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Hasee K670E-G6A5 Laptop for Gaming(Intel 9Gen i5-9400+GTX1050 /8G RAM/512G SSD/DOS/15.6”IPS)Hasee Desktop-grade notebook

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$1,426.32 $2,037.60

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Intel I5

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4.9 overall

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  1. A***v

    The laptop is not bad, the characteristics correspond to the declared, the build quality pleased, with a certain arrangement with the store beyond the limits for extra payment of the fee did not go out. Delivery is not very fast, month by courier at home


  2. S***v

    The goods came to stavropol for a month. The laptop is good, pulls the metro exodus on the middle.


  3. U***r

    Perfect, it doesnt have windows, and it was damaged during the ship, but doesnt matter cause i have a super computer.


  4. B***v

    Everything’s fine. Shipping appearance is just super. Windows got up without problems.


  5. V***r

    The laptop is good. The assembly is excellent. Operative from samsung, hard from kingston. Everything corresponds to the description. The screen is bright enough. But the downside is only that the store did not specify the supported os. The laptop supports only windows 10. this is not very good, although it works fast enough. Starts in less than a minute. I recommend. The seller is responsive. Delivery is fast enough to home (though do not warn about delivery in advance to agree on the time when the buyer is at home), but the seller did not send long (sent after 9 days). You can take it. For its price, the laptop is excellent.


  6. A***l

    Shipping about 5 weeks. Brought the courier straight home. Packed perfectly, boxes without dents. Works properly.


  7. A***v

    Complete with a laptop, the store put stickers on the keyboard with russian letters and + gift.


  8. A***o

    There were little difficulties with installing drivers for vidyahi, but otherwise everything is fine, i liked the funny chinese with god of war edition, the fact that on the keyboard there is no russian language do not feel, i print as quietly as before, the operatives would be bigger and there will be a gun))


  9. M***v

    In principle, the laptop is good, but somehow not quite that …. The processor is powerful, vidyuha medium. Works quickly and so far without friezes, but buzzes blowing so that it covers the sound of the speakers. The body is normal, but heavy. In principle, all budget decisions consist of compromises. And here. For the game laptop a little weak, for the office super, but heavy. This is the first impressions, there will be new ones-i will write.


  10. J***e

    I bought thos laptop. But there were many stories. I will try to use it well in the furture.


  11. Customer

    I just missed my keyboard stick in spanish, but the lap is fine, it fulfills what it promises


  12. A***t

    Not a bad iron, but it’s heated as if inside the branch of hell. While playing, the mouse is almost not real. The outlet temperature is 52 degrees. Before mo went more than a month.


  13. N***i

    10/10 Top


  14. N***v

    Order for 2 laptops came quickly, packing without problems, the store is very satisfied, I recommend everyone. Seller 5 + + + + +


  15. R***n

    The product corresponds to the description. Just fire for your money. I advise everyone. Thank you more. Only shipping is long.


  16. A***n

    So came the laptop, a new whole and unharmed. After finding out that from Moscow to me his post of Russia sent, thought the trouble will be, but there is no all intact and unharmed, even the box is not wrinkled. In general, the laptop is excellent, windows fell up, the driver itself loaded, only in vidyuhu updated then automatically. Works perfectly, there is no strong noise, and the fact that on the right is also the output of warm air, play absolutely does not interfere. the screen is super, on its 2 laptop Asus look now hurts. I am happy with the purchase, I thought for a long time, doubted, different reviews write, but decided and did not pass. So you can take it, I advise, I will attach a few photos. with the store sent in 2 weeks, maybe because of their holidays, and 2 did delivery to Vladimir region, in general a month, took for 44400


  17. F***f

    It was a month. A little smell. Noise like a plane. It’s heated. The rest of the gun.


  18. A***a



  19. G***a

    1) shipping The parcel went for a long time, about a month, when the parcel came to Surgut began problems with finding this product, it greatly spoiled the nerves of us, with delivery services it is necessary to solve something 2) goods The product produced very positive impressions, the quality of the packaging and the material of the laptop itself Iron as stated in the product card, without deception Outcome If not shipping then it would be a perfect purchase for your money, but the store still recommend, it offers a quality product


  20. Y***f

    Despite some misunderstandings with the store, I recommend the product to buy, the laptop is very decent for its money. WOT on Ultra HD fps40-60.


