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Original for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Touch Repair Parts

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Black No Framewith Black Framewith Blue Framewith Red Frame

Original for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Point Touch Repair Parts

Warm Tips

1.We promise we sell AAA Quality lcd display and all the lcd we will test before shipment.

2.It is used to replace your broken, no working LCD display with a new one and make your lcd display work normally.

3.All the pakcage send by safe package and aliexpress standard shipping, confirm you can receive the perfect package and receive it in a short time.

4.A great deal in stock, we send out the package during 24 working hours .

Package included(Anti shock white foam box)

1pcs Original LCD Display for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7/ Note 7 Pro

1set Repair Kits

HTB1RVHXX3KG3KVjSZFLq6yMvXXap Original for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Touch Repair PartsOriginal for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Touch Repair PartsOriginal for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Touch Repair PartsOriginal for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Touch Repair PartsHTB1l4W5QSzqK1RjSZFpq6ykSXXa9 Original for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Touch Repair PartsOriginal for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Touch Repair PartsHTB1pDTaX8WD3KVjSZKPq6yp7FXaL Original for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Touch Repair PartsHTB1JMHaX75E3KVjSZFCq6zuzXXat Original for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Touch Repair PartsHTB1L2DfX8Gw3KVjSZFwq6zQ2FXaH Original for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Touch Repair PartsHTB16iHXX.GF3KVjSZFoq6zmpFXaT Original for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Touch Repair PartsHTB1wAW.X21H3KVjSZFBq6zSMXXaJ Original for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Touch Repair PartsHTB1KPe.X3aH3KVjSZFpq6zhKpXaI Original for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Assembly Redmi Note7 Pro LCD Display 10 Touch Repair Parts

Based on 166 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. M***v

    Quality original. All the gaps have come together. The display works without problems. I recommend. Protective glass pasted sensor does not work. Removed earned. So the protective glass is not very!!


  2. A***k

    Display quality is excellent


  3. M***w

    Took along with the frame. The display is different from the original. But in general not bad. Sent an order for 8 days. Long shipping 40 days. Packed well. Everything works. Poor aleaphobic coating.


  4. O***v

    Looks like the original) everything came up


  5. S***u



  6. M***s

    Looks like the original. The marking is slightly different, but with colors all OK. Brightness is good, but in the sun did not check. While collecting damaged GSM cable, so did not collect to the end and did not take it outside. The side frame is different from the original, it is not so shiny.


  7. N***s

    Product Excellence quality congratulations!


  8. S***g

    its like original, no diferent. easy to replace even in my first try (with frame). everything works. thanx store (i will add review in a week)


  9. E***r

    The screen came fast to Turkey country and very good everything works 2 pieces of mirror also unbreakable glass to come together


  10. S***v

    Order came for 3 weeks, quality is good Included are tools for installation, but no sealant, it need to be taken separately As a gift put the protective glass


  11. Y***y

    Very gud


  12. S***d

    Everything fits! Sending a little long but the store responds quickly! I recommend it.


  13. S***z

    works 100% good , recommended


  14. A***n

    The goods came three weeks before Moscow, the display quality is excellent, the brightness is beautiful.


  15. K***

    The display arrived fast enough three weeks, packed well, with the display there was a protective glass and a replacement device, the display of good quality is very similar to the original but we all know that …. The display changed everything works while satisfied. Conclusion: the goods are good


  16. Z***n

    Excellent product. Thank you


  17. N***o

    Quality is good, but this is not original, which is a pity. The blue color of the frame is different from the native frame. In the kit there is no slot for the SIM card, and the native color is different. I use a few days only, but I hope that a reliable screen


  18. Customer

    Really very good quality highly recommended


  19. A***v

    Works well, but the top glass is not original, gets dirty strongly


  20. A***y

    The display came to ACM. OBL. for 3 weeks, the display is not original, it is 100%! But! I am very surprised by its quality, it is a very good display, the brightness is slightly smaller than the original, somewhere is 10%, but the picture quality, and the brightness of the colors, one in one with the original, I have all the local service providers, and nowhere found this, on Alika broke a lot of stores, and all the curves, Oblique, then very dull, then the picture is so, then the marriage is a lot, here I liked everything, replaced the house, spending a couple of hours of time, I advise you to buy the glue of the b-7000 or the T-7000 on Alika, yes, there is overpayment, there is 1000R and 1200, But buying for 1600 you get almost the original)


  21. A***n

    Arrived normal, but not yet put.


