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Original M&Sen For 5.0″ Xiaomi Redmi 4X LCD Screen Display+Touch Panel Digitizer With Frame For Redmi 4X Display Support 10Touch

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Original M&Sen For 5.0″ Xiaomi Redmi 4X LCD Screen Display+Touch Panel Digitizer With Frame For Redmi 4X Display Support 10Touch

LCD is Geniune with oleophobic coating with 10 touch !!!

Based on 169 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Е***к

    Everything is fine as a native


  2. A***o

    I’m not sure that this is 0piginal but 2.5D in place, when assembling, I did not have to finish anything, a kind worthy of 30 bucks.


  3. A***v

    Not rhinestone the store sent the parcel, but everything came about 3 weeks. The screen is packed perfectly. Until I put it, I can not check.


  4. A***n

    Delivery to the apartment. Very fast. Less than a week from the day of the order. It is a pity that there is no glue in the kit. Display without damage + protective glass included. Until I installed it.


  5. N***o

    Very fast shipping! The display looks no different from the original even in color rendering! It has glue for almost all parts except buttons and motor vibro. Everything is super!


  6. Customer

    Excellent display


  7. A***v

    Excellent display!


  8. Customer

    Excellent screen, quality for five plus. There is an oleophobic coating.


  9. Y***n

    Not special in this industry, but for me from the original is no different. I changed the module myself at home, with the installation had to get a little upset, mainly due to the fault of poor quality tools that are included. All plastic blades break and crumble. Everything was installed clearly, but there is no glue for the side buttons and vibromotor, I had to glue them on double-sided tape. The quality of the image of the display module is as original. The package arrived well packed, in the foam box lay a display module and a protective glass, and tools were externally attached to the box.


  10. A***v

    Super! Thank you! Delivery 4 days to Moscow. region. the color of the norms, the screen was sealed in the package, it is a pity the glass was blown when unpacking (by the way on the trail. the day after installation the child checked for strength) the protective glass flew off, and the screen is intact


  11. D***v

    Excellent store, the goods arrived very quickly, all cool 5 stars!


  12. Customer

    Everything is super, glass with a frame, and tape for the battery, nothing to collective farm, works like a native


  13. Customer

    Everything is fine, without complaints


  14. R***r

    Excellent quality, relatively fast delivery. The screen was packed very well. A set of tools is included. Installed without special problems, everything works well. Looks like the original. Side buttons and vibration motor need to be glued by yourself. Thank you store!


  15. Customer

    The screen is good, took to replace the broken, threw everything quickly, collected, spent 40 minutes, the wife is happy. Color rendition is the same as in native, asked to send the original, like the original and sent + glass, but it is small + tool, the tool did not try, I have a good one, this one threw in a box to his nishtyaks. Delivery to the Stavropol territory, 8 days, courier, was at work, asked to bring to work, courier without problems agreed, I advise this product and shop!


  16. V***k

    Excellent display! According to the sensations from the original is not different. Asked to send the screen Boe, this and sent. Thank you!


  17. A***v

    Good quality the screen is similar to the original took with the frame got all clear


  18. S***r

    Came quickly for 16 days, packed perfectly!!!! Double pouches, foam case, tools attached separately to the side of the case. Changed in half an hour, everything is fine. The goods, packaging and quality are satisfied. As far as I do not know, but in comparison with the previous one (changed in the workshop) just super. Seller respect, I recommend!


  19. A***o

    Delivery in Moscow 3 days to the apartment. The screen is good, but the protective glass is thrown out of money, it leaves around the edges.


  20. T***v

    Excellent display quality, high-quality assembly, flex cable as on the original display. I ordered cheaper from another store, the build quality was disgusting, the screen was separated from the frame. I advise you to purchase this product, 100% costs the requested cost.


  21. A***s

    Good screen! I liked it!


  22. N***n

    Ordered on Thursday night from a warehouse in Moscow. on Saturday morning already delivered by courier. Put quickly and without problems. The screen is good light. Even better than broken. Before that was not the original. I recommend, if there is an opportunity, not to shake money for delivery. . Well, I also recommend the store.


