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Endoscope Camera 7MM 3 in 1 USB Mini Camcorders IP67 Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Windows Macbook PC Android

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Endoscope Camera 7MM 3 in 1 USB Mini Camcorders IP67 Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection

Camera For Windows Macbook PC Android


1. This camera Only works with Android system phone(above 4.0), Does Not support iOS system 100%support pc system

2. Please make sure your phone can support OTG functionality and also compatible with the UVC ( USB video device class) before you buy it .because some of the phone can shielded external camera . (most of recently version of android device have this function,if you not sure it can suit ,please confirm it first before you buy it )

Please carefully check your phone before ordering, or we'll not be responsible due to the reasons above.

Supported Phone Model Forms


MI2. MI2S. MI2SE. MI Note. MI3. MI4. MI tablet1. MI tablet2. MI4S. MI4C. MI5. MI5S plus. MI mix. MI mix2. MI Redmi Pro. Redmi note. Redmi note1S(Unicom version). Redmi2. Redmi3S. Redmi3X. Redmi note4X. Redmi4X. Redmi note4. Redmi Max


For S3(i9300/i9308)(Galaxy S3S HV-E210K)(Galaxy S3 SHV-E210L)

S4(i9508/i9500/i9507v)(Galaxy S4 SHV-E300L)(Galaxy S4 GT-I9405). S5. S6. S6edge. S6edge+. S7. S8. note edge. note2. note3. note4. note5. NOTE2. NOTE3. NOTE4. NOTE5. J3Telecom Edition 4G. N951L. N7100. E310L. E160L. E230L. N5100. A7. A8. A7000. C7000. P600. G5500. SM-T805. mega6. 3. TabS2. i9208. S4Telecom Edition. 7508V. tab S705C. Samsung note7. Samsung note8. Samsung C7. Samsung C9 Pro. Samsung GALAXY C5. Samsung C900. SHV-E230L. SHV-E160L. GALAXY On7. SCH-P729. N9151L. SHV-E301. SM-T805N5100Tab. P600Tab. P601Tab. Tab S2Tab. P5200Tab. T311Tab


A31. A31C. A32. A33. A33M. A51. A53. A57. Find7. N5207. 1107. 3007. 9007. R7C. R7SM. R9S. R9S Plus. R9 PlusA. R9P. R9TM. R7 Plus. R7 PlusSM. R830S. R8000. R2012. R7005(Telecom Edition). R3007(Telecom Edtion). R7007. R8025. R8207. R8205. R2017(China Mobile Version)4G. R830S(Unicom version4G). 8007. N3. N1mini. R2017(China Mobile version)4G. 8200


Y51A. Y66. Y67. Y57. X31. R7. R9. X9. X9 plus. X9s Plus. X7 plus. max1. X3. X3S. X3V. X3L. X5V. X5M. X5SL. X710. Xshote. Xplay3s. Xplay6. Xpaly5. Xplay. y29L, y55A. V3MAXA


Maimang4. Maimang5. P199. C199. G7. G9. nova. nova2. Nexus 6P. mate8. mate9. P9. P10. Honor v8. Honor v9. Honor9. Honor8. Honor tab. Honor7i. Honor tab2


G3. G4. G5. G6. K7. K10. V10. AKA. nexus4. nexus5. nexus5X. D855. F310L. F204L. Gpro2. Optimus G Pro. Optimus LTE2. E972. 2G5-F700S. V10-F600S. F400S. F400L. F350L. F320S. F320L. F310L. F240L. Nexus5. D855. Gpad8.3tab. VK801tab


V5. V7. Axonmax. V5S. V5max. U9180. MaxC2016. ZTE. star1. Axon7


Z7. Z5min. Z5S. Z9max. Z9min. Z7min. Z7max. nx511j. Z11min. M2. Z17. Z17S. Z9. Z11


E8. M7. M8. M8t. M9. M9+. 9088. 802d. ONE. D826W. Nexus9.10.11.U Ultra


Letv 1 Pro. Letv1. Letv 1S. Letv2. Letv2 Pro. Letv Pro3. Letv max. Letv max2. Letv S3


X2. PRO. MX4. MX5. MX6. X5L. X51. MEIZU 3S. MEIZU U20. MEIZU X. MEIZU note5. Pro. Pro5. Pro6. Pro7. Pro6S


