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Viecar ELM 327 V1.5 PIC18F25K80 OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner ODB2 For Android/IOS OBD OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Auto tool elm327 v1.5

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Hfc1f75fb0d9841d197bb5bacf170bb3fi Viecar ELM 327 V1.5 PIC18F25K80 OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner ODB2 For Android/IOS OBD OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Auto tool elm327 v1.5H7e88bb9f43c749c4897916afa9b1bcbde Viecar ELM 327 V1.5 PIC18F25K80 OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner ODB2 For Android/IOS OBD OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Auto tool elm327 v1.5

Viecar ELM 327 V1.5 PIC18F25K80 OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner ODB2 For Android/IOS OBD OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Auto tool elm327 v1.5

Viecar ELM327 V1.5 Bluetooth 4.0 For Android/IOS/PC OBD OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner tool elm 327 v1.5 OBDII Code Reader Scanner

Purchase Notes!!!

Some customers have feedback that our products will not connect when they connect to IOS via Bluetooth in the Setting of phone,please Remember the connection method,because the Bluetooth 4.0 connection is different from normal Bluetooth when Viecar connect IOS

1.Open the Bluetooth first(But please do not connect the product to the setting Bluetooth page of your phone,this way is wrong!!!)

2.Open the software(like AUTO Doctor)

3.Choose “Extras”,then click “Connectivity “,choose”Bluetooth”,and click “Device”,choose “Viecar BLE

4.Connect bluetooth in the “Connectivity “,then close the software or refresh software,open software again,then connect to the car again

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Hecfe66e361c040f0abc9313488cf0b04K Viecar ELM 327 V1.5 PIC18F25K80 OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner ODB2 For Android/IOS OBD OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Auto tool elm327 v1.5Hd1ec012864984a0ea9110ffe569d4739L Viecar ELM 327 V1.5 PIC18F25K80 OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner ODB2 For Android/IOS OBD OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Auto tool elm327 v1.5Hd174a670a9074d1d9230c8ab2c2b5c90f Viecar ELM 327 V1.5 PIC18F25K80 OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner ODB2 For Android/IOS OBD OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Auto tool elm327 v1.5

Viecar ELM 327 V1.5 PIC18F25K80 OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner ODB2 For Android/IOS OBD OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Auto tool elm327 v1.5

Viecar ELM327 V1.5 Bluetooth 4.0 For Android/IOS/PC OBD OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner tool elm 327 v1.5 OBDII Code Reader Scanner

Viecar Bluetooth 4.0 is a software + hardware multi-functional, comprehensive in-vehicle high-tech automotive electronics products, using Bluetooth 4.0 dual-mode design, perfectly support for IOS and Android devices and high speed data transmission, along with low power consumption, really save power. Via connecting with in-vehicle ECU computer to achieve interface 360 degree experience of whole car, early find vehicle Sub-health, also ensures vehicle in warranty early find fault so that promptly take appropriate measures, protect the interests of the owners ; by analyzing and assessing for this time and historical and other multi-dimensional fuel consumption, help car owners saving fuel even money; also recording driving behavior, analyzing condition data, recommending for improvement, and promptly correcting bad driving habits, in order to drivers can be more humane to use their own car

Viecar Bluetooth 4.0 is no longer simply a screen information display system, but through stunning head-up display (HUD):

Let drivers no longer have to bow to watch the meter, while enjoying the pilot driving experience, and eliminating the potential safety problems from bowing to watch meter. Cool real-time dashboard design, extended original car without display data; very largely enhance the visual experience.

Product Parameters

1. Communication method: Bluetooth dual-mode (4.0)

2. Software platform: Support for Android / IOS

3. Operating voltage: 9V~16V

4. Operating current: 45mA

5. Operating temperature: -40 C~85℃ C

6. Operating humidity: <60%

7. Dimensions: 45mm*40mm*18mm

8. Supported vehicle: OBDII protocol vehicle

Supports OBDII protocols:

SAE J1850 PWM (41.6 Kbaud)

SAE J1850 VPW (10.4 Kbaud)

ISO 9141-2 (5 baud init, 10.4 Kbaud)

ISO14230-4 KWP (5 baud init, 10.4 Kbaud)

ISO14230-4 KWP (fast init, 10.4 Kbaud)

ISO15765-4 CAN (11bit ID, 500 Kbaud)

ISO15765-4 CAN (29bit ID, 500 Kbaud)

ISO15765-4 CAN (11bit ID, 250 Kbaud)

ISO15765-4 CAN (29bit ID, 250 Kbaud)

Software description:

Viecar Bluetooth 4.0 using self-developed Viecar software, more user-friendly interface designed to provide continuous software upgrades, and much powerful. Buying product, can obtain the right to use the software, no additional cost to purchase software.And one-year hardware warranty.

