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Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool

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2019 Super Mini ELM327 Bluetooth V1.5 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool V 1.5 ELM 327 Bluetooth OBDII Diagnostic Scanner For Android/PC

Top 4 Reasons To Get super Mini ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner:

1. Hardware Version: V1.5(supports SAE J1850 PWM / VPW protocols.)
2. Elm327 chip :real PIC18F25K80 chip(The frequency of the crystal is 4mhz, supports commands ATAL and ATPPS.)
3. Works with all OBD-II compliant vehicles
4. Wireless (Bluetooth)


1.ELM327 Bluetooth only supports Android phones. Not for iOS (not for iPhone, iPad).
2.elm327 bluetooth obd2 diagnostic tool does not match abs and airbag system!
3.This ELM327 bluetooth not work for Diesel engine.
Software Version:V2.1

Hardware version:V1.5

Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool

Newly developed high-quality wireless scan tool, support all OBD2 protocols.
Work with all OBD2 compliant vehicles.
Enable to read diagnostic trouble codes.
bluetooth elm327 interface with obd2 16pin socket.
Support different kinds of devices to use this scan tool:
Android system phones(Software Version V4.0-4.4), Symbian system phones, Windows XP and WIN7 32bite computers.
Elm327 mini main functions:Retrieve Fault Codes (DTCs) and clear, Check Engine lights.
elm327 chip : PICI8F25K80 chip
Real ELM327 1.5 version: support 9 protocols SAE-J1850 PWM + JAE-J1850 VPW
ELM327 bluetooth Support app for Android Torque
elm327 Bluetooth Starting password: 0000/
1234 or 6789
Elm327 bluetooth v1.5 obd2 car Diagnostic tool Specifications:
Communication: Bluetooth 2.0
Master Chip: ST
Support System: Android and Windows
Working Voltage: 9v ~ 16v
Working Current: 35mA
Standby Current: 25mA
Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
Working Humidity: less than 60%
Size: 45mm * 25mm * 75mm
HTB1FPokXvvsK1Rjy0Fiq6zwtXXaV Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool
ELM327 Bluetooth v1.5 Compatible systems:
Software support platform: Windows XP, Windows 7/8, Android, Symbian .
elm327 obd2 v1.5 Compatible software:
Window : ScanMaster-ELM, ScanTool.net, PCMSCAN ELM, etc.
Android : Torque, DashCommand, OBD Car Doctor, Auto Doctor, Mini OBD, EOBD, etc.
Symbian : OBDScope
ELM327 v1.5 bluetooth obd2 obdii scanner Support OBD-II Protocols:
1.SAE J1850 PWM(41.6Kbaud)
2.SAE J1850 VPW(10.4Kbaud)
3.ISO9141-2(5 baud init,10.4Kbaud)
4.ISO14230-4 KWP(5 baud init,10.4 Kbaud)
5.ISO14230-4 KWP(fast init,10.4 Kbaud)
6.ISO15765-4 CAN(11bit ID,500 Kbaud)
7.ISO15765-4 CAN(29bit ID,500 Kbaud)
8.ISO15765-4 CAN(11bit ID,250 Kbaud)
9.ISO15765-4 CAN(29bit ID,250 Kbaud)
HTB1re.GXUgQMeJjy0Fgq6A5dXXaH Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool
elm327 v1.5 bluetooth obd2 car diagnostic scanner Functions:
1.Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database).
2.Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL (“Check Engine” light)
3.Display current sensor data, including:
4.Engine RPM
5.Calculated Load Value
6.Coolant Temperature
7.Fuel System Status
8.Vehicle Speed
9.Short Term Fuel Trim
10.Long Term Fuel Trim
11.Intake Manifold Pressure
12.Timing Advance
13. Intake Air Temperature
14.Air Flow Rate
15.Absolute Throttle Position
16.Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims
17. Fuel System status
18.Fuel Pressure
v1.5 obd 2 scanner Package List:

1pc x ELM327 bluetooth obd2 v1.5 auto car diagnostic interface scanner tool ( without CD,Scan QR Code to download APP)

Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool Super MINI ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 V1.5 ELM 327 V 1.5 Car Diagnostic Scanner Interface OBDII Adapter OBD 2 Auto Diagnostic-Tool

Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool

HTB1LzzQmNTI8KJjSspiq6zM4FXa7 Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool

HTB1kBVfm4PI8KJjSspfq6ACFXXae Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic ToolNewest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic ToolHTB1DIaCkyqAXuNjy1Xdq6yYcVXa6 Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic ToolNewest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool

HTB1W1tPlMMPMeJjy1Xdq6ysrXXaa Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool

HTB142eOKkKWBuNjy1zjq6AOypXav Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool
Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool
HTB1tJZQKf5TBuNjSspmq6yDRVXak Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool
Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool
Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool
HTB1AuOAKXmWBuNjSspdq6zugXXav Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool

HTB11zqPKeGSBuNjSspbq6AiipXaZ Newest V1.5 Elm327 Bluetooth Adapter Obd2 Elm 327 V 1.5 Auto Diagnostic Scanner For Android Elm-327 Obd 2 ii Car Diagnostic Tool

elm327 bluetooth obdii scan tool Pay attention to:

1. This one can be only used on windows xp computer, can not used on windows 7 computer.

2.The Bluetooth ELM327 has no cable, it works via bluetooth wirelessly.Please use bluetooth 2.0. can't support IOS (bluetooth 4.0) ELM327 bluetooth one works within 3 meters.
3. If the CD is broken,please contact seller or you can search Torque or elm327 on app store. sorry for the inconvenience to you.
4.This one CAN'T support for Diesel or Trucks.And you can't use it on these cars that are not 16pin adapter. Latest software version supports most of OBD-II protocols.
Usually you can check the Engine Hood of the car, it is wroten “OBDII Certified”!
Q:What's the version of this unit?
A:It's V1.5 version of this unit
Q: What's the difference for the Version V1.5 and V2.1?
A: The V1.5 version can do much more car models than V2.1 one.
Q. What's the Password of the Bluetooth?
A: 1234
Q: If it can do all most car models and diesel car models?
A: No,it can just support most standard OBD II car models,Diesel car models can't be supported
Q: Which android system phone can compatible? If it can compatible with Iphone?
A: Please kindly use Android V4.0-4.4 .The Iphone can't be supported
Q: Why my computer can't connect with this Bluetooth?
A: This unit is with V2.0 version Bluetooth, check your computer if it's V2.0 version,or please use V2.0 bluetooth adapter
Q: Why my phone can't connect with the Bluetooth?
A: Please kindly check if you choose the bluetooth connect way in software setting
Q: My phone can connect with the unit,but it can't find my car?
A: 1.please check if you choose the”OBD II” adapter of “adapter choice”in setting software.
2.check if your android system version is V4.0-4.4 .
3.check the protocol of this car if it can be supported, and try with more new cars
Q:Which computer system supports?
A:This one can be only used on windows xp computer ,can not use on windows 7.

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  1. Customer

    It all came on time.


  2. V***h

    Good adapter suggest


  3. A***v

    Came quickly, everything works to Android Connects, does not connect to Afone, and so everything checked


  4. I***o

    Ideal, in Dnieper for 13 days from the moment of order, the performance has not yet been checked, and so visually all the whole


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    Renault Capture-perfectly approached.


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    Item is good.


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    The goods in Russia came in 15 days, thank the store. I advise you!


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    Does not connect


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    Seller respect! Quickly shipped, delivery fast seven days to the Moscow region.


  10. E***y

    It works. The dials are pointing.


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    Two weeks in Kharkiv. Emgrand joined without problems. Only Cherz paid Tork does not connect, paradox. And free and other Progi without problems.


  12. S***n

    That he can’t read diesel cars need to write somewhere in the title. Otherwise, came very quickly.


  13. O***v

    Volkswagen Polo sedan connects normally


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    The goods came in. They said the work was fine. It sees and removes errors.


  15. V***o

    It came relatively quickly. Until I connected and tried.


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    The parcel arrived quickly, visually whole, I will check on the car add feedback.


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    The item came 18 days before Omsk on The VAZ 2104 injector works


  18. I***u



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    It’s okay!


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    Everything works fine. App in smartphone opendiag. Delivery to Bryansk region in 13 days. Everything is fine! I recommend.


  21. A***v

    Came for 20 days in Kursk. Neatly packed. Everything works, connected to the car.


  22. G***s

    The order is decorated in 3 days. Delivery to Kiev 17 days. New Mail. On Bluetooth connects. Password 1234. Version, as ordered, 1,5. But I did not connect to the ECU. It turns out that ISO 9141-2 and ISO 9141 are two big differences. So my joint. With EBU Mikas 7.1 zmz 406 does not work exactly. And so the adapter is working. Probably.


  23. Customer

    The device came whole, without damage, tested-like it works. In St. Petersburg came in 2 weeks from the moment of order. Thanks to the store and Mail))))


  24. V***v

    All OK. 1.5 as in the description. Took on Kalina. Brains see, check off.