  22. N***n

    came quickly


  23. V***y

    Great complete repair kit, all tools and consumables are included! Thanks to the store.


  24. R***i

    Perfect packaging. Short the installerò


  25. R***v

    Display of excellent quality, thanks to the store, color rendition as the original, backlight too, oleophobic is, put the shitty glass as a gift, it would be better not. Also included were plastic tools. On the strips of tape in the kit do not want to glue, the hat will work, buy glue b7000.


  26. Customer

    This is my second times order this product. It’s still good order again. Recommend this store.


  27. D***S

    It reached Latvia in 3 weeks. Packed in foam. Display original. As a gift protective glass. I recommend.


  28. Customer

    The goods arrived very early, says the repair and was great, am using. Satisfied!!!!!


  29. M***B

    Perfect as on description


  30. E***v

    Original, everything became clear. As a gift glass.


  31. L***h

    Everything was well packed, thanks to the store


  32. Customer

    Everything is OK, I recommend this store.


  33. N***v

    The display itself is excellent (and the brightness level and resolution and even any oleophobic coating), but I ordered with the frame and disappointed, as the frame is bad (it can only be mine). After installing in it all the insides of my phone and assembly, the phone itself became disgusting to catch the signal, if not to say that it stopped at all. The antenna is directly mounted into the phone frame, after returning the insides to the old frame (original) everything began to catch remarkably. Conclusion order only display without frame, this is purely my opinion.


  34. Customer



  35. M***i

    Not original but the Quality Is really good you can only see the difference if you have an original next to this one


  36. A***v

    Put the screen, while satisfied, complete with a protective glass


  37. E***v

    Screen excellent


  38. D***r



  39. R***r

    spasibo (thank you)


  40. R***r

    Good glass, took with a frame, but here to whom it is more convenient


  41. C***z

    No problems


  42. P***a

    Excellent screen. I have been using it for almost a month, no differences from the original have been revealed. Took with a frame, it differs a little in color, more blue, there is no purple glare. In general, the store respect, did not expect that everything will be so cool!


  43. S***v

    The screen was good only for more than a month. Apparently the original


  44. K***z

    Everything is fine.


  45. R***k

    The display is good, very similar to the original


  46. M***v

    Chic display. Ordered with a frame. Went to Peter for a week


  47. V***o

    The screen is excellent in the kit even the protective glass goes although I did not order it thanks to the store very quickly came a week before Moldova


  48. E***v

    Changed. Everything works like new


  49. R***k

    Very long chose the screen, would like the quality was like the original, and did not regret, really the original, the screen quality one in one with the original, there is oleophobic coating, everything is clear, buy boldly. The store sends a little long. Change the screen with the case carefully, do not forget to rearrange all sealing gum.


  50. A***n

    Works as original


  51. R***i

    Perfect! Works like the original. Received in 2 weeks in France.


  52. M***s

    Excellent, works perfectly fast shipping.


  53. K***i

    the item arrived in 3 weeks with lcd full protector still didn’t try it


  54. A***h

    The goods came in three weeks. Ordered with frame, complete with glass, and repair kit. Everything looks not bad


  55. M***v

    Everything came whole, tools + glass. Until I put


  56. D***l

    I thank the store for the excellent service and speed of delivery, he arrived in almost a month to my country. Everything is perfect without problems, it shows the good quality and thanks for the tools and the protective screen. 100% recommended.


  57. J***s

    Very happy, I arrive in 30 days in Cartagena-Colombia. I arrive in perfect condition, he brought accessories to mount it on his cell phone, Ade MAS brought tempered glass, thing Q didn’t bring the same cell phone, tomorrow I’ll take him to Tecnico to install him, inform them how it was later.


