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New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power

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Pinlo portable blender Main Features

New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power

* USB Charging Design,Can Be Used Anytime, 2000MAh rechargeable battery. make 20-30 cups of juice.
* 4 Leaf Stainless Steel Blade to blend ingredients, make juice more delicious
* Unique grooved cup body with spoiler effect.
*Smart Power Failure Protection, with a micro-motion protection device and a timely chip.
* Small Size Design,Detachable For Portable Carrying
* Micro USB Charging Interface
* Easy To Clean, The cutter head and body are waterproof, can be washed with water.

Detailed parameters
New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power

USB Portable Juice Cup
Small Size And Portable,Rechargeable Battery,Power Off Protection,Easy Operation
Hdb0c833cbf454169b97dfcaf65f01882D New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power
USB Charging Design,Can Be Used Anytime,Anywhere
Pinlo Portable Juice Cup is a charging design that allows you to get away from the constraints of the environment and be able to use it anytime, anywhere. Tookfun.
Hbad4d5114fe2440fa430baf43b4bb05aO New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power
Long-Lasting Battery Life
Pinlo Portable Juice Cup has built-in 2000MAh rechargeable battery.
When fully charged, it can make 20-30 cups of juice and weigh more than 10L.
H6bf370e8ca68407eb8d2dd5e1e9aeaa78 New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power
70W Rated Power
The rated power of the Pinlo Portable Juice Cup is 70W. Under the premise of ensuring the juice extraction effect, the motor energy consumption is reduced and the conversion rate of the power is increased, so that the juice machine can continuously produce delicious juice. Tookfun.
Pinlo Portable Juice Cup is generally recommended fruit type: watermelon, orange, apple, dragon fruit and other relatively easy to handle fruit, if you need more powerful processing of more complex fruit, please use Pinlo Blender Machine.
Heb5bb711444647cab286ed0a15ef3938G New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power
4 Leaf Stainless Steel Blade
Pinlo Portable Juice Cup uses 4 Leaf Stainless Steel Blade to blend ingredients, make juice more delicious
H36a6f415c7d94e26a857e42890efa3912 New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power
Spoiler Groove Cup Body
Unique grooved cup body with spoiler effect, which improves the effective power of the juice cup and makes the processing of the ingredients smoother
H7d750431db154069aee3626ceea68ea5g New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power
Smart Power Failure Protection
The main body of Pinlo Portable Juice Cup is equipped with a micro-motion protection device and a timely chip.
When the cup body and the main unit are separated, idling, overtime operation and other abnormal conditions,
the power will be automatically shut down to ensure the safety of use.
Cup Body And Motor Separation Power Failure Protection
Idle 5s Power Failure Protection
Running For 30s Power Failure Protection
H50a24f0690624366876b8fdf330090dfG New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off powerHf0d437469b6743a6a5d1c3cf2af6fb53Q New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power
Small Size Design,Detachable For Portable Carrying
The Pinlo Portable Juice Cup has a small body and is very portable.
The main unit and the juice cup are individually equipped with separate lids.
H4b16bb2a4a9745d094381390aee32341r New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power
Micro USB Charging Interface
Pinlo Portable Juice Cup comes standard with a Micro USB charging port for mainstream mobile phones. It does not require continuous power supply and is very convenient.
Hacf20da708054ce4aae16ee541ae41c6e New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power
Easy To Clean
The cutter head and body are waterproof, can be washed with water, and cleaning is very simple
When flushing, please be sure to press the charging cover to avoid damage to the main unit caused by water in the body.
H3554c2d87a8644fba79e608e8e00e3e6B New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power
Product Details
Hidden Cutter Head :Avoid external leakage or accidental injury
350ml Capacity:One people's capacity Very suitable size
ABS Material Shell:Tritan cup body Very durable
Ha2f9cef9b6774b67947f671ae5b577964 New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off powerH1df6ac1d0fdd4c75897fa604043966dc4 New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power

11605637038 1010964891 New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power

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Based on 129 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. M***S

    Everything is fine, delivery is fast


  2. V***v

    It’s okay.


  3. Customer

    Really good product. Thank you


  4. V***v

    Good store. Great product. Thank you very much to the seller.


  5. A***h

    As always super quality!


