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Roborock S5 Max Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Home Smart Sweeping Robotic Cleaning Mope Upgrade of Roborock S50 S55 Mi Robot

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We offer three year warranty for the robot. If there is any damage, we will send you the parts for free, please you install it (we will send you the installation video). But if it is artificially damaged, you need to pay some fees.

Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Every Day Mopping Made Easy

Ultra-large Electric Water Tank

The electric water tank of S5 Max has a brand-new ultra-precise peristaltic pump
and it is large to hold 290ml of water, good for mopping 200sqm once.

Precision Water Management

Precision water management gives you control over the amount of water used, so you can choose

the best amount for cleaning different floor types. And the water tank is testedfor 1500 hours following the robot.

High Precision Navigation

A high-precision laser navigation system scans your room at 300RPM,creating areal-time map of your home.

Adaptive Route Planning Algorithms

Adaptive algorithms calculate the most efficient cleaning route for each room based on shape

and location of obstacles. So the cleanup is up to 15% faster.

In-Depth Scheduling

Advanced scheduling allows cleaning to be set for different times on different days,

even different suction and water levels, for specific rooms or an entire floor of your home.

Virtual Barriers and Zone Cleaning

Place virtual no-go zones and barriers, or direct the robot to clean specific spots and are as using the Roborock app.

Virtual Barriers and No-go zones

Place no-go zones and virtual barriersusing the Roborock app

Dedicated No-Mop Zones

Set no-mop zones around carpets, so you can automate mopping without worrying about soaked carpets.

Consistent Mop Pressure

A spring-loaded mop pushes the mop pad onto the floor with a constant 300g of pressure,

giving you mopping that is as thorough at the end as it is at the beginning.

Long-Lasting Power

Intense suction easily lifts dirt off hard floors and drags it from deep inside carpets,

while a large 5200mAh battery keeps it cleaning for up to 190 minutes in Quiet Mode.

High Climbing Ability

Climbs easily over 0.8in (2cm) high thresholds and carpets,

automatically switching to maximum power when cleaning carpet.

Automatic Water Shutoff

Water is shut off completely when S5 Max is docked,so you can leave the robot filled up and ready for the next mop.

Smart Top-Up

When cleaning a larger space, the robot calculates how much space remains for it to clean

and returns to top up enough to finish, rather than recharging to 80% each time.

Easy Mop Installation

Using a unique drawer design, the mop bracket can be installed and removed quickly and easily,

without flipping the robot over or removing the water tank.

Fast and Easy Maintenance

Maintenance should be easy and fast, which is why the robot includes

a quick-release main brush, mop bracket,water tank,and dustbin.

A washable air filter and mop pad allows these items to be used longer before they have to be replaced.

Package Contents:

1 x Sweeping Robot, 1 x Charging Dock, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x Mop Rack, 1 x Mop, 1 x Waterproof Pad,

1 x Muilti-landuage Manual (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)

Based on 167 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. D***v

    Ordered delivery from Russia, from the moment of order to the moment of receipt of the order in Penza it took 5 days. Delivered the courier. Everything is fine no complaints to the store there. There are small claims to Xiaomi, due to the fact that neither the robot nor the app is localized in Russian, but hope this is a matter of time. You can use without problems


  2. B***s

    The Robot ir perfect. The app allows to control all it’s movements and define all areas. Package arrived in two days.


  3. M***y

    Purchase is very satisfied! Standing apparatus. Delivery was made from China (there was no access to delivery from Russia) in the end delivered in 8 days, 10 days before promised, the store many thanks! Packaging worthy


  4. R***i

    The vacuum came in 4 days to Romania, with delivery from Poland. The package was sealed, and was packed in 2 carton boxex. The vacuum was not damaged. For the moment it work s, but does not clean a bigger carpet. It can cross between the level passea between rooms. But not bigger than 2cm and 90° angle.


