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IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

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changeableCold WhiteWarm White
12 petals15 petals5 petals9 petals
H833787ea56014ea79226f171512985dcA IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

IRALAN Meteor-shower-shape Chandelier

Long service life/No heat and radiation/No mercury and other harmful substances /Soft eye care/ Energy saving/ Intelligent control/
Insect & Dust proof design

H22082c366452437f98d43557c76ff8521 IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

H1a12b86648d945249247250eb6e0b5d5E IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

Design Concept——–Stars Shine

Travel day and night
Bloom contains the pure gentle beauty, present a knid of simple, fashionale.

Hf9e35a79980242f98e4badc753c32df0v IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

H8c131d9f9eaf4d1dad30e678a3588cdfV IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

Soft Eye Care

No blue light, No strobe, care for your eyesight and health

H2031312728c34a42a9a0c149667522229 IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

Professional Heat Dissipation Structure

Unique heat dissipation structure, improve heat dissipation efficiency and extend the service life of LED lamp beads

Hcae9619dab214dc493f2b3f67976b12bT IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

High Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index refers to the degree of reduction of natural light. The higher the index,
the higher the degree of reduction.

Hbfd68724fd334ad481eb45bf38dd098b1 IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

15 Heads

Size: D115cm x H14cm
Power: 150W
Recommend for 25-30 square meters of Living room/Bedroom

Ha5962512b425459bbf58e5727ffaf89cK IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

12 Heads

Size: D100cm x H14cm
Power: 120W
Recommend for 20-25 square meters of Living room/Bedroom

H21592df79e004186996d2ebe1b873e93g IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

9 Heads

Size: D85cm x H14cm
Power: 90W
Recommend for 15-20 square meters of Living room/Bedroom

H7f0593840d8f44cd94a73fd2704719abY IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

5 Heads

Size: D70cm x H7cm
Power: 50W
Recommend for 10-15 square meters of Living room/Bedroom

IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

Product Real Shot

15 heads warm light effect
12 heads natural light effect
5 heads light off effect

Hf2bce5a6dc8f4384b9f64f6de981118b3 IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

H47c4e783779f4c19a8c307f1b6a30a8bn IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913
Ha25065e6263b42678dcc3d12177df8fau IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

Smart Control for Dimmable With Remote Item

1. Open your bluetooth and the application
2. Switch on chandelier and press the connection switch within 5 seconds.

Hd1f1f105bfc543c2811f8f606dd0367c4 IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

H626ea499832b4c20b01afe2cbeca1744V IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature

IRALAN chandeliers can adjust the brightness of your living room in order to provide comfort to various occasions, such as high brightness to focus and low brightness for relaxing purposes.

Hcd8d44035a3149399cbb0f2c22bb8812k IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913


H48a8afd206414412876833c75d0c62aaL IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

Chassis size

Hbc5f833bf7fe42e7a2e628cee13118bdX IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

Product Details

1. High light transmission acrylic lampshade material, high temperature resistant, not easy to become yellow, uniform light color.

2. Select hardware and ironwork,hand polishing,high temperature baking process, anti-corrosion and rust

H53f0542a807042bc89ae6847343773eei IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

Quality Assurance

Six Steps of quality inspections——Design, Produce, Package, Clean, Storage Out.

Dear friend, all our lamps must go through six quality inspections before shipment.
Please check the goods before signing. If you find any damage, please contact us
immediately and we will arrange replacement for you. If you find the problem
after signing, please contact the after-sales service in time,
we will give you a satisfactory answer. Thank you!

H0cdfdc8649c24f54bbaffe7f49b208c4u IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

He649736170f0492684040c6d4e50bdf9k IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913
Hfded79470bb44c1bb86fded08dcad294G IRALAN LEDs Chandelier Modern stars For Living Room Bedroom remote/APP support Home design chandelier model ICFW1913

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4.9 overall

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  1. Customer



  2. Customer

    Chandelier is super, store well done. I bought for my childrem, I am very pleased. Roomin 26 sq. m. Lights up very well. The chandelier looks more beautiful than in the pictures, because it looks dark. I recommend.


