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ELRVIKE HD POLO D7100 Digital Camera 33Million Pixel Auto Focus Professional SLR Video Camera 24X Optical Zoom Three Lens

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D7100 EUD7100 US
StandardWith 16G SD CardWith 32G SD CardWith 8G SD Card

Based on 26 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. T***n

    Very good camera, logistics speed is fast


  2. M***L

    excellent good


  3. J***m

    Shipping-or slow and customs within the


  4. D***i

    I am very happy to receive the camera is very good, cost-effective is very high, so I can take a lot of memories, take a lot of good pictures of the world, the store is also very enthusiastic, answered many questions I don’t understand, five star recommended!!!


  5. T***h

    The camera is perfect. It can afford this price. The matching tfcard is also very good. Recommended by conscience


  6. K***h

    Goods received, can’t wait to open the box, opened the bed in a mess ha ha ha ha, but the equipment is complete, gifts are not rare, this bag is also very good, is the bag sling is short, not used to, try the effect is very good, pack things, tomorrow ready to go to take photos, photography road ready to go.


  7. D***o

    The camera was received soon. I used this camera before. It’s very suitable for beginners. It’s very convenient to operate. The price is relatively affordable. I’ll pick up my hobby of photography again. The store’s service attitude is very good. If I don’t understand it, I’ll answer it. Five Star recommends it!!!


  8. F***a

    The camera finally arrived so excited! This is the first camera of my life! I can’t wait to take a picture of it and expect a result. The attitude of the store is also very good, and I can take many beautiful pictures for my family


  9. S***a

    I really like the camera I just started. I chose this one. Although I don’t know a lot, the store is super nice. I will continue to improve my technology, come on, thank you!


  10. C***t

    Recently, I learned photography and thought that it would be more suitable to buy a camera. After receiving the camera, I like it very much. When I talk about the product, I specially use it for a period of time to comment on it. For genuine products, I don’t know the quality. Compared with video learning, this camera can completely meet the requirements of Xiaobai beginner photography learning. This one has a high value and can’t let go. Of course, the store’s service is also very good, and the logistics is also very fast.


  11. F***i

    The camera is very good. The packaging is very good when it comes. There is no broken seal or damage! It’s a genuine camera, no scratches on the body! The first time I started SLR, I didn’t understand anything. In short, the camera was very good and worth starting with.


  12. K***s

    The effect of taking photos is very good, much clearer than that of mobile phones. Many functions need to be further studied. The store delivers goods very quickly, and the logistics is also very fast. In the future, the seller will continue to buy them if necessary, and will recommend them to many of my friends!


  13. G***h

    Imaging clarity: very clear, shot a more handsome themselves, more beautiful scenery. Endurance: strong endurance. Zoom effect: very OK.


  14. I***o

    The camera I miss has finally arrived. First of all, I am very satisfied with the store, and the customer service is very patient. I don’t understand the camera at all. The customer service is very patient to teach me. Second, I am very satisfied with the camera. There are many functions that can satisfy the shooting batteries of various scenes. It is also very durable and recommended!


  15. F***h

    From the start of the express, the packing is very strict, the cartons are very thick, and there are also fixed foam and all kinds of damping, so don’t worry about the damage of the camera. In terms of service attitude, I think it’s OK. Customer service is very patient to answer questions for you before and after sales


  16. J***y

    I still don’t know how to take photos. The camera is professional. It’s much better than the mobile phone. It’s a very good camera. I’ll buy one for my brother later


  17. L***z

    The picture quality is clear and the camera effect is outstanding. I didn’t understand before I bought the camera. Then I consulted my professional friend. The shop he introduced has outstanding functions and excellent price. It’s a very recommended shop. It’s worth buying


  18. Customer

    Weather because a nickle but battery consumption and fast etc.. Mobile phone for non-by definition not Jim…


  19. Customer



  20. B***l

    I really want to go out and take pictures, but it is not allowed, I can only take pictures of my own home.


  21. A***t

    Affected by the epidemic, the logistics speed is a little slower, but it is still much faster than expected. It is a very good camera, the lens is also very good, and the price is good.


  22. E***u

    Most of them are staying in the manor now and cannot go out. Buying a good camera to take pictures can relieve the boredom and leave good memories.


  23. J***s

    Very good product, sent to friends, friends like it very much.


  24. C***n

    Compared with other cameras, it is still very good and worth buying.


  25. P***s

    I like taking pictures and I like this brand new camera.


  26. J***t

    This is not a good quality camera (for the price).