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AMD FX-Series FX6300 FX 6300 3.5 GHz Six-Core CPU Processor FD6300WMW6KHK Socket AM3+

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$100.30 $133.75

In stock

Type CPU / Microprocessor
Market segment Desktop

AMD FX-Series

Model number ? FX-6300
CPU part numbers
  • FD6300WMW6KHK is an OEM/tray microprocessor
  • FD6300WMHKBOX is a boxed microprocessor with fan and heatsink
Frequency ? 3500 MHz
Turbo frequency 4100 MHz
Boosted P states [1] #1: 4100 MHz, 1.425V
#2: 3800 MHz, 1.4125V
Bus speed ? One 2600 MHz 16-bit HyperTransport link
Package 940-pin organic micro Pin Grid Array (UOC940)
Socket Socket AM3+
Weight [1] 1.3oz / 38.1g (CPU)
1lb 1.6oz / 498.5g (box)
Fan/heatsink Z7MH01T001
Introduction date October 23, 2012
Price at introduction $132
Architecture / Microarchitecture
Microarchitecture Piledriver
Platform Volan
Processor core ? Vishera
Core stepping ? OR-C0
CPUID 600F20
Manufacturing process 0.032 micron
Data width 64 bit
The number of CPU cores 6
The number of threads 6
Floating Point Unit Integrated
Level 1 cache size ? 3 x 64 KB 2-way set associative shared instruction caches
6 x 16 KB 4-way set associative data caches
Level 2 cache size ? 3 x 2 MB 16-way set associative shared exclusive caches
Level 3 cache size 8 MB 64-way set associative shared cache
Multiprocessing Uniprocessor
  • MMX instructions
  • Extensions to MMX
  • SSE / Streaming SIMD Extensions
  • SSE2 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 2
  • SSE3 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
  • SSSE3 / Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
  • SSE4 / SSE4.1 + SSE4.2 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 ?
  • SSE4a ?
  • AES / Advanced Encryption Standard instructions
  • AVX / Advanced Vector Extensions
  • BMI1 / Bit Manipulation instructions 1
  • FMA3 / 3-operand Fused Multiply-Add instructions
  • FMA4 / 4-operand Fused Multiply-Add instructions
  • F16C / 16-bit Floating-Point conversion instructions
  • TBM / Trailing Bit Manipulation instructions
  • XOP / eXtended Operations instructions
  • AMD64 / AMD 64-bit technology ?
  • AMD-V / AMD Virtualization technology
  • EVP / Enhanced Virus Protection ?
  • Turbo Core 3.0 technology
Low power features PowerNow!
Low power P states [1] #1: 3000 MHz, 1.225V
#2: 2500 MHz, 1.125V
#3: 2000 MHz, 1.025V
#4: 1400 MHz, 0.9V
Integrated peripherals / components
Integrated graphics None
Memory controller The number of controllers: 1
Memory channels: 2
Supported memory: DDR3-1866
Maximum memory bandwidth (GB/s): 29.9
Other peripherals HyperTransport technology ?
Electrical / Thermal parameters
Maximum operating temperature ? 70.5°C
Thermal Design Power ? 95 Watt
Notes on AMD FX-6300
  • The processor has unlocked clock multiplier

[1] – These characteristics were measured on a single CPU, and they can vary slightly for other processors with the same model number

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4.9 overall

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  1. A***a



  2. V***p

    Everything works. Thank you.


  3. A***v

    Briwent all in 2 weeks, very well packed, only a little remained thermal paste on the processor, thermal paste was not put. In the tests did not check, in a month i will add.


  4. F***a

    Came with a little thermal dry old stuck on it, but nothing that a clean contact not give way… Great processor! Works perfectly well! Recommend!


  5. D***v

    Percent came two days before the stated deadline, which is good. But after installation on asrock 960gm-gs3 fx works from 15 min. Then the system hangs tightly. I will pick up the bios and test on another mother.


  6. Z***d

    Everything came, packed tightly, drove a couple of benchmarking everything works without problems


  7. A***v

    The ideal processor for your money, only 2200r


  8. V***v

    Everything came, everything works, thanks to the store for the fast delivery. And the goods are very well packed.


  9. H***o

    Tested and working. Everything is perfect. Seller recommended.


  10. M***o

    Zeer gut!


  11. F***a

    Perfect, second processor i buy from this store and both have worked smoothly.


  12. D***i

    All OK fully functional


  13. L***r

    Arrived fast, and got it over 3rd party package delivery company, not ordinary post which means more secure delivery for CPU! Thank you!


  14. A***h

    Excellent packed, quickly delivered. The cap is slightly stained, most likely bu, but it works fine. Seller recommend!


