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In Ear Cleaning Endoscope USB Visual Ear Spoon 5.5mm 0.3MP Mini Camera Android PC Ear pick Otoscope Borescope Tool Health Care

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This is a HD Visual ear canal cleaning tool that included a mini camera,diameter is 5.5MM and a few interchangeable accessories,with ear pick,adhesive ear pick ,ear pick with cotton stick ,earmuffs,Images can be displayed and saved on your phone or computer .

With Micro USB/ Type-c/ USB Adapter .Better compatible with a variety of Android phones and Computer .

Pls know that the ear cleaning tool endoscope Only work for Android cell phone ,Windows System Computer .MAC Computer .Do not work with IOS cell phone .

Requirements for the android phone

1,Make sure the Android system 4.2 or Above.

2,Make sure the phone With OTG Function

3,Make sure the phone can be access to an external camera(UVC function).

Requirements for the Windows System Computer.

Normally,This endoscope can be work for Win 7/Win 8/Win9/Win 10

Win XP


*the products is not waterproof,Cannot be washed,pls wipe it with alcohol.

*The best camera focal length is 1.4-2CM.

*Pls be careful when using the products ,Do not touch the eardrum.

*Pls read the instructions carefully before using.

*The Children cannot use it alone.

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Q1: Is this Ear Cleaning Endoscope is work with all cell phone ?

A:No, Pls know that it cannot work for IOS cell phone . Only work for Android cell phone ,Windows System Computer .MAC Computer .

Q2:Why doesn't wrok on the phone /Computer ?

A:Resolution 1 : Check your cell phone and computer .

Requirements for the android phone

1,Make sure the Android system 4.2 or later.

2,Make sure the phone With OTG Function

3,Make sure the phone can be access to an external camera (UVC).

Requirements for the Windows System Computer.

Normally,This endoscope can be work for Win 7/Win 8/Win XP,Cannot Use with Win 10.

Resolution 2 : Pls comfirm whether it is connected with the device/whether the App is downloaded and operating.

Q3: Why the light does not shine and no image, when connect the phone ?

A:Pls make sure the OTG function is on.

Q4:Why cannot Remove the earwax?

A:Please try sticky cotton stick or swab cotton stick.

In Ear Cleaning Endoscope USB Visual Ear Spoon 5.5mm 0.3MP Mini Camera Android PC Ear pick Otoscope Borescope Tool Health CareIn Ear Cleaning Endoscope USB Visual Ear Spoon 5.5mm 0.3MP Mini Camera Android PC Ear pick Otoscope Borescope Tool Health CareIn Ear Cleaning Endoscope USB Visual Ear Spoon 5.5mm 0.3MP Mini Camera Android PC Ear pick Otoscope Borescope Tool Health CareIn Ear Cleaning Endoscope USB Visual Ear Spoon 5.5mm 0.3MP Mini Camera Android PC Ear pick Otoscope Borescope Tool Health CareIn Ear Cleaning Endoscope USB Visual Ear Spoon 5.5mm 0.3MP Mini Camera Android PC Ear pick Otoscope Borescope Tool Health Care

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4.7 overall

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  1. A***r

    The camera is easily tarnished


  2. M***E

    Nice and good camera


  3. K***r



  4. J***a

    Excellent product quality, the image looks super clear. Besides the. order arrived very fast, took approximately 3 weeks to Concepción. however, I was short of accessories, but I asked for money back and they accepted it.


  5. L***s

    Excellent product, it performs its functions very well. For exploration purposes it is tremendous. It should always be used under the supervision of someone responsible, but that’s obvious. The tools allow for delicate cleaning. The resolution is very good with a computer (PC) and very acceptable with a mid-range cell phone. Shipping went fast to Peru (PE) and safe delivery, the product was well packed. The photos are taken with a mid-range/low-end cell phone.


  6. Customer

    The product is very good glued


  7. F***a

    Accurate description, the product is good workmanship and the video is sharp enough, very good buy


  8. B***s

    Everything is perfect!


  9. A***m

    Produced by perfectly to the descriptions I recommend the store


  10. R***r

    The camera’s a little low resolution. But it still works for me, illuminates well and accessories help quite a lot


  11. B***k

    Works great, seems to be well made. Ordered the blue one, metal construction. Worked with windows 10 camera app without issue. Did not try it on a phone yet. Well packaged and fast shipping.


  12. D***v

    With the store did not communicate, delivered in 14 days, with the smartphone Samsung Note 8 works, you need to download the app in the play Market photo attached. To connect to a smartphone USB need to open and choose micro USB or type C (adapter to Type C is attached). You can’t look far in your ear.


