn


  108. K***k



  109. V***v

    I ordered from Russia, I reached it in 8 days, I set it up in 2 minutes. Before you start, reset the settings by pressing the button 10 seconds, the turn camera is not my first, the application I use icesee, it suits me, ordered with a flash drive at 64, but on it written Class 1, I will test see how it will write and how it will play. According to the reviews this is the best!


  110. Customer

    The store very quickly sent the order. in the MOS. OBL. courier brought the order the next day. The camera works. Connected to the icsee application after three drops to factory settings. Video quality is good, the speaker is loud.


  111. P***m

    Fast shipping thanks


  112. I***v

    Thanks store .. I order 5 times, everything is super…


  113. K***a

    Fast shipment and delivery from Moscow, the goods were brought home. The camera works perfectly, easily and quickly installed. When connecting a memory card, I did not see it until I rebooted it.


  114. Customer

    Arrived.not tested yet


  115. I***a

    I received I’m very pleased to come within a week I ordered a very cool camera from Russia, I’m very satisfied with everything cool. Only how to record all the videos I do not know, let’s see how it will work in a couple of days, I’ll still leave a comment


  116. P***w

    Recommend, I am very pleased with camera!!!!!!


  117. A***n

    The store promised to make a smaller price (for customs) but apparently forgot. I had to pay the tax.


  118. K***n

    Ordered a second time. It seems to be the same, it works. Delivery worked quickly.


  119. K***v

    The parcel was brought in a week, the packing is not crumpled, inside the package is also everything. Checked the connection via LAN, the picture is good, in the application everything seems to be clear. Tomorrow with a memory card will turn on, I think all the rules will be. If I find any jambs, I’ll unsubscribe. The store is good, I recommend.


  120. R***

    Great item well worth the money


  121. E***b

    Good camera is very good as the after two I already bought but the latter the charger came to me broken I leave a picture to see if I could get another thank you


  122. A***N

    The camera from this store I order not the first time, the execution of the model is quality. Recommend


  123. O***r

    The order came in 5 days. delivered the boy-Courier. Everything is in excellent condition. Thank you company-very glad!!!!


  124. F***k

    Brought home very quickly, less than a week. In the case I did not check, but I think everything is OK.


  125. P***t

    Arrived in 4 days to Portugal. everything seems to be OK. Testing connected, when back Review.


  126. I***n

    Excellent camera, easy to adjust


  127. P***y

    It was fast. The quality of the norms, сконнектилась after the third lash. Controlled most convenient with xmeye


  128. T***.

    Very good CCTV camera.


  129. S***n

    A clear image both during the day and at night. Connected the camera to the phone without a router, within Wi-Fi access you can watch and rotate the camera. The recording is made on a memory card, from the phone you can view video files without taking out Micro SD. When you detect a person fixes these moments highlighting in red in the history of the record.


  130. Customer

    I’m not buying it for the first time. All is well.


  131. A***o

    As always excellent cameras!


  132. A***a

    Not my first camera, others work perfectly. Everything suits, and especially the price pleased. Recommend. Thank you.


  133. I***n

    Delivery 10 days to Ulan-Ude, sending from Moscow, for their money a good camera)


  134. D***v

    Mega fast shipping. Ordered delivery from Russia. I ordered it on Saturday, I got it on Tuesday. Recommend. In the application prescribed, until installed.


  135. D***i

    Appearance adekwatny for Price, zobaczę later as operation. Delivery in 2 days.


  136. I***h

    Delivered quickly, everything works well, one minus the Russian language is not. Until the end did not understand


  137. P***.

    Very quick delivery!


  138. O***k

    Good quality product!


  139. A***o

    All OK!


  140. O***o

    Everything working excellent. Everything as described. I am very happy with my purchase.


  141. A***n

    Maximum prompt delivery. Looks decent. Good quality of materials and assembly. Instruction and application for the phone in English. While I understand. Later I will add a review. To the store-thank you. And success.


  142. P***r

    Recommend very good product recommend super.


