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Keelorn Vacuum Flasks Thermoses Stainless Steel 1.2L 1L Big Size Outdoor Travel Cup Thermos Bottle Thermal Coffee Thermoses Cup

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AQW055 800ml redAQW1499 800ml blackAQW1499 800ml greenAQW1499 800ml redAQW254 800ml blueAQW254 800ml redAQW254 800ml sliverAQW375 800ml redAQW625 1200ml pinkAQW643 1000ml black

Based on 120 reviews

4.7 overall

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  1. A***v

    The temperature keeps great. In the evening I poured boiling water in the morning hot .. at home stood .. The store asked to check the TC a lot of reviews that mint .. Came the packaging of the whole thermos mint and scratched.


  2. F***f

    Delivery to Odessa 1.5 months. Thermos are satisfied, looks very qualitatively. We’ll check the case tomorrow, and supplement the review. Thank the store!


  3. O***o

    I really liked the thermos. Came safe. In reality, he looks very reliable. How it will keep warm – I will supplement it later. The store replied to messages and was responsible.


  4. V***o

    Unfortunately the goods did not come, but the money returned!


  5. V***v

    The product corresponds to the description. The lid is ordinary, twisting. Two cups on top-convenient. Let’s see how it keeps the temperature. Shipping-separate song 70 days!!! But this is not to the store (sent quickly), but to the postal services, both to the Chinese and to the Ukrainian. The goods opened!!!? possibly at customs.


  6. A***n

    Today Received my long-awaited thermos, I want to say thank you very much to the store for his honesty and responsiveness, the fact is that I unexpectedly confirmed the receipt, but the seller calmed me said that the goods will still come, thank you


  7. A***v

    Thermos good


  8. K***o

    I walked for a long time, even opened a dispute, but then canceled, because the thermos came. Quality is normal.


  9. K***y

    Thermos did not test, came not damaged, but…… Well, very long ….. Almost


  10. N***a

    Thermos corresponds to the description externally. The store was deceived with volume. Instead of 1200 ml. Thermos holds 1000


  11. R***r

    Was poorly packed and the cover of the paste


  12. I***k

    Thermos is good. hot water is preserved long enough. Delivery problems. Very long. And I had to look for a parcel .. but this is a problem of mail. In general, the thermos is good. Let’s see how long it will last.


  13. V***a

    Fast shipping. Appearance is good, without chips and dents. Two mugs, bottom compartment for brewing or coffee. Very convenient, by the way Later I will add a review, having tried in the case.


  14. A***a

    Poured water, let’s see how much will keep the heat


  15. T***n

    Responsive store, Thermos is excellent, but went super long, perhaps because of the new year.


  16. R***v

    Thermoses are good, took for a gift. Came within three weeks, but without gifts, returned ten percent of the cost.


  17. G***k

    For a very long time there was a parcel, even a dispute was opened, but the parcel came. The Thermos looks chic, two mugs and a bottom with a lid. not yet poured water, but the first impression is good.


  18. I***y

    Great. Thank you.


  19. S***k

    There was a parcel of 70 days. Packed perfectly. Whole. Two cups. The inner cup is Unscrewed with the effort. Initially even feared to break and thought that marriage. Temperature keeps well. In the bottom is an additional container for tea or coffee bags. I recommend the product and the store.


  20. E***o

    I ordered a Thermos for Black Friday, but he never came. The customer returned the money, thank you.


  21. J***j

    Instead of 1 liter miesci Sie 800 ml. After the test at-4 °C for balcony after 14 hours water was hot and you could not the drink freely. Very fast shipping U Me in two weeks. Although less capacity I believe that at this price very good product!!!


  22. I***y

    The goods did not come, the store returned the money


  23. K***y

    Delivery month. The track was tracked in the overall consolidated parcel. Everything came safe and sound. Quality is certainly not at its price, keeps the heat 2-4 hours in cool air, without strong wind and at + 5 air temperature warm decoction of 60 degrees about the initial temperature. It is convenient that 2 mugs on the thermos. Not yet watering.


  24. Z***z

    Came quickly. Quality matches. I will write later after application.


