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OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI

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OBD2 ELM327 WIFI IOS ELM 327 WIFI Adapter V1.5 Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II EML327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner
OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
How to check if my car is suitable for this ELM327 Wifi scanner?
Our ELM327 WIFI V1.5 is suitable for all OBD2/ OBDII vehicles, normally newer than 2009's cars will have no problems. OBD2 standard range for reference: USA car makes should be after 1996; EU Based Car Makes after 2004; Asia Car Makes after 2007
1. America Car List: (include Brazil)
Need standard obd2 , and release from 2000 years to now
Fit for Chrysler ,Fit for Ford ,Fit for GM ,Fit for Jeep
2. Europe Car List:
Need standard obd2 , and release from 2003 years to now
Fit for Alfa Romeo ,Fit for SAAB ,Fit for Acura ,Fit for Opel, Fit for Audi ,Fit for Seat ,Fit for Peugeot ,
Fit for Bentley ,Fit for Skoda ,Fit for Daewoo, Fit for Benz ,Fit for Daihatsu ,Fit for Land Rover
Fit for BMW ,Fit for Vauxhall ,Fit for Citroen, Fit for Volvo ,Fit for Fiat ,Fit for VW ,Fit for Ford ,Fit for Jaguar
Renault cars need after 2009 years,
Does not support Renault / Dacia Logan , Clio.
3. Asia Car List: (include Australia)
Japanese car Need standard obd2 , and release from 2006 years to now
Fit for KIA ,Fit for Isuzu ,Fit for Honda ,Fit for Mitsubishi, Fit for Hyundai ,Fit for Dacia ,Fit for Lexus ,Fit for Mazda
Fit for Nissan ,Fit for Subaru ,Fit for Suzuki, Fit for Toyota
Chinese car Need standard obd2 , and release from 2011 years to now
Fit for BYD, Fit for Chery, Fit for Geely, Fit for Great Wall, Fit for Karry
Notice : No OBD2 ELM327 can work for all cars, If the device does not fit for your car, please try to test on another newly car.
OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
FAQ Before Orders (Please kindly read before)
Q1: What is the Versioni of this ELM327 WIFI ?
A1: It's 100% v1.5 from both software and hardware, with full OBD2 Protocols, including commands ATAL and ATTPS commands.
HTB1HQdKApmWBuNjSspdq6zugXXaV OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
Q2: What is the Chip set of this ELM327 WIFI ?
A2: It's using the high performance pic18f25k80 chip set, 4mhz crystal oscillator.
HTB1KnCdXfvsK1RjSspdq6AZepXaT OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
Q3: Does it work with IOS or iPhone or only for Android ?
A3: Our ELM327 WIFI is working with iPhone, IOS and Android, Windows. All are compatible.
OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
Q4: Does it work can diagnose all the fault code from my car?
A4: the ELM327 can only work on vehicle's engine system, it can read fault code from engine only. Not work with ABS, airbag, or transmission etc., fault codes.
Q5: Does it have CD software in the package ? How do i get it, and does it support language like russian?
A5: Since the CD has high protential of transport damage, there will be no CD coming in the box, But, there's a QR code and online link in the user manual for you to download the software. the user manual have 3 languages, English, Russian, German. The software (apps) language can be changed to support all languages accoding to your cellphone's settings.
Key Features:
• Wireless scanning for tool, support all OBD2 protocols
• Compatible with most OBD II compliant vehicles
• 3000 code definition database
• Read diagnostic trouble codes
• 16-pin socket adaptor for wifi interface
• Built-in indicator lights
Display and read:

