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Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

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Mi home sweeping robot

High IQ, sweeping clean and sweeping fast
Intelligent path planning Gale pressure suction remote intelligent control large battery lasting cleaning

Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

Smart enough
Many sensors such as LDS
Map generation, path planning
Automatic recharge
Breakpoint sweep
Strong enough
Large suction fan
Floating main brush
Dynamic speed side brush
10mm cleaning along the wall
simple design
5200mAh large battery
Remote intelligent control
View maps in real time
“Smart, think like a person”

HTB1vyJVbRCw3KVjSZR0q6zcUpXaU Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

Based on the evidence, I will plan the cleaning path at home.
I have a large number of sensors that synchronize the acquired data information to my three “brains” – the processor, which simulates the thinking of the brain.
And collaborate with each other, handing the collected data to the SLAM algorithm, building a room map, and real-time positioning. Divide areas according to the map and plan cleaning paths,
Form a sweeping path along the Z-shape of the edge and complete the partition cleaning task one by one.

LDS laser ranging sensor
Multi-sensor work together
Three independent processors
SLAM algorithm

HTB13fdNbL1H3KVjSZFHq6zKppXaU Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

A pair of alums, let me accurately detect indoor space
High precision laser ranging sensor
The LDS laser ranging sensor is my eye, which scans the room at 5 × 360°/sec for distance information. When the laser is projected onto an obstacle, it will
A spot is formed in my eyes. At the same time, the image sensor calculates the center distance to the laser ranging sensor* based on the pixel number of the spot.

5 × 360° / sec scan
1800 times / sec
Maximum precision range 6m
Error 2%

Smart, three brains make me think independently
Three separate processors are my clever “brains” that mimic the way the brain thinks and collaborate, synchronizing acquisition and processing.
Sensor information, through positioning and calculation, build maps in real time and plan cleaning paths to make sweeping more efficient.

Quad-core application processing with ARM CortexTM-A7 architecture
TI Texas Instruments
Digital signal processor
ST STMicroelectronics
ARM Cortex-M3 architecture microcontroller

HTB1T44RbRSD3KVjSZFqq6A4bpXaL Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

Full sense, I can always detect complex environments
Different homes have different space environments. How can we meet various family environments? I cover the sensors of 12 mainstream robots.
9.6cm The height of the fuselage can easily enter every corner of the home, and the cleaning can be done gracefully and invisible.

HTB1lHBObMaH3KVjSZFpq6zhKpXaj Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

Wonderful, industry-leading SLAM algorithm
Synchronous positioning and map construction algorithm, also known as SLAM algorithm, is used in high-tech projects such as NASA Mars Rover and Google Driverless Car.
Calculate according to the precise distance information obtained by the laser ranging sensor, the gyro direction data, the odometer data, the accelerometer data and other comprehensive data.
This algorithm can build a room map in real time and accurately know where it is on the map, thus providing a comprehensive path planning guarantee.

HTB12r0PbRiE3KVjSZFMq6zQhVXaR Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

Take your own path and complete the cleaning task efficiently
I will clean up based on the map drawn by the SLAM algorithm and the planned cleaning path. With the cooperation of the sensors, I can know
The distribution of indoor ground objects, the identification of obstacles and the planning of cleaning paths in real time. In order to ensure the cleaning effect and cleaning efficiency, I will use the Z-shape after the extension.
The cleaning path, complete the partition cleaning one by one, and complete the cleaning task efficiently.

HTB1w7VPbSSD3KVjSZFKq6z10VXaP Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

Cleaning has a focus, I can clear the area where to go
Open the Mijia APP, drag the cleaning box on the mobile map, I can only work in the box selection area. Tap the phone map to set the target point, I can drive on my own.
Don’t worry, I will get lost. I can build maps in real time while driving, and automatically plan the walking route to avoid obstacles ahead.

HTB1gCdUbRKw3KVjSZFOq6yrDVXaI Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

Don’t worry, I will automatically refill and break the point to continue to sweep*
Scan and position the cradle with my own laser ranging sensor to identify its position on the map. when
After the room is completely cleaned, I will automatically plan the route back to the charging dock. On the way to cleaning, if
The battery is less than 20%, I can automatically return to the charging stand, when the battery is charged to 80%, I will still
Go back to the last uncleaned location and continue cleaning, eliminating the need for repeated cleaning.

Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

Clean the ground, give it to me
In addition to being a “smart” robot, I am a good helper for clean cleaning. The whole machine floats on the ground and the powerful high static pressure fan can effectively vacuum the dust.
With the three-dimensional cleaning system such as sweeping the side brush and rolling the vertical roll, the dust, hair and debris can be easily sucked up, and the floor and floor tiles can be deeply cleaned to accumulate dust.
Let you always feel the warm and clean home!