  25. S***v

    Very long keeps the temperature. up to 12 hours, after a day I still drink warm tea!!!!


  26. M***v

    Looks very much even nothing. Thanks to the store for the brush for washing inside the thermos.


  27. A***v

    It’s okay. Delivery 21 days to Chelyabinsk. thermos fire!)


  28. R***S



  29. R***y

    It’s okay. Delivery on time. There are no delays. The Thermos is good. Hot-keeps very well checked. One is bad-when unpacking found a crack in the plastic case. I opened the dispute hope that with the store we will find a common language. The seller is well done willingly goes to contact.


  30. T***

    am satisfied with my order, very easy to handle and keep hot for 12hrs, I love buying things here….. great job to the store.


  31. V***h

    The mute was wrinkled lid. But in general it is normal. Heat Keeps also normal.


  32. J***o

    A very long time passed the package, but the store sent on time. Oooochen well packed, looks very high quality. As keeps the heat, we’ll try a little later. Definitely recommend, but prepare what you need to wait


  33. O***v

    Took on 1.2 it seems too big. And this is a purely camping thermos, for others kiss poorly suited. How does it not measure.


  34. D***p

    Good quality and responsive store


  35. D***l

    Everything is fine, except that it is actually 1,0 liters!!! Comfortable, warm keeps well.


  36. V***n

    Order not received. Opened a dispute.


  37. S***i

    The package has not reached in 70 days. The track was tracked before shipment from China.


  38. A***v

    Plastic Rigid can break. It is hard to twist, the thread does not go well. As long as he does not check.


  39. A***v

    Marriage came, I hope the money will be returned.


  40. O***v

    Everything is good. Before kiyov was admired for the city. Packed in one ball of foam, which is clearly lacking-zlamano crusher for carrying. I trishchina pilula Dali. All reshta clas


  41. S***n

    The Thermos is very good. Alas, I got the chips, but my application for compensation (at a minimum) quickly decided. Thermos is excellent, two mugs, a container for storing tea. Heat keeps well.


  42. F***Y

    Alas three stars. I can’t exclude that my Thermos are bad or marriage. I’ll explain why on the items. 1, the brake arrived and it is as the picture. 2, it seems that it is actually made of stainless steel. 3, bad is that the plastic cover and siphonite. 4, when poured coffee quickly warm up and almost burn your hand. 5, the worst thing is that how it was unpacked, washed 2 times, made heat treatment, it after an hour of drying smelled incomprehensible than. The smell of plastic and rubber looks more like plastic. Conclusion thermos for cold drinks can be used and from hot drinks better refrain.


  43. V***d

    The volume did not check, but looks exactly like in the photo.


  44. S***v

    Average delivery time, one and a half months. Checked on the trip on the car-the heat keeps well, 12 hours, so exactly. The fact that metal is good, in terms of reliability. But use the valve in the lid should be more accurate. If you brew tea in a Thermos (like I’m Puer :))-The cups are hammered under the valve, and it starts to pass the liquid. In general, I’m happy, the store is set-off and five stars.


  45. D***v

    Good evening. Got finally a Thermos for 1,2 liters, silver. Class, I liked everything, two glasses, bottom capacity.


  46. I***v

    The product does not exactly match the description. Packed well, came without damage, the color is the one you need, but I ordered 1,2 liters color: aqw263-1200ml sliver. Corresponds to all except volume-exactly 1 liter instead of 1,2 liters. In general, it can and nothing terrible, but I still counted on 1,2 liters. The store did not send the goods within two weeks. Before the Kaluga region the parcel reached quite quickly, almost a month-ordered 30. 01.20, received 26. 02.20. Stars removed for the volume and speed of sending.


  47. V***a

    I can not assess the quality of the thermos yet, so it has not come yet, and it has been almost 3 months. The store is good, sociable, the money returned through the dispute, as I could not just wait. I ordered for a gift, I had to buy another one.


  48. V***v

    All clear as indicated


  49. I***a

    For such a sum I expected better quality. Plastic looks cheap somehow. Closes not to the end, as if not fixed mugs.