  5. E***a

    With delivery from Russia brought in 3 days. The store answers instantly if you ask questions during working hours. I recommend! For all the time orders for Ali is the best shopping experience, both in terms of goods and in terms of the seller.


  6. S***o

    Very cool dust. The wife is delighted. Delivered in 4 days home.


  7. S***v

    Prompt dispatch and delivery of the order. Thank you!


  8. V***V

    The vacuum cleaner was delivered to Nizhny Novgorod for 1 week. Ordered on Sunday, on Friday the courier called and offered to bring the goods from 16:00 to 18:00 home. But I’m at work at this time. On Friday the courier did not go to me, but agreed to bring from 16:00 to 18:00 to work next Monday, which he did. The vacuum cleaner bought as a gift to his wife on March 8. She is still happy, I too))) We deal with control through Mi Home, but so far with difficulty, In Russian, the vacuum cleaner did not teach.


  9. M***s

    Delivery 3 days, the courier brought home. The vacuum cleaner is really cool. Thank you store)


  10. P***v

    Everything corresponds to the description


  11. K***z

    Super !!!


  12. Customer

    Delivery to St. Petersburg 2 days. Courier home. Works super. The robot does not tupit clean every day.


  13. A***v

    The robot is excellent, came without damage, unpacked and immediately put into work. Downloaded mi home connected to wyfah and everything, did not have to do anything else. App on the Russian. The instruction is true without a description in the Russian language as well as the voice package of the robot. The robot, like the store, is happy. Not satisfied with the courier delivery IML, brought the order 6 days before Vladimir. The first time so long delivered the order from the Russian warehouse.


  14. A***v

    Very fast delivery taking into account the holidays, ordered 05.03, came 11.03. Tried, great thing.


  15. M***k

    The store is good, the delivery service is bad: do not warn in advance about the approximate delivery interval; spoiled the box.


  16. A***n

    arrived within 6 days to UK from their Poland warehouse. No duty to pay, shipped via DHL. English instructions and device was set to English voice as default out of the box.


  17. I***n

    Everything is fine, sent immediately, delivery in 3 days from the Russian warehouse. Very satisfied with the purchase and I advise everyone!


  18. Customer

    Everything is fine. Only the packaging was broken quite strongly (the upper draft box and even the inner one), the hole was taped, but the vacuum cleaner was not hurt due to the inner gasket.


  19. A***n

    Delivery for 4 days before St. Petersburg. Handed in. At the time of purchase, the only store with availability in the Russian warehouse.


  20. R***i

    I’m very satisfied


  21. Customer

    Came quickly. IML by courier. The vacuum cleaner came from 30% charge. Works. Went through the whole apartment. 90% space scanned for the first time. Control via mi home. Branded application in Russia is not available. Language messages English. No Russian. Cleaning as stated preventive. Dust, light dirt. If you regularly use and strong pollution to clean manually, then the purity will be.


  22. V***

    Everything is fine! And fast! Vacuum cleaner top! The store is also the best!!! Recommend!!!!)


  23. D***v

    Ride and evenly carry the dust around the house it is excellent! Good helper to maintain cleanliness


  24. I***u

    Order arrived intact, as advertised. Satisfied customer !


  25. B***e

    For now perfect, the receipt of the order very fast. The vacuum cleaner looks great quality. I ‘ve spent the first aspire of the whole house and perfect.


  26. D***c

    Could I hit the copy of shipping from UK. Doszedł faster than than appeared tracking number. Puściłem it for now 4 times. I am mega satisfied with effect. Cleaning takes him ok 1 H. I really like the service application, representation spaces, algorithm making Route etc. To check was me yet mopowanie.