Have a strong lung capacity
With NIDEC brushless motor, the maximum wind pressure is about 1800Pa*, and the strong wind pressure brought by powerful air volume can be quickly and effectively sucked away.
Dust attached to the floor or carpet, the cleaning effect is immediate.

HTB1B0BVbRKw3KVjSZTEq6AuRpXaV Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

Ultrasonic induction allows me to see transparent glass
I have an ultrasonic sensor that mimics the bat’s ultrasound. The whole sensor consists of two parts: the transmitting ultrasound and the receiving ultrasound. The sound waves travel in the air.
The speed is 340m / s, according to the time difference between transmission and reception can be calculated and get my distance from the obstacle, so as to avoid collision, transparent objects can also correctly sense early deceleration.

HTB1CMBUbRGw3KVjSZFwq6zQ2FXa7 Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

Sweep along the wall,
Leave the wall without letting go

The most troublesome problem in the cleaning process is that the gap between the walls is often not clean, I am
Under the action of the wall sensor, the wall is always accurate during the process of cleaning the gap at the wall
Keep a distance of about 10mm, and at the same time, with the edge brush rotating at high speed, you can put the wall edge
The dust in the gap is cleaned up.

HTB1i.VPbROD3KVjSZFFq6An9pXa3 Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

Gyro with balance and direction, and accelerometer
The three-axis gyroscope on my body can detect the angle change in the yaw / pitch / roll direction to determine the machine orientation, while the three-axis accelerometer can
Judging the acceleration of the M-home sweeping robot on the X/Y/Z axes, it is used to determine whether the machine is tilted or has a sudden collision.

Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

With cliff detection, protect me from falling
I have 4 cliff sensors on the body to sense the height of the steps. Each sensor consists of an infrared emission tube and an infrared receiver tube. The sensor is mounted on my bottom, and the infrared emission tube is every other one.
Infrared rays are emitted to the ground during the period. If it returns or does not return for a long time, it indicates that my chassis is far away from the ground, so that I can avoid my fall.

Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

Clean appearance with love clean you
I have a modular design and consist of seven parts. The whole body is pure white, simple and elegant. The height of 9.6cm allows me to walk through all kinds of narrow
The narrow space, the upper cover of the IMR process, makes me feel more translucent, and the body is made of high-strength impact-resistant ABS material, which is resistant to wear and aging. And the surrounding and bottom
Use a matte finish to avoid leaving marks due to collision wear. The charging base uses a fire-rated grade V0 plastic material, which effectively reduces safety hazards.

Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

Remote intelligent control,
No one at home can let me sweep the floor.

Open Mijia APP, you can view the cleaning status in real time, and understand the cleaning through real-time map.
schedule. In addition, you can also schedule my cleaning tasks at any time, set up daily before going to work.
Regular cleaning time, you can feel the little happiness brought by the clean ground after returning home from work. clear
When sweeping, there are three types of cleaning modes: quiet, standard and strong. You can switch between them and the supplies are
Pre-Mianjia APP will remind you to replace the relevant parts, one-click order, intelligent control is
So simple*.

HTB1vJdQbRGE3KVjSZFhq6AkaFXaJ Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner MI Robotic Smart Planned Type WIFI App Control Auto Charge LDS Scan Mapping

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  1. A***d

    Great vacuum cleaner! Delivery is debt, as if not from Moscow was driving.


  2. R***r

    Sent for a long time, 10 days, sending from Russia, although when ordering was not available and the Russian Federation, indicated China. I got in three days, after sending. The product is satisfied, all whole, the packaging is good, the product is excellent, vacuuming well, but does not cancel the main vacuum cleaner. I already put a Russian language package and connected to a smart home, everything works fine) I recommend the product and the store!)


  3. G***e

    This model is the best among robots, plus the price is adequate. An indispensable thing if the house has children or pets. The store is as responsive as possible.


  4. J***E

    Order on a Friday and received on Tuesday. So far all right, good packing. I’ll leave another opinion when I start working at home.


  5. H***a

    The vacuum cleaner came, works, thresholds about 1 cm overcomes, the phone connected, there are no complaints yet (less than a day of use), sent for a long time, but the situation was in the world difficult, from Moscow came the parcel in 3-4 days.


  6. Y***n

    I ordered goods with delivery from Moscow, but due to the difficult situation in the world due to the crown of the virus, the goods in the warehouse in Moscow were not, but thanks to the promptness of the store the goods came 25 days before Pyatigorsk. The seller values his reputation.