Software features:

Software can perform the following operations:

Read error diagn

ostic codes – General and manufacturers special use, and display their meaning

(Database has over 3000 generic code definitions)

Clear the error code and shut off the MIL ( “Check Engine” light)

Display current sensor data, comprising:

Engine revolutions p

er minute (RPM)

The calculated load value

Coolant temperature

Fuel System Status


Short-term fuel situation

Long-term fuel situation

Intake manifold pressure

Injection advance time

Intake air temperature

Air flow rate

Absolute throttle position

Oxygen-sensing voltage associated with the short-term fuel state

Fuel System Status

The fuel pressure

Fuel consumption monitoring and many other data ……

Future software features:

Data chart display and logging

Freeze frame data

Continuous and discontinu

ous oxygen probe results

Compatible software:

Window: ScanMaster-ELM, ScanTool.net, PCMSCAN

Android: Torque_Pro, DashCommand, EOBD

IOS: DashCommand, EOBD,Viecar

Symbian: OBDScope

Viecar ELM 327 V1.5 PIC18F25K80 OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner ODB2 For Android/IOS OBD OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Auto tool elm327 v1.5

1 X Viecar 4.0 Bluetooth

1 X User Manual

HTB1B25OXdjvK1RjSspiq6AEqXXaV Viecar ELM 327 V1.5 PIC18F25K80 OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner ODB2 For Android/IOS OBD OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Auto tool elm327 v1.5

Viecar ELM 327 V1.5 PIC18F25K80 OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner ODB2 For Android/IOS OBD OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Auto tool elm327 v1.5

HTB1UuO5nyOYBuNjSsD4q6zSkFXaQ Viecar ELM 327 V1.5 PIC18F25K80 OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner ODB2 For Android/IOS OBD OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Auto tool elm327 v1.5

Brand Name


Hardware Version

Viecar 4.0

Software Update




Software Version

Bluetooth 4.0

Product Name

Original Viecar ELM327 V1.5

Item Name

Viecar ELM327 Bluetooth 4.0

Item Type

OBD OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Tool

Operating system

for Android/IOS


One Year


ELM 327 V1.5 Bluetooth 4.0

Special Features

OBD2 OBDII Code Reader Scanner

Based on 275 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. A***i

    ALL SUPER RECOMMENDED! !!! I am very satisfied!!!!


  2. Y***v

    Works, corresponds to the description. Fast shipping! 5 +


  3. G***v

    The device works with both Android and iPhone. Connection does not require password input.


  4. L***l

    You can use easily this product.


  5. S***v

    A good scanner, connected to F. Focus 2 restyling 2010G progoy forscan paid, the machine saw immediately besides the engine many other blocks. The functional is good up to the correction of the mileage itself. Also sees through this run of Mazda and other Fords. In general, a good thing is almost like launch 431 Pro (there is such a scanner). Very satisfied! The parcel came on time taking into account the problems in China.


  6. Customer

    It’s okay.


  7. P***V

    Arrived 10 days before Omsk


  8. A***x

    Works normally


  9. V***v

    Kind time of the day! Ordered the goods on January 31 and February 21 received in Belgium. The product fully meets the description. Inserted the device into the odbii connector in his car Honda CR-V i-DTEC 2011. Started the car, turned on Bluetooth on the Android smartphone. Entered the program scanner version pro. There via the program chose viecar and connected. The program without problems and accurately defined the machine itself. Made mistakes-zero. Everything works fine. Then I’ll try on the old Opel Zafira A and add a review.


  10. I***i

    I advise the goods are good.


  11. V***o

    I didn’t. Returned money


  12. B***v

    Got it. works on Honda Civic 4 connected quickly. android 9.0 program car scanner. there is a Bluetooth 4.0 but switched via Bluetooth 2.0 on the advice of the developer of the program. practically not visible from the connector of the internal affairs 2. the store sent for a very long time. Probably because of the virus.


  13. Customer

    all ok! thanks! very fast delivery from local warehouse with iml. compatible with ble


  14. M***v

    Excellent scanner, everything works just perfect


  15. S***r

    Cool, from a warehouse in Russia delivery for 3 days in Moscow by courier to the entrance. Everything works, on Kia Mojave 2019 all stuck and through the free sovt,, car scanner, from our boy on Android (look at 4 PDA) connected, works smartly. I advise you. Photo The meaning is not, all as in the picture.


  16. Customer

    The adapter is completely satisfied. Everything works, everything is fine. The store is completely satisfied, the goods came on time, even a little earlier.


