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Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set

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A full chipnormal quality

Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set

Tactrix Openport 2.0 + ECUFLASH
The OpenPort 2.0 combined with our EcuFlash software, the OpenPort 2.0 is capable of reflashing a large number of newer for Subaru and for Mitsubishi vehicles, and support for other cars is in progress.
Tactrix Openport 2.0 can works for Toyota, for Jaguar and for LandRover diagnose. The OEM software we have test in for TOYOTA ,for LOANDROVER and for JAGUAR.all work excellent.!!!
Tactrix Openport 2.0+ECUFLASH Specifications
1. 72Mhz 32-bit processor
2. USB 2.0 full speed device (USB-A/Mini cable included)
3. Field upgradeable software
4. Supports these major OBD protocols:CAN 2.0 (CAN/ISO15765) and K-line (ISO9141/ISO14230(KWP2000)/dual K line)
5. J2534 PassThru support with Windows DLL
6. Standalone datalogs to microSD / microSDHC card without a laptop
7. Able to apply GND or 5V-25V to OBD pins 1,3,9,11,12,13 or AUX 2.5mm stereo connector
8. Able to log from Innovate Motorsports 2.5mm stereo MTS data bus
9. RGB status LEDs
1 pc x Tactrix Openport 2.0+ECUFLASH Cable
1 pc x USB Cable
4 pc x CD
Normal one
Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set Newest Tactrix Openport 2.0 With ECU FLASH ECU Chip Tunning Tactrix Openport 2.0 ECUFLASH With All SW Full Set

Best quality

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  1. D***v

    The store is a deceiver. Talked ugly before ordering, his answers and actions are not clear. I ordered the goods with sending from the russian federation, and the seller not only sent from china, so also processed for a long time. Instead of a maximum of 10 days for delivery from russia, 49 days have passed since the payment. I did not try to sew-no software. Diagnostics did not once, everything works. In the current for right-handed alex 2003. Showed about 30 blocks. King and spasio are fine.


  2. A***v

    Excellent, believed паджерик, flying normal, as long as not шился…


  3. S***k

    Everything came intact. The store put the gifts. Thank you very much.


  4. B***f

    High quality & Fast like original


  5. F***r

    It came quickly. The speed of work compared to the old black exceeds at times. While satisfied.


  6. R***v

    Came within two weeks. Sending was from russia How will it come to use-i will add a review


  7. I***v

    On subaru leaked, poured the firmware without problems, while working)


  8. A***a

    I haven’t tried it yet but it came in fast and well packed time


  9. A***d

    Everything works. The only unpleasant moment is that the cable came without a ferrite filter. Trifle, but the sediment remained.


  10. A***K

    I haven’t checked the work yet.


  11. D***i

    Item as described. Thank you!


  12. I***v

    Checked on corolla fielder 144, corolla fielder 121 all works out of the box.


  13. D***z

    All OK before install and test .


  14. A***v

    Delivery to moscow in a week and a half. The quality is good, the mercedes w209 restyle read all the blocks. Included were 4 discs with different programs and driver for openport


  15. P***o

    fast shipping.. everything is in one piece.. i didn’t test yet… but.. I’ll come back with additional feedback


  16. P***v

    On the first track of tracking my openport came to novosib, and expected in domodedovo!))) After the opening of the dispute, the store sent a new track, on which the goods tracked to the apartment, dragged the courier. The discs are not broken.


  17. A***a

    Ordered from russia sent from china, works


  18. V***v

    It’s okay.


  19. S***k

    Delivery to kiev for 3 weeks, four cd included. In the work did not yet check, i will check off.


  20. V***v

    The parcel arrived in 35 days, everything works and is not broken. In the kit a gift of 3 caps on the nipple.


  21. R***v

    While stitched two blocks kefiko 7.9.8 all norms


  22. R***o

    works with techstream……ok


  23. V***o

    Came pretty fast, tracked. The quality of soldering is not very, inside the round connector was hanging. Firewood from the disc did not rise, downloaded from the OFFITALS, earned. Still light music is incomprehensible, all the time flashes in different colors. With a combo, the firmware read by j2534. As a cheap analog, for the first time will go


  24. F***E

    Not tested… but looks ok


  25. S***v

    Everything’s fine. Fast delivery and quality at height. Already checked in the work on the Mercedes with the program xentry, everything works.


  26. V***V

    Everything is fast, the goods of good quality, works fine. The goods and the store are satisfied.


  27. S***v

    Good quality product


  28. E***O

    While everything works!


