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Shuangya Hair Loose Deep Wave Bundles With Frontal Brazilian Hair Weave Bundles With Closure Remy Hair Frontal With Bundles

(234 customer reviews)

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Natural Color
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Shuangya Hair Loose Deep Wave Bundles With Frontal Brazilian Hair Weave Bundles With Closure Remy Hair Frontal With Bundles

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Based on 234 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. M***n

    This hair is beautiful! Thick wefts and tangle free. The curl pattern is beautiful! I will definitely buy again!


  2. A***d

    Excellent hair product one of the best weave hair I’ve ever ordered it doesn’t tangle it’s thick it’s natural looking I get so many compliments I would definitely recommend this product and I have bought this twice now and I will continue to buy this product. And the price is reasonable


  3. A***s

    The hair is super soft and doesn’t shed much. It’s also relatively tangle free. Very true to length. Will definitely order from this vendor again.


  4. B***l

    The hair is very shiny and full. It has minimum to no shedding. This hair is absolutely GORGEOUS! I would definitely recommend it !!! 


  5. N***e

    I love this hair. The curls did loosen up after I got into the ocean but it still kept a wave pattern. Overall I would purchase again 


  6. L***n

    I’m loving this hair its so soft and true to lenght I will recommend to my clients 


  7. M***t

    This hair is not bad at alll , shipping took 3 days i believe , holds curls VERY well .. i did a little plucking and bleaching and i love the outcome ! no smell on the hair when it was shipped i washed the hair & it became so thick & full , and parting space is greatt , i definitely will be ordering again 


  8. D***s

    loved how full the bundles were, and how soft the hair was. My friends love my hair so I had to purchase for them also.


  9. F***e

    This hair was everything, it’s soft and beautiful and true to length and easy to maintain just water and a wig brush. I didn’t measure the length but it’s pretty long this is my 3rd time ordering it.


  10. J***l

    Woooow! This is the best hair I’ve ever purchased and great price . One bundle was enough for a natural looking ponytail!order again 


  11. A***e

    Very fast shipping nice hair


  12. J***e

    I’ve ordered this hair twice .. it’s some of the best inexpensive hair I’ve ever bought I love it 


  13. N***b

    My first hair. I was scared purchasing a hair online. Overall all this hair was phenomenal. No shedding, but the hair was too dark. It worth the money, And I will definitely buy again.


  14. J***l

    Hair is amazing, speedy delivery 3 days ,great communication love it! 


  15. L***n

    The hair is waouuuuh! Bought for my client I even want to keep them lol. The hair is super pretty, very soft, does not pour and the texture of the curls is beautiful. The store does not communicate much maybe because he knows that we will have no pb with the hair lol… but hey I am very satisfied!


  16. L***u

    Perfect!!!!! I will test the article and tell you. But the delivery is just wahouuuuu I ordered Monday and received on Thursday. Good communication with the supplier I recommend. 


  17. N***r

    Delivered within 6-days!!!. Seller is by far the fastest I have had in the history of my purchase with Ali express. The hair looks good and soft, same as picture. I will certainly leave another review when I install. For now I say thank you Seller. I hope to enjoy the hair just as I have enjoyed the fast delivery. I highly recommend!!!


  18. A***y

    Hair is very soft and keeps its curls.. will add product to tame curls within the week… love how it looks as is!


  19. Customer



  20. Customer

    Hair very soft and I highly recommend and is very true to length. I was skeptical at first but I am very pleased.


  21. S***y

    lovely hair❤


  22. J***l

    all very beautiful I will continue shopping


  23. C***s

    I love this hair soo much. When I first ordered i literally order it on a Friday and it can that Monday morning really fast! Communication with the vendor is great answered all my questions and kept me updated on my package. I ordered a 20inch Frontal with 3 28 bundles the items were indeed true to length just as the product described and there was no shedding no smell nothing! I will most definitely be buying from them again!!