  23. D***h

    Excellent screen, from native do not distinguish, matrix ebbgdjn as on native. Seller recommend.


  24. V***v

    The package came quickly. Tracking all the way. Packaging is very reliable. As a gift a set of tools. All as in the description. I’ll write it off. Thank you!


  25. U***r

    The display came in general and stored, there is one minus the store sent the display itself without tools for installation, otherwise all the norms


  26. V***y

    Delivery is very fast, the screen is very high quality, from the original is not different, thanks to the store for the quality goods and fast delivery.


  27. G***i

    Original 100%


  28. V***o

    The goods are yakiniy, the price is without a veil. To Ukraine buv deliveries for tizhen.


  29. Y***a

    Excellent quality screen.


  30. D***N

    Packed well, the display is wonderful as original or even better. Independently changed the display with the frame, did it for the first time. Includes a set of tools and a protective glass. When pasted the glass, it did not lie in a dense perimeter of millimeters of 5 on each side, as if the cent of the display is convex, and the edges are lower. Glued this glass to another phone, lay perfectly… Well, I’ll stick the protective film later. I recommend the display with a frame, it’s nice to work with such quality details.


  31. U***o

    Everything corresponds, sent immediately, the parcel was tracked, it came to Ukraine in 3 weeks. The screen is good.


  32. K***v

    Very good display!


  33. A***v

    Ordered with delivery from Russia, and the courier brought the parcel home on the third day. Packed was simply awesome in a foam box, in a double puffy bag. Everything came intact. Put a set of tools to replace the module and a protective glass, which immediately throw in the trash)). Because of the curved edges of the screen, the protective glass on the edges is not glued. I live in Dmitrov. Changed for 1000 rubles in the repair of cellular. The master said that a good module. Sent screen Voe, it’s very nice. Put, works perfectly. Let me pay more than in other stores, but I’m happy with the purchase


  34. Customer

    Put it. Works. BOE screen. Copy from him took 2 times cheaper, worked a year and began to buggy. Let’s see how this one behaves.


  35. E***n

    Brightness, clarity, speed is the same as the home screen. The touch in the tests shows 10 touches.


  36. F***f

    Excellent screen, from the original not to distinguish. 2.5D glass as in the original, everything fully corresponds to the factory. The picture is bright and clear. I recommend the store and the goods. Delivery 3 days in Moscow.


  37. V***k

    Display as seen from the picture already with part of the aluminum case. Everything came whole, ordered from the Russian Federation, came within a week. The only thing I ordered with a protective glass, here it turned out as if not for this phone. When the sticker along the perimeter formed a smooth edging from the non-glued area.


  38. E***v

    The screen does not differ from the original at all, the delivery was chosen from Russia, the Courier called 5 minutes before arrival because of this it was not possible to pick up the parcel 3 times


  39. V***v

    I ordered a second time (in two different phone), the quality is original. in the way is tracked, delivery to RB three weeks, customs no problem.


  40. A***o

    From the original do not distinguish BoE


  41. A***n

    I ordered a lot of screens on Xiaomi Redmi 4X for myself. About 13 pieces so I will say in my experience. None of them were even close to the original. They were like foil cracked in their pocket at the slightest pressure on them. The same screen is not original but good my score is 4 out of 5. The screen comes in assembly in it there are all rubber pads also there is an anti-polyphobic coating just rearrange everything from the old one and use it. The screen itself is strong. Why 4 of 5 it has strongly beveled edges and when you glue the protective glass to the edges of the glass does not fit tightly. Personally, I really liked this screen of my money it is worth.


  42. M***v

    Everything is fine phone restored the difference with the original did not notice, complete with a plus there is a protective glass


  43. A***k

    Excellent display


  44. A***n

    Excellent screen. Looks like the original. Brightness, color rendition, as in native. Oleophobic is. Packed very well, in a foam box. The store also put tools and protective glass. Screen Boe, as I asked from the seller. With the replacement of problems did not arise, everything is easy and clear, coped for 20 minutes without having special skills. Almost everywhere, where necessary, there is an adhesive layer on the frame (it was not only under the vibration motor and buttons). Delivery super fast-ordered on Friday evening, on Monday morning the courier brought (delivery from Russia chose). The seller umnichka, I wish him success in business!