  21. Customer

    Great laptop. Took mostly for work, a little for toys. Without problems, I installed everything. Came courier to Yoshkar-Ola for 20 days with something (because of the holidays). Personally for me the car is top, there are no problems. The games make noise be healthy! Take, if in thought


  22. A***o

    The item came on 28 days after the order. it was possible to put only win.10 pro. version 19.03, version 16.04 and 18.09ltsc installed did not want. Comp works son very satisfied. the build quality is excellent. I recommend.


  23. S***r

    The laptop is super for this price. In stores, brand models cost 15 thousand more expensive. I had to sweat a little with the installation of all drivers, but it was worth it. It remains only to buy an additional RAM, or 8 GB is not enough. Well, the only negative-long delivery, waited a month and a half.


  24. S***h

    Good store responsible. The laptop works perfectly, everything corresponds to the description. Buy will not regret.


  25. O***o

    Took for 44 K at the end of September. Sold sent a laptop in 13 days, which is acceptable. On October 11, he cracked, and 28 already arrived in Pskov. Of the minuses, found 1 broken pixel on the screen (does not interfere, because. It is on the edge and it is not visible), most likely the result of some impact during transportation, although the laptop is packed perfectly (double box and foam 3 cm thick). Includes the laptop itself, sticker, charger and instruction in Chinese. Windows got up without problems, firewood too. Turns on seconds 15-20. The games do not tupit and do not slow down, but all the heat from the video card blows directly to the hand, which is not comfortable if you play more difficult games. Fps in Battlefield 4 at an average of 130-140 while the temperature of vidyahi is 77-80, if you limit the FPS in the console to 80, the temperature is 65-70. In CS go at maximum ~ 120 fps. Progi for 3D modeling, Photoshop is not stupid, when working. The video has not yet been mounted, so I can not talk about the speed of the video rendering. For their money, the laptop fire! Analogs in our stores are 60 +.


  26. K***y

    On the first impressions of the laptop fire. SSD-M2, percent not unsoldered. 4 USB ports, 3 of them USB 3. Memory 8G one bar, there is a place under another bar and a place under the disk of the standard form factor. Back cover without Seal, removed easily for upgrade. Cooling at first glance is quite powerful. We still need to chase of course-but in general there are no complaints to the computer yet. Instruction only in Chinese, keyboard only Latin with a set of stickers. But delivery of course is long and service… The first time I meet that the courier would call and say “or I’ll be with you in half an hour or take it later as you want.” Although of course this question is not quite to the store. And it is compensated by the amount…


  27. S***o

    Long sent order. Asked twice to extend the warranty period. Extended without problems. Packed well, nothing inside is not wrinkled, everything is whole. The laptop is assembled well, there is an additional space for Ram. Windows put easily by downloading the installer on the USB flash drive. In the BIOS did not have to go, the flash drive saw immediately. The computer is loaded very quickly, literally a couple of seconds! Games pull well. For 3D modeling, I advise you to put additional RAM. I use more than a month, glad to buy. Good store and goods!


  28. A***j

    Sending is long. Naut himself is good.


  29. P***n

    The store sent out somewhere in 10 days the goods. Delivery of CSE. Disgusting courier service! Kept the laptop in their warehouse for 10 days, did not even inform about the delivery. I had to go and take it from the warehouse, although delivery by courier. The laptop really liked, bright, high-quality plastic, there are no lights on the screen, it is also packed well. At me in the corner on the laptop there is a small chip (seen in the photo), most likely appeared in the assembly process. The dispute did not open, not critical. In general, the laptop is happy, but the seller recommend to change the delivery service.


  30. G***n

    The laptop fully complies with the description, well assembled, the purchase is very pleased. If who decides to put Ubuntu then put with the mode. Nomodeset, deliver NVIDIA firewood and then clean. Ubuntu works on a note without any harm, Vindu has not yet put.


  31. D***n

    Naut was really surprised! All Super!!!


  32. Customer

    Great laptop, really heavy. For its price quite a suitable machine to work, well and you can play anything. There are of course a couple of strange solutions in it: 1) over the keyboard is drawn a strip of strange dots of white. 2) on the back cover on one cooler all the holes are through, and on the second why the three rows of perforations are through only one. Well, it is worth considering that it is cheap touchpad, but it works like normal. Inside is the operative crucial one bar on 8 GB, there is another place on one bar. You can add another SSD M2 yes and a full size SATA connector like it is also present. Also worth a hard disk Phison for 500 GB, there are no claims to it in principle. The main advantage is of course the desktop processor. It is worth FullHD screen like IPs, quite normal, Broken Pixels have not found. In general, there is no fire for their money. On delivery, a month has passed since the order, they were brought home by courier.


