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ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save Map

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He663cd6c381e4698a42f89a005a458175 ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save Map
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H506b2c9f81084244932314b22ba773cdO ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save Map
H53220271eff44835adc59bbe466d8a5ci ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save MapHf49c1524e40942879b0e778ad28d1e37G ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save MapH66211b19878d48dbb24815da0971b35e2 ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save MapH676e1699775b48f8803b335f5e7f2f22p ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save MapHe2a5b3ef83804cea86dc1f61bcd33b22b ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save MapH15c261953b9f4e3ea8c79b218bf1d79b8 ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save MapH481e80f091594522b1eec2f97f6a64e6Z ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save MapH5236b3cbe46b4d7a9d9a8fc750557787K ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save Map
H281b0d86c6044690a76e4fb2c98f23131 ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save MapH27de6e44f5254bde9e4e190281d68fddj ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save MapH2aed0abd12a54a19b9b1c38e6310a332a ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save MapH4c5df60dbd6c41548672676a457815f5F ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save MapH17c39868f6e2413fa51852cae652d920S ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save MapH3a5097b5bfd148818a7af31c5de062a24 ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation,WIFI APP controlled,Breakpoint Continue Cleaning,Draw Cleaning Area,Save Map
1.High Efficiency cleaning, Camera real-time location by hundreds of different objects
2.Support remote upgrade of firmware and software, keep your robot vacuum in best position. Lifetime upgrade free of charge
3.Map upload& storage on APP, when your next time use, it will show history map of your room
4.Hand drawing virtual blocker on APP, get rid of virtual blocker or magnetic stripe
Drawing Specified cleaning area as you want
5.Breakpoint continue cleaning
If battery gets low before finishing a cleaning task, x6 robot will go back to charging base to full recharge then automatically returns to where it left over and complete the rest cleaning job.
6.Remember where the charge base, go back to charge base in shortest way.
7.Three level adjustable suction power: mute, normal, max
8.Intelligent water tank
Electric controlled water tank allows water to flow only during movement, electric pump controlled, more accuracy.
9. Stable infiltration, mop and dry, no water stains, no moving, no infiltration.
10. Three level adjustable water tank level: slow, normal , quick.
11.Automatic detection of soft&hard ground system to improve product path stability and cleaning coverage
1. We have warehouse in Russia, Spain, Ukraine. If choose from Russia, Spain, Ukraine Warehouse, it is Free Tax.
2,You need to fill out contact name at least two words. Full Name is needed.
3,You need to fill out correct zip code and the name of city before you place an order. Zip code should match with the name of city.
4,For any case,please feel free to come to us,we are always here.

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4.9 overall

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  1. E***v

    Received the order very quickly in four days, in the beginning there was a problem, the robot all the time reported that bad communication with the router and did not want to ship updates and all the time disconnected from Android, everything tried and rebooted and reconnected nothing helped and on the router the signal is very strong, apparently not compatible with the router, Well at home two costs, connected to the second and everything earned.


  2. Y***n

    Delivery is super fast. Sdek delivered the parcel to the door. Packed in double carton. External transportation. It all came to a whole, crumpled. The package is rich. I did not check in the work yet, I took my brother. Of all models stopped at this. After the tests, I will add a tip.


  3. T***l

    Cool assistant!!!!


  4. T***l

    Cool! Came quickly! There are no questions to complete;


  5. Customer

    The vacuum cleaner itself is made well removes also well. The app on the phone is a bad card constantly called and the vacuum cleaner makes cleaning only in automatic mode. For vacuum cleaner 5 stars and for app 1.


  6. H***v

    fast delivery. excellent store. item as described. very satisfied with the item


  7. A***o

    Super fast delivery, sdek, all whole, robot worker, installed simply, without dancing, oriented well, pass freely under the furniture, leaving no uncleaned areas, the height of the vacuum cleaner is 7,6 cm. Wet cleaning has not yet tried, then I will write. The store is well done, everything is fair, sent quickly. At the request of the instructions for the Russian immediately answered where to find. Voice prompts in English, would be on the Russian, would be a complete happiness from the purchase. I recommend the seller, the product is quality, and not expensive with such functionality. This is my second vacuum cleaner, after Ilive 7s Pro Plus, there is something to compare.


  8. F***r

    it’s a very good robot vacumcleaner does what it it says and very easy to install I whould recommend it


  9. S***z

    Recommend product exquisite, cleans Super


  10. P***

    Order dotarło within three days. Everything is working properly. I’m pleased to recommend to everyone.


  11. Customer

    Very fast delivery 4 days with Hiszpani. Zamiata, mopuje, gada we are very satisfied the whole family behind it the obudzimy on already cleans because Lady likes walk barefoot. Thank you


  12. V***M

    Delivered from Moscow to Peter for 3 days, tracking only through the post of Russia. the packaging in normal condition, the quality of the goods at altitude, dry and wet cleaning was successful in glory.


  13. I***o

    The goods came quickly. The robot works for five. Quite qualitatively removes, every day a full garbage tank


  14. S***z

    Intelect stupid, having entered the niche 50×60 back will not come out and will spin on the spot until the battery sits. When returning to the base gets stuck under the ironing board and does not find a way out. For empty rooms with a simple layout will go. Sit well.


  15. A***U

    Sweeping very well, to Wi-Fi connected without problems. Cards draw, save, update the firmware. Swept a bunch of Cat’s wool. Very good for cleaning for every day, still not yourself. satisfied. I liked it.