  24. I***

    The proposed sizes are not good for a wig


  25. J***n

    The hair is pretty nice i wish i would’ve bleached the knots though to look more natural (it’s needed( the curls are beautiful but the hair doesn’t do well with heat, length was true and the hair still feels amazing


  26. T***y

    I purchased this hair for a photo shoot. I wanted some curly bundles but opted for this because the get the curls with less maintenance. If you were thinking of purchasing this hair , i would definitely do it . Easy to maintain. Curls are beautiful minimal shedding & i cut my wefts at the very top where my frontal is . Follow me on insta if you have any other questions @ taylaar.m


  27. T***r

    The hair is beautiful, same as described. I have been wearing the hair for a few weeks now and it is still beautiful dose not tangle and shed I love it, it’s so soft and true to length I get so many compliments on this hair. I will definitely order again.


  28. B***r

    I love this hair


  29. A***e

    Beautiful they were very informative and accurate with the delivery date and time !! Hair is pretty didn’t have a smell when I received them. They also gave me a pair of some cute little lashes as a gift! I got a free part closure the closure is 12 in and the bundles are 14,16,18. Now I have to decide whether to get a sew in or make a wig lol


  30. T***e

    I loveeee this hair! the frontal is so natural looking. curls were soft and doesn’t shed much either.


  31. Customer

    Hair is Very Good quality. Took 3 days to ship from China. Bundles look small but are very thick. 10/10 would recommend. (Have shown has been curled with a 1in iron)


  32. U***l

    The hair came in a about 4-5 day form my order date. No smell. Very cute lovely curls hair is soft! I would recommend this! Thank you


  33. Customer

    Ordered 4 bundles and a lace frontal only received 3 bundles.


  34. S***s

    I was nervous at first. But omg this hair is very soft. Good quality. Thick bundles no shedding.


  35. U***h

    The hair is soft and lovley true to picture and length


  36. L***l

    Hair looks good and soft


  37. O***s

    Very good Wick


  38. Customer

    I love the hair…I washed it and it went back to its texture with no problem..I also bleached the knots..I’ll try to post a video of me with the install..


  39. U***l

    Love the hair will order again


  40. D***d

    j’ai bien-aimé


  41. J***.

    The hair is beautiful had no smell and is easy for me to manage i made it into an beautiful wig unit and it looks Gorgeous . Ill be making an review about this hair on my YouTube channel @4theL0ve0fjaaij if you would like to see the hair more in depth. (26/26/28/28 20inch frontal)


  42. M***s

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS HAIR!!! Can’t wait to install. No funny smell, looks good wet or dry. I can honestly say this is quality hair. Can’t wait to order from them again.


  43. $***s

    The hair is very soft & arrived fast


  44. M***

    Just received my order, fast shipping…truthful and best store


  45. H***e

    Very nice curls and the hair is soft. Sending takes a week to arrive.


  46. S***s

    I freaking loveeeeee this hair. It’s soooo soft. I have gotten so many compliments and everyone keeps asking where I got it from. I definitely will be buying again.


  47. K***e

    This hair is amazing! Very soft, good quality! It arrived within a week’s period of time! The closure is actually a full-frontal! I only needed to use two additional bundles with this frontal.


  48. U***r

    Amazing hair and Quality. Shuangya hair is my recommended hair store all year round. Customer Service is exceptional and you get value for money. I highly recommend.


  49. U***r

    love it, can’t wait to install for my bday this weekend. It came on time even with delays. 


  50. H***v

    the hair is is exactly how i ordered it. after washing, it held the curls very nicely. there was no smell . I love the extra gifts they sent me. but what impressed me most was shipping: I ordered the hair Monday late night and it was delivered around 10am on Thursday. If my units are always like this, i will order from here all the time because it’s very affordable and fast. Thank you. It’s so soft and beautiful also doesnt tangle. It’s the accurate shedding so far,The hair is thick and true to length pretty satisfied with the lace actually I don’t even think you need to do anything else to it ! Good quality and Silky smooth! I’m very happy communication was Amazing! Contacted me every day about my shipment I am one happy costumer I recommend ladies because you won’t be disappointed and I’m serious !!!!!!! I will be buying with you again.and I definitely recommend any one who want that hair to get it with you. thank you so much ❤❤❤  


  51. L***y

    Curl pattern is beautiful and delivery was fast


  52. T***e

    This is the ONLY vendor I use on AliExpress. This is my go to company. The hair is super soft, shedding is minimal. I’ve tried several patterns but this is my new favorite. You definitely won’t waste your money.


