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ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim Body

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$839.96 $2,799.87


H0ce1c60197784f15bb9468f03db754f8Y ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim Body

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Hf340730032764a9ba6f14e37c1715682i ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyH51fbadf7eb82405b906bfc19e03f76d4L ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyH8ee85ee68bce4e5184676a671e6135c3M ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyHc36f266eb13f4e1997831a20d1e0a9e7v ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyH29acc369310545a0ae407c67159454bct ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyH9dfc9297b2474758a7b484300914a8cbF ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyHe53232f16cd04d12869afa627ba86a6a5 ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyH6940ea05eef84132a2f16b58b5d89fcd5 ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyH794103e9136e44abb94365148e898c4ac ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyH671c315451cf44568bea65b908000679l ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyH8746b4494009401881ed7fca268a63129 ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyHf67510b3f198478e865cf58754847474g ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyHe88ccc93af8f4e4f8853dd28f762e6b6J ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyH0ecf978c3f3f4845b25b126e02c9b6ccU ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyHe2373f7f6b054c8ead0feac77b9a43ecd ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyH3ebc4b1891a54e879ca1c0f450f88a70h ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyH199009dbc34b4beea776c88e877c7caaR ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyH86db7e074af04d9c84c56b6c57d83109s ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim BodyHf7e7b0a2efba4daca230a0b90030e902O ILIFE A7 Robot Cleaner Vacuum Smart APP Remote Control for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet Automatic Recharge Slim Body

Before ordering, please read:

1, You must complete the first and last name of at least two words. A full first and last name is needed.
For customers in Saudi Arabia, you should provide address in English when placing an order.

2, You must complete the appropriate zip code and city names before placing the order. The zip code should match the name of the city.

3, For some countries who need UK and AU plug, please leave a message in order, so we will send the plug you need for you

4, Like all other similar robots, the robot vacuum cleaner does not work on the black floor, If your carpet has large areas of black, it will be tactfully approved to be an obstacle and avoid this area because it believes it is a precipice.

Do not add liquids other than clean water to the tank.

5, For EU country, we can send you from ES or PL. There is no need to pay tax.

6, Israel’s overseas warehouse is located in Cyprus, and Israeli buyers may need tariffs.

7, The robot is designed with double anti-collision, infrared detection and front bumper. The walls and furniture are dark, the dark color absorbs the infrared, the infrared is not recognized and will depend on the frontal impact sensor.

8, Due to customs clearance issues, we currently could not ship to Canary Islands and other island, the island with a zip code of 35, 38, 52, 52, do not do the order. But if you have friends in other cities available, you Can ask them to buy it for you.

9, For any issues, please feel free to come to us, we are always here.

Based on 152 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. M***v

    It came quickly, the box is whole. Garbage collects properly. Happy.


  2. P***a

    fast shippment , product delivered after 1 week. everything fine with vacuum


  3. M***.

    11.11 acquired two pollen, A7 and V7S plus. A7 in comparison with the last moves less chaotic and due to the low bumper does not try to visit objects that are not his teeth. I use almost three weeks first every day, then after a day and very satisfied, the usual vacuum cleaner from this time is just worth it. A find for those who have animals at home, constantly collects a whole lump of wool and dust. For those who like to walk barefoot-too, removes perfectly, clean (but we do not have carpets). To the application connected only at the first turn on, then constantly “not in the network”, as tried so, then edak. The application is rather for beauty, but still a bit offensive, maybe with some update the problem will solve. You need to constantly maintain: every time to clean the container and brushes on which the hair is wrapped; the design looks beautiful, but on the black glossy surface immediately visible dust, to the rubber strip on the bumper sticks the litter. For the cost that it turned out to take, just a great thing.


  4. R***v

    Works perfectly, in a family with children an indispensable assistant. The linoleum and other hard surfaces are excellent, the mat at the front door is also excellent. Carpets in the House do not hold fundamentally) but on the PPU carpet thickness of 1 cm climbs quietly.


