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ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic Recharge

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£239.00 £433.00


Hd0e5e03081164ff8b1a3e12ad88548f4d ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeH071cdac67b99475c94a23bec57c8fb54G ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeH4b9bba8da843458494e8303f985217c05 ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeHe9a1016f3ac740b39b2fc9daafbbbbceb ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeH69970c0071b34d70aa454659529a4a688 ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeH91784da7527547c78868332ef4bf7389Q ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeHb96b87e58fd246fda8b3ce39fee072cbo ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeH8187723bcffe4889ac229757f7a4ed5aq ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeHa7f4d36899b84bcfbc85d7566d32e550m ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeHea2c0a021d71438a8ec86f30501a2bcav ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeH640a54eee85048fabfbaeaa4dda0ed6eu ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeH2af9c2203a794a26aa3d4d253346ed13F ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeH6dc18174d3904827a396ff24ce920ae3K ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeH30e90ee986d849579680b5f19db5302fI ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeH9112b61e8bac4c77816e64ac24b4b56fe ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeHbdb6a5687b7841368ae04a7bf36d592cc ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeHe72eb35305cb4821ad824be73fe5d087f ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeH067bbe0b753e42659be1e2eac4a253394 ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeHd3a418fed2b843bc970368da42d4cf81R ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeH1acdef24267542e1a6b139c29a7462deD ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic RechargeH9c2ede66634449a38f668860578203493 ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Household Professional Sweeping Machine for Pet hair Anti Collision Automatic Recharge

Before ordering, please read:

1,Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges.
For custom clearance ,we will write around 80USD on the package for all the customer.

2, You must complete the first and last name of at least two words. A full first and last name is needed.
For customers in Saudi Arabia, you should provide address in English when placing an order.

3, You must complete the appropriate zip code and city names before placing the order. The zip code should match the name of the city.

4, For some countries who need UK and AU plug, please leave a message in order, so we will send the plug you need for you

5, Like all other similar robots, the robot vacuum cleaner does not work on the dark floor, If your carpet has large areas of dark color, it will be tactfully approved to be an obstacle and avoid this area because it believes it is a precipice.

Do not add liquids other than clean water to the tank.

6, For EU country, we can send you from ES or PL. There is no need to pay tax.

7, Israel’s overseas warehouse is located in Cyprus, and Israeli buyers may need tariffs.

8, The robot is designed with double anti-collision, infrared detection and front bumper. The walls and furniture are dark, the dark color absorbs the infrared, the infrared is not recognized and will depend on the frontal impact sensor.

9, Due to customs clearance issues, we currently could not ship to Canary Islands and other island, the island with a zip code of 35, 38, 52, 52, do not do the order. But if you have friends in other cities available, you Can ask them to buy it for you.

10. For Brazil customers, please add your personal tax ID number CPF in the order notes when placing orders.

11,For any issues, please feel free to come to us, we are always here.

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5.0 overall

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  1. A***z

    Ordered 30.03.2020 from stock in Poland, reached 1.04.2020- ekspresowo. Loading the feedback as the exercises wystawię as wypróbuję it in the fray.


  2. B***a

    Vacuum cleaner arrived in 3 days. Is not very loud. Rides in each zakamarek and all collected. Radzi wearing with sierścią dog and cat;) RECOMMENDED!


  3. R***o

    Unfortunately there is no User Manual


  4. Customer

    Zamówiłam on Sunday Came today (Wednesday) from Poland to Poland. Well packed. One brush lightly wykrzywiona, but managed to little straighten. Naładowałem and already sprawdziłam. Very well cleans. Chaotycznie rides, but overall effect very good.


  5. M***h

    Love! Now cleaning becomes pleasant. This my first robot housekeeping. I am very glad. Omija obstacles, not fell stainless stairs. Super deal. First cleaning chaotic but what MIAL sprzątnąć, it sprzątnąl. Recommend to everyone.