  33. Customer

    Reached about a month (half of the time took to send laptop from the store). There were tracking problems when the laptop crossed the border. There are no claims to the laptop itself. For such money we offer much poorer packages.


  34. E***a

    The laptop went Ooo very long, ordered 29.11 and arrived only 22. 01.but to the laptop itself while there are no claims, it works normally and came the whole courier of the CSE delivery service. If you order be prepared for the store can send it only in a couple of weeks.


  35. J***a

    Goods shipped only 2 weeks after order. Then began long weeks of expectations …. In general ordered 29.11.19 came laptop 23.01.2020… Two months!!!! Very long …..


  36. O***a

    It’s been almost two months. courier delivered. track tracked. it looks like everything matches the description. Only the keyboard is not Russian, but the store put stickers and very good quality, glued and everything super.


  37. A***o

    Great note! First, after the installation of Vinda (10), saw only the built-in vidyhu. Firewood on discrete rise refused as I did not try you. Installed another Vindu (also 10) and things went, the firewood got up normally. Shipment about 10 days, delivery about 1.5 months (to Lipetsk area). The most offensive is that of the whole time of delivery more than 3 weeks, nut lay in a warehouse in Moscow.


  38. R***u

    It took a very long time, days like 50, probably because of the holidays, I’m happy with the purchase, sorry to charge large, inconvenient to carry with you


  39. I***i

    Note for the bomb. Took 42k before Ng. Put pirate 10y Vindu with activation, updated a couple of firewood on vijyaku and percent. Nout was driving for almost two months. Come on, Happy End


  40. V***n

    Thank you so much.


  41. I***r

    The laptop is good, the characteristics coincide with the stated, thinks quickly. The store is happy, everything was done correctly, and I did not have to pay customs tax. I recommend everyone.


  42. W***v

    Seller sent the goods 2 weeks after order. He came in almost 45 days. But good that whole and not harmful.


  43. N***n

    -On delivery: 1. order date: December 9, 2019 for 41 890,87 rubles; 2. Date of dispatch: December 23, 2019 (after 14 days); 3. Delivery date: 13 February 2020 (66 days in transit); 4. Delivery Service: by Russian Post (after transfer of goods by the courier company 8express) to Omsk region. Honestly to say such long delivery is not for weak ones. Given the fact that the goods were not delivered on time, the store on AliExpress has extended the period of protection of the buyer twice (for 5 and 20 days). But at least the seller is sociable and pleases. -About the product: after unpacking the product, included is the laptop itself, sticker with Cyrillic (Russian letters), power supply and instruction in Chinese. The laptop is qualitatively made, no backlights on the screen, performance is at the highest level. Additionally, for the best performance installed another ram Bar (8 GB, DDR4, Samsung 2666 MHz) and M.2 SSD with a 2280 GB NVMe interface from kingspec.


  44. G***g

    The product is satisfied, no problems in 4 days of active use have not met, the only minus of the product-when using its abilities to the maximum, will be noisy by the batteries and can heat the hand When working with the mouse 10 Vinda installed without problems, pulls in the area of 60 fps parallel operation of the browser, discord and Dark Souls 3 on high settings and code vein on High


  45. A***v

    Everything is very good! Seller is very good!!!


  46. I***a

    Finally I got the order. Waited two and a half months. I will not order this store anymore.


  47. D***v

    The store is responsible, always answered questions. I didn’t pay any duty. Took for 42414. Delivery was long, 1,5 months. But it’s not the seller’s fault. For a very long time lay in Moscow without movement. The laptop is good!


  48. D***v

    Delivered in a month, nothing is broken and not even spoken. On alike was not tracked, learned about the arrival only through tracking in the cashback service. Note is chic, does not lay anything, games fly, the screen is cool. The only thing that immediately did not like it was the sound, but crashing in the settings of the mixer in the equalizer configured so that it became normal. Note exactly worth your money, order will not regret.