  16. A***a

    Long decided to make this purchase. We looked at many models and Ali and in our stores. T to buy not from cheap, thought to buy it in the store, so that then it was possible to present a claim, if suddenly that …. But after looking at all the options decided still to stop on this model with Ali. Because. The analog in the store is much more expensive. And never undefined…. Of course we have nothing to compare with… But we didn’t. Of course it’s not for major cleaning… But for the daily most that. Delivered in 3 days. Recharge… Immediately checked …. Sweeping well …. Even after my cleaning finds dirt. Well done… From wet, expect to wash the floor is not worth it of course… Maximum will erase everyday dust… well, it’s good …. And since we have a dog in the House and on the tile are very felt dust from her legs, it helps us very much …. Now you can walk baguette…


  17. V***v

    Fast shipping. The robot works fine, but sometimes gets stuck under the bedside table


  18. J***

    The best vacuum cleaner for quality and functionality, it is much better than the acclaimed Xiaomi. Came with a small malfunction (in any production there is a percentage of marriage, including if you read reviews on the same Xiaomi, you will see that there are also cases with a malfunction). I certainly was upset, because. Thought that the three-year warranty and after-sale support is fake (already met with such a problem, where instead of support, the store simply ceases to communicate), in the same case, I was helped completely (it seemed to me that they were more worried than I). Immediately sent zap. Part and dropped the video where it is shown in detail how to replace it (I was sure that as in previous similar situations, they only need me to confirm the order and in fact nothing was sent) and how surprised I was when less than a week later I received a parcel with a spare part (And several pieces at once) and as compensation, an additional set of consumables (several brushes, filters, rag, etc.)


  19. A***o

    Product quality. Heats dirt from under all cabinets. From the first call in places leaves weeds, but after the cleaning of the room, the control passage along the walls eliminates all the shortcomings. Apartment 72 square meters. M passes for 50% battery charge. Wet cleaning has not yet been used. More impressions in children and cats!


  20. D***v

    The robot came with a broken gear in the right wheel reducer, the benefit is a 3D printer and a new gear appeared the same evening. There are also questions about the fact that he does not leave from charging to cleaning on a command from a smartphone and does not react to not one team until it is manually moved from the charging station, lish can then send him out. After each cleaning, zeros the data about the room map, the virtual wall does not work. In short, some slag, it would be better to take Xiaomi.


  21. S***v

    Description more than full! The wife is delighted. Now you can forget about cleaning) so qualitatively removes that you do not find fault. In the application everything clearly shows where it goes, what washed. Apartment 56 M2, enough 150 ml for 2 times. The store always answered. I made contact without the slightest delay. I promised to make a gift, but I’ll write about it later)


  22. P***r

    Allmost Best choice considering price/quality.


  23. R***r

    The robot was sent very quickly. Delivery to Kazan 5 days. The button on the robot did not work, the store was willing to communicate. Opened a dispute, the seller made my decision. I am happy with the purchase, I recommend the seller 100%


  24. A***o

    Fully complies with the declared requirements. From the order to the apartment exactly six days (taking into account that the robot was sent on the second day). Delivery sdecom, everything is great, to them there are no pritenzy, well done. Now the dust itself: the complete set corresponds to the order. Downloaded the app. The application scanned the QR code of the robot (it was determined and added to the devices). Wi-Fi only in the range 2.4 (range 5.0 does not see). At the first time the software update arrived (pleases that the manufacturer does not throw its customers). After charging sent e-Bota, on the first trip around the apartment. I removed the two in about an hour with a small one. The card draws (it remains in the memory of the application, as it will be when next cleaning will look). At the moment, the purchase is satisfied. Thank you very much to the store.


  25. P***p

    Fast shipping, robot working properly and carefully. Recommend!


  26. E***a

    Robot came very fast. It’s great. I recommend the store


  27. S***v



  28. A***

    The vacuum cleaner is excellent, I order the second one, this time to my parents. They are very pleased with them. My assistant is already working for half a year, there are no problems with him.


  29. A***t

    It’s arrived undamaged in two box in box. All function worked but only if it was in the charging plate then it isn’t started go to clean. I sent this main problem to the online support with video but it’s every day just asked the same questions without solving. So the online support is a big shit. The problem solved after the second updating. It’s frenzy if I buying something and it’s doesn’t work only after the online updating. This is for one minus star. The application works well on Xiaomi Redmi note 7 and Samsung S8. The cleaning way is surprisingly right. The mop function is well. If the cleaning start then the application always delete the map and rebuild again under cleaning. After the full cleaning can you insert virtual wall on the map in the right position. I thinked the map will be ready always. This is a disappointment. Need to know you spare the time for the cleaning but you will lost the time because need to clean the cleaner. 🙂


  30. L***n

    Încă nu l am Probat. Voi reveni cu recenzie. Most PRIMIT foarte Repede produsul. Multumesc.


  31. Customer

    Thank you! Fast delivery, quality product. Good luck!


  32. M***R



  33. N***.

    I ordered the 3rd robot: myself, my mother and girlfriend, very comfortable with him, everything is fine: his work, quality and delivery. Thank you!


  34. I***v

    Everything works. At first the truth was the problem: it was updated and after a while fell off the Wi-Fi, had to reconnect, it was renewed again and no longer bullied.


  35. O***h

    The store sent the goods quickly, but, due to the epidemic, the Post Office in China did not send the parcel for a very long time. It was my most expensive purchase on Ali with the longest delivery (more than a month). Vacuum cleaner vacuumes and washes (runs with a wet cloth). But! Application Application with phone management, does not work from the word “completely”. Rather, it is impossible to control the vacuum cleaner from the phone, only after cleaning you can see the map of the removed territory. The application burns that there is a new firmware, but it can not update it ((I run from the remote. And so the vacuum cleaner every time scans the room and every time builds a card. In Russian does not talk (but this is not very important) However, vacuuming normally. I compare with my old iRobot, who stayed in the old apartment. And besides, this one is much quieter than the Airobot. Let’s see how long this one will live.


