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JAF Cosmetic Powder Puff Makeup Sponge Blender, Foundation Make Up Sponge for Face, Soft Miracle Complexion Concealer Makeup Egg

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JAF Cosmetic Powder Puff Makeup Sponge Blender,

Foundation Make Up Sponge for Face,

Soft Miracle Complexion Concealer Makeup Egg >>>

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Size Details >>>

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Instructions >>>

JAF Cosmetic Powder Puff Makeup Sponge Blender, Foundation Make Up Sponge for Face, Soft Miracle Complexion Concealer Makeup Egg

Soft and Fexible Sponge to Recover within 0.01 Second >>>

JAF Cosmetic Powder Puff Makeup Sponge Blender, Foundation Make Up Sponge for Face, Soft Miracle Complexion Concealer Makeup Egg

The Sponge Grows Bigger in Water after Soaking >>>

JAF Cosmetic Powder Puff Makeup Sponge Blender, Foundation Make Up Sponge for Face, Soft Miracle Complexion Concealer Makeup Egg

Nice Packing with JAF Brand >>>

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Before using the sponge puff, use a large amount of water to make the makeup look better.

1. Before using the liquid foundation, moisten the sponge puff with water, so that the makeup can achieve the best results.

2. can usually be used for foundation, when applying liquid foundation and cream, finally use it to press, the makeup will last, and look good, use the plane of the bottom coin size to press the forehead chin and other parts, the side curved surface can be used for cheeks And the neck, narrow face or tip can be used for makeup on the nose and eyelids.

3. the position of the pointed head can accurately handle the position of the gap of the nose, which can perfectly fill the foundation and can solve the problem of toner powder well.

Dry –
Suitable for powdery foundation makeup, such as blush, loose powder, powder cake, eye shadow, concealer and other dry powder products.

Wet –
Suitable for liquid makeup, such as concealer, sunscreen, cream, liquid foundation and other liquid products.

How to clean and maintain the sponge puff?

1. When the puff is dirty, please use warm water and a small amount of neutral lotion to repeatedly squeeze the deep dirt of the sponge. After the water vapor is completely evaporated, it can be stored or reused.

2. sponge puff is relatively fragile, do not tighten after soaking in water, but also try to avoid direct contact with the nail to prevent scratching the surface of the puff.

3. If you find that the elasticity is not good or discolored, please replace it with new ones. It is recommended to replace the puff on the 15th to 30th to avoid bacterial growth.

4. Avoid contact with high temperature or sunlight.

Evaluation criteria for sponge puff purchase

1. Porosity: The size and intensity of the pores can be seen whether the sponge puff will waste the liquid foundation.

2. feel: when dry, feel elastic and good, the texture is delicate, soft, skin-friendly, which determines whether the concealing effect is sufficient and delicate.

3. water absorption: After the water is inflated, whether the moisture in the hand is easily squeezed out, and the rebound strength is fast. The sponge has good water absorption and the makeup effect will be more natural.

Customer use evaluation:

1. The flat-cut sponge puff, the overall appearance is small and exquisite, and the coin-sized flat-cut circular base is convenient for storage. After being moistened with water, it is fluffy and soft. Gently press on the face, soft and comfortable. The concealer on the face is evenly spread, the makeup is very moist, and the overall appearance is smooth. Even in the case of poor facial skin conditions, there is no need to worry about the occurrence of the toner floating powder problem.

2. sponge puff, small gap, this high-density material does not waste liquid foundation. The water can expand rapidly, the material is soft and delicate, the resilience is good, the makeup is applied, and the makeup is natural.

3. the degree of soft and hard just good, when the sponge is used, the powder is very docile, the face is not greasy. It is much easier to apply by hand than usual.

4. open the package is amazing by the value of the sponge, the color is full, feels smooth. The powder is even and full, very easy to use and worth buying.

5. feel great, very soft, do not waste liquid foundation on the makeup. When it's dry, it's small and soft. When you suck it, it becomes a little fat. It is very fun to pinch. The first time, the effect is very good, the color is good-looking, and the shape is very cute. Both wet and dry, whether it is sunscreen cream or loose powder, it is applied evenly and the makeup is natural. It is also very convenient to clean, and it is quickly cleaned with water. The product is great, recommended five-star praise!

6. Sponge puff does not waste liquid foundation, it is especially easy to use, especially meticulous and inexpensive.

– SINCE 2018.08.08

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  1. *.

    Sponges really like. I order not the first time. When wet well swell and become very soft.


  2. L***z



  3. Customer

    Unfortunately, the parcel did not reach me, but the store immediately returned the money.


  4. I***e

    Thank You!


  5. P***o

    At first I thought it was small but when it was wet it was already enlarged. It took a long time to get there but well, I haven’t used it yet. I’ll update when I use it 🙂


  6. G***g

    Sponge ultra soft, tip more square than the picture, meets your task


  7. V***i

    Before the NN was two months away. For me harsh, I usually ordered the original RT with iHerb sky and earth. Still, the second time I will not order. Slightly increases when wet, the means do not eat much. But matte textures will rinse. I do not reduce the rating, because the store did not promise that for such a sum will surpass the popular brands.


