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Intel Xeon Processor E3-1230 v2 E3 1230 v2 PC Computer Desktop CPU Quad-Core Processor LGA1155 Desktop CPU

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In stock


sell like hot cakes
The picture is for reference only. Production date. Production place. Have the request please take a message. No message Random delivery
Product parameters to the official website shall prevail. System parameters are wrong
Used processor. Slightly scratched stains. Focus on appearance. Do not place orders

Intel Xeon Processor E3-1230 v2 E3 1230 v2 PC Computer Desktop CPU Quad-Core Processor LGA1155 Desktop CPUIntel Xeon Processor E3-1230 v2 E3 1230 v2 PC Computer Desktop CPU Quad-Core Processor LGA1155 Desktop CPUIntel Xeon Processor E3-1230 v2 E3 1230 v2 PC Computer Desktop CPU Quad-Core Processor LGA1155 Desktop CPU

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4.9 overall

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  1. D***n

    Got, looks like a new one, started and does not heat much. Stamp accidentally wiped with alcohol.


  2. D***v

    The goods came quickly, but i received it for more than two months (thanks to the russian post), started, but in a couple of seconds the stress test aida warms up above 70 degrees, opened a dispute, aliexpress returned part of the money (bought for 4683, minus 683 for the dispute, total 4000 exactly). Otherwise everything is fine


  3. M***v

    Since the percent used, the way to expect, heated. I had to scalp. The autopsy showed that the thermal interface is dry away. Replaced with liquid metal-now there is no overheating, it works fine. The order came to rostov for 15 days, bought for 3690 rubles.


  4. A***i



  5. V***a

    Everything works


  6. I***n

    On the cooler from the box i3 flight is normal, the temperature under a load of 62 degrees to a simple 37, thanks to the store, you can order.


  7. K***v

    It’s okay! Works in the motherboard H61M-P20 (g3).


  8. А***a

    I ordered not myself. Nothing to say


  9. N***v

    Percent working, works fine, in all tests. A little more heated than i3. Take it will not regret.


  10. K***v

    Got it, put it in, it works.


  11. P***v

    Like it.


  12. D***v

    Shipping 14 days. Packed well. On msi ZH77A-G43 launched without problems, in a simple 30 degrees, stress aida64 51-54 at 500rpm cpu cooler. The best option is the price of performance! I recommend to buy, i will take more, because $200 to spend on a comparable i5 does not really want.


  13. Customer

    Delivery is fast enough, there are no problems with the processor


  14. M***v

    The store sent the percent the next day, delivery to ivanovo 12 days. On the processor there are no traces of use, only on the ears from the socket clip is barely noticeable abrasion, still chinese print on the process is blue))) in general for 3700 very good percent under the game, i recommend!


  15. R***i

    Percent is worth its money. Drove 3 weeks to nizhny novgorod. In bf1 there were 40 fps, 110 (650 vidio card + 12 gb of ram).


  16. A***y

    Delivery 2 weeks, sent quickly, the processor works, i’m happy.


  17. I***i

    The stone is excellent, after scalping the temperature fell by 6-7 degrees with thermal paste gd900


  18. A***v

    Everything is just super.


  19. R***r

    It came, it works, i can not advise because there is always a risk that a dead processor will come, and so on my motherboard asus p8p67 rev3.1 started


  20. A***a

    It came quickly!


  21. M***g

    The processor rose on the mat board gigabyte H61M-DS2 with the latest official biosis. In the load on all cores, the frequency is about 3.5 ghz at a maximum temperature of 56 degrees under gammax 300.


  22. R***v

    The processor came not working. The money was returned. Seller conscientious


  23. A***n

    Today i got a percent, put on the h61m-p20 (g3) got without problems. Came quickly, to volgograd two weeks. Solve the problem with the lock in 3500 ghz All successful purchase, i recommend the store.


  24. G***a

    Processor used but in perfect condition. Arrived in 20 days


  25. M***n

    Got two days early. Earned after flashing the bios of the motherboard.


  26. V***r

    Everything came, everything works. Seller recommend.