  36. A***v

    Thank you store! Great product!!! Honestly, I’m shocked how he vacuumed and washed the floors. The seller is always in touch and it pleases, at the time of the order there was a Chinese New Year and the coronovyrus I came with understanding as requested by the seller and waited before sending, as sent quickly now already favorite Abir X6. As a gift put a rag for waiting, although promised an additional battery. In fact, a cool robot!!! Thank you. I will add a review of the video!!!


  37. T***s

    All is good


  38. N***v

    In general, the robot works well. With linoleum dust collects. Cat’s hair scrapes from the carpet. But not everything from the first time. On the carpet 3 times in a row started, all three times dialed dust and hair. For the carpet it is not very suitable. Weak. In short pile remains garbage. From above only takes and then not everything. For smooth floors the most that. I did not notice the passes. Sometimes stops at the wall without reaching, otherwise rides until they encounter an obstacle. Unpredictable behavior. Does not always find the base. If manually (from the remote) it is taken to one room, then after cleaning it will diagonally drive until the battery sits down or until accidentally the base finds. It would be better to make a return to the base on the walls. So more chances are that he will return before the battery sits down. About the app below will be.


  39. Y***a

    I have this first work, so there is nothing to compare with. Works quietly, cleans well, when connected immediately updated, thanks to the store. Instructions would be in the Russian language.


  40. L***s

    Good product recommend


  41. I***v

    In my case, the software is not updated otherwise order


  42. V***h

    The vacuum cleaner only received, with a slight delay in time. Externally very beautiful. I haven’t seen it in my work yet.


  43. R***r

    The goods came in 5 days from the moment of the order did not completely experience it but everything works.


  44. A***a

    Cleans well. Navigation is lame. Can pass one place several times for cleaning. However, this is not critical, only cleaner will be. But the built and saved plan of the room sometimes hinders. The robot may not remove areas that were previously unavailable. To treat this disease through the application removing the previous card. Perhaps this is the only defect. I needed a small assistant in the House, who could clean everywhere, and under the bed including. I am happy with the purchase.


  45. Customer

    The vacuum cleaner is very cool, came quickly. I am happy with the purchase for all 100%. I recommend the store and the robot.


  46. Y***v

    The robot is very satisfied, cleaned quite qualitatively, including wet cleaning. The charge is more than enough for a complete cleaning of 50 squares. Management through the application is intuitive, the only thing that disappointed-neither can it fully build and memorize the map of the room, I very much hope that will be corrected in the next updates. In general, the purchase is satisfied, the store definitely recommend


  47. J***k

    very fast delivery. The vacuum cleaner is powerful, smart and useful. Thanks. It is very good for any surface.


  48. Y***v

    Vacuum cleaner normally in general everything suits.


  49. R***r

    The vacuum cleaner came quickly, a very cool thing. Already checked in the work (just umnichka), everything works fine. We are very satisfied. Thank you.


  50. A***v

    No instruction for Russian, via applications does not start


  51. F***f

    Came very quickly in 4 days only, by Courier (from Spain to Latvia). removes not bad, it is convenient that there are 3 power levels. Quite quiet (cat and child one-year-old are not afraid). While satisfied)


  52. Customer

    Very nice and I recommend dealing with the merchant eggs of God or Fisk God Almighty that you men Sanafi


  53. S***v

    Unfortunately, the vacuum cleaner stopped working about three weeks after the purchase. Where you can repair in Russia-it is not clear. Very upset.


  54. Customer

    It has been working for a week, I’m happy with the purchase, everything is as described. Recommend. The only moment, bought as from Ukraine, but on the next day the store sent out from China. ??? True, the delivery was fast, 2 weeks on the new post office, no duties.


  55. Customer

    Come quickly. Complete set. No damage. There is no description in Russian. This is not acceptable these days. Could not connect to the home network, so it is impossible to evaluate its functionality. So crawling, sweeping. It works quietly. I will try to configure Wi-Fi, I will add a review later.


  56. C***i

    tried it yesterday, it worked just fine. Myself and kids are super excited.


  57. K***y

    product is very good My room is clean, everything is working. thanks the store


  58. A***v

    I put five stars in terms of price and quality, although there is a product of complaints. Not all items in the House see, sometimes stumbles and crash into objects and walls, I updated it with difficulty not immediately, sometimes it goes and rides where it has already traveled, the washing function is not clear at all, the floor washes like on all modes equally, does not fully wipe everywhere. In general, it costs this money.


  59. R***r

    Everything is fine


  60. V***

    Fast shipment, delivery by post of Russia. Packing is whole, everything works!! Recommend to buy


  61. Z***S

    Zatím jsem zboží nerozbalil (it is pro kamaráda)


  62. Y***a

    Excellent assistant for cleaning an apartment. I have laminate flooring crawling baby and an area of about 120 squares. Daily wet cleaning is necessary. Vacuum cleaner is good. Especially if you remove everything unnecessary from the floor, raise the curtains and walk out. The floors wipe well, but I still a couple of times a week my own, after his dry cleaning. The apartment became much cleaner, despite the presence of a couple of cats. Really gives free time. And even with daily cleaning, he always has an almost full container, where he collects everything, I can’t imagine. Charging the robot is enough for the entire area of the apartment and for wet cleaning of a couple of rooms. excellent cleaning quality. You can control through a convenient application in the phone, even without being at home. Easy to clean, perfectly overcome obstacles and performs the set goals (you can specify the point, where I was very pleased with the purchase and consider this vacuum cleaner a necessary thing in the house. All my friends are pleasantly surprised when they see this miracle in work.