  15. B***b

    thank you so much ! I received the product pretty fast! the store is good for me ! wish your business grow sir!


  16. P***a

    Very good, PC’s flying now!


  17. Customer

    product is as advertised used it to upgrade my old fx-4100. runs it on stock speed. 18 business days to arrive (would prefer within 15 days).


  18. F***s

    Good product testing it


  19. Customer

    Legs chased


  20. E***n

    Processor came as new, sending fast shipping too, packed well, working at 4 hz


  21. D***v

    Delivery is fast, packed well, everything works!!!


  22. M***v

    Quickly 2 weeks to tuapse. there is nothing wrong with the whole, as i will install necessarily i will add


  23. A***v

    From the box got out without problems! I did not drive, i once set up a computer!


  24. F***s

    Well ah arrive fast in less than 1 month


  25. Customer

    very good transaction


  26. A***h

    Everything is as always super!


  27. G***n

    All right good store 100% recommended everything works between 35 ° c and 54 °c perfect


  28. B***e

    very good


  29. Customer

    Everything is fine. fast delivery. everything works. the legs are whole. i recommend the store


  30. A***v

    Processors came quickly. Appearance is normal. Tests pass. I recommend.


  31. J***s

    It works excellent, as the ant advice is to install the processor, make sure you update the bios, otherwise you may not boot windows.


  32. A***a

    Works and norms


  33. V***v

    Sent quickly, for this confident plus. In mariupol delivered the mist-express, in general 2 weeks. It seems that everything is fine, i test for heating. At first thought the trouble, did not start the computer, turned out to be an old bios did not see the percent, stitched the bios and voila) while happy, 5/5


  34. Customer

    It got pretty fast, everything works.


  35. Customer

    The product had a little old thermic paste but by testing it the temperatures do not exceed 30 degrees


  36. S***v

    The goods received. Until i checked. Thanks to the store. Shipping norms.


  37. A***v

    Delivery to ukraine shvidka 10 days.


  38. N***a

    Everything works fine


  39. R***s

    The store sent the item instantly! A week later, the processor, already, was with me! It’s nice to deal with such people! -Super!


  40. H***a

    ⁴Chegou very fast, 20 days, super recommend


  41. R***v

    Got to ufa in two weeks. Works fine. Purchase and store is satisfied.


  42. P***v

    Delivery to sverdlovsk region. 11 days. The packaging is excellent percent has reached with smooth legs, but slightly scratched and without a probe of thermopsis trifle but a small minus. In general, the store recommend


  43. A***v

    Came to krasnoyarsk in 25 days


  44. S***v

    Ordered 2 different, came, checked, everything works


  45. P***r

    Came whole without damage in working order


  46. Customer

    Well packed, fast


  47. V***v

    The processor is excellent with small traces of use in the work showed itself perfectly. Pumped only delivery in ukraine. the proctor drove longer in ukraine than from china to ukraine


  48. A***w

    All super


  49. V***D

    The default started, in the course of normal operation a couple of times the computer, after fixing the power voltages of the processor and the northern bridge in the bios works stably at the standard frequency, it is heated slightly


  50. T***v

    Percent worker came for 2 weeks


  51. M***h

    Works!!! Happy as an elephant! In the csn price tag 3600r was, and here for 1950 r took. + 5!!!!!


  52. Customer

    Before the krasnoyarsk territory i drove for 20 days. the composition 5 + started immediately. Harasteristics match. track tracked store class


  53. D***P

    Everything works! No complaints.


  54. V***s

    22 days to ekat burg. Packed everything is fine, asked the store to send a year fresher, broke off sent 2011 year. Traces of exploitation searched-found of course but with difficulty. Installed started everything fine. Salesman


  55. J***z

    Magnificent transaction. Good item and very good price. I’ll buy more.


  56. A***n

    Works fine


  57. Customer

    Almost Cam ู s top Lahore non stick


  58. A***A

    Came well packaged and very clean. Am using with a ASUS M5A78L LE, A Kllisre Ram DDR3 4GB 1333 and a cooler Aigo darkflash, both bought the same day, here on AliExpress. Very good power out of myth 775, Core 2 Duo, it had 10 years and was already limiting the FPs of GT 630 in League of Legends. Recommend this platform for who want to play Moba casually or a FIFA.


  59. Customer

    GOOD =)


  60. R***v

    I got there normally, quickly. Legs were bent some, had to straighten. And so all Normas


  61. A***v

    A good processor for this money, (GTA 5 60 fps with GTX 960, without overclocking) delivery 18 days to Mo. packed well, Thermo paste is not put, in stress tests with a box cooler from fx4100 keeps 62 degrees without overclocking, for overclocking most likely need a cooler more powerful, compared to fx4100 there is an increase in performance! I recommend!