  27. O***r

    Funny toy, wife in delight, children joy animal-shock. 5 +++ from a warehouse in Moscow to Krasnodar for 5 days, courier to the doors. 5 +++


  28. I***v

    Vacuum cleaner Super, exceeded expectations. Delivery of IML to Saratov from a local warehouse in Moscow is quite long, arrived for 8 days, although everything usually comes in 3-4 days. The map builds fire. For cleaning the house 200 m2 in one floor took 222 minutes plus one intermediate charge of hours 4, but the result is satisfied. Surprisingly well washes the floors at maximum consumption. I ordered a set of brushes and filters spare, but the other store, here ended.


  29. Y***o

    Very fast and convenient. Thank you!


  30. T***k

    Fair price, Delivered in 3 days from PL warehouse. Came in original transport cardboard box. Global version recognized correctly in both Xiaomi Home software and Roborock application. Robot can be synced only with one app at time! Firmware correctly updated over it. Tracking number was provided but delivery service failed to update it. Original box and packaging seal were teared and taped with clear non factory tape but there was no signs of usage on equipment. LDS stopped rotating during 2nd cleaning session. As nothing from outside was blocking it moving it slightly with hand solved problem.


  31. A***n

    Delivered quickly by courier. The vacuum cleaner is super, the language has not changed to Russian, mutters in English. Removes diligently, washes also well, after breaking into rooms and setting up places where there are carpets to use became a pleasure. The only negative is the presence of furniture in the rooms that you have to constantly move to the robot there removed)) but this does not apply to the shortcomings of the robot in general I recommend both the store and the device


  32. I***v

    Everything is very cool. Don’t be happy with our assistant. Removes quite clean, overcomes significant obstacles, looks cool. Packed well, arrived days for 10, delivery by courier IML. In black color is beautiful, but all the dust on it is visible, keep it in mind. In all other respects satisfied very much, take it-you will not regret it.


  33. G***r

    arrived quickly, very good mop and vacuum


  34. M***v

    Arrived days for 10 to Siberia. Cleans well wash the floors until he tried


  35. D***v

    Best Buy for lately


  36. E***n

    Perfect!!! Ottivo store excellent product


  37. R***r

    Great vacuum cleaner. Removes perfectly, and the management is simple and logical.


  38. R***-

    All right. Super fast shipping. Order a Saturday morning and arrive on Monday.


  39. P***o

    really fast delivery even during confinement period in Spain, just 2 days! I’m still testing the robot (it’s still charging battery) . I will add comments on its performance later when I tested it for some days.


  40. K***a

    Doręczony in 2 days! All comply with the description. Contact Super!


  41. T***i

    Item as described, fast shipping. It works really well. Good price


  42. A***r

    Very good quality and service!


  43. K***k

    Super shipping flash from stock in Poland 3 days


  44. I***s

    Spectacular. It’s the second robot vacuum cleaner I have, the previous one already has its good 6-7 years, and it was much more basic. I ‘ve been watching videos of how this works for some time, and it doesn’t disappoint. You fill his water tank, you put the mop on him, you program daily cleaning and enjoy impeccable ground. When I vacuumed with the big vacuum cleaner and then scrubbed, when I lay down on the mat to do exercises they looked like hairdressers, the mop or whatever. Not now, he takes everything. I’ll have to scrub once a week because on the edges there’s about 5cm left that doesn’t scrub, but it’s all clean. I like everything you can do with programming, like separate where the carpets are so I don’t water them, program by rooms or send it to a specific area for example when you remove the sofa. It takes away a lot of work, and for those of us who have pet at home it’s a must.


  45. L***s

    Super product


  46. P***r

    Strongly recommend this store, delivery within 2 days with Polish warehouse! Roborock S 5 Max miraculous


  47. M***o

    Product arrived really in a few days. Tested and confirm the excellent product. For the moment no problem.


  48. L***s

    Delivery time was rather quickly (couple of weeks), as item came from European warehouse. Super happy with how smooth it works, also washes floors with wet mop. Able to climb over books and other toys left by kids. I think the biggest advantage is the lidar active remote sensing system, vacuum is very precise and draws very good map for the app. Why I have chosen this vac is the fact, that all the spare parts are sold in Aliexpress (battery, brushes etc) and it´s relatively easy to change them. I compared Xiaomi S50, S5 MAX and S6 and most bang for the buck you can get with S5 MAX with price tag around 400€ Biggest drawback of this vac is the fact, that you can´t save more than one map. If you have two story house, then always one floor will be new and vac starts mapping in every now and then. Still this is not a big problem.


