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Running Leopard 26 inch 21 speed bicycle front and rear shock absorber mountain bike cross country bicycle student bmx

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21 speed Lock forkOne wheel Lock fork
21 speed24 speed

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  1. O***v

    Delivery month. He took it from the warehouse himself. Brought in the box. Packaging is not the most reliable. Under the green bag the box was torn. When delivered, the protective bracket of the rear caliper was bent, and so that she pressed it to the wheel closely. The bike itself leaves a good impression. Plus pump, wings, flashlight, lock and other trifles in addition. I will add after trips.


  2. A***m

    Great bike!!! Delivery of 21 days by business lines for a surcharge of 176 rubles to the entrance, although on the site the amount was 649, and at the first call 880. Once again, another operator called 176 on the volume and agreed .. The child really liked. Asked the store to pack well. The seller packed perfectly, nothing scratched and did not bend during transportation. As a gift put everything as in other reviews written (flashlight, bell, pump bottle and mount for it, cable from theft, bag). there is no fastening for the leg, nowhere to attach. For this shot one star. Thanks ali and the seller!


  3. S***V



  4. T***o

    Delivery within 19 days to the urals. Quality is quite even good. The kit includes a lot of gadgets (pump, bag with keys, bottle under water, lock on the cable, flashlight, bell). My daughter is very happy.


  5. N***v

    Great bike. Complete set.


  6. O***n

    The bike is good, but the transportation leaves much to be desired by the goods on the road as they want from this and deffects!


  7. F***r

    The order came quickly. Everything is intact. Put and gifts to the bike. Collected for 1 day. Not without the help of the internet of course. Purchase and store is satisfied. I recommend


  8. I***a

    The bike came to the place of delivery exactly two weeks after the order, the store is responsive, always goes to contact and quickly answers, solves the issues in the positive side of the buyer. All bicycle parts were in place, including front fork plugs, in addition, one of the plugs performs the function of the fork lock, in the closed position the fork does not work, in the open works. Yes, there are minor shortcomings, but for such a price everything is super. Bought for a child aged 7 years, for him a bit too big, but he really liked the bike, rides with pleasure. In our city such a bicycle with such a mechanism of switching speeds, disc brakes, front and rear shock absorbers costs 17000 rubles, while not folding, and this folds and it can easily be placed in the trunk of the car, only the steering wheel has to loosen and turn if you put it in the trunk of the sedan, but it’s not difficult.


  9. G***b

    Great norms only the wheel rear bent great but this transport jamb and so great fire especially hit the pump as the vase works all no simple


  10. E***v

    All is well only pedals expected better but this is the price


  11. V***v

    The order was made on june 15, delivery is promised until july 7. Until july 5 there was no information on the tracking of the goods, wrote to the store and he replied that they will deliver until july 10. The delay and lack of information were unpleasant, but on july 10th received its order.


  12. E***a



  13. R***r

    The bike for its money is excellent, let’s see if it does not fall apart during operation .. Of the shortcomings: a lot of cheap plastic, the quality of attachments leaves much to be desired. Of advantages: design, foldable frame, gift gadgets. Oddly enough shock absorbers work, even their lock. The size is great-if the removal of the steering wheel to turn inside-on a small person, if outside-on a large one. I’m 180 cm tall-take out, and i’m even too big. Sent quickly-less than a month. From blagoveshchensk to kovrov. Successful all pokatushki)))


  14. E***v

    Disadvantages: the order came from the moment of payment 27 days. Tires do not inflate, very sagging under the cyclist (my weight is 83 kilograms) and constantly descend. Packing is strongly wrinkled, torn in places of fastening. During delivery, the rear brake disc bent. The gift bottle smells like chemistry, i wouldn’t drink it. When switching speeds down on the rear sprocket switches directly to 2-3 speeds, although forward normally. Ragged stickers. Advantages: its price certainly justifies the bike. A set of useful trinkets-a framed bag with a reflective tape, a pump, a set of keys for assembly, a bottle holder, a very simple bike. Pedals with aluminum frame well hook shoes. Pre-installed protection for asterisks, in the market will have to pay extra.


  15. R***r

    Thank you very much, the bike is chic, i’m just happy.


  16. A***H

    Very good is great, but if brought whole i had shortcomings and damage! but opened a dispute and all ok details will buy everything ok!!)


  17. S***k

    As always, everything is very cool


  18. R***r

    Came for 3 weeks “business lines”. The child is happy!


  19. E***y

    Great great! For a child of 7 years is too big! We ride ourselves!! Assembly instructions no! Mom and son did not gather themselves!


  20. O***n

    Thanks to the store the bike is very cool and i like it. The order came as on schedule as is. All equipped optional flashlight flask pump and so on. Collected in 2 hours.