  53. J***e

    Love the hair , it’s true to length and the curls are beautiful when wet. Would definitely recommend.


  54. T***s

    This hair was everything, it’s soft and beautiful and true to length and easy to maintain just water and a wig brush. I didn’t measure the length but it’s pretty long this is my 3rd time ordering it.


  55. C***c

    The Picture Speaks For Itself I Sooooo Love This Hair . No Shedding, Holds Curls, Great Pattern And Shipped As Expected I Recommend This Hair To Anyone That I Likes Loose Wave Curls 


  56. U***r

    To be honest, the picture doesn’t do any justice to the hair ! I’ve washed the hair three times and it still holds the curls properly. I will definitely be buying from this vendor 🙂 


  57. U***l

    Very soft


  58. Customer

    I love it


  59. T***n

    Been having this hair for a month now and I absolutely love it I made a wig the hair is full it only sheds a little when detangling but not much at all and it only tangles when I don’t maintain it for a few days I would recommend anyone to buy this hair it’s worth the buy!


  60. I***t

    This is the second time i order this hair and i really love is it is nice to work with and soft and no bad smell


  61. T***h

    The hair is very soft , it didn’t really have a smell to it . As long as u don’t pack it down with products you’ll be fine . I washed or before I installed it which made it just a little bit longer but it’s true to length !! And the frontal is very good quality .


  62. A***

    The hair seems to be nice but the length not accurate, I will upload some pictures of it, when installed and am so very satisfied with the Seller’s communication, the shipping was pretty fast.


  63. D***e

    bundles are so pretty , with the virus going around shipping was still fast . they were very fast ok communication too and were very nice , will order again can’t wait for the install.


  64. D***s

    Y’all, this hair is beautiful and soft! The hair care in a little over a week. I got the 20 inch frontal and three 28 inch bundles. The hair is true to length when stretched. The bundles aren’t the largest but I prefer smaller bundles with curly hair. The bundles match the frontal before washing. I will update once I wash and condition. Great so far!


  65. Customer

    For the most part I like it, A few things were unexpected as a Hairstylist I made it work !


  66. S***e

    I’m really enjoying my hair I just installed it myself yesterday. No shedding no smell very soft. I would recommend this vendor to anybody. The communication was wonderful and it came right on time. I will be ordering again from you guys I really love this hair. I got so many compliments today when I went to the store. Ladies you will not be disappointed the hair is wonderful and the vendor is wonderful as well. Great customer service and shipping! A+


  67. B***s

    Hair is BEAUTIFUL!! I’ve had many people compliment on this hair. Shipping was fast, store communication was pleasent and answered every question I had. I would recommend this seller and I will definetely shop here again.


  68. J***s

    Beautiful hair


  69. A***u

    Very very please with everything. Came very fast, despite the global situation. Communication was fast & speedy & the bundles? I’m in loveee!! No weird smell, really soft, full and the curls are way better than I expected. Frontal is a little, emphasis on the little, thicker than I’d usually go for but, it’s not really a problem. Will be updating after installed.


  70. T***n

    Hair is nice but the inches are shorter than what i ordered


  71. T***s

    Love this hair. Very soft and the curls are beautiful!!!


  72. L***w

    Love this hair!!! Very soft, no shedding at all!!! 


  73. N***n

    The hair is outstanding. The texture is A1. Also the wave pattern is true to the picture


  74. Q***y

    The store was also very nice and respectful. Quick shipment , seller very good on communication hair is wonderful !! I think this hair is great I love the way it feels and it’s so pretty. I love it when it’s wet it gives that deep curly look .


  75. S***s

    The hair is absolutely beautiful the bundles are very thick and full also the hair does not have that corn chip smell to it over all I’m pretty pleased with my purchase


  76. N***d

    This hair is beautiful highly recommend no shedding just perfect.


  77. J***s

    The hair arrived fast and I had no issues with recieving my order. Customer service was great, I requested a 20″ frontal instead of the 18″ and they shipped me the 20″. The curl pattern is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to get my unit made. I’ll post pictures when its done.