K1. 5952. 9190. S6. Cool 1C. 1CCOOL 1


Z1. Z1mini. Z2. Z3. Z5. C3. Z139t. xperia 5L. SGP312tab. xperia XZs. xperia XZ


nexus6. M2617. MOTOX+1. MOTOX+2. MEXUS6. MOTO E. XPro. Moto G. Moto M(XT1662). Moto Z Play


A920S. A910K. A900S. A900L. 980. 890I. A870L. A860L. A860S. A850L. A850S


360 N4(China Mobile Edition). 360N4S. 360 Ultimate. 360Q5


8003. M2017. W909. S6. S8. M5plus


Iconia. ONE7. B1-730HD


ZUK Z2. ZUK Z1. ZUK Edge


Pro. M1. M1L


Blackberry DTEK60. Blackberry KEYone. Meitu M6. Meitu 6S. Meitu T8. TCL950. GREE2. Google pixel XL. Google pixel. PPTV M1. Gigaset ME Pro. HP Elitex3. HaierL7. MOS3. Asus ZenFone3. Hisense A2 Pro. MOS R10. Gome K1. SHARP A1. K-Touch X9. ALCATEL Flash. Philips S653H. Nokia 8. ONE PLUS 3. ONE PLUS 3T. ONE PLUS 5. ONE PLUS 2. TCL 3S. Microsoft Lumia 950

Note: The above models are tested avaliable models. Directly connected mobile phones require OTF function and support for external camera, If your mobile phone is not in the support form, it is recommended that you purchase a wifi box connection.


3 in 1 Semi-rigid USB Endoscope Camera Features
Brand New and high quality ,Full New products.
Built-in 6 LED light (with Brightness and take Photo Control)
Waterproof Snake Camera
View Angle: 70
Photo Shooting and Video Recording.
Camera Head Outer Diameter: 7mm
LED: 6 White LED Bright light.(can be adjusted to fully closed state)
Focal Distance: 3cm-10cm.
Waterproof level: IP67.
Support systems : for Android, Windows & Macbook PC
Support Multi-language Manual : support English , Russian ,German ,French ,Japanese

How to Used ?

For PC : Plug in the computer, please download and install

the software on this website.

Http://www.seefax.com/software/usb.html(This connection is limited to the computer and the phone cannot be opened.)

when you used on PC , please on the device change to endoscope camera , then can have picture !

For Android Endoscope :

1. Scan the QR code and install APP , Then used endoscope connected cellphone and open the APP , it will shows picture

Package include

1x 3 in 1 Semi-rigid USB Endoscope camera
1x Small hook
1x Magnet
1x side mirror

HTB1iMbvavc3T1VjSZPfq6AWHXXaj Endoscope Camera 7MM 3 in 1 USB Mini Camcorders IP67 Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Windows Macbook PC Android

HTB1UD1aTwHqK1RjSZFPq6AwapXao Endoscope Camera 7MM 3 in 1 USB Mini Camcorders IP67 Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Windows Macbook PC Android

HTB1LaycTwHqK1RjSZFEq6AGMXXav Endoscope Camera 7MM 3 in 1 USB Mini Camcorders IP67 Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Windows Macbook PC Android

Endoscope Camera 7MM 3 in 1 USB Mini Camcorders IP67 Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Windows Macbook PC Android

HTB172Dvavc3T1VjSZPfq6AWHXXaz Endoscope Camera 7MM 3 in 1 USB Mini Camcorders IP67 Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Windows Macbook PC Android

Endoscope Camera 7MM 3 in 1 USB Mini Camcorders IP67 Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Windows Macbook PC Android

Endoscope Camera 7MM 3 in 1 USB Mini Camcorders IP67 Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Windows Macbook PC Android

Endoscope Camera 7MM 3 in 1 USB Mini Camcorders IP67 Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Windows Macbook PC AndroidEndoscope Camera 7MM 3 in 1 USB Mini Camcorders IP67 Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Windows Macbook PC Android

HTB19WeiTAvoK1RjSZFwq6AiCFXay Endoscope Camera 7MM 3 in 1 USB Mini Camcorders IP67 Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Inspection Camera For Windows Macbook PC Android

Based on 172 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. R***r

    Nice camera.


  2. O***k

    Good as described


  3. A***o

    Came to the Rostov region for 22 days! Works, the quality is super! Better than ours in stores for 1 K


  4. S***n

    Everything came, but so far through the program does not want to work.