  13. L***z

    High quality camera, arrived fast and easy use.


  14. J***k

    very nice goods. camera is good but ear cleaning is difficult. cleaning point shoot is very hard


  15. N***o

    Excellent product. As described.


  16. T***R



  17. P***a

    Excellent Product works perfectly on the computer, but I still can’t use it on cell phone, still good product and very nitida the image


  18. Customer

    Good product, easy to use and install. Image quality is not the best, but it performs its function. I recommend it;)


  19. E***i

    Exactly what I was hoping for! Provides very clear image of the ear canal and eardrum.


  20. T***r

    The product came very handy just as it seemed. The store has fast cargos reached my hand in 15 days.


  21. S***o



  22. S***t



  23. R***g

    Good quality, fast shipping


  24. M***y

    Thanks to the store, everything is fine


  25. G***s

    It’s wonderful!


  26. S***a

    Good product was delayed to arrive but good or


  27. F***a

    Great product. Arrived fast (approx. 1 month). Not work on mobile because asks a OTG FUNCTION, which it understood is an extra cable, but the computer downloading app work very well.


  28. M***n

    Great item for the price. Phone needed an otg adapter and luckily there was one supplied with my Samsung Galaxy Note. Seems to work well but not tried it properly yet.


  29. Customer

    Nice Product shipping was very fast Good


  30. A***

    Until I can connect to a PC


  31. P***r

    I am still testing it. It did not work on Samsung Galaxy S7.Which has Otg function. l will try on the PC.


  32. G***i

    It Works but only on PC. The product would be nice but…. I followed all the various possible procedures but on the phone no. Sin


  33. C***r

    Excellent Product


  34. R***n

    The device is working. The focal length is acceptable. The diameter is suitable for adult ear, under 13 years old children will not fit (if only just look in the ear). At maximum brightness, the tip of the endoscope is heated strongly, you need to look in half-filament.


  35. N***o

    The product is expected


  36. V***s

    It came without any problem all as the description, on my Huawei It’s not compatible but on the computer yes, and other cell phones too


  37. N***z

    It came very fast!


  38. M***h

    Ótimo produto.


  39. D***v

    It came quickly, everything works.


  40. A***i

    Not Work


  41. A***s

    Excellent material but the chamber is a little weak


  42. W***n

    Nice sharp image.


  43. F***r



  44. B***d

    Great camera…


  45. S***s

    fast delivery, good quality camera


  46. J***G

    With over lifetime lovers in my ear hole can be seen as the audit surveillance price ^ ^ ㅎ ㅎ


  47. S***g

    product is good


  48. D***S

    It has everything it says, with manual in Spanish. Easy to install PC applications


  49. J***a

    Good product


  50. J***e

    super fast delivery and very satisfying product


  51. D***y

    Great device. At the first application do not forget to remove the silicone case from the camera.


  52. F***s

    Very good I recommend thank you


  53. A***v

    Came quickly enough, but with a jamb. 4 of the 12 nozzles were “melted”, and they are even now “soft”, although winter on the Street) where they melted-without a clue. Video quality is more or less, the focal length is some wrong, too far for the endoscope. In the ear itself with the nozzle do not fit properly, the length of the nozzle is too large.


  54. S***n



  55. F***a

    Excellent image quality! Just keep in mind that you must respect the suggestion that you do not have the otoscope on for more than 5 minutes since it gets hot.


  56. T***u

    It took about 20 days to arrive. It’s one of the best shopping I ‘ve ever done. It didn’t work on my Android but on the computer it worked smoothly and without having to install programs (the download links on the page do not work, but they are not necessary). Bring plenty of ear cleaning accessories, note in the plastic container that comes some water Green Thomas that are protective. But the best thing is when I compare my ear, with my four-year-old daughter, I realized hers aren’t feeling well, so first thing tomorrow, he has a doctor. She didn’t tell me any symptoms, thanks to this machine I managed to realize this problem, so I have nothing left to say but thank you very much. Finally, the manual is in different languages and is very clear in its use, it is not difficult. The photos of the eardrums will quickly be noticed which is my daughter’s, evidently not healthy.


  57. A***r



  58. A***r

    It’s amazing. it looks like a microscope.


  59. A***y

    Shuts down periodically


  60. M***i

    Very excellent and the picture is clear


  61. D***y

    With the silicone “protective” tip installed, the camera can’t see anything. The image is blurry and I can see light flashing back at the lense. Easy fix, just take the protective silicone off the camera, but now it’ll get dirty in my ear 🙁


  62. S***n

    nice product and working perfectly need to improve attached cable more soft for move-in


  63. O***v

    Delivery 3 weeks. Packaging quality.