  27. Customer

    The parcel is delivered 14 days after the order. Packaging is reliable. The appearance of the processor is excellent. Installed on the motherboard asus b75m-a with the version of bios 1101, started without problems. Temperature in a simple 33 degrees, under load (prime95) 63 degrees. Cooled tower ice hammer IH-4330. Purchase satisfied.


  28. V***n

    Ordered 17.08, received 02.09. The package is not reliable, but the package was not damaged. Appearance of the processor as a new one. Production costa rica. Started without problems on asus p8z77-v lx.


  29. A***v

    Everything works all super)) i recommend


  30. S***a

    Cool processor to replace g1620. Seller recommend. The processor is good without scratches, clean, not damaged.


  31. J***u

    ship fast. received in two weeks. Works fine


  32. A***v

    The processor started the first time-no dances with beads-you can safely take. Motherboard with socket 1155 also took on ali-also working


  33. V***r

    Excellent percent without traces of the use of thermonozzle give themselves to know but the lack of video core corrects the situation


  34. R***r

    The parcel came exactly as the store indicated in time. Put the processor on the motherboard. Checked. Everything works.


  35. R***s

    It was a long time, almost a month of mouth, packed in a plastic case, the whole, at work could not check the board came curve ( How to check add


  36. S***v

    Promised 28 days, came for 21 +-2 days, outwardly the top almost with grates and in the corner on the body of kotsk is, but immediately started and without problems works, i hope will last long enough.


  37. N***v

    Works great. Delivery 2 weeks to ryazan


  38. W***w

    Came for 2 weeks, packed perfectly, the name of the process can be clearly seen


  39. K***v

    Delivered in 22 days. No injuries. Started after updating the bios. Purchase is satisfied!


  40. V***Y

    Exelent !!!


  41. A***v

    The processor arrived quickly, does not overheat, works stably, got on the motherboard asus p8h61 pro


  42. A***v

    Hello!!! Everyone is happy. The goods came quickly, in three weeks. Packed well. Everything works. Seller recommend.


  43. Y***n

    The description corresponds. Works.


  44. A***n

    Running ga-h61m-ds2


  45. M***v

    The product is super. Came for 3 weeks


  46. S***S



  47. G***v

    Processor used with a small scratch. Started without problems, the temperature in linpak is 51 degrees with paste kpt-8. I recommend.


  48. M***v

    The product is excellent came in about 25 days, people if you take this processor then order a fan with heating pipes at least 4, the processor under a load of 70-75 degrees on a simple drain cooler… So the product is excellent, the packaging is super!!!


  49. K***v

    Works on asus P8H61-M lx3 r2.0


  50. G***r

    Delivery time is not appreciated, for me so fast, about 21 days. The processor came working, packed perfectly (an envelope with a bubble + an additional soft layer + the box itself from the process). Of the shortcomings, the store does not read messages.


  51. V***v



  52. J***n

    Thanks processor working heated up to 53 under the snowman. I recommend to buy.


  53. V***o



  54. M***v



  55. A***v

    The processor went to krasnodar for almost a month, but the fault is not the store, but the post of russia, the seller sent in the first 3 days after the order. The processor looks like a new one, but it was necessary to reflash the bios, so that the motherboard saw it. Re-asked and everything started, but once a few days there is an emergency reboot of the computer, i hope this is not because of the processor.


  56. K***m

    A good processor for your money.


  57. N***v

    The goods were not sent quickly, the delivery took 18 days that by current standards for a long time, but the percent came in perfect condition. Mom p8h61 le took it with a bang. Ram somehow earned at a frequency of 1600 MHz, with a cooler deepcool gammax 300 after 7 stress test temperature did not rise above 70 degrees (I think this is a good indicator) growth after i3 2120 colossal. But again but the store is not contact and does not read messages from the word at all.


  58. Customer



  59. T***m

    The percent came in two weeks. I ordered for 3300, while I got cheaper at 400R :). Started with the third reboot, with reset the BIOS settings to standard. Memory 1600 did not want to run at its frequency, only 1333. After a few reboots still earned. Before that stood e31270v2, everything started the first time on it. According to the synebench P15, the difference between 1230 and 1270 is only 3 parrots, at least I showed it so, there is no sense to overpay for 1240v2 or 1270v2, you can take 1230v2.