  21. A***n

    Arrived great fast enough, the problem was with delivery-bent the rear disc, the store promised to send a normal disc, while had to buy the spokes on the back in the local store, i will wait for the disc from the seller. In the rest everything is fine, a beautiful bike of its price.


  22. A***v

    Bicycle (at first sight) of decent quality and, most likely, costs more than their money. But, not yet collected. The store is good! Communicative, sociable. Worried about the fate of delivery and safety of the goods. But, keep in mind that this is not shipping (free), but logistics. Who needs delivery to the address, it needs to be ordered separately from the transporter and for additional. Fee. Great packed quite reliably, there are no complaints. The complete set is complete, great is partially assembled (apparently, that the dimensions of the parcel were smaller). While everyone and everyone are happy. I recommend the product and the seller. After assembly and testing, maybe i will add a tip and, most likely, i will customize you, dear friend, another buyer (also, from kaspiysk). Good luck and prosperity business, friend!


  23. I***v

    For 7 k is very good. There are shortcomings but, decide


  24. A***n

    A good bike for your money. Going easy. I bought my son, age 10 years. Delivery is long-month. Even if you order delivery from russia, the store first from china brings to russia, and then sends tc.


  25. D***a

    The bike is normal, only as already repeatedly written: pedals, sidushka-unconditionally under replacement. In general, everything is ok, its money is worth it.


  26. S***h

    Good quality product for this price. Delivery business lines took a lot of time. The estimated delivery date is incorrect do not focus on it.


  27. I***O

    Terribly dissatisfied with the delivery time. The order was almost a month and a half, of which the last 300 km from khanty-mansiysk business lines carried seven (!] days. Company business lines rubbish natural. And for the carriage of the box size of a meter per meter 20 and weighing 8 kg took 2090 rubles. You can. The bike cost a little more than 7000, and for the carriage of 300 km take a third of its cost. Will i then use the services of this company? Of course not! Them. Review complement after bike assembly.


  28. Customer

    The parcel came quickly, the bike was assembled in a couple of hours because. Everything is clear without instructions, which by the way was not. I really liked the bike, thank you to the supplier.


  29. K***n

    Cool bike. All pulled up and went. Thank you very much.


  30. V***a

    Bike just super!) i liked everything, for the growth of 165 is too big, as it seems to me, i barely get to the ground) ((and so everything is good in the course of transportation a little torn box, but the contents did not affect. The store patiently answered all questions!)


  31. D***v

    The quality of the bicycle on the triple.


  32. A***n

    The bike corresponds to the description. Delivery by business lines is terrible. The track was not tracked, the carrier several times carried the delivery time. Delivery to the house 187 rubles., removal from the machine (unloading) costs an additional 350 rubles. For a 10-year-old child bicycle bolshevat. Going easily, but not configured speed and brakes, in the workshop it is about 500 rubles. The box in the car comes in with great difficulty, for transportation it is better to use the wagon.


  33. V***n

    The bike is super, complete everything, from flashlight to bottle and bags, but delivery month. Business lines steer


  34. D***v

    Got, while all just class


  35. D***r



  36. A***y

    The product was sent by the transport company business lines, which had purchased the goods for almost two weeks, and so received it, collected, the rear wheel was pierced, the side was Dent well, come on, the store returned 300 rubles for the purchase of a new camera, the transmission is not configured!


  37. A***v

    The bike is super, the girl likes.


  38. R***r

    Waited 2 weeks, all came fire


  39. V***v

    Guys, it’s just super! All collected, all pulled and went! Great just class. Yes, it was bent back to shift speeds, but from business lines I did not expect another. Leveled just by hand and everything is OK. I’m glad. And many more different gifts from the store.


  40. O***i

    Velik came in 25 days business lines. With the help of minor manipulations on twisting the front wheel, steering wheel, seat and some trifles turns into a full-fledged very cool bike. The weather does not really allow, but I rolled on it a little, the impressions are the most positive. Ordered an 8-year-old daughter, from spring will start riding on it, though the pipe of the seat fastening will have to be cut off for its height. Together with him there is a bunch of accessories, everything you need for a great one. In general, the order is very satisfied, especially for 5400 rubles. Thanks to Alik’s coupon.


  41. R***r

    The bike is great. The store answers all questions. Delivered in three weeks. The son is very pleased. Seller recommend.


  42. D***T

    Everything is fine, everyone is happy. Delivered in proper condition, found only a couple of scratches. For their money is enough and looks decent. Collected without much difficulties, everything is clear even without instructions, everything is easy and convenient to adjust. Special thanks to the store for all the necessary accessories included.