  78. S***t

    I love the hair it’s very soft and no tangles or shedding. Vendor was kind and kept in touch w/ me every step until I got it.


  79. C***c

    I would love to say that This hair is great. I absolutely love it. The items came in 4 days. This came out very beautiful . The curls are beautiful, there is no shedding, but manageable. The frontal was the right amount of thickness, and laid perfectly with the see in. I highly reccomm this item, and I would love to purchase from this store again. The communication was wonderful. Thank you so much! 


  80. Customer

    Minor issue but store resolved instantly


  81. Customer

    Soft, no smell and exactly what i wanted


  82. E***i

    The shipment was fast, i was in contact with the vendor every chance I could and get replies quickly, the hair is soft and beautiful, I coloredinstalled it and made my own unit and I’m in love with it! Most definitely will order from here again. Thank y’all! 


  83. D***s

    This hair is so beautiful and soft ! I love it .


  84. T***l

    hair is pretty and came as expected the only thing I wished was that the 22in was a lil fuller but other than that no complaints at all


  85. M***h

    Shuangya hair is the best hair i have yet ordered from aliexpress. The store is very nice & communicatedvery well. The hair is soft and the frontal is also very nice. The hair DO NOT SHED , and VERY FAST shipping. It took 4 working days to get it. I have wore the hair 3 weeks. It really nice and Softs. I LOVE THIS HAIR WILL BE ORDERING AGAIN ! 


  86. S***i

    Curls are really nice. Made it into a wig , bundles were full. Had to pluck the frontal but not too bad. Will purchase again


  87. F***r

    Just Waaaaa, very happy, thank you to the deliverymen for being listened to and followed by parcels. I would put the realization of wig on my YouTube and Instagram : Mademoiselle_Ambani


  88. B***n

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful I’m in love with this hair and the unit I’ve made of it and the store had great communication


  89. A***r

    Love it !!


  90. K***n

    Very nice hair curls beautifully when wet looks amazing dry as well. Good purchase


  91. C***y

    Love love love this hair! This is my second purchase.


  92. M***s

    Amazing hair. I love it


  93. J***r

    This product is very good more expected, I have order another one instantly ,and the shipping I was fast I got my in 4-5 days.satiefied with the stores communication she follows up it every day sent me tracking number thanks very much.


  94. L***s

    Hair is beautiful just took forever to come but Im happy with the product


  95. Q***d

    Very beautiful hair, soft can’t wait to get installed, store was great with communication and I even got free lashes, will definitely buy again


  96. S***l

    I absolutely love this hair! It is my go-to hair! Took color super well! And does not tangle at all! The curls are so pretty and soft! Easy to maintain!! Love the hair ! 


  97. B***t

    so beautiful and real.curls bounce back after hair i have bought so far.i will surely come back fo more.very satisfy customer money well spent thank you. 


  98. S***e

    Product is everything I imagined perfect length and texture not thin at all can’t find anything to complain about I will definitely shop w them again 


  99. D***z

    Made into a wig ! Love this hair 3rd time ordering


  100. T***t

    The hair is so thick and pretty I love it!!


  101. N***n

    I love this hair! Seller contact and communication is awesome. Hair shipped fast despite pandemic issues. When i received hair it was love at first sight. This hair had no odd odors, was very bouncy&glossy and true to length (20 frontal, 22,24,26,28 bundles). Wefts are so thick, in the photo i didn’t even use the 28 inch, my hair was full with the 20 frontal, 22,24 and 1/2 of 26. For it being curly hair i love that there is not much tangling at all, as long you take proper care of your hair. Hair looks so pretty wet, the curl pattern doesn’t change. If you are looking for good quality affordable hair i recommend 100% Shuangya Hair, this is the vendor for you ! I will definitely order from this store again. No doubt about it!


  102. Customer

    Hair is amazing! No tangling, barely any shedding!


  103. S***s

    The store communicated very well with me and the hair is absolutely beautiful…Get yours today guys


  104. U***d

    I just received them they are beautiful


  105. A***

    I’m very satisfied with my hair I got 3 bundles of 28’ and 20’ Frontal. Seller was great with communication and I will be ordering again.


