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AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 1055 2.8G 95W Six-Core CPU processor HDT55TWFK6DGR Socket AM3

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In stock

Type CPU / Microprocessor
Market segment Desktop

AMD Phenom II X6

Model number ? 1055T
CPU part numbers
  • HDT55TWFK6DGR is an OEM/tray microprocessor
  • HDT55TWFGRBOX is a boxed microprocessor with fan and heatsink
Stepping codes ACBBE CB CCBBE CB
Frequency ? 2800 MHz
Turbo frequency 3300 MHz (3 cores or less)
Bus speed ? 667 MHz Memory controller
One 2000 MHz 16-bit HyperTransport link (4 GT/s)
Clock multiplier ? 14
Package 938-pin organic micro-PGA
Socket Socket AM3
Weight 1.3oz / 38.1g
Introduction date May 2010
Architecture / Microarchitecture
Microarchitecture K10
Platform Leo
Processor core ? Thuban
Core stepping ? PH-E0
Manufacturing process 0.045 micron silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology
Die size 346mm2
Data width 64 bit
The number of CPU cores 6
The number of threads 6
Floating Point Unit Integrated
Level 1 cache size ? 6 x 64 KB 2-way set associative instruction caches
6 x 64 KB 2-way set associative data caches
Level 2 cache size ? 6 x 512 KB 16-way set associative exclusive caches
Level 3 cache size Shared 6 MB 48-way set associative cache
Cache latency [1] 3 (L1 cache)
13 (L2 cache)
48 (L3 cache)
Multiprocessing Uniprocessor
  • MMX instructions
  • Extensions to MMX
  • 3DNow! technology
  • Extensions to 3DNow!
  • SSE / Streaming SIMD Extensions
  • SSE2 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 2
  • SSE3 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
  • SSE4a ?
  • AMD64 / AMD 64-bit technology ?
  • EVP / Enhanced Virus Protection ?
  • AMD-V / AMD Virtualization technology
  • Turbo Core technology
Low power features
  • Cool'n'Quiet 3.0
  • Core C1 and C1E states
  • Package S0, S1, S3, S4 and S5 states
Integrated peripherals / components
Integrated graphics None
Memory controller The number of controllers: 1
Memory channels: 2
Channel width (bits): 72
Supported memory: DDR2-1066, DDR3-1333
DIMMs per channel: up to 2
Maximum memory bandwidth (GB/s): 21.3
Other peripherals HyperTransport 3 technology
Electrical / Thermal parameters
V core ? 1.075V – 1.375V (at rated frequency)
1.225V – 1.425V (Turbo Core mode)
0.975V – 1.175V (Minimum performance state)
V NorthBridge 1.05V – 1.175V
Maximum operating temperature ? 55°C – 71°C
Thermal Design Power ? 95 Watt
Notes on AMD Phenom II X6 1055T (95W)
  • On socket AM2+/AM3 platforms in the minimum performance state the processor runs at 800 MHz core voltage and has TDP 46.3 Watt

[1] – These characteristics were measured on a single CPU, and they can vary slightly for other processors with the same model number

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4.9 overall

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  1. I***n

    I’m here. Well packed bad defects. Seller recommend. You can safely order!.


  2. R***z

    The goods came quickly for 2 weeks. packed on conscience it is clear that used, from thermal paste cleaned. Legs are whole not bent. Until I put later I will add a tip.


  3. R***m

    The store sent the wrong processor (


  4. T***v

    Percent lost somewhere between Russia and China, after 60 days money returned in 4 days, the store does not answer the message, how much wrote does not even read


  5. T***a

    Everything is OK.


  6. E***v

    Great percent. Arrived in blister packaging. All legs are straight, whole. Installed percent, the computer immediately identified it. Seller recommend.


  7. N***e

    Delivery 2 weeks, was before this 4-core, ordered this, in my opinion expensive for an old process, expected honestly more, the increase of FPs of course there is but not the amount how much this processor costs, if someone has very weak processes, you can order, and so the Socket AM3 died, you need to collect a fresh configuration.


