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Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz SR00C Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU i7 2600K Processor

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In stock

Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz SR00C Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU i7 2600K Processor

HTB1l1QoaEGF3KVjSZFm762qPXXaW Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz SR00C Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU i7 2600K Processor
HTB1A57HaBGw3KVjSZFD760WEpXa0 Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz SR00C Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU i7 2600K Processor

HTB1.iAuaBKw3KVjSZTE763uRpXad Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz SR00C Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU i7 2600K Processor
Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz SR00C Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU i7 2600K Processor
Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz SR00C Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU i7 2600K Processor
Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz SR00C Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU i7 2600K Processor
Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz SR00C Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU i7 2600K Processor

Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz SR00C Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU i7 2600K Processor

  • Each item have been tested critically before shipment effected ,We have build several testing stations specially for CPU ,please buy it with worry-free.
  • Photo (appearance, color, origin, serial number) for reference only, random delivery, if customers have specific requirements of the product's quality, can give us message,thanks.
  • If you have any question before buy then pls feel free contact me.Thanks!
Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz SR00C Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU i7 2600K Processor
This CPU is used,We will test it can work properly before shipment.
Warranty Terms: 1 Year Warranty
The processors sold in our store all have a mark on it.
Processor origin randomly sent. if there is fluctuation, according to the real object please.Thanks!
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Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz SR00C Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU i7 2600K Processor

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4.9 overall

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  1. I***k

    All fire. Prots arrived in norilsk since the order in 12 days, prots as new


  2. M***a

    Good cpu, but with scratches, asked without scratches, so 4/5


  3. A***v

    To moscow in 11 days. Without visible damage. Efficiency check is not yet possible. Later i will add a review.


  4. A***v

    The quality of the product is excellent, the quality of the product is excellent, the quality of the product is excellent.


  5. I***v

    I have been using the processor for more than half a month. Copes with any tasks.


  6. R***v

    The processor came costa rica, as requested, the cover without serious scratches. Everything was packed properly, it came quickly. Seller 5 +


  7. D***v

    Works, small traces of bu without scratches and damage.


  8. V***v

    Took on the replacement of 2550 k (4.5 ghz), overclocked to 4.5 with a minimum stable core, higher-heated for 80 in tests with my weak cooler. Reached the hands to disperse 1886 memory to 2133 from 12 30. Together with 1060 there were fewer friezes in igora, fps rose from 40-45 to 50-60, parrots in 3 dmark became 850 more. Still running.


  9. S***v

    I ordered two costa rica processors, and asked the store without scratches and chips and other defects, the seller sent as i requested. I recommend this seller!!!


  10. B***r

    Came for a week, visually almost perfect condition, got without problems, i recommend the store.


  11. I***v

    The goods were sent quickly, it took 3 weeks. Unpacked, checked, everything works. In the drain under gammaxx 200 t 55-65 degrees, in acceleration to 4.6 in 10 seconds strestest temperature overpass the norm, you have to put another cooler, the processor itself is very satisfied.


  12. S***v

    Arrived very fast days for 10. very fast delivery! Percent in excellent condition


  13. G***r

    What i asked, i got costa rica without scratches. There were traces of sealant on the edges. Took a frequency of 4,6 at 1.39 v. Under the tower of dipkul lucifer the temperature in the stress test is about 74. Purchase satisfied, thank you store recommend.


  14. R***m

    Delivery for 21 days. 4,4 ghz 12 hours in stress test aida, flight normal. I advise you to buy.


  15. A***w

    The percent came pretty quickly. Until i checked-i’m waiting for the mother. The appearance is normal-a normal used processor.


  16. A***a

    Works fine!


  17. C***v

    Worker. Asked costa rica and without scratches-came costa rica and… well, almost not scratched) Drove on aida-norms, on a simple cooler without overclocking (mom does not allow) without trottling In cherepovets in 14 days came.


  18. A***h

    It came quickly. Works.


  19. Customer

    It seems to work)))


  20. K***n

    The processor came quickly, in just a couple of weeks. Condition is good, works without problems, thanks to the store) took to replace the i5-2400. Just earth and sky. Where i5 choked in games on average settings, i7 pulls everything without problems on the ultra, paired with gtx 1660 ti. I haven’t had time to disperse. At a standard frequency of 3,8 ghz, the games did not heat more than 55 degrees (with a good 130mm tower cooler). For a budget update based on lga1155 i advise everyone!


  21. V***o

    i’m satisfied this product,,,its working very well…..i recommend this store


  22. L***m

    Everything is fine, the processor without scratches, started immediately.


