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intel Core i7 3770 3.4GHz SR0PK Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU Processor

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In stock

H63dea69928134ab99a030b82b96f10091 intel Core i7 3770 3.4GHz SR0PK Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU Processor

Intel Core i7 3770 3.4GHz SR0PK Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU Processor

pulled from working machine , cpu will be final double tested before shipping.
Warranty Terms: 1 Year Warranty
Processor Brand: Intel
Processor Series: Intel Core
Model number: i7 3770
Processor Speed: 3.4GHz
Processor Socket: 1155
stepping: SR0PK
The number of CPU cores: 4
The number of threads: 8
L3 cache size (MB): 8 MB
Wattage: 77 Watt
Package Inclues:
1 x I7 3770 Processor
Please check before purchasing if your PC and parts are compatible with this processor to avoid extra shipping cost and delays.
Photos and serial number are only for reference , if there is fluctuation, according to the real object please.Thanks​!
intel Core i7 3770 3.4GHz SR0PK Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU Processor
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4:Tested before shipping;Safety packing box
5:Processor have one year warranty,memory have three years warranty

intel Core i7 3770 3.4GHz SR0PK Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU Processor

intel Core i7 3770 3.4GHz SR0PK Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU Processor

intel Core i7 3770 3.4GHz SR0PK Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU Processor

intel Core i7 3770 3.4GHz SR0PK Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU Processor

Based on 199 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. A***t

    Product same as advertised. Thank You.


  2. M***y

    Put, works. In a simple 30 under a load of 58 degrees. The cooler (tower) took immediately.


  3. Customer

    Hello everyone, here, stepped on the green-ordered this percent. It is most convenient for me at a price for my old lady (gaz77m). Why he, not 3770 k, because he was not going to drive, and i have enough, compared to two nuclear. Now to the case: everything was established normally, the paste applied our-kpt 8. A little pomudril with the sole of the cooler, sandanul-the middle was a choke sifted. At the first start noticed a small delay, you can see the bios determined a new percent. Really everything has become faster, starting from logging in, running a browser, programs and the work of the shop and vegas. For me, this is the minimum-maximum upgrade, because for a new system (without vidyuhi and hdd), i gained 60-65 rubles-a little expensive. I can advise you to take this percent, if the cgo system is not yet the most dead. Well, and so, 8 nuclear to help us and operativki 32 or even 64 hectares. I wrote a lot here, will anyone read?


  4. S***h

    The processor arrived quickly and in excellent condition. i am very grateful to the store. i recommend.


  5. D***v

    Prots reached chelyabinsk for 15 days. Put in imac, everything works fine.


  6. A***v

    Came for 11 days to moscow. The store did not put the thermal paste, had to buy. On working capacity i will write off after the test.


  7. A***v

    Pumped an old computer with a new processor. Flight is great.


  8. I***y

    The processor came even a day before the specified period. Very quickly deliver, it’s cool! Put it until the computer works with him… I guess i’ll be a little mad.


  9. I***v

    thank you. super product.


  10. A***i

    Thank you very much!! To the store, sent almost a new processor, Checked, works perfectly!!! Packed well, in a plastic container and “puffy”


  11. G***i

    Percent came for 15 days))) i was surprised))) everything works. There were no problems))


  12. I***v

    Received on the 13th day after the order, vladimir. I’ll check later.


  13. B***Z

    Prots came pts quickly less than 2 weeks, the store did not hear me, prots all in cats and scratches, asked without visible damage. badly packed, our post could damage my percent. the only thing i asked for was costa rica, that request was fulfilled. not very satisfied with the purchase, i hope the work of the processor will smooth out all my troubles


  14. K***k

    Came quickly, works on hurray, does not heat!


  15. A***n

    In rostov for 14 days. Everything works, overclocked to 4 hz at z77 + g43 msi


  16. S***k

    All norms, externally slightly rubbed, peak temperature in stress test with not the best thermal paste and cooler 74 °


  17. O***o

    Delivery is fast. Checked works.


  18. A***n

    Percent came in 15 days. The packaging was strongly wrinkled, but on the defects did not see. Mail, what else you say! The track was tracked all the way.