  29. V***v

    I received the goods until I checked. About the quality of the sign later


  30. V***s



  31. P***r



  32. E***a

    All spinning, with delivery to the door) all whole. Packed by Fenshui.) thanks to the store.


  33. Customer



  34. A***M

    The parcel is shipped and delivered within the prescribed time. Until I checked. The case is slightly axe, well, okay. Seller my thanks and recommendations!


  35. V***n

    Great product. Thanks to the store.


  36. R***r

    I got everything whole, I did not look normal yet, it came on time.


  37. Customer

    After 5 inclusions did not burn, butpin check was not possible. The store wrote a message that he sent from China, as a gift put caps for nipples)


  38. E***r

    Excellent store. All looks good but haven’t tried yet.


  39. A***v

    Just lightning drop shipping, ordered 11.11 received 13.11. I will add as I will test.


  40. V***v

    Thanks. All right.


  41. P***o

    The order came, delivery by courier, has not yet tried.


  42. G***i



  43. A***v

    Received today the parcel, just on Dr)) ordered the first, came today. The driver installed but the computer does not see the adapter. Help installation advice please. Win7 64.


  44. S***v

    I ordered from a warehouse in Russia, the full version. the store pulled with shipment to the last minute, gave the left track number for tracking. A week later gave my track number, promised for a delay to put a gift but when unpacking no gift was. sent by the company J-NET TA in turn sent by post of Russia to my post office. total shipping about a month (I would know that this would choose delivery from China). The set came discs in the kit (all whole and read) The cable with a ferrite ring and very good quality and long, the Dewi itself works on it at the computer once 20 and has not refused anything, the Ineta is not afraid. it’s okay if it wasn’t for delivery. I recommend the seller unless you urgently need a device and delivery is better from China choose.


  45. N***n

    Courier to the house. When ordering, the IML delivery service was selected, and the store sent 8express. 10 days to Chelyabinsk. Track tracking. With techstream 14 works perfectly, even faster than mini-VCI. I recommend.


  46. S***y

    Got the adapter firewood got up from the original immediately tried to sew its Solaris all went well so I recommend


  47. A***n

    Got it. Did not check for work


  48. A***v

    It came quickly not yet checked.


  49. G***i

    Thank you!


  50. B***v

    It seems to work for now. Once with Subaru counted the firmware.


  51. E***a

    Everything came quickly, in a week. Everything works, after a small dance with a bead. It is necessary to order.


  52. V***.

    Delivery is fast, the sight is all good in the work until checked, thanks to the prodovtsu!


  53. M***v

    To Turkmenistan in 20 days. The cord in the computer is recognized. And I have not tried in work yet.


  54. V***Y

    It came in 6 days. Comp sees, later unsubscribe with the removal of logs and editing of firmware


  55. T***a

    Looks good, the board is black, in the work has not yet checked


  56. R***r

    The goods received, delivery on time, all working, only the driver had to be installed in manual, from the store present: caps on the gold, in general everything is OK.


  57. G***h

    Everything corresponds to the description. Block, cable, 4 discs. Disks are read without problems. I installed the drivers from the disk the device seemed to be all right. I did not connect to the car. I will add feedback later.


  58. E***s

    Arrived on time, the discs are in place and even read while working. I recommend to everyone.


  59. I***a

    It came quickly, Courier home. Everything corresponds to the description. I recommend!


  60. N***n

    The adapter received, the quality is good, works as stated, everything is fine, I recommend to buy!


  61. C***a

    Good, I’ll try the equipment.


  62. R***v

    In Moscow Week. firewood became without problems. let’s see what happens next.


  63. K***R

    Fast shipping. Driver installed but not yet stitched in appearance all OK.


  64. A***v

    It came in 20 days. Shipping formally from Russia, but to Russia from China ship after order.


  65. V***v

    Mercedes works


  66. N***v

    Fast shipping.


  67. N***v

    Came long, did not check


  68. A***v

    The goods are good, checked, works,


  69. V***v

    Sent in standard package, included 4 discs, driver and software for Toyota, driver installed from off site taktrix, put for Mercedes xentry 2018, read the car W211, reset the error SRS, the device is satisfied, I recommend the store!


  70. D***v

    I did not check yet but it went so that the track is tracked crooked. But it came three weeks in general to Novosibirsk.


  71. A***i



  72. A***y

    It’s okay. Works Delivered drivers from disk Offline tried


  73. V***L

    Dongl arrived within a week, connected to the Mercedes, everything was installed without problems, sees all the main blocks.