• Engine RPMs

• Calculated load value

• Coolant temperature

• Fuel system status

• Vehicle speed

• Short-term fuel trim

• Long-term fuel trim

• Intake manifold pressure

• Timing advance

• Intake air temperature

• Air flow rate

• Absolute throttle position

• Oxygen sensor voltages

• Associated short term fuel trims

• Fuel system status

• Fuel pressure

• Model name: ELM327 OBD2 WIFI V1.5
• Type: Code readers; scanning tools
• Output protocol: Bluetooth
• Color: Black & white
• Materials: Plastic
• Voltage: 12 V
• Current: 45 mA
• Wave frequency: 38400 Hz
• Applicable scope: 5 to 10 m (16.4 to 32.8 ft.)
• Item size: 4.8 x 2.5 x 3.5 cm (1.89 x 0.98 x x1.37 in)
• Item weight: 23 g (0.81 oz.)
• Package size: 8.8 x 8.8 x 4 cm (3.4 x 3.4 x 1.5 in)
• Package weight: 48 g (1.69 oz.)
OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
HTB1Y1XEBCBYBeNjy0Feq6znmFXaE OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFIOBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFIHTB1iHP r5CYBuNkHFCcq6AHtVXag OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFIOBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFIOBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFIHTB1.m1pAv5TBuNjSspcq6znGFXaW OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
HTB16jHHACBYBeNjy0Feq6znmFXaj OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
HTB1iJS0jpkoBKNjSZFkq6z4tFXas OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
HTB1mAqeXdzvK1RkSnfoq6zMwVXah OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
HTB1ybqeXjDuK1Rjy1zjq6zraFXaR OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
OBD2 ELM327 V1.5 WIFI IOS Adapter Scanner for iPhone Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 ODB II ELM 327 WIFI ODB2 Car Scanner EML327 WIFI
1x NEXPEAK NX103 ELM327 WIFI V1.5 Adapter (PIC18F25K80 chip)
1x Gift retailer box
1x User Manual guides in English/ Russian/ German

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  1. U***r

    Thank you so much for my order during these bad times very satisfied…


  2. M***n

    Delivery of Yekaterinburg for 4 weeks, packaging is not mint, did not try again then I will add a review


  3. A***V

    The store is excellent, sent the goods quickly + put a gift, which is very nice. checked everything works


  4. R***v

    Waited for the scanner to be sent for about a month in connection with the pandemic, the store was always in touch and was responsible for the terms of dispatch, the parcel itself came to the Sverdlovsk region quickly in 16 days. Immediately checked the performance on his car Geely Mk cross 2013 in. Because I use the phone iPhone 6 s, so the choice fell on this scanner model. With the help of the program car scanner connected without problems. The scanner itself can be seen that factory China, not basement palevo. Therefore, I recommend the seller and the scanner itself. All health. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!


  5. A***o

    Scanner working, immediately without problems connected, tried different programs. Despite the coronovirus, the goods were sent immediately after payment. The store put a souvenir, a knitted pendant, a trifle, but nice! There was no need to communicate with the seller. Product and seller recommend!


  6. Customer

    Only by faith in Jesus Christ people get the forgiveness of the sins and help from GOD in difficult life situations. Only through faith in Jesus Christ we can get eternal life! READ BIBLE, PRAY GOD REGULARLY, ATTEND CHURCH AND YOU WILL SEE WONDERS IN YOUR LIFE! GOD LOVES YOU!


  7. Customer

    i get the package today … after 3 mounth with patient


  8. A***s

    All norms


  9. A***o

    Excellent adapter. the first time I will plug Ran to Aveo T 250 and deleted errors. The store made a gift-a trifle, but nice. I recommend


  10. R***r

    Everything is fine and thanks for the gift))


  11. R***v

    Everything is super, with an iPhone works, though on Wi-Fi and not Bluetooth


  12. A***v

    All the whole even podarunok put in the bag. Thank you very much to the store.


  13. R***s

    In the work has not yet checked


  14. V***v

    A good scanner, Toyota reads. the store put a gift.


  15. V***v

    Good store. Good Goods.


  16. A***n

    On Lexus, it works…


  17. A***

    Like everything is OK, for a very long time sent from this slang virus, put a gift, with Tork friends


  18. K***h

    Everything is fine! I had to wait, of course, but this situation) everything earned Largus 2014


  19. R***r

    Good thing


  20. Y***y



  21. A***v

    Fire advise


  22. E***a

    Doesn’t work on prior. Downloaded a bunch of programs, no one works with.


  23. N***o

    The goods came pretty quickly! I haven’t tried it yet.


  24. V***o

    Checked, works. A/M Ford


  25. V***o

    Works with iOS


  26. T***k

    The product was available such as in the description. There are no complaints to the scanner itself. But with delivery the campaign is very hot… Waited almost a month for him to be sent… On my messages with questions when just ignored …. When all the same sent the goods quickly enough came.


  27. R***v



  28. I***v

    It is not described that the programs in AppStore for iPhone are paid. And to get the full functionality of the program, you need to buy it-the price of the program is more expensive than the device.


  29. A***v

    Everything is fine, the adapter is good.


  30. K***v

    The goods came quickly, the track was served. Packing is not broken. Seller recommend. With the program car scanner works. All sensors are active.