  7. J***a

    Thank you store!!! Came quickly despite the quarantine. Always been in touch. Sent from Russia by post of Russia. Dangerous service, on the site hung information that the parcel was received by the addressee, and in fact the parcel was not received, in quarantine the Post Office did not work to whom handed it is not clear. So you might think that the goods are stolen. It is necessary to send goods by other services more reliable, still the parcel is valuable. The product itself is qualitatively packed, everything is in Chinese, the benefit is YouTube I will reprogram. Let’s get the dough, just open the box. I advise the seller, will do everything on his part.


  8. R***a

    All Hood! Fast) vacuum cleaner Super)


  9. N***v

    Works great.


  10. V***v

    2 weeks from China. Very good shipping. Everything works.


  11. Customer

    It took him very little to get there. All right, but the instructions are in Chinese. I’ll write when I try it.


  12. A***n

    Vacuum cleaner is just a bomb. Fully corresponds to the description. Thanks to the store, that despite the difficulties, delivered the goods.


  13. M***n

    Very cool friend! A real pet, and also useful. Climbs almost everywhere in height and gets stuck where it is absolutely impossible to drive, but only you can fly! In short, the fire of their money is worth, smart, many functions, the umbrella cleaning is just a shine.


  14. D***r

    Ist is doing an exzellent Job!


  15. Customer

    Sent with a Chinese fork, although ordered the euro. Sent for a long time because of the virus, but sent still even with the fact that he rose in price during this time for 2 K


  16. P***v

    Wonderful vacuum cleaner


  17. A***a

    Great vacuum cleaner. I take the second. No connection problems. Stitched a voice according to the instructions on 4pda. MiHome identified the vacuum cleaner without any problems.


  18. K***v

    Due to the latest events, the store long sent the parcel, but after communicating the seller was friendly and asked to wait, for waiting made an additional discount. About the vacuum cleaner, everything is cool, everything is whole, the box is normal. Removes very dignified, at the first start so much garbage found, in which before it was wet cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is homeless, I recommend the seller too


  19. A***v

    Thank you, everything is fine!


  20. V***v

    The robot came quickly intact. You know when you open it really feels that the brand thing is done stylishly and thought out. Many thanks to the store that went to contact and sent from Russia, not from China. I was afraid that due to quarantine will not come :)) Put while on charging. Can write a continuation of the review, as I use


  21. O***o

    Received the goods previously agreed by the contract period-which is very happy. Packing is normal without traces of bruising and damage packing all intact. Connected to the network, while the vacuum cleaner was charged on the base installed the application on the phone, after half an hour made a control start. The vacuum cleaner climbed almost everywhere, and where he could not do the kind of titanic effort, heating a full container. Wife was satisfied


  22. R***r

    The goods are satisfied


  23. A***v

    All Super, the store quickly sent, the delivery is also fast, everything works, pleases


  24. Customer

    Vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner, for a month of use there were no special problems.


  25. E***v

    Great product. Very long shipping.


  26. V***v

    Everything works


  27. I***v

    Very cool vacuum cleaner, turned on for 30 minutes to collect a full tank of garbage, control through the application, everything is convenient and intuitive, not 5 stars only because of the store, sent 9 days! Extremely reluctant to answer the messages and delivery by mail of Russia. As a result, the delivery itself took 3 days to Chelyabinsk.


  28. O***v

    The quality of the goods is satisfied, but! The shipment was delayed for almost 2 weeks. The parcel came not to the house, but to the Post Office. Otherwise, there are no questions.


  29. D***v

    Cool thing. Immediately passed the stress test in the conditions of the village house: an abundance of carpets and uneven floors. I got the test. Further exploitation will be more gentle. Received a week after placing an order.


  30. S***a

    Excellent vacuum cleaner, connected without problems. Sent by post of Russia, but packed was excellent, inside was everything.


  31. M***l

    Everything works fine, delivery to Krasnoyarsk for a couple of weeks, he himself defined the boundaries and collected a bunch of dust at the first time, I recommend +++


  32. D***v

    Excellent thing I advise everyone


  33. I***a

    Chinese version with adapter, everything works. Long waited for the shipment, reached 3 days


  34. M***k

    Super fast and everything works


  35. V***e

    Very fast shipping! Even now, in quarantine conditions. Vacuum cleaner is very satisfied, I thought for a long time whether it was worth buying, but it’s worth my money! Many thanks to the store!


