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(FBA)LIECTROUX Robot Vacuum Cleaner B6009,Map Navigation,Smart Memory,Suction 3000pa,Dual UV Lamp,Wet Dry Mop,Wifi App aspirador

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Silve plus Black

For B6009, we have warehouses in Russia, Germany, Spain, France, Italy.

1. If you are the buyer from EU Member 27 States , we will send your order from Germany, Spain, France, or Italy FBA warehouses. Shipping from these warehouses, is very fast, free shipping, and no customs problem.Please feel free to buy .

2. If you are buyer from EU 27 countries, but you can not choose shipping from among Germany, Spain, France, Italy in Aliexpress system, pls don't worry, you can choose shipping from China. Actually we will send your order from our Germany warehouse.

3. For Russian buyers, we will make shipment from our Moscow warehouse.

Product name: 2D Map Navigation & Memory Robot Vacuum Cleaner B6009

Special Features:

1. The robot can detect the entire environment around and then build up the map inside the CPU so that it do cleaning with plan from one room after another.

2. The robot is with memory to know where has cleaned while where hasn’t thus one-time sweeping coverage is more than 98%. The cleaning path repetition rate is about 1%.

3. WiFi app control,the WiFi connection is swift. To start, stop, recall your robot vacuum at any time, anywhere in the world as long as there is internet.

4. Humanized design with voice reminder. The robot will remind you when charging, starts to do cleaning, full of dustbin or glitch.

5. High efficient cleaning: the suction power is pretty strong. The design of 3D filter prevents suction port stuck and HEPA filter avoids the secondary air pollution. The water tank helps to do wet mopping. Besides, The suction power is adjustable so that we could choose a quieter mode.

6. Multifuction of auto recharging, schedule cleaning, remote control, anti-falling and UV sterilization. The UV sterilization is dual mode, one is to the floor, the other is to the dustbin. It is nice to people who are allergic to mites.


1. Smart Memory: Low cleaning missing rate & high coverage rate.

2. Intelligent to sense different environment floors and adjust its direction within 10ms

3. Apply to different floors: low/hard carpet within height of 1cm, hardwood, ceramic tiles for home, hotel room and office.

4. Twining proof design of central roller prevents to twined by wires.

5. Anti-fall system to detect stairs to avoid falling.

6. One-time cleaning lasts 90minutes to finish a house within size 150-200 square meters.

7. Adjustable suction power to make a lower noise.

8. Dual Mode Virtual Blocker keeps the vacuum clean within the area you want it to clean.


Material: ABS,

Voltage: 14.8V,

Power: 25W,

Operating temperature: -10℃-45℃,

Input voltage/current: 24V/1A,

Dimension: 35*10cm,

Unit Weight: 3.3kg,

Battery: 2000mAh Li-ion Battery.

Dustbin Capacity: 1L.

What's in the box?

Main Body X1

Charging Station X1

Remote Controller X1(Batteries not included)

Virtual Blocker X1

AC Adapter X1

Mop Chassis X1, Extra Mop X1

Cleaning Brush X1

Extra Side Brush X2

Extra HEPA Filter X1

User ManualX1

1. The power plug is EU type, that is two pin, round shape, with AC 100-240V input voltage, and 50/60HZ frequency.
If you are buyer from Australia, New Zealand etc. countries which use Australian type plug, we will send an EU to Australian plug adapter for each piece of robot together with the package.
If you are buyer from United States, Canada etc, countries which use American type plug, we will send an EU to American plug adapter for each piece of robot together with the package.
If you are buyer from United Kindom, Malaysia, Singapore etc. countries which use British type plug, we will send an EU to British plug adapter for each piece of robot together with the package.
2. Manual languages: If sent from China, it is English; If sent from Europe, they are combination of English, German, French, Italian,and Spanish; If sent from Russia, they are combination of English and Russian.
3. The parcel will come with no batteries for remote control or virtual blocker, buyer needs to buy batteries for remote control and virtual blocker at buyer's local market.
4. If sent from overseas warehouse, there is logo of LIECTROUX printed on the robot; If sent from China warehouse, there is no logo of LIECTROUX printed on the robot. But during busy season and some special time, we may stock some robots without LIECTROUX logo at overseas warehouse. So we can not make sure that the robot shipped to you is with LIECTROUX logo. What we can make sure is all the robots sold at this store and shipped to you are made by LIECTROUX company.

please confirm that you can accept above before you buy.

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4.9 overall

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  1. N***a

    He’s cool. Just super)


  2. A***v

    Thank you very much to the store! The order came very quickly!


