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Running Leopard foldable bicycmountain bike 26-inch steel 21-speed bicycles dual disc brakes road bikes racing bicyc BMX Bik

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21 speed Lock forkOne wheel Lock fork
21 speed

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  1. M***m

    Hello everyone!! Seller 50 stars!! Before novokuznetsk for 2 weeks-respect, + he sent as a gift hinged-flashlight, bell, bag, wings, pump and tool!!!! Well done guys-so keep!!!


  2. A***v

    The view is excellent, came in 15 days from the moment of order. Gifts: pump, flashlight, water bottle, bell. About the bike i will add a tip later, when i ride a little.


  3. Customer

    Great for teenagers cool, but the son periodically tightens something, the powers of the bottle broke the next day, the son really likes.


  4. A***v

    Great bike!


  5. I***v

    All in full configuration,,,, store supper!!; ordered july 1, received july 18 affairs. lines,,, 320r. I paid to the threshold… when i collect and roll,,, i will add my feedback


  6. D***k

    I will add after.


  7. R***v

    Cool velas, everything works. There is a small tightness to iron on the frame near the rear wheel-for a 10-year-old boy nothing. Did not work speed on the asterisks of the rear wheel, bent the protection of the switch, turned off-earned. Sawing the saddle pipe 3-4 cm. Heavy for the child. Folds well. Purchase satisfied.


  8. E***k

    Everything came exactly as it should, except for the broken brake handle, the store sent a new one in return.


  9. A***v

    Very good store


  10. D***v

    I ordered two. Collected, tried on the street. I liked everything. I recommend!


  11. N***v

    Great very good. Ordered three great, really liked. We ride every day. For this price it is worth buying. When transportation broke the retainers of tracks, the only defect. Got 17 days before surgut.


  12. A***v



  13. I***v

    A bicycle for a teenager is suitable, folding is good. Who has hands to correct the flaws take. maybe everything. I came with a curve fork, the wheel did not get up. The store said that he sent a new, the track number does not give on the plug, promises that it will come. but most likely nothing will happen. on the dispute did not submit, but in vain. The rear spring is hard, for a teenager 10 years of adjustment does not help that there is something not.


  14. A***v

    Normal lisaped


  15. Customer

    Honest store


  16. J***a

    The bike is unrealistically steep .. The child is happy .. Delivery to belgorod region 3 weeks, the store is super!! Sent very quickly, always in touch, and for gifts special thanks .. Quality is super, seller umnichka .. Definitely recommend!!!!!!


  17. V***y

    With the bike were gifts, in the form of: pump, flashlight, water bottles with holder, front and rear wing. Thank you.


  18. V***y

    Delivery business in 3 weeks, it is fast. Gifts included pleased! Glad that he took it on the spokes (and i recommend everyone to do this), because the other on the casting was with a crooked casting. Great took for a girl, small and light, but my 105 kg is lucky and with an increase of 185 is also suitable. Rama was more than i thought. Well, the frame is steel, so the real 15 kg weight, this is not the rest great total weight of 8-10 kilo. The sidushka is quite comfortable, the amortes and the fork of the censures at the special forces did not cause-they set up great specs, with switches for 40 minutes tormented, some as set up. (although before that, special 2 was great for me for 30 minutes, and some kind of repaired). Equipment shimano here and does not smell, but what is worth-it works, let’s see what will happen next (then i will change to shimano tourney). For their money is great, and if another 2 k for a real shimano to put in it-there will be fire! Oh, also about brakes-cheap of course, but not slag, so for a quiet ride will go.


  19. E***n

    Great bike! Metal solid + nishtyachki (water bottle, handbag, flashlight, anti-theft, pump do not count, broke from the second pumping) for 9200 r. Candy!


  20. D***r

    Everything is fine, delivery by business lines 25 days. Asked the store to change the color, changed without problems. I recommend the seller, a bicycle for this money “fire”.


  21. A***v

    The store is sociable, everything is in the kit. Allowed the situation with the recipient, when the cargo came, i asked the seller to rearrange for a friend, as was in another city, great! One nuance, the front wheel which was separately in the package is visible dent, the tube also decided. The bike itself is excellent.


  22. M***i

    Thank you. I got it fast. The daughter is happy. I recommend.


