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Keelorn Thermos Mug Coffee Cup with Lid Thermocup Seal Stainless Steel vacuum flasks Thermo mug for Car Water Bottles

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AQW061 360ml blackAQW061 360ml redAQW061 360ml whiteAQW1442 350ml blackAQW1442 350ml goldAQW1442 350ml redAQW1442 350ml whiteAQW1449 500ml blackAQW310 380ml blackAQW310 380ml coffeeAQW310 380ml redAQW310 380ml whiteAQW541 500ml blackAQW541 500ml blueAQW541 500ml goldAQW563 500ml blackAQW575 500ml coffeeAQW575 500ml goldAQW575 500ml whiteAQW891 330ml blackAQW891 330ml goldAQW891 330ml greyAQW891 330ml pinkAQW891 330ml white

Based on 120 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. I***v

    Everything came whole. Packed Super. Seller separately thanks for the gift (blue bottle)


  2. A***D

    Very long shipping. But the quality is excellent


  3. M***a

    Walked almost two months (but the quality is excellent. Pleasant, high-quality, weighty. The store put a gift bottle for cold water, it’s cool!


  4. Customer

    Excellent Thermo mug


  5. V***a

    Everything is fine, only the print is very unstable, washed away literally with water, dirty hands. I washed the inscription and the cat micellar, there was an ordinary white mug, I like it even more. The mug itself is excellent, the Heat keeps on the five, closes securely, nothing spills, drink pleasantly and conveniently.


  6. N***s

    The mug came very quickly, about 2 weeks. Does not spill, corresponds to the description. I haven’t used it yet. I’ll try. Add feedback


  7. V***k

    Mug is good, stylish, warmly holds about 5 hours, only went to Belarus for more than 2 months… tired of waiting and not happy that they ordered .. but in general the goods are good!


  8. P***a

    Very cool mug, keeps warm normally, for 4-5 hours enough, a little passes water


  9. P***n

    Came whole, does not leak)


  10. E***a

    It came to Tomsk very quickly for 3 weeks! the quality is excellent, very beautiful mug!


  11. E***a

    Super quality, take a second time. Do not be ashamed to give


  12. A***v

    Heat holds, loss through the lid, smell no good mug.


  13. A***I

    I really love this mug. Stable, easy to clean. Perfect!


  14. Customer

    Excellent quality


  15. K***e

    As in the photo, bought a second time. The first mug was good, but lost. This leak drinker, you can wear only in your hand. Disappointment.


  16. I***v

    Bottle for cold drinks as a gift. Thank you!


  17. O***a

    Super! Heat holds for a long time, German, comfortable!


  18. E***o

    The mug is good, in the Frost holds up to 2 hours, at low temperature but plus up to 4 hours, in the summer probably hours up to 8 will hold, but not exactly. Delivery almost 3 months, already opened a dispute.


  19. D***a

    Very beautiful mugs! Packed perfectly, there is a small smell production, but I hope that it will fade) the store put as a gift a charming bottle and a brush for washing inside) Thank you very much! Delivery 3 weeks to Estonia, track tracked) I recommend!


  20. C***d

    Perfect & recommended!


  21. A***N

    Everything corresponds to the description, we arrived quite quickly. I order for the second time, everything suits, keeps the heat perfectly.


  22. P***a

    All right.


  23. Y***a

    Glasses are very cool. Made qualitatively, do not leak, there is a rubber gasket, in the hand lie comfortably and do not heat up. Volume 500 ml.


  24. A***v

    Came a whole, ordered for a gift, but for a long time went, looks dignified


  25. Y***i

    Waited more than two months, expired the protection period of the buyer, but the goods never came. I had to open a dispute.


  26. A***u

    This is my second thermocup from this store. It is amazing! All as described. Thanks to store for good product and fast shipping!


  27. M***v

    I order a second time, a mug of quality. As a gift, the store put the bottle.


  28. Y***v

    Very good quality, we order the second time


  29. D***v

    Good product


  30. A***v



  31. I***a

    The glass is good, but the latch of the lock is very flimsy, without Czech “click” on the closure. Can accidentally push out and pour the bag and laptop, so I will wear extra in the package.


  32. D***n

    Mugs as always excellent, I advise everyone. But the delivery this time was sooo long! Months 3 probably went!


  33. Y***i

    It’s been over two months. The protection of the buyer ended and about three months later the mug came. Looks good and quite high quality.


  34. A***a

    Chic thing. Comfortable, stylish, fashionable and practical. Seller umnichka. I drove for a month and a half, but now all parcels go megoda.


  35. Y***r

    Thermos is good,keeps hot for 2-3 hours.Thanks


  36. J***a

    Mug is just a bomb. Beautiful, comfortable, warm keeps well. Lying in the hospital, my husband asked me to bring me coffee in it. An hour later the coffee arrived hot. Very satisfied with the purchase. Washed, all the letters are intact, nothing crawled, does not leak. 5 + thanks to the store.