  23. R***r

    Everything is good, the computer immediately saw it, in the tests gives the required number of points


  24. V***i

    Looks good, poke did not check!


  25. V***r

    Seller recommend! prishol quickly for two weeks packed well fully corresponds to the description until checked matirinka will write how it works!


  26. Y***e

    Everything just super came in 2 weeks!!!!!


  27. K***v

    Excellent percent, took 5.2 ghz easily, cold percent and arbitrary, delivery to gelendzhik in 11 days, usually a minimum of 3 weeks and here quickly


  28. S***n

    In the rodebs with the processor everything is fine, but something is fast) i will test i will add feedback in 15 days


  29. O***v

    Everything is fine, came quickly 2 weeks, the processor without scratches and chips as i asked for as new, started immediately without problems until i overclocked. The goods are satisfied with the store good recommend.


  30. G***m

    Fast delivery, receive products from the date of purchase 12 days, but without thermal grease.


  31. A***v

    The processor came for ≈25 days in excellent condition. Comp startanul without any. I’m not going to disperse yet. In the stress test the maximum was 57 °. The store is very sociable.


  32. H***v

    Came very quickly, the store sociable, did everything right! I recommend taking for overclocking! Who stood i3 3.10 ghz and is not going to disperse, then there is no difference. I advise only for overclocking to take. And so, everything arranged! I will use another chutka and can be supplemented by a review. Thank you very much to the seller!


  33. H***e

    Asked without scratches costa rica-the store sent exactly this. Test percent more than a month in programs where there is a demanding render, everything works fine. My mainland supports overclocking, increasing the voltazh. The processor took 4,7 without problems, the temperature with the tower is 125 watts about 40 in simple and 70 in loads.


  34. A***o

    Got, works


  35. V***v

    All shabby but working


  36. T***a

    Sent for a long time, the delivery itself is very fast within 10 days to volgograd. The processor works, there are no complaints. The view is slightly shabby from above, but not critical. Thanks to the store, would send immediately it would be generally cool.


  37. B***r

    Very good, Arrived ahead of schedule, Very fast.


  38. E***h

    The goods received 13 days before krasnodar! Asked costa rick for it and got it. The processor checked until everything works fine!!! I advise everyone!!!


  39. K***v

    Everything is fine! The processor came well packed, without scratches, it feels like standing on one machine all his life, took a stable 4.4. I recommend the store, not the first time i order from him.


  40. Z***n

    The condition is excellent, works until overclocked


  41. A***a

    Great store! Always in touch, answers all questions, asked costa rica, got what they ordered. It can be seen that the processor is used, there are scratches, but the quality of the work does not affect. I took 4.2 ghz, i did not drive anymore, the tower does not allow. In 3 minutes, the temperature rose to 76 degrees. In general, the product is very satisfied. The microfrises in the games disappeared, even when the fps is down to 40 due to the emphasis in the video card, the control remains responsive, and the picture is smooth. In our kit there was no thermal paste. Track tracking, delivery to moscow 2 weeks, could be faster, if not for the “wonderful” post of russia, which sent the order to kazan. Thank you very much to the seller!


  42. V***v

    There is a suspicion that the percent has already overheated and the temperature is high even with a tower of 4 tubes, but this is not exactly how to solve the problem


  43. K***n

    Came, in fact, quickly. Put-works. Did not disperse, in standard mode-everything is ok.


  44. D***n

    Used but working. Came quickly.


  45. A***a

    Everything is fine, works fine!


  46. S***o

    The processor came slightly late, and one element of the skolan, like it works, is not very good in acceleration.


  47. K***n

    Went 30 days packed well


  48. S***n

    Looks great. Device working.


  49. R***r

    The order came from hong kong for almost a month. Asked for percent without scratches, sent almost without them, see. Photo. Thermal paste is not included, but i did not hope. I bought a MX-4 for this case. The processor with two clicks of the mouse in the bios took a frequency of 4.6 ghz, the work is stable. T is not higher than 70. I’m completely satisfied with the purchase.


  50. Q***q

    Before hmao in two and a half weeks. On the p67 chipset, it spread to 4,8 hertz at 1,5 volts.


  51. R***v

    The parcel came 2 weeks before orenburg. Well packed, not a single scratch on the outside) as i put, i will add a review. In general, satisfied, fast and high quality, thank you!)