  6. M***

    Good device, easy to use. Small, suitable for hiking


  7. M***i

    Good blender. With bananas, apples, мороженными berries and the like. Does. Carrots have not tried, probably if cut small, then will take her. Color Plastic was barely purple-pink. The cup plastic. WITH one charge use for several days and still holds.


  8. J***a

    Good blender. For smoothies and mash perfect. Shipping 3 weeks, brought home the courier.


  9. R***v

    Cool stuff!!!


  10. V***w

    Blender is not bad, with small tasks copes well. With my use, I charge once a week. The flask seems a little flimsy (sorry not glass).


  11. B***r

    THE product is good and powerful. Just a caveat: it is smaller than I imagined. But this does not diminish the product.


  12. T***i

    Suit .. Great product


  13. A***v

    Awesome thing. I’m testing. If that


  14. A***a

    Everything works fine, the product is happy, thank you!


  15. N***o

    it’s portable and fun use


  16. M***O

    Arrived in 17 days. Good product.


  17. S***o

    Arrived very quickly, great product !!! Works very well !!!


  18. A***v

    Cool thing! Works fine! Delivery about 3 weeks to the Kaluga region. Pressed the button-red glows, well, I think-sowing came. The night-I press-blinks red. Instruction in Chinese)) it is necessary to double click on the button-buzzing a little time. Without a glass-do not turn on, it’s good. Made very soundly, qualitatively. From below is rubberized, a separate lid for a cup in the kit-everything with silicone seals-will not spill. Another small USB cord included. I think it’s cool to take to the cottage or even on trips to warm countries where fruits are worth a penny. Perfect Gift to zozhnik))


  19. S***r

    Product excellent!! Squeezes up for ice, nuts, dates, apple, banana, והגיע really really fast!


  20. T***a

    Very comfortable Bender, the quality is good. Immediately did not realize how to turn on. Returned to the reviews where there was the same situation. Turns out it was necessary to adjust the Cup. If you wrap it to the end, it will work, if not, it does not work.


  21. V***v

    Good thing. We make the baby pureshka. Do not Xiaomi of course the manufacturer, but normal.


  22. I***i

    Pas mal


  23. A***v

    Everything came in time, but there was no lid. Returned part of the amount. All OK!


  24. R***v

    Cool Portable blender. Excellent quality. Well breaks not hard things. About two glasses. The quality is excellent. Packing Factory, top cardboard. Delivery is standard on time.


  25. D***a

    Very good


  26. Customer

    Perfect, works well, great product


  27. T***i

    Great item


  28. R***i

    Excellent mini blender, for smoothies and cocktails, what you need, hard products have not yet tried to grind, turns on Double pressing the start button, a week charge keeps when used once a day, I would like 2 covers in the kit.


  29. A***s



  30. I***n

    The wife is delighted, everywhere now he wears it with him, even praying ice, easy.


  31. R***r

    Great thing


  32. O***a

    I do not understand these enthusiastic reviews, I make a cocktail of kefir and chopped greens, not very, do not compare even with the most tedious of those that are inserted into the socket. Yesterday put full of chopped apples, he got up, with grapefruit, also the stems float. I shake my shoulders in confusion, then turn on, then not on, recharged already. Can if only bananas with water ……. In general, to turn it is necessary to press twice, if it was charged but does not rotate, it is necessary for a second to insert into the charging then it will split. Order delivered quickly, courier brought home


  33. A***y

    Blender of excellent quality, fast delivery. The only thing, there is no lid for closing the blender itself. I am happy with the purchase, I recommend everyone to buy.


  34. Y***y

    Works fine. For your money a very good device.


  35. R***a

    Excellent, stronger and better than 7pin Xiaomi.


  36. D***a

    Very good product, meets customer expectations. I recommend the shop for future purchases.


  37. D***v

    Wash inconvenient


  38. L***s

    Very good workmanship, works well, made vitamin banana without problems.


