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Intel Core i5-2540M Processor i5 2540M notebook Laptop CPU Socket G2 (rPGA988B) SR044

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  1. M***v

    After installation in ASUS k53sd (instead of B970) began to work faster. Ochey is satisfied with the pumping of the laptop.


  2. D***i

    Great product!


  3. A***n

    Securely packed, came in 24 days until checked


  4. A***v

    Honest store, sent out what I ordered. Processor status as new. If I didn’t know he was used, I ‘d think he was new. The seller recommend as reliable.


  5. V***o

    Processor working, laptop started without problems. I advise you to buy.


  6. S***s

    Came percent, works well, started the first time put on the laptop Asus x55vd


  7. Customer

    Came quickly. Packed very well. Satisfied with the store


  8. A***t

    The percent came quickly. Put it like it works. But on my laptop you need to update the bios, without the battery there is no possibility this, now I’m waiting for the battery to come. The percent in the BIOS was displayed normally, but not wanted to run Windows. I will add a review when the battery comes and update the BIOS. And so everything seems in working order.


  9. V***A

    It works on Cheers)))


  10. E***a

    Clearly, all work, fast shipping.


  11. E***h

    Well, very fast shipping after about 2 hours has been shipped items, set for Lenovo b570e started working, testing.


  12. B***k

    Getting in. Poki all the best


  13. A***n

    Everything is fine. Increased productivity after b815


  14. A***v

    Seller recommend. The percent came quickly and well packed, something to bend or no chance. I am very pleased with the purchase, I took i5 to the seat of the Pentium 940. The laptop just came back, the performance increased by 2 times.


  15. N***v

    Busts, temperatures up to 90


  16. E***v

    All houses put the characteristics together


  17. Customer

    The goods never received. I know that the fault is not the store, but still very sorry. Dispute opened, money returned


  18. I***k

    Packaging is excellent. Processor without damage. Lenovo b570e became as a native. With the simplest thermal paste in a simple about 50 degrees. Under a load of about 70.


  19. A***a

    The processor came quickly despite the order on the eve of the new year holidays. Packed well, along the way the order teamed up with another. I do not know what happened, but after installing the laptop (HP 4730 s) did not put firewood graphics and the laptop hung with the image of a lot of artifacts (see. Photo). Put back the previous percent, works, waved again on this and then already earned. I hope everything will work well, otherwise I will add feedback.


  20. Customer

    While everything works


  21. R***r

    I advise everyone of this store, he packed the goods very well, came all in time


  22. D***n

    Working comrades!!!


  23. V***y

    Works, fast delivery. I recommend to buy.


  24. G***y

    Everything is fine, it works fine!


  25. P***v

    Everything came intact and safe, packed securely


  26. Customer

    Received the parcel within a month, the processor like the one that ordered, did not install the laptop, let’s see how it will work. The tracking number in the process of shipment changed, which is bad, and so at the moment the store recommend.


  27. I***v

    Everything works, the Beech is not cut out.


  28. G***g

    The order came very quickly. Packed well, thank you very much! When I put it, I will add a tip.


  29. K***n

    7 days shipping to Ukraine Super send by new mail


  30. A***y

    The goods are received. Delivery fast 15 days. Percent working. Looks like new. You can order. Not supported by hm70 chipset, after 30 minutes the timer is triggered and cut out.


  31. A***v

    Everything has come but for a long time through the fault of the post of Russia, and so all the good goods are good I’m happy


  32. D***n

    All like a whole!!! Installation 21,01, 2020 after installation I will write off!!!


  33. A***v

    There was a curve leg. It’s good that it was possible to fix it yourself, otherwise the processor would not work.


  34. S***n

    True, I did not notice that this product is used… The store very quickly sent the order, the track was tracked, delivered on time, quality: Opened, installed, use, without any bells, dances, and other shit…


  35. A***o

    Everything is fine, the crystal is clean without scratches and chips. Works fine!


  36. O***n

    Shipping less than three weeks, all just fine, ideally, it works. The photo percent old B940 and new after installation. Great store!!!!!


  37. M***k

    Scratch on the chip, the other day I will add


  38. I***a

    Came to Ukraine for 15 days by new mail. Laptop Lenovo B570, replaced without problems, immediately determined, BIOS did not sew. When downloading Windows, the machine supplied new drivers, rebooted and everything.


  39. I***v

    Extremely high-speed delivery. That works nice.


  40. K***v

    The product corresponds to the description. Everything is fine


  41. K***v

    The processor has reached a whole packed average performance did not check as a check I will add a review


  42. V***v

    Fast Delivery 9 days to Moscow. The processor works, everything is fine. Corono virus has not yet found, in two weeks I will sign, maybe…


  43. I***v

    The order came pretty quickly, tracked. Everything is up, determined correctly. I recommend.