  8. V***v

    Thanks came faster than expected, the quality is better.


  9. M***a

    For fluid tones sponge tight. Suitable for applying denser tonal bases. But the cut is insanely convenient milking application.


  10. D***a



  11. U***r

    Yakіst Super Shvydko delivery.


  12. U***s



  13. F***r

    Recommend Duzhe Shvydko shipping


  14. U***r



  15. K***a

    Good, when wet increases, a plump, in fact, a look-)))


  16. A***s

    Gera kokybe, atitinka isvaizda nuotraukose. Rekomenduoju


  17. O***s

    SPO Super! I recommend!


  18. O***s

    Sponge m’yakenkiy, with wet eyes! I recommend!


  19. R***s

    Good yakyst 5 +


  20. B***e



  21. M***s

    Second time I ask, it’s spectacular.


  22. G***o

    Super soft worth increasing size by wetting it


  23. T***a

    As always, everything is fine. The goods are good, came quickly and without marriage. The store is very responsible, thank you and advise it!


  24. C***m

    Amazing speed on shipping. It came to me very quickly. Advisable.


  25. A***o

    Very convenient for applying makeup. Everyone is happy.


  26. F***a

    Good quality. I order a second time


  27. L***o

    Best sponges


  28. P***s

    It’s the second one I buy. I like it very much and it’s soft.


  29. P***k

    Quality is not very. I do not use it. Remain dents on it and deformed after compression.


  30. N***a

    I order for the third time, very satisfied with the quality of the sponge. Soft, when wet well increases in size (in the photo two in comparison). Excellent shading Foundation!! Thank you!


  31. Y***v

    Delivery to Moldova took 3 weeks. Quality is good, really increases in volume if wet. Very comfortable.


  32. J***.

    Puikios kempinėlės Užsisakiau ne pirmą kartą. Kokybė nenuvylė.


  33. V***v



  34. M***a

    Very soft sponge. I have the impression that absorbs a lot of product, but after this order more


  35. Customer



  36. S***s

    Perfect always trust them.


  37. M***.

    Item Is the in Description, Shipping Time 1 Month, Quality and price is very good.


  38. A***a

    In the work did not try, but the quality of the sponge is good, not “stone” (in the photo it is not the same as in reality (darker)-more orange, but not bright; in the photo of the store to order it is brighter). On delivery-quickly: 13.12.2019 accepted for delivery, 31.12.2019-arrived at the post office, but was able to pick up only 06.01.2020. In general, the order is satisfied. On increase when in contact with water I can not say anything yet. If it will not work well, I will leave additional feedback.


  39. A***z

    I really like, although breaks down quickly.


  40. E***a



  41. C***r

    Article’s agreement to the image, feels very soft, get nicely packing


  42. M***a

    Good furniture product


  43. Customer

    Delivery to Belarus 20 days. Corresponds to the photo and description. I have not tried the work yet, so it is difficult to judge the quality. Perhaps later I will add a tip.


  44. Customer

    Sponge-Super, well swells in the water!


  45. C***u

    High quality


  46. Customer

    I have not received the product. I had no refund


  47. S***t

    Not the first time I order Chic)


  48. N***n

    The order was made on December 4, received on February 1. sponge is soft, when in contact with water increases, the foundation is applied evenly. (on the first and second photos dry sponge)


  49. E***k

    Beauty Blender for such a price surprised! When wetting becomes more at times! I like it! Delivery to Mo just over a month.


  50. M***a



  51. E***s

    Everything ok, the sponge is nice and soft


  52. Y***a

    Sponge is very cool, ordered a second time. But unfortunately the parcel was somewhere lost already in Ukraine and he did not come. I order from this store not the first time (sponge, brushes), this time was not lucky. Opened a dispute-the money was returned)). I recommend to buy!


  53. U***a



  54. Y***o

    Good, dense, odorless. Timely delivery in the specified time. Seller recommend. Thank you!


  55. L***V

    Very good sponge. Soft. Not worse than real Technics I will still order


  56. D***n

    Sponge works well. I order not the first time. I recommend to order, but do not expect that they will come quickly.


  57. A***a

    Came quickly, all as in the photo. It’s a pity that in the package and not in the box.


  58. Y***a

    I order a second time! Sponge increases when wet, well distributes the tonal base, sponge soft! Thank you. I ordered second time from this store, everything good, thank you!


  59. S***v

    Good, delivery very fast.


  60. S***s

    Thats cool


  61. Y***k

    The sponge is good, came a little dirty. Very long delivery. Photo taken in wet form, increased by 2 times


  62. K***i

    very good quality. This is third time to order it.


  63. Customer

    Good sponge, I order not the first time


  64. Customer

    Delivery was very slow, but understand that was because the pendemia.


  65. B***a

    OK. Is very good. Kupiłam for the second time.


  66. Customer

    I really love this!


  67. A***a

    Already I order the fifth time! Super, delight!!! Great sponge


  68. E***a

    Great sponge. Moderately dense, well gain moisture and increases! In growth, the area waited almost 2 months.