  6. E***r

    Ordered 27 March, provided 1 April, shipping with PL… While it podładowałam, wysprzątałam flat, poodkurzałam ordinary vacuum cleaner, wymyłam floor and puściłam iLife… AND you know what else quite a few nazbierał, is not somehow terribly loud, pretty good the moving, no problem wjechał under chair, bed… I am glad and as most recommend…


  7. E***s

    Very top


  8. E***A

    Rewelacja, shipping very fast, delivery by courier. Same vacuum cleaner is the best thing what zamówiłam on Alie. I am very satisfied! Recommend!


  9. C***a

    Great product!! Worth buying!!


  10. R***w

    Super fast delivery, 1 week.


  11. E***t

    5 days for delivery


  12. O***k

    Reached me expresowo 🙂 after the first use you are satisfied, odkurzył very well although dosc long. Accurate feedback I could express after extended uzytkowaniu6


  13. P***m

    Long zastanawiałam up or buy it. I tell sincerely, with I Am mega satisfied! Really great meets your features mieszkanko wysprzątane. Very well realize Radzi, carefully wymiata out of edge and ultra quiet working (comparatively to dryer at the lowest level). I am zachwycona and not potrzebnie as long zwlekałam with buying! Very fast delivery, late in the evening in Wednesday already ordered on Monday was with us. PS. Even husband praised


  14. M***y

    Delivery within 3 working days from stock in Poland. Dude objechał mieszkanko and nicely returned to base. First time rode pretty chaotycznie, but sure poznaje chip premises and ultimately posprzątał pretty well, only fast napełnił container, since there has been a few days odkurzane, so finished cleaning after about half 20-25 minutes. Launch banalnie simple and intuitive. My cats zaintrygowane new kolegą hehe general first feeling very good, I think that the zaprzyjaźnimy


  15. M***f

    Robot arrived in 3dni from ordering from stock from Poland, for Radzi wearing well, see on.


  16. M***i

    Vacuum cleaner work, I am in phase testing, but already feel that this was a good buy and it with great price (birthday Ali with kuponem I paid 392zł). Arrived within 7 days.


  17. A***E

    Delivery is fast, already 2 vacuum cleaner I order,. I recommend


  18. R***s

    Robot vacuum cleaner top, works very well. Arrived in just 4 days.


  19. R***a

    Great product, high quality e very helpful.


  20. Customer

    Casimir arrived a few days after order napisze after 2 months use


  21. Customer

    Two days of purchase is U me. Rewelka. Cleans like please. Quiet, accurate and patient. Good buy.


  22. M***a

    Super product, if you have smaller budget this product perfect: D


  23. A***i

    Goods doszedł in two days. All OK.


  24. Customer

    Great delivery process, it came in less than a week. I tried it and it works amazing! It’s a must have if you have pets at home, or little children. Life saving!


  25. A***n

    Great robot!!!


  26. M***r

    Fast delivery, brałam from Poland within 3 days already was, well packed, it has additionally brush and batteries, for remote control I am very satisfied


  27. K***h

    Vacuum cleaner came in original package, intact Courier DPD in 3 days. is simple to use and really meets your features. Perfectly Radzi wearing with panels and tiled slightly worse with dywanami but can’t tell with not poodkurzal. Even Bede test and dopisze dalsza reviews. The day the present-day RECOMMEND the more for promotions 🙂


  28. M***o

    That’s the second I buy. Perfect.


  29. D***i

    Fast shipping 2 days, cleans sensationally


  30. J***n

    At the top works well


  31. H***a

    Fast shipping, good product I recomend the store. It came for 5 days


  32. Customer

    Pristigna for 2 sedmici. Work a lot of good. purchased for 220bgn


  33. Customer

    Very good product. The shipping was very fast. I ordered it on 30.03 and I got it on 04.04.


  34. P***r

    Shipping with Polish warehouse within 2 days. Vacuum cleaner fabulous, recommend.