  23. A***a

    Great cool!, but there are “pitfalls”: 1) went a long time. 2) no assembly instruction. 3) not tracked. 4) thanks to the carrier is great all scratched. 5) business lines as carrier is very not decent …..


  24. A***v

    The item corresponds to the description of a very many gift wings bottle bag keys hexagon pump flashlight. To be honest, it should cost more. I am very glad that you can buy quality goods. Thank you very much for what you are!


  25. D***r

    Can’t be delivered to our city!


  26. V***v

    Decent quality for this price. And now in order: brake pads quickly wear out, weeks 2 active ride or a month just ride. The water bottle flows, the fastening is not the strongest. For my height of 189 the steering wheel is low, the mounting for the steering wheel with variable angle is solved. Rear switch protection can bend when delivered, aligned with hand easily (dubious protection). Hexagonal disposable, for assembly for 1 time, then slots are merged. Wings are not enough but this is not the essence. Total, an excellent bike for 9300r. Yes, and the set is good, everything is out of the box. And yes, the assembly is simple, the back part is already assembled.


  27. Customer

    Bicycles really liked. Come quickly. They took them from the warehouse of business lines.


  28. A***H

    A good bike, for such money small shortcomings can be excluded, the bike was fully equipped thanks to the store. The seller is sociable. The child is delighted with such a gift.


  29. A***n

    Ok. Until st. petersburg 23 days. Courier delivery “business lines” to the apartment 170 rubles.


  30. E***n

    During transportation, gear shift protection rushed. Kind of corrected. And so a great bike.


  31. S***M

    In general, i put 5 stars, only for the fact that the sale sends new parts of the bicycle. I took two large, one fork with a curved hole under the bolt, the second fork under the 24th wheels and the fork itself with broken switches shock absorbers. Sold, sent two new forks. The biggest advantage for me is that folding. I do not spare to roll down the stairs, jump on the curbs, and jump like mad under the museum, trying to it. So far in a month nothing broke, the only creak, but to me on the drum. The transmissions are thin working poor, and they and brakes, and everything like norms. For my money i think normal are great, it’s not a pity to throw out if that))) Of the minuses, this weight is almost 20 kilos. Also the specificity of the design, for example, the trunks do not fit at all, took two different and had to collective farm adapters and drill, in short, who hands not from the ass will put the trunk, the rest can safely forget about it. Well, i call them “wounded leopard”)))


  32. K***v

    Quality of course. .. The child fell twice and broke the brake handle ((


  33. K***n

    I order the second, i liked it


  34. V***d

    For this money norms current switch was broken


  35. V***h

    Everything is fine but the delivery is long


  36. I***n

    Bicycle beautiful


  37. V***a

    The order was shipped a few days after payment. The store himself contacted, specified the place and address of delivery, asked the data for the transport company. Sent through business lines. In our city they were not, i had to go to the nearest and take them there. The bike came without damage, well packed, made qualitatively. In the kit everything is available, plus gifts, very nice. The assembly took two or three hours. The only thing with the wheel had to get mad, but it’s already our own fault, not so twisted. For this money the bike is very good, quality, comfortable, i recommend everyone and the seller, it is very sociable and the bike. Delivery took about three weeks.


  38. N***a

    Almost 3 weeks to moscow. The store is sociable. In general, the bike is satisfied, a little curve frame, probably because of the fact that the front wheel on it was lying. Despite this, we want to order more.


  39. I***v

    The producer was shy did not send within 5 days, to the question why does not send responded instantly, said that the city is not on the list of transport company business lines. Agreed that he will send to another city. On the bike of course there are small jambs in the form of rubbing but barely noticeable collected within 2 hours. Speed adjustment is a detailed video on the internet. Bicycle of excellent quality to purchase i recommend.


  40. T***h

    You can take it. Delivery to perm tc “business lines” 3-weeks. Whole.


  41. I***a

    Great super


  42. V***o

    Bicycles came on time. Quality, complete and delivery is very satisfied. 5 months ago i ordered the notorious alturism x9-so it was much worse and complete, etc. I recommend to everyone both store and bicycles!!!!


  43. Customer

    It’s okay.


  44. G***r

    It’s all right, whole, without a cocac. The producer immediately described, for a long time went from transbaikal business lines


  45. L***a

    Great bike. Bright. Many gifts optional, water bottle, pump, etc. The only negative in the delivery, they took it from the transport company. Satisfied with the purchase, thanks to the store. Good bike.