  58. Customer

    Everything came up, installed independently without problems


  59. O***v

    Not yet installed. When I install the add-on feedback. But arrived very well. Seller sent screen protector as gift. I recommend the store.


  60. M***v

    The color is different from the original. On the touch screen there are strips, not erasable. Apparently in production something is not taken into account. Originality ….. Very doubtful… But in general, it works fine. Colors are not different from the original, the sensor works perfectly. In size gets up like a glove. as a gift tools and protective, good glass. For this special thanks to the store.


  61. E***n

    Everything is excellent for 16 days, packed qualitatively


  62. V***v

    Delivered in 3 weeks. Waiting for t7000 glue and expensive protective glass and I will change.


  63. E***v

    The module in Krasnoyarsk came for a couple of weeks, packed in foam, as a gift there were tools for replacement and protective glass. The quality of the module is good, similar to the original, oleophobic is. I advise the store and the goods


  64. S***v

    Shol long but works, and the quality is on top


  65. S***T

    There were fears that the slag would come, but was pleasantly surprised by the quality! Although not the original. Ordered on sale 11.11, came to 53 region for three weeks. I changed myself especially difficulties did not arise. Compared with the original on the wife’s phone and did not find differences, only a little colder white color. Checked the touch of 10 of 10, the dimensions coincide, there are no gaps, ideally suited. I hope that all such will come!!!


  66. N***o

    Naturally not original, but ….. Worthy of its quality!


  67. O***a

    The whole screen came. Not yet installed, so on work I can not say


  68. A***V

    Came, the quality is super, put on the phone additional feedback


  69. A***v

    Touch works very well, the display is slightly different from the original, percent by 10 by brightness and color transmission, the side buttons are pressed very not clearly especially the lock button, the blue color is different from the cover, so do not take in the frame, better cross, I think you can usually take the screen cheaper too quality, but it’s not the original, but in general everything is fine except for the price not the original!!! The Chinese took the usual standard Chinese screen, which is not very different from the original, and sells under the guise of orig at the same time overcomes the price under the guise of the original, Origina must be called service pack mi!!!! Enclosed well, the bonus is an excellent protective glass!


  70. Customer

    Tout ok.


  71. A***n

    The quality of the screen at the height failed the oleophobic coating. Goes stripes like a zebra. Without additional glass it is not possible to use.


  72. P***n

    Great product and fast shipping, thank you


  73. E***v

    Looks like origu.


  74. U***l

    I ordered with a frame, replaced myself, there is nothing complicated if there is thermal paste and glue B700. The quality of the screen is very good, I have something to compare with, because. I’m changing for the second time. Order recommend.


  75. A***r

    Excellent display! Complete with adhesive tape, tools and protective glass. Before St. Petersburg for 18 days


  76. A***

    Excellent quality. We have to try.


  77. I***v

    Great screen! The store combined three different goods into one parcel.


  78. G***e

    All as in the description.


  79. Customer

    Looks like the original, but noticed some small differences between this product and the original display.


  80. S***o

    Original All Super


  81. S***v

    Everything works fine, as a gift protective glass.


  82. A***v

    To the city of Lyubertsy, delivery is almost a month. sent the next day, after payment. All in the set is available, for replacement.


  83. I***v

    Normal display by brightness percent 10 below the original is norms + protective glass as a gift thank you to the store


  84. R***r

    The display came to Voronezh in 3 weeks, the store sent quickly, works perfectly! In the kit is a protective glass.


  85. M***v

    It came whole! This is important 🙂 protective glass-as a gift! He wouldn’t have broken an old display before. He did the old one, he cut himself. I inserted a new one-it’s easy. But you need an iron that holds 90 ° (ski iron), it is necessary to put on it, to soften the sealant to remove the old one. At me pure Android stood lavender, so in twrp the sensor earned immediately, but the load on G stopped. READ-The Display requires the firmware of the smartphone. Downloaded, passed-No res-ta. I gave it to the service-they do not confess what subtleties. They did. Brightness below original A.