  63. C***r

    18/5000 Was worth every penny. So useful at a low cost.


  64. Customer

    Great robot for a great price. Very reliable and trustworthy.


  65. V***v

    The goods came quickly, the purchase is satisfied, it removes just on Hurray! Maybe Paul is wonderful, there are no complaints about navigation. I recommend to buy definitely.


  66. R***a

    I purchased a robot vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning of an apartment. For a long time I was looking for quality and reliable, I did not put the price in priority, I chose Abir X6. The vacuum cleaner is almost silent, the obstacle determines and runs around without problems. Well does cleaning, power is enough, so it copes well with cleaning carpets. I use it every day in the mode of complete cleaning, every three days I have to clean, as there is plenty of dust. Acquisition is happy! Much easier to breathe when less dust


  67. R***b

    This model was strongly recommended by colleagues. The choice surpassed all my expectations. A small Assistant copes with all the tasks. Many functions in the vacuum cleaner but sorted out quite quickly and simply, reading the instruction. Now every day coming home from work, I meet purity and order. Vacuum cleaner powerful, relatively silent, not expensive in comparison with similar vacuum cleaners, makes like dry, and wet cleaning.


  68. R***h

    The quality of cleaning is quite good, if it removes in 2 rooms, everywhere, where he can climb into the power of his dimensions, removes well. especially does not make noise, if you close in the room, the sound does not interfere at all. It’s very simple to clean. Smart. Completely independent in work. Does not get stuck, is not lost, the declared characteristics correspond to all 100 percent. My best purchase of household appliances in the last 5 years. Good vacuum cleaner and wipe the floor. I’m happy!


  69. V***v

    The order reached in two weeks, the unprecedented speed, from China to Ukraine without additional payments, by simple mail, I’m amazed. Not yet. I’ll write about his work later.


  70. C***a

    I arrive before the estimated time very well packed as in the description now to clean the house


  71. S***s

    Very satisfied


  72. Customer

    I test the second day, it removes well, it wipes itself quite well. The map of the room builds, the corners and the skirting marks carefully and insistently. So far, everything is fine. If there are jambs, I’ll add a tip.


  73. R***c

    I recommend it to everyone! He’s worth the money! 1. great robot vacuum cleaner, powerful, smart, beautiful, with wet floor wipe. Convenient intuitive control. There is an application on the phone where everything is drawn and registered. 2. quietly enough, there are 3 power modes 3. sees obstacles, for all the time of operation, never confused in shoe laces and wires 4. It rides intelligently, in the application draws the map of the apartment 5. The thickness of the robot allows you to enter the ikeev floors 6. Furniture does not scratch, in the application you can set zones, Which the vacuum cleaner will drive 7. The battery is installed with a margin for large areas 8. easily connected to Wi-Fi 9. Easy to clean dust collection container 10. software for Android, in general, bearable.


  74. I***a

    Very fast shipping! 5 days to Astrakhan. packed well. in work yet did not check, but runs around the apartment))


  75. R***y

    The vacuum cleaner fully corresponds to the declared characteristics! Collects a lot of dust, even on the just washed floor, qualitatively passes through all corners and meticulously tries to climb into the most hard-to-reach places)) does not miss any site, navigation is excellent! Wet cleaning is very pleased-it was my main criterion for choosing this model. Very saves time while I’m doing other things, the floors are already clean! Friends also chose X6, although I did not tell them about the purchase! I think just really the best in the market for adequate. V


  76. R***a

    I liked everything, it’s a good assistant. Behind the dog, wool removes very well. Conveniently controlled via the weback application. In a couple of clicks you can choose a cleaning room or the whole apartment. I like the function “virtual wall”.. Easy maintenance. We turn it on once a day, after 1-2 slaps of a tray full, which was an surprise-because visually everything is clear. Very pleased with the purchase.


  77. N***a

    Draws a card, separately vacuum and separately washes. Manual control, suction power adjustment, water supply adjustment. On the carpets comes without problems. Excellent.


  78. V***v

    Shipping fast. Thank you


  79. Customer

    Its money is not worth it (((opened a dispute. I read satisfied reviews and risked ordering an expensive toy that will help me on my household. The result: the two start vacuum cleaner was happy, and then I did not know what. The station loses if you bring it back to the base and start acting weird at all. Starts spinning in one place and that’s it. Trying to get it back to the base and start cleaning again, it’s standing still or starting to roll around and looking for a base, in the end, it does not find. You turn it off and you carry it on your hands again.


  80. G***s



  81. T***a

    The robot is perfect! I’m very statisfied! Delivery about 10 days. Recommend the store


  82. A***a

    Shipping to Ukraine from China took 9 days. The store is very sociable and pleasant. Recommend.


  83. A***m

    Fast shipping and wonderful packaging. وجار experiment


  84. R***y

    This is my first robot experience. Excellent vacuum cleaner and build a card. the application is convenient. The navigation system is smart, everything runs around and so on. Abir impressed not only me, but also relatives and friends. Yolshaya dust collector 0.6L and a separate tank for washing the floor 0.36l. It is well controlled by means of a phone and tablet. it builds and memorizes the map of the premises. Thresholds up to 2 cm high almost does not jump, the power is enough to clean carpets even with high pile, but be sure to watch the video on YouTube. In general, I’m happy with the elephant!!!!!!