  64. Customer

    Class! Finally I saw my membrane timpanica! (Capiat qui sarere potest)


  65. A***r

    All good excellent


  66. A***h

    Delivery is fast. The device works. We like


  67. E***n

    All is well, only sometimes interference some go. And so everything is gorgeous.


  68. R***o

    excelente guality, i use with my laptop and windows 10 camera app. easy yo use


  69. D***d



  70. D***a

    Works fine


  71. D***r

    Super good product, but my expectations for a lot, works super well on my Samsung A30 cell phone, they must download an application to see it on the cell all comes out in the manual, highly recommended. I arrive in two weeks.


  72. S***G

    Well, resolution is 640*480 (lightly is easy). In front of the ear pick the razor rear inconvenience to centipede. Others par cotton OK to you? Equipment endoscope concept also having more.


  73. T***d



  74. S***v

    Hello. Delivery to Peter in 27 days. The box of blind mint, but due to its rigidity it did not affect the investment. The device itself is super! The quality of materials and assembly at height, the resolution is good, the focal length is 1,5-2 cm, the picture is clear, small diameter, not heated, a bunch of devices are included. There is a manual glossy, colored, but there is no Russian language. On my tablet, the application has not been installed, and it takes 50 more MB and requires many permissions. Works great with USB camera app. Recommend product and store!


  75. A***g

    Pack well everything good.


  76. T***h

    Everything works. The application only installed another, not that in the instructions


  77. U***r

    So awesome! I bought another for my brother to check his baby’s ears when she gets an infection


  78. K***a

    Without the right skill, sooo difficult, especially if the ears are painful. But the goods themselves are good, everything is fine! Fast delivery, high quality, decoration, packing. All on top! Recommend!


  79. A***l

    Works norms) connected to the tablet with Android without problems


  80. F***v



  81. L***n

    thank you


  82. F***r

    Buggy my smartphone but works well with computer


  83. J***z

    It doesn’t look as good as the photos but I’m happy with the purchase


  84. S***v

    Picture quality is good, delivery is fast, thank you to the store.


  85. C***m

    Worked perfectly as stated. Really simple to set up, down load the app by scanning the code provided and follow the steps. Done. use it to see your ear wax build up!! LoL


  86. E***A

    Meet the description.


  87. C***z

    Very good, works properly


  88. P***k

    Všetko tak ako som chcel.


  89. L***i

    The device has apparently remained in customs 15 days, for a product at this price it’s a little long. Otherwise for the product, it has a correct image of the eardrum and hair and other earwax;-)), for the price I am really satisfied. Usb c tip, micro and normal. Thank you.


  90. A***a

    It works perfect on Notebook. Photos and Videos. Excellent profuct.


  91. V***z

    Really great! Works wonderfully!


  92. M***s

    The product didn’t work on android


  93. P***r

    I’m not satisfied with the product because it shows the live image just for few seconds then the live image freezes, restart the software then it works again just for 2 to 3 seconds.


  94. E***D

    All right as long as it took a while.


  95. V***n



  96. K***r

    Note 9th is being


  97. A***i



  98. B***z

    The camera is not very clear and the scope doesn’t connect to iPhone


  99. G***r

    Product really is a bit poor. 1. products with bold bold in well for cold 2. lighting ear in hot water, while allowing for not included Third. Screen lens front off only see endoscope role not included S. bundle cute blue dog around the ear to accept no Bottom line writing not included


  100. E***a

    I ordered 2, 1 as a gift to the second myself, mine broke after 2 use, apparently some kind of marriage, when used constantly wrote connection error, bad contact, stopped working camera, but the quality of the picture and the ease of use was good. The gifted man has not yet used.


  101. R***v

    Cool T-shirt Tuka, you can see everything well


  102. E***v

    Works well, it came quickly, one minus this thing, the child does not have ears to look at (4 years), wide hurt, only in an adult.


  103. S***e

    One pass, I tried it on the PC and it looks great. I haven’t tried it on mobile because it has No connector for iPhone


  104. R***s

    It works well. Thanks!


  105. L***e

    as described


  106. A***a

    Fast and in perfect condition


  107. Customer

    Received well Pack, works perfectly on pc and smartphone


  108. Customer

    good ear endoscope but getting the wright software to work with it was a pain, the lights on the cam was not bright enough. After using it was not happy


  109. J***S

    Received in very good condition and quickly. Thank you to the store that I recommend.


  110. C***r

    Excellent Product, good resolution loved it, economical


  111. N***z

    I arrived earlier than scheduled, in proper condition.