  25. R***

    Exactly in time, fast and convenient, everything works


  26. N***o

    Fast delivery, excellent product all works prodovets recommend


  27. V***a

    Until I checked


  28. V***h

    Everything has not come yet!


  29. A***n

    The goods went 15 days to the mountain-Altai, until I checked, I’m waiting for an adapter. Packed well, got all the whole and not crumpled.


  30. A***t

    Came quickly, goods quality


  31. R***f

    Scanner paluchil stepson went 24 days track tracked. The Easter was packed well. Immediately the pad switched to the car, immediately earned everything. The scanner works. Seller recommend. Left davolen.


  32. S***v

    It works.


  33. R***v

    Everything is fine. It came quickly, in a couple of weeks. Took revision 1,5 specifically for Nissan Almera H16. Other scanners do not take. Immediately after receiving tested. All OK, the flight is normal. Connected, scans errors, shows the readings of all sensors. I’m happy. Thanks to the store.


  34. R***r

    Thank you very much very quickly brought


  35. I***n

    Very quickly came, tracked in the way. Beautifully packed. Everything works. Thank you.


  36. Customer

    ‘elm327 test’ app confirms is has all support for up to v1.5 protocol, if you get this one https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/32961354257.html , you’ll have also v2.0 support


  37. R***v

    Ordered 26.01. The parcel came 10.02!!!!!! The store sent promptly,-I recommend!!!! I thought that with this virus will tighten, but no! Everything is super!!!


  38. Customer

    The parcel came quickly, visually whole. Quality is good, checked, the car works.


  39. R***n

    Looks decent, in the work did not check, sending fast, tracked.


  40. Customer

    The product fully corresponds to the description


  41. Customer

    excelent product, very useful. very fast shipping


  42. G***g

    Came a little crumpled, but like a whole. Not yet.


  43. E***v

    Version 1.5 is all as in the description. connected to Renault Logan 2009 all has determined everything works.


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    The goods and the store perfectly put all 5


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    Thank you very much. All received, satisfied. Seller recommend …..


  46. S***v

    Everything works properly, there are no problems, delivery from 05.02 to 16.02. I recommend the store will not regret it!)


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  48. Customer



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    The goods look good and also works well. Thank the store and recommend.


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    Kalina 16 valve, connected works, version as stated 1,5 recommend.


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    It came on time, bought her husband as a gift, checked, everything works fine. Seller recommend.


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  59. R***i

    Thank you in the case did not try


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    Works perfect on vw polo 1.2 tsi 2010


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    The goods came quickly (2 weeks). Externally made soundly, but with a smartphone clings through once. Old adapter clings more stable


  68. Customer

    For Vaz. with the program torque does not bother. Swears on the adapter. With another program works.


  69. A***v

    It came in a couple of weeks, tried everything works on the school a5fl. The only negative is not tracking track number


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    Everything works, very fast delivery to Kiev by new mail


  71. A***v

    Checked working, Polo reads errors removes


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    Very fast delivery 10 days to Kiev. i have Fiat Doblo found errors and dropped the machine just a rocket. I recommend the store and the goods. password when connecting with Bluetooth 1234… thanks to the seller …. The device corresponds to the full description. Very fast delivery 10 days to Kiev. My Fiat had just found errors and dropped the car just rocket. I recommend the seller and the goods. The password when connecting to Bluetooth 1234. .. Thanks to the Selle


  73. S***n

    Circuitry simplified, but works.


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    In St. Petersburg for a month. Requested 1.5V version until checked. The car-Forester SG5 (03G, euro) works. The main errors read.


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    Everything works


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    Works. Checked right away. The package came day to day. Seller respect. Thank you. Before opening, wipe the package with vodka and that in nutrey vodka.


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    Everything works okay.


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    The scanner came quickly packed well but until the work was checked.


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    With UAZ Patriot 2017 friends. Everything is fine.


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    All Super, delivery 20 days works for Hurray Niva Chevrolet 2003, Renault Logan 2009.


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    Works perfectly. Fast shipping


  83. S***v

    Not serviceable, money returned.


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    The parcel came pretty quickly to Rostov on donu-16days


  85. R***n

    The order came on time. The order is satisfied


  86. R***r

    All OK, I’ll check it out


  87. S***v

    Tested on Vaz 2107, 14,15, Renault, shefrol, reads, errors shows, erases. Recommend!!!


  88. V***v

    Shipping is relatively fast. Since the order for 1 month. Connects, everything works. Thank you store!!! Recommend.


  89. Customer

    Everything works, delivery is standard


  90. M***o

    It’s okay, it’s three weeks. At the neighbor on Gazelka works, took him as a gift.