  19. R***v

    To udmurtia got quite quickly (a couple of weeks and a little earlier than the stated period) by simply the store without scratches and made in costa rica, the seller granted the request, i advise everyone, took a friend, i plan to take myself from the same seller


  20. A***l

    Excellent stone). The parcel came in 14 days.


  21. C***r

    The parcel got three weeks. Visually the processor is decently scratched. Even with my “tower” in a simple temperature of 40-45 degrees. In the load did not see above 71 degrees.


  22. E***a

    Everything works


  23. A***v

    I ordered not the first time, the store is well done. This time, however, the stone came with some dubious marking, but in the work of the shortcomings did not find, it works as it should, it is heated as it should) i recommend)


  24. S***s

    I take the second percent from this store. Came quickly, packed well. A few scratches, but not scary. Windows from the second inclusion of percent accepted. Strongly not heated, but the cooler is better to put more powerful.


  25. S***s

    To barnaul in 12 days! All as in the description! Very satisfied! Recommend!!


  26. M***v

    Yaxşı has been working for 10 days


  27. A***v

    Norms came very quickly


  28. A***v

    Sent the next day after the order. Delivery 2 weeks to vorkuta. the processor used is very visible to the naked eye. Established without problems. I’m going to test.


  29. V***n

    The store is handsome! Everything came fast and earned without problems! I highly recommend.


  30. Customer

    Delivery 3 weeks, the condition of the process is not bad small scratches


  31. R***c

    Came quickly, though the mother at first stubbornly jerked him off. After a bunch of manipulations, somehow it was determined. now all the norms are very unheated.


  32. Customer

    Processor working. Came to tula in 10 days. Asked without fur. That’s the damage that came. I’m happy. In operation as will work will show time. With the tower cooler zalman 7 in the stress test heats up about 70 degrees. In a simple about 35.


  33. A***a

    Article working and in perfect condition, a wonder.


  34. M***c

    Now all on the highs (games)


  35. O***v

    Delivery to ufa 10 days, the processor came in whole and serviceable, put with kpt-8 on its asus P8B75-M, the temperature is simple 34 degrees. A good upgrade of the old computer for little money! 🙂


  36. M***r

    Arrived in the dnieper for 2 weeks by meest express. Packed normally. I ordered i7 3770 costa rica. Proc. checked on the motherboard asus P8P67-M with bios 3703. Started the first time. As a cooling, i use the aardwolf performa 10x tower with 5 tubes. As thermal paste i use arctic MX-4. The stress test aida 64 (the test was 50 min), the temperature above 60 degrees did not rise, the average 55 degrees, in a simple 35 degrees. In far cry 5 (hd settings), the kernel is loaded about 60%, and the temperature above 55 degrees does not rise.


  37. R***r

    The store is good, i recommend. A processor with a very small scratch, but it does not matter. The main worker. There was one snag by mail, they did not specify the apartment of my house, in consequence of which i did not receive a notice of the arrival of the goods. At first i thought that the seller was guilty, incorrectly indicated the address, but not all this greasy post of russia… These work today. After 2 days i will add a review with the tests


  38. C***d

    Fast delivery. Well packed. Installed with no issue.


  39. R***v

    Everything corresponds to the order, the processor came for a week in the lipetsk region, everything works, before installing it is recommended to go to the website of the motherboard manufacturer and download the bios update for a new processor, otherwise everything works, not yet.


  40. A***v

    Corresponds to the order, it took 15 days to krasnoyarsk. In working condition, the lid is slightly scratched. The test for authenticity and efficiency of the program from belarus has passed. If not for the scratched cover then straight ideal. AND so all OK. Thank you store!


  41. A***v

    Excellent percent, the computer is alive. I take it not for the first time, all type of top. I bought for 5700r., on sale at the expense of cashback cost 5430r. Register goo. gl + spdqlw, (instead of + put slash) and use, it is not bad to save when online shopping in many stores


  42. A***n

    Everything is super! I’ll test it again thanks!