  31. V***H

    It came quickly, the store put a cool gift. I haven’t checked in yet.


  32. E***a

    Came quickly, at first glance everything is fine. Haven’t tried it yet.


  33. A***v

    Everything works. Checked for 15. It came quickly, despite the quarantine then they then have us. I’ll check on my sign


  34. T***v



  35. A***s

    Prekės negavau, bet pinigus grąžino iš karto,be problemų


  36. V***v

    I will look good


  37. D***h

    The order was received in just 2 weeks, until I checked, but I hope everything works.


  38. N***r

    The parcel came with a delay, but it’s all because of the overlap of the border. Packing for 5 +. With Kia Rio 2 2008 works perfectly iOS. Scanner Program


  39. V***t

    Very fast delivery good packaging very high quality all thanks to store recommend


  40. V***v

    In Astrakhan for 12 days. It looks very good. Performance did not check.


  41. S***s

    I came quickly. From the store gift postcard))) has not yet checked. I’ll check it out.


  42. M***

    Packed well, looks very high quality, but not yet used, I’ll add later. Another store put a gift! Thank you!


  43. Customer

    Delivery to RB for 3 months, the goods correspond to the description. On VW Polo came up, works


  44. E***v

    Parcel received. Connected to Chevrolet Volt 1 via iPhone, everything works while everyone is happy. If there are nuances of feedback I will add. Seller recommend.


  45. J***n

    Everything ok


  46. D***o

    Works fine with both Apple and Android.


  47. V***v

    Like working


  48. I***k

    The device, as in the picture. Ordered with WiFi. The device in the connector of all the bulbs lights a lamp on and off the signal. The phone sees it, but no more than that. I’m tired of sitting for hours and under different programs IP addresses to write and experiment. Of all the programs presented in the passport, no one works. From the Playmarket downloaded another 5 programs, as well as does not work. Works only with “car scanner”. And with Torque Pro, a couple of times there is everything! With torque Lait is the same. Ordered, in early February, the month the store “did not move.” In March, refused to order with an explanation that the seller has no goods. The seller blocked the cancellation. After a couple of days I saw that the order is again relevant. I canceled it again and indicated that the seller has no goods. Immediately ordered another device from another seller. The guy sent the car. And this seller sent it immediately. Now, this one comes and works, just one program.


  49. R***r

    Works fine, app downloaded car scanner on iPhone


  50. Customer

    thank you! Working as in description


  51. Customer

    The sensor received in the post office in 18 days from the time of shipment, thank you! I haven’t checked the case yet.


  52. M***h

    The device works. Do not like the interface of the program, made for the interface. The device itself is strongly protruding from under the panel, constantly gets hurt. I will order myself another foot size and adapted to Russian-speaking users.


  53. A***v

    BMW E87 reads, Grant reads


  54. A***l

    Everything works.


  55. K***k

    Connected everything works.


  56. O***v

    Lada Kalina and iPhone works!


  57. M***o

    Ordered for Opel Astra, everything came up, everything works


  58. Customer



  59. V***n

    At Ford Focus 2 works normally, errors are erased


  60. M***y

    Everything came whole. Well packed. The parcel went somewhere 3 weeks. Took him to mist Express. Everything works. The program shows the parameters that I was interested in. Very meticulously did not check.


  61. Customer

    Everything is fine good luck in business!


  62. K***r

    How to use 뱁 is b know 겧 Oh


  63. R***v

    Ordered a second time, not myself. The first took on Vaz 2110. 2004 works fine through opendiag.


  64. S***v

    Works, reads. But with Wai fi module-it’s more for iPhones, with Android you will have to deal with manual settings. Tork does not cling to Android through Wai FAI. Started through car scaner.


  65. R***r



  66. R***r

    The goods came quickly regardless of coronavirus. Thank you store for fast shipment


  67. I***n

    I haven’t tried it yet.


  68. G***n

    I have not tested it, but it arrived fast and visually is ok.


  69. B***b

    I’ll try.


  70. R***r

    Works great with the included app.


  71. K***h

    Is working


  72. R***r

    Seller recommend


  73. R***r

    Advise!!!! Even surprised put a gift!


  74. F***r

    well done!


  75. D***v

    All Super


  76. S***s

    Received, but not checked yet. I will write feedback later, if I will see problems


  77. R***r

    Everything is fine, without damage. Thank you store.


  78. Customer

    Very slow shipment


  79. D***v

    Everything is OK, it works, errors show.