  85. R***r

    Good cleaning, wet cleaning, too, oddly enough, useful. It’s a pretty smart car until we’re stuck, though we ‘ve been chasing him for the first time. Good battery, to our apartment (about 50 m ^ 2) in normal mode consumes less than 20% charge. A low noise level is not to say that it is very quiet, but bearable. In general, I liked it very much. My wife insisted on buying, I did not want to. Read reviews about this technique and thought that there will be a buggy and capricious toy, which is always confused, stuck, bad cleaning. Turns out I was wrong, the apartment was never so clean, while we are not nervous, we regularly cleaned it. The first passes of dirt collected an impressive number. Fantastic useful thing. No Russian voice. But this is not a problem. Recommend on all 100%


  86. R***y

    The cleaning is pleasantly surprised. Convenient Control through the application. Creating virtual walls and zones on the map is very convenient during wet cleaning if there are carpets. Does not get confused in wires. Excellent removes, does not miss anything! Excellent mechanisms of withdrawal from the stuck and traps, you can not worry, passes there where barely enough space (under the chairs, comes under the kitchen set), it bans on the thresholds without any problems! A great thing that costs its money! You can walk barefoot, very clean!


  87. R***a

    Well, it’s the most advanced vacuum cleaner I ‘ve ever seen. Very fast cleaning due to the thoughtful route. Multiple power modes. The quietest-really quiet, while collecting dust approximately the same. remembers all places that have not yet removed, one battery charge is enough for a large apartment even at maximum power, firmware comes through the Internet-always have the latest version. In general, a cool device! Very satisfied! In a large apartment now the ideal cleanliness! :-))


  88. T***n

    Came in a week, the first launch showed a good result. Dust collected not a little, discharged and went to charge. I was charged and sent for cleaning myself for the second time, I did not wait until it was fully charged. Charges of course very very long, but I have nothing to compare with. Complete as in the description. The goods are kind. I’ll add a review in a month. As long as happy with 100%


  89. D***

    Super Vacuum cleaner! Works perfectly and with the application is consistent) problems with wool and maintenance of cleanliness are now not! Cool thing!


  90. S***a

    It’s nice when the house is absolutely clean and nothing is required of you. I was looking for a smart device, I could not look, like some cheap robot vacuum cleaner chaotically dreams around the room eventually lost in some of far rooms. This Abir robot knows exactly where it is, knows, where you got away and where else you’ll have to go. He cannot get lost, as he sees the room, entrances to other rooms and all obstacles. The most powerful battery does not discharge even at 20% when cleaning the entire apartment. At home there is a cat and before I wanted to give it to someone or cut, so much wool in the House and on the carpets. Now there is no such thing, there is no wool in the House, the carpets are perfectly clean. The truth is after every cleaning I shake the wool out of the container and now I have a question-where does it find it? Am I happy with the purchase?. At home is clean and all you have to do is make sure that all the shoes are removed, the chairs are raised, the wires are removed, well, the cat himself on the closet gets stuck. Highly recommend. You won’t.


  91. R***a

    Robot vacuum cleaner satisfied. Removes really good. Wet cleaning is also used all the time, the function is practical. Very cool vacuum cleaner, not noisy, vacuum cleaner well. I regret I just did not order earlier. The cat hissed at him first, but in two days the drive test was used. I’m totally delighted, it rarely gets stuck, sometimes even removes stubs from the thresholds and continues to get away.


  92. R***a

    1. it is very beautiful! 2. incredibly quiet working! I will say briefly and without unnecessary words this is while the best purchase on Ali I did. Categorically recommend


  93. R***a

    Modern appearance. In the kit there are spare side brushes, a spare filter and a spare cloth for wet cleaning. There is dry and wet cleaning. When dry cleaning carpet with 0,8 cm. Pile cleans, does not get stuck. Containers are conveniently inserted behind the robot as a box. The container for wet cleaning is equipped with a dust collector compartment, after wet cleaning, the dust collector’s compartment can be washed. Standard 3 cleaning modes. You can control from your smartphone, but you need WiFi. Easy to operate, excellent design, quietly works. In How to change replacement parts and service this vacuum cleaner will deal with even the child.


  94. R***a

    I bought my daughter as a gift. The device is satisfied, all the declared functions work (except remembering the room). Cleaning quality. Thanks Abir for the good technique.


  95. R***a

    Excellent cleaner, cleaned perfectly! Cheap price, compared to its competitors. Never lose his base. Knows where to return, regardless of the number and size of the premises. Three suction modes. Quiet-begins to drive slower, but sucks as well. Normal-suction above average and normal speed. And turbo speed does not change, but suction increases. Control through the app in the phone. Build quality and design, low noise, cleaning quality, route construction algorithm. I am very pleased with the purchase, saves a lot of time on cleaning. I run it almost every day. I think this model is the best in the ratio of price-quality.


  96. D***a

    It’s one of the best purchases I ‘ve ever made. This robot sucks and trapezes excellent. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a balanced quality-price ratio. PROS: 1. Excellent vacuum strength (3200). 2. It comes with 1 additional reset kit (I loved this detail). 3. Cheap fast shipping, thank you very much to the store. 4. Mobile App to program cleaning. 5. Economic compared to other brands and quality. Solid structure. 6. It includes a useful tool for maintenance of cleaning blades and dust tanks. 7. Well mapping system, it’s not the best but it’s very functional. Cons: 1. Better app development is needed to program vacuum force, among other functions, along with the cleaning schedules. 2. You don’t have an alert system in the app for when you need some help the robot or have some problem with an obstacle (useful when out of the room). 3. Navigation system is not laser


  97. A***h

    I’m already ordering a second vacuum cleaner. First to yourself, now to mom. Cat House, in the yard building. This vacuum cleaner is an indispensable thing. Collects wool, dust, hair. Not confused in wires, but does not like thin mats. The store is sociable, quickly answers all questions. From China the goods go about 2 weeks. Now ordered another vacuum cleaner, the shipment should be from Ukraine.