  143. S***y

    Very quickly delivered in 4 days to the Rostov region, has not yet checked.


  144. L***a

    very good.


  145. M***v

    The goods are satisfied with everything works


  146. D***n

    Ordered already the second, the first survived the winter without problems, quietly worked and at-35


  147. Customer

    The camera is good and externally and functional. They took it to Orel in 72 hours. It confuses only how the power contacts in the open air behave.


  148. A***n

    From the moment of order to receipt it was a day 4, brought by The Courier. I take it a second time. By the way, they wrote and for the first time was, the gasket does not sit well. It’s gone. It remains to understand how long it will last


  149. Customer

    Bought very quick to make the delivery. Camera plastic good quality with night vision WIFI and network cable.


  150. S***a

    Delivery is very fast, 4 days. The courier brought to the place. Camera Super! Review is good, controlled from the phone through the app. There is a microphone, and you can hear what happens on the street, so you can talk to the microphone on the phone and will be heard on the street through the camera. Works from Wi-Fi. You can connect through the cable. In general, the goods are satisfied!


  151. K***m

    A beautiful image, easy to use. Took as an alternative to a baby monitor. In subsequent application, we will already use the camera as a street-on its target purpose. Purchase satisfied!)


  152. V***v

    Everything works fine


  153. F***f

    Nice cameras. But I had to wait more than three months!


  154. E***t

    Everything works! Thanks store


  155. Customer

    Camera ca. Good picture in both day and night.


  156. B***z

    Perfect fast shipping


  157. G***i

    The camera is good for movement works meters from 10. the recording quality is good. icsee works normally. In CMS on laptop. unable to connect, need IP address and port. In xmeye does not come Code to register impossible. Instructions on the camera for Russian is not as well as the brand of the camera, the manufacturer take nowhere.. MegaBonus helps to save up to 40% of the purchase cost on AliExpress. please use the link https://megabonus.com /? U = 290958 (no gaps) since recently Ali, blocks this link, but it works.! And the goods for you will be cheaper!!!


  158. J***a



  159. E***a

    Fast delivery, super packing. Recommend


  160. M***p

    I did not come very quickly compared to Russia, but I’m happy I did not hurry yet to check add feedback


  161. Customer

    Not set


  162. O***a

    Works fine! Recording for 6 days exactly, handsfree on the street


  163. E***n

    All right! I’m taking the fourth camera!


  164. D***A

    One such camera was ordered a month ago. Everything works great. Ordered more, yourself and neighbors. Recommend


  165. V***v

    The package came on the fifth day! It works. This is the fourth camera, good store, good store.


  166. O***a

    Inexpensive external camera with good functionality, I take the third one. It works well. XM logged in immediately.


  167. E***a

    Cameras working, this is already 8 bought by me the camera of this model


  168. Customer

    The camera matches the description. It works well. But the quality of the filming corresponds to the price: the number of cars with 20 meters does not differ.


  169. L***v



  170. D***i

    Worthy of attention product


  171. V***r

    There was a problem with the sound, opened the dispute returned 11 $, probably I’m just not lucky, and so everything is fine!


  172. T***t

    3 month never got the item. last week aliexpress made a refund.


  173. A***n

    Tavar got it fast. Everything works great. Alarming SMS comes Photo and writes video.


  174. V***n

    Delivery to Samara, about 1.5 weeks. courier to Post Russia delivered a week, mail delivered to Samara from Moscow in three days. I’m ordering the camera for a second time. Quality of shooting for four. (for 2000t. R. Normally) adjusts easily, rotates, rotates and talks. Recommend! 5 +++


  175. R***v

    Excellent convenient camera, works in T. H. Free and without cloud


  176. P***v

    Nice cameras. Thank you. In Moscow came very quickly


  177. K***v

    Corresponds to the description of delivery fast in operation yet did not check


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    Everything perfect works very well


  179. A***.

    Vendedor 2 Producto 7,5 Envío 5


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    IT was a small problem with package, but then the store give all in right


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    wszystko ok


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    очень понравилась