  62. F***r

    Very good


  63. A***v

    Came very quickly. Slightly more than two weeks to the Saratov region. Packed was dignified, came whole, startanul at once, legs not crumpled. But BU, on the surface of the diffuser obvious traces of installation and as if scratches from the aluminum sole of the cooler.


  64. G***r

    Processor arrived, will mount and perform tests


  65. L***l

    Product is good, as a described, well packed


  66. O***o

    Everything is whole, it works well, it came quickly enough.


  67. S***v

    Delivered quickly. I’ll check, I’ll add.


  68. A***a

    Thanks to the store came quickly and what I ordered.


  69. K***v

    The percent came in two weeks, which I am very glad. Earned immediately, immediately raised the frequencies to 4,1 GHz. Of course, it makes sense to add 1.5 k and take a FX-8300, but this one can also please.


  70. O***n

    Shipped was fast, arrived within the specified time, packed well, working.


  71. T***o

    The processor 9-10 days rolled across China, sent the store also for a long time. Asked him to put the most fresh processor, he put 12 years, completely dissatisfied with the communication with the seller. Also, when unpacking, I found several bent legs


  72. N***v

    Got, put-Works! but periodically, once a day, hangs tightly! It only helps reset! and everything works again! maybe the driver, some is not installed. then let’s see.


  73. R***r

    Overclocking is good for this model… And in the BIOS behaves well without jambs, packed with a bang …. But there are some cons… I don’t know whose fault. Seller or mail of Russia. On the processor there were 5 legs bent


  74. A***n

    Instead of 6300 came 4100, but the store returned the money, so everything is fine


  75. M***v

    Waiting for the motherboard. Visually in excellent condition. Shipping mist express to the office.


  76. V***y

    Everything works, only with the operation I will deal with


  77. S***v

    Came within two weeks. It was already spread to 3.8. While it works fine. The parcel was tracked. Well done.


  78. A***v

    Works like norms all. The remains of the old thermal interface are even mechanically difficult to remove.


  79. F***Z

    Took but arrived… Office loss it for 15 days, hard MSM, have privatize soon these office, But the product came without scratches, very few brands use, unfortunately not yet tested because not to plate mother… Seller stated $14,08… Will test and return give my opinion ATT 30/11/2019


  80. D***d

    Came quickly, about 17 days, wrapped so that you torture unwinding. Very satisfied, everything works, I advise everyone.


  81. O***o

    The processor was delivered in 21 days! Package packed well. The body and legs are all intact. There are some scratches on the case, but do not feel to the touch. The tip is already left with the work of this processor. Overall satisfied!


  82. R***r

    Sent 4 days, but came quickly about two weeks, packed so that it was possible to kick to the appointed address)) the legs are whole, the performance has not yet checked.


  83. O***a

    Everything is fine, thank you!


  84. U***

    Product slow, first had not in stock but with some time managed to send


  85. V***v

    Works, excellent!!!


  86. V***v

    WSO good judo


  87. L***o

    Product came fast, with 15 days the delivery. Well packed and apparently well clean. Will Test PC soon. Thank You!


  88. A***z

    Looks good, couldn’t prove, all pins are good, well packed


  89. A***v

    Sent for 7 days after order


  90. R***r

    Came whole and very quickly in a week and a half, legs whole, Packaging reliable


  91. G***r

    The item is well packed and pretty quickly delivered. The processor itself is intact and safe. A good processor for your money.


  92. A***v

    Everything is good except delivery time. It took long 7 weeks to be shipped to me, but maybe it is “new norm”… but I really become tired waiting my CPU. All pins are intact and packaging was very good. It is exactly FX6300 3,5GGz with 3 compute modules. But I don’t have 3.8GGz boost clock for single-threaded workloads somehow. In my multi-threaded test (Blender Cycles rendering) it beat my previous AMD Athlon II x3 460 almost being 2 times faster. But much of it because of being 6-threaded CPU, performance gain from using 6 threads instead of 3 is whopping x1.6. One threaded performance is also better but not so much.


  93. R***n

    The processor received, in appearance quite like a new one. No rubs, needles are even… in general class! I will wait for the cooler and I will try to put it. . .. Later I will add a review! Ah, the store, at first answered the questions… then completely scored on everything!!! Sent for a very long time!


  94. Customer

    I knew it was used but although it came in good condition the support on any mother card was not the optimal, it was damaged because it gets too hot


  95. F***r

    WONDERFUL great store and the product came perfect loved and buy again. ARRIVED IN GOIÁS IN 24 DAYS.