  112. R***o



  113. Customer



  114. D***o

    It is not so easy to handle to clean ears, as the area is very sensitive. Camera resolution is not Hd. Wine with a cast led and the store did not respond, I opened a dispute and answered it on the last day.


  115. Customer

    Products arrived fast and in good condition very well packed I recommend


  116. U***r

    All working as it should. Only took 1 week to arrive which is amazingly fast. I recommend using the AN98 app on android.


  117. O***s

    Excellent product, I arrive sooner than expected


  118. Customer



  119. Customer

    Initially I couldn’t download software for win10, from the description was not clear if it was compatible, then I could and the product works well. Thank you


  120. Customer

    All ok


  121. Customer

    Product works but only if you download from the barcode scan they have on the paper it comes with the device (it takes ages to download). All other apps don’t work. It took almost 3 months to arrive. Awful delivery service and awful support from store


  122. R***o

    All right, the only thing that comes to you doesn’t open, you install it and it closes just trying to open it. It’s the only flaw I see him, otherwise great


  123. M***n

    For there is no way that functions with any application


  124. K***D

    I didn’t use it yet


  125. V***k

    I liked the endoscope, the quality is good, the phone immediately saw it.


  126. Customer

    The product arrived in 1 month approx. Image quality is good


  127. A***l

    Very good quality


  128. A***d

    Well received after installation of the applications and tests of the device we see that the app blocks regularly so a little disappointed Anyway


  129. D***v

    Hi there. The toy can and good, but the quality is 2/5. The distance of the Eat is 1,5-2 cm. More than 2 cm. Splitting up. The app through the Q code does not open. Downloading unpacker (. He doesn’t see it. I was lucky for the third day to unpack. 40 min -38 MB. Then he writes in an established manner. You open up to confirm everything. Idelet installation and at the end your joy. (not installed). Insulting. I downloaded the run. Chinese earned. Writes the resolution of the camera and all the characteristics. I’m disappointed. The goods look solid, and on the case is bullshit. Probably a camera on Siemens with 35. Camera 0.2 was better. And a picture of what happened. To the store 5 points. Quickly, chötko. No complaints.


  130. Customer



  131. S***r

    It works perfect and looks good


  132. Customer

    Received OK.


  133. F***a

    Really cool increases. We can look at it. In the photo-ear


  134. A***v

    Great endoscope! Shooting quality is good. Everything works. Some hard wire. Recommend it.


  135. S***z

    It’s a pass, how good it looks


  136. Customer

    Excellent quality, came very fast to Chile in the middle of the pandemic. It worked perfect on my cell phone.


  137. J***e

    great product


  138. M***A

    A little disappointed because I can’t use this product with my apple devices but that was my fault for not reading the listing properly. The product looks exactly like the listing so will wait for my husband to get home to use his windows laptop


  139. G***n

    Works well. Definitely too hard to use the tools on myself, but at least I can see the earwax.


  140. K***a

    Endoscopes norms, checked everything works normally, the one that is cheaper seems that the technical endoscope just glued the handle and the quality it does not have very much The one that on the most expensive video quality is very good, I recommend taking the one that is more expensive with a large set of nozzles


  141. R***e

    For home use super!


  142. G***a

    I get super fast, all right. The only thing that came as loose so I hit it with scotch and it worked out. The other thing if they have iphone buy adapter because I didn’t tell myself it couldn’t be for my phone but it try on an android and it’s fantastic the product.


  143. M***n

    Great item


  144. S***u

    Due to the corvid19 problem, the shipment is not fast.


  145. R***n

    Very fast delivery to Canada, 2.5 weeks!


  146. S***a

    Program in Chinese, but with Google lenses found how to switch language


  147. K***o

    Buen producto, cumple con lo requerido. Lo único malo es que se necesitará de un adaptador para conectar con el celular, en pc funciona bien 🙂


  148. M***n

    All OK.


  149. Customer

    as photo, but I find the camera is too big for my ear, it does not go on. and when you put the scraper in its almost impossible to use. I am a male 6feet tall, I don’t think I have small ear hole. so think before you buy.


  150. S***n

    Good item


  151. A***n

    Delivery in 37 days. Primary test has shown good results. If you will want to use it with VLC player, set “Video size” in it manually to “640×480” instead of none being set. Otherwise it will play at 320×240. Press Ctrl+J when playing to ensure.


  152. Customer

    The box was a little bit dented but the product looked sturdy and in good quality. i have not tested it yet. the important parts look clean.


  153. P***n



  154. L***d

    Note: No camera app will work with Android 10.


  155. Customer

    Pedido igual que la foto