  91. M***m

    The adapter corresponds to the description. The parcel came safely and safely, in 17 days. My husband is happy))). Works correctly, its functions perform.


  92. A***n

    The adapter was received on time, packed in a pouch and a factory box, the box slightly crumpled in the delivery process, but the device wasn’t hurt. I have not checked the work yet. For fast delivery and quality of service, thank you very much and 5 stars.


  93. V***v

    Checked works, thanks to the store for the speed of delivery.


  94. Customer

    Very quickly came. Everything is fine with the goods


  95. Customer

    Have come


  96. G***g

    Worked once 15


  97. I***i

    Everything is whole, it works fine! Recommend!!!


  98. Customer

    Everything came intact, quickly delivered, as the husband will check, I will add a review.


  99. A***w

    Everything is fine, the version checked 1.5 sees Toyota Prius in 20 bodies


  100. D***v



  101. Customer



  102. V***v

    Works OK. Came in 3 weeks


  103. D***n

    Everything is fine!


  104. O***v

    What I want to say, took for Kia Rio 3 2012G. corectly works only with three programs, with the rest writes the connection is not established, or are asked to pay. And when the adapter is inserted into the OBD connector, it is obtained in an inverted state and can not be seen indication. Delivery Super all 9 days to Penza


  105. V***v

    Thank you very much to the store. I buy a second, fast delivery and OBD works qualitatively. The first one was given to a brother. Thank you for your work.


  106. M***v

    All is well but still did not check


  107. E***a

    Works fine. Version 1.5 as in the description. Delivery about 3 weeks.


  108. T***t

    Works great with my Mazda 6 GH using a forscan app. Recommended the store.


  109. M***m

    The parcel arrived in three weeks, everything is intact. Thank you store. Recommend.


  110. R***v

    Version 1.5, works with WAGs


  111. R***r

    Received, fast delivery, not yet checked.


  112. R***r

    Goods received fast delivery Nice to do business


  113. A***v

    Everything was well connected to the vase of 21124,2006. With the brains Bosh 7.9.7 not the first time but everything works mistakes discounts, generally pleased, normal adapter, its money is worth!


  114. A***k

    Thank you very much goods came quickly everything works


  115. A***y

    проверю – дополню. брал на октавию а5


  116. N***s

    Does not show all functions in the cvtz50 program, and it only works with the original elm. Perhaps here and the original, but there is some kind of marriage in production. In general, good goods.


  117. N***v

    Excellent item for Ford Fiesta Mk5 only works on viewing and resetting errors. IPhone with iOS 10 and iOS 13 does not connect. Only androyd.


  118. V***o

    The device received. It’s okay. Works with all software, read all cars. Thank you store


  119. R***s

    Everything works.


  120. A***v

    Works! Everything is clear


  121. O***v

    Thank you very much, delivered quickly, everything works


  122. D***n



  123. D***o

    Didn’t use it yet.


  124. M***v

    Seller recommend. The parcel came quickly. The scanner works. Chevrolet Epica is read.


  125. V***v



  126. G***v

    Delivered quickly. The store also responded quickly to requests. There are no claims to the product: odbii without problems connected to golf +.


  127. V***h

    Everything works fine!


  128. M***n

    You can take


  129. G***g

    Product came quickly packed well store recommend


  130. O***v

    Before the Kurgan for 2 weeks, the product corresponds to the description, I recommend the store! On Kalina everything works fine!


  131. A***n

    Arrived fast enough. How to check in the work I will finish the review


  132. Customer

    Very satisfied


  133. V***a

    Everything came. It’s okay. The work has not yet been checked. 4.10 sent, 17.10 received. Thank you!


  134. R***r

    Got the adapter, works. Thank you, everyone is OK.


  135. O***a

    Audi A4 2004 connected. Mistakes counted, showed. My husband is happy.


  136. R***r

    It came quickly thanks to test leave feedback


  137. G***r

    Kalina 2 2014G without problems


  138. R***r

    Package arrived on time


  139. P***v

    Seller recommend! The product fully corresponds to the description! Seller special thanks!


  140. N***a

    Came to the Penza region for 10 days!!! Husband says useful thing


  141. Y***o

    Came for 17 days in the Voronezh region. Didn’t check.


  142. R***r

    Errors read and erase


  143. A***r

    2.5 weeks to Kiev, sent quickly, the goods were tracked, in Ukraine there is no, but immediately came SMS, which is already in the mail. Everything works, connected, a little worried with the connection, but everything is OK. Through the program and errors shows and scans the work of the machine (Opel Corsa D 2007). I recommend both the product and the store!