  50. S***v

    Got a thermos, it seems like some kind of toy IMHO. I did not check the temperature by time, I will check it out.


  51. E***a

    Thermos is good, checked it immediately) keeps the heat for 1.5 days)


  52. M***a

    I order the second time. Very satisfied with the acquisition. Sellers thank you very much


  53. R***r

    All norms


  54. E***v

    Excellent thermos, keeps hot 7-8 hours


  55. V***y

    Tavar obtained in proper quality, without damage


  56. Customer

    The parcel came later


  57. R***r

    Delivery to Hmao 20 days. The Thermos is made soundly.


  58. D***T

    Excellent thermos. For 6 hours at room temperature water remained in the area of 90 degrees (burns the finger), after 18 hours was in the area of 70 degrees, 24 hours after pouring-in the area of 50. I am very pleased with the purchase. Quality is much better than in our stores and keeps the heat better .. Two very comfortable cups with handles and a container for sachets and sugar bottom, a comfortable thermos handle .. Thanks to the store for the goods and good luck in his business!!!


  59. V***v

    For this money-just a bomb!


  60. A***v



  61. S***k

    There was a parcel for 40 days. The thermos was packed well, but still the upper cup was slightly bent. The description corresponds. Not yet tested. I hope it’s okay.


  62. M***n

    as described well packaged quick delivery


  63. L***r

    Went to Kiev 2 months. Tracked badly. Packed well. It came without damage. The Thermos is excellent, beautiful, the cups are cool, roomy (1.2l). Fishing is the most it!


  64. S***v

    The goods went from 31.01.2020 and I received it only 10.03.20 years because of kornovirus, although it was long to wait, but the store packed everything perfectly and nothing was wrinkled during transportation! Thanks to the seller for understanding and for communicating with me! The goods are of good quality, but in life I have not tried and in the future I will leave an additional review! This seller recommend as reliable!


  65. S***a

    Simple Bottle


  66. T***a

    Thank you. All got all the whole. Thanks to the store for the well-packed goods. Thank you!!!! Health to all!!!


  67. A***o

    Good Thermos, 2 cups, bottom compartment for bags. Came quickly, though slightly crumpled


  68. S***a

    Thermos is good, holds ten hours. Your money is worth it.


  69. T***t

    Looks impressive! I’ll see how long it keeps the heat!


  70. A***n

    In the Thermos as much as 3 cups


  71. J***a

    Great thermos


  72. V***v

    Arrived well, packed well, as holds have not yet tried.


  73. E***a

    Excellent thermos, with two mugs, from below is also unscrewed, you can use as a saucer, but have not tried to use it yet, let’s see then how it will keep warm


  74. A***k

    Super!! After 22!!! Hours water is still warm


  75. F***o

    Nice piece but not thermal


  76. G***l

    as describe, except liquid in it if hot can burn the person, get cold faster than a thermos double side.


  77. V***o

    The goods of the ushkogeni Bulo potornennya kostiv


  78. M***v



  79. A***k

    I have a thermos keeps well, after 24 hours 48.7 °


  80. N***a

    Delivery 3 weeks. I ordered as a gift to my dad, delivery to another city, so I did not see the thermos itself, but according to the reviews of my parents it is quality, it keeps warm for a long time. Dad’s happy


  81. M***a

    Everything is fine! Not yet tried, but everything looks good!!!


  82. B***r

    Broken fasteners, the store compensated


  83. M***h

    Got the thermos. Long waited. The order was issued on January 26. To the store no questions. But the thermos himself disappointed me. The capacity of 700 MLL is to the very top. Tube without silicone, plastic. The smell of plastic is at least very strong now. The thermos itself is light, poured boiling water, it externally immediately became hot, shaken and burned, the Cork opened. I don’t think he’ll keep warm. More like a metal water bottle. I do not even imagine how it is put in the bag, will open, and hot. The most unsuccessful purchase on Ali.