  37. I***a

    Print erased at the first use.


  38. G***r

    Everything is fine, cool mug!


  39. N***o

    Thank you very much for the mug! Delivery fast, packed perfectly, track tracked, bottom diameter 65mm.


  40. A***v

    Very fast shipping. I ordered a second time. The first time I took mugs of 370 mg. Now took 0.5. I have not tried it yet, but I considered it well) Structurally 0.37 is obliged to keep the temperature better than half-liter. It is all through silicone gaskets and there is a metal plate-filter, which also reflects heat. Drinks are hot in 5-6 hours. Not warm. It’s hot. For a metal thermos-a very decent level. And in 0.5, the silicone gasket is only in the upper diameter. All holes in the lid are closed only with plastic without silicone and without reflective metal plate.


  41. A***v

    My fourth mug is from this store.


  42. M***h

    Super, recommend


  43. E***a

    The mug came quickly, for 2 weeks, until I tried how much it holds, but it looks good, inside the metal as a thermos, thanks


  44. I***n

    Mug liked, delivery long,


  45. D***v

    A mug leaks from boiling water (probably because of pressure), if you pour just hot water, then everything is fine


  46. O***h

    Mug super. Delivery to Belarus almost 2 months. Track tracked.


  47. R***v

    Mug is good. Heat holds, for about an hour, two tea remained warm in the car. Does not spill.


  48. N***k

    Well, sooo long went. Mug cool. I love her.


  49. R***r

    Thermo mug fully corresponds to the description. I ordered golden for myself. Very cute design and color is nice. The husband saw, wanted and for himself such, only darker. On receipt there was a chemical smell. After washing and ventilating-the smell disappeared. Technical characteristics are normal. It was important to keep the water warm until morning. I’m happy. Expectations have been met. Thank you!


  50. Customer

    Cool mug, there is not a strong smell of plastic, I think in the dishwasher everything is repaired. I ordered more. Delivery about 3 weeks to Tatarstan


  51. D***z

    Excellent quality and materials. Heat keeps hours 3-4.


  52. A***n

    Delivery is fast. Item without damage


  53. D***O



  54. V***a

    Thermo mug corresponds to the description of the store, very convenient for trips. The main liquid from it will not pour out. How long keeps the heat did not check. It is not designed for long storage, since it is not a thermos. Thank you all who participated in the design and sending of the parcel. With respect to you faith. Russia, Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude


  55. E***s

    Everything is O.K.


  56. R***v

    The mug is packed well, has reached in integrity, has arrived quite quickly.


  57. T***a

    Really liked the mug


  58. A***a

    I liked the Thermo Cup. I have not tried it yet.


  59. R***r

    Good mugs, you can take. Fully match the photo.


  60. A***k

    Good quality and useful thing! But low print quality


  61. R***v

    Nice mug.


  62. O***k

    Cups are great – no smell, nice look, and very comfortable. Strongly recommend!!!


  63. Y***a

    Excellent second already the first winter departed and died pimpochka bounced! The second also jumped


  64. T***a

    Thank you for the gift!


  65. S***v

    In a simple cup holder hangs, and since the metal is quite loud, it is necessary to wrap the fabric insulated tape until it leaks


  66. S***l

    The product is identical to the advertisement and wonderful .. The delivery speed was excellent and the packaging was distinctive .. This is the second time I have asked the store for this thermos.


  67. V***n

    The goods came. Pretty fast. The Cup closes tightly and does not leak. Heat seems to hold. Slightly overshadowed by a small deffect on the rubber on the side of the cover, but it does not affect the speed


  68. O***a

    I went to Minsk for 2 months. Pretty. Everything as promised: big, does not smell, closes tightly. How much keeps the temperature until I know. We will try)))


  69. A***s

    Latvia in 2 weeks. Keep the heat well.


  70. R***r

    The mug went very long, longer than the specified period. Mug quality, thoughtful, does not leak, holds 1 +, wash conveniently.


  71. R***r

    I liked it. Does not heat up outside. For two times of use did not leak.


  72. E***a

    The Thermos is good, I ordered two, but the promised bottle as a gift was not sent .. Insulting


  73. F***o

    This is an Excellent thermos very good quality and I recommend this to anyone.


  74. S***g

    The mugs came in good condition. However, the heat retention is not long. With the cover, the drink will be hot for about 30mins. 20mins without the cover.


  75. E***y

    Excellent mug of good quality! I order not for the first time. Seller umnichka. I advise you to order. Heat keeps excellent and does not leak!


  76. M***s

    looks super, very happy


  77. A***v

    In advance I put five stars, because in fact I did not check. Looks pretty, not very light, there is no rubber sticker on the bottom that would not slip. The lid is so-so, let’s see how it will hold, as well as the walls of the mug-it’s not clear whether there is an air layer or it’s just such a thickness of metal. After I add a review how keeps the heat, whether it is hot to keep and does not spill. In general, everything is fine. Delivery, however, is long, but it could be connected with the closure of borders, although ordered before their closure.