  60. R***d

    The product fully corresponds to the description. Packed normally. A little embarrassed the lack of thermal paste. The store sent the next day. Delivery is very fast, from the moment of payment to Tula exactly 14 days. Seller highly recommend.


  61. A***w

    I’m happy


  62. S***n

    Prots did not go long, but not quickly. If you order in Postamat, then do not be afraid, if it is written that your parcel was not handed, so it looks like everyone (personally I had it) The percent itself is good, took it for upgrading the old system of its own, I think for the ears enough of it Under the usual cooler, these are the temperatures While in toys is not tested, but in pabga everything is stable and good I advise!


  63. I***N

    Reached MSK in 12 days. Until I checked. I hope everything with the process will be okay.


  64. L***l

    Alas, the processor came non-working. After all the checks, this was only confirmed. But judging by the reviews, almost everyone is fine. However, I strongly advise you to take a picture of the processor immediately upon receipt, because the logo of the store is erased at the first erase of thermal paste. And yes, make a quality photo, so that it could be seen an individual code. The store never answered. In the photo, the processor after unpacking. And already on the other after installation and subsequent removal of thermal paste. I put 5, because the money was returned. I wish it had happened. Wish the seller good luck and be more sociable! And buyers to be more attentive. And yes, the parcel was almost exactly a month.


  65. A***v

    Came quickly, only 2 weeks that rarity) works fine, heating at 100% load with Turbo Boost about 70 degrees, the store advise.


  66. A***v

    Was purchased for the replacement of i3 3225, on the motherboard Asus P8H77-V got up without problems, holds 3.5 GHz in the boost for 4 cores and 3.7 for 2 and 1 core. On a cheap cooler with two heat sinks, the temperature is not higher than 65 degrees. More productive than i3 slightly more than 2 times, the condition of the lid is almost like new, I recommend!


  67. A***n



  68. A***n

    Flight is normal, performance has grown norms. I recommend! There was i3 2100


  69. B***b

    Novokuznetsk, 21 days. the mother took immediately, without a bios, but had to fly windows to earn.


  70. G***a

    Came as new, everything is fine


  71. S***n

    Bought for sale 11.11 the store sent quickly. Delivery to the Moscow region about 22 days. Installed in the mother Asus P8Z77-V LX on the last bios began the first time. Percent working without signs of external damage, you can safely take.


  72. S***r

    It’s okay. Works on Biostar tp67xe


  73. A***v

    I bought for 3400 to 11.11. A week later, the price fell to 2600, pipets in a word)


  74. O***s

    Tovat sent on the day of payment, came very quickly, there are no external damage.


  75. B***t

    All works perfect and was well packaged


  76. N***o

    Full order. Visually as new. Works without complaints. I recommend


  77. Customer

    Had to sew the BIOS (before that stood i3 2100), but this, understandable matter, not the store’s problem …. excellent percent, fast delivery


  78. V***z

    All as in the description, came in three weeks in Voronezh, percent as a percent, got without dancing with a tambourine.


  79. D***w

    The processor came all well, but when I put in exchange for Intel i5-2300. For some reason, 4 peaks of system did not start and everything (maybe because of the mother does not start I do not know.


  80. R***a

    Product features some brands use, but the principle am satisfied with the same. Not yet tested because am awaiting the rest parts for assembly, hope it is working properly.


  81. D***h

    Works for 100%. Delivery 17 days, Russian Post brought back here 5 days


  82. A***v

    Quickly sent, quickly came. There are small traces of operation, there are no deep scratches. Launched immediately and without problems, mother of the p8b78-v. Heating is normal, it does not heat much. I will also chase and add feedback.


  83. B***v

    The processor in Tula came very quickly, looks good externally. I hope that the worker. Seller thanks!


  84. B***a

    Very good arrived well ahead of schedule and came with a good working all right


  85. Customer

    Came in two weeks. Works fine, there are no jambs.


  86. S***e

    Great price and performance for this CPU.


