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OPCOM V5 For Opel OP COM 1.70 flash firmware update OP-COM 1.95 PIC18F458 FIDI CAN BUS OBD OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Auto Tool

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H9875b5288a1e4a0d860820d498424d76o OPCOM V5 For Opel OP COM 1.70 flash firmware update OP-COM 1.95 PIC18F458 FIDI CAN BUS OBD OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Auto ToolH7b4b028e37744255bcaa86fa8a6435dbf OPCOM V5 For Opel OP COM 1.70 flash firmware update OP-COM 1.95 PIC18F458 FIDI CAN BUS OBD OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Auto Tool

OPCOM V5 For Opel OP COM 1.70 flash firmware update OP-COM 1.95 PIC18F458 FIDI CAN BUS OBD OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Auto Tool

OPCOM V5 For Opel OP COM V1.70 flash firmware update PIC18F458 FIDI CAN BUS OBD OBD2 Scanner Automotriz Car Diagnostic Auto Tool


1.OP-COM V1.99 can not support Flash Firmware update and can not support some old cars,and software only support Windows XP/7 32bits by default

2.Our driver chip is FTDI FT232RQ better than FTDI FT232RL

3.OPCOM V1.70/V1.95/1.99 Can not support all cars for Opel,if you have any problem when you received OPCOM or want to order OPCOM,please contact us first

4. We have installation video and software download links for all buyers who have purchased products

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OPCOM V5 For Opel OP COM 1.70 flash firmware update OP-COM 1.95 PIC18F458 FIDI CAN BUS OBD OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Auto Tool

OPCOM 2012 diagnostic tool for Opel cars covers almost all Opel cars, even new cars with CAN-BUS based diagnostic, such as for Vectra-C,for Astra-H,for Zafira-B. It lets you read and clear fault codes, support many control units

Latest firmware version: V1.70

Opcom OP-Com 2014 V Can OBD2 for Opel Firmware V1.70 with PIC18F458 Chip

New OPCOM V1.70 Firmware 2014V Software Feature:

1. OPCOM is a special PC Based diagnostic interface especially for OPEL.

2. Software Version: 2014 Firmware Version: 1.70

3. Never Update It Online, It Will Damage The OP-COM

Attention for Latest Opcom Software VAUX-COM_120309a.exe:

1. If you run it on XP or Win7, please make sure you install dotnetfx35_SP1 system patch, or Opcom software can't perform well

2. When you install on Win7 and open software, please choose Run as administrator, and read the installation video on CD carefully

Please do not update this one online.

New OPCOM V1.70 Firmware 2014V Software Function:

1. It covers almost all Opel cars, even new cars with CAN-BUS based diagnostic, such as for Vectra-C,for Astra-H,for Zafira-B.

2. The program lets you to read out and clear fault codes, shows you live data, lets you to perform output test.

3. The program supports many control units, like Engine, Automatic Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Engine Cooling module, Instrument Cluster, Electronic Climate Control, Body Control Unit, just to name a few examples.

4. Since Opel uses many pin in the OBD connector, the diagnostic interface works as a multiplexer, and selects the appropriate pin for communication.

PIN3, PIN7, PIN8, PIN12 = Serial Link (ISO9141, KW81, KW82, KWP2000)

5. Fault codes will be shown with all available information:

Full Fault Code Text Description:

1) Full status information (Present, Not present, Intermittent)

2) You can print out, save, or copy the fault codes to any other application. From the fault codes window, you can go directly to the measuring blocks window.

3) The program shows you measuring block information on many control module, you can choose anything from the list on your own.

4) The program is capable of showing 8 measuring block parameter simultaneously. The sample rate is depends mostly on the communication protocol. For example, older system, like Omega-B X 25 DT Engine (ISO-9141-2) can be very slow, during communication, while newer Multec, or for Bosch units are faster (using KWP-2000), and the newest CAN based control units are very fast!

You can also run output tests on many controllers.




HSCAN – Dual-wire, High Speed CAN-BUS, 500 kbps

MSCAN – Dual-wire, Medium Speed CAN-BUS, 95 kbps

SWCAN – Single-wire, Low Speed CAN-BUS, 33.3 kbps

OP-Com 2014V Firmware V1.70 Software:

OPCOM V5 For Opel OP COM 1.70 flash firmware update OP-COM 1.95 PIC18F458 FIDI CAN BUS OBD OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Auto Tool

OPCOM V5 For Opel OP COM 1.70 flash firmware update OP-COM 1.95 PIC18F458 FIDI CAN BUS OBD OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Auto Tool


Q: Does this product has any other language other than English?
A: This product have only English version.