  46. L***a

    The bike came a week faster than expected. Collected in an hour, did not risk themselves, invited a specialist. Sending business lines. The frame came a little scratched. In the kit everything is: wings, bag, lantern, bell, anti-theft, keys, bottle, pump, store put stickers. My daughter is delighted! Thank you very much to the seller!


  47. J***r

    Very quickly assembled bicycle. I hope the bike will last a long time.


  48. A***v

    Chic great but plastic rare gavnitzo, the store sociable very much even answers questions quickly the parcel came before the deadline but the packaging was broken so i thought that the great khan will say more that the box was opened and the tape was then slightly rewound of course at such delivery there is chips scratches but not essential!!! In general, satisfied with the purchase of 100% great truth is very good but the seat is the ppc and the tube sooo long in the amort will work out!!! Configure or rather a little had to adjust the switching speeds in general they were already configured!!! Only need to reconsider the ways of delivery and responsibility when delivering because the delivery is mourned and not free to drive!!! At first, the steering wheel is not correctly installed already redone!!!


  49. S***n

    The bike drove a month before. Mines business lines, arrived in the package 135х70х 20. Ate shoved in ten. There are no claims to the store. During transportation, the front wheel rim was slightly bent on the axle of the carriage pedals. And the protection of 5 step switch was bent and this protection did not allow 1 and 2 gear to be turned on. In the box there was a package with a pump (works), a bottle and its bracket, a bell, a flashlight (works), a glove box and keys (hexagon and family).


  50. R***r

    A great bike for your money. The assembly is simple, there were no difficulties.


  51. R***r

    Bicycle money its worth the quality of some parts is not very, there is no assembly instruction, not everyone can assemble on their own, the steering mechanism leaves much to be desired in general purchase satisfied, the store has done its work at 5, sociable always in touch, waited almost a month and a half because of the delivery service the seller is not guilty to see how much is enough) )))


  52. A***v

    Do not buy from this store, the bike came late, the front wheel rim bent, spokes not stretched, only under the replacement, the seller promised to send another rim, extended the time did not send anything, in the future he began to be rude, now he does not get in touch, additional investments 2000 rubles, there are shops where Cheaper and sellers adequately envy themselves in communication, i advise this seller not to buy anything and not listen to what he promises before the customer pays for the goods, aliexpress made a decision in a dispute about the return of the goods, and this is an additional cost Ps. Worst and irresponsible seller


  53. A***i

    I watched a lot of reviews and accordingly a photo to them, the only thing that i want to add about the front wheel mount, it is quick, fixed with a clip, not on the nuts, as did some buyers, the bike is good, child 12 years very much


  54. E***a

    Chic bike!!! Solid 5 stars! Sending in 2 days. Delivery by business lines in 20 days. I paid for the delivery to the house 170r. Came with a couple of cogs on the frame, for me a little. Shimano speed equipment, rear sprockets lost ring rnr fluid drive. There is protection on the rear and front stars (in the photo you can see). The front fork is very strong, there is precise adjustment of softness and full lock. Very comfortable and soft sidushka. Of the gifts: the call (the quality is not wow, broke still on the way), the flashlight (cool, did not expect from it such. The store umnichka, even inserted batteries. It has a focus of light, range. Bright enough), the pump (also cool, does not even release the air while inflating the wheel) and much more. Only there was a problem with the fastening of the steering wheel, solved it, removing a thin washer from under the steering wheel, and twisting the bolts as in the video on the internet, without this did not want the steering wheel to hold (or very tight spinning). But with the help of the internet everything is ready and i’m happy!!


  55. E***a

    Buy the second bike from this store. Complaints only to the transport company business lines that managed to send cargo to novosibirsk instead of novorossiysk. There was a delay about a week on delivery. In quality everyone is happy. Seller recommend.


  56. A***a

    I didn’t. Great great. I will order more. Bearing for steering slightly damaged during transportation


  57. S***v

    Received …. until collected. I carried out an inspection, like everything in the kit, like sobiru, unsubscribe… packed well, but there were holes on the box… on the frame there is a otbitai paint (((sad, great new! And so it seems great, the norms have to be tested.