  87. A***v

    Everything is fine! Percent works


  88. N***v

    The processor is good! Immediately started, only windows had to reinstall! Chase almost to 4 GHz


  89. M***y

    Sent quickly, everything started without dancing with beads. Percent without scratches.


  90. R***r

    In general, no problems) inserted and forgot on the H61 chipset, on the most homeless mother works without problems. Zone VRM 50 GR under load. Percent in linpak to 63 barely warm up


  91. R***r

    Great percent! Came as new, although a little thermal paste was still, but it does not matter. On the beta version of BioSA 2013 gigabyte ga-h61m-s2pv v2.2 started the first time. Compared to i5 3330 it is Sky and Earth. In FPS games became more, if at ultra-high in 3 spook in novplayback there was somewhere 50-60 FPS, now at full 60-65 FPS ultras. There was a choice to take E3 1240 V2 and this percent, this was cheaper, I took it for 2600 rubles, about 40 dollars.


  92. V***v

    Great processor. Came quickly, looks like new. Cheap analog i7-3770


  93. D***i

    My Motherboard allows you to accelerate the process to 0.5 GHz. this PRLC did not take and 0.1 GHz over the norm. Otherwise everything is fine


  94. S***w

    Motherboard Asus P8H77-M Le. Stood I5-2500se. I put Xeon immediately started, the performance increased by 40% fps in “tanks” by 80 units. For 3TR I think this is very good. By the way, the previous percent is also from celestial.


  95. V***v

    All OK


  96. Customer

    Well for 1155 this percent top, above jump already nowhere, if only to change the platform, performance (if a little overclocking and good memory) almost catch up with rizen


  97. S***s

    Very good product only the store not answer messages.


  98. R***r

    Thank you. Works great.


  99. N***n

    Everything works, it came forward. What else do you want?


  100. D***y

    Packed Super all well


  101. Y***v

    Corresponds to the description. Got on the p8z77-v LX without problems on turbo boost’e. Temperature stable. Above 54 degrees has not seen yet. The goods are satisfied, thanks to the store.


  102. Customer



  103. U***r

    Came in perfect condition and well packed


  104. V***w

    The item is excellent, I’m happy


  105. R***v

    Working fine, good price, thanks a lot!


  106. U***s

    Took 47 days to arrive, arrived well packed and well protected the processor now just wait the rest get and Mount my PC.


  107. D***n

    Percent working, memory started at 1600 MHz


  108. M***.

    Everything is clear, percent of that, it works, I advise.


  109. Customer

    Excellent percent, started on the ga-h61m-d2-b3, cold, under a load of 63 degrees on a compact aluminum cooler. Much more powerful than i3 2120. Happy with the purchase. Delivery 19 days to the Orenburg region. Came without traces of use, but a little dirty lid


  110. Y***v

    Delivery time is not appreciated, for me so fast, about 14 days!)


  111. D***o

    Excellent performance, arrived very fast In Thick Bush.


  112. B***r

    I Am very satisfied


  113. R***o

    Working perfectly on a desktop socket 1155 motherboard.


  114. W***o

    Came as new. Very good. Recommend


  115. Customer

    Arrived quickly, but there is no time to check. As it turns out, I will add a tip. Keshbek by QR code or qrgo. page. link/f5dnb (remove unnecessary spaces)


  116. A***v

    Received the parcel ordered 11.01 came 02.02 took from the post 05.02 very satisfied quickly came to Novosibirsk. Until I tested the photo from the Metro satisfied as an elephant


  117. V***n

    It came sooo quickly, everything is well at 4 +! I recommend


  118. R***a

    I would say that I am very satisfied. From the time made the payment, were 32 days calendar to be with the product in hands. Packaging, despite being in envelope, comes very well protected with bubble and EVA, besides processor come with plastic box. Despite a used product, it comes with the appearance of new and no visible signs of extreme use. With the original coolerbox my old i5 3330 and thermal paste coolermaster, stress testing, not spent 79 degrees Celsius, the test was performed during half hour. Plan To change the cooler. The more am satisfied, CS GO that is the game more game, improved about 50 fps compared to my old processor.