Q:What we can do with this device?
A:1. You will get a feedback on the state of the activated output. This will helps you to find the failed. Components more easily. With OP-COM, you can learn keys to immobiliser, and remote keys to the central door locking.
2. You can also reset, and program the following immobiliser related items: ECM, BCM, IPC.
3. You will need the vehicle security code, which can be found on the CAR-PASS.
4. You can also reset, and program the Service interval reminder for Astra-G/Zafira/Corsa-C/Meriva
5. You can code SAB6, and SAB8 airbags with the software.
6. The diagnostic inteface is USB port based, so there will be NO COMPATIBILITY ISSUES, with serial to USB converters.
7. The speed of the communication over the USB-BUS is enough to handle the awesome speed of the High-Speed CAN-BUS systems, which is currently 500kbps. This is the main reason, why only the USB port based interface is available for CAN-BUS.
8. Compared to the TECH2, which is the dealers tool (with a 32 MB Card+CANdi interface), the price of OP-COM is quite afforda

OPCOM V5 For Opel OP COM 1.70 flash firmware update OP-COM 1.95 PIC18F458 FIDI CAN BUS OBD OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Auto Tool

1. OP COM Interface
2. USB Cable
3. Software and Drivers CD

HTB1skcUXPDuK1Rjy1zjq6zraFXaF OPCOM V5 For Opel OP COM 1.70 flash firmware update OP-COM 1.95 PIC18F458 FIDI CAN BUS OBD OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Auto Tool

OPCOM V5 For Opel OP COM 1.70 flash firmware update OP-COM 1.95 PIC18F458 FIDI CAN BUS OBD OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Auto Tool

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  1. K***v

    The goods came quickly, the package is whole, but the disc still broke. I found everything on the Internet. The adapter works well, clearly connects to all units (visited the Opel in 2000). I recommend.


  2. R***v

    All OK! Photo later, I will add


  3. G***n

    All right. all right. I ‘ve coded two keys and perfect. I ‘ve already amortized it. Advisable


  4. E***o

    Got it, checked it, it works. Thank you.


  5. Customer

    Works OK.


  6. T***h

    Astra J 2010 Vin xuf, could not open even BC tabs, so connect diagnose, errors read. It came quickly.


  7. J***i

    Product compatible with description. fast delivery, contact store good. Recommend


  8. P***r

    Recommend. Shipment for Polish dotarła very quickly, OPCOM connects to car and shows parameters and errors. Recommend.


  9. E***s

    The goods came in intact the disk is not damaged as it will work until I know, I will check


  10. Customer

    The parcel was received, but did not check.


  11. V***v

    Astra H 2008 v1.7 V5 all works with disk, ster kreshdatu, Scandi light made


  12. D***v

    Rabotet. Got what counted. Disc included, came a.


  13. Customer

    All OK


  14. A***v

    Ordered Version 1.7 all Super everything works, it’s not necessary to update anything (auto Omega B). Order to Mo came for a week, I’m in shock from speed, for the first time such, thank you very much


  15. S***A

    Product worthy command


  16. N***a

    Everything works, the car is stitched. Delivered 1,5 months.


  17. J***i

    Interface works well. install on Windows 10 przebiegła without problem. have tested activation computer BC in astrze H and all wyszło OK. recommend


  18. B***a

    All OK


  19. D***u

    Reads. Maybe he did, he didn’t. Zafira 2008


  20. N***r

    Never receive item but store paid refund


  21. R***n

    Works great. Thanks.


  22. A***c

    Product packaging is damaged, but it is Mail Russia works so neatly. Sticker or com separately, so this wire is still something can diagnose. The disk is not damaged. There is no Russified program. The store on this question answers, but evasive and without specifics, although when buying argued that Russified. The car reads, but asks for firewood on yusb.


  23. K***n

    All looks OK, shipment on time, nieuszkodzona. Even nietestowane in aucie.


  24. A***y

    The parcel came. Disk whole, the work has not yet checked


  25. I***v



  26. P***m

    Delivery fast, but little kombinowania I had with this to Ings.


  27. N***v

    Delivery is very long, 49 days though paid. On the goods there are no claims, everything works as in the description. Everything came in integrity and in working order.


