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AMD FX-8300 FX 8300 FX8300 3.3 GHz Eight-Core 8M Processor Socket AM3+ CPU 95W Bulk Package FX-8300

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In stock

General information
Type CPU / Microprocessor
Market segment Desktop

AMD FX-Series

Model number ? FX-8300
CPU part numbers
  • FD8300WMW8KHK is an OEM/tray microprocessor
  • FD8300WMHKSBX is a boxed microprocessor with fan and heatsink
Frequency ? 3300 MHz
Turbo frequency 4200 MHz
Boosted P states [1] #1: 4200 MHz, 1.375V
#2: 3600 MHz, 1.2125V
Package 940-pin organic micro Pin Grid Array (UOC940)
Socket Socket AM3+
Introduction date October 2012 (shipped in OEM PCs)
Architecture / Microarchitecture
Microarchitecture Piledriver
Platform Volan
Processor core ? Vishera
Core stepping ? OR-C0
CPUID 600F20
Manufacturing process 0.032 micron
Data width 64 bit
The number of CPU cores 8
The number of threads 8
Floating Point Unit Integrated
Level 1 cache size ? 4 x 64 KB 2-way set associative shared instruction caches
8 x 16 KB 4-way set associative data caches
Level 2 cache size ? 4 x 2 MB 16-way set associative shared exclusive caches
Level 3 cache size 8 MB 64-way set associative shared cache
Multiprocessing Uniprocessor
  • MMX instructions
  • Extensions to MMX
  • SSE / Streaming SIMD Extensions
  • SSE2 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 2
  • SSE3 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
  • SSSE3 / Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
  • SSE4 / SSE4.1 + SSE4.2 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 ?
  • SSE4a ?
  • AES / Advanced Encryption Standard instructions
  • AVX / Advanced Vector Extensions
  • BMI1 / Bit Manipulation instructions 1
  • FMA3 / 3-operand Fused Multiply-Add instructions
  • FMA4 / 4-operand Fused Multiply-Add instructions
  • F16C / 16-bit Floating-Point conversion instructions
  • TBM / Trailing Bit Manipulation instructions
  • XOP / eXtended Operations instructions
  • AMD64 / AMD 64-bit technology ?
  • AMD-V / AMD Virtualization technology
  • EVP / Enhanced Virus Protection ?
  • Turbo Core 3.0 technology
Low power features PowerNow!
Low power P states [1] #1: 2900 MHz, 1.0625V
#2: 2400 MHz, 0.9875V
#3: 1900 MHz, 0.9125V
#4: 1400 MHz, 0.825V
Integrated peripherals / components
Integrated graphics None
Memory controller The number of controllers: 1
Memory channels: 2
Supported memory: DDR3-1866
Maximum memory bandwidth (GB/s): 29.9
Other peripherals HyperTransport technology ?
Electrical / Thermal parameters
Maximum operating temperature ? 70.5°C
Thermal Design Power ? 95 Watt

Based on 160 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. G***K

    Took account of inspection that lasted 18 days after release was delivered in 2 days satisfied with the product.


  2. L***s

    Very good, the product came well packed, arrived in 31 days, appears to have some scratches lightweight, yet tested because my PC is not burned.


  3. E***n

    A percent of 2014 came. Walked a little over 4 weeks. A couple of legs were bent.


  4. T***.

    The goods came quickly


  5. A***a

    For a long time almost 2 months, scratches on the surface, and so it works!


  6. V***r

    Lovely processor. 3000 fps in sapphire. I disassembled the processor up to 4.0 GHz


  7. V***v

    Packed qualitatively, well in several layers. Delivery pumped, the parcel was 2 months… It’s not the store’s fault, it’s customs… Tracking. In appearance, I’ll reduce the star, the goods look shabby. On working capacity I will write later. I’ll also take a ride that the seller ignorit categorically and does not answer questions


  8. T***a

    There was a parcel for a long time, a month was not tracked at all but then appeared and in a couple of days came. Everything works well.


  9. A***y



  10. S***h

    Everything is fine.


  11. M***e

    Shipping moderate, but does not contact and not answer messages!


  12. R***n

    The order came quickly, it works fine, I’m not sure myself I bent the legs or they bent during transportation, but it turned out to straighten the needle from the syringe


  13. F***A



  14. D***v

    Bent about five legs, before installation be sure to inspect them, so as not to finish.


