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MAKE Mountain Bike Aluminum Frame SHIMAN0 AItus 27 Speed 26″ 27,5″29 Wheel Hydraulic/Mechanical Brake

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26 Inch Hydraulic26 Inch Mechanical

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  1. E***v

    The store sent 16 days and another 21 days. No scratches, gifts are in place. Bent back switch, under replacement. And the rear and front brake is rubbing, so there is no knurling, maybe-it’s i can not adjust them, but in my opinion something is wrong with them.


  2. S***n

    Cool bike. A bunch of gifts. Thank you.


  3. O***a

    Long waited for sending, about 3 weeks. But the store was always in touch and answered all questions. Sent dpd, came very quickly to tyumen, about 1,5 weeks. Everything came whole, without damage. Led cool, very like! But on my height 180 the seat is low, the leg does not bend to the end. Ordered a longer pin for the seat (included 30 cm), with it should be good.


  4. S***n

    Black red was not, sent black blue, but the producer reported. Delivery 3 weeks. Not tracked, walked through the dpa. Frame size 17 on 27.5 wheels. Front switch acera. Prom bearings in wheels and in carriage. Seller for all questions answers


  5. S***n

    Great super. Comes in a box like all similar. To collect everything is very simple. A little had to adjust the front disc brake is normal. Shimano switches and brakes. There are all kinds of gifts-wings, bell, flashlight, blinker back, cable.


  6. M***k

    The goods did not arrive on time. The money was returned from china with explanations. I’ll try to buy again as soon as the money comes back.


  7. P***v

    I put 5 stars for everything, but it’s more merit of the store, in his work with the client. There were nuances. After payment received a letter to extend 15 days-extended. After a week of silence, i asked for explanations on my orders, the seller reassured that he was in ussuriysk in the warehouse waiting to be sent .. on the tenth day of the morning the call of the bascourier to pick up the parcel. Delivery slightly more than 2 hours. Rspakovka and surprise-simple brakes. I wrote to the seller, he offered to compensate the error or wait for hydraulics. after 5 days i installed hydraulics + gift second brakes. The closest town to me is hun chun, an hour’s drive.


  8. R***v

    The bike is good, only shipping is long, but can be due to flooding in siberia.


  9. A***v

    The bike for this money is just fire! Pulling out all the bolts, especially the fork, there was a backlash… In general, the purchase is satisfied!


  10. S***.

    Bicycle dawshol. for 21 days from the moment of payment. there are small kotzki minor. and so everything is fine. the front switch of the tourney, instead of the claimed altus in the photo can be seen


  11. S***o

    Very cool bicycle .. this store ordered the second .. Delivery is super on time. Many thanks to the seller ..


  12. I***v

    Great for your money is excellent. From the jambs there is not the cassette (instead of shimano, it is ata) and the wrong front switch (instead of shimano m-350, it is shimano tourney). the store assured that this is an error in the factory, promised to send. Well, let’s see how honest he is. If anything-i will add a tip. And the fastening of the cable on the front fork broke off, not critical, but unpleasant. Light 8ka on wheels is naturally present. The other day i’ll try to fix the tension of the spokes.


  13. A***h

    Delivery from ussuriysk to kursk two weeks dpd. but sending… Almost a month. I wanted to refuse. The store’s contact representative, quickly answers, offers solutions to problems. But with the logistics at the store tight, to put it mildly. Bicycles through the amur are transported for a month… Bag with gifts included. Thank you for them.


  14. S***V

    Since the order came for a month in the krasnodar territory. Delivered tc energy, packaging whole complete, including gifts. All as in the description, of the shortcomings-the front fork is not very. The store answers questions quickly.


  15. B***b

    For the money paid, a great bike. Gifts on the spot, though were scattered throughout the box. All as in the description, except the front switch (instead of shimano m-350, costs shimano tourney). Offered free delivery only to the regional center. Delivery to my city was done only for an additional fee. I’m not critical, because. If i took it from another city, then it would be, although the sediment remained. Adjusted the front switch (internet to help). All small jambs are nothing compared to what you got. Aluminum frame, hydraulic brakes, useful gifts… twenty years did not ride a bike and now i remember how high it is.


  16. M***e

    Very cool bicycle, but many tools did not report and what was collected had to be cut.