  8. V***v

    The processor came in 20 days, very fast delivery, thanks to the store. Separately asked to pack better, packed was good. Traces of operation of course are present, but not with much, there are no bent legs. In bios decided immediately. The CPU-Z displays correctly. Excellent percent, excellent seller! So good seller! Thank you, friend!


  9. D***n

    4 gigs, 4 cores and… You’re a foster.


  10. I***v

    Very good product! I recommend to everyone!


  11. P***a



  12. D***v

    Item exactly as described. Fast delivery (just under a month to Bulgaria). Works like a charm! Definitely recommend the store!


  13. G***y

    All right, like


  14. S***n

    Delivery is fast, works well.


  15. I***v

    Everything works fine, the parcel came in 25 days


  16. Customer

    Package arrived in good condition according to description, I arrive in peru in a month. It was checked on the pc, it’s working well, let’s hope it stays that way. Thank you


  17. A***y

    Shipping just seams… Consolidation warehouse all brakes


  18. F***t

    Corresponds to the description.


  19. G***r

    All went fine, processor well secured and according to the description. No problem with installation and usage, working fine. Delivery quite fast. So honestly speeking I can recommand the store to everyone interested in shopping of good electronic staff.


  20. M***o

    Waited, installed, works.


  21. Customer

    SVE them OK. Svaka preporuka!


  22. R***v

    Works good


  23. R***r

    The product came well and tightly packed as new, immediately inserted works perfectly thanks


  24. A***a

    It came in 15 days, since the order (it is believed that sent days 4, due to the epidemic in China) packed well, tracked everything, put, tested, unsigned)


  25. V***v

    Mamka ESC a780lm-m, the Stone Rose as a native machine started immediately


  26. A***v

    Ran stress tests, no errors detected.


  27. D***d

    The goods came almost in 3 weeks. The processor is whole, even almost without scratches. Works very quickly.


  28. S***s

    Ordered 22.02, came 06.03, installed well, not heated, all 6 cores work. True, I have little RAM, and therefore the processor does not reveal all its potential. Took instead of the old Athlon II X3 435. Before replacing, updated the BIOS. Quality is satisfied, I recommend the store! In the future, I will add a review.


  29. G***r

    The percent started easily without any updates of the bios, the only thing-it was not possible to disperse to 4000 MHz, only 3200


  30. L***a

    Product arrived on time in perfect condition, is working normally.


  31. A***v

    Came well packed in the case I will write an additional check


  32. V***n

    Put, works, although I’m not surprised. Processors on Ali to buy is quite safe.


  33. V***o

    Installed, works. TDP 106,3 Watt.


  34. Customer

    Arrived on time)


  35. A***n

    The virus or who is guilty, went for a long time, it was referred to by the store, the norms came, all as expected, in the drain on 4 tubes in Aida 64 is not heated more than 55, good varic for upgradu AM2/AM3, took for 2900


  36. G***l

    The processor reached UFA a little less than a month, it’s good considering the noise around the virus, packed well, legs like all whole, put in the motherboard does not work black screen, I can’t even go to the BIOS. Reset the settings of the bios to the factory, still did not earn, I will try to update to the last one, unsubscribe


  37. R***y

    The processor received 12 before Krasnodar, and the store himself wrote that it leaves for the weekend and will send immediately after them. He did as he promised. The processor is completely serviceable, packed was excellent, the legs are all even. Drove him two weeks, no problems found. Without reinstalling Windows on the boards where there were 3-4 cores can show and use 3-4 cores. Treat or reinstall Windows or include 6 cores in the boot panel. Processor used. In general, the processor is very satisfied. Gave a tangible charge of vivacity to my old man pc.


  38. K***k

    The store, sent quickly only at the border was delayed, but it is connected with quarantine, and so everything works still has not OverClocked yet and so fails)


  39. O***a

    Everything works. It came fast enough.


  40. S***n

    The processor is working, it came what I ordered.


  41. A***a

    Everything is fine. The computer works.