  58. H***a

    Velek looks cool. Came with marriage on the wing (cracked fastening)


  59. Customer

    Arrived in St. Petersburg for 18 days business lines. Over the price they took 170 R. For bringing from the warehouse. From damage to 3 small chips of paint and bent protection of the rear speed switch, but it is made of soft iron and straightened with your hand. Switching speeds tuned quickly, all 3×7 is. The front wheel was assembled, the rear was assembled. The steering wheel was not immediately assembled-the cables were thrown to the other side, the strut in the steering tube is not inserted to the end-fell out when installed, had to be clamped back. Seatpost 25 cm. And the hilly saddle changed immediately (for 185 cm and 90 kg will not go). I’ll change the pedals until they get off. The wings are short, especially the front, the plastic lantern on 3 tablets does not climb into its mount. Bottle and flask holder not in color with frame. The very large is very good-light, wheels on industrial bearings, cartridge carriage, normal handles with removable solid horns without plugs, front switchable and rear shock absorbers. It took half a day to configure and assemble.


  60. Customer

    The order came to Buzuluk for 3 weeks, took it from the warehouse of affairs. Lines today, the box in the bag is large in the Largus placed with folded 3 beside and put on 2 row, complete with a bottle for liquid, pump, handbag, flashlight is not big, stickers, until collected, the appearance of the whole, thanks to the store for the fast shipment, the seller recommend.


  61. N***v

    I recommend


  62. R***r

    Everything is fine, but apparently when delivering a water bottle was cracked.


  63. E***a

    Got, collected, rolled, liked.


  64. A***n

    The bike was sent for a month, in the assembly is very light. Brought business lines. Prodovets recommend.


  65. R***n

    Thank you very much all got all kind of hint all works store normal


  66. Y***v

    I order not the first time from this store, always everything is fine!!! All questions solves, I advise


  67. E***

    Led Super! To Voronezh 2 weeks business lines! Whole! Thank you.


  68. Customer

    The order came in time all OK.


  69. R***r

    Thank you.


  70. M***a

    The bike has not yet been rolled over, as it behaves in operation yet I can not say. Visually the bike is good, all whole, little scuffs. Collected quickly for 40 minutes, all spare parts were enough. Wings are terrible, bent, but it changes. The seat pin, as written in the reviews, is really long, you will need to cut off. Quite heavy, the footrest does not hold well, balances on the verge, falls forward. It is still necessary to adjust and adjust everything, so as not to get lost and creak.


  71. R***r

    The goods went to the Moscow region, exactly a month.


  72. A***w

    I ordered the child a bicycle, the store was generally more than responsive, sent the goods for 2 hours after the order on delivery of “business lines” to Abakan the goods came for 2 weeks, this I myself did not expect, many thanks to him for his responsiveness, during the order for my all questions answered, Moreover, I sent more cycling gloves for the child as a gift, in general, the seller is super, for everyone I advise to buy from this seller, at least he did not screw up like many other sellers in this case. Seller Super recommend


  73. A***v

    Bicycle for this money generally fire


  74. Y***v



  75. A***O

    Great came quickly. Thank you and store and TC business lines. The box is all like a grid, I will post a photo. The 22nd birthday of the son, then we will open up…


  76. O***v

    The bike is great. In addition to it went: swing. Mount for bottle and bottle. Lock. Flashlight. Footrest for great. Handbag. We are happy.


  77. Customer

    At first there were heads. then the colors of the ordered did not find, then to my small city can not send and at all delay of sending. But the store managed all the problems. As they say, through ternia, but completed the order. The seller’s rating is excellent for this. The bike itself is in excellent configuration, and given the price, I am very pleased. A separate thank you to the seller for the persistent fulfillment of the order on the sail of the United fate of mankind. Yeah Thun.


  78. M***m

    Very good store, sent quickly, I was hoping for March, in Murmansk came in late January. Ordered December 25, packed well, there is a small breakthrough on the box, it is likely to be the Mail, the goods are safe, and also there are gifts from the seller, for which he a separate thank you! Recommend, seller Super!


  79. M***v

    The quality for 4 for such money is excellent. It was great for more than a month. The defective came: the front fork is bent, there are chips on the paint, there are not enough plugs of the rack, the chain tensioner is broken. He wrote to the store with reluctance offered me 400 rubles. opened dispute returned 1500. I’m happy enough to repair.


  80. N***k

    The store is sociable since the delivery of business lines is not carried out to my city, asked the seller to change all the data and my parcel came to my friend in the neighboring city at home, had to pay the delivery in the city 170 rubles.