  17. I***r

    The bike is good. But the front wheel fork was deformed. Fork racks rolled along the axis. Zap boxes. Parts and the bike itself are opened (in the places of fastening on the clips). Therefore, i can not say anything about the conformity of the factory configuration. The fork had to straighten. This is a big minus. In the rest-wonderful. I hope to last a long time. The producer is responsive, but i do not know who is responsible for what is listed above.


  18. A***v

    Good bike. I was a little upset with the adjustment of the brakes, corrected the eight on the wheels, otherwise there were no problems. and a separate respect for the store.


  19. Customer

    The bike corresponds to the description, the only bike came with a scratch, but it’s not the fault of the store though it’s offensive. The lantern is broken but it is also not the fault of the seller. The seller sent the order within 3 days. The package reached tomsk in 21 days.


  20. M***v

    Bicycle fire to all i advise you to buy i take already 2


  21. E***h

    Great bike. Order without hesitation.


  22. G***r

    The bike is delivered exactly in time (10 days to novosibirsk). Hinged shimano, as stated. Front switch-tourney. The hitch was slightly scratched when delivered, but uncritical. Brakes hydraulics, as ordered. Both wheels with a small eight, the brakes slightly short. Tires, rims and fork-knoneim, fork with lock and preload. At 27,5 wheels came 17 “rama, from the store of the answer in advance could not achieve. Led is definitely worth his money. Prepare that when assembling you will need additional hexagon 6 to twist the saddle to the pin. Recommend to buy


  23. I***v

    Bicycle is good. the store is sociable! Prodovets recommend. everything is in order!


  24. N***v

    It’s okay! Pair of scratches on the frame, broken wheel spoke. The store warns of possible damage. 17 frame and 26 wheels for a child aged 9 is the most.


  25. H***h

    The bicycle is an excellent frame made and painted qualitatively all the inscriptions are even, Weight about 15 kg. (if the fork and axles were aluminum i think the weight would be about 14 kg.) tires 27,5*2,125 good do not just know for the cameras and how much they weigh, steering wheel 64 cm. Very convenient brake hydraulics super, from the ride you get great pleasure. The purchase will be satisfied at 100% if you do not compare it with bicycles over 40-50 tr.


  26. A***v

    I liked the bike. Only front switch shimano tourney, returned 800 rub


  27. R***r

    Excellent bike for your money!, wheel without eight. In the process of delivery broke the brake handle, told the store and he sent a new one. Check the tensioning of the spokes! Because on my wheel there were 2 spokes. Immediately switched to the single system and rejoice in life!


  28. D***y

    The bike is excellent, delivered for 21 days from the date of payment, the store is excellent, one tip to the order check the seller’s equipment and availability


  29. V***v

    The goods were ordered on 20.09.19. Delivered by the transport company Peck. The cargo arrived in the Penza region 9.10.19. There are no complaints about the quality of the Assembly. The bike partially corresponds to the description. Not matching was in the front switch, but the store recognized it not matching and made a gift. The fork at first did not spring, but then during the ride developed. For such a price I recommend this device, cheaper with such characteristics will not find. I recommend this store.


  30. A***v

    Vel delivered DPD about 40 days. The box is slightly wrinkled, rubbed in two places, but the parts of the bicycle without damage. Assembled with a friend, slightly adjusted the front pads. Otherwise everything is fine. Frame without damage, hinged whole. Front Turney switch, the rest of Altus. In general, led liked, the roll is good, switches without problems. The only jamb-rust on the fork, sprinkled with a hole, began to depart. In general, the store recommend.


  31. Customer

    The bike for its money is very good, took for his son the smallest of the proposed with hydraulics. Everything came instantly, the store in touch. Of the minuses: -Did not twist one pedal (damaged thread) almost spoiled the connecting rod; -Front switch is not Shimano Altus a Shimano tourney. Everything else is very good, including gifts


  32. R***r

    Order in the Khabarovsk Territory came mega quickly, ordered 11.11.19 received 19.11.19. Shipping TC energy, shipping free, packaging good. Thanks to the store for the gifts.


  33. L***l

    Led cool, like everything, the store is responsive and sociable, in the spring I will add after operation, assembled quickly, the wheels are small twilight, the brake lines are confused, but all this nonsense is fixable, the order and the seller is completely satisfied and recommend


  34. I***v

    I liked the bike. Everything came in safe and sound. collected, but not all set. On the street it is already snow to roll until it turns out, but in appearance everything is fine, the speeds are switched, I deal with hydraulic brakes, the rear initially worked, as it was assembled, and the front needed to put the wheel, put, but the pads are very compressed, and the wheel brakes. I know. The store answers questions, well done. While everyone is happy, you can take.