  80. M***s

    Item as described. All good


  81. V***v

    Works fine


  82. D***d

    Very well packaged, works very well. Alas I am novice in this system I can not remove a light bulb. If at least I can take it off. Otherwise very well


  83. V***A

    Checked, the car is Skoda, iPhone 8-works fine!


  84. K***p

    Very pleased with the product. Sadly didn’t work with my Ford Galaxy 2004, but works great with a 2008 Volvo xc90 and a 2003 Chevrolet. And even managed to get a error code from the Chevrolet, which is great because now we know what the motor light is about. For anyone buying it “Car Scanner” is the software to go with, works great and fast.


  85. K***n

    Fiat Albea Fiat Albea read


  86. A***n

    All class. But I haven’t checked yet.


  87. M***.

    Everything works fine with iPhone.


  88. A***v

    Great store! Quickly sent, to Moscow 12 days! Super! Thank you! All as in the picture, I checked the work, everything is fine, it works!


  89. A***a

    I came quickly. With Mazda CX-7 and Toyota Camry V40, works, errors reads. Discounts, a lot of interesting. Thanks store


  90. A***v

    Packed well, works fine.


  91. V***v

    Connected via adapter cable with 16 pin to 12 pin to Vaz 2110. Through opendiag connected to EBA (Bosh m 1.5.4) faster similar software. Problems with connecting to WiFi did not arise.


  92. D***d

    Everything is fine thanks


  93. J***o

    It works perfectly with the fabia 1.4 mpi of 2003. We’ll see how long it takes to break down, I’ll update the comment


  94. V***v

    Came quickly 8 days Belgorod, packed well all whole, connected iPhone 5 S connected Lada 2172 -2008 year controller Bosch 7.9.7 + everything works, thank you store good scanner!


  95. G***r

    On Mazda 626 98, 2.0 gasoline works. I recommend against the background of other similar devices.


  96. J***j



  97. Customer

    thank you, working as in description!


  98. R***g

    On Ford Focus 2 rest works without problems


  99. V***

    Bad link in CarSCAN app with January 7.2, mixed feelings


  100. V***v

    The parcel came in exactly one month. I have Audi A6 C5 2001G. V., everything was connected without problems. Hanging error air bag, but the scanner does not see it. There are no other errors


  101. R***r

    Working. Works. All Oki.


  102. R***a

    The scanner waited a month, came working well Thank you store.


  103. D***v

    All excellent delivery came. On performance has not yet checked


  104. A***v

    Looks great! I’ll try to add a review!


  105. Customer

    Doesn’t make pro with Lexus RX 350 2011, but work with Land Rover Freelander 2013.


  106. Customer

    Good diagnostics, works with many cars, connects to the iPhone without problems via WiFi


  107. Customer

    20 days to Poland. Good produkt


  108. M***Y

    Worked very good with me Renault Megane. One down side is only WiFi. No Bluetooth option.


  109. C***Y

    Product looks good, Am not tested , Seller is more support me


  110. O***s

    Poki was not testuvali, ale diywad in the minds of Karantina shvidko, city, on the city.


  111. A***n

    Great adapter. Cross regretted it.


  112. A***o

    5 stars because I can’t anymore, there were problems with shipping and always communication with fast and perfect store, a 10.


  113. R***v



  114. K***e

    The goods received thank you very much until I checked the adapter for BMW. it came in 25 days it’s very good.


  115. Customer

    Thank you class works! The check was removed in a minute and the Diagnostics is convenient! Advise! Thank you


  116. M***d

    Works well thank you. very long delivery wait.


  117. Y***u

    Overboard working normally checked for Peugeot 807 errors discounts


  118. C***a

    Looks good but not used


  119. S***v

    Great OBD. With Android connect well


  120. D***c

    It works perfectly! Excellent price quality!


  121. A***n

    Everything is fine, it works with iPhone 7 + without complaints!


  122. E***t

    Excellent Product, works on Wi-Fi on iOS, specially took for iPhone. Auto Renault Sandero Stepway 2. the price is adequate. Seller recommend.


  123. S***s

    Otrimav. Good worker. To the car shopping.


  124. S***v

    Testill on the iPhone by the car scanner application on the Peugeot 408 car, connected via Wi-Fi. Everything works, mistakes see.


  125. V***v

    Everything came up with a bang. Works fine, prog carscanner


  126. N***a

    So far, there’s dancing with the tambourine. I can’t go to Russian.