  3. S***n

    There are several jambs and shortcomings, there are not enough details


  4. I***a

    Thank you, it came quickly and the delivery home is very happy, i recommend everything, i will add when we install


  5. Customer

    bolts and nuts cheap chinese quality changed them for better quality ones


  6. A***k

    Looks like a good lamp. I haven’t checked in yet.


  7. D***d

    I ordered a chandelier for 8 stars. Came not all the details (not enough nuts)… plastic in asterisks all scratched. In the middle of the chandelier there is no cap as a result there will be a hole visible ((((


  8. N***a

    Super lamp, thank you very much!!! Room 7 m shines fine


  9. A***i

    thanks, I recommend this store… thank you for gift…


  10. A***m

    The lamp came in a month sdecom. Excellent quality and brightness. Purchase satisfied. The lamp had a feature. In one of the modes, the wings glow in different ways: daytime and cold light. You can see in the first photo.


  11. B***c

    Lamp is beautiful! Recommend its buying. Spredawca is responsible, and serious. Thankyou for practical gift. IN sestawie Niema disposable keys to mount, screws are but Niema dybli (small thing, but not fit for such company!!!!


  12. K***k

    Delivery with a little less than three weeks. Packed perfectly! Everything came whole, thank you very much to the store!)


  13. S***a

    Wonderful chandelier. About 50 cm in diameter. Shines perfectly at 12 sq. m. The remote is working, everything is adjustable


  14. L***i

    Product received, recommended store!


  15. T***z

    Not all the light are working only half 🙁


  16. Customer

    Chandelier received in 26 days. It’s all right. In the evening i gathered on my knee. The next day hung looks good and shines modes as in the description. I advise the store. And also thanks to the seller for the present trifle and nice.


  17. G***

    Made very pretty, fast delivery, for room 16 m2.


  18. M***n

    Great product. Take it with a remote – worth it!


  19. R***s

    Delivery by deck, quickly and to the door. Included remote control.


  20. A***v

    Beautiful chandelier. Quickly sent, quickly came. Qualitatively packed, all accessories with a margin. The store willingly goes to contact, answers all questions. 5 lamps were not enough for room 3×5, but here he was greedy. As a gift put usb flashlight, for which special thanks


  21. A***v

    Yes almaty reached about 25 days. Going easy. Very bright, there is a remote control. Installed the application on the phone, i’m playing, very convenient. The only negative-bolts for fixing the lamp to the bar at the ceiling are long by 5mm, had to be sawed to tighten tightly. Otherwise happy with the purchase, everything is very high quality, i was surprised. Seller thanks!


  22. L***a

    Came quickly, like without marriage, not yet installed


  23. R***v

    A little ugly looks base. In general, not bad.


  24. M***a

    I order a second time. Delivery to the murmansk region a month, received by mail. On the first chandelier where with a remote control, eats batteries for five days. With this order there are no problems yet, we have been using it for 2 weeks. The room is 18 meters very light, already the eyes are closed with unaccustomed)) i recommend!


  25. Customer

    To ufa reached in 19 days sdecom.


  26. A***a

    Chandelier came in a month. The whole box was crumpled, respectively, and inside, too, there are damage.


  27. V***v

    Delivery sdecom to nsk a little less than a month. The packaging is all crumpled and torn, but inside everything is whole. Collected in just twenty minutes. Connected, everything works. On the remote there are many extra buttons, but what is stated in the description, everything works. For this money, the lamp is ahrenious.


  28. S***o

    Excellent chandelier, everyone is completely satisfied. There is not accuracy in the description (in figure 9 petals in one plane, and came 6 in one plane and 3 in the other, below. But it will take to the plus, so it looks better) fast delivery cdek courier to the door. Driver with memory. Seller recommend


  29. S***a

    Delivery up to mo 14 days, connected everything works, quality and appearance are excellent. Catches well, the batteries are not included, the goods are satisfied, i recommend to buy. Seller respect!