  15. R***r

    There was a delay in sending Chinese New Year. came quickly everything works. the parameters match. son is happy


  16. L***

    Everything came whole and well packed


  17. N***n

    The first day of use, works, I will still test. Sent 2 weeks, another 2 weeks the goods went. But it’s okay, the epidemic in China, about which the store’s answering machine wrote, but my messages the seller did not read, so far and as a consequence did not answer. Or pause trading or be kind, keep in touch with buyers. I hope not again, after the end of the epidemic, I may still order. FX 8300 went perfectly on the motherboard ASRock n68c-gs4-fx, although many woodpeckers referred to official compatibility, forgetting that this processor was not yet in nature when the uterus was produced. In general, who else suffered the question about compatibility, do not doubt, the main thing is that the BIOS update to a minimum version 1.41.


  18. V***v

    Delivery month. When ordering a stone from another store at the same time and put them in one parcel, so keep in mind that the duty is not to get. And so the working, characteristics and marking correspond. The North Bridge on mamka m5a78l Le on chipset 760 burned the other day. I bought 970 with USB3 and SATA 6, and he’s a bitch, it’s heated even stronger, I had to collective farm the cooler to the radiator. In general, the platform is not bad, but puzzled by the cooling of the North Bridge. By the way! With a box cooler in the stress test percent more than 60 degrees did not heat up, but the turntable issued 2500 rpm. In general, the percent and the seller highly recommend! +++ Here is the highest cashback, higher than on megaponus and EBN (I have 6,15-8,28% on goods, phones 3.15% and 2,1% on Tmall): Alme (dot) ru/rh4j on Ebn too, suddenly there will be stocks for increased cashback got (dot) by/47ukwk


  19. D***h

    Packed was good. Externally, traces of active operation are visible.


  20. A***y

    Updated the bios and works smoothly


  21. I***n

    While everything works. Shipping 1,5 months, very long.


  22. D***v

    Determined without problems. Temperature 30 + 8 flows.


  23. Customer

    The goods came whole without defects, only slight scratches on the lid, came in time, store thanks


  24. O***s

    It works very well, I’m fast


  25. Y***k

    I haven’t checked in yet. In appearance, everything is whole, clean and neat. Packed on conscience was! Five minutes opened. So far, everything is fine!


  26. N***v

    Like norms, everything works.


  27. T***a

    The processor is very good, the clean new one came to me 16 years. with the store you can agree an honest response product I advise the seller. all the tests went on hurray. the purchase was satisfied! 8 cores! Installed the processor on the mother without a tambourine.


  28. R***r

    Thank you.


  29. A***v

    Works perfectly, externally damage is


  30. B***r



  31. A***o

    Came almost a month. Well packed, the legs are all straight, works properly. The store promptly answered my questions. I recommend.


  32. Customer



  33. S***k

    While flying


  34. S***v

    Seller recommend. Five stars.


  35. S***n

    Works, I haven’t tested the stress test yet.


  36. Customer

    The processor arrived quickly. A little dirty, but it works. Good packing. Sent order immediately


  37. K***o

    Works all plowing as it should thank you)


  38. R***r

    Thank you all OK


  39. I***v

    I write a review already on this processor. 2016 processor. Everything works well (while without overclocking). Delivery fast (for 20 days to the Tyumen region). Took for 4587 rubles (two weeks before the order cost about 4 thousand, and a year ago it was possible to take 8350 for 3500 thousand in DNSA).


  40. I***i

    The only thing you can complain about is the long delivery of attacks is all right, came in a very good and reliable package


  41. S***n

    Checked in the work all well tests cpuz passed, no complaints


  42. P***v

    Percent came the whole, the legs are not bent, in cpuz and Aida showed that everything is clear and I was not fucked, in the Task Manager 8 Graphs so I’m happy. Stress tests did not drive.


  43. A***v

    . The processor arrived a month later, came clean, the legs are straight. Trolling is not, it works fine. Seller thanks!


  44. I***v

    Got, works stably. Until he drove


  45. V***n

    It was a month. The processor is working, the legs are not bent. It can be seen immediately that used. Through the BIOS unlocked the kernel, felt a strong increase in performance. The truth is the processor is heated. And so everything is fine.


  46. R***v

    The processor arrived in normal condition. Was packed well, which surprised me. On performance did not check, because. Waiting for the motherboard.


  47. V***o

    Came to Bashkiria in 3 weeks, tracked. Fixed, in appearance as new.


  48. G***v

    Corresponds to the description.


  49. V***v

    The processor came with a broken foot whose fault I do not know or mail or store. He wrote to the seller, he began to assure that everything was working. Yes, the processor is working but one memory channel. I took it to the service, the conclusion was soldered, while the second one fell off, now everything works. And for the future, remove the opening of the parcel and carefully check everything before installation. Three to the seller.