  119. B***r

    Product as described. Well packed and delivery on time. Installed and working properly. Waiting a few days in working to confirm stability. Had no doubts or cant attest the after sales problems with the product, however, recommend the product and the store!


  120. D***a



  121. D***n

    I recommend!


  122. B***s

    Very good product, arrived right and flawless, 100% Working


  123. J***O

    All Great!


  124. A***l

    Great product, recommend, cost-effective


  125. V***v

    Top percent


  126. A***v

    In excellent condition


  127. M***v

    The processor works fine, on the bus almost do not chase. Temperatures above 48 54 in stress test Aida CPU FPU do not rise. I recommend as an alternative i7-3770.


  128. R***s

    Everything fine. good product as described and fast ship. Really good options to old platforms. Much cheaper than I7 3770 and roughly same performance.


  129. D***i

    Processor delivered. Looking like a new, performance is amazing, immediately got up. Note that this processor needs a good cooler with 100 W heat dissipation. Ordered in 12.01, came in 03.02. A good analog of i7 3770, especially for their money. Recommended for purchase.


  130. A***k

    Clean, with a tiny barely noticeable scratch, working.


  131. A***y

    This pidoras sent 23 days processor, did not answer. Delivery 2 weeks, Myst eksпрес, works without comments, packed perfectly


  132. S***y

    Thank you very much to the store! The goods are quality. Started right away. Everything works.


  133. P***a

    Everything is super!


  134. A***V

    Fast delivered. Good quality. Highly recommended! Quickly delivered to Novosibirsk. Good processor condition. I recommend!


  135. A***n

    Started at a frequency of 3491 MHz


  136. Customer

    Beautiful. neat, without visible traces.


  137. Y***y



  138. P***n

    Everything works. Packed well. I recommend.


  139. G***r

    Everything is fine, not heated. Walked three bitch months


  140. R***r

    The processor is working, looks like a new one, stress tests are excellent, benchmarks correspond to this processor model. The store recommend although he does not respond in messages)


  141. Customer

    A good processor. Everything’s fine. Clean, the paste was not included. Works for Hurray. Took for a home computer.


  142. V***r

    Walked for a long time, about a month. Packed well, without complaints. Installed on the motherboard Asus p8h61m-le, after updating the BIOS. Cooling gammax 400.


  143. D***y

    Everything’s fine. Percent replaced instead of i5 3570 K, became 4 threads more. The frequency is slightly smaller. It was 3.9. In a slightly dispersed state. 15% test supplement. Works month in daily mode. No problem. I’ll comment.


  144. S***y

    It was two months. Look like a new one. Installed. Everything works fine.


  145. V***v

    It came very quickly 11 days before Tomsk, received, inserted, won


  146. V***r

    Prots super best of the line of Xeons for their price


  147. E***a

    Delivery time is amazing! 12 days to Belgorod region. put instead of i5 3330. I didn’t have a dance with a tambourine. The growth is very tangible. With the RX 570 4 GB video card I play on high settings in all modern games. The percent is hot, but the tower on two tubes managed. I advise the store!


  148. M***o

    Made the purchase in Jan and the product finally arrived, after almost 4 months. The principle is working normally and in great condition.


  149. V***v

    Everything started. Ozu took 1600 out of the box yet.


  150. S***n

    CPU meets 100%. Externally OK. Works on MB Intel h77 with a turbo driver. I decided to pay for a penny ($45) with a penny. Doubtful a little of course, but many programs have an increase. RAR so generally 100%. Mainly the percent took for Adobe Premiere, the tests are still ahead 🙂 ID tracked all the way.


  151. E***v

    Good percent and externally and technically


  152. E***v

    Thank you, good processor.


  153. A***a

    Great prose!


  154. A***n

    On ASRock zh77 started without problems. In tests, the expected increase in Multiflow performance.


  155. B***r

    Product arrived well packaged and functional. Not like was the store take over 15 days to send and not answer messages Took over 2 months and half to get here in fair Santana-ba.