  36. P***v

    Seller sent the parcel on the second day after payment, in the mail I took already 2 days after sending in St. Petersburg. Connected to the michomus without problems. Built a map of the apartment. Vacuum cleaner well, the cat is happy =) children too. This is Chinese version, on the box all in Chinese, and box adapter to European socket, but it’s okay. The software was updated immediately after synchronization with the phone. You can choose English.


  37. P***o

    Order issued 27.03. Sent was 7.04 and the first time the parcel cracked to Moscow. 13.04 took in the post office in St. Petersburg. Shipped was on the last day on the meter until the order was canceled. He wrote to the store-but he did not answer anything. The parcel was received-the dust is excellent, it drives, the vacuum cleaner. The box is whole, without dents and holes. Inside the branded box, the adapter to the domestic outlet-put it there neatly opening the box without cutting the angle, as many people wrote here. I’m happy with the purchase-I recommend.


  38. A***n

    Delivery 3 days in Petrozavodsk, vacuum cleaner Super!


  39. M***n

    The order came quickly-in 8 days. Everything is complete. The vacuum cleaner works well.


  40. S***v

    It’s just a bomb! There is a cat, it’s unreal cool, it removes on hurray) the wife is just light)))) thank you to the store, ordered from Russia, came in 4 days!


  41. I***o

    Sent from Moscow 11.04, delivered to St. Petersburg 13.04. Cool vacuum cleaner. Works without complaints


  42. S***v

    Excellent! Delivery to the Lipetsk region in 4 days, with two of them on the weekend. Send by post of Russia.


  43. S***v

    Ordered a parcel from a warehouse in Russia. It was difficult to send because of the virus, but thanks to the store, the goods were shipped in 4 days and went to the Moscow region for another 3 days. Well, then I decided to use the delivery of mail to the house and my office of mail was stupid for a week .. Tired of waiting and had to go myself to the Post Office (despite the recommendations of the min. Hello to stay at home ..). So, sending by post of Russia is rather a minus. Vacuum cleaner talk in Chinese and English from box (can install any language package by 4pda instruction), vacuum cleaner well, works through the application “Mi Home”, with the connection of problems was not. Came in a large enough Box 57*44*16 cm, you can not put in a bag, you have to hold it.


  44. A***v

    It came in 4 days everything works well. Except the vacuum cleaner does not speak Russian. No matter how weird it sounds. There are Chinese English and others.


  45. L***n

    A good vacuum cleaner, sent not immediately though from Russia. Minus only that there was no anatation not only for Russian but even in English. It is difficult of course to read hieroglyphs in Chinese. But on the internet I found at Russian, although not immediately. P. S. Acquisition is happy.


  46. S***k

    My beauty has come. The vacuum cleaner caused a bunch of positive emotions. His husband will teach him to speak Russian and generally fire. They called it the Shoma. Polishes well.


  47. N***n

    Ordered 10, the fourteenth received. We take the second for a gift, a cool assistant. Once in doubt about their competence and useless, but risking and buying Views on robots changed, especially smart. I myself am a pensioner and then I like equipment and electronics more than young people. Because of the availability of various radio components and interesting electronics, youth now remembered. Updated, installed an official Russian package, everything is great, let the youth enjoy. In general, everyone else in doubt, I recommend such a assistant and a store.


  48. A***o

    All is good.


  49. L***a

    Excellent vacuum cleaner, ordered 27.03.2020G, received 14.04.2020 delivery from Moscow. The parcel is packed well, nothing is broken. Connected to Mi Home without problems with the region of China. I went to the Russian voice, now I’m talking in the voice of кузи. I am very pleased with the purchase, I recommend.


  50. O***y

    I did not check, I order the second one, I think there will be no problems. Delivery in Russia is fast, tracked. Thank you.


  51. D***k

    Packed well-in two boxes: native and transportation. True, the native box was opened for some reason. The MSC reached quickly, for the promised 2 weeks. If not for Sobyanin and co, it could have been faster to arrive.


  52. B***a

    Delivered in 4 days. Was in stock in Russia So far it is interesting to understand


  53. V***v

    Delivery ordered from Russia though more expensive, but obviously in my plans intervened coronovirus, therefore, 29.03 ordered received 15.04 but I do not resent thanks to the store with the goods, everything is fine I am very pleased.


  54. N***v

    Delivery of fast from the Russian warehouse in 5 days. The quality is excellent, everything works no complaints. I took for 17945₽ there will be problems I will complement the review.


  55. A***k

    He’s beautiful! Very necessary thing in the farm, clever. Delivery by post of Russia, of course, neakhti, was afraid that they would damage, but everything came whole and working


  56. I***n

    Broom came, licked the whole floor and fell asleep on the charge. Without Wi-Fi, without unnecessary movements and problems. China n ° 1


  57. A***n

    As I used to live without it)))) with the store did not communicate, sent a vacuum cleaner for a long time. Very interesting thing)) at the first start I connected to the phone and Wi-Fi, and went to work. Scanned the premises around the perimeter and then made the cleaning clear.