  35. M***k

    IN Friday ordered in Wednesday was already U me. I am shocked how many Syfu can nazbierać within each cleaning and cleans every day. I am it zachwycona and recommend to everyone. “Czyścioch” odwala US chunk good works, I love it for that.


  36. S***i

    super fast delivery .Quality product


  37. E***o

    Very good. Take care with thin floor cloths. Was hooked and ripped one of brooms. If program to clean well early sure-if not leave something by the way.


  38. L***z

    All right. It works very well. Thank you very much.


  39. C***a

    Very fast shipping. A week to Romania. Works well. Thank you!!


  40. P***o

    Arrived on schedule despite emergency virus. Very good store! Careful packing the robot has also the batteries for the remote control


  41. V***a

    Our second vacuum cleaner. First we use ourselves in a one-room apartment, perfectly copes with the task. The second bought parents in a three-room apartment with a Labrador and a cat. I will add feedback in a month. Delivered in 13 days to Minsk.


  42. Customer

    Product is excellent clean super well. Only problem is that one’s brushes came damaged.


  43. A***z

    Very fast shipping. It’s already Second ordered vacuum cleaner from this store, third order on the way, same Let It Will rekomendacją for both sellers and equipment. Vacuum cleaner gives advice, cleans, it can be programmed to sprzątał during absence household. After skonczonej work itself back to base docking. Again we sincerely thank you and recommend salesman.


  44. A***d

    Came within one week. Cute robot. Small. Basic. Do the work. Thank you.


  45. E***a

    Vacuum cleaner received, packaging and goods without damage. Immediately tried!!! Very cool and mobile thing. Vacuum cleaner is excellent. Moderately noisy. On the remote a couple of buttons I do not understand yet, but I think I’ll figure it out. And so everything suits. Thank you!


  46. M***A

    Arrived fast savior, very good the robot.


  47. B***s



  48. J***a

    3 Vacuum cleaner from this store. Product rewelacja !! Shipping Express Sroda 20 wieczor zamowienie dzis about Piatek 14 I got it u yourself. Wonderful. Recommend & dziekuje!


  49. L***a

    Given the situation, it didn’t come to me, but they returned the money


  50. I***V

    Vacuum cleaner chic!!! I did not regret my choice. Advise.


  51. Customer

    Fast delivery, perfect packaging, excellent product. Recommend!!!


  52. S***V

    Delivery to Stavropol four days, everything works, removes well. The bad thing is that there is no card, it removes chaotic.


  53. M***a

    It was my 4th cleaner from this store and I am very satisfied


  54. E***h

    Just super


  55. S***a

    Perfect, supplier super fast shipping well packed instructions in various languages


  56. F***f

    Vacuum cleaner cool, I liked everything, the delivery is very fast, 8-10 days, thank you


  57. Customer

    All OK. Very fast shipment


  58. P***s



  59. A***s

    Product arrived sealed okay right tested is all ok like product can buy I recommend…


  60. O***a

    Excellent vacuum cleaner!!!


  61. M***a

    A basic model it is mild in comparison to other have, because in some type of carpet it curls slightly but out. But is very good. As is stock Brasil arrived around 15 days.


  62. Customer

    Great equipment


  63. Customer

    Kupiłam vacuum cleaner when you were 10 birthday wiec vacuum cleaner came out only for $420. Is really cool. Radzi wearing with all, give advice wjechać for Mat foam baby, odkurza all. Came within 2 days. Recommend baaardzooo!!!


  64. K***k

    All Super this already my second vacuum cleaner and I am very glad.


  65. R***z

    A wonder


  66. E***e

    Thank you, everything works, delivered quickly even to quarantine


  67. A***o

    Product arrived well packed, super fast, beautiful and works very well, loved.


  68. T***l

    gift for my mom. I already own one.