  3. Customer

    Vacuum cleaner came whole, quickly came, for 4 days, I liked everything


  4. V***v

    Packed well, the quality is not bad, the store did not communicate. Ordered in the evening 11 numbers, on the 15th day received from the courier of the house in Mo Balashikha. Already tried. Bad that the menu in the app is not in the Russian language. While I Master


  5. C***I

    Is a gift “Christmas” it should I still try…


  6. U***r

    Was pleasantly surprised. The goods corresponded to the description. The parcel came within 4 days. There are no complaints about the quality of the goods. The only thing but, the robot is a little confused in the chairs, I suspect that the front sensors work slightly incorrectly: they do not “see” thin objects. And in general-a very good assistant. Thank you!


  7. R***c

    Item came in 8 days


  8. M***m

    Fast delivery. I waiting unpack to check


  9. Customer

    ну очень быстро 9 дней.супер скорость поставки


  10. L***a

    Everything is super. Took as a gift.


  11. K***a

    The vacuum cleaner came in 3 days with a courier. I already take the second one. This one is somehow heavy from the base leaves. But for now I will search for it and then add a review. And so-a good thing. Everything that is stated, everything is the same. Moreover, the store is very decent-my first did not charge, so the seller sent me a free new motherboard. It was easy to rearrange it. The first works well.


  12. N***t

    The vacuum cleaner came quickly, within 10 days. everything is well packed, delivery by courier. the store put the spare side brushes and cloth for wet cleaning. instruction in Russian language. the vacuum cleaner is smart, the carpet came from the first time. at the front door there is a dark gray mat with a dark edging-it cleans it. in 10 minutes collected half a container of hair from cats and dust (At home Live 2 cats). works not noisy, wet cleaning has not yet tried. I recommend this vacuum cleaner and seller.


  13. A***j

    The parcel came quickly. Packed well.


  14. Customer

    Delivery, as stated 10 days brought home, pre-called, the robot is cool, but 1.5 does not vacuum for it I shoot a star, an hour Max, for the apartment norms, washes by the way perfectly, the rag is wet before the beginning and everything is fine you can not rewind. I’m quite enough, let’s see how it will continue to work


  15. A***n

    I charged 350 p that s more by customs duty that not contemplating


  16. Customer

    Acquired 12.11.19 fits the description of goods. Summed Up delivery (indicated that comes to 21 Nov, and 26). Come in working condition, have engaged in their work)


  17. G***v

    It works. Sex coating vacuum cleaner is not. His Wife better vacuuming.


  18. O***o

    Item fit advertising, there were problems with water tank, the store sent another tank, wait for the parcel, seller and shop recommend items come quickly despite the coupon days


  19. A***s

    Everything is clean, cleaned, you can spend a vacation-robot all clear.


  20. R***v

    Everything is packed well, but the batteries are not included


  21. Customer

    Everything matches. Quickly brought and delivered by courier to the house.


  22. R***r

    Only for ugly surfaces. On irregularities busts and gets stuck. He has no memory-many times will process the same place (if not a smooth room without furniture and without carpets). The battery capacity is enough for a small room. On the virtual wall spits. Just turns to her backwards and crosses her like that. Vacuuming well, even carpets, if there are no obstacles. Convenient dust collector. Wash and the rest did not try.


  23. A***y

    The vacuum cleaner came in a month and a half. But our post was cured again, the packing box was intact when I opened the house of the catfish the vacuum cleaner box was slightly wrinkled in the corner when the opening found a fork break, had to be corrected. After charging and running, the problem arose, the vacuum cleaner moved only back and after a while issued an error e-009 (the collision sensor clogged) when viewed it turned out that the micro switch is in the The frame under the steel panel was clinched. I had to disassemble and bend the sheet, like everything cost. The result-earned normally began to run smartly around the apartment, in 30 minutes collected a quarter of the container, provided that the camera vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner. The minus is that the software is not Russified, but you can understand, well at least the instruction on the Russian. In general, the households are satisfied, the living in perplexity are angry with caution.


  24. A***K

    No more cat hair on the floor. Washes well, too. I was worried that it would be too wet and it would hurt wood in half, but it wet them less than I myself during cleaning. At the same time, perfectly copes with washing. I thought it was more a butaphoric function, but no it’s not just a vacuum cleaner, it’s also a mop. Thanks to the manufacturers of this model, while I’m delighted. I follow him around the house on my heels and praise. Sits fast-minus. In the two on full charge did not have time to clean in the bathroom. I think from the fact that so far only builds a map and loses a lot of time on unnecessary paths. I will add a review as I will deal with everything.