  50. E***v

    All according to the description, the store did not communicate, on the stone there are light traces of exploitation.


  51. G***a

    Everything is fine!!! Prots porotastel, excellent result!


  52. A***z

    He arrived well, without any bent pin. I haven’t installed or tested it yet, but it’ll be a few more days.


  53. B***g

    The parcel reached Krasnoyarsk in 28 days. Everything corresponds to the description. Recommend.


  54. Y***k

    Prots received, packed correctly, all whole, legs like new. So far I have no place to check, but here I do not order the first percent. Took the same half a year ago, the flight is normal)


  55. V***s

    The store is delightful, thanks for the good goods. I advise everyone, there were problems, but it turned out that I’m stupid. All decided, percent 100% working.


  56. M***y

    The processor reached kharkov a little more than in 2 weeks. Tests passed. All ok. Thank you!


  57. M***n

    Excellent goods, everything is normal, flight is excellent)


  58. V***A

    The goods were tracked constantly, the store sent the order very quickly, the order came in 17 days, the processor came in a little crumpled package but the processor was not hurt, everything put works, I’m happy, we do not have such processors now on sale and for such a price on farpost you will not find used processors, in short everything is fine ….


  59. T***h

    No complaints, stress test passed. To disperse to 4,2 did not work, but it’s me stupid


  60. R***r

    All super, percent fire year 2015


  61. A***a

    Thanks for the processor! The goods received quickly, check, test!


  62. Customer

    It came in 15 days. All is well, checked, works. The store is well done!)


  63. T***r

    Product arrived smoothly and 1 week there is no shortage of successful store. Highly recommend to


  64. U***r



  65. Y***m

    The processor is not new, but it works so far perfectly.


  66. G***s

    The processor came well packed on Lack only test …. Waiting motherboard arrive.


  67. E***o

    Fast shipping. The store sent the processor with the parameters that requested (year of release). The condition of the processor is perfect, without scratches, bent legs, traces of thermal paste. The temperature under the box cooler when viewing online is about 40 °. Thank you very much to the seller and the best recommendations.


  68. Customer

    The worker, but the stone is so crappy that only with the rise of the voltazh to 1.5 volts could stably 4 gigahertz. On the lid 2011 year engraved. Maybe only I got caught. In short, do not chase from words at all.


  69. Customer

    Delivery is fast, packing is good. Very satisfied! And also returned 4.5% from the purchase (7% is a deception), through the cashback system! Here is the link bit. ly/simple112 saving with each purchase. The link can scan with QR code.


  70. D***v

    Everything came chic, as the store asked, packed on conscience, on the process there were a couple of scratches, very tiny, the legs are all well. Inserted started without dancing with a tambourine on AM3 +


  71. I***v

    Everything is fine. It came quickly in 2 weeks. Percent of 15 years of release. Thank you very much. Producer rekamenduyu.


  72. G***y

    Thank you, it’s all right, the stone got until I checked.


  73. M***v

    The order reached the krasnoyarsk territory for 28 days. Percent as new without traces of use. The parcel was not tracked.


  74. E***a

    Just top


  75. O***h

    Went to belarus a little less than 3 weeks. It is clear that the used, but the legs are intact, packed well, the store went to contact, in general i recommend!


  76. D***n

    Works, came quickly. There are small scratches on the lid, the legs are even. With cooling designed for TDP 100 (two copper heat sinks and 120mm fan) under load is heated up to 50 degrees Celsius. In the acceleration it turned out 3.7-3.8 GHz with a voltazh of 1.35 V. Perhaps it would have happened and more, did not experiment


  77. Y***v

    Delivery 12 days. percent of the 15th year is working and not heated


  78. V***o

    Everything is super. It came in 3 weeks. SFOR store


  79. D***r

    Поставил, разогнал 4.2 ггц при напряжении 1.385 -куллер башенка начального уровня справляется. Продавца и товар рекомендую, относительно быстрая доставка. Всем доволен.


  80. Customer

    Proz arrived quickly. got up normally. Pictures later


  81. A***v

    Got the processor, installed, everything worked like a clock. Delivered quickly. Packed in a normal bubble envelope. Seller recommend.


  82. B***h

    Percent came in 15 days. Track number hit the end. Packed well and came whole and whole not bent legs. Looks good and not oxidized. Sent 2015 which is good. I started right away. Not heated. After 6 nuclear games fly. Order and price is satisfied. Thanks to the store.


  83. A***o

    The processor works fine. After the update, the CPU began to bask the chip on the motherboard. I had to increase the radiator on it.


  84. A***r

    Very fast delivery. put, everything works. I recommend


  85. V***a

    Very fast!