  52. A***h

    Everything works chic. Sent costa rica, overclocking in 4.5 ghz without problems, if you take the frequency above, you need to magic. The temperature after 10 minutes of the test rose to 60 degrees. In the photo the first 30 seconds of the test. Used mx4 thermal paste and asus triton cooler


  53. A***h

    In mo came in 12 days, the store wrote that without scratches and costa rica, did everything as he asked! The appearance of the processor as new, chips, scratches and abrasions does not have. A little later i will put and drive, i will add a tip.


  54. A***v

    Until everything is fine!


  55. C***D

    4,5ghz correct


  56. C***a

    Processor working perfectly… Purchased 13/07 and 07/08 day arrived


  57. V***o

    The store is sociable. The lid is shabby, but it works fine. 4.3 ghz took without raising the voltage (no further drove, so maybe took more) I recommend the seller.


  58. Customer

    Arrived 4 days early. The same 2600 k with all the ensuing


  59. M***v

    Ordered costa rica, came costa rica, percent in a simple 30-40, under a standard thermal paste from the cooler, delivered quickly


  60. I***v

    Everything is wonderful


  61. R***v

    It came very quickly, asked for rick’s bone and without scratches, in appearance as new, installed, one button in the utility asus for overclocking took 4.433 hz, in my small body in the drain percent under load did not rise above 49, at 4.433 hz no more than 64, cooler cryorig c1, (the test was not large)


  62. B***v

    Got it on time. Don’t overclock yet.Temperature of 2nd core is bigger on 5 degrees then others. Its strange, hope, it’s not bad.


  63. A***v

    Ahuenchik, up to 4.7 ghz, percent flies


  64. A***a

    Received, delivery three weeks


  65. K***v

    Quickly reached, 11 days to peter


  66. G***r

    Arrived quickly, before tyumen for 3 weeks. While it seems to work fine. The only thing that worried a little, duck is chips on the processor itself. And so in general everything is fine!


  67. A***r

    The product is normal does not have scratches, but there was a cocaine rust on the lid and carried not alcohol not acetones and had to scrape the card flat to remove the rustle and nepozorapat, the temperature above 60 degrees was unbeatable and the processor could not load above 60-85% under the mai problem is quite enough and the stock remained.


  68. A***n

    I took 4400 without raising the voltage-2 hours linpack passed stably. Moved from 2550k 4500 ghz-now all games in 2019 run without brakes. Delivery fast, track tracked, store satisfied!


  69. A***v

    Works, glad.


  70. W***a

    Recommend, cost-effective!


  71. A***n

    Everything is fine, 4.3 cha


  72. S***n

    The processor corresponds to the description, works perfectly, fast delivery.


  73. Customer

    I advise the store, the processor works, for such money will come down


  74. S***a

    Everything works. Came to the post office


  75. D***k

    Works fine. With the memory bought here started without a field


  76. Y***v

    All top. Was a little scratched. Work does not affect.


  77. Customer

    Came to pskov in 20 days. Processor as new in appearance. Preheating to 4.5 ghz with a voltage of 1.30 v, which is an excellent result. In a simple 30-35-, in loads (games) not higher than 65 degrees. What again is a good indicator. Seller recommend!


  78. Customer

    The goods received, the processor has not yet installed, i hope it works


  79. A***n

    Got up like a native. Works.


  80. M***v

    Everything works super


  81. N***h

    Good working condition. Overclocked to 4.5 GHz straightaway without any issues.


  82. Y***o



  83. Customer

    Quickly arrived, everything is ok.


  84. D***t

    Asked the store to find as much as possible a percent for overclocking-sent probably the most killed with deep scratches, so do not waste time on this when ordering, it’s rand. Came malaysia, with the manufacturer did not bother because i think it’s crazy. Despite the damage under the water took easily at a constant of 4.7 ghz 1.4 v and even 5 ghz with a tambourine, the pace does not exceed 65gr in real serious loads. In volgograd region came for 12 days, so i advise you to purchase.


  85. A***v

    Works. All clearly


  86. A***v

    Everything works. Replaced 2500 k by 2600 k overclocking the same 4.5 temperature just above.


  87. A***v

    Put it works, accelerated to 4.7Hz, but the temperatures were very high, the motherboard itself exposed through the OS mod 4.4Hz works fine. Good store and quality goods. It came quickly, nothing damaged. Recommend seller


  88. D***v

    The processor came quickly, the condition is good. Seller recommend


  89. S***v

    All Super


  90. Customer

    The processor received, like everything is still working.