  86. B***d

    good screen


  87. S***m

    Weeks only came in four main packing well and high service with LCD protective film also contains four reliable quality yet unused


  88. T***y

    it arrived at time let’s see


  89. O***v

    Quickly came. Everything works.


  90. M***a

    Bought a screen for Redmi Note 7, but not work. The store was attentive and returned the money.


  91. O***v

    Delivery to Krasnodar two weeks! Very fast. Quality is good, but not original. Brightness is twice as much.


  92. D***v

    Normal screen.


  93. N***a

    The screen was put, it works, thanks to the store!


  94. V***v

    I received the goods after how I will put it on the look of the whole store I recommend half a month to the Tyumen region


  95. L***l

    Quality from the original does not distinguish . Glass may seem, but in appearance and feeling better than native and touchscreen works better. Definitely recommend. Glory to Great China!!!


  96. A***g

    Changed, became like a new one. The quality is very good.


  97. O***l

    It works well.


  98. B***b

    The screen is good, take it will not regret


  99. A***r

    Everything is super! Ordered a second time. It seemed that there are strips, but after careful cleaning everything is OK. Seller recommend!


  100. A***s

    Very good screen, original quality, no fees


  101. G***o



  102. N***e

    The goods went a month and a half, the quality of the display is good, I put 4.5 of 5


  103. D***n

    Sent quickly, packed well, everything is fine. Seller recommend.


  104. A***a

    Thank you all came, everything is whole, only delivery turned out to be long


  105. Y***T

    Normal screen, installed 5 days ago, for all this time problems were not identified


  106. V***v

    Good qulity. Seller recommend.


  107. S***o

    Got a module on Redmi Note 7. with brightness everything is fine. It is very similar that the module is new, not restored. Also sent glass and unnecessary screwdriver-trivia, but nice!


  108. J***a

    Funguje Dobře


  109. M***k

    Everything is great. In the complete set of instrumenti for zachisna sklo. Переставляєте Sudi your battery, and two blocks and forward. I’m trying to get the goods back to war. I recommend yak selling so and the goods, reviews!


  110. V***o

    Got the display quickly, a little more than two weeks. I haven’t installed it yet. So, about quality, I can not say.


  111. P***v

    Everything is fine only the color is better to specify with the store I have a dark blue and the alien light blue; (


  112. D***z

    The screen wasn’t working, but the store after sending out several tests reesembolsa the money


  113. M***k

    I liked the screen very much. Very similar to the original. Brightness is sufficient, color rendition is excellent.


  114. P***r

    The original screen, everything works as it should.


  115. O***a

    Everything came safe and whole. Packing quality. Glass perfectly fit


  116. B***l

    Serious store, works perfectly on xiaomi note 7.


  117. B***f

    All OK


  118. J***v

    Everything works


  119. S***a

    Quality goods!


  120. E***e

    good display. fully satisfied. although it came late. guess it’s as a result of the virus. I recommend this store. 5 stars


  121. C***z

    Everything arrived impeccable.


  122. U***j

    Will Test, then leave feedback


  123. D***n

    Display set. Quality is good


  124. A***o

    Excellent screen, arrived in the agreed time very satisfied. I recommend it.


  125. M***s



  126. A***e

    I put everything perfectly already the fourth time I order from this store all as always an ideal gift and armor


  127. R***v

    Recommend Put it yourself


  128. D***a

    The product did not arrive because of the Covid but the store was always present and attentive to my questions. When I’m done I’ll try to buy back 🙂


  129. A***v

    While 5 stars, did not put, but the quality is decent


  130. A***v

    Screen brightness is bad


  131. A***a

    Ordered 03.06.2020 in Rostov region came 02.07.2020. It’s perfect. She didn’t put it. I will supplement the withdrawal


  132. Customer

    The screen is very high quality, 10 touch, quality body, only Chinese very pulled with sending, ebalegorot. And the packaging is very good


  133. K***a

    It came all the time. As a gift, the store put the protective glass. Well packed.