  44. N***o

    The processor came with a chip in the corner, but works properly


  45. A***o

    Delivery took 3 weeks. The order was tracked. The processor came in a plastic package, its condition is excellent-not a single scratch, the legs are not bent. In general, as new. Installed in laptop MSI cx640 instead of Intel Core i3 2310 m. BIOS did not update (version e16y1ims. 208). The processor works stably. In the test Aida heated almost up to 90 degrees (used thermal grease GD900), a turbine up to 3.1 GHz, trotting is absent. I recommend to buy.


  46. S***v

    Great laptop upgrade, was Celeron 900, put this percent and the laptop is alive, I recommend the store and the goods


  47. H***a

    Fast Delivery: The order came to Kazakhstan for 2 weeks. The processor is installed instead of the i3-2330M on the laptop Samsung NP300-E5A: everything works fine! Reliable store!


  48. A***k

    Put in Lenovo B570, works


  49. I***v

    Was before that i3 2310m and put the i5-2540m, the growth in and GRE Dota 2 FPS almost nothing, only a little faster to load for a couple of seconds the game and the downdraft became less, and the rest of the superiority did not notice, only the frequency of the process is higher, on the old was 2100 mg, on this 3300 mg. Probably more depends on the integrated video card, and both on the volume and on this process they are the same. When something is loaded, the percent heats almost immediately almost to 100 degrees, then also quickly falls, apparently because of the turbo mode. To the statue there was one leg bent, I think it was special done, only I do not know what.


  50. M***n



  51. Y***o

    Put in toshibu instead of b920. Hub H55 looks like new.


  52. O***v

    Installed on Lenovo G570 instead of b960. Upgrade finished.


  53. P***v

    Everything works!


  54. N***v

    Everything came in general condition, but the parcel went a month to Tomsk, I wanted to quickly.


  55. Customer

    The rating of 3 Stars is due to the fact that this product I ordered on January 19, 2020, after that more than a month passed and the order was not yet accepted and not sent. The store did not reply to the messages. Then I canceled the order and re-ordered, somewhere in late February. And as a result, the goods came on March 25, 2020. The processor itself without external defects and after installing the notebook works fine.


  56. A***h

    Percent working was put instead of Pentium B960 chipset hm65 on Lenovo b570e. flight is normal!


  57. R***r

    I walked for a long time because of the virus probably came to look like a new one, not a trace of thermal paste all the legs are even shiny, got instead of i3 in the laptop Samsung, with a video card Nvidia 620m growth noticeably immediately, metro 2013,, stopped braking, maybe also thermal paste changed and it played, and this without the turbo boost turned on, Until I figured out how to turn it on, although he and the will not need only to overheat.


  58. V***v

    Asus x54c works, determined without problems.


  59. S***v

    Everyone is happy


  60. D***v

    Bought on January 21, came on March 31. In connection with korovavirus and Chinese holidays. Percent in good condition, clean, works.


  61. G***r

    The order was processed for a long time (ordered 14.02) probably because of the quarantine, but the delivery itself is fast. Packed well.


  62. K***n

    Thank you, all super))


  63. G***a

    Long went 2 weeks, but came, which is also very happy, thanks to the store


  64. A***o

    Delivery 23 days. works. Packed in a password and polyester blister. zakz was tracked. came in a common package with three more shipments. Performance Index after i3 rose from 5.3 to 6.5. The store can be trusted.


  65. I***n

    The goods came quickly, still did not check how it will work. thanks to the store.


  66. R***k

    Everything works fine


  67. V***n

    All OK


  68. Y***v

    The order was sent for a very long time, apparently because of the virus, but was quickly delivered after sending. Put on Acer espaire 5349 instead of Celeron b815, decided without problems, BIOS did not update, the battery was shot, productivity increased from 4,3 to 4,9, not like others to 5,2 due to the absence of a discrete video card probably.


  69. N***k

    Dell n5050 has started.


  70. U***r

    There was a parcel for two months. At the price were bent 2 legs at the corners-barely lined with tweezers (for this 4 stars). Worker, put on Acer e1-531g, hm-77 Sandy Bridge. Before that was B960 2.1MHz. Accelerates in load up to 3092MHz. Excellent, only the chipset in the game is heated up to 85 ° C. I advise the store.


  71. D***n

    Great processor. Checked. Works without complaints.


  72. Customer

    Prots worker, though tupanul himself, did not check the compatibility of the chipset, the total is 30 minutes and the laptop turns off, just saying, the timer works. Tip: Check 100500 times before you upgrade the laptop.