  81. K***n

    Super quality! Thank you, no extra scratches and bike quality top!!! 🙂 store sociable and friendly!)


  82. N***a

    Very good, actually chic is great for this money, the store is always in contact, shipping about 3 weeks to the Urals, packed well all the whole box is not mentioning, collected quickly son 11 years very and very pleased to recommend to everyone, rolls to complement the review.


  83. Customer

    The goods are excellent, very satisfied, reached a month and a half to chuvashiy, extended the processing time, after that only sent the goods, thank you for the gifts did not expect, and so everything is fine, ordered from Russia


  84. I***v

    Got it as described. There are chips, most likely in the process of delivery.


  85. Customer

    All Super


  86. V***a

    The chic bicycle of 2 months Shole is true but the quality of pedal norms directly on replacement


  87. R***k

    The bike is just fire. Very good, pretty durable. So far did not do the shutdown because on the street banal winter and cold (although south of Russia). Totally justifies his money. What about the store? So he sent literally in two days (ordered from Russia) and the parcel went business lines 11 days. Recommend everyone who wants a simple but stylish and at the same time practical bike.


  88. G***n

    Advise you producer and bike 5 + Thanks


  89. М***

    Great came for a month and a half by business lines in cotlas! Got without problems! I already order this bike for the second time only the first other company delivery was only to Arkhangelsk spouse and it is a little less than this! Bike very cool everything works Paul bought wings, flashlight, mirror although with it go accessories


  90. A***v

    Great waited 2 months and not received (opened dispute money returned


  91. R***r

    The bike looks decent. its quality will experience the sister, she is delighted with its snap and look! Thank you store, manufacturer for the product, gifts!


  92. K***v

    The bike took a discount because of the not correct packaging a little deformed front wheel and so its money is worth


  93. V***o

    It’s great.


  94. I***a

    Super! We are very satisfied with the product


  95. Y***n

    Great. great. Only footrest from the child) wife is satisfied, only received on May 9, instead of March 8 (when ordering February 2 …. Type Chinese new year and later (coronovirus)?


  96. A***v

    The shorter the big came in a whole box, all framed, paint in places blown, the bearings in the fork are collapsed, immediately took it to repair, it is better to add and buy something better.


  97. Customer

    Spoiled packaging during transportation. Broken paint with parts and frame.


  98. O***k

    Very responsible and contact store! Recommend!


  99. G***i

    I want to thank you for the fast delivery. The bike came without delay. The son is very happy. We ask in the future to provide bicycles with technical passport and assembly instructions. It would be nice to send bikes complete with a protective helmet, especially for children. Recommend the supplier. Thank you so much.


  100. R***r

    While everything is fine, everything is fine. I’ll try to unsign.


  101. P***k

    The store is great. The bike came at all without defects, packed very well. Going for half an hour, adjusted the gear shift on yutub. Recommend!


  102. G***r

    Bicycle in Moscow arrived in a month. all in excellent condition. many thanks to the store!


  103. V***e

    Came in ten days. With a bunch of gifts. Quality satisfied. Recommend.


  104. V***j

    Come quickly, thank you.


  105. G***v

    Thank you to the store, the order was received only 5 full days before the city of Magnitogorsk. Delivery to the warehouse by the company business lines. Item weight 20 kg. The bike was taken to his son for his birthday. My son liked the bike. The goods are good, everything is super. The seller is responsive. Recommend.


  106. R***r

    Very long delivery. I ordered the goods from Russia, as a result I received after one and a half months. Packing is bad, took 2 bike from this store, all the boxes are torn around the hub of the rear wheel and from this damaged. One at all was bent frame. Another whole, but with scratches. There is no choice, but next time I would not order these bikes.


  107. K***V

    Everything corresponds to the description. Well done.


  108. J***o

    Great excellent, well done. Delivery month and ten days, no tracking at all, but the store said that he would arrive on June 10 that day and arrived. The seller is sociable.


  109. A***a

    In Ekaterinburg, the bike arrived quickly (4 weeks). The bike is good, the description corresponds, but not without jambs. A small Dent and a bevel on the frame, a speed switch is deformed-the rear wheel locks. Damage is likely during transportation. Adjusted, all lubricated, fixed problems, run.