  58. S***v

    Super. Delivery to Krasnodar 4 days.


  59. D***d

    I’m happy! I wish everyone such a miracle of technology! The vacuum cleaner is great! We use every day. I didn’t think a robot vacuum cleaner could clean up like that. Ordered from a warehouse in Russia. Because of “vacation” due to virus, store week couldn’t send. In the communications, the seller informed me about the status. And after sending the vacuum cleaner came day for 3. immediately ordered with a set of replaceable filters and so on. Seller recommend.


  60. E***.

    Took 4 months to receive but I’m not disappointed! Between the Chinese new year and Covid 19 is was such and ordeal to get that robot vacuum. I just wish that the company selling them would have stock before accepting my order. I ordered in December and if they had stock then, I would have received it way sooner before all those de laying events. The store was responsive though. I’m just glad I finally received my purchase, what a relief.


  61. A***v

    Everything is perfectly packed, but the adapter from the Chinese outlet to the Russian Standard turned out to be, to put it mildly used…


  62. A***

    Vacuum cleaner generally visor. I’m happy with it, as many processing the order lasted for a long time, but it came quickly. The Russian voice rose almost without problems. You need to read the installation instructions correctly on the Internet


  63. M***a

    Sent the next day, came vacuum cleaner in 3 days, very satisfied,


  64. Customer

    There are no questions about the product, the vacuum cleaner is excellent! I would not recommend you a store from Russia. After order payment, seller 9 days could not send the goods. I did not answer the messages, I contacted support twice, I think they affected him. The vacuum cleaner came to the Post Office, keep in mind. Parcel weight 6,5 kg


  65. I***v

    Made qualitatively, the second day in work, Later on I will write about the work


  66. A***n

    Sehr gut! Excellent cope-those quiet almost a month.


  67. A***y

    Delivery fast within 5 days, sent immediately to the Post Office. The robot is super, there is something to compare iLife v7pro, Xiaomi removes more carefully and more adequate layout of the cleaning route. Took for 15720


  68. A***n

    Came in working order. On the functional as an original, there is a second vacuum cleaner bought in Citilink, there are almost no differences, except for Chinese inscriptions. With the application made friends, cleaning. Recommend. The store long sent, but came quickly, in 3 days by mail of Russia.


  69. K***n

    Removes clean, cat’s wool collects cancel


  70. S***a

    The store sent the parcel quickly, from Moscow to Sochi vacuum cleaner reached in 4 days, despite all the noise with coronavirus. Purchase is happy, the vacuum cleaner itself was in the original box, also included an adapter to the European outlet. While I started it 1 time, I vacuum the room quite carefully, moved smoothly, first around the perimeter, then “snake”, passing each cm of the floor. After cleaning, he said something in Chinese and drove to the base. In general, while buying very satisfied! Thank you for your promptness!!!!!


  71. A***v

    Vacuum cleaner super. There is something to compare with. Before that was iLife A7s. Xiaomi is one and a half times more expensive, but the level of cleaning is better than three times. Minus the store for sending on the last day and answers to questions in two days.


  72. M***v

    The vacuum cleaner sent a week after the order. Before Omsk went another week. Communication with the store is not particularly happy. All the Chinese showed their face with this virus. The vacuum cleaner works, what it will be


  73. A***y



  74. A***a

    All OK


  75. Y***v

    Delivery from Moscow. It was safe. It’s all right.


  76. S***v

    This vacuum cleaner is very pleased. I order the second one, as the first showed itself from the best side. Very fast delivery.


  77. A***n

    Delivered quickly, quickly! Quality, while we test, install, understand. But the main minus, this is the language of the device… To translate into Russian is not easy, it is necessary to be a programmer to re-file. Very sad


  78. S***i

    The store long sent the order, only sent for 14 day after payment of the goods


  79. A***n

    Great goods! Everything is new! Excellent help around the house. Took for 15500!


  80. M***v

    Super vacuum cleaner.


  81. D***o

    Goods original! Come quickly! I ordered with additional consumables-all original! Perfectly packed, quickly connected, updated! Excellent goods and sociable store! I highly recommend ordering this product from this seller! The vacuum cleaner is really chic-now the wife is spending time cleaning on me)))))


  82. R***t

    The vacuum cleaner is great. I came quickly. Seller recommend.