  86. Customer

    Very good. I bought it as present to boy friend – he liked it.


  87. Z***v

    The parcel is satisfied, to ulan-ude for 3 weeks. The package is packed well, in several rescue layers. Completely working stone, without a plan on used, in conjunction with rx580 will be a bomb.


  88. M***v

    It came quickly, packed perfectly. everything works!


  89. M***n

    It’s working fine and the store has sent to Brazil very quickly!


  90. C***a

    Exelente , I recommend you. very fast and efective


  91. R***a



  92. P***v

    The processor went up to me for about a month for my region it’s normal even a little earlier came than expected, the product corresponds to the description packed was normal in the umbilical and paralon plus the factory packaging is generally normal, noshki not bent percent yuzany, started at once everything is good so far in two weeks I will add a review


  93. Customer

    Thank you very much everything is fine! fast delivery. I advise the store.


  94. R***r

    Packed very well. Russian Post could not break. Started without problems. Asked the store for a percent fresh, but came 2011. Apparently not new.


  95. O***n

    Prots has started normally already up to 4 spread 37 degrees in pprstny


  96. P***V

    Came to the eagle for 2 weeks. Percent working, has very small scratches. I advise you to take boldly, fast sending from the store.


  97. M***y

    I buy not the first time. Until everything is ok. Processor tests passed. Thank you!


  98. N***v

    Delivery 15 days before kursk, a percent of 11 years, everything is supposed to be, as if new, good packaging, took in exchange 6300, this is clearly 15% faster and faster (8 cores against 6). I recommend, take it and will not regret it. Build the computer: ga970 ds, fx8300, r9 380,8gb 1600 and old hitachi at 400 with something


  99. L***s

    Beautifully packaged, working 100% very good. Worth


  100. Customer

    Thank you very much for the percent! Moved from ficus 4100 to this. Immediately did not start, but after the renewal of the BIOS-everything went! Legs are not bent, but still I advise you to shoot on video unpacking


  101. B***n

    Delivery to Kirov (Kirov region) for 14 days. the track in Russia was tracked. received a notification from the Russian Post that the parcel was delivered to the Post Office at the place of residence. With the store communicated. The seller is very sociable and friendly. the seller sent the processor according to my order. the processor looks like new: without traces of thermal paste, without scratches, legs are not bent, year of release 2011. The processor installed. In the work he showed himself perfectly. The son is happy. The Games flew and the computer came alive!!!! I recommend the product to buy! Seller thanks for the good goods and fast delivery. If necessary, I will appeal to you Additionally. I recommend the seller!!!!


  102. I***n

    The processor was a month, but apparently because of the customs. Works, the store test them before shipping. Packed too well. Purchase satisfied


  103. O***V

    A good processor, looks like a new one. Works fine, delivery is fast. I advise the store.


  104. M***y

    I order processors from this store regularly. Everything is fine. In this case, the goods reached kharkov for 20 days. Test processors passed. All ok. Thank you!


  105. V***n

    Sent in 10 minutes, came to tatarstan in 11 days


  106. D***h

    Everything very quickly reached 2 weeks to chisinau respect the store


  107. P***a

    THE product arrived as expected.


  108. R***k

    Came in for two weeks. Track tracked. Packed well. Put a percent, launched everything works. 8 cores, as expected.


  109. G***a

    THE product arrived well packed and in good condition. Still not tested and so testing will publish evaluation complement.


  110. I***v

    Everything came on time


  111. O***v

    Works. The processor came in 2014. Packed perfectly, nothing bent. The store a small wish-put in a set of thermal paste.


  112. S***v

    It came quickly and everything is perfectly packed in excellent condition!


  113. M***y

    I order not the first time. This time the processors arrived in kharkov for 2 weeks. Tests passed, everything is ok. Thank you!


  114. U***r

    All OK


  115. D***y

    Ordered 5.10 and already 17.10 was with me, small scratches are present, but it’s not scary, the store sent on the day of the order, works, everything is fine, I recommend.


  116. D***v

    Great. Works perfectly!!!!! Delivery is fast. All cores are unattached to drag everything!!! Seller as always ten balls thanks for the excellent goods!!!!! Good luck to everyone, boys!!!!!


  117. J***v

    Fast delivery, 2015 processor, works perfectly.


  118. A***

    Came relatively quickly. I’m waiting for a video card so I can not wait. The stars are in advance)


  119. M***z

    excelent cheaper good processor.


  120. M***v

    The parcel arrived in 6 days from the date of sending by the store (the seller collected the parcel 7 days). The processor got 13 years, bu, working, corresponds to the description. Let’s see how much is enough 🙂 thanks.