  42. D***a

    Delivered fast enough, the CPU cover is very damaged and as practice showed, above 3.3 GHz it does not race


  43. P***v

    The parcel came days for 20, well packed. It can be seen that the processor was used. The thermal paste is old cleaned. Legs are even, not bent. Decided and works fine. The only moment, before that, I had a 2-core processor on my computer, and originally 1055t worked for something on 2 cores. The problem was solved by a banal reinstallation of the system. Probably you can still in the BIOS to climb in the settings to solve the problem. In general, the purchase is satisfied. The store and I recommend it. I chase and complement the review later


  44. B***v

    Thank you, it’s working now.


  45. M***i

    all perfect


  46. V***a

    The processor is packed well. The legs are even, the body is without mechanical defects. I did. Works. Wanted 95 W-sent correctly 95 W. No questions


  47. V***v

    The processor came quickly, all the legs are whole, but one jamb is. It seemed like he was bought out, on the sides of the stone it can be seen that there was some kind of liquid. And so the processor works fine


  48. A***u

    Came very well packed. Looks young, but it will go. The replacement took 20 minutes, and the computer transformed for 10 years. before this stood the atlon dual-core. Rose without updating the bios and so on and so on. Plug and play as spoken.


  49. R***r

    The processor went to Murmansk exactly 19 days, which is very fast, the processor is satisfied, everything works, performance increase compared to Phenom II X3 just crazy, I advise this store as it very quickly sends the order and everything comes in due form.


  50. V***v

    The processor installed, works fine. Delivery to the Perm region about two weeks.


  51. F***O

    Be very clear that they are second-hand and are not known to use they may have had. The one they sent me gets a little warmer than a 125w phenom. It gives me they come with good trot.


  52. F***s

    The processor received, packed perfectly the processor with the description coincide AMD phenomh 6 95 Watts, the store recommend well done!!!!!


  53. J***o

    It worked properly and the shipment was prepared very quickly. In 3 days i was already on a trip to chile, but as i was here i waited for up to 3 weeks, which is no longer the store’s responsibility.


  54. J***j

    Like everything is fine, installed, works


  55. S***v

    Arrived in ukraine in 2 weeks. Packed not very But the legs are not bent, plastic case. on the mother as rock n 68 ucc with bios 1.10 became as a native. tdp is defined as 106.6 w. Than i am dissatisfied with the mother is designed for 95 w max but 2 weeks there are no problems. Installed 10ku computer revived. with standard loads with native boxing cooler t not higher than 40 in games 53 and higher accurately did not measure if you need to change the cooling.


  56. Customer

    The processor came 14 days before the southern urals. Packing safe for flexible foot processor. In acceleration, at the stock voltage, easily takes 3.15 ghz. The only thing that upset is the large leakage and tdp in 106 watts in peak. With the move and do not say that the processor has already used someone. The store sent the goods in one day.


  57. D***v

    Works perfect! ๐Ÿ™‚


  58. A***r

    Attention, if you show in windows 2, 3, 4 cores, then through msconfig, download, check the number of processors. And then all 6 cores will be. It’s like i’m stupid. And so far the norms. Tdp 105 watt default


  59. A***n

    Percent in normal condition. After installation and tests, i will add a review.


  60. D***v

    Arrived quickly, all as in the description, started immediately.


  61. N***n

    The goods are delivered quickly, until I put it, everything looks fine


  62. A***k

    I suede for the third time. yak zavzhdi all on the hang, delivery, yakyst the goods.


  63. I***.

    The goods are good. Installed, everything works.


  64. E***o

    It works perfectly. I arrive in only 5 days to Colombia!


  65. G***d

    Percent got everything works true he 106 wat and not 95 hp i think not critical


  66. L***n

    Ordered for 95 watts, cpuid writes that the process of 106,3 watts consumption. Turbo core technology in the work did not see. I looked at how to properly enable cpuid sees that the maximum multiplier has become larger, but at a hundred percent load the frequency of cores such as if turbo core is disabled. In the description of this not a word.