  106. A***n

    this hair is BOMB !! cant wait to install


  107. Customer

    the hair is perfect


  108. D***s

    Very Beautiful hair! Came in 6 days and that pattern is beautiful. Will order again


  109. D***l

    very beautiful! the hair is very thick despite the appearance of the bundles


  110. Customer

    The only thing I can say is who ever I talked to always was lying about my shipment.Other than that every thing was excellent!!!!


  111. I***r

    I couldn’t ask for anything better I installed this hair and had it for about 2 weeks and it’s still soft and I still get compliments. Will be ordering again !!


  112. T***n

    This hair took a little longer then expect given the circumstances but the hair is AMAZING it so free flowing and minimal shedding definitely will be ordering again


  113. T***t

    I loveee the curl pattern ! The hair came fast ! And customer service was great! Can’t wait to upload my pictures with my hair done !! Thank you !


  114. M***h

    The hair came within one week, I bought the 18 inch frontal with two 20 inch bundles and two 22 inch bundles. The hair is soft and easy to maintain.


  115. M***m

    The hair was super soft. It was full from root to top and extremely silky. The hair looks and feels super natural. I highly recommend purchasing. 


  116. Customer

    I absolutely love this hair. The curl pattern is so nice. If you are on the taller size I would order a inch up.


  117. T***t

    love love love this hair. from first touch and glance it is very soft, no smell and just BEAUTIFUL! at first i was a little scared because i thought my frontal was a closure but it’s not it’s a frontal. i love this hair and will be ordering again.


  118. M***e

    Beautiful!! I received the hair a week later they are good! I took 26-26-28-38 to make a nice gradient and I discolored that 🙂 IG:naao.mb


  119. E***o

    I love this hair it feels amazing! I made it into a wig and I haven’t put any product in it or anything but I already love it so much! I’ve already recommended ppl to buy it!


  120. C***s

    The hair is beautiful ! The frontal lace is too dark for my skin tone …it’s a weird medium brown but other than that the hair came within a week and a half in the middle of the covid pandemic ….YouTube @charelife


  121. B***n

    I love the hair. It’s so amazing I was scared to order but very much glad I did bcuz GURLLLL this is fire!! 10/10. Ima keep buying from here bcuz this is it! I will post pictures after I make the wig!


  122. T***e

    Soft! Beautiful natural curl! No odor! Thick bundles! Minimum shedding! Curls nicely! Great price! I’m in love ❤️ 


  123. O***n

    I love this hair I got it and used it for my channel to do a tutorial on and the hair color stayed on pretty good . I’m in love to be honest lol I have bleached it 3 times and it is still nice wow !!! I’m in love ! 


  124. V***s

    This hair is soft and beautiful has minimal shedding and tangling and holds curls like a dream and is super affordable I would definitely recommend this hair. 


  125. J***s

    The hair is soooo good ! I bleached it and all….. It’s so soft !!!


  126. A***o

    This hair is amazing I love it


  127. M***N

    Loveeee the hair


  128. P***R

    I paid custom fees


  129. S***o

    The hair is nice and soft, true to length


  130. G***y

    The hair is super soft, I bleached the knots and the hair and it maintained good quality. The curls are so nice and juicy when wet and gives a natural puffy texture when dry so you are able to switch up your style if you want.


  131. T***n

    This hair is the absolute best!!! It’s so soft and voluminous. Communication with the store was quick and not to mention shipping as well. I got my hair in three days. I bleached the knots and plucked my hairline and the lace just melts. I’ll forever purchase from this company going forward.


  132. A***a

    the hair is so beautiful


  133. H***y

    The best hair purchase I’ve made this far! I am a VERY happy and satisfied customer and will purchase again. Constant communication with store and also received a free gift! fast delivery the hair looks like the picture, love the curls, texture feels great through my fingers, it is super soft and really nice. Shuangya hair is best ! 


  134. T***x

    Very fast shipping! and good communication with the store. Seller gave me gifts also and the hair is veryy prett,I love this hair so much. this is my first time wearing one and it᯳ perfect little to no shedding. no tangling at all. I will be buying from them again,First time buyer. Love, LOVE the hair , very soft and silky. Communication with the seller was great ! very nice and on top of your order.True to length, the shipping was QUICK! Absolutely amazing. Looks just like my real hair. My first hair as well. Very natural,Looks just like the pick. true to length. Thanks so much. Will be buying again,thanks shuangya hair ,you are so nice 


  135. M***n

    The hair is beautiful, from texture to the length. I had absolutely no problem with the installation, no shedding what so ever. I would definitely recommend buying from the same vendor, communication between and the vendor was impeccable, all my questions were answered. 