  17. D***d



  18. F***Z



  19. A***n

    In principle, everything is fine! The store quickly sent the goods (on request), responds quickly! The parcel went 3 weeks to Tyumen, but it seems against the background of all events! Connected without problems, sensors read on Hurray! I recommend!


  20. G***t

    Alles ok


  21. A***n

    Works 100%


  22. X***d



  23. H***a

    Cool scanner.


  24. A***

    Everything works.


  25. A***v

    The product is super. Quality at altitude. Works stably. Delivery is fast. I recommend the product for purchase.


  26. V***y

    Delivered quickly, without any izyanov. works for hurray. prodovets well done.


  27. A***y

    The store sent quickly, the delivery is also pretty fast. Connected to Ford through several different programs, everything works. He’s smaller in size than I thought. But that’s even a plus. I recommend the product and the seller.


  28. A***a

    Everything works!!!


  29. M***v

    The goods are satisfied. I took specially with iOS support. Works. I advise you to buy from this store


  30. I***v

    The main thing is not to infect coronovirus, and so it works with the iPhone Xs perfectly!


  31. V***v

    Everything works


  32. D***l

    The parcel came in 8 days, it remains to check the performance.


  33. U***r

    Very long shipping


  34. P***y

    Works well with Torque app. Renault Clio II 1.5dci 65HP


  35. I***v



  36. A***v

    Everything is fine, it works. Thank you.


  37. A***l

    Received, but did not try yet.


  38. R***r

    Works great. Everything suits


  39. B***b

    The product is excellent recommend. Fast shipping. Track tracking. Immediately tried errors on BMW E39 reads.


  40. M***m



  41. I***v

    Everything works fine with Mazda CX7 2008, I recommend


  42. D***i

    Good product


  43. V***n

    Everything works.


  44. I***a

    Hurry up! Everything OK


  45. A***v

    He’s babbling. Rapid 2018 read


  46. I***o

    All like everyone, Hood, works with carista and other progs.


  47. A***

    Works, quality is good, version v1.4


  48. A***V

    Everything works fine. Friends with all programs.


  49. A***n

    The goods came quickly until I checked


  50. A***v

    Took for 795r. At first worked perfectly. But I stopped connecting in a week. At the time of power supply is visible, then completely disappears, and no longer connects. Phones tried different, the effect is one. Another adapter, for 320R, works perfectly. In the morning opened a dispute, in the evening returned the money. I understand that there is a marriage, so still put 4 stars, for the promptness of the return of money, although because of the jump in the dollar, I will lose money if I re-order.


  51. A***v

    Works flawlessly. Recommended.


  52. V***o

    Everything is fine! qualitatively packed, works properly


  53. E***a

    Exlens product


  54. S***o

    Great product. The equipment connected to the iPhone. Tested. I recommend to everyone.


  55. A***o

    It works properly, I’ll ask for another one.


  56. A***s

    Unfortunately the goods are lost in transit. The store within 5 days after opening the dispute returned the money. Reliable seller and safe purchase. I recommend.


  57. D***v

    Order did not receive, lost time in vain


  58. A***y

    Everything came, a couple of days later, well, not very upset. everything is cool, connected with half a kick, everything works stably, the quality is good. thank you very much to the store!


  59. E***v

    Got it fast. To Sochi days in 20 came. On the Vaz 2005. 21124 16 v January 7.2 few programs came up on phones. The adapter itself connects both iOS and Android well, but the ECU is already a problem. But it’s application problems. Not connected on Android: car scanner, skanmaster, torque dashcommand, incardoc and EOBD facile. Not connected to iOS: car scanner, Auto Doctor, hobdrive, EOBD-facile, viecar, InFocus. Connected on Android: opendiag, elm-vaz-1. 4, hobdrive. Connected to iOS: hobdrive. I did not try through the computer. Installed several more programs on Android, but not yet tested. If connected, I will inform you additionally.


  60. Customer

    Came without damage, in the case did not check


  61. Customer

    Skoda Yeti 1.8 2012 GV Reads everything normally


  62. A***v

    Everything works. Quite satisfied.


  63. R***r

    The goods came, everything works fine. Satisfied at 100% recommend.


  64. Customer

    Excellent works with an apple and a car scanner, sees a lot of things) for a couple of hundred toys do not know how to look cool. I advise!


  65. S***v

    Arrived in Moscow in three weeks. Conducted diagnostics of Ford Fusion with the help of scanner and Auto Doctor programs on iPhone 11 with iOS 13. Mistakes have not yet been discarded. Everything seems to work as it should. I advise!


  66. V***h

    Checked, everything works fine.