  45. Customer

    The screen is original Boe, there are no differences from the former, the delivery took to Bashkiria through IML 14 days, the screen is satisfied, put the protective glass although it did not pay for it.


  46. A***a

    The display is very good quality. While the best on Redmi 4X, that can be put.


  47. G***a

    Excellent quality! From the original do not distinguish (BoE)! Shipping from China fast about 3 weeks Kansk!


  48. A***v

    The display quality is very high. From the original not to distinguish. Oleophobic coating is. I’m happy. Thank you for the gifts. (repair kit and protective glass) I recommend.


  49. V***a

    Came very quickly. 5 days to Orenburg. In the kit set for “DIY”. As I will add.


  50. Customer

    Great product ! as original.


  51. P***v

    Shipping about 20 days. Asked the store to send the BOE Display. I did as I asked. Installed somewhere in an hour. I advise you to take with a frame that would not smear with gluing the display. Became by the way as a native original. Do not distinguish.


  52. A***v

    Display пришёл but there is little пнитензия. If надовить on the screen then remain traces and middle незометое питно but if пригледется can then his see. And so it seems that everything works well and thanks for the sophisticated stclo


  53. K***v

    As usual, I did not put. I would say as everyone usually writes “how to put-sign off,” but you’re not going because-no one ever Unsubscribe


  54. T***m

    Everything works well, only the brightness is not very.


  55. Customer

    Product excellent quality, super recommend!!!!


  56. D***n

    Great option. Much better than screens for 1000. Got clear, if this is not the original then very close to it!


  57. D***y

    The second time I order from this store. The first screen lived a year until it fell on the tile, and then after the fall went 3 cracks, the touch works perfectly. I do not think that the original, but the quality is just super (if not so, the second time would not take). The seller quickly answers, to Kiev mist Express for 2 weeks. Packed in a foam box + pupillka inside. The new one has not yet put, but I think it will be all right


  58. M***v

    Quality screen. Works clearly!


  59. Z***v

    I order 2 display everything is fine


  60. V***v

    Two weeks to Kamchatka. the display is working, the color rendition is like the original, there are no complaints yet.


  61. S***v

    Excellent screen, from the original not to distinguish. The store put a protective glass as a gift, for which a special thank you.


  62. M***r

    Very good product


  63. D***a

    Great screen! Thank you very much to the store! For a month I go with a replaced screen, everything works, nothing tupit, does not hang, the image is excellent! Thank you!


  64. D***v

    It came quickly. Everything works fine. Tool set included


  65. M***v

    Excellent display. And the glass from the original is not to distinguish, although the train is slightly different. Oleophobic is, touch for 10 touches. It is a pity that the ebbg display was caught. Native was boe. Included tools.


  66. Customer

    Display super. I thought it myself. However, the glue on the window motor and the buttons sound. in front of the CIM was mixed in Servis put a puff.


  67. E***n

    I bought this screen after the screen that cheaper lived one day and died. Let’s see how long this will last. And there will be a video, there is a sense in principle of replacing the screen, go need to completely change the phone immediately and do not soar. Immediately I will say, the screen in comparison with the previous yellow. I have two such phones, so next to you when you put it, you can see the difference at once. Put on the new screen cold mode, but it is still more yellow than the native on the second phone in standard mode. The rest is still working. The truth has passed for two days. Let’s see in the case, complete the review.


  68. R***v

    I liked everything very much, I could not from the original Distinguish, I advise everyone


  69. A***v

    I put it myself, everything works, the main thing is now not to break again))


  70. I***A

    Everything is fine. The display is really original. Frame under the screen aluminum. Phone as new.


  71. A***i

    The country quickly reached


  72. L***.

    Excellent display. Immediately installed. The store sent boe as I asked. The parcel reached in 3 weeks, was tracked. Seller thanks!


  73. M***v

    Looks like the original. I’ll put it to see what it is.