  98. R***a

    Before buying studied long characteristics, reviews about different robots-vacuum cleaners. In the end, I still stopped choosing Abir and he surprised me very much. Wipes the floors very good, the main thing is to wash a cloth in time. Of course, normal washing of the floors it will not replace, but to maintain cleanliness is simply super. The products are made qualitatively. Well packed-not ashamed to give. Excellent quality of cleaning.


  99. R***r

    Clean well, not noisy. Finding. Having a cat and a dog this smart vacuum cleaner drains us. Quickly finds the base, vacuum cleaners in the corners at the expense of the brushes. Dust the carpet. Oriented in the rooms. Very convenient to use through applications while at work. I recommend. The price corresponds to the quality. We really liked it.


  100. S***g

    The map builds, sometimes everything passes everywhere and clears well. And sometimes misses the whole room, but the other one will remove 2-3 times. From the card that he is worthless, he does not use it does not remember where he was not. nofution performs his clean.


  101. K***v

    Great vacuum cleaner! Really good choice! The home assistant for 100% copes with his duties! Works very quietly on the rule with iLife! Recommend to purchase!


  102. R***g

    Great assistant, saves a lot of time. The most important thing is to remove wool from the carpets from two very fluffy cats. The Cats themselves are still confused, but I think will get used). I got a lot of dust from under the cupboards and beds. Very convenient control from the phone, several programs. The dust collector is spacious enough, I clean once after the full cleaning cycle. Very satisfied with the purchase, convenient use from the phone, quality dry and deposit cleaning.


  103. R***t

    The vacuum cleaner is good! very helps in cleaning the house. does not take up much space, very well cleans difficult accessible places. can be used on any coatings (laminate, tile, carpet). I really like this vacuum cleaner. quality cleaning, can dry and wet cleaning, quiet, large dust container. External design, convenient to use. Quality of cleaning. Low noise, decent value for money.


  104. H***a

    We’ll eat a lot of prawoln from the TOSY robot. The night of nyakko the days of cleansing the vkkhchy and CE coping with a lot of good. The trail of přvia přet si vommeti of the card and Sega Kato go Pusina si clean consistently every flock, I am on the edge of the minava on the edge of the wall and, Ako E passed nyakeda. Kato Lek lack of Moga yes report, Che Kato ce fold the water container of the start of the very Mokro clean without praxomscientist. But all the pack of Cy Imma containche, Coeto Gabiera by Golem bokluczi by time on mieneto. The relative delivery is prettign in about 5 days from Spain and go get the spedi Congress to the address.


  105. L***a

    The vacuum cleaner is super!!!


  106. R***a

    Nice appearance. Rich set of delivery of goods. Possibility of both dry and wet cleaning. Spacious dust collector and floor washing module. Capacious battery. The ability to control the vacuum cleaner not only by means of the remote, but also through the application. Extremely easy to manage/maintain, plus spare brushes, cloth and filter available. A pleasant unexpected moment, climbed between the wall and the spread sofa and went there like a tunnel. I was there for 4 years lazy to climb for sure. Everything is very cool and fast! Cleans perfectly, the base finds. Seller responsive. I definitely recommend to buy!


  107. R***n

    Chose this vacuum cleaner very long. Stopped on this model because of the volume of the container 0,6 ML, we have children and garbage enough, constantly wondering where it comes from… And a separate washing module is a good solution, took it out and put it in a Bucket (in our case) so as not to flow water residues. If you have white skirting boards, then the cleaning will be softer for him, to the white it comes smoothly. The thing is definitely useful, especially for animal owners. Convenient application and control convenient, fast charging, long enough, in general cleans, including wet cleaning does well. Very happy with the purchase. A wonderful assistant in cleaning the house. Recommend this model!


  108. A***M

    After re-shipment, the goods from the warehouse in the Russian Federation arrived in Chelyabinsk in 4 days. To the Post Office. Everything’s safe. The robot is packed in two boxes (one transport, the second contains the goods itself). The robot connected to WiFi without problems via the app. Registration is simple and fast. To a degree noisy (much quieter than the usual vacuum cleaner), the furniture is stuck not much, apparently, helps the camera. With the carpet there was a problem: the brushes are loosened under it when riding and, accordingly, the robot does not enter the carpet, and kneads it. But this is not a problem with the robot, but with the carpet. We will buy the palace)))) The quality of cleaning is excellent, the robot tries not to allow a pass. In the application builds a map of the premises. The app is simple, in Russian language. However, manual control through the application do not advise to use, use the remote control (batteries are not included). Happy with the purchase. Seller recommend.


  109. S***o

    Great machine


  110. R***a

    Very attractive appearance. Gathers all the trash perfectly. Smart, not noisy. Easy to manage. Irreplaceable assistant for the house in the apartment tiles and laminate-dust removes very qualitatively. Sometimes I run it in a seemingly clean apartment, but the container is always filled with so small dust that I always wonder. The app (mobile) is very convenient, easy to understand, in Russian language. Additional brushes and cloth for wet cleaning are included, which pleases. Wet cleaning on the laminate I liked, the wet trail behind the cloth without divorce, tightenings, puddle. Convenient to remove and clean the container. Apartment 100 squares, charging is enough on “full” 4 apartments and still remains.


