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KUBEEN mountain bike 26-inch steel 21-speed bicycles dual disc brakes variable speed road bikes racing bicycle BMX Bike

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  1. G***r

    Long waited for sending


  2. G***r

    For such a price is excellent


  3. N***v

    Brakes weak, folding frame mechanism flimsy (confidence does not inspire). 7500 it is worth, but no more. For a teenager will go. And yes, in the stated terms of the store you will not receive it!


  4. O***v

    This is a very decent bike, excellent quality, only because of the stay in the package during the delivery time he gained the smell of rubber tires, i think in a week it will fade.


  5. A***v

    That’s over epic with shipping bicycle, ordered 11.05 when design delivery 5-15 days Order in force insuperable reason was sent 2.06 of Уссурийска in Самару delivered 25.06. The store on contact is willingly, after the order at my request changed the model of the bicycle. In principle, if you lower the whole nervoz with the shipment i’m happy. Took at a discount together with a coupon for 9 tons. R. I will add a review with pictures. Thank you to the seller.


  6. S***i

    Not bad is great, but heavy. There was not enough detail.


  7. V***v

    Looks beautiful. Ordered with 3 spokes sent from 6.


  8. R***n

    I haven’t gone yet. Pretty easy to finish. Painted badly. Light touch with metal and paint leaves, remains bare metal. Glad to buy. But the store is not happy. Waited about a month. And then it turned out that the bike was not even sent. The seller said, do you want the money back? Then he started feeding breakfast. Another month and my bike (


  9. V***n

    For his money the bike is excellent, a lot of gifts, collected in 10 minutes. I took my son, but i decided to experience it myself and i liked it. The only reason i reduced the estimate is that the bike was delivered not to my city, but to the regional center, i had to go 500 km to the transport company to pick up. The store needs to specify in the product description that the delivery is carried out to the cities where there are offices of the delivery service dpd.


  10. A***n

    Great bike! Thanks to the store for a bunch of gifts!


  11. M***y

    All ok delivery to the lipetsk region a little more than 2 weeks for their money bicycle good son in delight sending long waited 9 days


  12. R***f

    The order was 1 month. Track wasn’t tracked. The store on the question, when send the bike, answered-does not suit something, cancel the order. Packing came a little worn, the bike is not Not damaged. The order is satisfied.


  13. D***v

    As for the delivery and processing: the store processed to the last, the delivery will immediately say that it is not tracked. All the time took a month, i understand-it was possible to order not from the russian warehouse, but from china-it would be the time. As for the bicycle, it looks a little flimsy, but if to be honest, for such a price-such a bicycle you will definitely not find. + nishtyaki (bag, pump, lantern, etc.). In general, you can order-but do not expect much from the bike (for the child the most that, up to 20 years) and will have to wait more than a month + untraceable track.


  14. B***v

    Very long delivery, get patience and wait.


  15. D***V

    Bike looks good, all ok


  16. V***v

    The store communicates well, the product corresponds to the description. There was a marriage on a cast wheel, put out a pritenzia-returned quickly money 2000 rubles. In general, it cost 7119 rubles. Sent the goods for a very long time, stood at customs. Order, you will not regret!


  17. A***v

    It’s fire, it’s just a bomb!! Thank you!!!


  18. I***v

    Good bike! Beautiful, but not like the front wheel, it’s already forks by 20mm, i do not know what to do


  19. Customer

    The bike got to vyborg ocheen for a long 40 days exactly, came a whole, a little crumpled box, opened, took out a bike, packed normally, for 4. on the bike scratches, throughout the frame, this is not critical, great satisfied.


  20. V***v

    Very cool bike, the package is just light. My daughter is very happy.


  21. K***k

    I bet 5 for the fact that the store is responsive. Although there is one minus in this bike-this is not serviced pedals they were enough for a week of 12-year-old girl. I had to buy in a local bicycle shop for good money. And so in general, the bike and the child and i really liked it. Seller success in business and thank you. On the pedal pay attention immediately and remove the video if something is wrong. I unfortunately did not have time to take off because the child took the bike with him to the village to grandmother and had to send there with a pedal.


  22. A***w

    A lot of things had to be adjusted, from brakes to frogs switching speeds, in general for this money is not bad


  23. E***a

    The bike is great. Arrived quickly 7 days before. Yakutsk. The truth is there are some scratches and stickers spoiled a little in some places, but not critical 🙂 and so the bike is happy. Collected in 3 hours. Seller recommend.


  24. A***n

    Bicycle class, my money is worth, i will order more.


  25. A***v

    Did not report (or lost one bolt fastening brake front disc) otherwise all ok, send delayed, sent the dnd to the neighboring city after agreement, delivery came quickly, all whole, packed well.


  26. A***n

    The bike is super, the wheels are just space with such discs. Came for a week and a half tc dpd. Chained well. Seller respect and recommendation.