  127. Customer

    Didn’t try it yet.


  128. A***L

    It came on time, it works.


  129. L***G

    great product great store


  130. R***x

    Erases errors associated with the motor, also erases all other errors when buying Carly subscription, but options cannot be added.


  131. A***t

    Ok, I have not tried, it seems complicated all languages no Italian, ????


  132. A***h

    very goooood


  133. M***a

    Like everything works, if there was also a Bluetooth in it, it was just fine. Came in about 30 days.


  134. D***n

    The parcel came to NSC quickly-14 days. In Audi B8-everything reads, works. On Wi-Fi without problems connects to iOS


  135. A***o

    Not bad epro lara ios deves from buying app 10,99 €


  136. P***l

    Not working on Kia Sportage 2019. The indication does not burn, there is no Wi-Fi. I’ll check on another car. It came quickly


  137. I***s

    Not yet used but seems ok


  138. M***n

    All is well


  139. A***v

    The order came very quickly) works as it should. I did not understand why the check came out, it turns out the catalyst of the Khan, thanks to the device, now I know what the problem is and will solve


  140. P***r

    Does not work there is no software for phone or on radio in the car. Please let us know for car Ford Focusa 2 from 2008. I would appreciate your help.


  141. R***v

    The goods have come. Everything works. The radio on Android contacted Mach. Now it’s all on the tape recorder. Thank you to the store, everything is clear as u wanted!!!


  142. V***v

    Packing is crumpled and inside is opened, let’s hope everything works,


  143. D***d

    Excellent goods


  144. A***o

    For Opel Astra H came up


  145. P***v

    It’s been 21 days. everything is fine, Vesta 2020G sees everything. Recommend.


  146. A***x

    Everything works


  147. J***n

    Received under conditions lack to test


  148. R***r

    Delivery fast. the goods are satisfied. everything works, everything is super!


  149. C***d

    Works just great, thank you store!!


  150. A***n

    Thank you


  151. Y***h

    Fast shipment. 40 days delivery. Everything works. Instruction for Russian is available


  152. K***n

    Everything works without problems.


  153. B***n

    It’s all right. Hasn’t checked for performance yet.


  154. A***v

    The goods are not tracked by the Russian Post


  155. S***v

    Super! Delivery to Moscow in 10 days! The quality is excellent) all Works (Peugeot 308, at, 2010)


  156. A***a

    Very good to structure good design and useful


  157. O***s

    Fast delivery, normal packing. In the application car scanner Elm odb2 on the car Honda Civic 2008 year displayed all sensors. Instructions for Angel, Rus, him.


  158. D***n

    Khabarovsk arrived in 2 weeks-record deadlines! IPhone’s friends, I recommend.


  159. V***y

    It came very quickly, checked, everything works.


  160. D***v

    Fast delivery, reached the whole, works fine, SPP store, I will leave the photo later


  161. Y***i

    It’s been a month in Rostov-on-Don, everything works!


  162. A***a

    It’s fine. The order came in 10 days (Moscow region), the description corresponds. Daewoo Nexia 2011, Renault Duster 2017, plugged in, considered reset (were tested car scanner and Torque Pro, both without problems).


  163. P***r

    Item not received due to logistics during covid19 the store refunded fully. Thanks.


  164. D***v

    Fast delivery in 12 days. Conforms to the description. In working condition. Compatible with Subaru Forester II 2.5 XT 2006 release. recommend.


  165. A***I

    Fast shipping I am pleased but I will not try it yet If you try it, I will write thanks.


  166. O***k

    Delivery about month to Yao. Packed in carton and package. Instruction in Russian language. Installed the app on the smartphone and on weifai connected to SHEV-Nive. It’s easy and fast. Seller thanks, all super, recommend.


  167. K***v

    Came the car Datsun on-do reads quietly, Skoda Octavia A4 does not read bad ECU came in the area of 2 weeks


  168. S***h

    It’s working with i40.


  169. M***v

    Everything works, with iOS connected perfectly


  170. Z***i

    Opel astra G ScanMyOpel


  171. M***o

    Received undamaged and in time. The adapter works fine (tested on Mini Cooper) with suggested Torque app for Android, but failed to connect via inCarDoc and Carly apps for Android. Since the Torque app does not deliver necessary functionality (e.g. programming of car functions), the wi-fi version of the adapter was useless for me. If you plan using other programs/apps, please consider either buying a Bluetooth-version of the adapter or an iPhone.


