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Outdoor Misting Cooling System Kit For Greenhouse Garden Patio Waterring Irrigation Mister Line 6M-18M System Caliber Is 0.4mm

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Choose from a wide range of models for a variety of scenaries
Easy to operate, easy to use, fast to clean
Can be used to humidify and water the garden
Can automate irrigation, make your hands free
PE material, high safety factor, more confidence in use
With smooth surface, it contain water and resinous composition.
It can be used for cleaning the ceramic tiles, preventing the tiles from blackening and getting mildew.

Model Number:ETC-MP-01
Plastic Type:PE
Sprayer Type:Pump
Nozzle:Brass body with stainless steel orifice
Nozzle connector:Slip lock connector
Tubing:Food grade PE tubing
Power supply:tap water
Application:cooling Humidification


(The caliber is only 0.4mm, the nozzle interval is about 60CM)

Scope of application: plant dust removal and humidification agricultural horticulture irrigation
6 meters white set: 3 meters water supply pipe, 3 meters spray pipe, 6 spray seats, 6 nozzles, 1 faucet connection, 1 plug, 20 ties, 20 pipe buckles
9 meters white set: 3 meters water supply pipe, 6 meters spray pipe, 11 spray seats, 11 nozzles, 1 faucet connector, 1 plug, 30 ties, 30 buckles
12 meters white set: 3 meters water supply pipe, 9 meters spray pipe, 16 spray seats, 16 nozzles, 1 faucet connector, 1 plug, 40 ties, 40 pipe buckles
15 meters white set: 3 meters water supply pipe,12 meters spray pipe,21 spray seats,21 nozzles,1 faucet connection,1 plug,50 ties,50 pipe buckles
18 meters white set :3 meters water supply pipe,15 meters spray pipe,26 spray seats,26 nozzles,1 faucet connection,1 plug,60 ties,60 pipe buckles

1. Clean the dirt in the gap of the tile first. The depth of the gap is more suitable for 2-3 mm. It is recommended that the gap be too large and then use tile reform.
2.Tile the tile reform upside down and shake for about 20 seconds, tear off the sealed aluminum foil, unscrew the cap, point the nozzle vertically at the tile gap, and evenly squeeze the paste along the gap. Then squeeze out the paste and tear it off after scraping the paste).
3. Use a small scraper (or quilting ball) to scrape lightly back and forth a few times to make the tile reform evenly enter the gap. It is recommended to apply more times to make the gap fill up and fill as much as possible.
4. After scraping, remove excess paste and allow it to dry naturally. It is recommended to dry for 2-3 days. It should not be touched during the period.
5, for large or deep gaps can be applied several times every other day.

1. Please try it in a small area before use, and use it normally after no adverse reactions.
2. Depending on the use environment, it takes about 2-3 hours for the tile reform to solidify.
3. After tile reform is hardened, avoid washing with water, especially hot water.
4. It can still be used many times after opening, but remember to seal it to prevent direct sunlight.
5. It should not be used when frozen, avoiding childrens contact. ,
6. Do not rub your eyes accidentally. Rinse immediately with water and consult a doctor.
7. If it is not used up after opening, the needle-nosed cap needs to be rinsed with water before placing, so as not to block the needle-nosed mouth with the remaining tile reform and affect the next use.
8. The temperature is low in winter, tile reform may become sticky, it is recommended to soak in hot water before use.
9. Suitable for storage and transportation temperature -5 ℃ to 50 ℃, outdoor air temperature below minus 10 ℃ is not recommended to buy and use, the temperature is too low, it will affect the use of tile reform.

Installation steps:
1. It is recommended to install the atomization system at a height of 2.5m to 3m.
2. Connect the adapter to the faucet.
3. Turn on the tap and clean the system for 1 minute to clean the system and remove impurities.
4. Screw the spray nozzle onto the tee fitting, except for one nozzle at the end.
5. Turn on the faucet to clean the system for 2 minutes to ensure that the system is completely cleaned.
6. Close the water and install the last nozzle to the joint, using the end plug.
7. A saddle clip is provided for fixing the atomizing pipe.
8. Turn on the faucet until the atomizer is working and enjoy the cooling atomizing system.
9. When not using the atomizing system for a long time, close the nozzle and keep it dry and clean.

Packing list:
1set * Atomized Sprinkler
Dropshipping is highly welcomed,No invoice or promotional materials included

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H79fdad8b76fe42a18e6ee4c88c5fce0al Outdoor Misting Cooling System Kit For Greenhouse Garden Patio Waterring Irrigation Mister Line 6M-18M System Caliber Is 0.4mm

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