  25. M***a

    Very convenient compartment for garbage. Under the lid. Do not need to be removed from the side and change the water and dust tanks. (I already have a robot)


  26. M***a

    I ordered 2.12 received 9. 12. just instantly. I did not use it yet. instructions on the Russian. extras. brushes and cloth. to WiFi connected. there is an application, only not on the Russian. I’ll try to add a review


  27. R***m

    Excellent vacuum cleaner. The second is. Shipping Krasnoyarsk.


  28. S***v

    The vacuum cleaner delivered the courier. All in the original packaging. Thanks to the store.


  29. S***v

    Very long delivery: 2 weeks to Moscow if there is a Russian warehouse. Everything came whole, the packaging is not crumpled. Excellent equipment. However, one of the bundles of antennae on the two side brushes refused to close strongly. Cleans like not bad. I have nothing to compare with, this is my first such device. Took specially with the option of mobile application and map construction. It seems that everything is OK, but sometimes it is strange to calculate the area. Can count more than there is. I do not understand how he builds a map of the room, I do not recognize the outline of the apartment. Sometimes can lose WiFi connection, zero map and start cleaning again. But for me these are trifles, they do not annoy me, especially if you ask for cleaning when there is no one at home. I took this model (although I wanted c30b), because. There is a very convenient and quick-release garbage container, which can be washed with water, including filters (in the model c30b container can not be washed, there are sensors). In general, I was satisfied. For the promotion 11.11 was a good discount. I have been using it for a couple of weeks, and until I regretted buying.


  30. V***v

    The order came in two weeks, it was pleasantly surprised that there was a mobile virtual wall in the kit, it is very useful if you need to block the area where you do not need to let the vacuum cleaner clean. I will add information after using the goods with a month


  31. I***u

    I received the product in perfect condition in 10 days.I tested the product and is doing a great job.


  32. K***r

    Will buy from Alibaba China for common favorite dish


  33. V***o

    Requested instruction on the Russian did not put ((


  34. S***j

    The goods came quickly in the case until I checked


  35. S***v

    The vacuum cleaner came. Packaging is normal. Set as specified. Checked. Running works. But everything has been sorted out so far. WiFi has not yet been able to configure. Later review will add


  36. M***o

    Super fast shipping!


  37. R***s

    Good. Running around the house a glass of dust collects. The cheeks are weak, but they can be replaced ..


  38. I***n

    The robot came pretty quickly in three weeks. Packed well. Connected-everything works. Removes well, moves more or less thoughtfully, not chaotically. Long looking for the base, but finds. All sensors are in order-the stairs do not fall and Orient well. Vacuum cleaner pulls everything. The application has not yet been installed. Instruction in English. I am happy with the purchase, thanks to the store and successful sales.


  39. E***a

    Delivery fast, home. Not yet checked, gift. After the new year, check


  40. R***r

    SUPER Working OK.


  41. D***n

    Vacuum cleaner came, works. Checked dry cleaning and wet. While satisfied. Long sent, after the arrival had to open the front cover of the sensor, as there was a transport foam tape of foam and clenched the end, because of which the first time the vacuum cleaner was blunt. The instruction on the Russian helped, by the error code found a fault and everything went on. In which time I am convinced-the manual is always needed.


  42. N***a

    Very davolna vacuum cleaner! price-quality super! the charge is enough to vacuum thoroughly, and then rinse the apartment in 40kv. And did not sit down)


  43. E***s

    for first look it’s very good


  44. I***v

    The product corresponds to the description. Satisfied with it. And now on the work of the store… Ordered with delivery from Russia! As planned as a gift to his wife for his birthday. Accordingly, I assumed the delivery time. Silent sent from China… Without notice! Russian Post from Moscow to my city delivers in a week and a half. IML express calmed for three weeks!!! As a result, I received the evening of my birthday…


  45. A***a

    Excellent vacuum cleaner


  46. T***t

    Received this device 3 days after the order, no damage, looks beautiful, tried before time


  47. R***v

    Received, immediately gave to work on how much the existing charge was enough. The first impression is good. Garbage collects well. Sound is, but not tense.


  48. V***a

    Everything matches. It came with smoke intact and safe. I recommend the store, the product too.


  49. R***r



  50. S***k



  51. A***s

    Viskas komplekte. Iš Europos šalies atkeliavo per 4 Dienas. Likau nustebęs 🙂 Šiaip išpakavus viskas OK. Typewriter nėra niekur aprašymo kur ir kokią programėlę naudoti Telefone. Pasiknaisiojus Radau, typewriter Dar neišbandžiau. Rekomenduoju.