  49. O***n

    In short, note is great, his money is definitely worth. The body to the touch is nice, plastic. Nowhere does not float, does not hang. However, noticed some problems with the TouchPad (buttons are bad) and the keyboard is slightly sold when pressing. The packed was good, in transportation it is difficult to damage. There is an additional slot for M2 SSD, one hard drive slot and a connector for another ram bar. Added a hard drive and 8gb Ram. As a result, RDR2 pulls on average at 30-40 fps. During the game is heated decently, but not stronger than other laptops. On your knees keep during the game is not worth it.


  50. Customer

    Everything is fine except for very long delivery. 2 months from the date of dispatch


  51. P***o

    If you want the hair to sit on your ass waiting for this package. Order it. There are no claims to the laptop itself. Packing is safe. Inside and outside all norms. The biggest minus is the swing with delivery. The producer is sociable, I can not call


  52. V***v

    Delivery to the apartment. Everything works. Thank the store.


  53. Customer

    That’s right. It’s been two weeks since the start of use. Bought for 40769 on sale. Waited long enough, just over a month. The track was tracked but the cities in transit points were not named. Laptop for this money is more than good. Assembly: The Assembly quality is good, it is immediately visible that the goods are quality. The body is made of plastic under the aluminum texture, does not scratch. I was afraid that there would be shocks with the matrix but there were no lights and broken pixels. The keyboard for this money is normal without a Cyrillic. Stickers included not used. Performance: cooling with loads copes, the Sora and the card have their coolers. Surfing only works the cooler on the processor in quiet mode. The game mode turns on the second cooler as it heats. Under high load, the coolers work at the maximum, the only small minus is the output of heat from the ends of the laptop, in games it heats the right hand where the mouse is located. The binding of Intel Core i5 processor with the gtx1050 video card is perfect, there is no point in changing the stone.


  54. A***v

    Hello to everyone! Maybe who’s lucky to get a laptop, but not me. I paid it 8.01, sold allegedly sent 13.01 and fed promises that will soon come to 4.03!!! Two months Carl. There comes a message on mail 04.03 that sold sent the goods. This is the writer of the Lord!!! Send the goods after 2 months. The dispute is in my favor. Think about it yourself. So the goods are not tracked and the shipping is long.


  55. E***a

    Ordered 21.01 came 25.03. It’s been a long time, but it’s okay. Brought the Courier


  56. I***v

    Great laptop. I’m ordering for a second time. From order to receipt from Courier, exactly two months. Seller Thank you so much!!!


  57. D***d

    The product fully conforms to the description. Ordered for 42482 R. For such a price is completely justified. But I’m not lucky with delivery. They sent for a very long time. But the store extended the protection period of the buyer for a month. It could be related to coronovirus. Very long, but still the goods came


  58. Y***v

    Everything is super, it came quickly and efficiently Thank you for the goods


  59. V***v

    Finally waited for the laptop, came a new one, whole and unharmed. The CSE company was supposed to deliver to the house, but I couldn’t take it myself at this time, I had to pick it up from the office later. I’m happy with the purchase, the laptop is cool with its money. The store is very pleased and grateful to him for the quality goods 5 +++++


  60. A***v

    First the traditional minus is not fast delivery, 36 days to Krasnodar. I’m going down to coronovirus. Of the numerous pros: 1. official wind without dancing with a bunny got up from the bootable flash drive for 10-15 minutes-did not even have to climb in bio. Absolutely all the drivers were found on their own, including vidyuha. Just in case later for vidyuhi downloaded an updated driver from the nvidea site. 2. added 8 gb ddr 4 corsair with a frequency of 2666, without problems started in two-channel mode 3. There are places for M2 SSD and for 2,5 SSD or HDD, I will deliver later 4. vinda loads in 11 seconds, chrome in 3 seconds is just a fairy tale, everything flies. 5 The witch on the highs goes without any lag, everything is comfortable and pleasant. 6. the screen compared to my previous note, juicy and bright. 7. the sound is quite tolerant, for games will go. In the headphones, obviously, even better .. In general i am pleased as an elephant, an excellent working machine with the ability to play soft say not old games. I want to try RDR2.


  61. I***a

    Naut waited about two months, the characteristics correspond. Shipping is long, but it is worth it, the store answered all questions, I advise!


  62. S***V

    Windows 10 installed with the flash drive. On the way 34 days. No transit points were visible. Shipping is long. There was no light. There was no broken pixels either. Note is happy. Ordered for 41800. For this money, the fire is simple. To adjust the speed of the cooler, download the software from the off site under your model hasee.com translator to help.