  43. V***h

    In perm, the parcel arrived quickly all together with the shipment in 10 days! Packaging is excellent, the percent itself is also ok!. Thanks to the store for the promptness


  44. Customer

    Product excellent Quality fair price


  45. A***a

    Fast shipping with tracking. Asked the store to test before shipping, what he promised to do. That is, communication was. The processor came as new. I did not notice any traces of use. Got immediately and without problems. The seller five points.


  46. R***r

    Delivered even faster than the estimated time. Launched without problems on the b75 mamka. I took a replacement for the failed i3 2120, there he is a photo in comparison. In games it shows itself great, does not load above 70%. Temperature in a simple 30-33 degrees. In games no higher than 56. I have a deepcool gammax 400 cooler, it even with excess for it. Orthodox paste: gd 900 from the same site, in deshman;). The best option. I took it when it cost 6400r, now it’s cheaper, which makes it only more relevant. To take the k-version of the meaning i do not see if you do not have a z chipset, but it is unlikely that you have a z chipset and percent weaker than this)


  47. N***N

    Very good store and 100% working product.


  48. T***t

    It came quickly! works perfectly


  49. Customer

    Received quickly, installed, tested in stress mode, all normal


  50. D***v

    I do not know yet and i can not check the performance, my mother has not yet come. But if the stone is dead, i’ll sign it later.


  51. K***m

    Atsuperfluous processor, like new. Took for 5650r. In my case, it has spread to 3.920 mhz. it does not warm under the “snowman” ~ 55-60 ° (4 heating units).


  52. Y***a

    The first post that was delivered 10 days before uzbekistan. The store sent the order the day after payment. The processor came perfectly packed in a good plastic case wrapped in a doll. The seller asked to send not very scratched, the seller went to the meeting and sent the cpu in very good condition. Drove the processor in different stress tests in aida more than 56 degrees after 10 min could not lift on the core, through the intel processor diagnostic tool the maximum temperature on the core 76 on the lid 56 degrees, cooling deepcool theta 31 pwm. Conducted a full diagnosis all works on hurray. I recommend both seller and product. Bought for $86 late september 2019.


  53. A***v

    Everything works. Got in 3 weeks.


  54. G***r

    Product working 100%, had no problem, arrived in less than 30 days here in SC-BR, moreover, there was no customs duty.


  55. D***v

    The parcel came about 2 weeks to Samara. The track was perfectly tracked and came to receive as soon as he arrived in the department. The processor is externally in excellent condition as new (can and New absolutely). The system saw him while everything was fine. I bought before that from the same store 3570, so everything was fine


  56. E***v

    Already stuck, the flight is normal. Manufacturer Costa Rica. The track was not tracked, but came quickly.


  57. D***n

    Came for two weeks in the MOS area, everything works, temperatures are normal


  58. A***v

    The parcel received in less than 25 days. In appearance, everything is in order, as I will add a review.


  59. M***n

    excellent packaging fast shipping every think is new works excellent excellent store


  60. R***a

    The product arrived in good condition, just not a thermal paste with the product


  61. Customer

    Relatively fast delivery. The processor is completely working, relatively not hot. Minor minus-packed in an antistatic bag, not in a plastic box.


  62. N***n

    I test at different new games, PR growth is clearly noticeable after i3. The processor came in good condition, traces of use are almost invisible. Works so far fine


  63. O***a

    Thank you! Delivery to Stavropol territory about 3 weeks. The processor was packed in a plastic case. Works fine, the temperatures are low. Sent as Costa Rica asked.


  64. D***n

    Everything works fine. I did not communicate with the store. Delivery is fast. The processor came from Costa Rica. It can be seen that used-but what he will be. In general, I’m happy. You can take it.


  65. Z***m



  66. Customer

    The deal was successful


  67. Customer

    Very good processor. Now combined with the brand new Nvidia Gtx 1650 4go OC by Gigabyte and 8 Go of ram, it gives a quite good enhancement to the overall system (a Dell precision T1650), either in quite recent games or internet with a lot of tabs opened or many programs opened. The only enhancement I can give to my system now would be adding a ssd drive and maybe a little more ram.