  67. Customer

    It works very well.


  68. Customer

    Its money costs 100%, connected without problems! The programs are determined by Cheers!


  69. Z***y



  70. S***n

    Ordered in the period of the epidemic, went longer than usual (not mortially) Connected to FF2 rest all works! Also connected to spark M300 all works!


  71. I***v

    Delivery is very fast, packed in an envelope with dusts, in the robot did not check. Thank you! I recommend the store!!!


  72. T***t

    Received in appearance excellent, did not check the performance.


  73. A***v

    As is stated on the site. Working v. 1.5 with original pic18f25k80


  74. P***F

    Not arrived but i got refunded


  75. M***o

    It came before the expected time. Packed well. I ordered for my uncle, he is happy. Says everything works, reads mistakes. Drops if necessary. I do not know the details of the interface.


  76. I***v

    Everything works)


  77. V***k

    Fast shipping and high quality product


  78. A***i

    Thanks to the store for the excellent scanner. One upset is the delivery time, which was 2 months. This is probably influenced by quarantine on the coronovirus epidemic.


  79. A***n



  80. V***u

    Ford Maverick sees


  81. D***v

    I order a second time. Good apparatus. It took a long time in connection with the current situation…


  82. A***v

    Ordered on February 27, came on April 9. Everything works. Looks cool, connects quickly. So far there are no complaints.


  83. E***v

    Sent promptly, delivery is similar, packed neatly. With iOS “started” without problems.


  84. A***k

    Everything works correctly. IOS sees.


  85. S***u

    Great adapter! The main thing is to connect correctly! The store is excellent, I recommend! 5 *


  86. M***v

    Delivery 3 weeks to Perm. The track’s gone. Took to work with the program car scanner. All Super


  87. S***h

    Scanner of excellent quality. Connected via Bluetooth to iPhone 11, used the car Skanner program. The data transfer rate is high, all parameters auto reads, the connection is stable. Thank you store! Recommend!


  88. A***

    The goods came to the Moscow region in 3 days. Everything works. Seller recommend


  89. A***v

    Shipping fast. Connected without problems to sang Eng Acton (corando), via the car scaner app.


  90. V***n

    All connected and immediately earned. Renault symball, although it was not on the list to check compatibility.


  91. P***p

    Works perfectly, reacts quickly, the product is satisfied, and the delivery pleased, very quickly. I checked the other Lancer 9, Passat 4 did not see, only more recently apparently reads


  92. E***v

    The store is good, the delivery to Volgograd since the payment of 15 days, the scanner is excellent, connects and connects to ECU very quickly, checked on Grant 16 valve with 127 engine and on Vaz 2112 16 valve with 124 engine. Thank you seller.


  93. N***o

    Thank you. Works. Recommend.


  94. I***y

    Works, delivery mega fast)))


  95. Customer

    all ok


  96. K***k

    Unfortunately, it was not possible to connect. The store made a refund. So I have no complaints. On contact the seller goes and consulting gives. To send claims I have not delivered very quickly. But apparently I’m not lucky. So nothing personal, but for the future it would not be bad to check the goods for performance.


  97. A***h

    With Vaz 2114 works fine


  98. E***s

    Interest nāca,bet atnācaizmēģināšu,tad ziņošu!


  99. Customer

    It came to St. Petersburg in 2 days!


  100. N***v

    Everything is fine! Works with iOS and Android. Mostly took to work with carista.


  101. N***a

    Снокектился s Peugeot, but not with school 2019G. V.


  102. D***h

    To Audi a 4 B6 diesel approached perfectly, everything reads, I recommend


  103. A***a

    I ordered it for a TDI car and according to the manufacturer it’s not worth diesel cars. I haven’t tried it yet. I put 3 stars not because the product is bad if not because in the description I would have to put that no serves for diesel, I ‘ve looked for him and I don’t see him anywhere.


  104. Customer

    Order. Everything works


  105. A***d

    The product fully corresponds to the description! I checked the entire fleet of the organization, everything reads and sees!


  106. D***N

    Works great on iOS with the car scanner app. Reads all parameters, errors reset. Delivery was long, really. But it’s because of coronavirus, I think


  107. Customer

    The goods are good. On Bluetooth 10 meters catches.


  108. S***h

    Delivery in just 10 days, very fast! The scanner works perfectly and reads the parameters of the car (tested for Toyota and Lexus). I use the car scanner app. I connect the scanner to iPhone 11 via Bluetooth-the data transfer rate is excellent, the connection is steady. Thank you to the store for the quality goods.


  109. M***c

    it works like charm with my Hyundai however extended codes are not available. I tested with all applications obd doctor, torque etc. fast delivery and shipping.