  74. B***b

    The screen came on time. Very well packed. In the box as a gift there was a protective glass (only that’s not the best quality). Installed the display an hour ago. While the purchase is satisfied. If I do not forget, in 1-2 weeks I will add a review.


  75. G***h

    Shipping 10 days, BOE Display, brightness is lower than original, left original.


  76. V***y

    Excellent screen quality. I believe the original.


  77. A***z

    Installed on Redmi 4X. Screen Boe, as requested. Everything works.


  78. V***v

    Excellent quality! From the original not to distinguish. Easy to replace the broken display itself, just transfer the boards, buttons and battery to the new display


  79. V***v

    Delivery fast, display quality, real 10 points, track tracking, before that ordered full G, did not live and months for 700 rubles. Definitely not worth buying.


  80. D***k

    The other time I lock up with the lady. Подобається якість запчастин.


  81. S***k

    I freeze 5 times. All the whites are on the hanging, the little ones are frozen, to be ordinal, prienimny, I do not know. This time delivery from Kiev took 2 Cities 6 days. In front of CIM 4 suede, the maximum took 23 days. The BOE Display is installed. I’ll finish the photo with the adjustment. Yak zavjdi, I strongly recommend. Five stars!


  82. S***v

    The parcel came quickly. Packed perfectly. The screen itself is very similar to the original. The best I ‘ve ever seen. I installed it myself, everything works. Definitely recommend.


  83. V***b

    Reached for two weeks the screen of excellent quality installed on the smartphone everything works the difference with the original did not notice the store many thanks


  84. B***b

    Everything is fine, delivery norms. Got up well, touch and brightness of norms. Thank you store


  85. Customer

    I received everything normally as I will add a review. Thank You


  86. S***v

    Quality is excellent!!! 5 * Let’s see how many will live.


  87. D***v

    Thank you! Worker!


  88. A***A

    Packed very reliably. Included is a tool for working on replacing the display. Approached the phone perfectly, does not differ from the original. Oleophobic coating is slightly worse than it was, but the same as on a friendly such phone.


  89. M***v



  90. U***o

    The display completely original coincides even the numbers of the train and Scotch I’m just delighted with the very advice of this store but the delivery is correct long 2 month


  91. C***u

    It’s the 4 screen I buy is perfect, the tactile very well and the color too


  92. Customer

    Good screen. Good store. Recommend.


  93. K***v

    Everything got in place as it should. Colors are better than on the past not the original. Recommend


  94. E***d

    The store well sent quickly and came earlier. But Russia post or shipment goods came damaged. I will re-make an order from him. Thank you!!!


  95. C***e

    Product really looks unique, will see how is the month will stand and not the problem


  96. A***k

    All OK. I do not know what to do with it.


  97. N***y

    Everything works, thank you


  98. S***v

    The screen is executed qualitatively. most likely the original


  99. R***n

    Thanks to the store, all the fire works, to the screen put a set of tool for replacement and protective glass.


  100. R***n

    I did not find any differences from the original. Delivery to Mo 2 weeks is very fast.


  101. A***v

    All Super


  102. A***a

    The screen is original, everything works fine


  103. A***v

    All is fine, good product,


  104. G***v

    Screen Super, original 100%, advise


  105. S***V

    I ordered the display with the frame, the quality is very good from the original I personally did not distinguish. The store sent quickly and packed well.


  106. P***a

    Changed, at home, everything works, delivery ooochn fast, the quality is excellent.


  107. L***n

    Did not choose the order correctly. I needed Redmi Note 4x. And I ordered Redmi 4X.


  108. A***v

    Perfect replacement for original


  109. Customer

    Pak did not put it, but everything looks good.


  110. V***v

    The store is good! Good screen. Cooler than original.


  111. A***h

    While everything is fine, let’s see how much it will last


  112. A***v

    The screen came not working


  113. Customer



  114. P***v

    To the Stavropol territory in 18 days. The packing is reliable, the screen is responsive, the color rendition is good.


  115. O***a

    Everything is fine! The store is very responsive. Packed so that you can play football. Screen 100% working. Who is having problems with the same-please directly for it)


  116. K***v

    Excellent screen, everything came up.