  68. M***o

    Processor came as new LED 28 days for the Holy Spirit not branded or postal order the processor looks new sure to buy back here already already put photos.


  69. I***v

    Stone worker, on the lid small scratches, checked on the chipset Z77-mother startanula. In the load has not yet checked, later I will add feedback. Seller well done, recommend


  70. E***n

    Works fine!!!


  71. C***o

    THE Processor arrived little beauty, the store stated as “processor (L/3” of 2 U $ What NOT was very cool, but not taxed. It is zeradíssimo, unmarked, until now is working well, 3 days. Anything back to write here. Came packaged with plastic bubble. The Processor is working fine, seller declared 2 U $, which can result in tax and the fine, but I have not been taxed, seems like new. Wrapped in bubble plastic


  72. V***v

    The store sent the order not immediately, but reached the processor quickly. At first the processor did not determine, I thought that it was not working. But after communicating with the seller, who prompted some actions, he earned. I hope that it will continue to work without censures. Thank you to the seller. The product corresponds to the description.


  73. Customer

    It took 24 days to Smolensk, the store answers during the day, the packaging is a standard plastic case from the processor in the umbilical and paper bag, the processor is slightly cracked from above, scratches and rubbing, works fine.


  74. C***c

    Everything came on time and whole ..


  75. V***v

    Well packed, finished pretty quickly. I will take more. thanks


  76. Y***v

    The processor is working, in a simple 50 degrees, will have to be scalped.


  77. A***e

    All perfect, the processor works perfectly, fast shipping and well packed


  78. A***v

    Works well. Like new.


  79. D***n

    Recieved it without troubkes in spam of 3 weeks to Rostov. well packaged, seemingly well preserved. all and all i belive it will perform as intended. unfortunately my new motherboard hasn’t arrived yet, so no chance of testing


  80. S***v

    Came to the spectrum. Bu small scrapes, did not check, the last photo-remains of paste, wiped)))


  81. D***n

    I reached Moscow a week from the moment of payment. Or rather in 6 days. The stone is excellent, took on the replacement of 3570. In the simple under the tower Zalman cpnx Performa 28-30 degrees With stress test 7-zip about 50 Excellent store and goods!


  82. C***m

    I dont think this was the original envelope. I think the package was opened and inspected and put in another envelope. Overall came in good condition. Installed an working. Going to stress test and benchmark


  83. A***v

    I take the third processor. Everything is fine, the delivery is fast, packing in puffy + thermal paste. Performance for such a price is excellent!


  84. D***d

    Processor came after 20 + days, opened immediately grieved from what he корябаный, and as if it specifically корябали how a be a knife, but percent working, even overclocked, not know how to be dispersed but in shows that he is not 3400гц and 3800


  85. D***s

    A beauty.


  86. Customer

    Very good, super fast like processor, arrived in 17 days, very good, obligation came all OK


  87. Customer

    Everything is fine. Condition is almost perfect.


  88. S***y

    Received a month after payment. Percent as new, without scratches and Costa Rica as requested from the store. Works norms, without problems. Thanks for the order. Happy new year!!!


  89. Customer

    Did not expect, delivery two weeks, the store responded in 10 minutes, came what he asked, inserted, works… And Che, so can I?)


  90. N***a

    Came in a puffy bag. Shipping and sending fast. Came without defects. Works, flies.


  91. S***v

    Good processor. Came for 3 weeks, without damage and scratches.


  92. V***h

    Costa Rica came, in Togliatti drove almost a month, everything works, but in the kit there was no thermal paste.


  93. M***e

    works good


  94. S***v

    The worker came-quickly. The store asked for delivery. I recommend.


  95. E***o

    As in the product description. Without by not taking. Great store. A + +


  96. M***m

    It took a very long time, ordered in late November it was January 8. Maybe all because of the holidays. But thank you to the store, I used it well before sending checked the goods, I collected it while it works.


  97. S***a

    Arrived and perfectly working.


  98. E***r

    Order received correctly, and in good furniture state


  99. A***U

    The processor works fine. The store’s service is very good. I recommend this supplier.