  136. A***s

    I was kind of skeptical when I first ordered this hair. But once It came i was not disappointed especially when I got it installed. The quality of the hair is excellent for the price. I highly recommend.


  137. L***e

    It only took 5 days for me to get the hair even in the middle of the pandemic. This hair is bomb y’all I swear. I bleached the hair twice to get the lighter blonde and the curls never fell. Minimal shedding and like I said I bleached it twice! True to length and very soft. If getting longer hair I would get an extra bundle tho but overall I love it and recommend


  138. V***r

    Hair came fast not issue will defo buy again


  139. D***s

    Very pretty and soft hair….the curls are gorgeous. I always order my hair from shuangya hair …. they are very prompt when sending out orders communication is always on point and they stand by a good quality of products…… I love it


  140. S***n

    Hair is very soft to touch and the curl pattern is so pretty . No smell and got here extremely quick


  141. A***d

    So good hair, will definitely buy more in the future, highly recommend!


  142. B***r

    I received my product in good shape. It have good hair quality; very soft and fast shipping


  143. M***n

    I really really like the hair and the curls


  144. K***e

    The store stayed in contact with me. I ordered on the 06/16 and got it 06/23 due to the mailing and the virus. But overall this hair is great. There’s minimal shedding and it doesn’t dry up when’s there’s products on/ in the hair and I did make it into a wig.


  145. L***

    love the hair


  146. F***s

    100% human hair, good communication from the store going to order more.


  147. D***n

    So far so good. This is my first hair ever and I did it myself.this hair is amazing. Super soft, full, no smell and tangle free! The hair came as advertised and fits my head prefect,No plucking needed to be done to the hair. I love the hair, will order again!!  


  148. N***

    Love the hair!!! Second time ordering and it is so soft. The frontal melted nicely


  149. M***s

    came in 4 days I’m in love with this hair ! Seller was very nice and updated me about everything!


  150. Customer

    beautiful hair, so soft, first time of ordering this hair and am happy with the store, communication was good, there was a problem with my address, she was always there to fixed it with the Fedex. thanks, and thanks for the gifts.??


  151. K***k

    Great hair, very supple, is my favorite hairstyle, logistics are fast, stores communicate well, good shopping experience?


  152. Customer

    I love it it’s soft has volume & doesn’t have no smell also it’s comes with 2 medium brown caps & preplucked


  153. S***n

    Love this hair omg !! Fast shipping


  154. A***e

    Woooow! This is the best hair I’ve ever purchased and great price . One bundle was enough for a natural looking ponytail!order again


  155. D***s

    This hair is everything, I absolutely love everything about it and it came faster that I expected. I recommend and will definitely order in another length. 


  156. Customer

    I am in love with this hair. I had it for a couple weeks now and I haven’t had very much Shedding it does great with washes and if you want to stay in it the curls will bounce back when wet. The store had amazing communication, she even customized it for me. I have no choice but to buy this product again. I love it!


  157. Customer

    I meant to say I’ve been getting compliments ever since I installed this unit.


  158. S***s

    I don’t do reviews but this hair .. is IT. great communication. hair is beautiful.. love the curls. definitely for me.


  159. Z***s

    Great bundles


  160. A***m

    Very good quality hair, no shedding, true to length, easy to style lace. I love it. 


  161. A***a

    Absolutely love this hair, it looks so natural and it’s very soft. You really have to braid your hair so you won’t have tangle problems ! Recommend this hair ! 


  162. N***e

    Shipping was verrrrrry fast I believe I received mines within 3 days fastest I got from any packages. Now… this hair was worth my money idc what anybody else gotta say This hair is toooo fucking soft ok I don not get any tangle problems I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting this hair with no doubts about it!! I wish I knew about this company long ago ok But it is cool I most deff will be buying another one next pay lol. 