  5. E***o



  6. D***i

    None goods


  7. A***A

    I really liked this machine recommend


  8. I***O

    Conforms to the description. The packaging is a thin bag, but it all came. Delivery 55dn. Connecting to your smartphone and PC without problems. The quality of the picture is so self.


  9. Customer

    Fine device. Good quality. Will not work on Android 10! Will not work on OnePlus 7 T. Works called on Android 7. fine to GE smelling further.


  10. D***v

    The order never received, opened a dispute, the store did not July did not agree, he just ignored, after a couple of days Ali decided to my side, after 12 days the money returned to the bank. Do not know may be the seller is not to blame, although the order is not tracked. Sorry for the lost time.


  11. V***h

    Good thing))


  12. M***S

    It works, the image itself


  13. S***a

    Conforms to the description. The declared functions perform.


  14. G***o

    I advise the store. The camera works. Quality is not bad for this money note program sent to the scanner code does not open but this is not a trouble downloaded another in the Playmarket. Went very long 3 months extended the protection of the buyer and waited patiently because of the hated Kovite 19


  15. A***v

    On the Samsung A5 does not start .., but on the honer it works! ..


  16. V***n

    Ordered 11.04, shipped by AliExpress Saver shipping 14.04, arrived in Russia 30.04 and only 03.06 delivered to Orel. Where the hell is millet @ Li for a whole month my parcel is worth clarifying from almost Russia! I came in a regular polyethylene envelope with pupyrki. Contents, oddly enough, without damage! In the kit the camera itself in a rigid length of 2 m, a nozzle with a side inspection mirror, nozzle-holder for hook and magnet, instruction in ketaic and English. Offered software for Android has downloaded OTG view and is happy! The focal length of the camera is ~ 4 cm under conditions of any illumination, the worse the lighting, the blur the picture, even with the lights on. In general for 341 ruble normal toy =)


  17. Customer

    Fast delivery. to Tashkent in 15 days. everything works. Seller recommend.


  18. S***e

    Good quality, useful device .. Covid 19 came without a dish. Or we held ziki


  19. A***v

    I came pretty quickly. I have not yet checked how it works, but it looks good.


  20. L***n

    It came quickly, everything is fine


  21. V***v

    Sent quickly, the camera corresponds to its cost, there are fire, but there is nothing to complain about for this cost


  22. R***r

    The product corresponds to the description. Delivered in 17 days. I did not communicate with the producer. I had to hang around with a selection of applications to connect the endoscope to Redmi Note 5A Prime. In normal lighting, the camera image without illumination is good. In the limited space, the camera image clarity with illumination is average, but in the OTG view reflection (glare) application the illumination of the camera from other surfaces is less than in other applications. Price quality comparable. Thank you to the store for the endoscope


  23. D***v

    I order not for the first time, there are no complaints to the store and the goods.


  24. S***n

    Damn long went, the Mail of Latvia and Kazakhstan sucks


  25. A***a

    Camera pratsiuya, ale prishshesyasyasuo багатmultiple dodatkhalya Z Play market SHCH to sign the robot, those are not recommended by the store.


  26. U***v



  27. I***r

    The parcel arrived in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) within 25 days. It is fast. Things are good. Products as described. In this case, the endoscope wire is soft and retains its shape when bent (which in some cases was inconvenient).


  28. G***r

    Everything is in order I will try to complement


  29. J***i

    works fine with huawei media pad


  30. M***v

    The video quality is excellent, small details through the camera are clearly visible. Delivery month. On the Galaxy S8 Plus perfectly earned.


  31. M***v

    Works well, delivery is average


  32. Y***n

    Excellent camera for its price. Seller and shop recommend


  33. R***y

    Objednávka přišla Velice rychle VŠE 100% DĚKUJI


  34. I***a

    Does not work, the money was returned


  35. D***z

    Works OK


  36. D***v

    It keeps hanging. Phone Xioami mi9se


  37. S***v

    The purchase came in 45 days. The truth of the quality of the picture is unhappy, honestly I expected more, for this minus score. The backlight works. I recommend to buy.


  38. Y***v

    The parcel was delivered in a month. Track number was tracked. The camera corresponds to the description. A small marriage, the camera eye is not in the center, but it does not interfere with the work. Camerfi2 and otgview apps refused to work on Huawei P30 Lite Android 10, in Playmarket downloaded app an98 with it everything shows well. There is a USB connector, microUSB, Type-C


  39. S***y

    Come quickly. In the kit there is an additional mirror for observation at an angle, hooks for gripping items and a magnet.