  67. B***y

    Processor working. Delivery is fast-up to Perm 17 days.


  68. A***s

    excellent as always


  69. M***v

    Came 14 days before krasnoyarsk. Tests passed. The only thing is the CPU-Z as that koryavo shows the name


  70. V***e

    The goods came. Works normally))


  71. B***s

    It’s okay, it’s been about 25 days. Packed perfectly, corresponds to the description, until I checked in the work, but on the look of the legs all smooth, nowhere is nothing scratched)) store recommend))!!


  72. O***l

    Works ok!


  73. V***y

    It’s like normal, it shows 106 watts, not 95. It is heated to 76 in gta 5 when vidyuha gtx 960 4 gb. Well, i think it’s a big deal.


  74. V***h

    Paid for the goods on October 18, October 28 took it to the post office in Moscow. Installed in exchange for the AMD Athlon II X2 240.


  75. U***r

    Flawlessly. Will than Phenom II 1050 recognized and is with 95,4 Watt driven. Has multiple CPU Benchmark Test successfully. Shipping lasted about 14 Days. Running at me without Problems.


  76. B***r

    Perfect to using 1 week and show ball TD OK.


  77. A***v

    Works great. Revived my pc, replaced the old amd athlon 2 nuclear. Update satisfied


  78. R***v

    The processor received, has not yet checked, the legs are all straight, the traces of the BU on the lid are slightly visible, this is normal, I will check in the work and add a tip. To the store, I wish all the good. Thank you.


  79. A***v

    Percent in syzran came in 2 weeks. Visually all the norms. I will add a review


  80. D***v

    Started. I’ll take revenge. Pin OK. Be sure to drop the BIOS.


  81. O***v

    To Moscow for 17 days from the date of payment. The processor corresponds to the ordered. Everything works.


  82. M***v

    Packed well. It came quickly. I did not check in the work. If what is not so I will write in addition.


  83. N***v

    Super fast shipping! Well packed. Works great. The store is well done!)


  84. A***n

    Bomb! To moscow 10 days! The legs are whole, 95 v and 2800 mhz. Checked, everything works.


  85. A***u

    It came quickly! Works fine. I will continue to test.


  86. M***z

    The item arrived very well packed


  87. V***r

    Prodovtsa rekamenduyu all the whole at first did not start to update the bios all earned let’s see in dolneches that will be if what i add


  88. P***a

    Come quickly, well packed. great store. Recommend


  89. E***h

    Good Day to all. The parcel came very quickly, exactly two weeks. Legs are not bent, packed perfectly. After installation, write off the quality and declared characteristics.


  90. A***v

    Legs whole, working capacity did not check


  91. Customer

    Arrival in the country was quick, customs took 6 weeks for the package to arrive. Installed, it works very well.


  92. S***i

    Well, what can I say? Took for 3020 rubles. Paid 19.11, and 29.11 the store sent after all! (10 days, Carl! (). In 23 days the processor came. It looks like he was riding off the hill. I insert-does not work. (mother gigabyte ma790x-ud4). I return the old percent, I load-it works. I update the BIOS (attention, the BIOS should be put the latest, despite the fact that it is written “beta”. In my case, this is f7d. Any other bios did not fit). Turn on-hurray! In the BIOS came in, settings-PPC! Turbo boost disconnect, leave the multiplier by 14 x, bus by 243, Ram by 667 (default 800 MHz). The food delivered 1,45 V (just in case, although it worked on the staff). But on the water-does not heat up. The result on the screens. Constant 3400 MHz on all cores. Memory is 810 MHz. Stress test for half an hour-norm. In general, the computer is 3 times faster after Athlon X2 6000 +. And colder.


  93. R***r

    Came for two and a half weeks feet on the processo Re level everything works packed well in a month i will add to the store thanks


  94. V***z

    Works ๐Ÿ™‚


  95. R***v



  96. K***d

    Now Im working on upgraded computer, look good now.


  97. V***y

    Very fast shipping! On my ancient Mat. The Asus m4a78lt-lx board works great! Packed too well.