  69. Customer

    Very fast delivery, despite Corona & Easter 🙂


  70. D***a

    Shipping Rapid 7 days. I don’t know how so far mogłam up without it live. Perfect collects sand grain, unprocessed hair cat, odkurza Carpets even such with natural leather. Rides everywhere As wants because even it not rozpracowalam to set surface. Collects at walls, wciska in angles, omija obstacle, finds the way przejazdu. Odkurzam daybed but pilnuje not to not fell, although wearing Radzi as well.


  71. Customer

    Vacuum cleaner przyszedl very quickly-sent from Poland. Zakupiny as gift. Cleans flat with two kotami, carefully collected hair AND dust. RECOMMEND


  72. Customer

    Vacuum cleaner came within two days. Bought for gift. I am very satisfied, thank you 🙂 🙂


  73. B***r

    Service store at a high level, delivered in the shortest possible time, even doubted, that this is my order when the courier calls. Thank you so much!


  74. F***i

    Great product and arrived in very short time


  75. A***k

    Super product, all so as the description, super contact store recommend, delivery after two days


  76. Customer

    Very nice!


  77. B***k

    Przesylka has come within 4 days. All protected well. Narazie checks in 100% Recommend


  78. A***h

    Order dotarło in 3 days. All comply with the description. Robot śmiga around the flat. Testing it juz by 4 days Daily. I am very glad, catches every paproch, crumbs, sierściuche dog and hair. Planning another purchase this time with mop.


  79. V***a

    I got it in a week. Great collects and wool dogs and crumbs. Very happy.


  80. I***n

    Second unit like this, for my parents. Very nice!


  81. T***t

    All in best fine. Robot works. Rides, twists and cleans. Without objections 🙂 Looking for robots in stores and their prices, definitely better profitable to purchase ILIFE


  82. U***r

    Impressed with fast delivery, thanks.


  83. R***r

    The store is well done, everything came out, the only first was what is the bullshit of Toli in the mail where, ostensibly the track is assigned but the sending is not accepted at the post office, in such a status Savelo somewhere 3 days, wrote to the seller immediately replied, so as not to worry all OK. I ordered June 19 in the Night (oh, these bites with a bokalchik vinza) came on the 28th. In 30 minutes of Test mode appeared understanding that the baby is sharp, on mats with small pile flies (but not the fact that he has enough power there), jumped on the drying legs, but there stuck))) is throwing everything, even managed to find a cotton swab))) in general, the purchase is happy with all 100%. I hope that it will live for a long time (TTT)


  84. A***a

    Product same as advertised, works well. Fast arrived within 15 days.


  85. V***n

    Order came in 8 days. A good vacuum cleaner, I’m happy with the purchase.


  86. Z***e

    Atejo per 4 Dienas, Labai outlet siurbia.


  87. N***j

    Such fast delivery to Belarus has never been, ordered delivery from China, they themselves redirected from Moscow, no extra charges. I waited for him by August came straight for my birthday 29.06, ordered 20.06. Was pleasantly surprised!! The vacuum cleaner has already given the name Zhorik)) and he from the first day all in work, was charged, copes with small thresholds, collects wool and very hard-working. As a basic cleaning is not for him, but maintaining order is what you need. I took it to my house because in summer and Earth in the corridor and cats, wool is scattered, after cleaning with a Zhorik) order is visible!!!! The store is very sociable, very restless, helps and answers all questions! A huge vacuum cleaner is happy with the whole family and our 2 cats!!!)))


  88. M***n

    He eats all the lint, powders, hairs from my cat. It goes a little crazy but in the end it goes from room to room leaving it clean. For the price is very good


  89. D***n

    Norms, can buy


  90. V***s

    Good job!


  91. Y***k

    The vacuum cleaner is good, but sent for a long time and by regular mail. From Moscow to Karelia was a week and a half.


  92. L***a

    Very happy. Threshold 1.5 cm. Overcomes. He refuses to fall from the step. For 2 hours of work 4 times Released the dust collector from the garbage. He himself got on charge. Excellent assistant when in the House 4 kashars that shed, dragged from the street dry grass and sand.