  83. S***u

    Slightly rushes the instruction in Chinese, the benefit of the Mi Home app, at Russian


  84. Customer

    Great vacuum cleaner! Sucks dust and independent. Knows his place and English. All well done!


  85. Customer

    good store!!


  86. О***о

    The vacuum cleaner came quickly from Russia. Works, sucks well 🙂


  87. V***v

    Good vacuum cleaner. Delivery from Russia within a week.


  88. R***n

    Hurried with the purchase. For this money you can now buy a robot already 3 generations


  89. T***t

    Delivery fast, up to Hmao 9 days. The packaging is whole, not minted. Dust is charged, 60 M3 removed. The producer advise


  90. V***a

    Good vacuum cleaner. But for the Russian language requires refirmware. Often the card drops, rebuilds. The app loads for a long time. Well, I don’t think it’s the vacuum cleaner’s fault. Vacuum cleaner is great. Delivery with sack


  91. A***v

    Goods shipped quickly. The need to communicate with the store did not arise. Delivery less than week. It works. I recommend both seller and goods.


  92. I***a

    Good vacuum cleaner. The instructions on Russian are not, but by installing the Mi Home app everything becomes clear. From the first time I vacuumed as if I did not clean at all (although yesterday soap floor), I hope it will become an indispensable assistant. I think it’s great for families with animals.


  93. D***v

    Everything works great, but the store sent the goods for a long time, if not written in the lick, then XZ how much more would have pulled with sending


  94. O***a



  95. A***o

    Sending is fast, but the snack was running the parcel throughout the Moscow region. We need to look for those valentines.


  96. V***v

    To Chelyabinsk from Russia reached in 9 days packaging whole


  97. R***v

    Got a vacuum cleaner, very satisfied, works for 5. packed perfectly, overall class, the wife of oo is very happy! I advise you! Thank you!


  98. R***h

    Paid the order on June 21, received on July 3 with delivery to the House by courier. Parcel without damage. They put the adapter on the eurovilka. Immediately after charging the vacuum cleaner installed without problems the Russian language package from the site 4pda (there is a very detailed description of the whole procedure and a large selection of voices for the first version of the vacuum cleaner). Installed Mi Home on smartphone to extend the functionality of the vacuum cleaner. Tested, everything connects perfectly and works via WiFi router. Noticed that the vacuum cleaner does not like fringed mats. Happy with the purchase.


  99. Y***v

    Ordered with delivery in Russia, arrived within a week, to the Mail, all clearly with alerts and track tracking. Packed in extra box, the box came whole. The vacuum cleaner is the original, looked at YouTube settings, quickly configured, works as a clock, until everything is clear, a little later you need to write an additional review, although on the internet they have a lot of reviews, purely in quality I think we should clarify.


  100. E***v

    It came fast, packed well, works.


  101. P***v

    Version 1


  102. O***n

    It works. The Chinese voice changed. The box was opened, the store put the adapter on the euro-suck, the whole kiss is broken (it is as already used)


  103. S***v

    Great vacuum cleaner. Fast delivery.


  104. R***a

    From Moscow to Bashkiria came in 4 days. Happy with the vacuum cleaner. Ordered the second parents. Took 18000 without tape.


  105. R***v

    Delivered quickly, everything is fine.


  106. N***a

    Vacuum cleaner recommend the right thing! Russian did not stitch, talk in Chinese, I do not embarrass, I do not talk with him. The store quickly sent the order, the vacuum cleaner came in 6 days to the Sverdlovsk region, parts for a month almost, but the whole package is damaged, everything remains whole, fortunately, the evaluation does not reduce


  107. M***a

    Everything is OK, says in Chinese, delivered to the Grozny in 7 days, nothing is dozen, the adapter to the plug in stock, a little frozen with the connection of mykhoum of the horses like Norul


  108. D***v

    The package came, received it in the mail. Everything, as indicated in the stated package, in one package. Everything worked without problems, connected, determined in my house region Russia. Already the second such a vacuum cleaner, the new model still does not see the point to buy, zoning in the rooms does not matter for me. If not-moved from the base to the next room, turned on and closed the door :)))) thank the store and 5 stars. There’s nothing to photograph.


  109. N***v

    Everything is OK, delivery by Russian Post 3 days to Rostov-on-Don, updated to mykhoum, received a token, installed leather bastards


  110. G***s

    Very pleased with cooperate, received earlier the promised term, vacuum cleaner Super. How did you live without it before?


  111. V***K

    Happy with the vacuum cleaner. The store sent from the warehouse in Russia 5 days, after sending the parcel reached Bashkiria day for 2-3. Vacuum cleaners perfectly, every day a full tank of cat wool is collected. Noises not very much, much quieter than the usual vacuum cleaner. Russian firmware installed without problems.