  28. J***s

    ok not testing


  29. E***v



  30. A***v

    Works. At Opel Omega B 1997 saw only motor and abs. Immo’s cut out. Ordered several goods from this store, agreed to send not cainao, as this transport Lost some of my parcels. The seller went to meet, but sent a week.


  31. S***a

    Long was the parcel. The store is good. At the request extended consumer protection. Thank you. The product corresponds to the description.


  32. A***h

    Everything works, took 1.7 Astra N 1,8 automatic 2007 year Read


  33. M***m

    The goods never came, but after communicating with the store reached the consensus I was returned money. The seller was very sorry for the communication of a nice person, he sent the goods but he never came to me. I will order more thanks to AliExpress


  34. A***r

    The goods did not receive, but the store agreed Return the money without further questions.


  35. M***v

    Delivery to Volgograd in 19 days, came in a bag with a puffy. In the work has not yet tried, as a test supplement.


  36. A***i

    Opel Combo 2009. OP-COM 1.70 when the machine was tested, the machine was connected to most blocks.


  37. Customer

    thank you! very good items version 1.5 , very good communicative store, ordered many times , I recommend !


  38. O***y

    Delivery 3 weeks. The disk is whole, most of all worried about it. It’s okay. As we try, I will add a tip. In the meantime, very satisfied;)


  39. Customer

    thank you, working and can read all opels new and old


  40. A***o

    Everything is fine, checked, works


  41. A***u

    USB cable from the kit is absolutely non-working. On the platforms for firmware pic18f458 solder nozzle, the chip itself is original. LM317 right over the resistances are sealed. Before you use, look what’s inside.


  42. M***v

    Delivery in Russia about a week, came all the whole, works, the car sees all the modules.


  43. S***i

    All OK 🙂 Very good contact store… Yours


  44. Customer

    Plate came damaged. Long shipping due to holiday U them. Come on smoothly store corresponding it poczułam The Changeling. First wrote that no 1.70 later by my nieuwagę because there anulowałam order sent 1.70 and 1.95. Do not recommend


  45. Customer

    Despite the pękniętej plate otrzymałam piece refund. Contact store oceniam very well


  46. D***v

    It came in three days to St. Petersburg, delivered the courier home. The disk is slightly damaged, but the information is read. On Windows 10 drivers are not put, check the performance has not yet been able.


  47. A***S

    Delivery in Russia for 4 days. The version was defined as 1.7. I didn’t open it. Everything works. The disc of course cracked on the edge, but everything counts and is installed.


  48. A***n

    Delivery is fast. Works.


  49. R***r

    Came very quickly, only the disc cracked


  50. A***v

    Good store.


  51. Customer

    thank you!


  52. E***a

    The goods came quickly. Everything works.


  53. A***a



  54. S***l

    Came version 1.95, the machine Opel Zafira and 2001 read, all functions work, the disk is whole but Progi all put from the Internet, as there is no drive, sold sociable, the track was tracked. Definitely recommend.


  55. P***v

    The scanner came partly not working, did not work the SW-CAN bus, had to be repaired.


  56. S***n



  57. I***s

    Excellent transaction!


  58. S***z

    works great on my opel astra g from 2000. fast shipping and great store.


  59. K***k

    Like everything matches. We should try it.


  60. Customer

    The goods promptly delivered. All works, plate whole. Recommend


  61. D***k

    Delivered within a week. Courier. Thank you! Tested on Opel Corsa D 2010G a12xer-everything works through Vaux.


  62. A***k

    The goods have not come


  63. Y***V

    On Opel Zafira B 2013 I was able to activate BC, check the real mileage, find out that I have problems with the thermostat, make adaptation of clutch points on the box. Soft and firewood put from the disc that was included.


  64. D***e

    Great item. Works perfectly on Windows 10. I can see this being very useful in the future. It has already helped clear historic codes off the BCM and diagnose a fault on the airbag module. Shipping was very fast and fully tracked. Probably the best item I’ve ever bought on AliExpress.


  65. P***k

    All works, fast shipping, recommend.


  66. A***n

    Works perfect


  67. S***o

    Before Hmao came in 3 weeks, everything is whole, still did not check)


  68. V***n



  69. Customer

    It’s okay.


  70. U***r

    The order was sent a bistro and in full configuration Goods satisfied


  71. S***n

    For the sake of the description, please add to the Astra J a17dte 3 once. Pratsyu Stabil. Great Uncle salesman for garnie goods, it is not diviv, for all pratsiah. Buy it smoothly


  72. D***h

    Sent out on the same day as the order, 2 days to Voronezh. One tire was not working (opened a dispute, returned money).