  49. Customer

    Outside box was kucked! I hope cleaner would be OK. Quick delivery, 4 days from Poland/Germany to Slovakia.


  50. C***n

    Good product and fast delivery.


  51. Customer

    all is great! 🙂


  52. P***k

    Recommend store. Fast shipping from Poland. Buying on Saturday, goods U Me in Wednesday intact. Roborock S5 Max.


  53. Customer

    Excellent assistance. The robot arrived in Italy from Poland in just 3 working days. Exceptional.


  54. S***i

    Delivered in 3 days, great value!


  55. Customer

    Very fast delivery (to Ireland 6 days ) its connected with wi-fi immediately , everything looks great


  56. M***L

    Very good


  57. R***l

    All ok


  58. D***r

    Great and smart device, cleans and mops very well. 🙂 Able to distinguish between a standing ok object and a person, so it doesn’t try to move around people.


  59. R***s

    Super fast dellivery in 4 days, perfect product, good store !


  60. J***o

    I m very satiesfied with ir. my wife loves it. it does a great job.


  61. Customer



  62. Customer

    I’m happy with the food and the product. Delivery ce funny, but normal on the background on the situation in tsyala Europe.


  63. O***r

    Really nice helper for cleaning home,just all my devices China mainland server,it’s different region. Thanks for additional product.


  64. T***a

    The vacuum cleaner is just great! Everything is super! I drove quickly, I’m very pleased! About the vacuum cleaner itself, you can find a lot of information, unpacking in yutuba.


  65. S***v

    I bought on sale 27.03.20. The store sent a heater for 2 kW as a gift. The vacuum cleaner is great. I am very pleased with the purchase. The seller is reliable, I recommend.


  66. P***p

    Super vacuum cleaner, super store!


  67. V***v

    Delivery came quickly, the boxes are not damaged. With a vacuum cleaner came a promised gift-heater.


  68. S***v

    I bought it on sale for 10 years. It came very quickly, by courier to the door. Packing and goods-everything is whole, everything corresponds.


  69. A***v

    Great robot vacuum cleaner. Great store. I recommend it to everyone. After sending from the Russian warehouse it was 4 days.


  70. A***V

    Everything is just fine, the vacuum cleaner is super! Bonus sent the heater! AAA +++


  71. V***k

    Great store. Sent the goods already the next day. The estimated delivery time was given one month. The order was delivered to Moscow and presented 5 days after its registration. Learning to work like this! Thank you.


  72. M***o

    The vacuum cleaner is great! Courier IML delivered to the door in a couple of days. As a gift gave a convector for 2 square meters. Shipping within a week after payment.


  73. D***v

    All as always cool, as a gift brought a heater Xiaomi, unexpectedly when a gift is more vacuum cleaner…


  74. A***v

    Great vacuum cleaner


  75. Customer

    Fast shipping. Seller recommend.


  76. F***e

    Sent a vacuum cleaner with a gift, took for 32000


  77. Customer

    Seller very OK, very fast shipment and no damage, recommend


  78. Y***N

    I recommend ordering will not regret it!!!!!


  79. K***a

    Excellent robot, long thought, chose and did not regret


  80. A***v

    The vacuum cleaner itself is excellent, fully corresponds to the description, perfectly copes with its functions.


  81. U***r

    I tracked this product online from it’s starting point in the EU to my home (UK). Product arrived as described – the box seal was broken but the contents were all new, sealed and untouched. I have run several vacuum and mopping sessions and everything is working as expected. Very satisfied with this store.