  93. G***o

    Product quality is sensational. Get the product in 15 days from date of purchase. It comes with a buffer kit accessories (see photos). It aspires perfectly clean everything comes under the sofa beds, enter in places with little space also (cleared perfectly under a lamp tripod). Original am impressed with the performance of product. Leave feedback later. Recommend the product and the store. Pros indicate that during the purchase, choose the Brasil as local shipping since the store has deposit in Brazil, it streamlines product delivery time fast.


  94. A***s



  95. E***k

    It has been proven well at the moment


  96. C***z

    While very satisfied with this purchase. Already was in Brazil, then arrived fast and without charges. Looks more robust than the national versions of same price range, comes with control, charging Base and extra filters. Pulled well by dog on first use.


  97. M***g

    Funny assistant, apartment in 43 kV vacuum cleaner for an hour, very happy, more time on yourself! Once confused in small wires and lamentably stuck 🙂 quiet enough, watching the TV, and he works 🙂 in general, very glad that decided and acquired himself such a handsome! The home was called Philippe 🙂


  98. A***o

    All right, thank you


  99. N***a

    Wonderful immediately earned a clever girl. Very fast delivery all perfectly packed brought home. Thank you would have put ten stars. You work well


  100. Customer

    The vacuum cleaner is a little blunt can not find the base, cleaning without carpets.


  101. A***l

    Recommend. aspire well. Leaves the house clean dust. But it not only returned to base alone when the battery is running out. Think not have this function. But the rest worth every penny.


  102. Customer

    The product I wanted was the V7 or V8, however, as there was estimated arrival in warehouse, and also for a promotion this model, just opting for V3s, and am very pleased. The product works very well, was surprised at the amount vacuumed in a floor that was apparently clean. And pretty silent. Was one of the best shopping made in recent times. My only complaint is not owning a app to program the time of cleaning.


  103. B***r

    Product arrived in conformity. Already did some tests and is working normally. Has come with a set of spare parts in box. Is a great robot cleaner input. As the shipping came warehouse in Brasil, delivery was fast and without taxation. Despite not having function ironing cloth or mapping, very worth the price. Cost-effective. Looks very tough. Quality control is also, although very simple. One is that it gets a little lost sometimes not have many sensors to locate environment. And So It Goes repeatedly in the same spot. But with a time it cleans well. Also not found it noisy. My cleaner manual is much higher. Could talk and work quietly with it on. Very satisfied with the purchase and recommend too. With this store, that is the official iLife and provided a fast shipping.


  104. S***u

    Very nice product. I’m so happy I bought it


  105. E***v

    All very cool goods branded at the level of famous brands only even better instruction in Russian language included there are consumables two filter brushes and even batteries to the remote control is very cool.


  106. K***

    It is ZAJEBISTE! Chorowałam on it would have such robot over year ever since zobaczyłam it on AliExpress and przeczytałam feedback. IN the end it I and rides wearing after home 100m two and sometimes three times a day to my need pedantycznie pure floor was zaspokojona. Big relief as someone has children, I got this calm spirit that robot for me it posprząta and already don’t denerwuje as nakruszą somewhere jedząc Well realize Radzi with wjeżdżaniem for mate for children and carpet, przejeżdżał also under rozstawioną dryer after her legs. Stainless stair me not fell and cleans already week. WITH carpet also collects nicely. Collects crumbs, hair, zasysa torn for Mak cards and hygienic wipes, sand. Always enough this U Me after home nazbiera that two days and tank is full. As far as loud, but not louder than standard vacuum cleaner. My daughter likes to sleep when its szumie. How to somewhere zaklinuje it pika 3 times. Trying to get out, but in the end odpuszcza and get off. Sam returns to station. BOMB!


  107. M***a

    ultrafast shipment… in 2 days, I received the products, properly packaged and in working conditions


  108. I***v

    In principle, the model is good. I only turned it on once to check, because. Took it as a gift. Not very liked the container dust collector. First of all 300 ml, secondly, it turns out and inserts, which is strange. Two spare filters included. Sent the goods to the store quickly, on the trail day after payment.