  40. A***o

    Everything works for such Dengi even strange


  41. N***o

    Quality is good.


  42. R***r

    The goods came as in the picture, the packing is good, until there is no time to connect it did not have time to try


  43. D***v

    Everything is fine. I buy from this store a second time. Endoscope for this money is very much even. Shipping fast. Buy in this store.


  44. S***y

    C10 Android does not work the program had to download another and so everything works well


  45. K***v

    The camera is not bad in quality, delivery about 1,5 months, I recommend


  46. A***n

    The app recommended by the store does not work on Android 10. matched other: “USB camera-connect easy cap or USB webcam”


  47. A***a

    Sooo long walked!!!!!!!


  48. V***R

    item not received but AliExpress and store quickly refund my money


  49. V***u

    H …… full. The price of this fake is maximum 200R. It’s been a long time, don’t understand how. Packed herov. The program. Go back to the rear. When working, the device is heated. Forgive me for being frank.


  50. V***n

    Order PR I was in the woods. Haven’t checked yet


  51. A***a

    Thank you.


  52. B***f

    the camera works correctly, but the mirror is unusable


  53. K***r

    Vse ok


  54. N***a

    Perfect! Perfect!


  55. E***v

    Did not come but the money was returned, all because of the Crown


  56. E***k

    Note, not with all devices works!!


  57. I***v

    Works well


  58. Y***v

    With the store did not communicate, on the phone and laptop everything works. Quality is normal


  59. F***v

    Good man. Thank you.


  60. W***R

    It came quickly, in three weeks. Printed, connected to honor 10. at the output of zero ..-strongly upset! Viewed the description on the site. Turns out to be a TAIP-Si connector on a camera that I kicked into the phone, it is not an output from the camera, but only an adapter on an elastic band. You need to reveal the main output of yusb (it’s like a Transformer) and on it already put on the adapter TAIP-Si. And then connect to the phone. And the miracle, everything worked. The picture is very clear and contrasting. Then I was confused by the Mirror. I thought it was just a polished iron with a muddy reflection. An No, you need to remove the film and there is a glass mirror. With nahrapa did not work. At least I’ll do it for people like me. Anyway, I’m happy. I do not know how much it will work.


  61. D***v

    The whole thing. I did not try the work.


  62. J***k

    Not dotarlo


  63. H***r



  64. R***r

    The goods did not receive the store sent quickly, and the delivery of the city .. but.


  65. A***d

    Very good and honest store.


  66. A***v

    I haven’t figured out how it works yet…


  67. A***k

    The camera is good, set, just to Android 10 do not connect yet. As a plug, I’ll add the review. Seller recommend, delivery fast.


  68. D***y

    Useful piece


  69. R***r



  70. R***r

    Shipping is long but it is thanks Mail. The toy is good for your money. The barcode app does not open, read previous comments and downloaded another app everything works.


  71. T***v

    Everything works well, for this money the quality is excellent. Delivery fast, store recommend


  72. A***v

    The goods are good, your money is worth, you can take.


  73. E***v

    The parcel arrived quickly


  74. M***o

    After 75 days has arrived. The store sent it, the problem was transport. Works well with mobile and PC. The quality is quite good, the image looks nitida, you can adjust the intensity of the light. With the mirror accessory I don’t know well.


  75. A***n

    Camera quality is 3,5, but the price is acceptable.


  76. Customer

    Works. The picture is happy. For such money performs its function on all 100 ‰


  77. Y***h

    Everything works, the quality of norms, the backlight burns. Put by USB camera in play market


  78. G***r

    Very good, Very fast. Thank you.


  79. K***v

    As described


  80. T***a



  81. S***k

    Kamerka dobrze działa prosta instalacja. Dotarła w ciągu dwóch tygodni polecam.


  82. Customer

    Посылка пришла за две недели вам работает, шнур жестковатый, но я с таким и заказывал хорошо настраивать туда где хочеш что-то разглядеть. Качество картинки вполне адекватное


  83. F***v

    Everything has come, it works. By the code that goes in the accompanying instructions, the application is not installed. Downloaded on the market, without questions earned. Photo and video quality worthy


  84. M***m

    The goods were delivered as indicated in the delivery. In the camera approximately 0.3 megapixels. For its price-not quite justified, it would be possible to insert the camera better. He’ll play. I recommend the product and the store.


  85. D***v

    The camera corresponds to the price, delivery less than a month!