  134. C***s

    Good product


  135. S***v

    Delivery fast. Packed well. Check the performance failed as the phone does not turn on. Still thank you for the goods)


  136. A***v

    Excellent quality I am very satisfied


  137. G***g

    All right.


  138. K***k

    Well received double sided tape nylon safe even nerve some having stick battery door with newly aspire to water swimming distance is battery 왠 payment design ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ


  139. M***B



  140. V***a

    Good appearance, a piece that is not original ,,, she and very good 80% good, buy without fear. 3M comparison with the original brand Xiami touch and weaker and the color is more yellowish, but does not compromise the use in day-to-day.


  141. J***z

    I was hoping it would take a long time, but it didn’t. He couldn’t come at a better time. It worked perfectly.


  142. A***v

    It came in three weeks. The product corresponds to the description. Seller sociable 🙂


  143. S***v

    Everything came as in the description, the screen installed everything works well in my opinion is not worse than the original, if someone had problems with the talking speaker or more precisely with the clogging of the lattice closing this speaker, then the lattice has a lot of large holes and in the subsequent such problems should not be


  144. V***v

    The display is good. Came pretty fast.


  145. V***n

    Thank you, quality display.


  146. K***v

    Full set with frame + protective glass. The replacement is very easy. If the phone is old don’t forget to buy a new battery!


  147. A***o

    To Rostov-on-Don, the display went exactly a month, gave it to the service master with good reviews, for installation took 800r, did not change itself because. Did not find in the store glue b-7000, and on Ali did not think immediately to order, the colors are good, from the original do not distinguish. On the second day after the display replacement noticed, that the battery began to sit faster (usually with the same use by evening 30-40% remained, and now with 5-10%), but the most not pleasant that happened after installation, this has become reodically unconnected, there have been no problems before. I watch now the video as they fight it, if it does not help, I’ll take it to the service. Perhaps all the same, the master with good reviews was Ruko * op, or maybe the case is also in the display.


  148. Customer

    Installed, works. Included protective glass, tool kit and Scotch tape


  149. K***o

    The display came quickly. Across the whole screen in the middle is felt and visible (when the screen is not lit) strip, like two halves are glued. And so it’s OK.


  150. A***v

    LYUBERTSY, almost a month delivery. I order already, the second time. The screen is almost different from the original. it changes within an hour, but it is possible and faster.


  151. E***a

    Good screen.


  152. Customer

    Упакован был хорошо. На вид все сделано качественно.


  153. Customer

    Товар пришел за 2 недели. Пока не ставил!!!!


  154. I***.



  155. D***s

    A quality product, fast delivery, recommend store. Thank you 🙂 quality product, fast delivery, recommend seller. Thanks 🙂


  156. I***n

    Everything normal working


  157. S***K



  158. A***v

    Качество экрана на 5, качества корпуса 5+ экран качественный отклик как у оригинала.


  159. A***z

    tela top, envio rápido, ótimo vendedor!


  160. S***v

    Excellent, it came in a month, changed in half an hour, everything works, the tool is included plus a protective glass


  161. D***s

    не могу ни чего написать по поводу экрана ,так как телефон не заработал. думаю причина в чем то другом. доставка быстрая


  162. A***v

    Все отлично модуль оригинал, переброс внутренностей не составил труда, качество на 5 с плюсом, заказал ещё парочку в месте с рамкой, так как дочь моя рукожоп))) в подарок защитное стекло, советую продавца, и да доставка 20 дней до Оренбургской области, в принципе терпимо.


  163. D***v

    дисплей хороший, но яркость оставляет желать лучшего, подсветку приходится выкручивать чуть не на максимум.


  164. A***v

    подошёл, работает, качество хорошее.


  165. M***o

    экран по качеству очень приближенный к оригиналу, само изображение не увидел разницы, можно брать, пересобрал за час под пивко)


  166. A***v

    все отлично