  96. A***v

    Delivery to the Sverdlovsk region month (ordered 11.11). Packed norms. Performance checked, preheated to 4,2 GHz. Plowing. I recommend


  97. M***d

    Delivered promptly. For Ukraine by new mail. Packed well. Everything works. Everyone is happy.


  98. Customer

    Processor with traces of exclamation


  99. S***i

    The order went to Peter for 3 weeks. Packed was good. Immediately put in the system and drove on a couple of toys. No deviations have yet been observed. I recommend the store and the product.


  100. I***i

    Everything is fine! Percent works, came clean as new. Delivery is very fast, to Astrakhan for 2 weeks despite the New Year’s days. The track was tracked throughout the journey. Packed was good.


  101. V***e

    Percent came, works fine, the most important thing is that he is working. And then the mother ordered the fee came broken, but from another store.


  102. M***k

    The goods came 2 weeks before Saratov. There were no external defects, the legs are not bent. Got up and started the first time, everything works perfectly. I recommend the store, I will buy more.


  103. D***v

    Of course the percent used, but the worker, did not try to disperse, yes I do not need it, everything came and everything works


  104. R***r

    I did not communicate with the store. Karachay-Cherkess Republic reached in 16 days. Came whole and unharmed. The installation showed a good result. I am happy with the purchase.


  105. A***v

    Percent working. Just installed. Then let’s see


  106. D***n

    Everything came quickly. Percent fully working. Thanks to the store.


  107. D***s

    Excellent percent, packed qualitatively. Take it and you will not regret it


  108. A***v

    The processor is packed securely! Legs are not bent. Order shipped quickly. There are light vitals, but do not affect the work.


  109. K***i

    Can use normally, but when enter the bios, it restarts .. Is not problem motherboard because it is new.


  110. T***a

    Great. Like new. Works on hurray


  111. Customer

    Works, externally perfect


  112. E***n

    Delivered in 12 days (taking into account that the order was collected from several products from different stores). The processor is working, the legs are not bent, there are no chips.


  113. M***s

    Received the product last year in Nov but only now am giving my verdict. About Shipping: have no complaints, the product arrived in about 20 business days, extremely well packed (the best protection I seen so far in a product). About the product: THE processor came extremely maintained, with all pins, without pin crooked and without use of trademarks, is almost new, am using it makes 3 months and it is perfect, so far presented no problem.


  114. I***h

    Came for 27 days in Volgograd, put it, worker, I will not write about the packaging, here and so many people expressed about good quality. There were not great rubbing on it, but it did not affect the work, it works on Hurray, I advise, though the store did not answer me anything when I asked him to send me a model newer, but nothing terrible, for that kind of money.


  115. R***r

    Well packed thanks


  116. P***e

    Arrived 100% tested and approved!!


  117. S***v

    Came quickly. Everyone is happy.


  118. A***a

    Quickly sent and shipping fast. Quite satisfied with the service of the store.


  119. L***v

    Works great, there were no conflicts with Ram


  120. A***s



  121. Customer

    CAN BUY WITHOUT FEAR 06/12/2019 20:35 CHINA/Object posted 24/01/2020 16:32 Rio/RJ Object delivered to the consignee


  122. V***u



  123. V***n

    Thank you very much to the store, the processor is excellent.


  124. V***a

    Works great. Everything, as was stated by the store. Didn’t cheat. Thanks to him.


  125. S***v

    Thank you for the goods, you can take. I’ll install and check later.


  126. A***a

    Broken Leg


  127. P***r

    Everything came safe and sound, the legs are even, everything is in the package.


  128. V***v

    The processor came on time. packed well. not yet tested


  129. V***a

    Everything works, thank you recommend the store


  130. N***y

    Came whole, works fine


  131. R***v

    Seems to work


  132. A***v



  133. P***v

    Good percent. I was able to disperse the current to 4.1 GHz because. Bad components of my PC


  134. A***v

    OK. Percent working. Packed perfectly. Came in three weeks.


  135. V***v



  136. V***n

    The parcel came quickly. The processor working started immediately. Tanks at highs go with R 9 270.


  137. A***v

    Packed well, installed so far all the norms. Ordered in early December 2019 received in early February


  138. T***o

    Arrived very well packaged to Brazil. Like, gave a performance for my computer!


  139. V***o

    The parcel came to the Rostov region for 40 days. Everything works and corresponds to the order. In the photo, the processor that I replaced. Everything works without problems. I recommend the store and the product.


  140. S***s

    Otimo produto.