  5. S***v

    Great and affordable vacuum cleaner. Works great. Do not rely on the app. It cannot even connect to the cleaner.


  6. Customer

    All OK. Shipping goods had to be from Poland, and musiałam wait longer because wysłali with hiszpani. Besides OK


  7. K***s

    Robot came with plug English. After buying passthrough works very well.


  8. A***k

    The docking station was defective, but the store sent a new one in return. Now everything works!


  9. R***r

    All is well, the goods came in a month, very satisfied with the purchase


  10. H***a

    Very well packaged! Seems solid. had it for one month, it’s a nice “pet” to have it in the house! would definitely recommend!


  11. Customer

    Great vaccumm cleaner and Very fast delivery


  12. M***a



  13. F***r

    Perfect operation, it returns to the station alone!!! Walk well with a dog at home!


  14. M***a

    Works like please. Power supply was broken, but the declaration store, I received new. Recommend.


  15. S***i

    As a vacuum cleaner works fine, purchase is satisfied. Moving chaotically, strangely, where the promised intelligence. It’s bad that there is no room card. My first experience. Mobile app full fuflo!!! It would be better to take the 9 series.


  16. D***k



  17. P***a

    Przesylka dotarla very quickly. All OK.


  18. M***k

    Very well packed, fast shipping, already after the first odkurzaniu recommend to everyone! Two zmiotka do robote, see for how long posłuży


  19. T***r

    Tests already week, first day a little off gubił. Have also problem with black kwadratami for carpet. Wiedziałem about black color with description, that can not wjechać in such places, although wszytko the zdecydowałem for purchase. Carpet replaced. Device is sensational and wonderful. Cleans perfectly, even with zakamarków close Wall. Wjeżdża under beds and cabinet. Is perfect in this what does. AND this container large garbage. A great model, long zastanawiałem up above the choice. Today RECOMMEND 100% each.


  20. J***o

    The correct information but although I am not prepared to say that it takes several days and I have to assume that for the Chinese New Year and the sum of the coronavirus have happened these delays. The product looks good, I ‘ve had trouble connecting to the wifi, but I finally got it and I ‘ve seen it work. the different types of cleaning. I recommend it and the manual is in Spanish and apparently has technical service which other shops do not have.


  21. K***v

    Already 3 vacuum cleaner from iLife, but the first one that was delivered not by courier, but by mail ( A7 has a large garbage tank, it cleans well. Here is the application on the phone is not convenient, but I do not need it. Did not like that after power off on the button fly off date and time


  22. I***k

    Rapid Delivery 2 days, longer after the first sprzątaniu vacuum cleaner Super wjechał in each zakamarek flats. Recommend salesman.


  23. Customer

    Gorąco polecam


  24. J***s

    Very fast to Portugal. 2 days between order and receive.


  25. I***k

    Fast Delivery 2 day, product consistent with the description. All works perfectly.


  26. B***.

    Super equipment. Fast shipping. ON Sunday ordered in Wednesday already cleans. Is OK.


  27. G***n

    Delivery to St. Petersburg fast, February 20 ordered, 25 was already at the post office. Packed well. Impressions while good, let’s see how it will manifest itself in the case. Put on charging, found the base. Recommend store


  28. P***s

    Item as described Really fast delivery, in 3 days it was delivered. Does what it says, built with good materials. Looks robust and well manufactured.


  29. K***k

    Equipment ordered in Thursday, on Monday was at home. Early ridden chaotycznie, motał up, not zbierał for inside, but dałam him a chance because czytałam feedback that “on so has”. Włączam it every day (home dwójka children so it has what sprzątać), nicely “zaklimatyzowal”, jezdzi sensibly, collects enormity dirt which the eye can’t see. I have two story house and kupiłam it in mind that down must be sprzątany daily (100 meters) and on top pykne vacuum cleaner what third day. But Janusz (because it czlonek family :)) doczeka the Grażyny for pieterko, because however does not want to anyone ruszyć on top vacuum cleaner now;) Generally that I previously the wahałam over buying …. stupid I! PS. Within niecalej hours obleci ground so that is dusted is what najwidoczniejsze, within two hours wysprzata perfectly. PS 2. yes, had early problem trafieniem to base but juz it it goes better and always dojedzie;) PS 3. Combination it with applique took CAN 2 minutes… And seamlessly RECOMMEND