  74. M***o

    fast shipping, item has checked and operated as description, nice to buy from this store


  75. S***v

    It came. Comp sees. But I haven’t checked yet. Seller sociable


  76. A***v

    Purchase is satisfied, with the help of it it was able to activate the cruise control on Kalina 2 with a panel of devices from FL grants. Adapter working, sending 4 hours after payment, and delivery took only 9 days (ordered from Russia), tracking the parcel is not. To buy I recommend!!!


  77. E***v

    Everything came quickly. Only not one disk is not read. Can anyone скинуть content all drives me to mail. kilpi1184100@mail.ru


  78. A***v

    Everything is fine


  79. S***n

    Checked with techstream 15 and took new drivers from the site tactrix


  80. Customer



  81. V***z

    The parcel came in 3 months. The money was returned. I did not check for work.


  82. E***v

    Very long shipping.


  83. D***s

    Well packed, item as described.


  84. T***y

    So srednio it dziala problem can


  85. Customer

    Took in advance for a new Forester who was supposed to come to me at the end of March. But now, thanks to the efforts of our top management, the ruble went to punch another bottom, and my Forester I probably can not buy when he comes, because the dealer will not raise the price. So the goods will be sold to Avito more successful comrades who managed ….


  86. I***v



  87. M***v

    If you need delivery from Russia, then in no case do not order, it will go a very long time from China, the store’s only unintelligible.


  88. D***y

    It came intact. Working capacity did not check, but packed well enough, so as not to be damaged. The goods the store sent a week. It was a little less than a month before Rostov.


  89. Customer

    Arrived at my UK address very quickly. Fully working with Xentry for Mercedes diagnostics on all cars I have tried. Recommended.


  90. A***f

    All very well


  91. A***a

    Long drove, but everything came as it should


  92. M***z

    Ordered from the Russian warehouse, sent from Chinese. I had to wait a very long time. I came in safe, I checked everything perfectly in my work.


  93. G***i

    The goods received, everyone is happy.


  94. M***v

    I chose delivery from Russia sent from China. Delivery to Perm took 45 days. On the work of the claims there, everything works clearly, when using the adapter, the computer did not connect to the Internet, I do not want to check. But the driver was put from the off site. Disks that were included did not even look. I use another software.


  95. K***v

    Everything is fine, I recommend the store.


  96. Y***o

    Everything is fine, it works as it should


  97. R***m

    Is great and fast thank you


  98. A***v

    Norms, firewood of Stood


  99. G***G

    The adapter is normal, assembled neatly, nothing rattles. With auto communicates 🙂 But with the chosen Shipment From Russia, the goods went late from Hong Kong…


  100. A***n

    Item arrived within 40 days of order. The device itself is working, the discs are damaged.


  101. S***v

    Ordered delivery from Russia, sent from China. As a result, the month of delivery.


  102. S***v

    Everything is fine. Works with xentry Passthru


  103. A***n



  104. A***N

    20 days to the capital of Khakassia. checked through chiploader for communication ECU goes out everything is determined. stitching did not become I think there will be no problems. shipping from China all according to the description. All whole ordered which is more expensive. Track tricked. Seller recommend. Firewood put from the site. Windows 10 64 bits. Works great.


  105. P***v

    I made an order from Russia, but as happened recently, the store at first just kept silent for a week, then tried to explain the lack of goods in the warehouse in Russia. (At the same time, the site contains delivery from Russia, and the quantity of 200 PCs.) The seller explained that allegedly everything was sold quickly, and the new batch is here to come to customs. For the inconvenience promised a gift… There is nothing to do, and even the price is higher when sending from Russia, confirmed the consent to send from China. From March 11 to April 2 and the device came to my post office. After opening the envelope, everything looked at, there are no injuries, inside the device also looks decent, but the refinement, according to the list did. The first turn on, after installing the driver passed successfully. Now we will test on the car, I hope that the device will continue to work properly.


  106. A***a

    Delivery 2 days from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod


  107. V***a

    Everything is super, the adapter is working, it came quickly and in integrity, I recommend


  108. O***n

    Didn’t check…


  109. N***a

    Thank you, everything works. I recommend.


  110. D***i

    Corresponds to the description came all on time quality satisfied everything works properly


  111. D***n

    Stitched three times Kia SID 2007


  112. O***v

    Before the connection, it was finalized. The month works without problems.