  156. G***r

    Very good sound being well shipping dog period in perfect Ohm


  157. S***e

    Fast shipping. good condition! thank you~


  158. V***o

    Mega fast delivery to the Volgograd Region 10 days


  159. V***n

    The processor is good. Come quickly. On the territory of China 15 days taking into account the flight. On the territory of Russia 7 days before delivery from the moment of entry to customs. In fact, the parcel reached 3 weeks. The processor itself, under a cruel load, managed to heat up to 56 degrees, but this wine is a stock cooler from g2010. Thermal paste kpt-8. Temperature in simple 38-40. The critical temperature threshold on the Intela site is 65,8. But such a stove will clearly be nothing)) in general, the purchase is satisfied. 4 kernels 8 threads per eye for my purposes


  160. A***v

    The Republic of Komi has arrived in 16 days. The processor corresponds to the ordered (E3 1230 V2). Acquired on Asus p8h67-m Le after updating to the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s website. Seller recommend. Screenshot under load I attach.


  161. V***s

    Arrived 01 day early, despite having changed some 02 times day arrive, but still not tested; let’s see if eh all the promises and see if there is damaged;


  162. K***n

    The processor came in 3 weeks, not a single scratch, not a single chip SMD. I write a review three days later, everything works.


  163. P***l

    Everything is alright.


  164. D***n

    Price-performance in my opinion is the best for 1155.


  165. A***v

    It was about a month. Came a whole with minor scratches. Packed perfectly. It does not work on all mothers. On my p67s-c43 had to sew beta version of the BIOS.


  166. A***o

    Fast shipping


  167. M***v

    Very satisfied with the product, the processor was like new. I ordered from this store the second percent. One to yourself, and the other to a friend. Sent immediately. Before grozny arrived in 2 weeks. I recommend.


  168. D***v

    Came quickly recommend


  169. Customer

    Everything’s great. Fast shipping. Detailed tracking, good item


  170. S***v

    Seller Super, delivery in 8 days, everything works as hours


  171. R***n

    The stone installed everything works. Very satisfied with the purchase


  172. E***o

    All as in the description, percent work normally


  173. V***n

    the goods corresponds to the description, the goods ara package in high quility, delivery on time.


  174. K***v

    Everything is fine


  175. A***K

    Fast delivery, packed perfectly, until i checked, check to write off.


  176. R***r

    In st. petersburg, the processor came in 17 days. The processor in kind of norms, at the first start on turned on, after several attempts everything worked. Now i run to cinebench.


  177. Customer

    Percent almost the top for 1155, put, the computer started without problems, very inexpensive upgrade.


  178. P***v

    The processor launched without problems on Asus p8b75-m. 4 cores 8 threads. I advise you.


  179. V***n

    I sent the order too long. If anyone needs a stone quickly, then choose another store. The processor is good, there are no complaints, it works stably and well.


  180. A***v

    Got it. It’s okay.


  181. I***v

    Came quickly! Worker all ok!


  182. M***v

    The goods came quickly, for 2 weeks (usually it takes 1-2 months to me). The processor is whole, without thermal paste. There were trabs with a computer, did not want to work with a process, but then magically earned. The processor is satisfied, the store is 5 stars!


  183. V***v

    Thank you packed well. Checked the inclusion all works.


  184. Customer

    The processor is ideal for budget assembly because it has 4 cores 8 threads, arrived 20 days before msk, packed was excellent without any dents on the top of the processor, i recommend the store and this product.


  185. S***b



  186. A***o

    Thank you received


  187. A***n

    Everything is fine, the processor came relatively quickly Motherboard Asus p8h61 M Pro, everything works, only do not forget to update the BIOS Analog i7 3770 with the exception of only the built-in graphics for 3800, which you can only dream of)


  188. A***v

    Corresponds to the description


  189. S***n

    Arrived on time. Processor working.


  190. G***r

    Processors are good, but the price of the store jumps on +/-6 $. Обидно.


  191. A***v

    Ordered 2019-10-27 came 2019-11-08 to Stavropol. The processor is clean, without scratches. Packed normally. The parcel came without damage. The store is satisfied, I recommend.


  192. V***r

    Arrived for 27 days, the worker, in appearance, everything started well