  86. T***e

    I couldn’t get it to work so they reimbursed me. It was well packed and sent very fast.


  87. D***i



  88. M***n

    Everything as described. Instant delivery. I recommend.


  89. Z***s

    many thanks


  90. R***v

    Thank you all right. The camera works well. All in accordance. I recommend the store.


  91. O***a

    My husband said, “Come on.”


  92. A***e

    Unfortunately not compatible, only with Samsung. Problem is the PC is contact bad Quality.


  93. J***v

    Its price justifies. Thank you very much.


  94. Customer

    Great! Works, everything is fine!


  95. A***v

    Came quickly.


  96. Customer

    This device. Designed rather for pampering or for single use when there is nothing more qualitative at hand. The video in my case does not record the button on the wire does not work. Very small focal length until the camera is focused on the object. although for its price range will go.


  97. K***Z

    Product as described, reasonable price, quality is good. I tried, tried to install the pictures I took with this device. I reached my hand in 35 days, for those who are curious about the tax in Turkey, the goods declared on the envelope cost 1 $, the tax total 14,42 TL, the detailed 8 TL presentation fee, 0,70 TL stamp tax and 5,72 TL customs tax.


  98. E***v

    Everything is fine, my money justified


  99. A***a

    Works properly


  100. Customer

    Definition is a bit off the price for all hanging for mailbox.


  101. G***x



  102. L***a

    Everything is fine. Quality is normal.


  103. S***v

    Shipping free Airmail in less than a month. Quality is good, the picture is visible both near and away. The wire is tough enough and convenient for use.


  104. Customer

    Very useful thing. I really liked


  105. T***t

    Ordered 11.11 came 05.12 everything works fine. Thanks to the store. I recommend! Good luck!


  106. S***n

    The camera came quickly 3 weeks in a simple package but all the quality is good removes tolerably you can see the store thanks for the work.


  107. Customer

    Very good. Not just cheap taste living in rear camera head for freely adjustable for some difficult. Still, so price narrow niche to see the good.


  108. S***v

    Thank you very much!!!!!!! My friend liked it. 5 + + + + + + + + + + +


  109. A***k

    Everything is normal on the laptop, and on the phone do not want


  110. I***n

    Works, the image quality is at 10, the endoscope is excellent, thanks to the pradavtsu.


  111. K***o

    Everything works ridmi 5 plus. Your money is worth it.


  112. V***&

    Works well for this money just perfect)


  113. S***n

    Got great works as stated


  114. J***z

    Image quality is superior to what it indicates, only a little more self-focus would be good, but it is the product you buy and do your homework very well. He brought all his accessories.


  115. H***k

    According to the description, shipment quickly dotarła. For these money goods worthy command.


  116. I***v

    Everything is fine, the camera works, the lights are on, in general, what you need.


  117. P***o

    I ordered a camera with a hard cable. In the Kaluga region reached in 2 weeks. The product corresponds to the description. How it works did not check. I’ll write it down. Purchase satisfied. I recommend buying from this store.


  118. V***s

    As is described.


  119. H***a

    Ordered 11.11 came 5.12, everything works, with an additional program on the phone, video quality, normal, quite clearly. Thank you, I recommend the store.


  120. A***v

    Delivered to Moscow-a month. Until I checked. Arrived in a simple “pupyrka”… Hope in working order


  121. M***z

    Wszytko OK recommend


  122. I***a

    Everything is fine. The software was downloaded by the bride for the sake of good.


  123. R***J

    Towar zgodny z opisem – czas oczekiwania na dostawę 23 dni. Polecam. Goods in accordance with the description – delivery time of 23 days. I would recommend.


  124. P***v

    It came quickly, the packaging is good, everything works, I recommend the store.


  125. M***v

    The parcel is received, up to Hmao less than a month. The endoscope is excellent in Type-C with the Samsung A5 phone without problems. Shoots photos and videos. Native program sucks, swing an98 and will be your happiness. All good day and good shopping.


  126. V***a

    Thanks to the store, everything was received as a whole, in the kit.


  127. M***n

    Everything came, everything works on Xiaomi Mi 8 light. It is interesting that on this phone I earned another endoscope, which I took a year ago, and which showed ripples on other 2 phones


  128. V***n

    The goods received quickly enough-2.5 weeks from the date of purchase. On the PC checked-works according to the declared parameters. (You should understand that the quality will be at the level or worse than the webcam). To perform the tasks, the goods are suitable. Thank you.