  30. M***k

    As usual is super. This second after A9S ILife family. This is for gift so tested only for a while but as usual seems to be OK. First what certainly is more quiet from A9S. Ordered in Friday AND we Tuesday already was. Thank you again.


  31. P***a

    my new best friend. Clean very good. No problems with carpets. Medium noise level. Clean approximately hour and 30 min before go to recharge. This is absolutely enough to clean first floor very well. Perfect for homes with pets


  32. A***n

    I order a second time, as a gift, came very quickly 4 days, a very good thing. Thank you very much for the operational work ++++ ++


  33. S***a

    Supper robot!!!


  34. P***a

    It’s already Second robot which kupiłam. This time for teściowej. Recommend!


  35. I***s

    It took only 2 days shipping!!! Bravo! I left one room very dusty for cleaning test. Robot did good job! Recommend for hard floors. Can get under tiny spacies. I’m very satisfied. My dog really hates it


  36. M***a

    The order came quickly. charging was low and it was slightly vacuumed. the base found-as a cultural person. many functions-there is a clock, controlled from the remote, from the application on the phone, even after the specified time also comes out to clean. but all this has not yet tried anything.


  37. H***a

    Very fast shipping, excellent product I recomend it


  38. I***k

    I bought it last month and use it everyday. I had no problem with phone app. it works really well. It works when i am out work. The quality of robot (plastic, mechanism) seems to be very good. I received it just in A few days from purchase. if i must find any defect – it would be that sometimes the robot cannot find The way back to its base. nad it is looking for it very long. but it cleans very well. it is silent enough during vacuuming. so it is very good quality for this Price.


  39. T***k

    Ordered in Friday 27.03. Delivered 31.03.


  40. F***a

    Express delivery, all super, beautifully packaged, already charged from tomorrow act 🙂


  41. A***i

    Super recommend 2 days after order came.


  42. M***k

    Recommend, works very cichutki. I am very glad 🙂


  43. K***a

    Robot Super cleans super. Shipment dotarła quickly within 4 days. Recommend iLife A7.


  44. P***r

    Product came very quickly. Cool it looks, works like please. Zrobiłam first Test, draws the coat and crumbs like please. One minis-dog is afraid: P


  45. J***z

    Shipping maker! Used only 10minut-no charging, no not mogłam wait. Best Buy ever last days. Is silent and pretty dokladny. Cats have extra zabawe. Recommend!


  46. Customer

    Fast deliver


  47. P***o

    Super expresowa shipping (warehouse in Poland), not yet rozpakowany-waiting for the Holidays because this gift. Pictures and product feedback later. Highly recommended salesman.


  48. K***D

    My new love it comes only one day and I am zachwycona, I hope that in the long run also the will check. Ordered Friday in Wednesday from us in Poland. Recommend


  49. Customer

    Came after 3 days, after 1 odkurzaniu I am zachwycona. Really worth buying, device quiet and very accurate. For 2 wks zaktualizuje feedback 🙂


  50. J***i

    All OK. Pulls up nice;)


  51. I***k

    I am under large impressed! Vacuum cleaner checked the the sensationally. Odkurzane in sobote ordinary, and yesterday (Wednesday) robot. Super Large roznica! We have the dog at home that terribly The Leni, its hair is pełno. For addition when przejechaniu dłonią after panels or plates, and even starciu cloth no such dirt or dust as after ordinary odkurzaniu! Shock!!!! Cichutki, very agile, my view Super item for such money! Round down home wysprzątał for mid Bateri! Recommend!!!! Rewelacja!!!!


  52. Customer

    As good as said!