  113. V***v

    Works. We need an alternative software.


  114. A***a

    In appearance, everything is fine, I will add more


  115. A***v

    Received the parcel. Reads and tests one M112 engine unit on the w209. In general, the purchase is satisfied. His money justifies.


  116. V***v

    Plucked fast enough, despite hysteria. The disks are intact, the driver is up, the device is installed. In the kit on the discs ancient versions of jlr138, techstream 8.30, 9.30. Hardware development is required (differences in resistors with orig).


  117. E***a

    I have received this product I hope I will be able to tune my tsx honda “Acura” the product looks good and fells solid.


  118. S***a

    everything very fine with this store and his product! it works like a charm and even aftersales service is nice and helpful. will buy more stuff here! you should do so too cause conditions are fair and the delivery is fast and quick, the product is top notch! its all good, very good!


  119. O***a

    Delivered to the Moscow region in a few days, the goods correspond to the description, has not yet checked


  120. S***n

    Works, flight normal


  121. V***v

    Got, the driver installed with off-site. How I use it to unwrite.


  122. T***a

    Works, the Internet does not disable, the ADC on the power shows correctly. Took for pcmflash


  123. A***t

    Works with the driver from the tactrax site and the Internet (after completion). When working with Toyota techstream (TIS) 14, sometimes the window is popping (with the buttons to continue or ignore), but unlike mini-VCI works in data list (real-time engine parameters). Plastic is fragile, the adapter came with cracks on the connector and an unreadable disk. I did not check with other brands. The product ordered with delivery from Russia, as a result it was not available and had to be reordered from China.


  124. A***

    The product corresponds to the store’s description I recommend. Delivery to Peter 1 week (when ordering chose sending from Russia). The device has checked when diagnostics Mercedes


  125. S***y

    Flasher with a cable and 4 discs in the kit. what did not check on them yet.


  126. M***R

    Everything works.


  127. A***i

    23 days to Minsk. Track tracked. Did not connect, did not check.


  128. S***n

    Works fine, sewed beatbox new MERS V class and other problems did not create any, I advise for this money)


  129. G***s



  130. D***r

    Top goods… Like again! Ultra Fast shipping


  131. V***v



  132. D***o

    I haven’t checked yet. I’ll check it out.


  133. M***h

    i didnt recieve package due to coronavirus delay, AliExpress refund me . i am satisfy about honesty of you. thank you


  134. R***r

    Came quickly, everything is whole, externally made qualitatively, until I checked.


  135. L***v

    I take not the first time. It’s fine. Recommend!!!


  136. J***s

    Thank you !


  137. Customer

    As always good quality products


  138. D***o

    Absolutely perfect! Works with Tactrix EcuFlash and Toyota TechStream. Used the latest official TacTrix EcuTek software and drivers. Best purchase I’ve ever received from AliExpress. Super useful and handy to have. Thank you very much!


  139. A***g

    I haven’t checked yet.


  140. A***v

    Delivery in time, discs whole, the store is sociable, as I will check additional cuts


  141. A***v

    Checked with Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, eTACs read, written


  142. A***y

    work great with xentry passthru with w219


  143. Customer

    When connected to the laptop, the drivers were installed automatically. Everything works fine. Shipping fast. Thank you store. Recommend


  144. N***v

    Works, but on hybrid cars sometimes bounce errors.


  145. A***v

    Outside checked for now


  146. D***v

    The goods is working! The reading speed is the same as the mini VCI I expected the best from OpenPort. One disc is not readable.


  147. A***n

    Disks turned out to be empty, the driver put from the site ecutools.com while he was working his Kia Sid 2010G.


  148. A***v

    Tactrax received, but still did not check, because. For normal operation, it needs to be finished by changing resistors, and add capacitors. After completion, I will add a review.


  149. A***v

    Immediately checked)) works fine


  150. M***s

    Adapter received, stitched Ford Focus 3, EBU ems2204 ,8, everything went fine, the program used a licensed MMC flasher, the driver put from the official website, the Internet is not afraid, did not finalize anything.


  151. Y***e

    Fast delivery from Russia. Works.


  152. A***v

    OK! True sold gave first left track


  153. A***o

    Delivery fast, from Russia. The packaging is weak (sachet), but it got safe, the discs are read. The driver from the official website stood normally at 10*64. Toyota techstream 15.00.028 diagnostic app works. Recommend it.


  154. P***h

    Everything is safe. Drives whole


  155. D***v

    The goods arrived very quickly, not even expected. After the check, I will sew two subaric and pagerik. Thank you very much to the store!