  109. D***c

    great thing to have at home


  110. S***a

    Came to Latvia from Poland in three days! Super.


  111. Customer

    Came very quickly


  112. A***r

    Perfect for cleaning floors with very by dogs and cats!


  113. T***a

    I’m so excited about it! Nothing supernatural I did not wait, but …. turned out to be an assistant great! Collects wool on the ass! For this I bought it, at home cat, wool a lot… The carpet creeps easily. And he picks up from the linoleum, too, without a letter. About the unwalled floor at all silently, runs on the dirt. The base does not find immediately. It could be a few minutes. The package reached in two weeks. Everything is well packed. Included Zap. Brushes and brush for cleaning the filter. Even batteries to the remote were! I hope it’s long enough. It won’t break.


  114. K***k

    It’s super. The wool from the cat is no longer visible. Very happy with the vacuum cleaner. Set the timer. Now it turns on and does cleaning, although I still do not understand whether it himself and after how long-patience was enough to wait and turned off itself. He waited about 30 minutes, but he didn’t collapse. The instruction is as simple as possible on a pair of sheets. Included additional brushes filters and batteries to the remote. The cat is not afraid of him-amazing. Works quieter than the usual vacuum cleaner. As I understand, he does not remember the apartment, just he has sensors so as not to crash into obstacles. Carefully with thin wires, like telephone-can get stuck in them. Pretty sharp vacuum cleaner, on the carpet with high pile rides. I have one in my bathroom. Delivery is fast, but not home, but by mail.


  115. J***a

    Great vacuum cleaner! The store sent the parcel quickly, arrived in Lyubertsy in 5 days. The package was tracked. The item was well packed, without damage Additional filter and brushes included The vacuum cleaner is very well cleaned, collects all the dust and wool from the cat in the apartment The cat was scared at first, but already accustomed The vacuum cleaner can go everywhere, on the thresholds rises on the wheels, the wires do not tighten, the base also finds itself Very happy with the purchase! At home is always clean now


  116. D***s

    Very satisfied with the product yet. Will Test, but so far looks same as imagined by description. Found it better than ilifeV7s, but much more noisy also.


  117. V***v



  118. F***s

    Fully satisfied. The opportunity had stock in my country, the product arrived in 6 days after purchase. Aspire home very well. Added a picture shell dust after use. Even that visually home look be clean robot vacuum cleaner iLife V3s can aspire to dust more noticeable.


  119. Customer

    Bought this vacuum cleaner as the first robot in the farm. The purchase is very satisfied. The vacuum cleaner works perfectly. There are a lot of carpets in the house, which he comes very well. It really saves a lot of time.


  120. M***s

    we recieved the product within a couple of days, we ordered it from poland. it is working very well.


  121. N***m

    Not the first vacuum cleaner, everything works great


  122. T***n

    Fully complies with the description, complete with the vacuum cleaner lay the instruction on Russian (although it is not strong and necessary, the control is very simple). Spare brushes and filter. After the first charge, I wheeled around the house for two hours. Would ride more and more, yes we decided to protect the worker)) at home two cats, finally the problem with wool solved store recommend


  123. E***a

    Handsome working. Love him. The son with the remote walks dust collects. The embarrassment flows through the threshold. He came in five days. This is the fastest delivery.


  124. Customer

    Arrived in one week in Romania, from Poland. In good condition, well packed. At first sight, it looks great. Very good price-quality ratio.Climbs on the carpets, avoids obstacles, docks itself. Collects, animal hair, dust….It has a remote control, two spare filters, 2 spare brushes. I’m very content so far. We’ll see after a while. The store shipped the product fast. I recommend the seller.