  53. K***a

    Robot Super cleans. It’s already second in the family. ILife A7. Recommend.


  54. R***a

    He arrived very fast has the instructions in Spanish only need to prove it


  55. A***i

    Amazing and superfast ship 🙂 Good quality product!


  56. S***z



  57. A***a

    Brilliant product, works according to the description. Shipping from UK warehouse by courier DHL 2 working days.


  58. A***v

    Came to Estonia for 4 days (from the Polish warehouse) Collected, launched-no problems. The instruction is normal, including the Russian. Removes no worse than Xiaomi for 250 euros. The only negative-at high speeds is noisy.


  59. S***a

    Super vacuum cleaner. Wjeżdża for carpets and exceed thresholds. Wjeżdża under wardrobe. Same dojeżdża to base, though I don’t have as much space as is recommended. Delivery very fast. Ordered Friday and in Wednesday already was U me. Odkurza AND floors and carpets. Included remote is very easy to operate. Application not instalowałam, for I have no need. Recommend, meets my expectations.


  60. L***n

    It’s perfect!


  61. Customer

    Delivery in a few days. Feedback after 4 days follow: Vacuum cleaner cleans thoroughly. When a large, długowłosym dog and 4 królikach Radzi wearing super. No problem collects dust, fur, piach or hay. Is enough quiet, no more problem back to base (and as seen in the picture it is one side zastawiona and there is no required free space). Little Falls into the furniture, but with any odkurzaniem getting less often.


  62. G***r

    Delivery in two days from Poland. General recommend. Collects dust, rides little chaotycznie, but can I have a little time to about rozgryźć. Failed me to start control application, required is Wi-Fi 5 GHz.


  63. Z***l

    It looks damnd good. Recommended! Very strong, very smart. Just a few days of delivery 🙂


  64. V***v

    Excellent attitude on selling, forest and pleasant communication. Delivery time, 7 days to Bulgaria. The iMah of oppression have given more protection to the places of the iMah black, but in the short period of time before the father is able to do good. The problems of Mu béché and Kachi on kilim, not knowing gave zaradi visochinat on kilim about 2 cm, gave chernata Ivica from koiato zamochva of kilim or the protection of nyamache Bathery, but you have to do everything you need to do. More puck the messenger in the book.


  65. M***a

    Bought on March 28th, I got it on April 6th, in Italy, from Spain. It makes a little noise and seems to clean in a good way. It goes by itself to charging dock. App is very poor. I used it just to plan cleaning times. Good package. Responsive store.


  66. G***N

    Delivery from Spain 4 days bravo Super quiet


  67. M***a

    Works perfect, I m so happy with it. The delivery is very quick. My house is so clean


  68. D***a

    Great robot housekeeping, first time a little off kręcił before zapamiętał way, but nicely omija chairs and furniture, no problem when wjazdach on carpet, actually odkurza accurately (in addition to Horn, where can’t wjechać). I am bardzi satisfied, shipment came within a week-thank you very much and I shop second robot to another level apartment.


  69. Customer

    At the moment it works perfectly, I come fast, with the covi19y and Easter I thought it would take later, but not jj. What I haven’t been able to put on yet was the App with the robot but that’s the least important.


  70. B***n

    This is my first robot and I LOVE it! My apartment is easy to hoover as there are no carpets (I had one little one with tassels and the robot got tangled in them, so I had to remove it) and for this kind of job it’s perfect. I can now clean more deeply only once in a while – it saves a lot of time. Not sure if it’s “learned” the layout of my apartment as every time it takes a different itinerary, but it cleans all the areas, so I don’t mind. It’s super easy to use: with buttons, a remote control, or an app (some people said it didn’t work for them – for me, it took 3 attempts to connect, but then it worked perfectly after I followed the instructions (they are not so intuitive and in English, maybe this was the problem)). The robot looks pretty (if I can say that about a hoover ;)) and high-quality. The delivery in Poland was very quick. Great contact with the Seller. I’m super happy with this purchase! I’ve recommended this company to my mom (who also bought one hoover) and my friends.