  91. Customer

    On the processor point dent. I had to clean. the processor is working, determined immediately. The temperature is in a simple 32 degrees three cores and 27 one core. Under Load 100% 50-53 degrees Celsius three cores and 47 degrees one core. One core is colder both under load and in simple.


  92. E***v

    Delivered quite quickly, took 4.9 GHz


  93. P***y

    The processor came to Minsk for 18 days, all that was asked to perform) the processor as new, without scratches even, Super


  94. V***s

    Some competitor had better price, but trust both in RE STORE, paid the difference without problems. Best Hardware store of AliExpress.


  95. A***a

    Came for 23 days before Barnaul, started immediately, from the course of 4,4Hz. Excellent store, sent as requested, Costa Rica without scratches.


  96. E***v

    Great product. Came for 2 weeks in Ulyanovsk.


  97. E***y

    I would like of course that they would put at least some thermal paste, and so it seems to work, came Malaysia, was kotsk on the lid, well, not deadly, you can take


  98. S***v

    The goods did not reach me. Stuck at our customs. Where and the reason for the detention could not be found. Twice asked the store to send an invoice, the seller promised but did not send. In the search for the parcel did not particularly want to participate, all the time offered me to go to the post office or customs. Especially about customs cheered. I’m not Lomonosov-walk to Moscow to go. As a result, through the dispute Ali returned money


  99. A***a

    The processor earned immediately, in appearance everything is fine. Disperse until I tried. In regular mode works well.


  100. K***v

    Everything is fine, the goods were sent quickly, before St. Petersburg the goods arrived in 8 days.


  101. A***v

    All works thanks


  102. D***v

    Three weeks before St. Petersburg, in appearance as new, only thermal paste wiped. Costa Rica as requested, started immediately at 4.6, did not even try anymore, but it is heated, you need good cooling.


  103. V***e

    Percent norms. Running at 4,4 GHz


  104. Y***e

    Everything came. The store definitely advise.


  105. R***r

    Delivery to Bashkiria in 10 days. Everything corresponds, in working order. Product and store recommend


  106. I***v

    Everything came in 14 days. Works fine! Production Malaysia.


  107. Customer



  108. J***s

    Very well all in your time


  109. L***o

    Purchase is satisfied! Asked for Costa and got it! Small scratches, well, and pofig) went 2 weeks exactly in M. O! In stress 15 min, more than 55 degrees did not rise! In a simple 25/30 degrees! Cooler tower!


  110. I***v

    Sent quickly, delivery to Moscow three days, installed, works


  111. Customer

    In perfect condition, spread to 4.5 GHz with auto voltage


  112. M***s

    All okay, perfect according to store description.


  113. F***f

    Everything is fine


  114. A***v

    Everything is super, works for Hurray!


  115. A***v

    Came for a month. Long enough. Perfect condition, started the first time. Works stably. Thank You


  116. N***n

    Delivery 3 weeks to Moscow. The store did not reply to any communication. Percent of Costa Rica (I don’t care), there are small scuffs on the lid, scratches are not felt with the nail. Percent easily took 4500 MHz only by raising multiplier, elastic on auto, temperature no more than 80 degrees in Linx.


  117. K***s

    The processor works fine. Prodovets recommend. Thank you.


  118. A***h

    Delivered in 20 days, everything works, as seen in 2 photos overclocking to 4800 MHz, everything plows norms


  119. B***k

    Drove to Moscow for 2 weeks, excellent condition! Thank you very much!


  120. E***v

    The processor is serviceable, works perfectly, thanks! The processor is working fine, thank you!


  121. V***n

    The order came, has not yet installed, I will add a review later.


  122. A***v

    The store is sociable, asked Costa Rica not lost, sent what he wanted. As a gift, I put the thermal paste, until my left the smear of this one. I recommend!


  123. O***v

    Satisfied with the order. Everything works.


  124. F***f

    Better pack


  125. F***r

    Arrivé plus tôt que je pensais. Presque nickel, une petite rayure mais rien de méchant. Benchmark with 4% background on base clock : 76,769 User benchmarks, average bench 64% >>> This one : 65.5%


  126. S***s

    Processor drove to Ukraine for 10 days. Packed well, state processor is excellent, it works. Recommend.


  127. S***-

    Quality is great as usual!!! Delivered in 8 days!


  128. E***v

    All Hood, works


  129. A***v

    The percent came from Malaysian production and with traces from the saddle. It is noticeable that he was already somewhere.