  30. K***a

    Delivery is fast. 26.09.9 made an order 12.10.19 was already in place. Not yet connected, but at first glance all the norms. Then i will add))


  31. A***P

    Chandelier really cool!!! Came quickly-DPD brought home. From yellow to blue, from bright to dull-many modes. Photos do not convey all beauty. Still put a gift-USB flashlight


  32. O***a

    The chandelier is excellent, sent by sdek, received very quickly. Everything is well packed, assembly instruction though in English, but it is clear intuitively how everything is going. Checked all possible modes, everything is fine, thank you very much


  33. T***o

    Very cool chandelier. I liked everything. Delivery about month


  34. A***

    Thank you, everything came, a little lost asterisk, and so norms. Not included yet. The store is sociable.


  35. S***v

    Everyone is good, except for connecting elements! First, thread the bolts that include connecting fasteners, fittings in the form of bolts and connecting pins, poor quality, shines very brightly


  36. T***v

    The goods are satisfied, quite worthy of quality!!! In the parcel there was a small present, for which Thank you very much to the store, a trifle, but nice!!! Still was pleasantly surprised: in the kit there was a zip (washers, nuts, propyatnaya bushing) for a long time did not see this, also respect, but it’s probably the manufacturer


  37. F***p

    Everything is fine. I took my daughter to the room, I did not regret it, there are many lights, adjustments too. Assembly, connection problems did not make


  38. I***a

    Super! All as in the description, 100% I’m happy!


  39. A***w

    too bright I love it thank you very col


  40. K***a

    Before Tyumen it was about a month, it looks more alive than in the photo, it shines brightly


  41. V***v

    Thank you very much order received. Everything’s fine.


  42. I***a

    The parcel came quickly, everything is packed neatly. There is no instructions for collecting the chandelier, only the instructions for connecting the wires to the English. Language. Chandelier lighting is chic, lighting brightness is high. Photo and video does not transmit this. Recommend!!!


  43. P***o

    Delivery to the door, corresponds to the description


  44. M***a

    I’m very happy! I like it, the package came quickly, everything is whole, packed well. Not yet checked, but I hope for the best! I really like it. I hope that my son will like it, too, it’s in his room.


  45. V***a

    Not yet connected. Looks whole. Delivered quickly.


  46. J***a

    Got a chandelier. Packed well, though the box was a little wrinkled, but it did not affect the chandelier. Chandelier came without damage. There are not large points of non-color, from afar quite imperceptibly, in general the quality is good for such a price. Spare parts are enough, even extra ones are just in case. What did not like, what there is no instruction, had to watch reviews to understand how she is going. Collected, included, I liked everything, those are sick for such a cost. In our city, similar chandeliers are twice as expensive. Thank you for such a product at an affordable price. Wish store-please apply instruction, or photo on the assembly place in the description to the chandelier, it would be very handy. The seller answered the questions on the correct connection very quickly, for which thank you. Prosperity to your store, we will take more.


  47. Y***n

    The order was almost a month. Ordered October 8. The order came on November 6. At first, for some reason, the order was not tracked. When ordering a little box was damaged, but the lamp itself is completely whole. Well packed. Quality is good. Corresponds to the description. The remote is working. The lamp comes disassembled, you need to collect. A little muddy, but not difficult. In general, the lamp is good. I liked it very much. I applied a photo with different brightness and shade.


  48. R***r

    Chandelier came, works, corresponds to the description… price quality!


  49. D***

    Happy with the purchase, meets expectations!


  50. M***a

    Thank you, I really liked the chandelier, lights wonderful. For children a great option. Special thanks for fast and quality delivery. The package was packed compactly and neatly.


  51. E***o

    Chandelier fire, delivery 10 days Chita, super, store put a gift, for which thank you)! The child is delighted, very bright! I will buy more!


  52. E***a

    It shines great. Took 5 evesd for 10kV. m


  53. M***s

    It gives good light but on the second day I miss one of the phases


  54. A***v

    The goods came intact and safe. Packed perfectly. As a gift, the store put the flashlight, thank you. Track is not tracked, ask the track from the seller himself, his track Mail is read.


