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Infant Shining Smart Baby Rocker Electric Baby Cradle Crib Rocking Chair Baby Bouncer Newborn Calm Chair Belt Remote Control

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Product Information
Name: Baby Electric Rocking Chair
Size: 65x60x66cm/25.6×23.6x26in
Age: 0-30 months
Bearing Capacity: 15kg
Material: Aluminum alloy, polyester fiber
Seat Tilt: 27 °
Seat Depth: 18cm
Color: Pink, Green, Gray

1. More effective tools to coax your baby Sleep well without crying
The baby sleeps peacefully, and the mother has more time to do her own thing
①Spine Protection
②Bluetooth Music
③27 ° Inclination
④Remote Control

2. 27 ° Spine Protection Angle
Using ergonomic design, every inch fits the curve of the back and softly cares for the spine
3. Bluetooth Sleep Music, listening to the lullaby near the ear
Open the phone to connect to Bluetooth to play music, support multiple music playback modes
①Wireless Bluetooth
②USB Interface
③System Music

4. One-key smart remote control, Mother is no longer busy
One-button automatic turning on or timing, set the shaking range and music to control the baby’s comfortable sleep remotely, and the mother can sleep more easily
5. Supported by scientific sitting area
Supported by scientific sitting area The sitting area is widened, the depth is reasonable, with comfortable support, sleep peacefully
Bearing Capacity 15kg
6. Removable Folding Mosquito Net
Convenient to carry, it can prevent mosquitoes and protect the baby from dust when going out/at home
Mosquito net mode to prevent mosquito bites
Rocking chair mode, intimate interaction with mother
7. 3 levels of intelligent timing
Set the sleep time in advance which is easily make baby have a sweet sleep
Swing Time: 8min/15min/30min
8. Quiet Shaking
Five gear swings, no obvious noise, as in mother’s arms
9. Aviation aluminum alloy material, standing steadily to prevent falling
Select aviation aluminum alloy material, strengthen the bearing capacity and increase the base Stable support, baby sleeps peacefully
10. Skin-friendly & breathable seat cover soft as the wind blows
Comfortable & breathable fabric, skin-like delicate touch, safe & odorless, giving baby intimate care
Cationic Cloth–Comfortable & breathable
Crystal Velvet–Soft skin-friendly
11. Raise a soft & breathable gauze to sleep comfortably without mosquito bites
With removable mosquito net, intimately resist mosquito bites Set up a soft gauze for the baby and protect the sweet dreams of sleeping
Product Details:
Craftsmanship, attention to detail
Baby Shining pays attention to every nuance
1. Five-point Seat Belt Protection
Comfortable support to prevent disturbance
2. Buckle design is more convenient
The buckle design of the hood is easy to disassemble
3. Removable Doll
The style of the doll is random, subject to the actual product
4. Machine Washable Hood
Show clean pragmatism

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