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Intel Core i7-3770 I7 3770 Processor cpu LGA 1155 100% working properly Desktop Processor

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  1. A***y

    Works, satisfied.


  2. Y***v



  3. M***v

    The processor has learned, then vnik that not all motherboards 1155 will be able to support this percent))) check compatibility) the store recommend everything works like a clock!


  4. A***v

    Received in perfect condition. I had to sew a bios. Motherboard Foxconn 2ada


  5. M***v

    Came quickly. In excellent condition. Everything works. I recommend +++


  6. P***n

    Got it. The processor works.


  7. V***n

    20 days to m. o works well


  8. A***r

    The goods came pretty quickly. everything corresponds. thanks


  9. E***o

    It came quickly in 3 weeks. Processor working. I recommend.


  10. S***y

    Very nice item thanks


  11. A***N

    Ordered 22,12, 19 received 10,01, 20 according to the ordered. Took for replacement i3 2100. Teper comp flies. But before the replacement had to update the bios to the version of the newer. And so everything is fine. Seller recommend.


  12. Y***o

    Everything is fine, percent working


  13. E***v

    Everything is cool, it came quickly, well packaged, everything works, I recommend it


  14. G***n

    Product looks okay Did not test it yet. So i still have to install it, but i do not have all the equipment yet to try it out. When i do install it, i will leave another message But so far so good Well packed and fast delivered


  15. R***d

    Excellent Productโ€ฆ Arrived’s agreement to the description


  16. A***v

    Everything works well. That’s only on the sress test heated I think it is necessary to scalp what should be expected and the cooler is old. And so all the rules to the store like delivery in the blink


  17. I***v

    The processor came very quickly in a good package, a small bed is visible on the lid, but I think it will not affect especially those and performance, as I will write the addition.


  18. V***v

    Everything is fine from the first time.


  19. E***n

    All is working. Thank you.


  20. M***v

    Come, work


  21. Y***n

    The processor came in used. On the lid, as in the picture, some Chinese seal. Processor working, believed osst no errors. Packed in medium, plastic container with a transfer and wrapped once foamed film. In general, everything is fine. He asked not to send a percent, the store ignored.


  22. A***v

    Percent norms. Worker. Got in Ryazan for two and a half weeks. I advise the store.


  23. Customer

    Everything is fine, two months flight is normal


  24. J***s

    Arrived much earlier than expected, working perfectly.


  25. B***s



  26. J***h

    Everything works fine. The goods came quickly.


  27. R***r

    The processor came in 9 days. In a five-minute stress test warms up to 75 with a tower cooler. In games holds 65. In a simple 40. I order from this store not the first time.


  28. A***v

    The percent works, everything is fine. I can recommend the store and the goods


  29. A***v

    I received the goods until I checked. Process in good external condition, fast delivery.


  30. A***v

    External condition for 5 +, did not check for work, but I hope everything will be fine! Delivery is fast, thanks to the store!


  31. A***o

    Everything is super as always!!!


  32. Customer

    The store does not answer any messages at all, does not even read. But nevertheless, the goods are excellent, the parcel came very quickly, especially since they have in China, the new year. Percent installed, everything works, at least now, let’s see how it will be further. Although the seller does not read messages, I can recommend it, ordered from him and before, there were disputes but the seller is adequate, there were no problems.


  33. E***s

    Got everything right. Working 100%


  34. P***v

    Everything is fine! The parcel came in time. The processor works, the temperature in stress tests Aida above 70 did not rise.


  35. D***n

    Prots started after updating the BIOSIS, there are no glitches, after the 3rd 2nd generation all straight ran


  36. B***e

    I just mount it in my PC, and I work well.


  37. S***v

    The condition is perfect, it started without problems on p8h67 after firmware BIOS., temperature 28-32c rest, 65 maximum with tests, cooling Zalman thermal cutting. Seller respect, all in time, packing norms.


  38. G***a

    Got it right, in excellent condition, can buy without any fear, arrived very fast, store.


  39. V***k

    The processor took a long time. Very long. Came percent is not poorly packed, I have been using for about a month no problems. Seller recommend


  40. A***n

    Got it. Externally, the state is normal. I could not check, because. The matirian fee does not bother him


  41. C***a



  42. G***r

    All OK, working 100%. Very good great acquisition processor


  43. G***r

    Took 2 months for Brazil, but arrived. Product arrived looking new and working quietly.


  44. B***r

    Arrived in perfect condition, made the purchase in Dec the product arrived in Jan.


  45. Customer



  46. G***v

    This is the actual price of a used processor old, but now it has risen sharply in price, for this ball below


  47. M***y



  48. A***v

    The package went to Peter for almost a month, the processor was well packed.