  112. E***a

    Delivery 5 days, all well packed. Cleans the vacuum cleaner perfectly, the app on Android without problems installed


  113. E***a

    It’s okay for now. Great helper


  114. A***v

    Delivery from Russia fast. The vacuum cleaner is super.


  115. E***v

    Thank you. Got it. Hasn’t checked yet. Operation of the recall supplement


  116. N***a

    Got, today for the first time turned on, until I understand how you translate it into Russian and where to swing the app? But he took it off and found the charge himself. I have long dreamed of him, I hope that it will be a long time to serve.


  117. A***v

    The purchase is pleased, the store processed the order for a very long time (about a week). I made money for a refund, a couple of days after that he moved, wrote me a message that I was ready to send the goods from a warehouse in Moscow, I agreed and removed the mark on the refund. After the long-awaited receipt of the goods faced some difficulties, which to joy in the future himself was able to solve. Put Russified firmware, there were problems with internet connection, helped to replace the router with the Xiaomi brand. Now our assistant VASKA is working without putting his strength


  118. V***n

    Conforms to the description


  119. V***v

    Vacuum cleaner Super, take do not regret, did not think that so much dust around the house.


  120. E***M

    Excellent home assistant! Expected from him less


  121. R***r

    Thank you very satisfied!


  122. S***v

    It’s super. My wife is very pleased. Installed immediately Russian-language voice package. The name of the vacuum cleaner has not yet been invented.


  123. P***v

    While everything is super, the vacuum cleaner works well.


  124. Customer

    Everything is clear


  125. G***v

    Excellent vacuum cleaner, bought relatives, they are very satisfied. Carpets with not thick pile clean well.


  126. Y***v

    Came for 9 days from Moscow to the Novosibirsk region Everything works


  127. O***v

    Pylik received in seven days ordered from Russia to dovesok ordered dope pylik sent without DOP sent from China they went a month Pilic fire to everyone I recommend


  128. R***r

    With it, life became easier, removes qualitatively, does not make noise, a lot of free time


  129. A***l

    Robot fire! Delivery to Krasnodar took 4 days, everything came in excellent condition. The adapter to the plug was in the kit, in appearance is not very reliable, but it works, I will replace it later. The instruction in the box was in Chinese, on the internet found at Russian. Installed the application, everything is intuitive. At the first cleaning collected a full tray of dust, where he finds it in such a number is not clear, the floors were washed the day before. Apartment 53 squares removes completely in 40 minutes and 20% charging. I recommend the store and I will order more myself, now the whole family wants the same baby to themselves in helpers. I’m delighted with the robot, if you doubt-do not doubt it! This is the best buy!!!


  130. И***



  131. D***v

    Everything came, very quickly, from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don, for 4 days. The package is intact, the kit is in place, after turning on the robot immediately began to inspect the apartment and work. I recommend the store and the goods!


  132. Customer

    perfect cleaner. do floor cleaning instead of me every day and everytime finds some dust


  133. A***

    Came quickly, works fine


  134. V***h

    Great, everything works! Recommend! Ordered from Russia, came in 5 days! Vacuum cleaner 1 audits!


  135. I***v

    Excellent dust already 2 ordered as a gift. Owners are happy very quickly all the whole store is well done. Advise!!!!


  136. O***a

    Vacuum cleaner cool! The only one, I wonder how much it will work?! If about 5 years it is worth it, as if the price tag is not small I hope not for 1-2 years. Comfortable, very. In the application put the maximum level of cleaning, and the truth more carefully collects dog hair))) they took only from behind dogs, so it would be at home to be clean) every morning vacuum cleaners, very convenient, while the child eats small. I read about the Mi Home app, many write that beef, and there is, who will install in the settings not Russia and other countries but China, so it works, but it’s not different.


  137. Customer

    Removes well


  138. M***v

    The vacuum cleaner is great. Delivery from the Moscow warehouse is fast. But! All extra. Components (brushes, filters and so on) were shipped from China and went long enough


  139. A***n

    The best purchase, an excellent store! Recommend!


  140. G***c

    Долго думали смущали отрицательные отзывы о продавце. Но все таки решились. И не пожалели, продавец сработал чётко 6 дней и аппарат у нас. Инструкция на китайском, но разобраться не сложно. В первый раз собрал столько пылюки и шерсти как будто год не убирали. Через часа три ещё раз запустили ради прикола ещё где-то на собирал. Классная вещь, не тупит отрабатывает чётко, только пытался совокупиться с сушилкой для белья не вышло поехал дальше убирать. Единственное если ставить на паузу не льзя его двигать иначе может потеряться нашь долго док искал после такого но нашёл. Работает тихо можно ночью запускать. В общем жена довольна как слон.