  82. E***o

    All perfect and correct fast shipping


  83. P***i

    this robot vacuum cleaner is an excellent product. vers helpful in the household. I am satisfied with the store, shipment, etc.


  84. D***h

    Well, to say that I’m happy to say nothing .. I’m in shock! This thing without which just nowhere, like a dishwasher, is needed and this assistant will not be replaced. Pachet every day, everyone is totally delighted. Washes also excellent before washing floor, wet you need a rag pre-and it turns out without divorce and strips, in general very satisfied. Installed the app quickly, and at any time I start it, no matter where I am, everything without problems turns on and makes it clean. There are defects of 1,5 centimeters, generally no problem for him. Delivery in 3 days to Germany. In general, some pluses, I can only advise .. Really facilitates life and saves time.


  85. E***a

    store is very friendly and very asap answer the letters. working very good,


  86. R***r

    Sent within a week, the store replied. Delivered to the apartment. Packed well. Haven’t used yet


  87. A***v

    Excellent vacuum cleaner, I recommend!!


  88. G***g

    Perfect. Works with Xiaomi Mi Home app


  89. D***V

    Vacuum cleaner really like it! It is also as a dishwasher and washing machine helps on household. The store quickly sent the goods and patiently answered all questions. Thank you.


  90. I***s

    The store is great. The vacuum cleaner from a warehouse in Poland to Riga arrived in 5 days. The dust itself is a wonderful assistant, the house became cleaner, creeps every day, the only thing I want to note, very like to chew the wires from the charge, straight adores, when cleaning, we remove the curtains on the windowsill, to not eat, he also loves navigation at altitude, Wet cleaning is very suitable for us in summer on the second floor flies a lot of dust, in general, it makes life and fun for children. Before buying carefully studied a bunch of reviews in the Internet and they all highly recommend this vacuum cleaner to buy as the perfect combination price-quality-functions.


  91. Z***u

    Good stuff. Good price! Hope it last


  92. I***v

    To Kaliningrad delivered in 10 days, the courier brought home. As a gift there was a heater. As received, immediately put Russian language. The version of the vacuum cleaner is global.


  93. K***n

    Bought for 10 years Ali, 30200r with coupons and discounts + Gift heater smartmi 1s 2200 W, thank you very much to the store did not expect the dust excellent, the brush collapsible hair is easy to clean, russian voice put as above in the review described, got what he wanted-sucks, wipes his wife is happy.


  94. Customer

    Delivery to Penza 5 days until I figured out how it says Russian, but otherwise super!


  95. J***o

    Really easy to install. The first clean/map went really smoothly after that I could divide the rooms via the app, also extra floors are possible to add. I got impressed because it can pass over 2cm higher doorstep. Really happy with the product


  96. E***y

    This is one of the most long-awaited purchases! I’m very happy to get this assistant. Yesterday received and immediately turned on the dust perfectly, the floors will test normally, although I have not yet figured out how to include the function of the cloth and how to install the Russian language)))) in general, I am very pleased and advise everyone of this producer and vacuum cleaner. Seller communicative quickly sent the order and I received it before delivery was scheduled)


  97. K***a

    Ordered the goods 15.06 on the summer sale for 28 K. The goods shipped only 29.06. The store wrote that I process the order for a long time. The vacuum cleaner itself is super) cleans perfectly. Like I used to live without him)


  98. J***h



  99. A***w

    Great equipment very fast shipping I am very satisfied


  100. Y***e

    The vacuum looks great! I haven’t tried it yet, though. I ordered with USA plug, was shipped with euro and a travel adapter so it’s ok by me. I just wished it was the adapter was of better quality, everything is loose; it’s loose in the wall, and on the vacuum end! As you can see in the picture the fit is too loose to properly sit in the socket. I know that it won’t last and I’ll have to change it! Packaging was very well done double boxed and I received it 2 full days ahead of schedule. Overall I’m very happy with the transaction! I contacted Roborock USA to see how I can proceed to get a proper power cord. I will update this review, once I get a response.