  49. I***v

    I took on the replacement of i3 3240, got up without the firmware of BIOSes and other dances with beads. in toys, the maximum is heated to 60, the performance compared to my old prochem is very and very pleased) to the Smolensk region has realized something about 2 weeks, in the form of a percent as new, without scratches and damage visible.


  50. Customer

    Good processor,store didnt answer on questions – one star


  51. F***o

    Sending fast, percent in full order without flaws, 32 V simple and 67 under load and this with a beef cooler from i3, satisfied with shorter


  52. S***v

    The store sent the order on the trail. Day, CPU came in good condition. Everything works multiplier chases, the product corresponds to the description. The only negative is the degradation of the heat nozzle under the lid but for the old used processor is the norm, it will be necessary to rock =)


  53. V***a

    Arrived right, well packed, all right


  54. M***v

    Excellent processor. Everything works.


  55. V***v

    The store, I’m sorry, could not start the processor very long and opened the dispute, only on the third Machine managed. Everything works. Thank you.


  56. T***r

    Arrived very fast and well carded. I haven’t tried yet


  57. I***o

    All ok. As requested traces of operation is not visible, with stress test 51 degrees. Time will show how it will behave in the future) store thanks! I will order from him more ..


  58. N***v

    Works properly, without lags. The processor came well packed, clean from old thermal paste, with blue seal as in the photo.


  59. E***e

    Good quality, fast delivery


  60. A***N

    Everything is fine!


  61. A***y

    Thank you very much to the store for the promptness! Delivery to kiev took 15 days!!! Checked everything works! Very satisfied!


  62. B***r

    Product arrived in great condition, not packed 100% functional


  63. L***s

    It’s the product that was expected. Delay time about 1 month. 0 communication with store.


  64. U***n

    Everything super works


  65. U***h

    Very good, top company, recommend!


  66. D***v

    The processor is good. Everything works.


  67. N***v

    Came quickly, everything works.


  68. R***y

    The processor is fully working, from the date of payment to receipt in arkhangelsk 22 days. Seller recommend.


  69. O***n

    The processor came quickly and safely. I did not check yet, i will later add a review.


  70. R***r

    I recommend this store!!! Ordered, wrote that would be without defects, etc. Came as new ๐Ÿ™‚ all day i sit wondering no problems at all! Comp just came to life ๐Ÿ™‚ To novokuznetsk shol 25 days! Ps. The seller thank you very much)))


  71. V***v



  72. A***h

    Got checked all the norms


  73. M***l

    Excellent processor. The processor is unlocked , multiplier max 39 times ! So I overclocked the processor to 3.9 GHz ! Works fine with the original cooler from Intel . Code name : Ivy Bridge in 22 nm . Very good store.


  74. S***v

    Came in for 16 days. Everything works. Packed well, in a box from AMD. XD


  75. D***o

    To the Stavropol territory came in 16 days, no scratches on the process. Put while without thermal paste, heated in a load of 50 degrees.


  76. Customer

    I had to update the bios, after updating the percent determined and the computer started. Flight norms, later i will add a review. Thank you.


  77. I***a



  78. A***v

    The computer just came to life, compared to the Intel Core i3 2120) put on the mother gigabyte z77pd3, temperature from 40 to 55 degrees, with a low-voltage cooler, cooler standard, thought snowman order, but now I see nothing) in general, I’m glad, in the Bryansk region for a month came… Well, it’s nothing, the main thing that came and intact)


  79. B***m

    THE product appearance came with again not taxed… am satisfied


  80. O***s

    I ordered this percent for the replacement of Xeon E3 1220, Call of Duty 2019 stopped working, FPS grew up, I ordered the 2nd processor with Ali, but it was still scary, I recommend the store, percent of course used but in the future. The temperature in the game is at an average of 53 degrees.


  81. R***r

    Percent i7 3770, delivered to Peter days in 20, from China-quite acceptable. Packed well, puffy bag, inside wrapped with foam polyurethane, itself in a special plastic package. Appearance-on “very good”, without scuffs and scratches. I’ll collect the car, I’ll start work-I’ll add a tip.


  82. *.

    The processor arrived in less than two weeks, not hot 41-45 degrees in a simple, sent 3 days, if I find the cons I will add feedback.


  83. Customer

    The percent works. I arrived in two weeks.


  84. Z***n

    Thanks for the excellent processor, not heated, 30 degrees at 1000 rpm cooler. You can safely take, came not scratched as new. Update the BIOS if the mat. Fee old


  85. A***v

    Yay’s here! Not without dancing with a tambourine! If briefly-had to update the bios! And voila! Everything works!!!!!!! The track was traced to my post office! The store is super!!!! Thank you!!!


