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MAKE Mountain Bike Aluminum Frame SHIMAN0 AItus 27 Speed 26″ 27,5″29 Wheel Hydraulic/Mechanical Brake

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26 Inch Hydraulic26 Inch Mechanical

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  1. A***V

    Great in general, the excellent price is good for us this costs about 30000-35000. The shipment was long in two weeks by dpd. Everything is tuned almost completely the only thing this fork knocks but they are on all chinese bikes such. Brakes hydraulics super immediately feel the difference. Took 19 frame and 27.5 wheels. I advise the store of his guilt in the bike no came well packed without scratches.


  2. A***e

    Passage 2 weeks, delivery 13 days to yamal. It came in a box and a bag on top, the quality is excellent, for such money you will not find better. The assembly is fast, without a dance with a tambourine, keys and hexagon in the kit, but for the saddle do not fit separately. There was a slight scuff on the pedal, but it’s not critical. A bunch of gifts. The store is well done, i advise


  3. A***v

    Here it is better to order in winter, if you do not hurry. The cargo went two weeks, and the order was issued for two months. The goods are satisfied.


  4. E***m

    Everything matches. I arrived without damage. Collected in 3 hours. Happy. Thank you for the gifts.


  5. M***a

    We order the second bike from this store. Quality is very decent. Put down gifts. The only thing this time was a very long shipment. Company jde delivery is fast, on time. The seller promised to compensate for the long shipment. Read many bad reviews in the form of bad brakes, but did not notice anything, nothing chickens. Took a second bike with hydraulics. Who wants to quickly take in your store!


  6. P***v

    Great clear! Fully corresponds to the description! Satisfied with the order. Very fast shipping. Seller recommend.


  7. A***v

    2 months sent, no gifts, the bike itself has not assembled, looks externally chic. specify the availability in the warehouse before payment.


  8. D***v

    The bike came with scratches, not critical, but unpleasant. The store hesitated with the shipment, the order went for a long time, but after a long stoppage delivered directly to the house.


  9. D***v

    In general, i’m happy! The bike is good, and worth your money! However, the store sent it a month! Then he came without one pad, but a week after correspondence i was sent a new subport in collection!!! It was very upset that the seller, did not put any gifts, and i was hoping at least a catofoto thrown!


  10. S***a

    Hello, the bike came to the end. I ordered it almost two months ago, the store did not send it for a long time, said no bicycles, wait for a new batch from china. And i waited to do nothing sorry to lose coupons. And finally came to me my long-awaited bicycle. For its value the bike is good, it’s not a masterpiece, but if you finish up to the mind, a cool purchase, a pity the seller did not put gifts, maybe only me not lucky. Bike recommend


  11. V***v

    A good store only could not send by post of russia had to go to the neighboring city


  12. A***A

    Great came for 12 days store sociable great fire!!! I advise everyone!


  13. A***y

    Waited 2 months


  14. A***v

    Delivery 19 days, did not expect even, the company energy, the store sent immediately, thank you for that, the bike is good, the only hexagon included immediately in the scrap, but it’s trifles


  15. D***v

    Norms. Bicycle, from payment to receipt of 3 weeks. No gifts. On one wheel eight, it looks like the delivery guys on the box went.


  16. A***v

    Great liked, all as in the description. Long sent. Waiting is justified. Packing is excellent, not one scratch. I never received gifts. Great is worth its money. Thank you store!!!


  17. A***v

    Took 29 “wheels with mechanical brakes. Great liked! First frame. The upper pipe from the tropechevist profile, the rear fork from the profile of the rectangular section, the lower rod narrows in the direction forward in the horizontal plane and expands in the vertical, that is, the geometry is complex, not budgetary from the round pipes. Frame 18 “. Led not a heavy boat on the wife’s bike-wheeler on 26 wheels old, the difference in weight when climbing the stairs did not feel. Aluminum components (checked with magnet): fork pants, steering wheel, steering wheel, horns, seatpost, pedals. The footrest is heavy. The wheels came with eight, especially the front-it does not drive on a fork. In the workshop was eliminated for 500 p (he could not). I do not see the backlash of the fork, unscrewed it to the maximum-it works as an ordinary budget fork. Lock works. Tires 29*2.125. Pumped 40 psi approximately, more on sensations and not necessary. Switching speeds works, but requires a small adjustment. Brakes took mechanical-because. Upgrade plans. Brakes bad


  18. V***n

    It’s okay. Delivery to nizhny tagil-2 weeks. All gifts are available.


  19. A***a



  20. A***n

    The store sent the order 14 days, so be patient and so delivered in 19 days to syktyvkar by dpa service. Came in perfect condition not one kotsk, the box without damage. Great excellent there are eights on wheels, but it’s itself a rubber curve, fork luftit in a glass. Led entirely on industrial bearings, cassette, hydraulic brakes. Great for your money bomb, in russia you better not find with such a hitch, or bu if lucky. In short, you risk, order, in any case you can always return the money.


  21. V***o

    Velik arrived in three weeks. A small scratch on the frame, painted with a marker. The order is satisfied. Pads (mechanics) creak, transfers mainly switch. Steering wheel immediately changed to higher


  22. A***v

    A good bike, for a good price, the brakes are confused, the bolts are nowhere to cling 🙂 there was a problem with the fork, but the fault of transportation, the store contacts, it is necessary to adjust the switch if not encountered) well, or youtube will help, sent by the way at once, took 2 pieces


  23. A***v

    A good bike, throw brakes, adjust the switching and in the fight) the assembly is light, there is not enough hexagon to mount the seat, it is by the way not very convenient.


  24. Y***v

    Everything is fine! Ordered already for the third time)))


  25. A***v

    I’ll start with the fact that the delivery was long. About 2 months. Sent the goods about 1,5 months, delivery took 20 days. Sent by tc energia. It was the longest two months. I do not regret that i had to wait so long. Great is definitely worth its money. Unfortunately, there were problems with the frame, but the store reimbursed the damage. The seller answered all questions quickly. Great arrived in excellent condition. Brake discs and speeds had to be adjusted, took to the master, he could not adjust them normally, it is a pity to try to do everything myself. Brakes are confused or this is such a kind of chip. The master said that they can not be changed, but i think he is wrong. We need to look in youtube. Now i’m used to them, but i will still change. To buy i recommend, great satisfied


  26. Y***o

    Great great, for this money it is better not to come up with. I’m happy as an elephant. Slightly luftil front brake disc, adjusted manually, immediately bought new pedals for 450 rubles. Those that were-before the first cut or fall, the metal is very weak. Gifts store put: wings, pump, flashlight, lock, bottle fastener, of all listed can only be used wing. The rest immediately in the trash.


  27. P***i

    I order the fourth time in principle everything is fine in krasnodar for 17 days everything is fine


  28. S***N

    The bike is very good for pile money. True rubber dubovata and front fork most deshmanskaya is visible welding, but works well.


  29. A***v

    There are probably guys like me who really want it, but will you see what shit will come? Great dumb. Of course not a cube and not a Merida, but for 14k (I bought) he very justified himself. Assemble is not difficult, it is difficult to adjust the speed and brakes, did it through YouTub, there is everything because branded switches. I haven’t rolled around the house, like the norms. All the Gifts hanged on it) looks greasy and beautiful. The quality of gifts is cheap, but this will cost you about 2 k in stores. Delivery was about 10 days. All the spare parts were enough. The tools for assembly are great took their own because they are simply nothing about. You can take)