  63. R***n

    Great laptop for such money. Additionally put a hard drive at 2 TB.


  64. D***o

    Everything works great. Ppg at Ultra 70 fps, saw under 100 loading, percent 30%. Even for 50 k he took good before raising 42


  65. I***v

    According to the product there are no claims, but the sending and delivery will make it sit


  66. S***r

    Ooo very long delivery, 2,5 months, from the pros brought the courier home. Ordered for 41600, now the price is very large. The laptop itself is good, fast loads, no scratches found. The store answered the question for a long time about 2 weeks. The track was not tracked.


  67. R***p

    Bought a laptop back in February at a price of 42000 (there was a discount). Of the pros: 1) powerful and productive 2) Stylish (although not many will like characters on the lid, personally I really like it) 3) quality at high (not inferior to other shredded brands) 4) the store himself handled everything with customs from Cons: 1) very small removable battery. Maximum 3-4 hours of work in the office. The games suck her for minutes in 40-60. 2) long shipping (apparently the seller is waiting for a batch of notes: I came after 2 months. 3) noisy and heavy (if for whom it is critical… It is better to choose a model under ultrabook. Note itself in general is not heavy 2.5kg norms result, but you will be obliged to drag the charging due to low autonomy. And she still probably) in general satisfied with the product. No harm.


  68. Customer



  69. I***e

    The description is correct. It’s been too long. The store responded to the dialogue in time.


  70. A***h

    It was only a long time before Kamchatka, 70 days! Took for 41.567


  71. V***v

    Will add later


  72. A***v

    Excellent laptop! Delivery from Podolsk. Thank you!


  73. S***h

    I ordered the laptop 24.04.2020, sent the order 30.04, received 08.06 total one and a half months from the order to the receipt. Took when the dollar was another 76 for 51900 now on the summer sale it was 48500. Well, what can you say about the laptop, the wheelbarrow fire except SSD Kingston rbusns8180s3512gj is probably the most retarded. In the rest, everything is very good for me with memory crucial ct8g4sfs8266 chip manufacturer Micron. It will be necessary to add 8 more gigs of RAM to the SSD to work better, it uses RAM for caching. Graphics NVIDIA gtx1050 manufacturer Clevo memory 4 GDDR5 from Samsung. The body is assembled soundly neither Lufts nor creaks is observed. Stickers on the keyboard are better to do engraving. In the games settings immediately automatic jumped to high and increased the FPS. Fans are noisy, again compared to my previous HP laptop.


  74. Y***o

    With 6% kashbek 42 turned out, delivery of the day 3 turned out, I do not know how it came out, I took it at the post office of Russia. packed capital, in three boxes, each sealed, the death of koshcheev, had to open, in the rest all the rules are all as in the description, went intact, the store umnichka sent on the day of the order


  75. A***p

    Wonderful laptop, fastest delivery, A little more than a week later, he was on my hands in Moscow. Games fly, almost not heated, very convenient


  76. Customer

    Ordered on June 15, June 21 took it at the post office. Very quickly delivered did not expect.


  77. Customer

    The laptop came quickly. Fully corresponds to the description. Light, dead pixels did not find. Additionally, the store put stickers for the keyboard with a Russian layout.


  78. V***v

    Excellent laptop, came in 3 weeks, windows and driver installed without problems, now I’m looking for a keyboard.


  79. V***N

    The laptop did not reach after 2 months, did a refund. Be vigilant and keep an eye on your protection, because if there’s something wrong with the laptop, then without support, nothing will return you. Extremely not happy with communication, with the dispute constantly promises, that will return the money when the goods will be in Moscow (by the way it has been there for more than a month) and even there was a status to cancel the order in tracking, but the store did not do anything.


  80. A***n

    The laptop came, in general everything is good, whole, Pok ane launched, tracked, in a great way


  81. V***r

    Waited for order about 2 and a half months, unfortunately because of the tone and our favorite Russian mail during quarantine, the parcel was detained, the store is sociable and sent money within a couple of days


  82. Y***v

    It’s been two weeks, it works. Characteristics correspond. Drivers were found without problems. To the Leningrad region reached a month with a small. The outer and inner boxes were broken, but the contents were not affected. Packed perfectly. I brought a courier home. I recommend to buy.


  83. R***r

    доставка 32 дня до ХМАО, всё норм, продавец общительный, за растаможку не платил , бук пришёл на почту, 10 встала без проблем. Магазин рекомендую!