  141. A***v

    очень быстрая доставка, пылесос беру не в первый раз, он лучший


  142. V***o

    Everything is fast and as in the description.


  143. V***n

    все работает!!! убирает хорошо


  144. Customer

    заказ получен. спасибо.


  145. K***a

    Отличная вещь для тех у кого большая площадь квартиры и есть домашнее животное. Убирается каждый день по расписанию, собирает по пол контейнера пыли и шерсти. Язык в прошивке изменил на русский в интернете есть описание как это сделать. при полном подключение после полного заряда потребляет порядка к 3 ватт в час, если отодвинуть пылесос от док станции потребляет 0,2 вата в час. Обслуживание очень простое и понятное. Прибило с Москвы в Калининград за полторы недели.


  146. D***v

    Отличный робот. После пылесоса Bork 2400w и мытья полов собрал с первого раза полный контейнер – все были в шоке. Полы – линолеум и ковёр. Есть кот и аллергия на пыль. Теперь трудится каждый день.


  147. S***n

    Отличный пылесос. Чуть позже возьму ещё родителям


  148. A***a

    Very well collects animal wool.


  149. R***r

    Доставка в Ст.Оскол пять дней. Работает как атомный. Грязь находит где в принципе чисто, залезает в каждый уголок. Ковры и пороги берёт как альпинист. Жена довольна хороший помощник.


  150. N***a

    И как я жила без него раньше! Это мой первый помощник, дома маленький ребенок и кошка, не знаю, от кого грязи больше, но на пылик по два раза на дню убирает и у нас супер чисто! Потомпосле него протер быстренько и готово! Подумываем теперь купить такой моющий


  151. T***a

    робот дошёл.доставка Курьером. карту помещения строит исправно. с малогабаритной трешкой 62кв.м.справляется на ура. ковер со средним ворсом чистит хорошо. соединение стабильное,связь не рвёт.


  152. R***g

    Всё как всегда отлично! Незаменимый помощник ленивым!


  153. I***v

    Заказываю уже 5 пылесос у данного продавца. Все отлично – как и всегда!) рекомендую


  154. A***n



  155. S***s

    Настало время написать отзыв… Пользуюсь месяц где-то. Просто супер!!! и как раньше я без него жила?! пылесосит очень даже прилично. за все время обычный пылесос доставала 2 раза. И то потому что торопилась. По коврам шерстяным ездит, пороги в 1,5 см легко преодолевает, жует зарядки от телефонов, может застрять под мебелью. управляется с помощью телефона через общую wifi сеть, по крайней мере первоначальная настройка так происходила. язык англ. пару раз запутывался, не мог вернуться на базу. подносила в ручную. не критично. дома 2е маленьких детей: времени больше, чистота. для меня один огромный плюс!!! покупкой нереально довольна! кто еще сомневается, поверьте, вы ошибаетесь!!! это лучшее изобретение человека!)))) заказ приехал примерно за неделю почтой россии.


  156. I***k

    Думал он будет значительно тупее: биться об стены и тд., но на удивление работает он хорошо и с точки зрения пылесоса, и с точки зрения робота.


  157. V***v



  158. R***r

    Товар пришел вовремя и быстро,упаковка отличная.Проверили сохранность частей внутри,все упаковано на 5,сразу после ознакомления проверили работу-пылесос работает.Спасибо продавцу, рекомендую!


  159. E***v

    Доставка быстрая, к приложению подключился без проблем, в комплекте переходник целый


  160. C***o

    Perfecto, llegó en 2 días. El primer día de limpieza ha sido perfecto.


  161. M***o

    Все как в описании. 2 недели полет нормальный. Рекомендую. Продавец не отвечал. Отправил на 4ые сутки после оплаты. Доставка с 3 дня. Заказывал с России доставку


  162. A***n

    офигенные беру уже 3й для знакомых оч быстро приехало Алтайский край Бийск


  163. A***a

    Пылесос Огонь,озвучку поменял,убирается хорошо,2 см порог перепрыгивает без проблем


  164. A***A

    Muy bien. todo perfecto. Sólo tardó un día en llegar con Correos. gracias.


  165. E***o

    Товар полностью соответствует и описанию и комплектации. Доставили очень быстро. До Калининграда за 10 дней


  166. J***o

    rapido y todo ok. Lo he probado y cargado y todo correcto. Muy fiable, muy buen producto