  35. A***f

    Great Super. Delivery 25 days by DPD. Got everything in full set + gifts. 5 stars.


  36. A***n

    The bike was pleasantly surprised. Looks solid, the frame of different profiles, tires although unknown, but the size impressed. Unfortunately, the warehouse ran out of hydraulics, I had to overplay the usual brakes. When you buy, prepare for the fact that the plant confuses everything and everything. Instead of Altus can put Turin, instead of cassettes Shimano ATA… If it does not scare take led boldly. Frame rulit. Fork aluminum, and gift wings to turn to nothing, in the photo kit as it came.


  37. A***v

    Bicycle came for 3 weeks in Perm, delivery service energy! The box came all torn, but all + gifts were in place! During the assembly did not find the bolts to mount the disc to the front wheel and the front switch does not match the characteristics, the store went to the meeting and paid 700R! The bike is super, it remains to remove small eights on wheels and adjust the brakes! The height of 174 is comfortable 17 frames and 27,5 wheels!


  38. S***v

    The box is torn, the internal contents in chaotic order, part of the components were in the packing bag, there are minor scratches and scratches on the frame, rubber deformed, nishtyaks are present (pump, flask holder, rear LED gauge, anti-theft cable, bike bag, front and rear fender pads, flashlight) hand brakes reversed in places, front brake disc rubs against pads, The steering wheel for me is short, the pedals for replacement (when the rotation is jammed), assembly problems did not find, Shimano Altus brakes, Shimano tourney front switch, rear Shimano Altus, not yet operated, I recommend the store, 4 points on the five-point system. Thank you!


  39. A***n

    Everything is fine. Collected everything in place. Until I rolled


  40. D***k

    The bike came 21 days before Tomsk. Lots of gifts. The store is sociable, there were questions, the seller decided everything quickly. There are small scratches on the case. There were holes on the package


  41. R***r

    Dear Seller! thanks for Bike. disadvantages: 1) front switch tourney instead of Altus M-370.2) cassette ATA, not Shimano 11-32t.3) paint damage on the front fork in several places. 4) when switching the switch before it to 3 (Big Star), the circuit flies. 5) front and rear brake discs rub on the pads. 6) There is no key to attach the saddle to the pin (as wish).


  42. A***o

    LED not bad in general. Much needs to be adjusted and will be norms. Not exact description on the front switch, not declared Altus. Fork so CE. With coupons and sales came 11200 for 29 “and mechanics.


  43. A***n

    On delivery and the store immediately set off. To Smolensk for three weeks. On packaging and assembly-packed weakly of course, but in principle nothing is scratched and not broken, can be lucky, but also on that thank you. Immediately drove directly in the box to the master, he would not have assembled, the brakes, as they write, confused, the master twisted into place, the front disc is deformed, had to level it, the speed had to be adjusted. According to the complete set especially without claims, came the seventeenth aluminum frame, 27,5 wheels and hydraulics front and rear, all hinged Shimano and large from the factory, but the front is really not Altus, but tourney. Tires nowneymovskie and a couple of days will smell like bathing fires))), the fork is also incomprehensible, time will show. A little about gifts-Wings put, but they, so to speak, before the first fall is great about the Earth, and then under replacement. The rear flashlight is arranged so that it is impossible to use it-it falls apart, the front one somehow Burns, in the dark has not yet rolled, the pump did not check, but it is funny,


  44. S***v

    Got a bicycle 29 wheels 36 days before Dagestan. The box is whole but open, inspected everything in place. Collected and adjusted in an hour. When assembling it turned out that the horns on the steering wheel are both left. And there is no bolt fastening handlebar. There is a small scratch on the front fork. I ordered with hydraulic brakes paid 12,500 11.11.19 but a week later called and said that with hydraulics will be more expensive or agree to mechanical brakes for the same price.


  45. A***v

    Great ordered 11.11.19, took 27,5 with hydraulics for 10,2 tr (with coupons). Up to Tyumen was a month, the order from Ussuriysk tr. company DPD (the delivery time was moved daily). Received himself, the box is narrow, but long, easily entered the trunk Priora sedan. In autumn took great wife Stern Mira 2.0 (in the sportsmaster for 9,2 tr., so there the box in width did not enter the trunk, but the length entered the salon (there is no). Great liked (although not yet skating). At first it seemed too small, frame 45,5 cm (18′-??) (My height is 177), my wife looks bigger, although frame 18. Of damage: scratch on the fork, and a few more. On some bolts and washers there is a Rye, according to the sensations they immediately put + on the plug from the inside. The fork at first did not burn, then moved a little. ATA cassette, front bar. Tuyrney, the store said, but he, like, working on the problem and completeness on the ride does not affect. I do not want to open a dispute, although I probably should. I will definitely add in the summer when I train.