  43. V***s

    The bike is good, the store quickly sent and pretty well packed, but shipping business lines delivered in terrible condition, although the bag was whole, but the box was very badly deformed from the damage of one spoke of the front wheel and the protection was rotten.


  44. N***a

    The order is delivered quickly, everything is safe. Recommend the store. It’s just great.


  45. V***a

    The bike is not bad, there are small scratches on the frame. The frame is a little bent, and it is most likely a marriage from the factory, when watching the front of the bike on the rear wheel, then it is not related to the front, hope the ride it will not affect, now check no way, only in spring. For the accessories separate thanks to the store.


  46. K***a

    Great only for adults, and for high. The box came not whole, the pump is broken (


  47. A***k

    Received the goods by the transport company, packed in a cardboard box that burst in places. Well additionally packed box in a bag and wrapped with ribbons. Wheels like not curves, paint rubbed in several places if you look closely, not critical. We’ll collect.


  48. K***a

    Velek normal seat definitely change and so everything is fine. After rolling I will supplement. I recommend taking his wife.


  49. M***v

    Great Super, the store easily goes to contact, answers all questions!!


  50. E***a

    Sent quickly to the NN through business lines. Everything is securely stocked. We were very pleased to see the included handbag on the bike, Bell, flashlight, anti-theft and even put on us stickers. Bike with rear wing from dirt. Great purchase.


  51. R***r

    A great bike, despite the epidemic went whole. Attached were useful gifts, the only thing that missed a couple of three bolts for these gifts, but as in the saying “gift horse in the teeth do not look.” I am happy


  52. E***a

    Great norms of their money is worth


  53. I***v

    Cool is great, only got married either with transportation or with the wheel itself. It’s curved. Still you need to adjust the seat for yourself, and then often “twist” and so awesome Great! <3


  54. I***v

    Sidushki harsh, put gifts, in Russia quickly came days for ten, but in China for about 40 days were hanging out, and so everything is fine, the store answers quickly


  55. M***h

    It reached Krasnodar in 16 days. Description accurate. welding sucks. In one place, it’s not cooked. Speed is not included all. as well as the bike is normal. Let’s edit the speed, I’ll add it.


  56. A***n

    Everything came whole. It’s been about a month.


  57. P***v

    Delivery is less than a month by business lines. Ordered 22.05 A received 19.06. Small damage on the box, but inside everything is whole and without scratches. It looks very good and kind of high quality. We’ll check for how long. Drives like branded and work. It’s very nice that they put a lot of additional things: wings, a water bottle, a front lantern, a footboard, hexagon, call, pump. The only negative is the absence of instructions for assembly and adjustment. Internet help. I’ll ride along.


  58. E***a

    Overall bike I liked, only for my 158 cm height it is high, the bike is folding, delivered from Russia to my city 5 weeks, it’s very long


  59. D***r

    Quickly enough delivered from China. Only 25 days. There were 12 days in Russia. Honest store, does not promise impossible. When packing, the plug lock switch was broken. Chose led with delivery ostensibly from Russia from another seller, so that month does not pass to TC, this is how the season ends.


  60. W***i



  61. D***v

    The bike is normal. Shipping fast. Upset only one thing, ordered delivery from Russia, and sent from China and did not report it in advance. For this I shoot 1 star


  62. M***v

    Got in the business lines… so then hemor is the one)))… so then in general the fox is satisfied… that is, there are small jambs… scratches there on the body… but assembly is still a pleasure))) hours 2-2.5 thought that and where and how! And this is even on cycling went and more less imagine what and where… and so the store did well and put pluski… cheap but complete set… still the truth was not tested in the case… let’s see what’s next)))


  63. R***n

    Came a whole


  64. I***n

    Came without any scratches and damage, all the switches were configured. Which is important! The assembly is very simple! I advise the store the delivery is not long exactly 21 days since the purchase after 5 days poisoned the goods and in 16 days was already delivered!! Before Nizhny Novgorod. did test drive good bike


  65. W***i

    OK OK


  66. Customer

    Thank you store!!! Goods shipped through business lines? What is very pleasing!!! Received in 2 weeks!! on later skin photo!


  67. V***v

    Great came in excellent condition, almost three weeks, included pump, keys, bottle with Mount, handbag, stickers.


  68. V***v

    Welded seams look terrible, and so the equipment is rich, the saddle is not comfortable


  69. E***V

    Delivered in two weeks. Set full (only one cap on the wheel lacked), rubber air holds, pedals rotate, Shimano cars (whether the firm is true, whether the Chinese in the edge swallowed and print the brand on their creativity). The minimum test is not large. Let’s see after the run in a couple of three hundred km. At least I don’t like that expression, but for that money norms. Add the review later