  39. L***o

    Wonderful blender! Light, quiet, elegant! For me it is simply irreplaceable. Just turned on and he will turn off when he boldly. Smut with milk are just airy! Very good! I use 2 Weeks 1-2 times a day and still did not charge. But I did not try with hard vegetables and fruits, for this I have a large mixer. Great item! Thank you store


  40. C***m

    High quality portable blender. Blends as good as my 300w blender. You just need to make sure that your fruits/veggies are diced finely. It took a while to ship and arrive due to coronavirus outbreak but it is so worth the wait. It only comes with one cap for the cup. The blade section has no cap. Instruction manual is in Chinese unfortunately. Recommended store


  41. E***o

    Product EXTREMELY FANTASTIC. Only regret not having bought before


  42. A***k

    I am very pleased with the product, miniature, convenient and second business to prepare in it smoothies and not noisy. Excellent goods, excellent store, very contact, friendly and very worried about your goods, I advise everyone to buy from this seller…. By the way, I made the first smoothie from the markovka Kiwi and Mandarin, the markovka cut with slices and perfectly changed everything…. All super


  43. N***A

    Dear stores pack the goods more accurate!!! I bought a second blender as a gift, but you sealed the box with tape and when you opened the tape, I ripped the box. The view is now not at all a gift! Unpleasant!


  44. Customer

    Everything works, the quality is good. I liked it


  45. R***o

    Product to make vitamins and good, only the battery not found these things. Nevertheless recommend.


  46. T***a

    Track was not tracked, with the store did not communicate, delivered sdek to kV, everything corresponds to the description, complete all except the adapter for the outlet, all like thank you


  47. R***R

    Seems nice, but no plug, only a USB one 🙁


  48. J***a

    I like that plastic glass, it will not beat and easy compared to glass. Works powerful! The only instruction in Chinese only, but think the internet can be found.


  49. T***o

    Blender, works quietly well crushed soft fruit. Need to get used to on, because has overheating protection motor and running early impulsowo. Good buy


  50. S***v

    Thanks, parcel received. I recommend, it works fine, if not “push a lot” of power is enough.


  51. V***v

    Interesting mixer. Works great, but not enough instructions on the Russian or English language. Long figured out how to start at all. It turned out that you need a double-click on the power button…


  52. E***a

    The goods went about two months. Brought the courier. Includes a cord and two covers. I charged, tried smoothies with banana and apple-I liked it. I hope in the future, too, everything will be OK!


  53. F***t

    Very fast delivery, product is as described. Very practical and easy to clean, I loved it.


  54. E***a

    Excellent, works pretty good and it does come with 2 covers, maybe I was lucky? haha, good product none of the less.


  55. Customer

    After Kazakhstan, Almaty ceased to be tracked. One lid included, only for glass.


  56. C***a

    Excellent and very beautiful electric kitchen blender looks so great and nice one, Thanks store.


  57. B***r

    Product in perfect condition, and well packed


  58. N***c



  59. V***r

    I have not yet checked for efficiency. Walked long enough, more than a month. He was safe and sound.


  60. R***r

    Everything works! Thank you!


  61. S***a

    Blender really liked, I make children a cocktail. Turns on by double pressing the red switch. I advise you.


  62. M***o

    The thing is super!!! Turns on by double pressing, without a twisted Cup the knives do not work, class, I recommend!


  63. T***a

    The order went more than a month. the package brought the courier opened, cut. Unpleasant. The mixer was not hurt, very cool. the lid is only one unfortunately. It is unclear why someone has 2 covers, and someone is alone… Turns on with two quick clicks on the button, and turns off with one long Press. Those who write that it does not work and red light is on-just can not turn on. The red indicator lights is not correctly turned on, it will fade after 2 seconds. I recommend this portable mixer!


  64. J***s

    Great products and excellent store recommend the all AliExpress


  65. I***n

    ⠀I am very happy with the goods. It is convenient that the glass is plastic. Can be carried with you. 30 SEC and the cocktail is ready. Washing is a pleasure.


  66. F***r

    Great product. For vitamins lighter day is excellent.


  67. R***b

    Beautiful product


  68. K***v

    A good stand-alone blender, a capacity of 350 ml, came half-charged, turns on only in the closed position by double pressing the button. Delivery 2 weeks to the apartment


  69. D***v

    Excellent device. I recommend.


  70. S***o

    It’s fine. Perfect packing. Excellent quality. What are you talking about?


  71. M***a

    Exceeded my expectations, very good product, already tested, delivery within! Recommend!


  72. M***a

    I would put 10 points, if I could) I received yesterday, packed perfectly, arrived at home. The parcel was not tracked at all, wrote to the store, replied immediately, asked not to worry, the delay is due to the virus in the country, which is quite similar. The protection period was fine, so I decided to wait. First charged about 8 hours, charging from USB. Today I prepared a cocktail from banana with milk, perfectly grinds. After washing, produced qualitatively, the water does not penetrate. In the photo I prepare the sauce, crushed garlic and tomato, everything turned out great. Suitable for fruit cocktails, and for sauces, and for making meat puree to kids. In the future I will order another one for work, I recommend! Turns on by double pressing.