  163. C***x

    2nd time buying this hair, I absolutely love it


  164. K***F



  165. S***M

    The hair is very soft . I like the curl pattern.


  166. C***e

     just Love this hair!!! I wear the unit almost everyday, hardly no shedding and it’s easy to manage! I definitely recommend this hair from this company!! 


  167. S***s

    This is my 4th time ordering from this vendor and once again it is amazing!! The hair is super soft even after bleaching and it is true to length. Can’t wait to order again for my birthday! 


  168. A***s

    The hair is so nice, soft and thick, no shedding. It straightens very well and holds curls nicely. The store is extremely nice. lily kept in contact and communicated everything about the hair. I never really write reviews but I really love this hair. I will be ordering again very soon


  169. B***s

    shipping was fast took about 4 to 5 days to ship to US. curl pattern is beautiful, hair is soft and full, but not true to length.


  170. E***

    The hair is very soft and silky. Love it


  171. J***h



  172. Customer

    Hair is amazing!!! was very attentive and responsive,,,I’m definitely ordering again from this store


  173. K***e

    great quality just as advertised.


  174. L***p

    The lace is really nice and thin , the curl pattern is amazing , overall the hair is really really nice . If you are hesitating to buy, DO NOT BE !


  175. M***d

    Fast shipping free shipping


  176. W***s

    very nice and soft it ceme with a cap I love it ❤❤


  177. Customer

    Hair arrived to the UK very very quickly which was good, product just as described and hair feels so soft and came with 2 gifts! Not installed yet so no review on how the hair behaves so will have to update after install. Very happy customer.


  178. A***d

    it feels good not getting installed for a while


  179. A***h

    Thank you very much. Shipping was fast, am happy


  180. H***e

    very good communication with vendor. checked my parcel all the time and kept intouch with me. Hair came on time and i love it. No smell n very soft. will upload pics and give further review once i install it.


  181. E***a

    So far the hair is great. Does shed a bit but nothing too bad. Would recommend


  182. N***

    Wow I can say I love this hair it’s so soft and don’t have no smell and it’s true to length and they are thick bundles the frontal is nice I would be buying again and the store Communication was great and helped me out so definitely get this hair !!!!


  183. J***n

    Just beautiful


  184. R***e

    I love the hair


  185. A***H



  186. Customer

    Hair is great . And the hair texture is really nice as well . Only minus is that it does shed a bit but other than that the hair is beautiful


  187. U***p

    I love the hair, it’s a very nice wavy pattern and it came with a wig cap and a nice big bonnet. So yeah they get MVP


  188. M***g

    this is very good hair so soft no tangle i bleach and pluck frontal waves still there


  189. S***d

    The hair is beautiful, from the curl pattern to how soft it feels. It came with free bonnet that I’m loving and free rings… I cannot wait to wear this wig. The communication from the store was 5* also. I will be shopping from Shuangya Hair from now


  190. D***n

    Recieved hair in 3 days. amazing. true to length. there WAS some shedding after cowashing and install, but definitely minimal and I’d order again. overall Im pleased, I still haven’t plucked the closure more to my liking, it was very full but I did bleach the knots.


  191. M***e

    This is the best hair so far. It is lovely and true to length. Doorstep delivery to Nigeria. Soft and full bundles. I got 24” 26” 28” with 18” frontal. I highly recommend store. Got a bonnet and eyelashes free too. Thank you


  192. L***n

    I love the hair it’s nice and soft will add color and install. Will upload pictures when done


  193. N***n

    Love it already


  194. N***r

    I love it will get more


  195. T***n

    They hair came fast ! Good communication ANDDD it’s super soft true to length non spell !!!


  196. Customer

    The hair was very soft and long, Barley any shedding and it also came with a big black bonnet! I would recommend to get this hair


  197. A***n

    So I got my bundles yesterday I ordered 28” 28” 28” w 20” in frontal and it’s so beautiful. I made it into a wig unit and I’ll definitely order again


  198. S***

    The curl pattern is nice communication was great too


  199. V***r

    I would recommend the hair to all . Please purchase it is true to description


  200. M***e

    Very Soft !!! Small Bundles But Very Thick Tracks!! I Have Two Bundle & A Frontal ! I Have A Bundle Left ! Came In A Week No Smell ! Very Minimum Shedding


  201. L***s

    I love this hair making my wig tomorrow


  202. T***e



  203. Customer

    Absolutely worth every penny. I love the hair


  204. Customer

    item is nice.