  156. M***n

    Works great. Used with techstream


  157. A***v

    The goods came in 3 weeks. The quality is excellent. The store is in contact. At my request sketched the link to the program.


  158. E***r

    nice Russia toy


  159. O***h

    Chorna fee. Xentri PT w369 R251 W204 gl164 taking all the blocks.


  160. A***v

    Good quality


  161. P***p

    The parcel arrived on April 6 did not report any information from our mail. Opened a dispute to request a petition


  162. I***m

    This was my second order in Time and i´m very satisfied.


  163. O***a

    In the Russian Federation was not, the store sent from China, supplied origh driver, all norms of the inlet is not afraid. I’ll check on the car.


  164. R***v

    Good quality, ordered another one


  165. D***n

    Ordered shipping from Russia, but the store sent from China. As a result, delivery is 3 weeks. Native drivers from the disk did not rise to seven, because it’s not a fact that the device will be able to run.


  166. A***o

    Sending not from Russia, but in fact from China. Took black to work with as, W211 2003 year sees everything except CBS and esp. You can take


  167. U***r

    Якістю Poki shcho zadoveneniy повністю-also перевірив, walking to Subaru Forester 5 generation, нарікань NEMA! The salesman has 4 disks with a software interface, the stink is not known-the drivers can normally be normal. I recommend selling, they called shvidko! I am happy with the quality so far – already tested by connecting to a Subaru vehicle. The supplier put 4 CDs with drivers into the package however they were not needed – you can download everything from internet. Shipped pretty fast, so I definitely recommend this store!


  168. Customer

    Activated remotely on the internet cruise on Grant fl. Firewood on 10, but it is necessary to manually specify the place of the folder on the C disk after installing the file with drivers. With the Internet works, not blocked. Didn’t work out, didn’t sew.


  169. Customer

    When placing the order checked the delivery from Russia, but shipped anyway from China and the delivery lasted a month!! today checked and everything works.


  170. A***

    All right!!


  171. A***v

    Came quickly, brought the courier, used a couple of times already everything works, how much is not known, last time took from another store similar, broke in 5 times) I hope this will work longer)


  172. R***v

    Terrible store. Initially ordered delivery from Russia. Not only did he send from China so still with a delay of 2 weeks. Opened the dispute. Until the money was returned. The seller is not sociable. No concessions. Do not recommend.


  173. A***v

    Ordered from Russia, that would come quickly, received from China, but it’s okay. Firewood is installed, the adapter is recognized, with the software on the discs is worse. Disk JLR-PRO 138full sent clean, without any information. On the request for the possibility to download, asked for an email address and silence. The adapter is satisfied and recommend, although the opening of the case has not yet produced, do not count on the software, look for alternative, something like pcmflash.


  174. M***s



  175. A***n

    Delivery in fact is not from Russia, but it was explained in addition. The parcel arrived relatively quickly. Bonus put red caps on the wheels)


  176. D***v

    It works. The Internet did not risk. It’s okay without him.


  177. V***r

    Reached in 19 days, everything works) thank you.


  178. A***v

    To the company connects next look


  179. C***c

    The adapter has come a whole. + 4 installation disks. Subaru Legacy 2004 works.


  180. T***u

    Thank you


  181. Customer

    It came in 2 weeks from China, although it is stated that from Russia. But talked it over with the store, promised for from China is gift, and in fact only the OpenPort itself and 4 discs. For deception, the score is lower!


  182. D***d

    Ordered from Russia, the store sent from China. But it came exactly on time. The goods were not tracked. Many thanks to the seller for the fast delivery! Driver put with of. Site. I passed two Solaris, everything works. The Internet is not afraid.


  183. T***w

    good item


  184. A***U

    Did not come, returned the money


  185. V***k

    Everything came, everything works!


  186. S***o

    I have not checked yet, but the weight is heavy


  187. Customer

    Sent everything quickly. the condition is excellent. I advise the store!


  188. J***i

    The device received a program for Toyota Russian No. Gift promised by the store did not receive. Though promised as shipping from China.


  189. D***v

    The device works well good quality!


  190. A***v

    Came with a whole 4 discs, the computer determined, the bulbs flash


  191. A***a

    Super store! I got everything working! Fast Delivery 15 days. Where’s the 10-star button? Seller recommend! Got checked everything works! 15 days fast delivery. Where is the 10 star button here? I recommend the seller!


  192. A***v

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