  110. Customer

    Delivery two weeks. Packed perfectly. Works perfectly with the iOS tablet. The car scanner program is very fast.


  111. A***a

    All perfect and fast shipping


  112. M***v



  113. G***y

    Not working on Ford Transit 2003


  114. V***k

    All the same class! Recommend!!!


  115. S***v



  116. D***v

    Damn fast shipping


  117. Customer

    Works fine! IOS supported. Unfortunately, the Hyundai Solaris I does not close the dashboard cover with the device inserted into the device.


  118. M***k

    Works well


  119. E***a

    Delivery by courier to door


  120. P***k

    Torkyu and torkyu work. Recommend


  121. P***n

    Looks like it works! I don’t know how long.


  122. Customer

    Very fast


  123. A***v

    It works. Fast delivery from Russia


  124. D***h

    An excellent adapter, it costs its money, all programs connected with it, including hybrid assistant. Ha is true only for Gu, but it is there and it is needed mainly, the rest of us got engaged and on the phone. The whistle design is also great, and the packaging is stylish. Reached in three weeks, tracked.


  125. A***n

    Delivered very quickly to the Murmansk region. From Moscow. Works well. Friendship scanners then variator does not see that tupyat.


  126. Customer

    On Renault Laguna II 2006 torque did not work for some reason, but pyren works fine. In principle, everyone is happy.


  127. Customer

    Received the order all as in the photo, but not yet checked


  128. S***s

    Everything works well but VW T5 did not read.


  129. N***v

    Great scanner, connects quickly. One hundred times better than cheap 300R)))


  130. V***v

    Works quite correctly


  131. A***v

    Delivery to Lipetsk-month.


  132. K***y

    It works. Great scanner. Fast delivery to Moscow (5 days)!!! OK


  133. А***

    Connected, auto reads how the function scanner performs, I recommend.


  134. A***o

    Delivery to Kharkiv within 24 days, the store with the shipment did not tighten, everything is packed normally, it got intact. When testing working capacity, the product was the best option of similar ones that I had before .. Tested on Opel Astra n 2006, works with both a smartphone and a car radio on Android. Connects quickly, the connection is stable, the corresponding program showed Version 1.5, the device responded to all commands OK. Tested with programs torque, Motor data, supplier. With hobdrive also works, but there are breakdowns of communication. In general, I recommend the seller and the goods.


  135. V***s

    On WV golf6 diesel 1,6 pratzew


  136. S***n

    Works fine. I recommend!


  137. G***i

    It came quickly, as I will check the working capacity


  138. V***h

    The adapter works without complaints. Recommend product and store Errors I erase through the carista program. For this money, the scanner is what you need. Delivery on time about a month. The item was shipped immediately after order. To the seller of prosperity and do not hurt))))


  139. A***v



  140. V***l

    Shipping very fast. Nice item.


  141. V***n

    Lifan H60 sees perfectly. Other cars did not check. The connection is fast. Native program autobox did not like, used car scanner.


  142. V***a

    Delivery three weeks. Everything works, with the program torque and car scanner on the car Hyundai Elantra and Hyundai H1.


  143. A***o

    The store sent quickly, everything was tracked, it did not go long, the goods are satisfied. I recommend


  144. Customer

    Everything came in a better way, thank you.


  145. E***N

    Came for a month, the package is a little crumpled because. Ordered in a cardboard, but everything works, on the iPhone SE everything is fine


  146. Customer

    Not the fastest OBD in the world, but works fine with major Android software


  147. A***v

    Everything works well, everything works. On Nissan, the right-handed does not connect


  148. S***s

    I order the second time. Fast shipment and delivery. I recommend the store. They work well.


  149. R***v

    Everything works fine. The application that was proposed to download did not use. Downloaded another, everything works clearly, shows errors, everything is clear and simple.


  150. S***v

    To Krasnoyarsk went 12 days. Is working


  151. G***A

    Came 20 days before Tatarstan, connected to Opel 2002g without dancing with a tambourine))


  152. N***u

    Très bon produit merciiiii


  153. L***e

    Great ODb 2 device work well. Much better than lighter version you can find at 3-5 USD


  154. V***i

    Works well. Quickly connects, does not slow down and most importantly-does not tear communication! Before that, I used cheap OBD2 mini WiFi and Bluetooth, the ones in the white and blue case. They, compared to this adapter, are .. but complete. Torgue, OBD 2 scanner work perfectly. Advise!


  155. S***h

    The order arrived in Ukraine quickly-in 19 days, despite quarantine. Workmanship is good. I checked with the Renault Kadjar car-it works, I will now deal with the functionality 🙂 I advise the store and the goods 🙂


  156. A***m

    FAP work very good!