  73. R***g

    Made an order of more than 6000 rubles, the store threw 130 rubles, funny. The order was one and a half months, although the seller said that there were no problems with delivery.


  74. V***r

    Delivery 3 months, the item is not tracked, in the end 3 months delivered by sack. A blender for three can be bought in the store for 2 and do not wait so much! It’s not xenomi!


  75. F***r

    According to the description.


  76. I***v

    Great mobile blender. I’ll take him on the way. Qualitatively made, no plastic smell. Xiaomi as always at the height!


  77. Y***l

    Fast reception, excellent package. The blender is small – perfect just for one smoothie. Comes with charger, glass, glass cover, and le blender bottom. Make sure to charge when receive. Once charged – put the glass on top and click twice on the power button. It won’t work if the glass is not on top.


  78. N***o

    The mixer is very good, I like it very much, thank you


  79. Customer

    Enjoyed the blender.


  80. A***a

    I brought the parcel straight home. It was unexpected and pleasant. The blender itself came in good condition, not damaged, well packed. At first I thought that I was not powerful. I read reviews. I realized my mistake and began to add some liquid to the smoothie. Everything got good right away. Even the biscuits are turning over for the Orio-neck. Baby rice and buckwheat porridge also Melet in puree. Good piece


  81. A***a

    Purchase 100% safe, arrived before the deadline.


  82. I***k



  83. K***a

    Works great, it blends even frozen berries. Holds really long on oné charge


  84. N***r

    The delivery was to long, more then month. first picture is the mixer didn’t grind well the apple. Second, added some liquid (water, milk, etc.)it works.


  85. M***z

    Power of course not like blenders, which from the outlet, but with its work cope perfectly


  86. D***n

    great service arrived fast and product came as excpected


  87. O***m

    It is very strong. Like more!!!!


  88. M***b

    Excellent in the beginning I faced the problem of the device maishn! But I did not drink it strongly worked! I recommend it well


  89. C***r

    Good but not perfectly the same color. I wanted white and there is a pink eu


  90. D***f

    Show de bola


  91. K***s

    Very good product, and beats the fruit and the batera hard enough, came with all parts, including two caps and looks very tough. Worth buying.


  92. B***r

    The product came well packed, with the two covers protection (what I loved), still not used because came discharged! Arrived after two months, but due the covid 19, I thought up fast! It was disappointed with the receipt!


  93. Customer

    The item is amazing. I really enjoy this purchase. it’s portable, easy to use and clean! it fits easily jn a bag. Bare in mind, it’s not huge and it shouldn’t be. The battery life is fairly long. it’s one of the best goods I got in this crazy year


  94. A***o

    Thank you, the goods are very good)) The only thing-there is no separate lid-as most got 🙁 one in stock. Works well, but came discharged Checked-everything is fine The store is good-immediately contacted! Sent “sdek”-apparently because of the pandemic, the goods could go for a long time


  95. E***r

    It works very well.


  96. D***A

    The product has arrived in perfect condition. I ordered it on May 20th and it came to me on June 11th. Looks like it works fine, I ‘ve only done a water test because it’s a gift. The only catch I see is that there’s no cover for the Blades, once it’s used out of the House, they’ll get dirty and it’s a little dangerous if you take the container apart, although initially it should not be lit due to its mechanism. If I had the knife cover I ‘d give a 5/5


  97. V***a

    Blender liked. Delivery is very long.


  98. P***o

    The order took a while to be delivered due to the COVID 19 situation. ordered during Aliexpress anniversary sale (March 28),delivered June 16. The product powers on during initial test


  99. N***h

    Delivery CDEC all OK


  100. I***a

    I liked it. Packed well. In Moscow, delivery through the transport company by courier. For a smoothie of 2 bananas and milk needed 10 Shok. It’s discharged. In the kit itself a blender, a bowl for 350 ml, a rat for a bowl and a wire for charging the unit.


  101. K***k

    Great store!


