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INTEL XEON E5430 2.66GHz 12M 1333Mhz CPU Processor Works on LGA775 motherboard

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In stock

INTEL XEON E5430 2.66GHz 12M 1333Mhz CPU Processor Works on LGA775 motherboard

HTB1l1QoaEGF3KVjSZFm762qPXXaW INTEL XEON E5430 2.66GHz 12M 1333Mhz CPU Processor Works on LGA775 motherboard
HTB1A57HaBGw3KVjSZFD760WEpXa0 INTEL XEON E5430 2.66GHz 12M 1333Mhz CPU Processor Works on LGA775 motherboard

HTB1.iAuaBKw3KVjSZTE763uRpXad INTEL XEON E5430 2.66GHz 12M 1333Mhz CPU Processor Works on LGA775 motherboard
INTEL XEON E5430 2.66GHz 12M 1333Mhz CPU Processor Works on LGA775 motherboard
INTEL XEON E5430 2.66GHz 12M 1333Mhz CPU Processor Works on LGA775 motherboard
INTEL XEON E5430 2.66GHz 12M 1333Mhz CPU Processor Works on LGA775 motherboard
INTEL XEON E5430 2.66GHz 12M 1333Mhz CPU Processor Works on LGA775 motherboard

INTEL XEON E5430 2.66GHz 12M CPU equal to LGA775 Core 2 Quad Q9400 Q9300 CPU

-This is a hardware modified CPU that fit directly onto a Socket 775 motherboard, you do not need to cut the motherboard socket and risk the damage!
-Each item have been tested critically before shipment effected ,we have build several testing stations specially for CPU ,please buy it with worry-free.
-Photo (appearance, color, origin, serial number) for reference only, random delivery, if customers have specific requirements of the product's quality, can give us message,thanks.
Tips: Xeon processor isn't support work in Asrock G31-XX motherboard.

We have two options: SLANU and SLBBK, please leave us a message if you have any requirements.

INTEL XEON E5430 2.66GHz 12M 1333Mhz CPU Processor Works on LGA775 motherboard

This cpu can't support X38/X48/Q35/Q45/G33/G43/945/965 chip's mainboard.

before you buy the processor,pls make sure the processor can work on your motherboard,if you don't sure,pls contact me.thanks!

1.This CPU is used,We will test it can work properly before shipment.

2.Warranty Terms: 1 Year Warranty
3.Before you buy the processor, please make sure the processor can work on your motherboard. Thanks!
4.Processors all have a mark on it before we send, proving that they are from our store.
About Shipping
1. The items will be ship out soon when received a verified payment. We are not responsible for any wrong or undeliverable address.
2. It usually takes around 2 to 3 working days by express, and 15-50 working days by China Airmail to ship to your countries.
3. PS: All of the goods are free shipping by China post mail with the trucking number. If you want to got the products quickly, Please choose way of shipment by DHL, UPS, FEDEX or EMS.
1.You can get a year's warranty in our store

2.Returns accepted. Item must be in original condition. And you should pay the additional shipping fees incurred and the items returned should be kept in their original state.

INTEL XEON E5430 2.66GHz 12M 1333Mhz CPU Processor Works on LGA775 motherboard

Based on 129 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. A***v

    Ok… ..


  2. A***o

    It came in its best form and very quickly


  3. I***o

    I bought a Core 2 Quad last year and now this, the core 2 quad still works and the xeon is working too.I think that this is the best store to buy PC parts in AliExpress


  4. V***v

    Everything is fine, the condition is perfect!


  5. I***h

    Your the best!!!’


  6. B***r

    Received within 8-10 working day. Processor working…


  7. A***v

    Everything is fine. Works


  8. R***v



  9. R***v

    Arrived very quickly. The adapter is pasted, cutouts for the keys are made. True, as for me, so too deeply cut, you can see a layer of copper in the slots. Let’s hope the work does not affect.


  10. A***k

    There was no time to check, if i do not forget, after the check i will write off.


  11. M***v

    Cool everything works


  12. R***n



  13. A***a

    In synthetic tests much more effective than my e8400, but i would not say that this is a full-fledged analog quad core, all four cores see without updating the bios, well, in general, i’m happy with the purchase, i’m going to play mass effect andromeda


  14. S***F

    Sadness does not fit on asus pg5mx


  15. V***n

    Work perfectly


  16. D***v

    Asked the version that asked, on asus p5p41td, got up without updating the bios, but recommended, updated and checked, after q8300 it is clear that the power it has a lot more, in gta 5 rose fps, keep warm less than q8300.


  17. V***d

    Came quickly, a little scratched but not cretaceous. Fully working. Thanks to the store, i advise this store.


  18. A***v

    The order came very quickly, the store is excellent, I’m happy, thank you very much!