  73. A***i

    I went twice as long as the memory I paid with the processor together. As I put it, I will cancel the results.


  74. A***v

    Delivery 20 days, after installation, I will cancel


  75. L***l

    Delivery is exactly on time. Dell Inspiron n5050 started without problems. I am pleased.


  76. A***v

    Delivery 22 days before Yakutia. How fast to take into account the pandemic. The goods are packed perfectly. I didn’t check it. As I check, I’ll add a review.


  77. M***V

    The order came in less than a month. The processor is working, the performance difference is not big, in comparison with the previous i3-2330.


  78. S***v

    The store did not send the order for a long time. After installation and verification, I will complement the review


  79. F***d

    Works fine.


  80. Y***L

    Excellent very good


  81. S***v

    Percent in work, no questions. Replaced the old B960 on the DNS bug.


  82. V***v

    Processor worker, took in return Celeron. I recommend


  83. P***y

    The store did well, sent the next day, it came very quickly-18 days (Tyumen). Packed on conscience and externally and inside a plastic container. The processor as new, started immediately on Lenovo v570c. Now the laptop flies like a rocket + another disk changed to SSD. For funny money 1.8 rubles (i5-2540m) + 2.3 rubles. (SSD siliconpower ace A58) received super Beech. Windows10 starts in 7 seconds (though windows had to be reinstalled, because The old OS increased speed especially did not give (garbage + there is no optimization for new iron). Now happy as an elephant, thank you very much to the seller.


  84. N***v

    Works properly.


  85. A***v

    The parcel was 16 days to St. Petersburg. The processor is safely installed instead of i3 2370 M. Took for the sake of the turbo, to slightly increase the performance for relatively small money. Thank you very much to the store. I bet 5!


  86. Y***v

    Super! Great store! The processor was packed perfectly… Legs are not bent, everything works for all 100%, even better than 2310 m and is heated less, although the maximum permissible temperature is greater. Notebook Samsung rv520


  87. S***N

    In Lenovo b570e rose remarkably


  88. N***v

    Thanks to the store. Everything was tracked from and to. Delivery super-fast, percent working.


  89. A***v

    The processor came without delay. Installed instead of b980. The increase in speed is twice as high as the previous one. The processor works and it already pleases. Temperature regime within 45-60 degrees at different loads. The price is certainly high for the used processor, and everything else is normal.


  90. Y***n

    Put percent in the laptop, the system itself installed the driver. Everything is super, i’m happy!!!


  91. R***v

    No words! The store is a capital handsome!) everything worked without any bells and dances ..) Now in order… Delivery 10 October-5 November in Belgorod. Now about the portability of this process… let’s say so-the games that previously did not start on the “discrete” video card of the laptop were launched. Now I don’t need this vidyuha. Built in the New percent HD3000 is better than my 520 m. Pictures from the CPU-Z program show an increase of 50 percent! Everything is gorgeous!) on the package, too, no complaints. The seller wrapped the percent as a shavermochku in a better stall of your city)


  92. Customer

    The processor arrived quite quickly (about 20 days). In excellent condition. In the laptop became like a native. Thank you very much to the store!


  93. M***y

    Delivery week, percent working


  94. T***a

    Everything works well


  95. D***y

    Packing is super. Looks like new. There are no scratches. Works great.


  96. Z***v

    The store is cool! Sent the goods quickly, to ufa 17 days. the processor put, everything works-so far without problems. came clean without residue paste legs are not bent, and nothing else is needed. i did not communicate with the seller, but i did everything as necessary. i recommend it.


  97. R***r

    A percent has come all the rules of the robot bios only need to be imposed. Prodovitsa advise


  98. L***v

    Replaced pentium b950, all norms


  99. I***v

    Great processor! Took for Asus x54hr


  100. N***v

    Delivery is almost a month. Got, put, everything works. I recommend.


  101. B***y

    Excellent details for upgrading the laptop! Packed for 5 +, delivery is very fast! Recommend store


  102. S***a

    Everything corresponds, came with tracking, whole. Put works


  103. C***k

    good. very good


  104. A***v

    Changed to HP ProBook 4530s from i3 to i5. Everything started the first time, no problems found.


  105. I***v

    Everything corresponds to the description. Delivery to Volgograd 2 weeks.