  101. U***r

    Great product thanks!


  102. J***e

    I am greatly impressed with shipping speed. I received in 3 days. Seller is excellent. This is the new S5 Max model 2020. I will be trying it out soon


  103. Customer

    All smoothly and fast. Works without objections.


  104. M***i

    Super fast shipping. I recommend this store.


  105. D***k

    Is brilliant. I had concerns but completely bezpodstawnie.


  106. M***r

    I’m still studying. No Russian language. Delivery by courier-15 days to Samara.


  107. D***r



  108. Customer

    Sent 2 weeks but came in 3 days working well but to mi H only with the Russian region


  109. S***n

    Super!!! Thank you!!!


  110. Customer

    Delivery has tuned. 3 days later than in the description, which I find quite OK. No damage. Item as described.


  111. Customer

    Fast delivery!


  112. S***v

    The vacuum cleaner is great, very happy. Sending 15 days. Delivery-week.


  113. Customer

    All norms, the vacuum cleaner is excellent, the store sent quickly, but the delivery of IML is something, the Courier on Thursday took the parcel in Novosibirsk and brought it to me only on Monday. The seller would have given up the services of these idols


  114. Customer



  115. A***e

    The best vacuum cleaner. Long waited. But it was worth it. with all the discounts took for 28350


  116. B***j

    You advertised with 7 day delivery from Spain to The Netherlands, that was my main reason to pick your shop. However it already took 11 day for the package to be actually send and then delivery was done at day 15. I don’t understand why it needs to takes 11 days to put a sticker on a box to do the actual shipping. that was a bit disappointing. Managing customer expectation is important and you failed to do that. However the product is as described so that is positive.


  117. S***v

    The store is super, delivered literally in a few days by courier. The vacuum cleaner is baldened, cleans the shit. The only one who cleans, washs, and understands the maps of the floors correctly. Once forgotten the remnants of water drain before leaving, it is better not to forget, dripped)) drained, washed like a new, very convenient to clean and maintain it.


  118. M***k

    very fast delivery


  119. R***.

    Got it. IML must be signed, could bring a week earlier. And so everything is fine, we test.


  120. A***o

    Delivery to Moscow in 3 days after order. The thing is chic, I put vodka in the tank, you can use it as a car. Podschofe is cleaning up the car. In fact, so that the water is not acidification, completely dry the tank is not real. In the new firmware can remember up to 2 cards (I.E. On 2 floors if necessary). Corners often go around with some stock, it could be denser. I do not have enough of the carpet area symbol. Usually on the trajectory on the carpet comes from the corner and at the light carpets the angle is often wrapped, well, the zones of curtains for lidar considers them to be obstacles. Can add sometime in new firmware.


  121. M***k

    Excellent product


  122. V***V

    The class is a very cool thing. If you just created a family then be sure to buy three things. Washed, dishwasher and this is a miracle robot vacuum cleaner .. They’re free in three for so long. We go around the house not dust now under our feet. Removes once a day 20 minutes 1 room apartment 28 m square. You can much less often remove the main vacuum cleaner. Navigation is just a class so clever to ride among the speckles .. Comes in and under the children’s chair and bends the legs of the table .. Etc. Drives very skillfully .. From the baby hid the robot under the bed… Very easily there finds a base .. I advise you to take .. I thought these robots were Ballet. But this one is so great. It’s nice sometimes lying on the bed watching him do your job.


  123. V***v

    The goods are satisfied. Description corresponds.


  124. W***k

    Fast delivery. Good product


  125. A***a

    I finally got my robot today. The goods are happy-already tried the work. Everything works, the quality is excellent. Delivery waited a long time-three weeks in the nearest Moscow region. Apparently I was not lucky with the presence of goods in the warehouse in Russia.


  126. A***a



  127. V***v

    The parcel went very long. As if not from Russia.