  86. R***r

    For 16 days I reached Kaliningrad. Works without problems.


  87. R***a

    Arrived very fast!: D


  88. W***f

    Mt product arrive early not tested yet but looks like new, great store


  89. P***n

    At me the motherboard did not see the processor and issued long 4 beeps when turning on the computer, thought to open the dispute, but then read about such problems, and it turned out that it was necessary to update the bios, after updating the bios of the motherboard all earned! BIOS was for 2012, updated for 2014.


  90. Customer

    P8h61m board drives it up to 4,00 GHz


  91. A***v

    Intel Core i7-3770 i7 3770 CPU LGA 1155 100% Working properly desktop processor Came. In the work has not yet checked


  92. S***v

    The processor works fine, packed well, arrived 3 weeks in St. Petersburg, itself clean, without traces of interference and soldering, the temperature working with intelligent fan 38 degrees, works fine!!!


  93. I***o

    Working smoothly!


  94. L***o

    Processor got everything right, and in good condition, took a little but all right


  95. D***n

    It’s okay!


  96. A***v

    Paid the order 11.11.19, sent only 21 numbers, to Almaty delivered in 13 days. The processor is working, there were strong scratches on the cover


  97. Y***v

    The processor is alive used, but almost without traces I did not drive for a long time, but I think everything is OK. in Russia it is hardly cheaper to find. I decided to switch from 775 to more fresh iron, but 1151v2 bites even the i3-8100, so I decided to take a i7-3770, which even still surpasses it and costs cheaper.


  98. K***v

    Came for a month, everything is fine


  99. R***r

    Installed a couple of days ago. When mounting in the premiere, the temperature is about 40 degrees. So far, everything works fine.


  100. M***v

    Works clearly!


  101. I***h

    I have purchased a processor and SSD and have been received in less than twenty days and are doing excellent work. And I’ll deal with him again


  102. S***v

    From new differences did not find, stress tests all pass. Promised to bring in 4 weeks, sent in 3, the track is tracked, everything is OK.


  103. O***v

    Very good! Thank you very much!


  104. M***o

    Percent working, small rubbing on the body. China sent the goods in 8 days, plus shipping to Volgograd 19 days, tracking to Post Office. In general, you can recommend.


  105. A***i

    Arrived in fairly short Times (20 D). Worked immediately


  106. Customer

    The processor came quickly enough, appearance-like new, no comments. Installed on the motherboard-works and no problems. Boards with socket 1155 are old enough, so do not forget to check the version of the bios, if necessary-update.


  107. A***a

    Excellent met all expectations! Looks New


  108. S***n

    I ordered the processor for Ali for the first time, I doubted a little, but it seems absolutely in vain. The processor came quickly, the condition is not as new, but excellent, started without problems. While chasing it, if that review I will add.


  109. O***s

    Fast shipping!


  110. A***y

    Prots arrived in Rostov on Don in 27 days from the moment of order. The condition is excellent. No scratches, no chips. The processor quietly took a 4.1 GHz frequency across all cores and in a booster up to 4.3 GHz


  111. A***a

    Arrived in 20 days


  112. A***v

    The processor is excellent. I had to update the bios of the motherboard, otherwise it was not determined. Comp just came to life, everything flies. I checked the stress tests, the temperature keeps stably low, though I do not have an OEM cooler from Intela, but scythe. Before that, there was a corei3-a terrible brake.


  113. F***v

    Be careful! Check whether your motherboard supports processors with 22 nm technology! For example, asus p8h68 le does not support.


  114. A***v

    3 weeks with a tail, to mari el Packed well. But at customs, apparently, three orders were pushed into one package. I order not for the first time. There were no problems before. And this hour, i hope, will not arise. The store is reliable.


  115. A***v

    At 100%


  116. A***a

    Arrived 29 days after payment. Light scratches, minor. Happy.


  117. A***v

    Everything is fine, works fine.


  118. F***k

    Works fine. BUT!!! The goods were delivered for almost three months.


  119. E***y

    Got to Crimea for a month. The processor works properly. Seller recommend.


  120. I***v

    The goods came quickly. Ordered 11.11 A received 21.11. Sealed in Prince norms. Put, updated the bios and everything worked. So I recommend the store. P.S. The bonus in the form of thermal paste was not put.


  121. V***v

    It came in a month, the temperature is in a simple 40. All the rules.


  122. S***v

    Processor working.