  78. E***a

    Does not keep the heat for a long time, the cover is heated


  79. K***k

    Mug Super


  80. G***e



  81. A***a

    Quality is good until tested


  82. A***v

    To the very order no questions, but here DPD shipping is the worst shipper of all. Already the second order came to the wrong place where I ordered, even the wrong city. It is impossible to solve this issue with delivery by phone.


  83. V***a

    The mug liked it! Looks great. Inside the rust. How much keeps the temperature has not tried yet. It does not spill even if it turns. I advise you to buy. Delivery to Moscow for 2 weeks.


  84. M***y



  85. V***n

    The cup is honored. 28.04 ordered, 13.05 picked up by mail. The store’s receipt.


  86. D***o

    I order already the third time from this store. The last time before waiting for the parcel opened a dispute, as the term of protection ended. The money was returned, and the mug itself came a week after the return. With the first two mugs was the opposite, the goods came very quickly. Apparently that’s how our courier works. Seller advise. The quality is excellent, no smell. It’s great.


  87. N***

    Mug Super recommend, there may be problems with the lid it is already depending on the defective it or not


  88. M***v

    Great Cold


  89. J***r

    Packed well, the inscription is not erased until (although I hoped). The smell from the lid is, when heating is very even tangible. Inside was a trace of glue (I very much hope that it is ahah glue), it was washed. The temperature goes through the lid, the glass itself does not heat. In three hours at room temperature cooled from boiling water to degrees forty to fifty. The pressure of steam from boiling water can not stand-splashes from under the lid. Doesn’t seem to spill, your money is worth


  90. D***k

    Tahnk you, this mug is like as on the picture, I love it. I recommend the store.


  91. E***a

    Cool Thermos mug, beautiful, made neatly, on the bottom of non-slip coating, like that there is a handle, will be convenient to wear it, because the hands always всегда different things, look how to keep the temperature


  92. K***n

    The mug is good, keeps heat, when tilting does not spill, the main thing is to quickly put


  93. I***o

    The eighth thermos, so I freeze. Cube for gift!


  94. V***v

    Shvidko, YLO doggo, Ali ce zrosumil pakuvanna pogane. Mamut, when transportabanni, after putting such, the mug of Bula is scratched, not critical, alas inappropriate.


  95. T***a

    Excellent thermal mugs, keep the heat excellent, the quality is super, also a bottle for water as a gift from the store.


  96. A***v

    The goods came in two weeks, packed reliably, walls Kanesh thin did not try yet, but it seems to me to keep not very long will be, well, come on, I do not need a long time, the latch closes reliably nothing does not flow out anywhere.


  97. V***o

    Materials and quality are good. As the mug will show itself when used. Additional feedback later.


  98. K***a

    Nice mug. Very satisfied so far)))


  99. Customer

    Shipping fast. I ordered 3 cups)) already. Second time)) the cups are just cool, comfortable)) keep the heat well)))


  100. U***a



  101. Customer

    Thermos keeps warm about 4-5 hours that in this model of good is the cover, took with another lid, so it itself opened, and then a backpack in coffee.


  102. P***r

    Very long to arrive.


  103. K***a

    Fast delivery, a good product, its functions perform quite


  104. A***A

    Nice mug. Heavy, took her husband as a gift. Matches.


  105. Customer



  106. Customer

    All Super very cool, comfortable and high quality, store made a nice gift in the form of a bottle))) delivery fast!


  107. R***l

    Wonderful mugs. Hours at 16 bay of boiling water, in the morning the water was still warm. Bought three mugs. As a gift received a water bottle. Thank you very much. Very pleased


  108. S***a

    Thank you


  109. V***o

    Very fast delivery. 3 weeks to Belarus. Good package. Keeps hot for a 3-4 hours, then become warm. Close it tight and nothing will leak off.


  110. I***o

    Great Thermo mug. It closes tightly. The temperature keeps well. Bottle as a gift.


  111. D***a

    Good thermoglass. Does not spill, fast delivery, but came with a small scratch


  112. A***v



  113. R***o

    Гарна чашка, якісна, брав на подарунок. Не довга доставка.


  114. O***h

    Классный стакан!


  115. Customer

    Стакан держит тепло, крышка закрывается плотно, не протекает, правда механизм открыть закрыть не очень удобный, одной рукой будет сложновато


  116. Customer

    The product corresponds to the description, delivered quickly in 2 weeks. comfortable cover, handle. cool thermosis!


  117. E***a

    Достойная кружка! Продавца рекомендуем!


  118. B***e

    Attractive and efficient cup


  119. M***a

    Super kubek


  120. E***s

    Tardó exactamente un mes en llegar a México. El producto es igual a la imagen. Aun no pruebo que tanto tiempo conserva el calor/frío. El de color azul venía de regalo, GRACIAS!