  27. R***n

    Shipping is very long, the store did not know when send the goods and pulled the month


  28. N***v

    Delivery of goods to the point of issue of the service dpd, which is from my address in 40 kilometers! Consider this fact when ordering! Packaging is good but in one place damaged metal part. The condition of the bicycle did not look, i will add it!


  29. G***k

    No instructions and documents on the bike


  30. O***h

    Bicycle is good, delivery 2 weeks to the point of issue. Everything came in full, all whole without damage.


  31. M***a

    The bike is cool with this i will not argue, but there is one but. Bicycle i ordered 07.04.2019 received it only 28.06.2019. The store is sociable, but it was not easier for me and after i made an order and paid me the seller immediately practically wrote and offered places where the parcel will be delivered. That is, not only that i waited almost 3 months, so i still had to go about 40 km to the post office in another city, more precisely, i live in the moscow region and i had to go to moscow, although we have a very developed infrastructure and 8 post offices in the city.


  32. A***v

    All as described, the store sociable


  33. М***ч

    The goods took a long time about three months! I was afraid i would have thought a whole one! As a result, when receiving the box was all crumpled! The order was issued to arkhangelsk and from there to kotlas brought a friend! At the autopsy thought damaged, but all hood! Great super i will order one more such! We have no one in the city! True switching speeds had to be adjusted, and so everything is fine! Super advise everyone!


  34. S***v

    Immediately i will start with a general impression of 70: 30, good more. What pleased: -Aluminum discs, not plastic -Tormazov levers are also aluminum and not much lyuftyat -Packed almost perfectly, a little worn rim inside about pedal, everything else was well packed -Switches themselves are also of good quality -Speed switches are made thought out, you can adjust everything with screws -Overall bike quality is very good (i thought it would be worse) -A plus to everything, went: a pump, a cable of antikarzhi (with a place for his bicycle) (the presence of this cable especially pleased), tools (3 hexagon and, like soviet, multi-size key), bag under these keys around the frame, flashlight along with handlebar mount, bell on the handlebar, red tail light, Bottle with fastening and, in fact, two wings and shock absorbers on the edges of the steering wheel. That did not really like: All extras. Low quality quirks. But it’s better than nothing. On wheels and disks there is a small backlash. But in general, a good bike


  35. R***v

    Cool is great, delivery about a month to bashkiria from the moment of order, packed perfectly, many gifts useful, metal. Pedals, beautiful stylish. Saddle for replacement pereskaya)


  36. T***a

    The goods are satisfied, the speed of sending is not. After the order passed 2,5 months while the goods were shipped. Delivery also did not cost without adventure. Instead of delivery to the door offered either to pay extra or pick up from the warehouse. Chose the second option, took in dpd. It took a little time. The overall impression is good, collected without problems (although the instructions were not available). The fork is strong, not in the example of many “cardboard” analogs. Thank you to the store.


  37. J***a

    Cool great, thanks for the gifts everything is fine


  38. Customer

    Got to the great novgorod in three weeks, 4 days before the expected delivery. It was the third bike we take from this store. Last time with the coloring was lucky, in this wanted to order a white with 6 red spokes, t. K. It was not, ordered yellow for three.


  39. V***v

    Got collected for 40 minutes, tomorrow i’ll give to speed adjustment. The product is satisfied packed in film + plastic paralon very well. Price 9200. Many gifts that are not specified when buying. In the process of operation i will add what and how. Delivery dpd month without three days


  40. R***r

    For this money just fire. Eye do not tear off))) collect by yourself. If the hands from the right place, then everything is fine going


  41. G***e

    The bike came pretty fast for 1 month, not a big mint on the rear beacon, and both handles are left.


  42. V***v

    The goods are received, the bike is almost assembled only need to adjust everything, i put 4 stars not one gift did not get.


  43. O***a

    Good afternoon Thank you for your work bike excellent quality


  44. P***p

    Waited for the departure of 10 days, the store informed me that there was no white model in the warehouse 300c offered to replace with red, i agreed. The order went to saratov about two weeks by the transport company dpd, ordered two models. One 400c blue, the other red 300. Not quite an exact description of the 300c model, would know in advance ordered two 400. In the description it was not indicated that 300c does not have a front shock absorber, there is no gift set, there is a transfer of speeds in the 400 model it is more reliable. The appearance of both bicycles is excellent, look very good. There are small scratches on the red bike. Collected quickly enough, set up. Food and rest, quality is good. Recommend seller


  45. A***a

    Everything’s fine!


  46. I***V

    Came for a month in arkhangelsk everything is fine


  47. S***n

    Thank you, all received, you need to adjust the brakes and gear shift, and so everything is super! I ordered my son for 13 years, very satisfied!