  123. K***v

    All ok


  124. A***v

    Delivery within three weeks to Ryazan. The processor works. Appearance-as new! I advise the store.


  125. P***a

    Arrived all ok looking new arrived in 18 days calendar was not taxed


  126. A***n

    The order came after 2 weeks, percent working, do not please the temperature, but it’s normal for old gum, treated with a scalp.


  127. A***v

    Came on time. Works as it should


  128. A***v

    Came somewhere for three weeks, took a replacement for the i5-3450, works, heated not much, did not scalping, the processor came dispersed by 9%. In conjunction with 1070 in RDR2 added about 10 fps, compared to the i5-3450. Sweating in Aida, confused is that the fact that the CPU photoworxx test showed the result lower than my previous processor. Otherwise satisfied, I recommend those who have 1155 socket.


  129. I***n

    The processor worked immediately. I will not use it for games, put on it a normal cooler, so the temperature when loading at 20-30% reaches 60 degrees Celsius. I’m happy at the moment. After the previous Celeron, this processor significantly accelerated the operation of the system.


  130. A***n

    It’s not the first time I order from this store. Fast delivery, the goods correspond to the description. Thank you.


  131. J***a

    Working as expected, normally.


  132. R***r

    Prots came to Russia quickly, then another week carried it in the post office, but the store sent everything promptly and before us the delivery was short. Processor packaging is a good-plastic case with a soft substrate under SMD-components. The stone itself is in good condition, clean, without scratches and chips, although used. My copy started immediately, everything works as it should. Thermal paste under the lid is not degraded and conducts heat as it should.


  133. J***o

    Arrived fast and less than 20 days, well packed. Working 100%


  134. R***.

    !!! All!!


  135. R***r

    Updated bios Asus p8h67 from the site. After all earned to As it should


  136. F***v

    I came for a month to Peter. At first I did not earn but sewing my mother all went.


  137. T***o

    Am still testing, but it seems is in perfect condition, arrived super well packed and in great condition.


  138. V***o

    The parcel came in 11 days that for me very quickly the processor works no complaints that not that it did not scalped just put everything in ัั‚ั€ะตั tast 70 degrees. But it’s not critical.


  139. S***v

    Vase bomb


  140. V***t

    Arrived quickly. packed well all the whole.


  141. M***o

    Before M.O. In two weeks. There are traces of installation. Replacement went without problems. Windows started, even did not swear on anything) everything is super. Shop recommend)


  142. P***v

    Delivery is fast, while it works) thank you)


  143. J***a

    Working perfectly


  144. D***n

    It came quickly, inserted into the computer instead of i3, it started immediately. Works great.


  145. Customer

    Proz passed in the puffy. Intact and do not harm.


  146. Customer

    The processor came quickly, working, the photo will not look like others. Seller mute fish, nifig does not answer, but reads. In general, everything is cool.


  147. N***v

    Everything works, delivery is fast. Percent is very hot, so my standard cooling did not pull, will have to buy a snowman


  148. S***v

    Works, came quickly


  149. N***a

    While everything works


  150. G***n

    Works for a week, everything is OK


  151. R***a

    Everything matches. Well packed. The store is always in touch.


  152. B***r

    Arrived perfect, already tested and working very well.


  153. S***a

    Fast, high-quality, accurate description, everything works fine!


  154. A***v

    The goods are received and checked. Everything works well. Delivery is fast. Thank you. Item received and inspected. Everything works well. Delivery is fast. Thanks.


  155. Customer

    It was a month, everything works. Got up instead of i5 2500 without problems.


  156. K***v

    The goods were delivered to latvia in two weeks, the processor is packed in transparent plastic and a protective envelope. Increased the multiplier by 4 positions (standard for ivy bridge “not to” processors), everything works fine.


  157. D***v

    13 days to the ecb. Percent 3 days drove, worker.


  158. D***n

    Percent came for a month as it was indicated in the store, completely working, does not look like a used new, purchased purchase very satisfied with all i recommend this store.


  159. E***v

    So far there is no possibility to check, visually all the norms


  160. S***v

    Everything is fine, came, put, went to the BIOS, started-everything works without complaints.


  161. A***f

    The state of the new product, tried on several MB everything works Super. The store is honest!!! Recommend!!!


  162. U***r

    Got, inserted, earned. I play the last Batman no problem. The Chinese is not talkative, but also on that thank you. paired with 1060 flight excellent. Cooling deepcool gammaxx 200 in a simple 35 degrees. All good!


  163. P***s

    Fully working. In a simple output 38C (with a 4-pipe Tower cooler). There was a long shipment, but in general the order is satisfied. Bashkiria reached 42 days.