  98. O***o

    Came two weeks before Tomsk. Working Stone, chasing confidently, despite the fact that Boo.


  99. A***v

    The processor came for a week Immediately determined without problems Visible traces of operation in the form of dark lived on the edges of the processor


  100. Customer

    CPU and packing dirty inside, one leg bent, delivery fast.


  101. M***k



  102. V***v

    Thank you, the goods came, the description corresponds. Asked the store to put the price lower, for the Belarusians and he did everything. Thank you very much!


  103. A***v

    Waited a month. Percent is great! Everything is as stated. Old computer now as new, flies like a plane. Until i overclocked, and so all new games pull. Thank you store!


  104. Customer

    Good store, you can take, everything came in good condition.


  105. S***o

    Everything started without problems, thank you.


  106. A***u

    Everything is super. The order came in 19 days. Good store, I advise everyone.


  107. T***a

    It’s still working. If that add


  108. A***v

    Delivery month and overpaid for E packet. Installed in the mother ASRock N68 UCC. Immediately the computer came to life) while it works, the legs are all even. Traces of some plaque on the lid, but I think not critical.


  109. A***v

    Percent is fine. A little shabby lid. Packing is excellent


  110. N***v

    Sent what you need, but 106 watts. The computer now flies, works 2.5 times better (previously was amd ii x2 250). Legs are not bent.


  111. A***s

    100% satisfaction


  112. K***h

    Everything is fine, delivery is less than a month, it can be seen that used but works fine. I recommend. With the store did not communicate, there was no need.


  113. A***v

    Everything came in intact and without damage. Started the first time. Happy!


  114. A***u

    Everything is fine.


  115. Customer

    Percent working, in the bios manually put support for all cores-otherwise only two cores were displayed


  116. Customer

    Everything works


  117. A***r

    I arrive in perfect condition, working properly


  118. A***v

    13 days to the Republic of Komi… mega fast delivery!!!!!!! Thank you very much to the store!!!!


  119. Customer

    The processor came to me in voronezh 13 days before the post office and total 20 days, because of my stupidity that a week ago is lying in the post office. The percent itself of course is scratched a little, but the legs are even and the socket rises normally. In the CPU-Z is retreated correctly, and to protest the percent i did not work because it costs a bad box cooler, but i will change to a tower cooler. I will add, if possible, another info


  120. E***v

    Percent got up normally, the system works. The store is not particularly communicating, but the delivery and the goods confirm that the seller is good.


  121. V***r

    Sent quickly, delivery by plane to moscow and by train to ufa. Weeks 2 went by. Packed norms, not bent legs. Installed after updating the bios, not hot. The drain cooler cools without problems. After its 635 satisfied very much. Order, you will not regret.


  122. M***y

    Processor received, works. Not yet deeply tested.


  123. D***s

    Looks great. Works.


  124. R***o

    The order has arrived in perfect condition and very fast. I haven’t tried it yet, since it just arrived. Well packed.


  125. A***v

    Delivery more than a month to Bulgaria with tracking number. CPU is correct- 95W.


  126. S***v

    Fully working processor. Already the third purchase from this store. 5 +


  127. V***l

    The goods came in two weeks. Started-works. Aida showed that he was opened. Seller recommend.


  128. D***v

    All qualitatively and quickly came in 10 days in 0 expensive dense kpakovka, i advise everyone


  129. C***a

    I get the product right, good store. Thank you


  130. S***a

    Today september 11 received a processor for a friend thanked you very much thank you


  131. Customer

    Great percent. Took 4200.


  132. A***k

    Everything works fine


  133. A***v

    Came quickly. Everything works


  134. G***Y

    very good jod


  135. N***v

    Flew to moscow in 10 days, perfectly packed, the computer started immediately. Seller recommend!


  136. D***v

    Everything is fine. But I had to update the BIOS


  137. A***l

    Delivery is fast, do not forget to reset the BIOS) Super, the computer has changed


  138. D***o

    The product delivered quickly, but the legs were bent and the CPU Z shows large leakage in the form of 133 TDP but in general everything works just fine


  139. Customer

    Best 95W CPU exist for old AM2+ DDR2 motherboards.