  111. E***a

    Great robot. 1. The house became noticeably cleaner (on the surfaces began to accumulate less dust) 2. copes well with cleaning the cat’s wool (in dry cleaning mode), which splashes without stopping. Due to daily cleaning, the wool from the floor almost disappeared. 3. large dust collector (enough for several bastards of 2-room apartment, 54 sq. m) 4. not noisy. During cleaning does not distract. 5. The full charge of the battery is enough for the full cleaning complex of the whole apartment (dry in the mode of maximum suction force + wet) 6. Cleaning card: easy to track whether the cleaning covered the entire area. 7. easily overcomes obstacles up to 2 cm (passes through the legs of the dryer for laundry) 8. in case of stuck goes into standby mode (sleep), thereby does not allow itself to completely discharge. 9. I would also like to note the appearance: looks stylish, does not irritate even considering that it is temporarily installed in the center of the room (there is no desire to lock it in any corner) 10. Possibility to establish a cleaning area.


  112. A***h

    This is the third robot I order in this store. First I ordered myself, then I bought it for my mom. Now, at the request of my colleague. With the third most luck. Delivery from Ukraine by courier ukrspry. Received in a couple of days after order. The store is always in touch and ready to answer all questions


  113. Customer

    Removes well parquet floor, dust container is convenient to shake. Confused in the tassels of carpets, straight trouble. Furniture sees both white and dark. The app is at Russian, but don’t understand what. I cleaned the third time, I never built the map. The update is downloaded, but is not installed. In general, I’m happy. I did not try to wash, but I think that the main function is to vacuum, K. One cloth of 50 meters can only be wet.


  114. R***a

    Quality of cleaning-perfectly removes, as a vacuum cleaner and washes; different cleaning programs; he goes to the base for charging, captures what he missed. Does what you don’t want to do for you. Good equipment (spare rag, spare side brushes, remote control). One of the largest containers for garbage and water among many other models viewed. Work through the app. Several operating modes. The quality of cleaning is beyond praise. Price-quality correspond.


  115. T***a

    Good thing in the farm. While the assistant vacuum cleaner, you can do other things. For a long time I chose, thanks to the comments I stopped on this vacuum cleaner, now I do not regret this choice. Shipping Super! I never received the goods so quickly) ordered 26.06, brought a courier 07.07. Many thanks to the store! Quickly sent the vacuum cleaner and sent the instruction in Russian language when I asked for it.


  116. R***r

    I received the goods quickly. I checked only the function of the vacuum cleaner for now. Later I’ll check how he washes, then I’ll write the result.


  117. E***e

    While on probation, let’s see how further.


  118. I***a

    It’s comfortable. It has small dimensions and runs well under the wardrobe and beds. Almost silent. Always comes back to the base and starts cleaning from exactly where it was finished, if it goes to recharge. qualitatively removes. Not loud humming. Good assembly. Unmistakably finds the base. Optimally builds a map. Lots of settings.


  119. L***v

    Delivery by sdek took a week. Packed well, all whole. You can manage via the weback application, the menu is simple. On the low carpets comes in, there are three power modes, you can install a virtual wall, start cleaning in one room. Dust collects perfectly. Also there is the possibility of wet cleaning.


  120. A***v

    Great robot


  121. Customer



  122. R***r

    Quality assembly of the device itself, high level of cleaning quality, roomy garbage bin, excellent container for assembling garbage from a vacuum cleaner, cute design, without marking the panel and body, low, easily passes under some furniture, navigation for 5 points, replacement of consumables is not frequent, at this find and buy them no problem, There are in stock and inexpensive. I put all the stars, because the model is truly standing. appearance, huge plus wet cleaning. Purchase is very satisfied! I advise everyone!


  123. R***a

    An excellent solution for maintaining cleanliness in the apartment. I put it on regular cleaning, it turns on while you work at work, and the return is already clean. I tried partial cleaning mode-I managed the sofa, I rolled it and cleaned it well there, where I could get there. Does not fall, the sensors cope. the app on the smartphone is also Russified, everything works as it should. You can remotely see what it does, where it goes on the “map” of the apartment in the application. There are changes in the power settings, cleaning schedule and everything. Very decent robot vacuum cleaner for such money!


  124. R***a

    Quiet, powerful. Good orientation in space. Running and setting through the app from the phone are convenient and informative. At the end of the work in the application comes a notification. You can see the screen and adjust for the following time. Decent cleaning quality. Time for dry + wet cleaning about 30 minutes (one-room apartment). Dust Collector and container for water of sufficient volume. the battery is enough for 2 full cleaning. stylish modern design. The mat at the entrance to the apartment is cleaned by 100%, so clean I could not make it a regular vacuum cleaner) .. At the end of cleaning itself goes to the base) very satisfied with the store and the goods! Recommend!


  125. R***a

    Товар получил и опробовал в режиме пылесоса мойщика полов и ковров. Результат очень хороший! Отличный дизайн, чистота в доме, ежедневная сухая и влажная уборка.Управление из любой точки мира через мобильное приложение. Система ориентации работает великолепно. За такую цену получил великолепный аппарат. Продавца настоятельно рекомендую!


  126. P***v

    The robot is very good. There was no instruction for Russian. And the functions sound in English. Not bad and Russian voice. Its functions perform well.