  19. M***v

    Got it fast, it works


  20. O***a

    Processor as new, everything is fine!


  21. V***n

    Processor working, i order not the first time here Installed on intel dg43ld mother


  22. N***v

    Good percent, really boo. Due to the sloppy tear from the cooler (it seems that akhvha boiled) there were scratches worse than from godzila’s paws. the store returned the money without questions. I think this is a rare case, so order without fear. All benefits)


  23. D***v

    Everything is fine, i recommend the store!


  24. B***v

    Good view, working, thermal paste clamp.


  25. A***o

    Got fast, happy as a luck


  26. I***v

    Checked-works. There is a small chip on the lid, as if a screwdriver was knocked out.


  27. Customer

    Everything came very quickly


  28. A***v

    The order came quickly after the upgrade of biosa started all the hood.


  29. O***V

    I ordered 2 intel xeon processors. The store issued the order very quickly, for which he was very grateful. Delivered quickly in two weeks.


  30. E***a

    Stepping e0, as requested. The cuts are made neatly, the sticker is glued smoothly. Works great. Overclocking did not try, does not allow the board (GA-G41MT-ES2L). Thanks!


  31. B***r

    Came in good condition, small scratches on the lid. On the board of the G31M-F (msi 7528 ver 1.0) became and started without problems with native biosis of the latest version, but not with all the instructions. After adding microcodes, support for all instructions available for this processor appeared.


  32. T***z

    It serves and gives a proper performance, but it is very warm. Maybe with a good heatsink the temperatures are more suitable, but with a stock one it’s dangerous to put heavy load on it because those high temperatures can constantly end the processor.


  33. I***u

    The processor received very quickly, at all stages it was tracked, put and it immediately started, works very well, put the store + 5, i will order many more pieces!!! I advise everyone!!!


  34. A***v

    Delivery is fast. Looks whole without scratches. I haven’t put it yet.


  35. N***n

    the processor arrived well, first I thought it would be bad since the new sockets are very deep; but the operation is adequate, they did not add thermal paste as in other occasions


  36. D***v

    Percent not to me, but the money was returned immediately, ordered here again


  37. A***n

    Sfor the producer .. all professionally .. packing .. sending .. communication .. all at the highest level .. to peter a little more than 20 days all sfor is happy…


  38. A***n

    All ok.


  39. D***c

    super fast shipping 9 days to Serbia. processor works immediately out of the box. tested on an msi ms-7529 ver 1.6.


  40. A***v

    Seller clever, delivery fast, processor looks like new, even without traces of thermal paste, installed without problems


  41. V***v

    Got checked works


  42. R***v

    The most reliable store, but recently the prices are slightly higher.


  43. A***s

    The processor came in less than two weeks, all the way tracked, put on the pc updated the bios, the flight is normal, the tanks fly)


  44. D***r

    Externally-fully corresponds to the description, adapters and cuts in place. i plan to use on the asus P5QL-CM board. Delivery 22 days, tracked. After checking, i will add a review. Thanks to the store, i recommend it to everyone.


  45. K***n

    Everything works (


  46. A***n

    Excellent product, excellent store. Delivery to penza-8 days. Processor-as new. Works without problems. Recommend!!!


  47. D***h

    In general, everything is fine, the processor is working, there are cuts, the only one sent is not the slanu option instead of slbbk. The processor was up to 3.4 ghz, the maximum was 3.6 ghz, but at such a frequency it is very heated.


  48. K***v

    The processor in the asrock G41M-VGS3 board earned immediately after installation.


  49. A***v

    It came quickly with a strong used check if it does not work i will add a review, and otherwise everything is good


  50. M***s

    Excellent. The article came fast.


  51. U***u

    The adapter is in place, it works like a clock.


  52. D***S

    Great processor for the price. Works perfect. Very happy with RE store.


  53. R***V

    Good percent. Slightly scratched


  54. M***h

    Works all


  55. I***v

    Percent worker came quickly


  56. F***f

    Ürun arrived broken store returned the money in 2 days


  57. A***o

    The processor is very good, it does not heat more than 50 °c according to the characteristics of everything as in the original. the adapter is exactly. the only thing you need to update the bios to version 0416 and then everything will work. the store recommend


  58. S***v

    Percent working. As for the real increase in productivity, i can not judge yet, you need to test. Not heated


  59. B***r

    Good but the temperature seemed too much I saw 75 degrees at all load not bad maybe I’m glad I didn’t do bios mod


  60. A***o

    Very fast, i work perfect


  61. E***v

    Fast delivery, packed in a simple package with a puffy. Ga p-31 ds3l had to flash modified firmware


  62. Customer

    Proz robochiy, prazyuy korrektno


  63. B***r

    All at the highest level, perfect store! Fast shipment, excellent processor condition. Sent out the audit requested.