  157. Customer

    Norms. Works, but not with all iOS programs. However, at the existing zoo it is not surprising.


  158. Customer

    The ODB adapter corresponds to the description in the case has not yet checked. Delivered in 18 days to 21 regions.


  159. V***s

    I came to Astrakhan in three weeks. With iPhone connected on BT 4.0. Car Matiz liter. Information reads. OK.


  160. R***v

    Lada Gran 2017, liftbeck, 106 hp. Everything works, everything reads, errors drops


  161. D***n

    Got intact, I’ll check it later


  162. A***h

    Received and already tried everything works properly, I recommend both the goods and the store


  163. M***r

    Came quickly, the packing is good, everything works with Kia Rio 3.


  164. V***v

    Description exactly, the delivery took 20 days, everything seems to work. I did not communicate with the store.


  165. Customer

    Order received in 25 days. IPhone works. Seller recommend.


  166. A***v

    Is working


  167. I***v

    The fifth time I order for myself and friends. Very high quality scanner and fast delivery.


  168. Z***a

    Thank you very mutch!


  169. A***v

    The store Many thanks, sent the goods instantly, delivery fast, all came whole, in work checked, the scanner works fine, I recommend the seller!!


  170. A***v

    Everything works on Kia Sportage SL. Delivery 14 days.


  171. D***h

    Super fast shipping. The product is what you need. The quality is excellent.


  172. I***v

    The product corresponds to the description. To Moscow, the goods went a little more than 2 weeks. Seller recommend.


  173. B***b

    Got it. Delivery 3 weeks. Connected iPhone XR. I did it right away. Everything is super!!!


  174. V***k

    Vaz 2110 works.


  175. N***v

    The order received quickly, in 14 days. Packing is intact. The scanner works fine, without glitches.


  176. R***v

    The store quickly sent the order. Fast delivery by courier. But the goods came damaged (broken box, was ordered as a gift). Dispute is partial refund.


  177. Customer

    Great thing!


  178. A***v

    Came quickly, everything works!


  179. M***n

    Very fast delivery to Moscow. Everything works, it connects well (Ford Mondeo diesel 2011). True, I used carscaner, I did not understand my native program, plus most of the program is paid.


  180. S***v

    Delivery is apparently from Moscow to Moscow, so less than a week (I will not say exactly). The device works. True, with some programs still refused to work.


  181. V***o

    After buying a phone on the 10th Android, my old elm 327 became invisible… Experts advised viecar Elm 327 and about the miracle! ))) my phone saw the testimony of the PCM block. In general, the thing is worthy of both touch and work.


  182. K***n

    To Moscow 14 days, works with iPhone 7


  183. E***a

    The goods came very quickly, brought the courier, but the package is not sealed, but just sealed with tape. Everything’s whole inside. work hasn’t been checked yet.


  184. R***r

    Came to another branch of mail, half a month there lay, opened the dispute the store answered where it was necessary to look. Order 28.05 received 16.06 Buryatia, Ulan-Ude. took, I will test)))


  185. Customer

    Rocket. The best.


  186. E***y

    Delivered in two days. Everything works. Thank you to the store. Recommend


  187. K***n

    Everything works


  188. A***v

    Delivered to Moscow in 4 days. Kiah Sid joined without problems.


  189. P***s

    It works.


  190. D***v



  191. A***v

    Delivered by courier until I checked…


  192. E***

    I ordered on June 6th and I got the mail on July 2nd it was a very short time from China to Mexico and we’re having problems with the COVID-19 situation. The OBD looks good, it came in one piece, it looks exactly like the picture. I haven’t had the chance to use it, I will writing a new review after I use this obd2 in my 2018 vw tiguan mk2. I recommend you this store. I’m really looking forward to use it with the Carista App Pro I’ll hope it will work! This OBD2 looks good and I’m really expecting to work good, I let you guys know later, so from now, if you live in Mexico don’t be afraid to do some shopping from China Alliexpres


  193. U***a

    Everything works and is wet in all times, not that a two-piece mini. As for me, this is the best Elm. I do not regret buying.


  194. Customer

    Fast delivery. Get. Then try it.


  195. Customer

    Box defect, module works


  196. E***a

    Received in less than 10 days. Everything works. The application really had to buy and not what was offered in the instructions of the goods. And so everything is OK. Recommend.


  197. D***d

    Thank you to the store for honesty, honest version 1.4 adapter without any dopas. Nissan Serena 2005 read and configured. The speed of sending and delivery pleased. With the seller did not communicate, there was no need.


  198. Y***v

    Everything works as stated! Checked on Android and iOS. The program carscaner. the store told on the connection!