  73. S***

    Thy worked!


  74. F***b

    All dziala. Ustawiasz what you want.


  75. S***v

    Reads everything. There is a suspicion of wrong transceiver marked tja1050. The board on one side is marked as opcom.5 A on the other opcom_new. The pic is similar to the original, did not try to sew.


  76. A***v

    Very quickly delivered, literally in 2 days, I did not expect, everything was checked, errors dropped.


  77. V***a

    Delivery pleased, 6 days to ekb. Everything works even a disk whole.


  78. V***n

    It’s all over, it’s all over. Delivery two days to Bryansk. Firewood rose on Windows 10 after the signature was disabled. In work has not yet tested. I’ll add it later.


  79. P***i

    Delivery from Russia, very fast, literally a few days. + 1 day saved, he drove himself and took it to the TC, the courier did not wait. Everything works, I threw mistakes. I can not program yet.


  80. S***v

    Fast delivery in Russia via IML OEL zafiba B 2012G works through VAUX-COM (only English version). Put Wood manually. In general, everything is not bad. It remains to deal with all functions. 😉


  81. A***n

    Fast delivery by courier to the address. The device functions, even the installation disk was intact. Works well with Windows 7 after installing drivers from the disk. With Windows 8, only the Chinese version of the program from 2010 works. Drivers for 8 installed themselves.


  82. V***y

    Antara rest never got to read


  83. D***v

    Everything is fine, delivery to St. Petersburg by courier in 3 days, the adapter works. Read and erased errors on Opel Astra in 2011. Soft is a little buggy-we will understand.


  84. M***v

    Delivery was issued through picpoint, the goods went 2 weeks smoothly, the disc was cracked, and everything else is in good quality, everything works. The truth clicks when it goes reading blocks, I think it should be. Ordered version 1.95, on the 2007 ASTRA, works fine. Another moment, you need to stick the OPCOM into the car socket better, sometimes the contacts are short and some blocks are not read, with this you need as it is more accurate and who has Windows 10, there will be problems with drivers, you need to disable the digital signature check, then everything will be set


  85. A***k

    All OK. Contact the store very cool. Unfortunately USB cable something szwankuje as wymieniłem it I has combined and looks that is OK.


  86. V***v

    All is well.


  87. I***v

    It’s fine. Works. Re-stitching. Bought for Opel Omega B


  88. P***t

    Everyting works in Vectra C z18xer


  89. R***r

    Goods excellent all works Opel dead 1.7 diesel 2012 store respect and respect


  90. B***b

    Delivery 4 days. Everything works. Recommend


  91. V***n

    Is working


  92. A***o



  93. A***n

    The lace came within two weeks delivered by The Courier Box whole Cord and disk are intact All installed reads all blocks Opel Astra H GTS 2008 year


  94. M***m

    Pack came very quickly. Was very well secured. Interface works very well, performs all items found in the description.


  95. Customer

    Pack dotarła very quickly, plate not damaged. Not yet have tested.


  96. S***v

    Packed qualitatively, scanner with software, delivered in 10 days. Seller recommend.


  97. Y***k

    Всё как на фото. Исполнение достойное. Элементы простенькие, и да, это не 5 версия. Но всё по честному как на фото


  98. Customer



  99. V***v

    Everything is wonderful… For opel corsa since 2004 works…


  100. T***k

    fast delivery, 1.70 with Vectra 2007 works perfect. Thanks


  101. A***k

    All OK recommend. Obsluguje opcomem Zafire 1.8 103kW with 2007r. And wszysto dziala.


  102. Customer

    Best Seller. Item very fast arrived to Turkey. Many thanks to you. Best Regards.


  103. K***a

    Thank you all received


  104. H***o

    All works. Good my friend


  105. P***r

    100% okey


  106. I***o

    Works without complaints!


  107. P***i

    All as in the photo with the machine connects You can buy.


  108. S***a

    Order received. The disc is intact. The device corresponds to the description. Stitched!!! Seller recommend.


  109. Customer

    Fast shipping


  110. B***r

    I ordered (opcom1.7) the goods were sent quickly, but he came to Belarus almost two months later. The device itself is working but here the USB cord had to put its own, what came in the kit, constantly lost contact. In general, I think I was not lucky with the lace.