  64. S***i

    i have not yet used it but it look great. The store is nice and recommend because of the good communication and service.


  65. R***k

    It came very quickly, 11 days to the ecb. Works fine, bios stitched.


  66. E***n

    In mos. obl. The processor arrived in two weeks. Asked for an audit of e0-it was sent. Thermal paste was not included. Packed normally-an envelope with a gun inside, and a thin layer of a gun, which was wrapped in a plastic box with the processor itself. Installed percent on asus p5q. Launched on maud. Bios is the latest version. First took 3.7 ghz, then reached 3.75 ghz at a constant voltage of 1.32 v. You set the frequency just above-you have to significantly bulge the voltage for its stable retention, which leads to an disproportionate increase in the temperatures of the process, the southern bridge and the vrm. Cool. I have thermalright mach0 rev. A, thermal paste is some kind of nonem from a white bag that came to me a little earlier with a transfer for a laptop. With a long load of 100% max. The temperature for all cores was seen in the area of 53-55 degrees. I am happy with the purchase, for my 500 rubles percent sharply revived the computer in the workshop, which was initially on a highly incoherent c2d e8400, although working for 3.8 ghz.


  67. N***n

    The processor is fully working, unfortunately it was not supported by my motherboard, i had to buy another one for verification. All scratched came. When buying a processor, check with the store support your motherboard. the percent came very quickly 13-15 days before vladimir.


  68. M***h

    Percent worker, came very quickly!


  69. H***n

    Arrived half long 40 days 15 so no Brasil more this good. Arrived perfect and worked first in mother board ECS g31t M7. Recognizing the 4 cores all good. AGR att the BIOS with microcodes to see if has a better instability and change the cooler box for a better cuz warm enough yet made a over to 3.0 MHz and to play Re2 good so that the processor passed 80°no cooler Intel. Will att the microcodes see if improves temperature Mayan almost sure’ll have purchase cooler use elw with a overzinho. More cost beneficial aaindo a Core 2 Duo E7500


  70. V***d

    The processor came, like without damage, scratched, but i think it will work.


  71. Customer

    Shipping 15 days. The CPU is very many scratches. THE general quality is not. Not tested as long as that. Later will check отпишусь.


  72. M***v



  73. D***v



  74. S***h

    On asrock g31m-gs 1.10 stood up after the jampers reshuffle. There are no scratches, like new ones. I came in the bag + pupyrka, strangely, waited that he would come in a plastic container. Send the next day, after the purchase. Delivery to minsk a little less than a month, it would be faster, but apparently the printer badly printed in the address number, the mail took more time to find me 🙂


  75. A***v

    Good product, according to the description


  76. I***y

    The store is well done. Packed processor well. Installed in the laptop and immediately determined to minsk 2 weeks. And the price on the parcel indicated $2 (recommend)


  77. V***b

    Everything works, it was not possible to disperse. Temperature acceptable


  78. V***n

    The evaluation will not spoil, but ordered 3, and came 2 processors. Immediately did not pay attention to the presence of an autopsy. Faster i wanted to put)) but still for this price the top processor. In acceleration to 3.1 ghz on the g31 board shows good results) i put all friends who are lazy to change the platform to modern))) i will order more necessarily. And i’ll be more careful. The dispute of course opened, i do not know will return no. But to be honest is not offensive if not returned)))


  79. D***v

    It’s okay.


  80. N***n

    The store is excellent, everything came within a week to irkutsk


  81. V***o

    Installed today, for an hour of work glitches did not observe. Put on the motherboard asus p5k instead of e6550


  82. V***n

    Everything came, delivery to Kazakhstan 3 weeks. I haven’t checked yet. State of course average, ordered 3 processors. The covers are very scratched. Straight as for selection on three processors.


  83. T***v

    Not yet checked


  84. A***k

    And it was not possible to check. I hope that the narrow-necked did not. Outside is not Cossack. When ordering pointed out the threat to the Chinese that if there are chips of condere from below the process-I will open a dispute. Last time, without any threats to him, he sent the dog a percent with the demolished condors. Percent had to in the trash-immediately did not notice and closed the deal. Check the pre-received goods-these p …. They’re fighting for… our brother.


  85. P***p

    Great. Had a problem with shipping, but came perfect. Arrived in 40 days calendar in Brazil


  86. O***n

    The store is well done!, the processor was with marriage, so he immediately apologized and made a return after I dropped the video with the proof. Before that I bought and everything was fine


  87. S***v

    I order a second time. The first percent I managed to burn, with this everything works fine


  88. Customer

    Arrived in Saratov in less than 2 weeks, the percent started immediately on the latest version of the BIOS F14 motherboard ga-965p-s3 rev.3.3 two weeks flight normal, the maximum temperature was 65C


  89. D***v



  90. Customer

    Works. Perfect condition.