  55. T***u

    The product is well designed and works very nice.


  56. M***m

    Chandelier Super! Perfectly illuminates, 5 petals per room 11 sq. m. Even bright, but I reduce by 3 positions from the maximum and straight very light and comfortable eyes. Live better and more in diameter than looks in the photo. Assembled easily, without looking even at the instruction :))) delivery to the door, service DPD. Thank you very much to the store! And thanks for the gift of USB LED flashlight. I plan to order 2 chandeliers in the living room-dining room.


  57. L***t

    super!!! Didier nit t’est app yet. tnx store. ideal lamp for the kids room


  58. A***

    Came quickly, although one came from China. All brought sdek! Not very packed.


  59. Customer

    Excellent, quickly delivered, everything works fine.


  60. Y***a

    Excellent chandelier. Seller umnichka. Everything came whole. Going easy. Remote working. At 12 square meters. Children’s Room 5 petals the most.


  61. V***a

    The order was almost a month, the track was not tracked, but the store answered the questions on the track and generally went to contact for which many thanks! Chandelier is assembled quite easily, shines brightly, there are many modes. The remote at first did not want to work, but the next day it turned out. Again, the seller readily answered the questions related to this. In size 5 stars were not small at all. Another seller put a USB lamp as a gift that is very nice. I recommend everyone to buy here!


  62. D***n

    I buy not the first time. Shipping long, very long


  63. V***v

    To Kostroma 11 days! Chandelier is excellent!! With the assembly and adjustment of the console for an hour coped, turn on the head. Thank you store! I hope to last a long time. Bought 2 years ago in the hall chandelier about this kind, everything OK works. Track is not tracked.


  64. S***v

    Chandelier super ….


  65. V***n

    Looks cool, collected in 10 minutes, everything works. Delivery to apartment


  66. A***v

    All Super


  67. V***v

    Chandelier just class, quality is good, delivery is fast, such in Russia is more expensive, very satisfied


  68. E***a

    Mega beauty! Despite the fact that the delivery without options and only from China was, I got a bullet to St. Petersburg in 5 days. Courier sdek in hand, convenient. Chandelier of 5 stars on an area of 12sq. m is quite bright, as if 2-3 hundred pieces were poured simultaneously))), even very! From a height of 170 I see a needle on the floor-easily, Vision unit))). And in size on the ceiling, it does not look gromosian, that’s it! The remote went right away, batteries buy little fingers. Purchased software, type of sale, Black Friday + coupon = for 3140 rubles. In the installation Elementary (I did not install, gygy)


  69. E***s

    Chandelier bomb!!! Very bright-it’s good that I did not take a larger size, 16m2 is quite enough!!! Children are happy… I, too… The store is well done!!! In the Perm region delivery two weeks… Recommend!!!


  70. S***v

    Chandelier is good, shines brightly. One minus thin wires, connect badly. Ordered with 5 stars.


  71. O***h

    Thank you very much! Packed perfectly-everything came whole! Chandelier beautiful! To Ukraine was delivered in 26 days.


  72. A***a

    The parcel came in 3 weeks, delivered by courier, the chandelier is cool, we are satisfied, ordered with the remote control, at first did not know how to adjust it, but it turned out everything is simple‍♀️‍♀️


  73. Customer

    Delivery is very fast, arrived by the transport company, the box is not crumpled, everything is well packed. Also put a gift


  74. Y***a

    Chandelier cool .. Everything came whole .. The only one does not work the remote… So it’s a shame the parcel was brought home


  75. E***v

    Chandelier fire! Delivery 10 days to the apartment.


  76. Customer

    Excellent chandelier


  77. O***a

    I order the second chandelier from this store. Excellent quality . How much will I do not know. While I’m happy. I took it with a remote control, it shines very brightly (we use it in night mode). With the Stars have not hung yet


  78. A***v

    Item with defects. The store does not answer. Part of the amount was not returned.