  141. D***n

    Excellent ordered 2 times from this store everything came quickly and qualitatively


  142. V***v

    I came for 1 month in Sochi purchase satisfied with all the legs normal so far I did not check if that review complement.


  143. A***v

    It did not come very quickly, but everything works for more than a week))


  144. Customer

    The processor arrived working. The lid was slightly scratched, traces of effort are visible. Thermal paste is not included. Packed normally. Long waited until he sent, it was 31 days. Racing up to 4 GHz stably. You can take it.


  145. A***l

    The store is good, repent very reliably, but our post of Russia was able and very reliable parcel to destroy, the processor came with bent legs, more than half, the money was returned.


  146. I***v

    Prots worker, 4.0 took on the multiplier. Works for about a month without problems


  147. R***h

    Came in two weeks in Petrozavodsk. Everything is packed perfectly. But dirty and scratched, the impression is spoiled


  148. I***v

    It came very quickly. Ordered a friend, says that everything is fine toys fly.


  149. Customer

    The processor came as in the description, looking like a new one. Delivery to the Saratov region two weeks. At the time of order, the goods cost 3300, taking into account the discount and coupon, 2700 came out. Installed, immediately all started, works stably does not heat, I’m not going to disperse yet.


  150. N***v

    Everything works. In all sorts of figures did not understand, but he justified what he took — good performance in games. Came in two weeks, I think. The store is well done, quickly reacts, it was packed well, as I asked. Looks like a new one.


  151. R***r

    The goods were delivered to Moscow in 12 days, packed well, the legs are all even, already connected and checked, everything works.


  152. E***v

    Arrived in Krasnoyarsk in three weeks. Packed well, looks like new.


  153. D***v

    There were immediately no problems Cold


  154. M***v

    Everything works fine, I did not try to disperse


  155. C***r

    Well packed, shipping and delivery.


  156. D***v

    In appearance as new, came quickly, I’ll check off


  157. P***n

    Works ZBS!


  158. P***i

    Ordered 6300, was not, the store contacted and offered 6330 without additional payments, received, works, only service chutka pumped, compared to other sellers (packing, equipment)


  159. D***v

    I’m here. Works.


  160. S***z

    Good price and fast


  161. D***v

    Started Immediately


  162. A***v

    The product corresponds to the description. Packed soundly, tortured to unfold, but this +. Everything started on ASRock N68-VGS3-FX (bios 1.70).


  163. U***k

    In Ukraine reached in ~ 25 days Launched, everything works, the acceleration is possible, does not creat so far


  164. P***y

    Purchase is satisfied, the processor installed in your PC, works fine. The goods came quickly, thank you very much!


  165. R***v

    Plowing, satisfied


  166. S***v

    Frayed, a pair of legs bent, but Ra Boots.


  167. P***v

    Came in appearance as new. works perfectly.


  168. S***s

    The goods arrived. Everything is still working.


  169. E***v

    good proc!


  170. Y***k

    On the motherboard of the m5a78l-m LX. I had to update the bios because after downloading the blue screen flew


  171. G***z

    Came well packed and quite fast. The CPU itself intact, but looks kinda weird, with those strange marks on the tin. I wonder what kind of cooler and thermal paste was used with it before? But performs perfect. OCCT stress test for 1 hour without any problem, with stable temp, voltage and other measurements. Cinebench performance as expected. Overclocks to 4000 mhz by multiplier easily on stock voltage (second OCCT and Cinebench screenshots). And mentioning more than affordable price, i’m absolutely satisfied, and strongly recommend this CPU and this store.


  172. R***r

    A clear percent is almost like new, comes in a pencil case and pugs meters 5 so that behind the legs you can not worry, 50 degrees in the drain. Theme!


  173. A***o

    The processor was delivered, it works properly.


  174. S***v

    It’s okay, it works, it’s not heated


  175. M***a

    Everything works


  176. A***v

    Came for 3 weeks in alt edge legs in place


  177. P***h

    The product came quickly, probably weeks 3 Amur region, usually here 2 months go on average parcel, packed very reliably, came percent all working legs are not bent, on the cover of scratches No. I recommend


  178. P***O

    Works great not overclocking


  179. D***h

    Worker, legs are whole, everyone is happy.


  180. A***h

    Everything works thanks!!!


  181. T***a

    Processor in perfect condition, no damage processor, but Aina tested when test warning not to personal


  182. E***o

    Delivery less than a month to Lipetsk. Fx6300 on gigabyte ga970a ds3p ver2.0 for some reason did not even start to work. With another quote asked the BIOS. Settings changed but fig. On Asus M5A78L-M plus USB3 everything worked.