  71. Customer

    All in how best fine. Zamówiłabym second time. Smoothly and accurately odkurza. WITH a clear conscience recommend.


  72. S***s

    Labai patenkintas. Prekė pranoko lukesčius. Programuoti Kol cash nebandžiau.


  73. C***o

    Great product.


  74. N***n

    Fast delivery, good quality, not too loud. Highly recommend


  75. J***k

    First impression REWELACJA!!! MEGA fast shipping-buy on Monday evening and delivery already we Thursday!


  76. Z***s

    Super, outlet siurbia, Pats grįžta pasikrauti, Dar Visco neišbandžiau, bet vertas. Užsakiau sekmadienį, O trečiadienį Jau gavau iš lenkijos sandelio , net nesitikėjau Taip greit. Atrodo prieš 3 Dienas siurbiau Su paprastu siurbliu bet vaizdelis… Suo, vaikas IR aplink NamUs zvyras, tai šitą siurblį vadinsiu draugeliu.


  77. T***t

    General approx. Applique and logging-porażka


  78. Customer

    All OK. Fast shipping with PL. This my first this type vacuum cleaner and I am positively surprised.


  79. M***k

    As usual Super! It’s already third purchase as usual successful. First only A9 is already with us over years and cleans every day. Really worth!


  80. K***j

    I ordered on 25 may , received 29 may. Thank you for the very fast delivery !


  81. S***n

    The vacuum cleaner corresponds to the description. The store sent the order quickly. 25.05.2020 paid delivered 29.05.2020 Moscow region.


  82. P***r

    Vacuum cleaner Super, shipment dotarła in 2 days. Long the zastanawiałam above choice, today do not regret. My best choice and I am glad that this is model without mopowania.


  83. I***a

    Long chose a vacuum cleaner, stopped at this. A beautiful vacuum cleaner, it only vacuum cleaner (does not wash). For the first time, when he rolled and fought against the wall, but after a week I learned where the walls are and almost does not beat. The cat loves it))) in the kit there is a spare set of brushes and a filter, there are 2 main brushes one silicone other with villi. On the carpets, the first time is taken with difficulty, raises the corners, but then accelerates and kicks at them, in the bath we have a rug with a high pile, it’s hard for him to climb, you have to put it on. Everything came in Novocherkassk growth. OBL. For 5 days from Moscow. Packed perfectly, there is an instruction for Russian.


  84. E***a

    Suggest to buy


  85. P***s

    Fast delivery, I paid 620zl and waiting for 44zl cashbecku. Robot poruszą up smoothly, sometimes slight problem with applique. In this price I am satisfied.


  86. G***n

    Her får man virkelig en super støvsuger for pengene


  87. D***k

    For you peníze them fact super. Doprava stainless Španělska for Čech 4 DNY. Dovezl its GLS. Funguje as má, propracování them také kvalitní and hezké. Zatím naprostá spokojenost.


  88. P***z

    Super fast shipping.


  89. T***i

    Robot reached faster aniżeli spodziewałem out.


  90. J***l

    Great and sent fast


  91. Customer



  92. F***r

    Good evening robot vacuum cleaner with artificial intelligence at the top level cordially


  93. Z***l

    perfect, i love it! it is our second one…


  94. P***e

    Very fast shipping (3 days of Poland to Netherlands). App is easy to operate. Vacuum cleaner makes good clean.


  95. E***e

    OK, this juz another vacuum cleaner, shipment 2 days to UK!


  96. M***a

    This my first ILIFE but I am zachwycona. Super fast shipping


  97. Customer

    Product came within 5 days of order. Very nice zipped without any damage out of the box works applique phone works connects no problem by wiFi for now odkurzył piece carpet loading up I Am generally satisfied. With vacuum cleaner future bateryjki for remote control and a set of spare filter roll sprzątającej and two front miotełek.