  79. D***w

    The parcel was sent very quickly (sdek) packed well, without damage. The lamp itself is going Elementary. There were difficulties with the control panel. Everything worked only after certain manipulations. You need to press the central button several times at the same time when the light is turned on (in general dancing with beads at full moon)


  80. A***a

    Everything is just super! Brought to Moscow in 3 weeks sdek Courier! Chandelier is unrealistically bright! All the details are in place. Going simple. I’m sooo happy!


  81. E***y

    Chandelier just above all praise!! Ordered two, in the bedroom and in the nursery. Very-very Everything liked!! The packaging is super reliable, no scratches!! Seller recommend, delivery fast, to the door (even on New Year holidays).


  82. D***n

    Everything works. It’s just great. Let’s believe it’s long. It took two hours to connect. To the room 15 meters 9 stars by eyes! In half mode you can see everything perfectly.


  83. A***a

    Very beautiful chandelier. Backpacked to the nursery, very happy. For 9 sq. m took 5 stars, very bright. It would be enough and 3 Stars order was sent quickly and came to Russia in less than a month. Thank you to the store. I advise you


  84. K***a

    Got it. The item is packed perfectly. There are of course a couple of mints but they are not significant. 1 This is different set. 2 This is an incorrect indication of the transformer connection. The product is super recommend since such a copy in the store is 4 times more expensive. The producer recommend the product was tracked constantly.


  85. P***p

    Cool chandelier!!! Divided into three zones of 15 stars of 5 each and connected. Guys when you initialize and tie the remote disconnect the Wi-Fi router, it interferes and presses! Oh, I’m exhausted, but when the router turned off the remote for 5 seconds found!!! It is necessary to keep the central button with the image of vayfay!!!


  86. G***g

    Great chandelier. For 20 squares is the same. It’s just a little bit less. Children are super happy. Came super fast to Moscow.


  87. Y***n

    It’s just cool.


  88. D***v

    12 square meters. M. Illuminates perfectly


  89. Customer

    The order went to Belarus for almost 2,5 months. The chandelier is nice, beautiful. Packed was very good. It shines bright. The chanstry is happy. Let’s advise.


  90. M***n

    Good quality, everything works. It shines bright. Very bright


  91. I***k

    Delivery on time packing reliable I am satisfied thanks


  92. V***v

    Very bright shines!!! Good quality, beautiful design


  93. S***v

    Came all without damage, but the quality of processing the corners of the plastic can be higher, as well as stronger. Overall satisfied.


  94. V***v

    Nice chandelier! For your money even very much!


  95. N***v

    The order went almost a month and a half, untracked, delivered by scack. The chandelier is just class, assembled quickly, shines brightly, the packaging is excellent. The remote did not immediately activate, helped YouTub. Shut down the center. Button, on a couple of times. Off. And the remote is activated. I recommend to buy, the price is acceptable, the item is good.


  96. I***a

    The chandelier in general is good, everything glows and is adjustable. Only on the stars themselves there are small defects-scratches. Although the work does not affect, but not very aesthetic. Through Dispute returned 10% of the cost. And so good chandelier, delivered very quickly.


  97. M***r

    The chandelier came fast. Delivery by courier snack, which is amazing without problems. Immediately checked-it works. Light from cold very bright to completely muffled warm. Everyone is satisfied with the purchase, but especially the baby. Thank the store!


  98. T***A

    Delivery to Novosibirsk about 3 weeks. The company sdek delivered to the house. everything works fine, the quality is very good, without marriage (ordered from China)


  99. A***v

    The order corresponds to the description. The chandelier assembled quickly, the quality is good all works. The order was tracked throughout the way, although the track was changed in Russia. The producer recommend and thank you very much.


  100. I***n

    The chandelier drove to Cherepovets for one month by some incomprehensible ways, different piles of carriers, as a result from the Moscow post office of Russia quickly delivered it. Collected and assembled literally in 2 hours to connect the remote and the application had to look for information in YouTub. The app swings from the left resource, checked Kaspersky, all Hood. It would be nice if the app is displayed in the play market. 5 modules room 16 m square. They’re bright. Happy with the purchase.