  144. P***p

    It reached Cherepovets somewhere in the 2nd week, everything was tracked directly to the place, immediately checked on Chevrolet Aveo T300, everything works fine.


  145. Customer

    All as in the photo


  146. Customer

    Before Novosibirsk for 2 weeks. Everything works.


  147. A***v

    Delivery is very fast, thanks to the store! Sent 08 11 19 to Kaluga arrived 13 11 19. In the work did not check, check and write, the parcel arrived without damage, I’m happy. Good seller.


  148. D***v

    Not suitable for Chevrolet Lanos 2006G. Everything works, can not connect to the device. And this is the second


  149. A***v

    Delivery in two weeks, Ford fits and


  150. G***v

    Yes. Cool. For your price.


  151. M***v

    Came really on chip 1,5, quietly managed to read the Volga cyber and other Americans.


  152. P***o

    Came quickly, works.


  153. A***v

    It took about a month to the Tambov region. The package was a little crumpled, but the contents are whole


  154. E***a

    All super on Vaz 2110 works on Bluetooth Super


  155. R***r

    Everything works fine.


  156. A***s

    Everything matches, works, at least reads. From the moment of order to receipt it was only three weeks!


  157. E***h

    The correct version! ECU January 7.2, Vaz 21099 sees. Progi: opendiagnostic… Quickly sent, delivery to Crimea 12 days. Recommend!!!


  158. A***a

    Does not work, tried with different applications (Chevrolet Aveo car)


  159. T***P

    Delivery to Novosibirsk took 22 days


  160. K***v

    Two weeks to Moscow.


  161. E***v

    The goods came quickly. The store Super sent promptly. Checked on Logan errors removes. Satisfied pts. Thank you very much. Seller recommend


  162. V***n

    The ELM327 adapter received within 20 days. The Volkswagen Polo sedan of 2017 came up. Works. Thanks to the store. I recommend.


  163. E***n

    Ordered 22.10.19 came 20.11.19. to Krasnoyarsk. Packed well. I haven’t checked yet. I did not communicate with the store, but for the promptness of sending I recommend! I will add a review as I check in.


  164. A***v

    The store is super, for the first time I already order and everything is fine!!!


  165. Customer

    Everything works, at 2115 and on the 12th too.


  166. A***n

    The sport works well.


  167. V***v

    Works as it should. Version 1.5. EBU Bosh 7.0 before that took Version 2.1-threw out. Delivery of 10 days of UFO on the indication saved, it is but not quite adequate. I took from a friend such an adapter there was everything clear. And until the onboard computer was disconnected, there was no connection to the ECU.


  168. N***n

    The parcel came quickly, while everything works.


  169. A***v

    Everything works


  170. D***v

    Everything works well


  171. Customer

    I came very quickly, I did not stay in work yet


  172. A***v

    Just the best!!!)))


  173. A***n

    Shvidko arrived in Ukraine for two years, though the iPhone does not stand, the TV for Android and Windows, did not look at the order


  174. A***v

    1.5 version, comrade was satisfied.


  175. A***y

    All as in the description, to Kiev flew in 23 days. Checked _ works! So far I’m happy. I recommend to buy.


  176. K***k

    Connected to the car, everything works


  177. G***k

    The scanner got it. Delivery is fast. Seller recommend


  178. A***v

    Checked, everything works


  179. Customer

    Thanks! Works…..but not for Bmw E39


  180. K***v

    Everything works fine. Checked on Priora for 11 years. Sees engine, ABS, ESD


  181. M***n

    Everything works fine!!!


  182. K***v

    It’s okay. I’ll try.


  183. P***v

    With Mazda MPV 2001, the right wheel earned, connected and dropped errors


  184. A***a

    Beautiful Thing. The store is well done. The order reached 10 days. Tracked clearly. Checked for Ford Focus 1 American fits. In general, I’m happy. Thank you.


  185. S***a

    Very slow. wait a lot and the store constantly writes: “And will you exactly fit this product?”. Until you send him with the goods for the, only after that sends immediately. In general, I’m not happy.


  186. A***v

    Came quickly. quality is good!


  187. S***h

    Delivered in integrity in the work has not yet checked


  188. I***A

    Came bystrr))


  189. Customer

    Very quickly delivered-from China to Peter in 10 days! Respect and gratitude to the store! I haven’t checked yet.


  190. Customer



  191. O***r

    It came all that ordered, everything works


  192. R***r

    The scanner works. I recommend


  193. A***n

    Thank you!