  121. A***r

    Everything works, pushes and heats, thanks 🙂


  122. S***v

    Delivery is fast. Until i checked. Thanks to the store. I advise you.


  123. P***o

    The processor arrived ahead of schedule, clean and with few usage marks. Installed and working perfectly. All right


  124. A***o

    All super good goods arrived quickly in ro


  125. V***t

    Fast delivery all arrived, the processor in excellent condition without problems in overclocking took 4.400, temperature 49 degrees, on the water recommend)


  126. A***v

    I reached omsk in 12 days. Put it, everything is fine. .. 5 stars. I advise the store!


  127. A***o

    Very fast, high-quality processor looks new, although in 2011, in stress without overclocking 6 copper and 2 fans shows a maximum of 30 degrees. Mother took gigabyte 970-ds3 pulls normally, i will drive off!!! The store is very good take will not regret.


  128. M***y

    The processor reached the point of issue in kharkov for 16 days from the moment of order-this is very good! Thank you! Tests passed. All ok! I order regularly.


  129. S***y

    Thanks product has reached my hand in 15 days product is fine


  130. A***o

    A good store, quickly sent, within 3 weeks went percent. Everything works, verified!


  131. V***i

    Not new, but the state is decent. The legs are even. Works! I’ll try to disperse, then i’ll cancel.


  132. Customer



  133. O***r

    Everything is super. Works. Happy. Mega Cool. Mega wow


  134. V***v

    Packed very well. Delivered to Kemerovo for 21 days. It can be seen that used, but started and determined immediately. There was no problem. CPU-Z all specifications confirmed. Seller recommend.


  135. A***e

    Super fast! Works great! Good store!


  136. J***s

    Right and working.


  137. I***v

    Delivered in 2 weeks, the 2011 processor, small attrition are present, got without problems on ASRock 970 Extreme 4, the parcel is satisfied until overclocked.


  138. I***v

    Delivered to Zaporozhye in two weeks. Packed normally. On the lid are small scratches, the legs are even. Decided and started without problems. then we will look. Seller respect.


  139. A***a

    Let’s try it!


  140. M***a

    Processor working perfectly! IS my second purchase with this store. Received the order very fast in 10 days. Thank You


  141. N***k

    Excellent processor, everything works. The store is sociable, everything has done as agreed.


  142. O***v

    The processor arrived in 12 days. Packed well, looks like new.


  143. A***A

    ALL OK


  144. S***v

    All right.


  145. M***y

    I order from this store regularly. Everything is ok, just like this time. Test processors passed. To kharkov the goods arrived in 3 weeks. Thank you.


  146. P***k

    Everything OK, working well, heat minimum! Thank you!


  147. H***a

    Top too came packed Mt and arrived in 11 business days Top Shop now so lack the mother board arrive to test more while it will leave my brother testing


  148. A***v

    Plowing like a bull


  149. C***z

    Well packaged, good conditions when I try another valuation, arrived a week before agreed


  150. R***n

    15th year, it is possible that used but the legs are in perfect condition. Delivery 10 days kiev. Purchase satisfied.


  151. A***r

    Processor in good condition and good packaging. The order dispatch was very fast. We demand more at customs in Argentina than on the journey from abroad


  152. C***v

    Everything perfectly assembled computer everything works perfectly


  153. Customer

    OK!!!!! good processor!!!!!


  154. R***r

    Ordered-paid. The goods were not sent, I thought that the bad store, but it was not covered by payment (almost 2 weeks waited did not understand why they did not send). The processor came 2014, scratched. Works fine, less often my athlon’a will be. Ordered already Ram


  155. V***o

    Excellent. Five Stars


  156. A***o

    Stone top, a little scratched something, but the performance did not reflect, arrived in kharkiv mist express for 17 days. All legs are even.


  157. A***y

    I put it, it’s been working for 2 days, I hope everything will be norms.


  158. L***s

    I ordered the processor amd FX-8300. Came what you need, packed very well, the contacts are not bent. It seems that everything works (i write from a computer with an already installed processor). It was a little over 20 days, the declared price ~ $16 so that the duty in belarus did not have to pay. I recommend.


  159. V***k

    Thanks to the store, the goods are excellent, I order from him not the first time, the percent started immediately, no traces of the BU, preheated to 4,0 without problems, with 4 tubular tower in load 55-60 degrees, without reinstalling the windows after fx6300 4,5 GHz until the difference is not noticed.


  160. R***r

    Super works very well. Arrive in 14 days. Very well packaged. I highly recommend it.