  91. J***a

    Great processor came right working with thermal paste included, recommend 100% great store, second purchase that do and am very satisfied!


  92. O***o

    Started on the motherboard MSI P965 neo-F V2 (MS-7235), works as a platform for the file server on mint Linux 19.2. To fully support the processor, updated the BIOS firmware of the matetina board. Flight is normal! Processor and store recommend!


  93. D***n

    Good condition. Light scratches, I think, are obtained in the process of cutting. I will not check soon. But this is the fourth processor ordered here. So, I think the norms. It came quickly. I bought for 454r. And it came not simple mail. Everything was tracked.


  94. P***v

    The description corresponds. I order here not the first time. I ordered a pair of original for 771 socket. Delivery is slightly less than a month. I recommend.


  95. Customer

    Came, earned on P5Q Deluxe without flashing


  96. D***j

    Quickly to Bryansk two weeks


  97. B***r

    Arrived very quickly. Like!


  98. A***a

    There are no complaints to the store, thank you. The only remark for those who want to buy such a processor-on a box cooler in games is heated above the norm-70 degrees Celsius. Therefore, know that for normal work you will have to buy a cooler better, as the boxing intelovsky cooler does not cope with cooling.


  99. V***v

    Seller thanks!!! Sending and delivery to Khakassia was 19 days. Works fine, everything is fine


  100. P***g

    Fast delivery: ordered september 22, arrived october 8. Efficiency has not checked yet.


  101. R***o

    Arrived for 33 days, packed normally, a plastic standard case for processors, plus a doll and all this on top wrapped with a food film. A worker arrived. Slots and adapter on contacts are. More especially from the processor and not required, i recommend.


  102. G***r

    Oooochen quickly well oooochen


  103. S***s

    Came for 2 weeks, asked the producer to send slbbk such and sent. On the mat. The gugabyte g41m-es2l board started with a modified bio.


  104. D***n

    I order a second time and everything is fine. delivery is fast, percent is not scratched and everything works as it should


  105. Customer

    It did not work stable but the store had refund


  106. I***o

    The item works well, shipping was very fast and arrived in good condition, recommended


  107. D***n

    I do not take it for the first time. Processors are quite adequate.


  108. G***i

    The store is excellent. Delivery is fast. It turned out to run on the motherboard Gigabyte P35


  109. A***v

    Came a whole, stitched the bios in advance, the Kompressor flew, compared to the Pentium 4 single-core this gun in general!!!


  110. I***z

    With scratches but completely functional


  111. A***b

    Arrived in good condition slanu, without updating the BIOS Works, the temperature in the load is 40-45 degrees. Mother MSI g41m-p28. Version of the BIOS stood 26.11


  112. I***V

    The parcel has reached in ten days, as I will check I will add a review, I recommend definitely this store!!!!


  113. D***v

    Got to St. Petersburg in 13 days. Packed well. Slightly shabby, you can see that used. Got up without problems.


  114. A***n

    I order from this store not for the first time, I ordered memory and processor, everything is as always fast and high quality! Re store is one of the best stores on AliExpress! seller of successful sales.


  115. A***v

    The goods came for 20 days to Voronezh, everything works fine. thanks to the store.


  116. A***n

    The description corresponds, on gigabyte G41 chipset starts, is defined and works, does not try to disperse. Delivery 2,5 weeks


  117. D***v

    Delivery three weeks to taganrog, everything works fine.


  118. M***n

    I’m satisfied


  119. M***v

    Works perfectly, installed on asus P5KPL-AM se.


  120. R***v

    Excellent cpu price/performance


  121. K***n

    The processor came in 17 days, everything came as requested, if you take this processor, then write to the store to send the version of slbbk Costa Rica and packed well, it listens and performs everything as requested, in general, I’m happy with everyone, if someone has a maternal Fee gigabyte p43-es3g rev 1.0, then safely order this processor, update to the BIOS F14 on the site ideafix and will be happiness to you, the seller highly recommend, I order everything not for the first time, and everything comes working and in excellent condition CPU store as always on Height


  122. T***a

    Walked madly long before St. Petersburg, 2 months!?!?!


  123. D***v

    Came quickly. Works great. With normal tower 40-45 degrees temperature. With a box cooler was 60-65


  124. S***h

    Received in 20 days. Slightly scratched, but put, updated the bios, everything works fine.


  125. M***u

    Thank you for returning money without troubles


  126. V***v

    Very good processor. Pulls many games. On Asus p5k came up.


  127. V***b

    Everything is OK, works on G41 ASRock without firmware


  128. A***v

    Everything corresponds to the description


  129. S***h

    Aida test does not pass, the motherboard is weak (ASRock G31M-GS), 1.1 V in total goes, or the processor is so caught