  117. F***f

    Not original. Protective glass is full of shit. There are bands from the touchscreen. There is no one on the original. Under the frame is a yellow film. In the original blue. But the screen as a whole is very good. 2,5 D at the edges there is, oleophobic enough for a couple of months. But it is not original. The originals are only in off. Service Centres


  118. D***a

    Great screen. No problem installed yourself. Compared to the one that was previously put in the service-Sky and Earth. This one is very high quality. The store is sociable, answers quickly. Sent immediately after payment. The only thing is, the tools are better to have their own.


  119. R***v

    I have not checked yet, I hope the worker came. As I will check put another grade


  120. A***v

    Good qulity. The sensor is responsive. I’m happy with the purchase. Of the minuses-not the cheapest.


  121. K***n

    The parcel went on a month and 4 days. It is packed very well, everything has come whole, the tool is as expected and the glass on the screen! The screen already put, itself changed, everything works, as in the factory screen, stood ebbg, and now they sent it! Then let’s see in work! More such stores!


  122. I***n

    The screen approached perfectly. Frame from the original phone B. Y., the screen looks like replaced. Touch for 10 touches. There is nothing in the set. Glass protective on the edges does not glue.


  123. G***d

    The screen is working, I order the third time …. everything is good, changed in half an hour


  124. R***r

    The parcel was short, but it was not working, thanks separately for the fact that the money was returned quickly!


  125. I***k

    The quality is excellent, installed no different from the original, the store sent promptly, packed qualitatively, nothing to damage… Everything is super!!!!


  126. A***v

    The screen is above all praise, if not original then identical exactly. The store immediately sent the desired type of screen. Алеофобка present


  127. I***k

    Good screen. not original of course but the quality is not bad. delivery fast.


  128. K***k

    It came well packed. Very well. We’ll try.


  129. A***s

    The sole is perfect!


  130. D***v

    Ebbg screen. Everything got up without problems. Recommend. Further operation will show.


  131. V***a

    Quality is good. The product corresponds to the description. It all came very quickly (16 days to Stavropol)


  132. I***n

    There is no double-sided tape for the speaker vibro and volume control buttons. As a gift I put the glass for the screen.


  133. P***u

    quality like original


  134. E***d

    All Super recommend I order the second


  135. P***r

    Screen as the description, no different from the original. I Am happy


  136. A***o

    The screen is as original, touch 10 touches. Bright .. recommend.


  137. M***a

    All right, thank you.


  138. Customer



  139. S***v

    Okay. It works. Too bad not two. Nevertheless, this is a great replacement option.


  140. V***a



  141. Z***v

    The store has long known. Very reliable seller the goods are very high quality. Bprun glass screwdriver set as a gift


  142. S***o

    Denying, Poki not translating, on the verge of norms, delivery of shvidka


  143. A***v

    Delivery to Tambov region to the issue point was 16 days! By quality I can say that it is the factory!!! Unfortunately the store does not now have the ebbg display, but this is not bad! Of course it turns yellow a little, but when used very soon get used to such colors. So, believe me as a person who is not the first time putting displays on this phone (I’m not a master). The quality is simply not equal, everything at the height, and on planting and cover the back sits without any pin and glass rounded 2.5D. Do not take displays for 800, 1000, etc.-this is a complete slag (checked on yourself). Scout pays twice, remember it! The seller definitely recommend, the contact goes well, quickly answers questions! Thank you for reading to the end)))


  144. R***k

    Delivered to Moscow region in 12 days. The quality is good. Manufacturer ebbg. Ten-Point touchscreen. A little yellow backlight than the original from boe. The brightness in my opinion is also a little lower, but quite acceptable. Put himself without problems. There’s an adhesive tape under the AKB. No glue for the vibrator generator. The protective glass is included on the edges does not fit. As a gift put a set of screwdrivers for disassembly. Screenshot on the photo. The store immediately said that there will be an ebb screen.


  145. U***s

    According to the description, delivery to Ukraine by new mail.