  125. E***

    All perfect, the product is as described, it comes with all the accessories. Super fast shipping, I ordered it on a Monday and it arrived on Wednesday. It works properly, in my house there are three cats and this vacuum comes in luxury to clean the hairs that release, I already programmed it for an hour every day and it works smoothly, when she runs out of battery, she goes back to her charging site. You can also remote control it with your remote and choose from various cleaning modes. Best of all, my cats don’t freak out with her! With the previous vacuum cleaner (normal and current) they stressed and hid for hours, but with this one, the first few days were curious and they were after her and now they don’t even listen to her, they’re super relaxed and I’m glad a lot. Besides, if something fails with the robot, I don’t care because it has 2 years warranty. I am super happy with the purchase, I recommend it 100%!


  126. S***v



  127. E***o

    Delivery to Poland megafast. I ‘ve never got any faster with Ali. Ordered on Thursday. The Courier already brought on Monday. The impressions are only positive. I really dreamed of such a vacuum cleaner! I’m happy with you. The house is clean. And it seems not very powerful in the sound, but nowhere there is no bullshit. In the photo, the container is full of garbage (it is somewhere a third of cleaning-vacuum cleaned before discharge). The base finds itself. Funny)))) children think it’s a toy machine on the remote. The remote is not completely cleared yet. Instructions for Russian and Polish No. Included + 2 spare filters. Super!)))


  128. A***T



  129. M***a

    Came as described in AD and despite the pandemia arrived very fast in 20 days, and live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. works perfectly well and clean. Indicate the store and the store


  130. E***r

    Everything ok, very fast delivery. Thank you.


  131. L***o

    While the experience is wonderful, the cleaner is better than my normal home and he caught very well by my dog. I am very satisfied, hope soon change for a model still Best Company.


  132. C***s

    Works perfectly. Very satisfied.


  133. J***s

    Good quality product and works even!


  134. Customer

    Does not bring the blue mop being this the same model V3spro as another one if you bring it order earlier.


  135. A***i

    I love this vacuum cleaner. I received it extremely quickly (under 4 days). The product look nice, it is quite silent and works perfectly. This is one of my best purchase ever. It helps me a lot. My daughter and I have very long hair and previously I had to do the vacuum cleaning every second day to collect the hair… Now Robi (name of our iLIFE) does it instead of me… simply love it <3


  136. Customer

    I received my order within 2 weeks, vacuum works great. I recomend this product and store


  137. C***t

    Received in 3 days, works very well


  138. I***i

    All according to the description. Order placed on Sunday and provided under door we Tuesday by courier. Odkurza very well and quiet. Recommend.


  139. M***n

    I come fast and it works fine


  140. K***o

    Completely working device arrived packing whole. Sets the device itself charger 2 additional micro-filter brush. To charge enough to put on an additional charging station. I did not hold on to the vacuum cleaner 20 minutes of work on in principle the clean apartment still gave its result. There is a presence of a pet in the house!))) I hope that the base will look for as it should. In order that the filter is not clogged, I tied the dried wet cloth on the thread.))) and then it quickly clogged me it seems ..


  141. D***.

    As always a pass, it’s the second I buy super fast shipping


  142. G***g

    Good equipment at an affordable price.


  143. A***s

    Very good. Control by remote control, back alone to the base to recharge and surprises the amount of powder can aspire in few minutes doing all work alone.


  144. J***o

    Like the ad


  145. Y***y

    Everything is exactly according to the description. The goods arrived in the grave in 2 weeks. From TC called and warned when you can pick up. The vacuum cleaner removes well, bodros on carpets, rides on the uneven floor at the cottage. In the kit there is a pulse and batteries (!) to the remote. You can control movements, or you can drive chaotically. Of the minuses, I can only mark a small garbage tank (therefore the price is inexpensive).


  146. L***a

    Excelente produto, o vendedor está de parabéns.