  48. D***f

    Everything came whole, collected quickly. Seller recommend, if there are any questions, always helps


  49. Customer

    Delivery 41 days, i thought it would not come. Collected, everything is fine. The child is happy


  50. I***i

    Excellent store: because. In my city there is no delivery, any way helped to get the goods, all the time was in touch. The goods were slightly delayed, but came. The bike is good. I recommend!


  51. Customer

    Great good, but does not work 3 speed at all, and so very good


  52. O***o

    Sent quickly. Came well packed. Seller recommend.


  53. I***n

    Great good! Speed tuned well all works well, brakes are good, as a gift put-(flashlight front and rear, key bag, hexagon set and bicycle keys, cable with lock to protect against theft, water bottle with mount to frame, bicycle pump for wheels, bell. (trunk, and bike computer bought separately). Price good and quality!


  54. O***n

    The bike is certainly spectacular, but there are several-but!!!! Its money is worth, 100 kg of weight withstands normally, all speed switches work well


  55. Customer

    Delivery slightly more than 2 weeks by dpd. I made an order in the evening, the next day was already sent. There are stakes on the frame, discs. But in general for such money is good. The store put a whole package with gifts. Talked to me in the Russian language


  56. R***s

    Everything corresponds to the description of the producer i recommend


  57. V***v

    Many thanks to the stores, quickly processed the order, quickly sent, well packed, track number tracked. delivery, since order time 29 days: 28. 07. ordered, 27. 08. received, everything as indicated in the screenshot. the bike has not yet assembled, but it looks all right, it is fully equipped: the pump. lantern front, lantern back, water bottle with fastening, wings, footrest. tomorrow i will collect, ride and add a review.


  58. G***n

    Led came well packed, but with a scratch. A bunch of gifts. Naturally poor quality. From the bottle and not at all dare to drink. But thank you anyway. The frame is steel, but by weight is not heavy. Subjectively absolutely the same led with an aluminum frame almost easier. Later i’ll compare on scales. Both pendants are adjustable. Delivery is very long. In addition, the store asked for an additional thousand rubles for it. Although free delivery to russia was indicated. Apparently only to ussuriysk.


  59. P***p

    An excellent bicycle for this money, i bought the third one. When receiving the package was torn, broken water bottle, bag, but it is dpd delivery service


  60. M***i

    Slightly scratched


  61. A***o

    Will have to adjust the cable of the rear gears. And in general, full set-off!


  62. E***v

    Everything is super, everyone is happy. But there is a nuance-i ordered 300c, but it turns out it was necessary 400c, which with gifts. I write to the store what to do, he says do a refusal, the money will come back, but i’m not an option, great was needed urgently. As a result, the seller threw me the number of the vtbshnoy card, i paid him 350 rubles. And he sent me 400 s. I recommend this seller to everyone. Velik cost about 7700 rubles. All in the kit, nothing bent and not broken.


  63. A***h

    There are small jambs, but generally it is normal not to say that. But the money is worth it. Ordered 400c. Gifts can be immediately thrown out. I do not know how many aluminum pedals. Take 300c and cheaper


  64. O***o

    The order was received, everything is packed reliably and qualitatively. The order arrived in just 2 weeks, but we waited a long time for customs clearance and there were small problems with the store with the delivery, so the order in the delivery service was delayed for a week. In general, the bike for its money is very good, small scratches and cuts, the seller for contact goes, everything explains in detail. Recommend product and seller)


  65. A***n

    All super, great bike


  66. N***v

    Sent for a long time, came relatively quickly, the color and model match, brake levers and pedals immediately changed to metal, the store sociable, for their money the bike is excellent, i recommend!


  67. A***v



  68. N***n

    The parcel was delivered to omsk very quickly. Visually bike without any defects. A lot of gifts. The store is sociable. Thank you very much! How to collect a bicycle then i will add feedback and share my impressions).


  69. I***k

    A good bike for your money. A little heavy. Running qualities without complaints. But the promised gifts in the kit did not seem to upset a little.


  70. Customer

    Badly damaged during transportation, came with a bent front fork. A lot of small stakes on the frame and discs. But in general, for such money norms.


  71. T***h

    The bike is normal, but need to adjust the brakes, switching speeds. All kinds of “gifts” (bottle under the water, call and up.) all disposable and broke for 2 days. As a claim to the store, he did not send instructions on the assembly and adjustment of the bicycle.


  72. R***r

    Goods came quickly stores worked well only bad goods not tracked


  73. A***v

    Paid 21.09., took it to sdek 14.10. The store asked to transfer him to the card 700r for delivery, paid. The parcel was from ussuriysk, came 10.10, the remaining 4 days it was held in sdek (waiting for confirmation of the payment for delivery)! Seller respect! Very sociable (answered all my questions and concerns about the parcel in just 5 minutes). Great collected in 2 hours, including rigging and tuning of brakes. With the adjustment of the switch did not urgent, the next day gave the specialist 500r and after 30 minutes took the ready! When assembling, he released the hubs (were strongly overstretched) and changed everywhere vasilin to normal lubrication (it is almost not there). Gifts strongly stink of them useful (functional): pump, wings, bag and lock! The bottle is just both for health even lying nearby!!! Immediately installed the extension of the steering column and normal pedals (also with ali) for 1000r on the industrial bearings, they immediately went to the trash, they will soon go a narrow steering wheel and saddle kicking to climb in the rear! for this price norms!