  140. M***v

    Everyone is happy. Thank you.


  141. L***v



  142. D***V

    Came ideally. Works, chases. In drain 101 watts


  143. F***r

    Ok 14 days for france


  144. N***a

    perfect !


  145. I***i

    To Ukraine in 28 days. Corresponds to the description. I recommend!


  146. I***n

    In Kharkov the parcel flew in 13 days, by post of Estonia, through Germany. Packing is normal, the percent itself is normal.


  147. C***r

    Product completely true to store description


  148. A***e

    Exelente got to peru fast


  149. Y***o

    Everything is ok packed well, everything is whole. Sent quickly to lipetsk two weeks. it remains only to check the performance


  150. S***n

    The covers are scratched, but the legs are in perfect order, work normally.


  151. V***n

    Cool, everything works, sorry motherboard does not allow you to disperse fully. Asus m4a78lt-me


  152. S***n

    In ukraine the parcel came to the fast express, but after passing the customs they handed it to ukrposte and she quickly delivered it to my city. The store packed so himself but the processor was not damaged. I quickly checked in several games-the processor is like norms, the video card i have is weak. Did not disperse anything, since the motherboard is one of the cheapest (760gm p33), i’m afraid it will not survive. In general, to be honest, i do not see much difference with my old 3-nuclear phenomenon. In gta 5 you can play on the middle is quite comfortable, if you have a better view then and on high.


  153. E***E

    Thank you !!! Merci !!!


  154. R***r

    The order came 2 weeks before krasnoyarsk, normally packed. The processor immediately started, all the cores are visible, everything works)


  155. A***r

    What can I say… Percent quite a good game pulls, but if you are not going to drive do not advise… In my computer with a hairdryer + gtx750ti + 12 GB DDR3 GTA 5 perfectly pours on the average high setting… So if the mother allows overclocking, and the fee does not want to change better can not be.


  156. T***n

    Arrived in the western part of Ukraine for 2.5 weeks. The processor itself is well packed and legs broken did not see. After installing on her ancient mother, Vinda flew to crash, and the case was in the driver thought the bios should be stitched and everything will be OK, but alas it did not give anything, as a result, writing to the store he said that the problem in the Ram, changing their places all earned.


  157. D***v

    I came safely and safely. Corresponds to the description, here is only my instance issued tdp in 107 w.


  158. E***a

    Everything is fine!


  159. D***v

    Excellent processor, almost top for AM3 socket at 95 W TDP. Surprisingly, on the gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2 board, the first revision spread over the bus to 3,3 GHz, that is, to the level of the top phenomenon 1100t. The computer really came to life, windows with SSD loaded 8 seconds. In acceleration, the processor copes with the video card Nvidia 970 and pulls almost any toys. Delivery to Moscow in less than 3 weeks.


  160. A***V

    The store sent the same day. I stayed in the sorting center in China for a week, but our mail worked quickly, to Yaroslavl for 4 days. Working processor. Seller thanks!


  161. S***a

    Came 11 days before vladikavkaz. It is a pity that the legs in the corner are bent, but it is rather the post of russia. The processor itself was packed perfectly, it is not clear how the legs managed to bend: (


  162. V***r

    Description is the same)


  163. V***n

    Percent received, everything works.


  164. A***v

    The processor is well packed, all the legs are intact. Arrived in petersburg for 11 days.


  165. A***v

    The processor came well packed, as I asked, works fine


  166. A***O

    ะ”ะพัั‚ะฐั‚ะพั‡ะฝะพ ะฑั‹ัั‚ั€ะฐั ะดะพัั‚ะฐะฒะบะฐ, ะฟั€ะพั†ะตััะพั€ ั€ะฐะฑะพั‚ะฐะตั‚ ะฒะตะปะธะบะพะปะตะฟะฝะพ. ะกะฟะฐัะธะฑะพ!