  205. A***o

    I love hair. They are super quality and the price is reasonable. It untangles easily and the closure is already pre-customized. The store was really nice and friendly. I can’t wait to put them on.


  206. K***r

    I really love this hair , it’s very soft and full . I will be buying this product again!!!!!


  207. A***a

    Love ! Love! Love this hair weaves. Super soft, and good quality. Also true to length! kudos to the store too for communicating all through until my hair was delivered. I cant wait to install my hair and will definitely come back again to patronize this shop.


  208. Customer

    Ends were a bit dry when they arrived but washing helped. True to length and decent quality.


  209. A***u

    Received in 5 days perfect


  210. T***r

    This is the best body wave hair Ive ever gotten from Aliexpress. The hair has no shedding, does not smell and the bundles are very thick. The texture is soft and the waves do not go after combing through it. I bought four bundles because I like a lot of hair but I think I will use three because the bundles are so full. The store was very responsive all the way. Very polite. I got it in three days. Will post more pics when installed.


  211. I***t

    I really like the structure of this hair it’s really soft not a bad smell so I totally recommend this hair to you guys 😀


  212. C***n

    Nice but tangles a bit. Lace is a bit light


  213. A***l

    Shipping was amazing!!! Received within 3 days!! Hair was on sale for great pricing! I am in awe of the quality and will definitely be a returning buyer.


  214. K***k

    The hair is good quality. My frontal took minimal customization and the bundles were fuller than I thought. I used all 3 and it came out really good. I would definitely try this company again.


  215. P***d

    really nice hair. I ordered a closure but they sent me a frontal. I will make it work cause everything is nice about this hair


  216. R***r

    Had the hair for a few days now. The hair is very thick and full. The pattern is gorgeous. Everything about the hair is very much great. I love it. Will order again. The length is true to size.


  217. A***a

    Very quick delivery


  218. K***r

    This hair is very soft & shipping was very fast.


  219. B***a

    The product is soft but the ball is small, arrived very quickly I ordered the 4/12 and received the 9/12 I can not wait to ask thank you to the store


  220. K***e

    The hair came really fast and also lovely. Would really recommend


  221. R***i

    Thin lace , natural hairline, thick bundles , great store


  222. M***n

    I absolutely love this hair!!! they did not disappoint!! super soft, but there was some shedding which is fine, I made a unit and I used all 4 packs with some leftovers. At first it seemed like it wouldn’t be enough but I had to double the weft for it to fit lol shipping took 1 week so not bad, it also came with a bonnet and some little rings, super cute!… will be ordering again!


  223. K***g

    Hair was shipped within 3 days. It’s soft, I made a unit out of it now I can’t wait to install! Also The company was very sweet and helpful.!


  224. K***e

    Communication was excellent. Seller communicated with me immediately after order was placed. Customer service is the bomb. Hair is amazing. Will definitely be ordering again. Additional details will be uploaded after installation


  225. D***p

    Very soft and full # am very satisfied


  226. T***s

    Will be ordering again ..shipping came fast ..also when I bleached my knots lace didn’t change but the knots did bleach which i love and Came with a big Cap and great communication with the store..THANK YOU


  227. C***t

    Absolutely love this hair and it’s so soft and it’s my first time trying loose deep wave hair and I’m rocking it & I’ve have gotten so many compliments


  228. L***h

    very pretty Thank you


  229. M***d

    Dear thank you I will renew your deal with you I loved


  230. O***n

    3-24ins 20in frontal true to length no odor is soft doesn’t get tangled very satisfied with the hair


  231. K***s

    The hair is soft. The curls are bouncing and amazing. I recommend this hair


  232. Customer

    the hair is beautiful I love it.will give additional feedback after I install it


  233. Customer

    Good curl patern. I will leave an additionnal feedback when it will be installed.


  234. A***y

    Love this hair, texture is good just a little shedding, I recommend this hair.