  84. C***e

    So awesome perfect stay hots for hrs


  85. O***V

    Everything is fine


  86. M***n

    Hello all the product just super worth its money to all recommend the store respect but packing for 2 points


  87. P***f



  88. R***.

    The goods received. Keeps t ° well, checked in the refrigerator. There was little mint mug, but it’s more a claim to our mail.


  89. M***r

    Description corresponds! He arrived in the Moscow region for 10 days! Everything is intact. Filled with hot water (~ 80gr) put on the balcony (~ 0gr). The outer body was a little heated but after 10 hours the water in the thermos was quite warm (~ 35-40gr). Purchase is satisfied! Thank you and good luck to the store!


  90. J***b

    Looks verry good and i have try it now. I wil send after trying a second feedback. verry fast shipping


  91. S***s

    The goods came without damage, measured a measuring glass, it turned out 1.050l, and it was declared 1.200l, not tied!


  92. D***d

    I am glad


  93. Customer

    Thermos is just super. Heat keeps perfectly. The goods were delivered quickly. Packed well, integrity during transportation is not broken, the goods came in good quality-without dents. Thank you store. The product fully corresponds to the description. To buy recommend


  94. R***r

    Packing is reliable. At first glance, firmly made. Not heavy, comfortable. But how to keep the temperature will report later.


  95. S***k

    thank you


  96. V***v

    Gorgeous, just like in the picture. Came very quickly.


  97. V***r

    The Thermos is great. I really liked it. Only have not yet applied and can not tell how much keeps the temperature. To Kazan reached almost a month


  98. M***m

    Very fast delivery. Asked the store to send the order as soon as possible and he sent it. Took the way to cook the mixture of the child. Keeps warm well. After 8 hours, the water cooled to 20 degrees. The lid of two mugs, there is a compartment on the bottom in which you can put something tipopoo tea in the bags. Very happy with buying


  99. O***y

    Never received the goods… The money was returned quickly.


  100. A***n

    Ordinary thermos-stainless steel. Two glasses. The bottom is also unscrewed into the plate.


  101. G***g

    Excellent product, made of quality, the product looks at 5 points, tested the water after 16 hours was still hot put in a cold room. You can safely buy


  102. B***k

    Heat keeps good performance good, quality. We are pleased


  103. T***a



  104. A***v

    It seems normal to check, only expensive on ozone cheaper


  105. R***i

    All ok Nice flask


  106. R***n

    Thermos of decent quality but a little problem with twisting the lid. The store packed the goods well, so it came in a month and without damage. Thank you. I’m happy with the purchase.


  107. A***A

    The goods came intact. Packing is great. Fast. I recommend the goods and the store.


  108. N***a

    Thermos cool, two cups (because of them, in fact, and purchased), the packing is excellent, in perfect condition. I’ll add a review when I start using.


  109. L***l

    Super, though I have not yet checked how it holds.


  110. Y***a

    Thermos good. Boiling water holds 7 hours, for 12 hours the water is hot.


  111. R***v

    Packed very well, I further asked you to read the reviews. 4 for the inaccuracy of which everyone writes, it is 1 liter instead of 1,2. Nothing does not run, all right, the handle of the mug is a little not on the same level with the main handle, but nothing, this is China. I want to understand how to properly tie this lace on 4 photos, I like it as long as I tied, but it’s pointless. Poured with boiling water, if I do not add a review, so it keeps well for the Thermos (I’ll check in 12 and 24 hours.


  112. S***a

    Great thermos. Poured boiling water for 10 hours, the water was very hot. Beautiful design. The thing is good. Purchase satisfied. To the store Thank you and all the best.


  113. O***h

    Excellent thermos, came without damage and very quickly in 2 weeks.


  114. A***v



  115. R***r



  116. S***m

    very beautiful


  117. A***h

    Thermos Super, keeps water hot day in the apartment


  118. S***d



  119. Z***a

    Термос держит тепло достаточно долго, притензий нет )


  120. Y***P

    очень долгая доставка из за короновируса, даже диспут пришлось открыть! всё, на первый взгляд, как в описании. но я заказывала термос , вместимостью 1,2 литра. В этот термос помещается ровно 1 литр. Разочарована.