  111. P***a

    Packed in normal package and shipping envelope. Without damage. Connected, interface check passes. On work I will add.


  112. A***n

    Works nice on Corsa D 2008. See all blocks.


  113. M***v

    Came in intact. If i don’t forget to sign off for work.


  114. Customer

    The goods are received. Performance has not yet checked


  115. V***n

    Came for 2 weeks. it works, even a whole disk. everything that expected. the quality of the plastic is good, odorless


  116. Customer

    thank you! Good adapters as in description! Communicative store, I recommend!


  117. A***v

    Not yet checked, but kind of good)


  118. G***o

    Corresponds to the announced, slow delivery but well packaged


  119. G***r

    Works so as you need


  120. K***a

    All compatible with description, fast delivery. Recommend.


  121. V***o

    Well do to Astra G


  122. Customer

    Interface is damaged, the store has returned money without no problems. I recommend it anyway


  123. Customer

    Shipment dotarła after nearly a month, all OK plate whole


  124. G***y



  125. A***n

    Everything works well, the store at the request provided a link to the program


  126. Customer

    thank you! very good communicative and responsive store!


  127. Customer

    thank you! Very good communicative store, ordered many times, working everything as in description


  128. P***v

    Good cables


  129. V***v

    The software disk was broken. Please replace the disk or inform the site where you can download the contents of the disk.


  130. P***z

    Very fast delivery. Good quality of the product. I was able in easy way to program new key in my opel.


  131. O***v

    Good afternoon, the disc cannot be read, send a link to the software


  132. A***a

    Everything works. The store is well done.


  133. Y***n

    Does not connect to computer


  134. D***d

    Fast shipping. Comp working.


  135. A***v

    Thank you, everything is fine and fast!!!!


  136. P***r

    All OK, connects to no problem with Vectrą C.


  137. M***s

    All OK Thank You


  138. O***v

    Did not check


  139. M***a

    Czekałem OK. 3 weeks, zainstalowałem without major problems, with Zafira B connects very well. Recommend!


  140. Customer

    Works fine with my Astra G. Good quality


  141. D***c

    Narazie works


  142. G***a

    Thank you! For 8 days-a record!!! In action did not check, i will write later.


  143. P***r

    Pack has come, all smoothly dziala 🙂


  144. S***i



  145. D***o

    Delivery 3 weeks to Kursk. Connected and Stitched (lowered the version of the firmware) without problems. Drivers had to get mad about the 10th windows.


  146. S***v

    Ok. 35 days.


  147. M***z

    All OK 🙂


  148. Customer

    Whole. Everything works on Opel Astra G 2000


  149. D***n

    Delivery is fast, took on Opel Insignia, everything works. prodovets advise.


  150. I***v

    Op-com got, disk whole. Performance did not check. I recommend.


  151. M***y

    All whole, working capacity did not check


  152. A***k

    All OK as narazie all working plate whole polacam


  153. E***n

    Good diagnosis, the product corresponds to the description.


  154. J***s

    Good everything works as it should i also got the package very quickly recommend the store.


  155. P***r

    The device works properly – Vectra C 1.9 cdti. Recommend


  156. V***d

    Came quickly


  157. V***v

    It seems to work, checked on the table


  158. K***i

    Working fine, fast shipping.


  159. A***v

    I have not yet tried to add


  160. K***v

    Op com v1.70. Works with chevrolet cruz 2011. 1,8 automatic. Fee as in the photo. Soldering neat, flux washed. Disk with programs whole. Drivers on windows 7, 32 became automatically once connected to the usb without connecting to the car. Delivery to krasnodar about a month. The track was tracked completely.


  161. I***k

    All OK


  162. P***s

    Delivery has come in 14 days. Wszytko consistent description


  163. V***o

    The goods are not negotiable. To Kiev for 30 days. All exactly yak in the inventory.


  164. P***

    Shipment dotarła to Poland about 2 weeks. Plate whole and interface works. Product can recommend.


  165. Customer

    Everything works. Fast shipping.


  166. P***v

    Excellent Device


  167. B***a

    looks solid, communicates with pc and included software. Did not test on car yet


  168. E***v

    Very fast shipping.


  169. Customer

    The goods are received. Efficiency has not yet checked.


  170. O***o

    It came to estonia for 17 days, tracking completely, all as in the description, works without questions, vin 10 driver installation in safe mode, did not try to sew, opel astra g 98 all visible, the disc is intact.