  101. A***v

    Cool light, light shines. Daughter in Love)))


  102. Y***v

    For the kitchen just class very bright with the stock left in average brightness, turn on the maximum when cooking! To the phone to tie failed to try already on the go!


  103. F***f

    Beautiful, come fast. I didn’t talk to the store. One star came scratched.


  104. O***o

    Ordered 24.01- 10.02 wife received. Everything until I tried to collect I was on a business trip. The store did not communicate, there was no need. Seller recommend, good luck to him in business.


  105. T***a

    The chandelier is gorgeous. Bought in the children’s room, 12 square, very bright. A little upset the fact that one part was broken, when transported, apparently dropped. The store promised to replace. The remote won’t react, I hope we can figure it out. The chandelier came in two weeks.


  106. O***a

    Thank you very much! Come very fast, chandelier chic! Very bright, use in the “Night Light” mode, or add a little brightness. I really like that three shades of light, you can choose under the mood)))


  107. Customer

    The chandelier is beautiful, nothing broke, although it came by the Russian Post. The order was divided on January 18, Vicio on February 5, but got to the Chinese Ng, not sent for a long time. Not yet connected.


  108. V***s

    Chandelier is excellent, only very long delivery. A month chandelier lay in a warehouse in Novosibirsk, the store did not give any action to find the chandelier. And only when it came to a dispute, the seller found the chandelier and sent it from Novosibirsk.


  109. Customer

    The package came without damage, but at the autopsy it was found that the two stars were damaged (((


  110. A***v

    Super chandelier, for 18 squares more than. Very quickly delivered


  111. Customer

    Came with the defect. It’s good that it managed to fix


  112. A***h

    The remote is not working, sold promised to send a replacement


  113. V***b

    It’s hard to go


  114. D***n

    Very good lighting, perfect


  115. A***v

    The chandelier is cool. She came to Peter in five days.


  116. R***r

    Came quickly looks at 5


  117. S***a

    I order the second time from this store, everything is fine


  118. E***a

    The chandelier installed, it we really like the room 10 squares. Light is enough even in the evening to do lessons. Shines brightly as the night light shines much duller, but on such a relatively small room, still too bright to sleep. In general, very satisfied with the purchase ordered another 1 chandelier in this store in another room. They delivered Lusta by the way to us in less than a week. We are very satisfied with both chandelier and store and delivery


  119. D***f

    After almost a month of use of the chandelier I leave my review. The chandelier is good, 9 stars shine very bright, collected and connected in half an hour. There is a night light mode, in which the light still cuts the eyes a little, to fall asleep with such a brightness is unrealistic. Separate theme-remote. He flatters ruthlessly, catches not immediately, can stop working at all. Like the lamp itself. Also can just not turn on, in 15 minutes hangs on its own. The store wrote, the reason is 0.


  120. D***v

    Chandelier is just super


  121. S***n

    Everything works.


  122. I***z

    Not yet is filed. All parts have reached in perfect condition, very well packed. Very fast shipping. Instant feedback store for asked questions.


  123. Customer



  124. D***v

    The chandelier came fast, two weeks to Germany. It’s great. The remote had to be a little upset. The video on YouTube to help.


  125. L***l

    The product corresponds to the description, beautiful chandelier, good lighting, easy to assemble, everything is ok


  126. V***r

    Did not deal with the remote only, the connection is standard.


  127. Customer

    Very beutiful and good quality


  128. Customer

    It came fast, everything was fine. Recommend


  129. Customer

    Article equal to photos, works very well and gives lots of light


  130. D***v

    Great in the nursery. It’s second. In Russia it is twice as expensive. The light is very much for every taste from yellow to cold white. With the ribbon.


  131. K***a

    Seller! Very happy, thank you!!


  132. M***i

    A delightful lamp! The whole family is delighted. Installation is simple, the functionality is very pleasant. For a long time there was a parcel-said coronovirus, Chinese New Year, etc. But waiting was worth it. Packed well. The photo did not do, because. The product fully corresponds to the description. Now I will take to all the other rooms here. I recommend!