  199. V***v

    It came quickly. Connect immediately. No problem.


  200. Customer

    Огромное спасибо! Качественный сканер, удобная упаковка для хранения и конектиться с iPhone 11.


  201. N***v

    Посылка пришла быстро, заказывал из России. В деле ещë не проверял, потом дополню отзыв.


  202. V***v

    IPhone 11 pro Max works perfectly


  203. T***n

    Everything works, thank you very much to the store!


  204. A***v

    I liked it very much! Defined as viecar! Then it seems to be the original! On the iPhone everything works fine! There is an instruction in the kit! She’s in English, but I translated! There’s everything! Information with what progs works, how to connect and stuff! Buy a better full version in a plastic case it looks like a real original. It’s cool that Bluetooth 4.0 and not 2.0 or 3.0. Works with Android! Checked! Great adapter!


  205. A***y

    The package arrived quickly in a convenient package. Thank you very much to the store, well done.


  206. S***v

    It’s okay. Works.


  207. A***v

    The goods correspond to the declared characteristics. Works with iPhone X. connected to Nissan Murano z52


  208. S***v

    Everything works. Connected to Nissan Qashqai + 2 2009 2.0 TDI. I read and wiped the check errors.


  209. A***t

    Everything is super, it works well, the quality to the touch is good.


  210. A***v

    Quality is good. The size is not big. it came quickly. Thank you to the store.


  211. A***r

    best store


  212. A***n

    The store quickly sent the goods, the goods were tracked, but unfortunately I did not receive it, lost in the post office in the hometown. I had to wait until the protection of the order ended, then AliExpress returned the money.


  213. A***v

    It came quickly, everything works checked, on Lada 2113, 2007, on Mazda 6 2008. Thanks to the store, tracked home


  214. K***a

    Very useful thing. Everything works perfectly


  215. A***s

    Great product, fast shipping


  216. M***n

    Everything works, I recommend to buy.


  217. S***v

    Excellent Product, really 4.0


  218. R***r

    Connected to the Mitsubishi ASX except for the lunch mixture and Lyamba no more and does not show. Also on Ford Focus 2 the same. Renault Logan did not connect money to the wind


  219. A***v

    Got it, I haven’t checked it yet. I did not communicate with the store. After checking, I will add a review.


  220. J***z

    The store is great very attentive and answers all messages and tries to help you, although for me the priduct came defective for a problem I suppose it will be Factory, the seller will return the money to me without problem S, i’ll buy him back since the problem is isolated, it’s just a little bad Good luck


  221. K***k

    Checked. With iFone 6s works.


  222. A***v

    Everything is good on Merce w249 thanks


  223. I***v

    Fast shipping. Got, stuck, everything works. The chip is tested. Ordered in plastic box-very convenient.


  224. A***k

    Applique Carista works very well for this machine. Połączyłem with Lexusem NX 2019 no problem.


  225. H***m

    works well with Hyundai Santa Fe dm and KIA Ray.


  226. E***e

    Everything works on UAZ Patriot


  227. Customer

    Made an order on 12.11.2019 came on 29.11.2019. The adapter works perfectly while checked on the 1st car in 2005. Launched on Android programs skanmaster, car scanner, carista, incardoc, OBD Fusion, dashcommand all works.


  228. R***r

    Everything corresponds to the description of universal Android iPhone when installing a full-fledged program


  229. Customer

    Everything is perfect.


  230. A***g

    A good purchase, there is a nested instruction from the store how to use a smartphone, apparently for space guns)


  231. I***v

    Everything works came for 17 days, excellent store advise


  232. A***v

    It came quite quickly, downloaded the recommended application auto, phone right now charge, I’ll go try, so still forscan and car scanner ready to Sherry the brains


  233. S***v

    Record store. The product is very high quality. Works with carista.


  234. D***v

    I haven’t checked the work yet, but it’s all here.


  235. E***v

    The device can and works, but with Gu on the platform Allwinner T8 Android 8.1 is not connected.


  236. A***d

    Errors read and erase, shows real-time data. Vaz 21114 (Bogdan) EBU some Bosh) tested on Android on iOS on the pc did not try.


  237. R***i

    The parcel was received in time, everything is fine, right near the Post Office stuck in the car, the program was installed in the phone in advance, while it arrived at home, 2-3 minutes, all the data were considered, all errors showed the best way!) errors have not yet been erased, as it is necessary to replace 1 lambda probe and it is better to be seen in the service). Program for iPhone car scanner, connected with half a Poke)


  238. A***v

    Great scanner! To the iPhone immediately connected. Immediately counted and showed a mistake that periodically appears.