  147. G***r

    Just arrived, the box came in perfect condition, no wrinkled, the product is ok, called to see its operation, and used the rest load it had returned to base, the noise the principle is very low, has a vertical and it is very noisy. When you have more time use I return to more accurate feedback


  148. M***a

    Пришёл в екб меньше, чем за неделю) заказывали в этом же магазине v5s два года назад и считаю это лучшей покупкой на Али) а этот взяли родителям, т.к функцией влажной уборки не пользуемся на своем, поэтому смысла переплачивать нет) лучшие помощники в доме


  149. B***r

    Arrived has 1 week. The product is very good. Works at random, but just let it doing your work it clears all very well. Am leaving it act form setorizada… Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes in each room. That way think clean better. It is a little more noisy my other robot (V7S plus), but draws very well. Have two dogs and it has been a great helper. As it is thinner, entered up under my sofa! Until now, all great! Hope it lasts.


  150. I***a

    Got there quickly in four days. Work is happy, vacuum cleaner well. For some reason, it is flipped in the area of the balcony, long potted in one place in a circle. In the rest of the rooms did not notice this.


  151. T***a

    Thank you, it’s cool, at first it is necessary to trace which traps can be where it will get stuck, remove the excess, then let him go, he comes to the corners at first all the time, maybe it will pass, will study the area)) and so just paw, sucks pebbles, I put everything I had on the floor, high! Good, not noisy, powerful enough, complete with another brush and filter to replace, instruction for Russian


  152. E***e

    Noisy but perfect to collect dog’s ant cat hairs (~2-3 cm).


  153. A***e

    Just arrived quickly for was not stopped a few days in Mail and the truck delivery was stolen, but recuperam. While not have the say, am charging and will use for some days. Then leave my opinion about the product. Regarding the shipping and delivery time was all quickly. Thanks to the store.


  154. A***a

    odkurzacz dotarl w ciągu 7 dni od zakupu. jest rewelacyjny


  155. Customer



  156. U***u

    Спасибо, продавцу!!! Заказала 2020-07-09 пришла посылка 2020-07-13, через Москву без налога. Работает, убрал уже всю квартиру. Надеюсь будет долго служить.


  157. K***y

    שואב מעולה תודה רבה על השירות המהיר ועל האיכות !!


  158. M***e

    envio super rápido, es para mi hermano, un piso de 90 metros. Genial cumple su función


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    Заказывали 2 штуки с большим купоном продавца. В Украину поставок вообще не было, поэтому заказывали с Польши с помощью услуги Новой почты Интернешнл (Np Shopping). Поставка такой посылки заняло 17 дней. Всем довольны, пылесос работает, продавец общительный, для таможни высылает Инвойс без проблем. В комплекте 2 фильтра сменных, 1 комплект щеток, батарейки. Вообще все супер, очень рады покупке.


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    Заказ получил, товар соответствует описанию. Заказывал 20.06. Доставка 10 дней из Москвы в Великий Новгород. За 10 минут уборки собрал много, помещение 5*3 метра. Мама понравился маленький помощник.


  161. S***a

    Очень доволен, ездит шустро, штурмует ковры и пороги, сам у себя на уме и никто ему не нужен. За 20 минут насобирал кучу мусора. Доставили очень быстро из Москвы, упаковано тоже очень хорошо, в удобной коробке с ручкой, можно перевозить с собой без проблем. Дома есть собака, проблемы с шерстью решены. Подруга покупала такой же, тоже очень довольна. Все режимы работают, только иногда нужно помочь ему доехать в домик, если он ищет его издалека. Назвали – Федор, теперь он член семьи 🙂 Посмотрим как поработает, если что дополню отзыв.


  162. G***i

    Odkurzacz petarda, stosunek ceny do jakości znakomity. Podładowałem i do roboty. Ma sunię Golden Retriever, masa sierści. I nie ma problemu. Polecam gorąco


  163. E***a

    Пылесос отличный! Пришёл быстро, эксплуатирую уже около месяца- убирает хорошо. Собирает на ура кошачью шерсть и мусор, в углы забирается без проблем


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