  98. K***a

    In two days in my house. First day and we are imressed. Great design, very strong battery. He is working chaotic, but it’s his first day. I will add addiditonal opinion later on.


  99. P***o

    Second home after 3 months from purchase first, doing your job perfectly. Recommend.


  100. Customer

    Fast shipping (2 days). Product complies with the description. 100% recommend.


  101. H***r

    Very fast delivered


  102. M***k

    As usual Super and super fast dziekuję 😉


  103. Customer

    Mega satisfied very fast delivery


  104. L***n

    Much quieter than my previous V5. Gorgeous shimmering black finish.


  105. A***P

    I received my shipment within 6 days.The quality is very good.Good help at home.The store I recommend 100 percent.T hanks.


  106. D***k

    Shipment expres. Zamówiłam in Wednesday evening in Friday already was pack. Equipment Super RECOMMEND. thank stores.


  107. Customer

    Packaged well and properly, corresponds to the description. Delivery very fast – 6 days from Poland to Estonia, delivered by courier to the door. Looks very nice and modern, cleans properly. Easy to use


  108. Customer

    Sends very fast in tracking package. The vacuum cleaner is exceptional I had an old version of this type of product. They really made improvements!!! The device connects to the phone very easily. A very good purchase and I thank the store for his seriousness. 5 stars


  109. F***j

    Best Buy in my life. Recommend to everyone. Podziękowanie for retailer for fast shipping.


  110. J***o

    Perfect, as in description


  111. R***r

    The robot is just fire. At first he tupyl, but then he got used to it. Ideal for carpets with a large pile, the hair rolls on Hurray! Vacuum cleaner is very clean. It is easy to understand it thanks to the instructions, the main thing is to enter. The family is happy. I recommend to everyone


  112. K***z

    polecam 🙂


  113. D***v

    Came very quickly, in 4 days! I did not have time to sweat yet, I’ll write how it works later. While in the evening a little ride, and then after cleaning found a bunch of garbage… It is not clear from where I took it!


  114. M***k

    Super robocik, well cleans, is silent, collects sensationally hair and hair, regret that previously not kupilam.


  115. T***v

    Come to Bulgaria for 5 days.


  116. T***r

    All in best fine. Recommend


  117. Customer

    Great product cleans wonder ….. now we see the life in ….. thanks


  118. S***e

    The goods came quickly, super purchase!


  119. K***a

    All Super, fast shipping, very good product as per this price, not wierzyłem in its efficacy but gives advice


  120. F***z

    It’s come very fast, I ‘ve tried it and I’m very, very happy! I’ll leave another comment when it takes longer to use. Thank you!


  121. C***i

    All in best fine, very fast delivery (2 days after order). Recommend, is our second iLife and we are very satisfied


  122. J***Y

    Complies with the description Very fast delivery in 7 days I highly recommend this store


  123. Customer

    Very fast shipping.


  124. V***a

    My favorite vacuum cleaner, there’s something to compare with, it’s just a monster of his business, in 5 room apartment itself found the base and removes very well!


  125. D***v

    Acting like a drunk cat. He dreams around the room confused in all the laces and wires lying on the floor, on the way everything comes across, then he got under the couch, couldn’t get out, and began to crumble.


  126. A***o

    The vacuum cleaner got to Novosibirsk a week after sending. Sending by post of Russia, fast. Packing serious: two boxes and a package, plus in a box all packed, nothing crumpled, the vacuum cleaner is chic-has collected a lot of dust, defects pass perfectly, works through the application. Charging was somewhere 3/4. The instruction in the kit is Russian. In general, oyaen’s order is happy!))


  127. M***s

    The best. Thank you


  128. K***n

    Robot checks very well, troszkę chaotyczny, but believe the ogarnie. After the first odkurzaniu had problem back to base. Following for this flawless, odkurza effectively.


  129. I***s

    Very good


  130. S***r

    Unfortunately, robot does not want to connect with Internet despite this, with working router mode 2.4 GHz. The same I conclude that functionality robot is limited. If komuś depends on good application it do not recommend purchase. Robot functions smoothly, is silent and collects dust.