  100. U***r



  101. D***v

    CPU came quickly, despite the holidays. Updated the bios on Ivybridge, inserted the i7 3770 processor and the system earned! The speed has become noticeably faster compared to my old i5-2310. Very satisfied. The processor says Costa Rica


  102. F***V

    Prots started, although not immediately. In total, it was necessary to update the firmware bios of the old motherboard.


  103. A***



  104. V***g

    Came quickly. In excellent condition. In a simple 25 degrees, under a load of 50. Did not scalp.


  105. D***v

    Did not check in the work, later I will add a review.


  106. L***i

    Good product came within 10 days


  107. Customer

    Yes, percent B. U., but the worker… A week already worked 7/24


  108. P***v

    Percent came as new corresponds to the description of the store recommend


  109. A***v

    Everything is fine, got up like a native.


  110. D***n

    Everything is fine, the percent came a little earlier than expected


  111. D***s

    Very fair but working packing


  112. V***v

    Everything normally corresponds to the description and expectations


  113. R***r

    Everything has come, works well recommend


  114. R***r

    Everything works Super


  115. A***v

    In Krasnoyarsk for 16 days, there are no complaints to the sold, a percent of Costa Rica, on the lid a little scuff, but it’s not critical. Due to the fact that the percent is old, the thermal interface under the lid is worn out, the temperatures are high… And in general, all the hood) I recommend


  116. I***e

    Very happy, perfect


  117. A***v

    The processor has scratches, but it does not affect the work, the temperature is normal.


  118. M***v

    The goods are in good condition, have not yet tried in work, I will write in addition.


  119. A***v

    Not new, a little cockroach lid in me Hundred where it is pressed by a metal clamp. But the temperature of 44 degrees works well. The computer became faster after i5 2400. It is a pity on the old chipset and I can not connect 3 monitors H61, and SATA2, but now according to the plan I will take the motherboard to Z77 pro with an additional chip that would be 4 X SATA3 and then generally heal thanks to the store. I recommend. The goods are good.


  120. R***r

    The processor came in excellent condition for 16 days. Everything works. Thank you for the quality goods. To start it was necessary to update the bios, and changed the cooler to tower. In a simple 37-40 degrees, under a load of 60 with excess.


  121. A***v

    Fast shipping (16 days). corresponds to the declared characteristics. A little can be seen that used. works like a Swiss watch. I bought to replace i5 3570 (bought in the same store 8 months ago), as an upgrade to my system. impressions for better performance. this is the best stone for the 1155 connector. steeper is only the change of Motherboard and the selection of more modern (and terribly expensive) processors for it.


  122. D***v

    Went more than a month. The price on the package is indicated 2 dollars and the full name of the process, but did not hit the duty (hello, cartoons). Stood 3470, with this increase felt. Temperature in stress test about 20 min 92 degrees, a lot, cooler deepcool theta 31 PWN, in a simple about 33. I ordered a snowman Tower, we wait for something.


  123. P***y

    It took a very long time to Moscow-about 2 months, sent Costa Rico as requested, put it-started immediately. Thank you, I recommend


  124. A***n

    Excellent quality. Very well packed! Fast shipping, good price and quality, strongly Recommended by this store!!! The product came in good condition. Characteristics exactly as described on the site thanks to the seller, I recommend!


  125. N***a

    All OK. Delivery is fast, about 3 weeks. The condition is excellent.


  126. Customer



  127. P***i

    Thank you! Proc, working…


  128. O***a

    Excellent product, shiping fast, and work perfectly. 5 stars.


  129. R***v

    Chased well


  130. B***r

    I7-3770 as told in AD, is in excellent condition. Led 25 total days to arrive.


  131. A***e

    All right, am satisfied Great store!


  132. D***v

    Arrived to Bulgaria for 27 days


  133. I***n

    I test the norms so far


  134. B***r

    Unfortunately, I haven’t come to receive the item. It was lost in track, not a rare problem here in Brazil. Nonetheless, the store is very attentive. Has always answered my messages and promptly provided the refound. I recommend.


  135. E***a

    Very good recommend


  136. V***o

    Arrived fast (13 days), all in order and working straight.