  146. K***k

    The screen is bright, the sensor is 10 touches,


  147. A***h

    Thank you very much the product corresponds to the description, the alien quickly without any damage, I recommend the store.


  148. B***v

    Similar to the original finger slips well point no grid under the screen which usually produces fake


  149. M***v

    Everything is smooth. You can take it.


  150. A***v

    Thank you all received quickly …. Then I’ll add a tip.


  151. V***y

    It came well packed, everything is whole. Not yet. I’ll drop it.


  152. I***v

    подошёл как родной


  153. S***n

    Quality as well as the original. Color rendering is excellent. The 10-touch test takes place. Everything came just perfect. The store is good. Best packing for all time my orders on aliq. Definitely recommend to order. 5 stars.


  154. E***V

    Fast. Quality. Satisfied. Recommended


  155. A***h

    It came quite quickly, the screen of good quality is almost original, it works 10 touches, I liked it very much, how will we see further. Product and store recommend.


  156. M***v

    Everything is OK, the screen has replaced. Now as new


  157. P***v

    Дисплей очень хорошего качества


  158. M***i

    Воскресил свой телефон) Экран оригинальный, мой промаркирован 2018 годом, видимо распродают нереализованные остатки запчастей. Соответственно и качество родное) Это очень круто, потому что на Али полно других продавцов, которые под видом оригинала продают реплику из подвала. Здесь же все честно. Просил выслать от Бое, но продавец написал, что в наличии только от Еббг. Не высылал экран до тех пор, пока не услышал от меня согласие на Еббг, за что отдельное спасибо продавцу) Многие продавцы отсылают тупо то что есть в наличии не спрашивая, как вы знаете. В общем, рекомендую этот магазин, а продавцу спасибо за честную деталь и нормальное отношение! (на фото слева – родной бое, справа – новый еббг)


  159. Y***y

    Fast delivery, good packing, previously took from this store. Recommend.


  160. W***z

    Fast delivery, the screen and all the insides sat on hurray, the brightness of the screen is the same as the original one, I did not find the difference, take it safely.


  161. X***o

    заказ получил,продавец положил инструменты и стекло в подарок.респект.поставлю экран,дополню отзыв


  162. I***M

    получила быстро, все цело и хорошо упаковано, еще не ставили. потом дополню


  163. M***s

    Спасибо. Товар отличный. Упаковано бомбически, как капуста. Продавец красава. Рекомендую.


  164. Customer

    никакой разницы с родным дисплеем. определенно стоит своих денег.


  165. A***v

    Все работает качество отличное


  166. A***u

    Долго выбирал модуль для Redmi 4X и после прочитанных отзывов выбрал этого продавца. У меня с момента покупки экран стоял Boe. Я Продавцу написал, но он честно ответил, что данные модули распроданы и предложил экран Ebbg. Это тоже одна из разновидностей оригинальных заводских модулей. Бояться не нужно. Экран Boe выдаёт более холодные (естественные цвета), Ebbg – более теплые оттенки (в настройках экрана можно выставить холодный оттенок). Оч боялся что данный фактор мне не понравится, но по факту – норм. Инструмент для замены приложен. Установили, работает супер (как-будто только что из магазина). Олеофобка вроде норм, тач на 10 касаний. Я очень доволен и рекомендую продавца. Модуль очень надёжно был упакован. На экране присутствовала защитная плёнка. Трек код отслеживался с первого и до последнего дня. I recommend this store!


  167. S***o

    Cono descrito, não sei foi falta de atenção minha, mas faltou cola em partes. Porém está funcionando perfeitamente, recomendo.


  168. S***v

    Дисплей оригинал. Упаковка антистатик замотанный в пупырку и всё в пенопластовой коробке обмотанной скотчем. Эта упаковка ядерный взрыв переживёт. Матрица не желтит и не засвечивает тач 10 касаний. доставка около двух недель в Питер. Рекомендую.


  169. I***v

    Заказал 25.06 получил 13.07 в Томске. Упаковка очень надёжная. Экран ещё не устанавливал, жду аккумулятор. Как установлю отпишусь.