  102. T***a

    Good qulity. Nice shopping. The second lid is not. Sad… The store immediately wrote that her Alas will not be… Such a new package. Delivery 3 weeks


  103. A***t

    Good blender


  104. D***d

    Very satisfied with the delivery time and quality of the goods! About 10 days since the order passed, and the parcel is in hand. But it is worth noting that the courier did not wait, but took it at the point of issue, as soon as the parcel arrived in the city. Delivery of sdek from the Russian warehouse, the track was tracked. The work of the blender is amazing! In the photo cocktails (or smoothies…) from Peach and banana, as well as strawberry with milk. Children liked it! Covers for a blender, unfortunately there is no… only for a glass. To the store special thanks for the courtesy and quick answers.


  105. J***z

    Everything perfect


  106. L***i

    Came the cup cover more not liquitificador am very upset by this More came until fast due to Covid19 and not pay any customs fee And the picture was white but came pink and I hate pink


  107. I***v

    The thing is very cool and comfortable. It is a pity that the glass is not sold separately.


  108. S***n

    The parcel was almost 2 months old, but it’s not the store’s fault. Russian Post rules.


  109. T***a

    Perfected the blender. Fire! The consistency is very gentle, there is a lid to the Cup. As a road option just a song, also wireless.


  110. A***o

    Got it, everything works. Hard fruits We have to cut it finely, otherwise there is no power. There were problems with delivery in the Russian Federation. (SDEC shit full), but the store joined. The seller is good.


  111. Р***а

    I liked this kid. Suitable to take with you to the cottage, or at home quickly prepare yourself a delicious. For cocktails and smoothies-an excellent option. It came to sack, fast enough.


  112. M***k

    looks great!


  113. Customer

    All right, according to description


  114. P***l

    Fast delivery to doors, less than a month. The product fully conforms to the description.


  115. S***v

    Hello to everyone! I will praise the goods, really very cool for their money! Convenient mixer, easy to wash. Not tied to wires, while the power is enough to whip and crush frozen fruits. One charge is approximately enough for 10 applications. Lightweight and compact, you can even take with you to make smoothies at the picnic. Delivered quickly, about 10-12 days (delivery from Russia).


  116. S***n

    Convenient that is wireless. The charge is enough for 6-8 full 30-second inclusions. My family is happy with the acquisition. We always use it.


  117. K***k

    Good afternoon. I ‘ve tried it again and it works. I’m sorry but I was two days before it worked. And in the end it worked


  118. R***v

    The goods came quickly. Delivery to the apartment. Works for Hurray.


  119. R***r

    good packing, look like a champion, not used yet, u will text after making juices


  120. A***v

    Excellent compact blender, not all of course takes, but for harder products on this there is a powerful blender from the network. Thanks to the store for the friendly communication. Of the minuses, only that there is no lid in the kit for storing the blender itself.


  121. Customer

    Заказала 19.06, получила СДЭКом 13.07 в г.Калуга. Насчёт Pinlo говорила с продавцом про крышечку, потому что многие писали в отзывах, что кому-то пришло, кому-то нет. Он ответил, что крышечка идёт в комплекте 1 и, получив, я уже увидела, что она для самого стакана. А Viomi выглядит компактнее, из разницы- там точечки, где должны быть ml. Долго не гола определиться между ними двумя, в итоге взяла 2, себе и маме )Товар хороший, достаточно тяжёлый на вес, выглядит солидно) скоро буду пробовать делать смузи


  122. I***v

    Доствлено быстро, в СПб компанией СДЭК. Не плохой блендер. Хорошая мощность для портативного блендера.


  123. D***n

    Отлично измельчает фрукты( даже замороженные) овсянку. получаются хорошие смузи)


  124. D***d

    отличный мини блендер! стоит свои деньги


  125. K***



  126. L***a

    Отличный блендер, легкий , стильный, удобный. Продавец всегда на связи, очень быстро отвечает, молодцы, рекомендую.


  127. G***n

    пришел в страну за пару недель . не ожидала . отличное качество. пользуюсь для шейка . фрукты мелет. мороженое . добавляю хлопья. стакан пластик . 380 мл. все хорошо


  128. B***a

    Очень довольна) сделали молочный коктейль с черникой и бананом, вкуснотищааа))) На работу беру с собой, делаю смузи, омлет и т. д.


  129. N***n

    Ban đầu không biết cách bấm nên tôi tưởng nó bị lỗi, thì ra là để xay ta chỉ việc nhấn 2 lần và kết thức bằng 1 lần nhấn. Tuyệt vời. Hãy mua nó