  127. V***l

    After locking 3 Ukraine, they turned to China, the store told the SHCH to pay Mito-without paying. Nova Potta narahuvala Mito + property broker 200 UAH, at once 1051 UAH, seller all compensating. Dugé communic cable. According to pilosos pratzüj, it is not necessary to finish and not to finish, the Mitt mode of the South Lake of Sobi, can and without the new. Same is unsuitable for cleaning a container and bristles. Zagalom zadoveniy I recommend.


  128. R***r

    All Super, vacuum cleaner robot arrived in 4 days to Poland courier from Germany. Robot Super, recommend to everyone, przychodzisz with work and home pure! Some time must minąć for science then cleaning will be even more effective. I am very satisfied.


  129. D***n

    Came very quickly! Great vacuum cleaner


  130. S***v

    Пылесос отличный.Я очень доволен. за такую цену это просто супер.


  131. Customer

    Everything is fine


  132. Y***v

    Fast delivery, week to Ryazan, a lot of dust collects, does not wash wipe but pretty good, I didn’t.


  133. J***t

    The Abir X6 robot vacuum is a nice addition to home cleaning. Suction is not like a standard vacuum, so hand held vacuum cleaners are still better wjen picking up more dust from carpets. On bare floors and tiles, the X6 does a great job of cleaning the floor. The app does a good job of showing where the robot is located and the map of the home that robot has covered. Map is not perfect like from laser guided vacuums. However, it’s good enough to create a rough shape of the floor layout. The app is excellent for basic controls and could use some improvements like saving multiple floor plans and communicate with Alexa, Siri, Google.


  134. R***a

    Great robot vacuum cleaner. In 2 days I calculated the carpet, became like a new one. The usual vacuum cleaner did not clean it. Apartment 55kv cleans for 30 minutes, dust collector full for 2 times of work. Where does it come from? With wet cleaning copes well, the floors are clean. Compared with the other (which we had three) works very quietly. Much faster removes. Easier and better cleaned. Convenient and simple operation with the application. well oriented in the house.


  135. M***a

    отличный пылесос. можно управлять с телефона. пришел почему-то на почту, а не курьером домой. в целом нам очень нравится, есть 3 режима сухой уборки и 3 режима влажной. запрограммировали его прибирать 2 раза в день. только успевай грязь вытаскивать из контейнера. инструкция была только на англ/китайском языке. продавец выслал на русском.


  136. A***a

    Хороший помощник. С каждым разом быстрее и точнее убирает. Но приложение подтупливает.


  137. R***a

    Отличное приложение, качество уборки Шерсть домашних животны. Дружит с Яндекс Станцией. Отличный аппарат, качество на уровне. Убирает качественно и расходники не дорогие. Пока ничего меня не расстраивает в нем. Батареи хватает убрать всю квартиру в 150 кв.м. Правда на турбо режиме расход батареи резко возрастает, особенно на ковре.


  138. A***n

    В общем хорошо. Из плюсов+: 1. пылесосит действительно хорошо, пол после него достаточно чистый. 2. можно отключить все лишние звуки которые он издаёт через приложение. 3. можно запустить с помощью Я Алисы, но поставить обратно на базу пока не вышло. 4. базу находит хорошо и встаёт на неё с первого раза. 5. ездит по коврам с высоким ворсом хорошо, но заезжает на них только в том случае если они плотно лежат к полу. В противном случае заворачивает в трубочку. 6. подключить на два телефона можно без проблем а теперь минусы -: 1. при первом запуске очень долго и упорно отрисовывает карту. Это можно пережить, второй раз поедет уже быстрее и не будет биться по углам. 2. при третьем запуске он потерял своё местоположение и начал перерисовывать карту. Опять детальные такания по углам ((( 3. первая полная зарядка около четырёх часов ( хотя может это и нормально) 4. камера хорошо видит только белые стены и белую мебель. Перед остальными цветами притормаживает и прижимается бампером.


  139. R***a

    Отличное устройство для ежедневной уборки, удивитесь сколько он сможет ещё выгрести дряни если запустите его сразу после того как уберетесь в квартире вручную.При первых двух уборках уберите все стулья цветы и прочее с пола как советуют в приложении, так он сразу правильно построит карту вашего помещения и дальше не будет пропускать заставленные узкие места. Это лучшее изобретение человечества после стиральной и посудомоечной машин. А эта модель очень стильная и качественно убирает да ещё и моет. Прекрасный помощник!!! Покупкой доволен.Рекомендую.


  140. A***v

    Заказ выполнен моиентально, заказал 9.07, получил на почте 14.07 в Ростовской области. Продавец общительный, на все мои вопросы быстро отвечал, помог мне выбрать модель пылесоса. Получил, всё в сохранности, комплектация хорошая. Быстро настроил, проверил работу от кнопок на корпусе, с дистанционного пульта, со смартфона и планшета, легко подключился к WI-FI. Поставил на базу на подзарядку, потом произведу первую уборку и дополню отзыв. а пока ставлю продавцу 5 звёзд, от души благодарю, желаю процветания, спасибо. Всем рекомендую к покупке этот пылесос у этого продавца.


  141. Customer

    реально ну очень быстро ( не ожидал от почты России) про пылесос:бегает работает в доме стало реально чище ( а кошка как довольна) недостатки: ни одной бумаги на русском ( вроде приложение есть) и не положили батарейки в пульт( как то не серьезно)


  142. R***r

    Умный, шустрый, углы вычищает, приложение очень удобное. Удобно чистить, расходники дешевые. Новая прошивка позволяет рисовать виртуальные стены и зоны. По моим рекомендациям этот пылесос купила моя сестра, затем Мы подарили такой же пылесос маме. все в восторге!