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LED Ring Light Photography Lighting Selfie Lamp USB Dimmable With Tripod For Youtube Photo Studio Makeup Video Live


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16cm and 102cmTripod16cm and 110cmTripod16cm and 160cmTripod16cm and 210cmTripod16cm and 55cmTripod16cm and 9cmTripod26cm and 102cmTripod26cm and 110cmTripod26cm and 160cmTripod26cm and 210cmTripod26cm and 55cmTripod26cm and 9cmTripod

Note: 16cm ring light no mobile phone clip in the middle of the lamp

Note: Due to volume AliExpress Standard Shipping Shipping methods limitation, orders of “26cm and 210cmTripod” will be sent in two packages. If you only receive one of the packages, don’t worry, the other package will arrive soon.

Product Information

Ring light diameter:16cm/26cm

Tripod height: 55cm / 110cm 160cm / 210cm

Voltage: 110V-220V

Power: 16cm/5W 26cm/12W

Color rendering index: Ra>90

Tripod Size

210cm Tripod
Expand Size:210cm / Reduce size:49cm

160cm Tripod
Expand Size:160cm / Reduce size:40cm

110cm Tripod
Expand Size:110cm / Reduce size:42cm

55cm Tripod
Expand Size:55cm / Reduce size:32cm

Note: This product comes in multiple sizes, please choose what you need

26cm Ring Light Installation
1. Set the Screw
2. Set the Clip
3. Tighten the Screw
4. Set the Ring Light
5. Tighten it up
6. Done

Extra Phone Clip Installation
1. Open and nip
2. Turn the knot
3. Press and Tighten
4. Done

Tripod Use Guide
1. Loose the holder
2. Pull the leg
3. Lay down the leg
4. Tighten the holder

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