  128. M***a

    Great vacuum cleaner! Full set, Russian fork (ordered delivery from Russia). came in less than a week. Works in the Miha with the Russian or European region


  129. I***v

    Got his robot, problems were with delivery, wrong figure in the index. I manage via Mi Home. Instructions for Russian no, I master the method of rear. Please write what consumables are immediately better to purchase.


  130. E***

    Very cool thing! How have I lived without him before? And where he only finds so much dust, garbage and wool from animals. Washes the floors are also not bad. I have laminate laminate in my house, does not leave any divorce.


  131. G***i

    Product is great. Cleans and mops. Easy to use. I am very satisfied with my purchase! Thanks!


  132. D***r

    Shipping took way too long. Not the shipping in general but the store for sending it


  133. Customer

    Very fast delivery, the goods fully correspond to the description. Thank you.


  134. S***a

    Great vacuum cleaner! The best one on the market right now.


  135. A***.

    Great product, does the job well, no issues neither with setup nor operation. There was slight delay with dispatch from store, but store responded quick and got delivery up to speed. Satisfied.


  136. S***k

    Long sent. Wrote a claim to the store, apologized and said that as compensation we would send the IP camera. When the vacuum cleaner came, there was no gift. I wrote again. They said to add to the cart the camera and do not pay. Changed the cost to one cent and here. The camera arrived today. Everything works. The server really had to choose Chinese, which would make it work. The vacuum cleaner works with the Russian server.


  137. L***z



  138. B***s

    Super reliable. Works flawlessly and communicates via phone. Awesome


  139. D***v

    Great vacuum cleaner. The store sent for a long time, but then it came quickly. I recommend the product. Autumn is happy.


  140. I***a

    To the store there are no. The goods are quality and everything is fine. But transport company IML failed. To Moscow, the goods arrived in a couple of days, in Moscow under the status of delivery by Courier (to the Mail) hung 11 days. If I didn’t write letters to management, I might not have sent them at all.


  141. D***v

    Vacuum is fantastic. Works very intuitive and quick. My wife is satisfied. You have to know that charge station has to be installed in a place free of items about half meter around. Recommend this store for quick response and best support!


  142. M***s

    Fast shipping, got it in a week. From PL to LT.


  143. Customer

    Great machine, as advertised, cleans and mops well, fast delivery from Polish warehouse.


  144. A***e

    this is the fastest delivery from China to United States that I have received in my entire life. proclaim on excellent conditions. I was waiting a few weeks before sharing my thoughts. I highly recommend you this store if you have any problems he will response you.


  145. A***k

    Very cool sales! Sent promptly, delivered quickly! It’s great! Thank you! Recommend!!!


  146. V***v

    I made an order on June 15 with delivery from Russia. I read praise reviews about the instant delivery)) As a result, the store sent the order only two weeks later, on June 29. In Moscow delivered the next day. So two impressions)) Delivery is fast, sending limp))


  147. A***n

    Very nice product. Works like a charm. To bad you need a dual app due to server issue (don’t work on China). Fast shipping time. Good communication. Recommended store! Thanks!


  148. I***a

    Супер. Очень довольна покупкой.


  149. E***f

    Very good though it doesn t save 2 floors. very fast delivery


  150. V***v

    Всё отлично, товар пришёл тот, который заказывал, продавец отвечал на все сообщения, отправил всё быстро, рекомендую!


  151. H***h

    все норм, но у меня претензии по срокам доставки, очень долго шло, при доставке из Москвы по России, целый месяц. Поздно выслали потом тупил IML, доставлял до Почты России 2 недели. Несмотря на все порадовала Почта России доставила за 3 дня.


  152. I***v

    Просто бомба!


  153. Customer

    It’s good. Only issue is that the US plug isn’t really a US plug, it’s a EU plug and they provide a travel adapter for it.


  154. L***o

    все огонь. Пылесос сосет не себя. Ну ещё и пылесосит.


  155. E***V

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