  110. V***v

    Delivery by business lines just over a month. Packing big. Great in almost assembled form. Packed normally, the frame is wrapped with foamed polyethylene. There are no scratches and damage. Wheels are even. He screwed the front wheel, saddle, pedals, put on the steering wheel. Comes with an additional bottle with mounting on the frame, convenient. Flashlight with fastening on the steering wheel (shines). The pump is small (kicks norms). Handbag, stickers, call, front and back wings. I liked the bike. Big One. Weighs 16,5 kg. Happy with the purchase.


  111. L***a

    Wheel rims are plastic, the front axle is very thin only 6 millimeters, it is generally very small, on the rope at the back speed was absent, because of this, all the speeds do not switch, wings very thin and rear cracked came, had to order new from a Trugo store, opened dispute on 1000 group Allie express returned money, Delivery 22 days.


  112. D***n

    Shipment was long, delivery too, 1,5 month delivered. So delivery to any of China, although they write that from Russia. delivery by business lines. Almost everything came up, some plastic parts opened, scored it, not significantly. There were invested gifts from the store, did not put. Itself is great cool, painting is good, with the assembly there were problems, without a file did not cost, the front brake disc lay behind the fork and clicked, I had to fight. And so-it’s OK, the seller is very sociable, answers questions very quickly. But the delivery time kills everything.


  113. K***o

    All came very quickly, in good condition, plus in the kit


  114. A***v

    Thank you all, the packaging has passed, the bicycle in the kit is very happy. Thank you !!!


  115. A***v

    Price quality there are chips of paint transportation is good bike assembled went well


  116. R***r

    Great. When delivery, the brake handle broke. The store also put a gift


  117. S***k

    Fast shipping! Quality worthy! For a small amount it is better not to find. In Russia, the same bike is twice as expensive! I advise the store!


  118. U***u

    In Moscow came for 1 month. The store is good, the shot is answering. The right bike came with small chips on the frame, at such a price for me is not so critical.


  119. O***r

    Received in time


  120. S***o

    Great good. Wrong with the size of the wheel. Sad.


  121. D***n

    The bike is just super!!!


  122. R***r

    A good bike, the purchase is satisfied, the declared characteristics are normal, the store is sociable, solved the problem with the transport company about the delivery time, I recommend this seller.


  123. A***v

    37 days of waiting, while brought to St. Petersburg, 170r. For delivery from the warehouse of business lines, 2 days of assembly, installation of hinged trivia and adjustment of brakes and gears, and you can go. This is the 2nd in this store, in it, unlike the first, even the transport box was smoke-free. Saddle with pin, флягодержатель, pedals and grips put under itself (185 cm., 95 kg.). But the kit is also not bad. Speedometer and trunk.


  124. Customer

    The bike is not bad, but here is the fork and bearings for replacement, the store is sociable, all questions answered immediately, 5 stars to him, delivery long, 01 May order issued, on June 22 arrived in the city of Murmansk, as a gift bag, lantern, bottle, etc. D


  125. Customer

    Came great faster than expected! It’s OK, with wings, pump, handbag and flashlight. Folded neatly, the packing is not torn. I’m very happy!! Delivery by business lines.


  126. V***i

    For its price is normal 8500, however on the frame in the area of the steering wheel there is a splinter of paint. Minus-attachments are weak, but 2 months I think enough


  127. N***a

    I ordered 18.05, today I never received 29.06 goods. The store was pulling time.


  128. D***g

    Everything is fine


  129. R***r

    Good bike good looking


  130. I***a

    Great Bike! I recommend to everyone! Pleasant and unexpected gifts: bottle with stand, lantern with Mount, bicycle handbag, kachok and Castle))) to the Orenburg region. Came for 2 weeks) very quickly)


  131. N***v

    The bike is very good for your money. Since in the city Pechora transport company does not carry business lines, took to wukhta. With the receipt of problems arose, delivered quickly. Assembled, rolled, noticed that the Rockies do not all switch, adjust the rear perfectly, the front is not yet working. And that’s what I advise everyone. The producer is sociable, answers all questions.


  132. N***a

    Good afternoon! The goods came defective! Rear wheel with defect! Sprockets are planted with a huge backlash. Gear switching is impossible. When driving, the wheel Wills. Pedals are also defective. Repairs are not subject. Please replace the rear wheel assembly and pedals.


  133. L***l

    Качество изделия среднее.