  130. E***a

    Processor received. There are minor scratches on the heat of the distribution cover


  131. M***v

    The processor is like new, the temperature is OK, the purchase is very satisfied. Thank you to the store, I recommend.


  132. I***n

    Arrived very quickly. So far I put the Linic overclocking 4.3. The temperature is not higher than 65 degrees on the tower with three tubes.


  133. K***o

    Percent flew in 15 days! In very good condition as soon as from the factory. At Z77 with half kick took 4,4 GHz. The store is very responsible, not the first time I buy from him. Many thanks!


  134. A***o

    The product fully corresponds to the description. Processor working. It was 26 days


  135. I***v

    Everything is fine. Works)


  136. A***k

    Delivery in 10 days to the Amur region, percent by 99% in appearance as from the store. Seller recommend.


  137. A***n

    There is a small scratch on the lid, but it’s not critical, everything works as expected!!!


  138. S***e

    Everything is fine, I’m happy with everything


  139. N***a

    Excellent processor, incredibly fast delivery 12 days before the Far East. Everything, as requested from the store, he did: the processor without dents, scratches, in a normal puppy, Costa Rica. I’m very happy. Automatic acceleration led the stone to a mark of 4.4 GHz. Parcel tracked


  140. A***v

    The first one percent in this store, PCT/used Although never had problems. Send fast. Is not tested


  141. E***n

    The processor has arrived, but has not yet checked. No scratches. I’ll check, I’ll finish.


  142. Customer

    Excellent percent, put, included in the fight. Everything matches and works.


  143. T***h

    For a long time before writing a review, I had to rearrange windows immediately thought the percent overcooked, but it turned out all the eyes. percent got a decent voltage does not require much at 4.3 works at 1.170 V, left at 4.0 as the cooling is weak at 1.010v. the store respect.


  144. V***b

    Well packed, Tech. Good and no doubt. thank you!


  145. A***n

    After installation, 2 cores were available, only the reinstallation of windows helped. I ordered Costa Rica, at a frequency of 4.5 volts 1.384 V., Thank you!


  146. A***n

    Came slightly rusty, in the description it was not said that they Rusty


  147. A***o

    Seems that everything Ok. Overclocked to 4.7 GHz


  148. G***r

    The store shipped the item very fast. packaging was average. Item received in good condition with little (very little) dust on side crease of cpu. It is as described. would do some test and add further review if needed. highly recommend the seller.


  149. A***h

    Thank you very much! It’s okay! Very fast delivery, for two weeks. Packed perfectly. Processor working, all tests on Hurray. Replaced I5 and very satisfied! Score 5!


  150. M***v

    The store sends a quality product, and 100% is guaranteed that you will not be deceived.


  151. D***v

    The processor came within a month in Tver. Excellent packed and condition is also excellent. I advise the store


  152. J***a

    In 15 days I arrive in Spain. It works well. Thank you.


  153. A***b

    Great product.


  154. E***n

    Works. It took a long 1,5 months


  155. A***n

    The parcel was delivered within 52 days! In my opinion it was a record for the duration of delivery. I would like to say that the post of Russia has taken the Chinese bacillus. The package was as if from the back of the elephant, but since the store did not regret the gun, the processor was not damaged, only ate noticeable scratches on the lid of the stone. The processor started without a curve starter, everything is fine. Was purchased in exchange for the old, good i3 2100, the difference is visible not with an armed look. I’ll try to drive…


  156. S***n

    Ordered January 6 received February 26, the month with excess flew incomprehensible where, percent working


  157. E***A

    The processor cover is scratched, checked like Noom.


  158. S***v

    Thank you very much, friend! The parcel came in good condition, nothing was damaged. The processor and RAM DIMM work fine. Successful trade and good health.


  159. M***n

    Good Copy


  160. E***v

    Percent came with small scratches, performance does not affect) took 4300 without problems, the order is satisfied!


  161. I***v

    Everything is fine. The processor took 4.4 on Z77 extreme4-m without problems. But stopped at 4.0, so as not to twist the fans on the radiator. The processor is in excellent external condition, which I asked the store about. The seller is reliable, take it.


  162. O***h

    All OK


  163. M***v

    Quickly delivered


  164. A***v

    It came to Len. OBL. In two weeks. The store fulfilled all the requests-put the processor without scratches, not killed, and Costa Rica! The seller is satisfied, I recommend!


  165. M***v

    Arrived in 14 days. Production Costa Rica. The condition is excellent. Got it the first time. Great prose! Recommend.