  137. C***m

    Awesome service! My 4th cpu order. 15d to Canada, damn fast. Stressed i7 to 4.21ghz at 60’C on Gigabyte z77p-d3.


  138. A***v

    The goods are good all OK wot now at maximum +


  139. D***

    Before Saransk for 2 weeks. Super! The store is sociable. Asked Costa Rica. Replied that he would send and did not deceive. Packing is good. Came not crumpled. Percent Whole. I’ll put it, I’ll write it off. Seller recommend.


  140. R***r

    Put on and use. Appearance in perfect condition. Before that, I tried to buy a “new” on the Savelovsky computer market, which was clearly used and the price is two, and even three times more. Now only time will confirm the quality. For today there are no problems, as already said has started with a half-turn with all the characteristics of the processor.


  141. K***i

    Everything is fine! In a simple 30 degrees, the product fully corresponds to the description, to SPB in 19 days!


  142. S***a

    Arrived well packed am still doing tests


  143. С***в

    Ordered i7 3770. Fixed quickly within a week. I got a month to Irkutsk. The percent looks like new in the standard intellect slimbox. Protested-everything is OK. Stress test passed, heated to 63. So everything is OK. Sold did not fail. You can take it.


  144. E***v

    Norm processor


  145. A***v

    Came as new! No scratch, no scratch. Checked, works. After updating the bios, the PC flew!!! Recommend!!!


  146. V***v

    Nice. Please be sure to clean off old paste before sending)


  147. Customer

    Excellent all perfect


  148. J***n

    The goods did not reach, but the store returned the money in full size.


  149. J***r

    Very fast transport, everything works as it should. Thank you very much


  150. E***j

    Of 10, to recognize the new win 10 processor and the cores need to be run, msconfig, normal start if you have things removed at a personal system start to make the start faster you won’t fully recognize it even if you park in device properties. The change of an i3 3220 is very noticeable, it comes without grating and without thermal paste, about 15 days. I recommend 80 €.


  151. D***v

    Everything is fine, the store is sociable. The goods to Moscow came in 6 days. Stress tests were excellent.


  152. I***n

    Excellent product and excellent store! Excellent processor in working order! Seller-I recommend! I want to note the relatively fast delivery in our difficult time crown-viruses, etc. From China to Moscow it was 21 days. Attached photo processor and scan test results.


  153. A***h

    Went a month and a half put while working


  154. S***n

    The percent works. Badly scratched. Delivery is very long 2 months!!!


  155. M***t

    quite fast delivery, thought gonna to receive late due the current world virus outbreak, also tested good as advertised


  156. D***n

    Ideally! Works! The store is handsome! Shop handsome! The goods are handsome! Delivery handsome!


  157. E***r

    Works Perfect, super recommended store


  158. M***U

    FAST shipment, Good condition. Good price. THANKS +++++


  159. P***o

    Packing and shipping is excellent! The PC has not yet put.


  160. R***r

    Thank you, I got everything. Percent working.


  161. I***v

    I went very long in connection with Ng in China. Works while fine, there are no minuses.


  162. P***o

    Fast shipping! Put in the socket the motherboard works! Like Intel Core i7 3770


  163. I***a

    Delivery was very fast, delivered in a week. Unfortunately, the processor did not approach my computer. I took advantage of the free return. In a few days they returned the money. Thanks the store is good, honest. I ordered another processor from the same seller. Which should come up.


  164. R***o

    It came in time


  165. Customer

    Works correctly, real, original. Appearance is excellent.


  166. I***v

    I came quickly. Updated bios, put, launched, everything corresponds to the data. The temperature in the simple 39, in the load in the aid of 64 shows 77 degrees. Perhaps it is necessary to scalp or change the case with better blowing (do not stand ahead fans). I’m very happy with the purchase. I advise the store!


  167. A***s

    Thanks. CPU Works, no problem.


  168. M***v

    Everything came up. Processor Super! Recommend updating the BIOS before replacing the processor


  169. J***e

    Exelent product corresponds to description, recommended store.


  170. J***e

    Exelent recommended store product.