  106. Е***ч

    The processor is serviceable, the difference in performance compared to the b960 is colossal


  107. A***v

    Everything is fine, the processor is working. (1 photo b950, 2 photo 2540 m)


  108. A***n

    A good processor. Replaced with its stump B950 in the laptop Samsung np300e5z. The increase is noticeable almost immediately in the loading of background processes and as a result, a faster start of the same browsers (SSD in the laptop, too, is). Well at least now you can squeeze the maximum of the available iron. The parcel was sent in a few days and reached the consumer in 3 weeks.


  109. M***n

    The percent came pretty quickly. Condition as new. Packed well. Seller recommend!


  110. S***v

    It’s okay!


  111. G***r

    Got the processor in excellent condition, like new, installed in the laptop, works perfectly.


  112. V***h

    It seems to work, and the marking is correct


  113. E***e

    Wow creature flying straight wow


  114. J***a

    Good product, tested and working perfectly


  115. Customer

    Came quickly, works perfectly, thanks to the store


  116. A***n

    I5-2540m is an excellent processor for 2071,50. Especially, compared to previously standing in the laptop celeron. I always want to be even cheaper…


  117. A***v

    Corresponds to the description, thanks to the store!!! Immediately installed, made a test aida, there are no failures.


  118. F***s

    The processor works well, but my pc is turned off.


  119. R***i

    Came after 8 days, holly shit! It’s flawless, thank you!


  120. S***v

    Arrived for 22 days in saransk, well packed


  121. I***o

    Great! Processor working. Thank you 1


  122. V***v

    Delivery is fast. Percent working. Satisfied


  123. S***v

    Percent came weeks for 3 in Yekaterinburg, works, replaced his seems b960. There was dirt on the legs, with the store did not communicate. Seller thanks


  124. D***n

    Works, the packaging is reliable, with the store did not communicate, the track was tracked, fully corresponds to the description


  125. S***v

    All is well, the package is standard for processors from china, the processor is working, stood the i3-2370, this faster percent by 20 about.


  126. G***g

    Product is excellent. working like a charm!


  127. G***i

    ALL super


  128. P***t

    Well received but not tried yet


  129. M***v

    It’s very nice when even a hint of deception is not present, it came quickly, the description of the co-operative, there was some dust between the legs of the contacts that easily disappeared and the processor started on lenovo g560 from the first time and the firewood itself was installed, now the laptop is noticeably faster working, in general, well, i strongly advise those who want to make a smart laptop from the dinosaur


  130. R***r

    Everything is fine, fast delivery, store recommend


  131. D***a

    Works!!! Roasts under 80 degrees under load))) cooling system failed.


  132. Z***v

    The product came quickly meets the declared requirements. everything works fine. the store rkspect will take more


  133. M***v

    Before the ECB in 3 weeks. Worker.


  134. A***h

    Works. Tests passed successfully


  135. F***e

    All OK!


  136. K***v

    All OK! very fast


  137. N***o

    Everything is fine. Came quickly, packed perfectly. Works as it should


  138. Y***a

    Everything works, it came quickly enough. Legs whole, not bent


  139. S***v

    Processor in blister. Works, everything is fine.


  140. A***a

    Got in 3 weeks, carefully packed, no damage found. While it works fine!


  141. R***a

    Product arrived perfect just need to prove it


  142. V***v

    Upgrade Asus x301a. (Aida 64). Read, write increased from 9000 to 11000? Total Performance, (Queen test) increased from 11000 to 21000 the main thing is that the northern bridge supports the 32nm processor process (otherwise-pipe).


  143. H***n

    Épségben megérkezett minden rendben volt.


  144. E***v

    I recommend


  145. O***a

    Everything is fine! The foam B960 was replaced by this handsome, the increase is colossal.


  146. O***o

    Everything is super! quickly it all works! store thanks!


  147. S***n

    Everything works, delivery month


  148. N***v

    Came with a fine scratch on the textile. Put in a laptop, works perfectly.


  149. R***v

    Excellent! Fast delivery, installed instead of i3-2330, everything works!


  150. R***r

    It’s okay, it came quickly. I advise the store


  151. M***k

    Received, put, everyone is happy.


  152. A***y

    Everything came, working. The laptop Lenovo b570e has healed a new life.


  153. Y***y

    The processor came intact and safe. Well packed. in working condition. Installed instead of pentium b950. The processor performance index in windows 7 with pentium b950 was 5,9, with i5 2540m became 6,9. The supported amount of ram was 8 gb, became-16 gb.


  154. V***v

    Processor working.


  155. A***A



  156. Customer

    Came up perfectly


  157. N***V

    Instead of hemp 960 put i5 2540, compatibility checked on the chipset, i have hm65. Bios did not update. The increase is twice. Happy with the purchase.


  158. S***r

    Got it, check it once. But I bet 5.


  159. R***O

    Everything is perfect, as described.