  239. U***r

    Works with iPhone Xs, the car sees while satisfied


  240. P***v

    Immediately Connected


  241. A***a

    Golf 4 works. Only the app will need to download another (car scanner Elm OBD2). Reads and discards errors. Delivery to Russia took literally 2 weeks.


  242. A***h

    He sees everything. But it does not sew. Does his job


  243. Customer

    The goods came safely and safely. With the smartphone application works perfectly, and at least with two. The malfunction of DVS eliminated, the error dropped, and on our own.


  244. A***

    Came to Moscow for 21 days. Has not yet connected, as I will try to add feedback


  245. R***n

    10/10 for all that this store does. I’m very pleased with the communication.


  246. A***y

    It came quickly. According to the description, what you need. Efficiency has not yet checked.


  247. V***v

    The goods arrived on time. Packed normally, all whole. Connected to the iPhone without problems, everything works! Seller recommend! The scanner is happy!


  248. F***v

    Все как в описании


  249. A***v

    Everything is super, works with carista unlocked functions on Skoda Rapid. thanks.


  250. D***o

    Thanks to the store, everything corresponds to the description. Connected to iPhone XR via Bluetooth easily, works correctly. Also pleasantly surprised to work with the program dashcommand from AppStore. Arrived the parcel quickly through meest.


  251. Customer

    works just fine.


  252. Customer

    Working great with Peugeot 307 HDI 2006 110hp diesel !


  253. A***V

    Quality product. I haven’t installed it yet. An additional instruction is attached, only in English. Sending the goods is very fast as well as shipping. Thanks to the store.


  254. Customer

    Installed and tested on Peugeot 206 + 2010 the system works well. Attention, to have all the information on computer or smartphone or iPhone it is necessary to make the additional purchase of an application on play store (OBD Auto Doctor (well but expensive), because Scanner (which is very good and cheaper), Torque (not extra)). It’s a good gadget that I use for fun when I do the road (replaces the on-board computer). You should know that without buying app there is only the minimum of information.


  255. R***n

    Everything works fine, corresponds to the description!!


  256. D***c



  257. Customer



  258. V***k

    Shipping standard. To Peter 4 weeks. I did not communicate with the store. The device works.


  259. M***v

    The scanner checked with iOS version 12 on Subaru Forester 2001. Works with Auto Doctor and car scanner programs. The package contains a sheet with a brief instruction on the connection of the scanner in English. You do not need to create a pair to work in Bluetooth in the settings. It is enough only to turn on Bluetooth, then all the settings do directly in the programs. I advise you to connect to the ECU (ESU) with the driven engine. Only the ignition on when working in auto doctor was not enough, and in car scanner the connection with the engine is much faster. But maybe it depends on the car model. Of the shortcomings-not quite firmly in my opinion is installed in the OBDII connector, but it is possible only on my car. Purchase in any case is satisfied. Worked before that with konnwei kw502 on the Android phone, while the connection was installed faster than on this viecar. In the connector, the adapter also sat much denser. But could not connect with iOS.


  260. D***a

    With opendiag and scanner Elm works perfectly. Thanks to the store.


  261. V***y

    Good performance 100% Got what I was waiting for. Thank You


  262. A***v

    It came quickly. Works perfectly, instantly connects. Fully met expectations


  263. Y***T

    Came quickly. Visually everything is super! Thank you.


  264. G***r

    Hello. I Received the parcel today. I am using With iOS. Downloaded auto doctor from appstore and connected. The only problem is that you cannot Reset Faults for free and you have to make a 5$ monthly subscription. Can anyone recommend a free compatible software for this item that can reset daults for free?


  265. Customer

    Can be taken, works quickly


  266. N***i

    Outwardly there are shortcomings, the feeling of trying to open


  267. A***v

    Everything works. Ford Focus 2. connected with the iPhone.


  268. A***o

    Delivery in three weeks, the packing of an ordinary puppy, but given the box, the scanner was whole. Not yet tested and not connected, so it is still satisfied. If what is not so will necessarily finish.


  269. L***v

    It came very quickly. All as in the description. Works great. I recommend this thing to purchase.


  270. R***r

    Works with iPhone


  271. A***v

    Works all well errors see with the phone connection stably. Seller Thank you very much I recommend to everyone


  272. Y***a

    Delivery fast everything works, connected to Fiat Multipla truth with the help of third-party Progi.


  273. A***v

    Great Spruce! Version 1.5. Read it ABS block on Nissan laptop 2008.


  274. R***r

    Everything is super. Working device., reads everything


  275. K***s

    OBD2, instruction, as in the description, after checking add feedback. I recommend this store. Thank you!