  133. V***v

    With the view very even nothing… how to do the repair I will hang, took for the room 12sq. m. At 9 stars, I think it is big, it was possible to boldly and 5 stars to take. Well we will not install anything to see)


  134. E***a

    Everything came very quickly, to the apartment with scak, not yet collected, later I add


  135. Customer

    Beautiful chandelier. It was a little broken 1 star, but glued and until the work did not affect.


  136. A***a

    Delivery within a month to the Moscow region. Ordered a few chandeliers from the store at once, put everything. The chandelier is very beautiful, fastened easily, bright. As a gift put the backlight for the laptop. Thank you


  137. C***c

    Remote control works I’m sorry Remote control operation description is low’m


  138. A***v

    The post office of Russia the parcel lay with them for almost two weeks to the store pryanziy no


  139. R***r

    I advise you!


  140. G***a

    Seller put a small gift, thank you


  141. V***v

    The lamp Ooo very bright!))) room 30 meters is easy!)


  142. D***o

    Everything works, delivered within 5 days in Moscow. Glows brightly, the remote is working, can be set by lighting the set on the remote and turn on, turn off the lamp. In general, I’m happy.


  143. R***z

    Good store. Transport snack is horror. The order failed for almost a month. They couldn’t call. Seller thanks and success.


  144. R***v

    The product is excellent, the track was not tracked first, wrote to the store, sent the actual track number. I advise you all. As we stretch the ceilings, install the chandelier, add the review.


  145. A***a

    Several chips, but in general it is not visible when turned off. The remote was configured without problems, collected by video on YouTube there Model Number 04 iralan


  146. S***a

    The chandelier ordered May 22, sdek delivered home on May 28. I ordered from the Russian Federation, it came broken, it’s not pleasant. Sealed and assembled.


  147. R***r

    5 days before Kurgan! In the opinion of everything as a whole, how to collect and connect I will add!!! The store is well done!!! Recommend!!!


  148. K***a

    Corresponds to the description.


  149. S***n

    Great chandelier!


  150. L***a

    Very fast delivery. Everything came intact and all the details were in place. Nice chandelier


  151. I***a

    Super chandelier! Packed well! All the whole) assembly instructions were found on yutuba, thanks to the previous buyer) I brought the courier to the House a week after the order) the store answered all questions!! Oooochen recommend))


  152. V***v

    Very good store easily goes to contact. Since the delivery was broken two stars immediately sent new ones for which thanks to him. Delivery from Moscow to Tyumen for a week and a half plus two weeks waited two stars from China. The chandelier looks simple, but as it shines just fire. Took on 9 stars room 15 kV light more than enough, the photo of course does not convey how it shines. In general, I recommend. Collected and hung with my daughter for 30 minutes, the remote was connected without problems. You need to press the central button on the remote and click the switch a couple of times. In the reviews write if it does not work, then you need to disable WiFi allegedly it gives interference I did not disable anything. It is possible and without the remote to change the modes simply on and off and turn on the switch again but only three modes. If you need a good bright light, do not regret it. Let’s see how much will last if something of course will complement the review.


  153. L***a

    9 petals for the room 13 squares still little. But who likes lighting in the room from one 60 watt light bulb will be bright. Delivery mega fast, came in good condition collected quickly, with the connection of the remote control did not arise, connected at primary assembly and checking of the chandelier.


  154. S***K

    Everything is super, everything works, delivery is fast As a gift put a flashlight (trivia, but nice) one but, through the applications on the smartphone does not work


  155. A***n

    The goods came before the declared, which of course pleased. Unraveling the cortex, everything is in place, everything is whole,. A bonus of a small gift is a trifle but pleasant. Assembled, stupid wires in the outlet, everything works, the light changes. The only remote did not check, the batteries need to be bought, I’ll lay down everything will be OK. The store will check, thank you…


  156. K***r

    Я в восторге!Для детской оооочень круто! Светит ярко! Рекомендую, кто ищет интересное решение