  160. M***v

    Works on Lenovo G570


  161. A***n

    Worker, came in 11 days in kirov . I recommend.


  162. Customer

    Worker. Without damage. Packed in a blister and a bunch of pimples.


  163. S***x

    Everything works, the goods came in 12 days.


  164. A***v

    Percent came without damage, in the work until i checked, i’ll write an additional. Review and all norms


  165. A***v

    Percent fire, everything works, flies. Came quickly.


  166. S***v

    Three paws crumpled


  167. S***v

    The order came quickly, about 2-3 weeks, corresponds to the description. Everything works!


  168. S***s

    The processor arrived in time in the Republic of Moldova. Thanks for the store. So I put proccesor at the Asus x54c laptop model, B960 processor. I put the i5 2540m and it started. Working well. As a tip, download NotebookFanControl, and adjust the speed. The processor i5 is hot. The bios should not be updated. To me it is v.205. If you install windows 10 Pro 64bit, SSD and another 4GB RAM, in total 8GB. yes it is ok. He also works in turbo mode.


  169. I***n

    Everything came whole, legs are normal. Thermal paste is not put, but maybe it’s for the best


  170. A***v

    Delivery 25 days. Tracked. Packed well. Everything works.


  171. S***v

    Received not yet checked


  172. Y***o

    Everything is fine, quickly came, works well


  173. A***n

    Well packed


  174. E***h

    The goods received. Put in laptop lenovo b570e. Determined by the biosis and the system is normal, it works stably. The store can be recommended.


  175. M***v

    25 days, checked serviceable


  176. L***h

    While everything is fine, I came in for 2 weeks. In appearance, everything is OK, the processor is whole, I will add a review after starting the process…


  177. A***a

    Fast shipping! To tula in 15 days. Came in intact, legs are not bent. Put in the laptop-everything works.


  178. U***r

    Sending is not the fastest. Somewhere in 2 days after placing an order. Delivery took 8 days to Ukraine and 7 more days to Ukraine thanks to meest Express. The tracker was tracked. The product was perfectly packed. Installed instead of stump B960 in laptop Asus k53cm. In this case, I also replaced the ram with a suitable processor. The laptop started the first time. After a few minutes, Windows 10 installed a graphics driver. Productivity growth is over 50%. In some cases up to X2. It is heated just like the old one. In general, I recommend to buy.


  179. C***o

    Works perfectly instead of my b950 net performance improvement. The item was shipped quickly but remained ready for 19 days to customs.


  180. V***y

    In moscow came for 3 weeks, under a different number in the national package with other poisoning. Naturally the track was not known to me. Everything works!


  181. M***n

    Excellent percent, looks like new. delivery less than 2 weeks to saransk. Everything started without problems, the increase in power is noticeable.


  182. S***v

    Received in two weeks. checked, works perfectly. The product is satisfied.


  183. S***n

    Everything is fine! Installed in ASUS K74, everything earned.


  184. K***o



  185. R***v

    Came quickly. Looks like new. I’ll come home to check the efficiency. While the five.


  186. E***n

    Replaced seleron on this i5, the laptop came alive. Everything is fine!


  187. A***n

    Description corresponds. Delivery 21 days. Upgrade the sony vpcek laptop. Naturally with the replacement of the mother on vpceg (they are identical in size). The laptop started right away. After amd system this straight space. I ‘ve been working on it for weeks 2, no lags were missing. This laptop is not for games, but i think the games will pull. I recommend, especially who wants to fully upgrade his laptop.


  188. M***v

    Everything is fine!


  189. V***v

    Everything works fine


  190. A***v

    Packed well, works. Not enough thermal paste in the kit


  191. A***v

    Percent fire. Put the seat of the Pentium b950. Laptop Asus k54ly. Increase colossal!) I advise! Delivery is fast, this store do orders not for the first time)


  192. D***v

    Received 2 parcels from different stores, with different orders in one package. Very strange))) the processor itself started in the laptop without problems. Seller recommend! Received 2 parcels from different stores, with different orders in the same package. The computer was built into the laptop without problems. Merchant recommended!


  193. V***v

    The processor works fine


  194. A***H

    Percent, like used, but looks like new. The legs are whole, the packaging is excellent. Delivery as usual, days 30. Sold super.


  195. V***n

    Put on lenovo works.


  196. I***n

    Everything works well, replaced b820.


  197. A***v

    Good percent, as in the description, let’s see how much cooling can cope with it


  198. I***v

    The goods received packing and delivery is satisfied, check until i can, i will collect on weekends…


  199. G***v

    All whole. delivery 30 days (Kemerovo region) was tracked.