  46. I***v

    B. N. Novgorod reached 17 days bike norms. Only shipping bent disc brake slightly bent And the front switch was a tourney and not Altus Well this issue we immediately quickly decided (honest store)


  47. A***o

    Came for 20 days DPD. Velos is not bad for 10 k. There are small not critical chips of paint on the frame. The rest will go.


  48. Customer



  49. G***r

    Switch instead of Altus tourney, the fork is hard not to sell, in the steering glass has a Luft.


  50. K***v

    I was expecting to say. It will be worse but great very good. Everything is as in the description. Collected in 30 minutes. Even customize did not have to


  51. V***v

    The bike came without damage, but it was necessary to set up a specialist, suspended forgery Shimano, do not know how much will last,, beautiful, delivery fast, the pump came broken, the flashlight rear size disposable.


  52. O***v

    Oh yes, he came ……… mmmm, what a disappointment!!! Essentially, the seat, pedals, horns (on the lover) immediately under replacement! The skull in the room is incredible, the eight on the front wheel is such that I’m afraid and the wheel is replaced, the set of keys is not full, and the one that was available, at the first application he gave up and went to the trash, there were sent almost all the hailing niches, left only a call, Although also shit and flashlight for household purposes, but I think in another month …… there are hours batteries! And also a handbag for small things, smells specifically and inside such a quality of cut that there is already a web of threads, it would be better to put one good thing than this useless pile of shit! Pumping the wheels did not work either! The result, I read the reviews, but as always the taste and color, yes maybe for this money and we have the same crap sold, I looked at myself options from 30 T. R. And it really was bikes! In the price of the bike included. Shipping and it seems to me that most of the amount is in it (


  53. I***n

    Everything is OK, only there is a small scratch, the goods are satisfied


  54. D***n

    The bike fully corresponds to the description. Pleasantly pleased the quality (wheels on bearings, hydraulic brakes). As it will show itself further will be seen by operation.


  55. N***y

    Great bike. Before that I bought the same son, now I bought myself. The son rolled back the season. Weak place only fork… Some luftite. But in general everything is ok!!! The store quickly and promptly sent the goods to the transport company on the Russian Federation. Correspondence with him is instantaneous. Recommend both bike and seller.


  56. D***n

    All at best, 15 days before Voronezh, store of success in business


  57. D***a

    The bike is great. For your price you better not find. went about two weeks across the country (delivery was carried out by pecom). There were minor shortcomings in the bike system, but they are easily corrected. The store is sociable, immediately informed about all the nuances of the bike. Seller and goods recommend.


  58. C***c

    It came in 25 days. Great looks great, but the fork is luftite


  59. A***v

    The bike came in less than a month. Quality is worth your money. Altus rear switch, front Acera. Ordered 26 wheels, red, hydraulic. The store sent the right transport company, which is in my city. Very sociable seller. Packed was qualitatively, collected from the box and immediately went. Switching speeds were already set. All Shimano equipment.


  60. R***r

    My acquaintance with this store, how he divorce the buyer. 1 When you pay the order and free shipping, the seller will soak the money and require to transfer the money to his bank card otherwise not will send the order, here to send him money of course can not and refuse the order itself also do not need, if the seller does not send the order it will punish this rule by AliExpress. 2 The seller changes the details to a cheap fake while he scratches the frame of the wheel and fork, here just open dispute and require payment, 3 the seller does not send the order within 1-3 months as it was with me, he sent me the left track number, which was not tracked, and then one promise, Here, too, you need to open a dispute and return the money, which I did. All good luck and write reviews about sellers.


  61. R***s

    Excellent veblocipede for such money, the child just right, everything works


  62. A***h

    Thanks to the store, honest. I recommend it! Only processing time is long, and so ordered on June 10, sent on the 22nd, delivered to Kyzyl on July 3


  63. K***a

    Заказ до Томска пришёл за 2 недели, продавец общительный, положил все подарки.


  64. K***n

    Отличный велосипед, рекомендую!