  74. S***v

    Many thanks to the store! bicycle caliper! Came 4 days before the specified period,. already went on the street. In our city there are no such. Very noticeable. Brutal. Striking in the eye is great. All the details in place all came up. The son of 15 years has gathered with great pleasure himself. Very satisfied!!!!!!!!


  75. E***a

    All matches the description quality standards baby is satisfied with


  76. V***v

    Arrived for 20 days, quality top! Nice look good brakes)


  77. V***v

    It came on time. There are scratches after tansporting. The input of the Assembly turned out that the rear speed switch is broken (the gear is broken) communicated with the store, sent a photo. Send a new switch. Time to give is. Purchase satisfied.


  78. Y***i

    Baby very satisfied plus gift water bottle Bell flashlight


  79. K***k

    Stickers on discs of different color fork turns hard and so like everything is normal


  80. A***v

    Oh… In short, a whole story, buy a bicycle in this store. In general, I ordered a bicycle from them, the store first pulled rubber for a long time. In this connection. He began to ask for additional money, 800 rubles. (do not know, this is such a divorce!) this money he asks to put it on the card. Although on their page is written black in white, delivery in Russia, for free. This means that the seller, is obliged to deliver the goods that you bought from him, anywhere in Russia!!! But if you ignore his SMS, he will send your bike to another city, in your name. That’s what happened to me. He sent to another city at a distance of 1865 kilometers. Opened the dispute, the seller long resisted. I didn’t want to return the money. Ali Express intervened, returned the money. Just for that, I bet three.


  81. S***h

    Great cool I liked it very much. thank the store


  82. V***s

    The bike is good, the price/quality is consistent, packed well, the box without damage to purchase recommend.


  83. V***r

    The product fully corresponds to the price. The truth is very weak plastic brake handles-immediately replaced. Weak pedals made of plastic-need to change… But it’s a little bit. Frame stacking, wheels are normal. Rubber is good. It’s quite good how it works. The move is easy. It came in perfect safety. No slightest scratch. The packaging is thought out. First, the places that are damaged are glued with plastic. Then all in soft protective plastic. Then-carton box. And then the packaging bag. Of course the goods are not premium quality. But for such a level of prices-great. Therefore, despite the brake handles and pedals I put a solid five!


  84. M***v

    Ordered shipping from Russia, sent long, three weeks! The store was in touch and the questions arose in essence solved quite quickly! The bike went from Ussuriysk for 20 days! Their money is worth, the child is satisfied and this is the main thing!!!


  85. A***h

    The store well oooochen for a long time could not send the goods. Packed qualitatively, came without damage, but the quality leaves much to be desired. Immediately on the first day the rear brake handle broke ((


  86. E***v

    Delivery only to a certain city and not as to the city closer to me, although there is also a point of issue of this TC. the packaging is durable, without a frame, all possible working parts during transportation were rewinded with puppy And clamps. No big scratches on the paint are available, were received before packing it before shipping, collected for 1.5hour, with speeds until cleared from the first time, took for 10200r before the leap of the dollar, review add as Use.


  87. A***v

    Zai… went to collect, especially the wrinkles were with the front wheel! Well, so to say, China he and in Africa China) did not visit yet, ride may be something I will confirm later. I think that’s the price.


  88. G***y

    Because of the coronovirus, you can’t ride the Great.


  89. A***v

    Friend Thank you, is great, definitely recommend, thank you again to the store


  90. M***s

    Brought quickly, without mistakes and bruises. The equipment surprised! Put more than expected. Even a flashlight)


  91. Customer

    Delivery about three weeks Hmao, the bike is cool, no problems in assembly. As a gift the store put: Pump, flashlight, taillight, bottle, Bell, rope anti-theft with key, caps with light. Ordered yellow was not in stock took red. Wife is satisfied, height 165 cm. That’s right. Took it from the same seller with another frame. All the whole, no shit packed very well. Recommend!


  92. K***h

    The store knows why such an evaluation


  93. I***A

    Everything is super!!!


  94. S***v

    Order received. Delivered 3 days earlier. Everything corresponds to the description. Nice bike.


  95. S***v

    Quality for 4 points, there are minor not jambs, get ready to immediately replace the pedals and the chain on normal, since the pedals of the plate chain is хлюпенькая, in general everything works switches. Brakes are not difficult to adjust.