  52. D***n

    The description corresponds. Delivered quickly.


  53. B***r

    very good vacuum cleaner robot


  54. G***v

    Item arrived on time. The quality is excellent.


  55. O***a

    Inaccuracies: the battery charge is only 1000, stated, so it is not enough for a long time, but enough for a small two-piece. The water tank is indicated 1000 ml, but in fact 125 ml. Sucks garbage from the carpets is not very much, it is necessary to pass from 3 times to him and not all will collect. The application is very “raw”, the functionality is not enough. Now I do not regret much about buying.


  56. G***r

    The vacuum cleaner liked, well suited to support cleanliness in the house. In the kit there is a replaceable rag and brushes. In Tashkent came in 13 days. The courier brought straight to the house. I liked the product, I recommend the store!


  57. V***v

    Fast delivery by courier at convenient time and place. The quality of the vacuum cleaner time will show.


  58. A***v

    From the third time only recorded a map of the apartment. 2 times for some reason dropped it. But it cleans for its money normally. Even in the instructions paragraph that after full charge if you do not use it for a long time, you need to disconnect in order to avoid a malfunction of the battery, which seems to me outdated technology already


  59. Customer

    Everything is fine. Very fast shipping. Item well packed, complete set Robot fire itself.


  60. Y***v

    Came from the warehouse of the Russian Federation. Everything works wife happy!!!!


  61. S***v

    Everything came quickly and without problems! Everything corresponds to the description!


  62. G***o

    Blisteringly fast delivery, all OK!


  63. U***r

    Great little machine. Such good fun to watch. Does a very good job at picking up dirt and dust.


  64. J***a

    Velka spokojenost, pokud vydrzi without poruchy alespon 2 Roky, Bude cool.


  65. R***n

    Excellent vacuum cleaner, everything corresponds to the description, I recommend.


  66. O***n

    Great vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming and washing.


  67. N***a

    There were problems when turning out the squeak, but this question we decided with the store. I buy the third vacuum cleaner for my relatives. It’s okay. The first vacuum cleaner has been working for the third year. Who is interested in how this seller should take a discount of 2500 rubles. Write to me on the Mail sgasvsk dog Gmail point com.


  68. R***r

    The order came quickly. Packed was good. Started to test the robot in action.


  69. A***v

    According to the description, working, complete set. There were 10 days on the way, of which 3 days at Ukrainian customs.


  70. A***o

    This is my second robot. it works great. i collect all hair of the dog. pretty silent but powerful. Also great mop function. Riempo the pan with water and lisoform.


  71. E***y

    Well, we’re in shock. In a good way. From the moment of order to delivery by courier home passed 4 days!!!! This is our first robot vacuum cleaner. Charged. Launched. The whole family looked at the marvelous, overseas ….. The demon was mastered quickly, began to move clearly around the apartment. Turbo brush-excellent! To clean her hair (inevitably) is quite easy. The container for garbage is quite roomy. In general, we are very satisfied! I recommend. noise is not much, but at night still would not include.


  72. Customer

    excellent quality


  73. M***m

    Fast delivery


  74. Y***h

    Delivery to St. Petersburg for 1,5 days. There is a full instruction in the Russian language. Everything is perfectly packed, all components are in place. Got it-turned it on-and he went to work. Super!


  75. V***v

    My robot doesn’t have one side brush. The store offers to repair himself. Strange case. The robot with the 10th attempt gets to the base, although he did everything according to the instructions.


  76. K***a

    Delivery is incredibly fast from the Russian Federation. Works well. The cat suspects him in something, does not let his eyes down, goes after him. Cleanliness and entertainment in one vacuum cleaner)


  77. I***a

    Delivery 45 days. No customs payments. Delivery of snack. The first impressions are good. 14-year-old baby quickly installed the app, now chasing the robot. Crumbs of dog feed collected, the carpet is not fit tightly to the floor lay, so the robot took his Taran, the thresholds run. Communication with the store was very pleased. Feeling like he’s in touch around the clock. Let’s see how the device behaves in the future, but still like it. Instructions in English, without problems in Nete downloaded at Russian. Sound support is also in English, but who knows little Malski in. JEM, it’s clear what the robot is talking about. I definitely recommend the goods and it is this seller


  78. E***a

    Everything comes in right and very fast shipping. We haven’t tried the device yet, we’ll see, but it looks good and good quality.


  79. S***t

    Very beautiful I liked it I would recommend it to sweep wonderful and the survey is good for dust but for strong spots