  171. A***o

    Screenshots speak for themselves


  172. S***f

    Top Stone on your socket. Excellent condition. Took for the final upgrade of the computer. By CPU-Z it.


  173. M***l



  174. G***v

    Installed. Noramal flight. Got to Moscow in 10 days.


  175. Customer

    Mega-fantastic product, the store understood my order and sent it as I requested … everything is excellent … I will continue shopping very often, I bought 10 units and it arrived in 30 days


  176. K***o

    It’s okay.


  177. Customer

    Works like a charm !!!, recommending the store since they are giving 1-year warranty, comes in 16 days, fast delivery, suggesting buyers to update their systems’ BIOS to latest one to get maximum advantages and CPU support before upgrading.


  178. V***r

    Excellent, pulls the MSI GTX 1060 6 GB in most games


  179. K***o

    Everything is fast as always


  180. D***l

    Delivery a little longer than usual, the Russian Post is guilty. The processor looks good externally, there are small rubbing on the lid does not affect the work, and after all, the percent of the BU, the temperature is normal, all the cores work in the load to bustle, the price is acceptable now. the first took a year and a half ago for almost 9000. I highly recommend for upgrading old computers to i5 second and third series, eight threads are not weak.


  181. R***s

    This perfect and working normally so far


  182. V***r

    The processor is in perfect order. Clean and no scratches. I started without problems.


  183. S***u

    The processor top of its money is worth, it works perfectly with the gtx1050ti graphics card ssasins Creed Odyssey on ultra settings goes perfectly, the parcel was 13 days, the store sociable then something else from him will buy.)


  184. Customer

    Delivered quickly, until I checked, the percent that I ordered.


  185. Y***v

    Percent came for a month to Almaty, started without dancing with a tambourine in a simple not more than 42 degrees, under a load of 62, I recommend


  186. A***k

    Came in for 16 days. Whole. In a simple more than 30 degrees the temperature did not rise. Works fine


  187. O***v

    In the Voronezh region the goods came in 10 days. The processor working computer started the first time.


  188. S***n

    Started immediately, percent in good condition. Thanks to the store.


  189. R***n

    I decided to upgrade the copm so that the tanks do not brake. I took a special bundle of processor + Video card: Quad-core Intel Core i7 3770 and RX 470 4 GB. Since I was looking for the best combination, checking on the bottle neck. Everything came in a month. They lay in 1 cardboard box. Packed was normal. The video card can be seen, what was used. scratches on the fans. Put the video card first. Firewood was downloaded by herself. Launched the game wotanka. There was no increase in FPS, but you could already play on ultra settings (fps was 50 on any graphic settings, even on Ultra). Then replaced the processor. Windows started everything as usual. In the test in wotanka FPS became 90. Also checked on the game spook 3. on the ultra settings, the game flew without friezes, as if I played on minimals, as before. The result is an excellent combination of processor and video card.


  190. K***t

    Wholesale quick CPU also work well temperature jk-45-degree


  191. R***r

    Looks like new, soon I will install and check, I hope everything will work fine.


  192. A***v

    Everything is OK. Definitely recommend!


  193. I***r



  194. G***r

    Thank you all clear and fast


  195. V***h

    Everything has come and works! You can trust the store. It came to Krasnodar in about 20 days. I ordered from this seller two q8400, two DDR3 slats of 8 GB and a percent i7 3770. Also recently ordered Xeon 2650 V2 mother and 32 GB opera. I think everything will come and work. If I don’t.


  196. O***f

    I’ve just received the CPU and it is working perfectly now (although I got some small issues like some software crashing followed with BSOD. but I fixed that with a BIOS update) Compared to i5-2400. the performance boost is quite noticeable and I was much in need for that upgrade. So I highly recommend getting your next CPU from this store.


  197. S***v

    The product corresponds to the description. Delivery to the city of Novgorod 3.5 weeks. Started without problems. The store is sociable, the messages are answered quickly. Thank you!


  198. A***N

    The processor is cool, the store is sociable. Very satisfied


  199. V***n

    Purchase satisfied. Working, without visible damage. Delivery fast 14 days to St. Petersburg.