  131. H***a

    Perfect. Arrived in less than 24 hours. Am satisfied.


  132. V***s

    Puikus robotas. Typewriter Jo WiFi blogas. IOS aplikacija Labai bloga. BET pats robotas Labai Geras. IR prekės pristatymas puikus.


  133. M***m

    Rewelacja! Odkurza very well!


  134. I***n

    Thank you. The vacuum cleaner came quickly. Quality is good. Excellent assistant in the house for cleaning. I buy a second time. The first one has been serving for more than a year. This one bought for mom.


  135. V***v

    Everything is super! This is a modern way of cleaning. The vacuum cleaner copes with his tasks. Passes even through the threshold 3 cm. If he wrapped the carpet, he’s trying to drive around. He ‘d have more power.


  136. R***i

    Nice purchase but has few flaws. No issues with connecting to wifi although functionality of the application is very limited – exactly as standard remote control which is part of the set. I was expecting more from the app, like a map of the cleaned area – this one is useless. Robot has some issues with cleaning whole room and needs to go through several times to cover the area. But, in general, I’m quite happy with it. Extremely fast delivery.


  137. S***k

    Came 2 weeks later, turned on the first time, in the car mode, drove around the house in chaotic order, skipping many plots, after a long time returned to them, we have a large area of 90 square meters, the spouse did not wait and reached all places in manual mode. In fact, happy, the help is good, as next will show themselves. already far away that without wet cleaning, the husband says do not worry, see can buy a second with wet cleaning, for the second floor


  138. A***.

    Absolutely perfect. It is our second iLife robot vacuum cleaner. The previous i7s Pro just stopped charging but it was 4 years old. So we got this one. As far is all ok and does the job.


  139. V***v

    Let’s break the robot. Back to Braz delivery. Great attitude on sale. The robot is perfect.


  140. P***k

    I am a little zawiedziona quality work… often screwed in cables, odkurza too so wearing… I comparison with one of the cheaper models rumby and regret not zdecydowałam up however on it… oh well… next time


  141. E***v

    Very cool vacuum cleaner! I order for the third time, all the acquaintances want themselves the same! I recommend taking from this store. Fast delivery and great packing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  142. K***s

    Very good vacuum cleaner – good suction power, precisely cleaning, about 2 hours working time. I had some problem with front bumper but technical support fixed problem very fast (video with instructions – good way to fix problem in your own home!) Previously I had model V7s but this A7 is much better for home without carpet (straight surfaces) because it didn’t has mop function


  143. V***o

    Bought it on sale with the coupons of the store and Ali for 6186 rubles, and two packs of filters took to the amount of the coupon to extract. In general, the vacuum cleaner liked, only turned on immediately went beating on the wall, but in 30 minutes collected a lot of wool and dust. The experience of using is not great, then can supplement the review.


  144. P***o

    Applique dedicated to this model is bezużyteczna.


  145. G***N

    hyper rapide 5 jours


  146. J***s

    All Super


  147. I***a

    Vacuum cleaner excellent, came well packed, delivery fast


  148. Customer

    verry good


  149. K***k

    Везде рекламируется приложение на телефон для управления роботом, но приложения НЕТ. Ни по ссылке (QR-code) в инструкции пользователя, ни на сайте официальном нигде нет приложения. Нет apk файла. И очень странно почему на GooglePlay не разместили, шпионский софт или троян встроенный? ПОЧЕМУ?


  150. J***k

    W ciągu 3 dni odkurzacz w domu!


  151. A***z

    zamówiony w poniedziałek, dostarczony w środę pierwsze sprzątanie na resztkach baterii bardzo pozytywne. dodam więcej po dłuższym użytkowaniu. Polecam właścicielom czworonogów


  152. Customer

    Робот пришёл максимально быстро!! Очень довольны!! Теперь появилось больше свободного времени :)))))