  129. M***n

    Everything is fine))


  130. .***Y

    Everything is fine, only my phone does not connect


  131. R***Z

    Packed perfectly. made qualitatively. Delivery is very fast!!! store thanks, all OK!


  132. H***

    Nagyon jó termék, jól működik!


  133. D***i

    Super product.


  134. Customer

    The product was delivered in this moment, I will probe,


  135. G***s

    Great thing


  136. R***v

    The product works, but it is no more than a toy, can and fit when. Everything is included, mirror, magnet and hook. Delivery is fast, with the store did not communicate.


  137. S***

    On the old Android earned. Good zoom and brightness illumination. I’ll get in the engine, watch the Nagar. The goods are good.


  138. A***c

    Delivery in time, works, store recommend


  139. Y***h

    all good


  140. T***r



  141. S***g

    Deny through місяць in converter, mean picture, 44 K at such times can not, right, picture, photo function see, photo does not rob, here is a good deal


  142. R***r

    The camera is super for its money. The store well worked on perfectly all satisfied with ten plus recommend


  143. Customer

    Delivery less than a month, everything works!


  144. J***a

    Came quickly as it was stated, but so far to connect and connect with the phone does not work ..


  145. M***c

    do not got item but i got refund


  146. D***

    For 255r cool thing. Came quickly, installed the app is not what is recommended, there and the quality is better and the video with sound writes.


  147. H***

    Nagyon job termék!


  148. R***o

    Downloaded the camera app works and backlight too, really has not yet used.


  149. A***v

    excellent store, item received, i recommend. thank you


  150. A***v

    Installed the annex. Connected to the phone and everything works. I do not know where this thing can come in handy, but I’m definitely happy with the purchase.


  151. I***v

    It came in 28 days all the whole but there must still be an installation disk it is not this bad


  152. Y***n

    Delivery to the Stavropol territory three weeks, most likely depends on the work of the post office. I ordered two pieces of 1,5 m flexible “in my opinion, it’s very flexible!” Both work, but one does not work adapter, which is for Samsung. And so in general everything works, the resolution in my opinion is 640*480.


  153. S***i

    All clear, Samsung A7


  154. K***v

    Good quality. Works as expected


  155. M***r

    Very good product and fast shipping thanks store


  156. L***v

    The camera is good.


  157. V***s

    With their money-will go. Thank you!!!


  158. D***v

    From the moment of order to receipt it was a month. In Ivanovo region came without damage, tracked until the arrival in the country. Packed in an envelope with a navel, complete set. On Redmi Note 7 stood up without problems and immediately earned. As in all reviews, the body of the camera is noticeably heated. The app immediately shoves in the face of the advertising banner. The backlight is rather weak, in half a meter there is nothing to see. But to get from under the cabinet a comb, a toy, a cat-more than enough.


  159. P***a

    I get the product as required. We need to try it on the phone.


  160. Y***h

    To the laptop connected without problems, the image quality is very even nothing


  161. J***Z

    All according to description. Perfect


  162. D***m

    nice good image quality


  163. J***n

    Over a month to receive the product. Working works very well when there is light, it does its role, without light the poor LEDs that wear barely illuminates anything if it’s not half a camera’s Knob The camera is not for pulling cots but it serves to see where the eye does not arrive


  164. M***v

    Came quickly packed well all works Picture Quality near normal far picture cloudy well most likely so should be


  165. A***v

    All norms works on Samsung S8 dastok fast store norms recommend the only could not find the application with the code…


  166. I***f

    Received, all whole, the image quality is not very .. But my price I think justifies. Thank you.


  167. S***n

    Excellent goods for their money. The camera is of course of low quality and in the dark falls FPS, but its money is definitely worth it. There is a button, you can take a photo. Connected via Type C to Xperia XZ. OTG View app. Photo taken from device


  168. A***v

    It’s okay, I recommend


  169. D***v

    Awesome Thing! Quality is very good. The application put immediately camerafi2 from GooglePlay (it still has video with sound you can shoot). Photo quality below. The last photo is taken through the nozzle mirror. On the mirror there is a thin protective film (you need to remove). As a result, a very convenient thing to climb into difficult places. A magnet can get a nut rolled up, for example. The brightness of the flashlight is adjustable. Thank you to the store. I recommend!


  170. R***r



  171. D***S

    Works normally


  172. Customer