  172. A***v



  173. A***v

    The item came very quickly, staffed well, looks for a million, as I check, add the review)


  174. B***b

    Thank you store!


  175. G***f

    Clears very well the fault code and shut down the light engine


  176. *.

    All ok


  177. M***v

    The goods received, everything works! With the store did not communicate, as the goods shipped quickly, and he wasn’t on his way very long. I’m buying a second such device. Seller recommend! Thank you!


  178. R***n



  179. I***s

    Well, that shows Alijah bullshit full on Audi TT


  180. V***r

    Everything was connected, installed another mouth on Mitsubishi and everything reads, the error is visible, erases, sees characteristics, everything is fine


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    Lada Vesta sedan 2017G. The device works.


  182. Customer

    The adapter is working, but with a 2007 Nissan Patrol via carscanner does not connect. Packed well came for 3 weeks in the Irkutsk region


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    ошибки сбрасывает! К Газели Некст подключается) брал для нее


  192. Customer

    Everything works, everything is fine. Quality is good


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    The goods received, did not check.


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    Everything works, iPhone connects


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    Excellent adapter, works properly and quickly. I just couldn’t make friends with torque pro. Who could, please write the code to me, I will be grateful)


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    Everything came quickly, well packed, works with XR in car scanner


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    Everything works fine store well done!!! Connected to Honda SRV RD1, all counted and showed from the instant flow to the ignition advance angle, voltazh to Lambda, and the percentage of adjustments of these Lambda, in general, a great thing!!! Recommend!!!!


  198. O***V

    Came quickly to Renault Megan 3 is not suitable (no connection with the diameter writes an error. I do not know maybe just not compatible can something in the OBD-2.


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    Sent quickly. Looks normal. I did not check for efficiency. Bonus was two stickers., and the card


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    The order reached Krasnoyarsk for 3 weeks. The store immediately sent the goods. Track tracked. Everything came in perfect condition. Also in the parcel were two funny stickers and a postcard from the seller. Trifle, but nice. Thank you seller! In the work did not check, bought as a gift. As experienced operation will pass, I will add a tip.


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    The product came quickly, corresponds to the description, connected quickly, via car scanner. all reads. I recommend the store!


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    Connects to and there is error. Tested for several applications. Fiat Panda.


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    Got fast, works! Price 420R


  204. Customer

    Order came quickly


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    Works flawlessly, fast delivery, recommend


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    I could not connect yet, but in kind the goods are quality, sent quickly came within 2 weeks


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  214. Customer

    Came without comments, thank you very much for the gifts. I will test the device separately


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    Scanner on Kaifu, the use of it is a lot of course


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    Fast shipping scanner excellent quality instruction on the Russian excellent store recommend


  217. Customer



  218. X***x

    Perfect. Plan the purchase of a dedicated application to be effective.


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    Liked it, ordered a second time


  220. Customer



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    Everything works, the Citroen C5 connected. Shipping fast


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  243. Customer

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  257. Customer

    Thank you for fast shipping product I have not tried more like in the image I will write again after trying


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    It came in 20 days. The program activeobd for Subaru all works on Wi-Fi. I recommend!


  261. Customer

    Great store! Very fast delivery!


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    When buying 2 pieces, the store sent stickers as a gift!)


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    Came fast enough Looks All OK until Connected


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    I ordered for my toyote (Corolla/RAV 4). Everything works and most importantly works with iPhone. Delivery would be fast (in my city was in 8-9 days (Rostov-on-Don), but “thank you” our wonderful post of Russia, reached 5 days later). Product and this store-I recommend!


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    It came quickly in work, too, everything works well excellent store handsome


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    Excellent Working! fast delivery!


  267. Customer

    Everything works, but useless thing


  268. A***v

    It’s okay. It came quickly. IOS works fine. In the car everything was considered, with the help of a special program reconfigured the work of the variator to 2x Nissana already.


  269. P***y

    With VAG does not work!


  270. D***v

    Everything works clearly on the grant 16 cells. Automatic transmission 2017G. I pumped several programs. Stopped at the carscaner and open diag. The goods came quickly, days for 10 in Ufa.


  271. N***v

    The scanner burned on the third day of use, very sorry


  272. Customer

    Everything came, the work of the scanner is satisfied


  273. E***e



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    Atrodo Super bet nebandziau Ant BMW Kai pabandysiu parasysiu⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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    check engine is gone (lambda sensor fault) A4 B5 1.8tq 2001