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ABIR Robot Vacuum Cleaner X6,Camera Navigation,Wifi App,Map Display,Remote Upgrade,Hand Draw Virtual Blocker,Electric Water tank

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$513.15 $1,282.55

1.High Efficiency cleaning, Camera real-time location by hundreds of different objects
2.Support remote upgrade of firmware and software, keep your robot vacuum in best position. Lifetime upgrade free of charge
3.Map upload& storage on APP, when your next time use, it will show history map of your room
4.Hand drawing virtual blocker on APP, get rid of virtual blocker or magnetic stripe
Drawing Specified cleaning area as you want
5.Breakpoint continue cleaning
If battery gets low before finishing a cleaning task, x6 robot will go back to charging base to full recharge then automatically returns to where it left over and complete the rest cleaning job.
6.Remember where the charge base, go back to charge base in shortest way.
7.Three level adjustable suction power: mute, normal, max
8.Intelligent water tank
Electric controlled water tank allows water to flow only during movement, electric pump controlled, more accuracy.
9. Stable infiltration, mop and dry, no water stains, no moving, no infiltration.
10. Three level adjustable water tank level: slow, normal , quick.
11.Automatic detection of soft&hard ground system to improve product path stability and cleaning coverage
1. We have warehouse in Russia, Spain, Ukraine. If choose from Russia, Spain, Ukraine Warehouse, it is Free Tax.
2,You need to fill out contact name at least two words. Full Name is needed.
3,You need to fill out correct zip code and the name of city before you place an order. Zip code should match with the name of city.
4,For any case,please feel free to come to us,we are always here.

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  1. S***a

    5 cm vices for him the problem, and exhales quickly in a small square. Since there are no direct routes he always has to spin. Delivery to Moscow 3 days.


  2. J***a

    Labai Geras siurblys, gavau siuntini per 7dienas. Super


  3. F***s

    Came quickly from the European warehouse. Package as in the description. On the Settings nothing complicated. Connects to WiFi router. Controlled from phone via app or via remote, but less functions. Came with a charge of 71%. Launched the first time at maximum power. I drove to 20% and returned to the base for additional charge. Before charged somewhere 50%, I did not wait. Sent before to do the work. I think, for now, the battery is new, it is able to completely remove the room that I need. Removes it is not clear on what algorithm. But in the end I drove everywhere. At the end passes the entire area along the perimeter along the walls. Along the walls and furniture passes, then well, then stumbles. At the same time, the wall or furniture is flat several meters. Why this “camera” I do not know. I think it’s fake. In a straight fly, without reducing the speed, until it rests. Water consumption is not large. When wet cleaning forgot to wipe one room. But the perimeter was there. I’ll keep watching. Better clean and quieter than my old BotVac.


  4. S***y

    Quick delivery.Working very good. Recomended.


  5. P***k

    Recommend. Really specific equipment. Shipping from Spain in the week.


  6. W***k

    Very good. Cleans super. Solid workmanship.


  7. E***b

    The goods are good. Problems with app installation only. Weback app does not work.


  8. A***a

    Through app does not work, in the cords confused (although the description was stated otherwise), base looking for long, as blind kitten. Application-this is another topic. Even if the instructions written and give references. Download 9 applications, of which no one does not work properly, wrote everywhere, net The Cleaner is bad. IN general, best used ordinary shovels bought:-(


  9. V***r

    Robot good but any simple vacuum cleaner throw. Will definitely be in place where he can not reach


  10. R***r

    Received, well packed, the kind of thing, application established, held trial cleaning, dust took well although day washed flooring. the impression is only positive… will add a review process


  11. M***v

    Everything looks OK will see after we start clean. Recomend the store.


  12. A***s

    The goods were sent quickly and received to Lithuania in 5 days. The store was well done for all questions answered, and also gave two sets of accounts for 40 euros. Thank you


  13. D***i

    Delivery well, I’m on trial period


  14. F***r

    Fast contact pack as seen mega well spakowana śmiga equipment as wild recommend


  15. A***v

    The vacuum cleaner came quickly, the equipment pleased, there are even spare elements. As for the vacuum cleaner itself: the quality of the elements is good, removes clean, very convenient application. Of the minuses I want to note that if for some reason cleaning stops, you can not resume it from the same place where the robot stopped. For some reason, he begins to clean the room again, can lose the base and the map of the room is dropped. Most likely, this “glitch” can solve a new firmware. In general, the purchase is satisfied!


  16. I***k

    Very fast delivery. A super product. I definitely recommend it.


  17. T***t

    I Love it


  18. M***v

    Came by the company sdek quality good I like to clean well wipe the floor laminate unclear with maps it is but where and how it was drawn it is not clear I will observe then add the price quality super charging finds remotely works without problems


  19. F***v

    Delivery to the doors within 5 days, bought on sale, with all discounts and coupons turned out 13500. Packed in 2 boxes, instruction in English, everything is clear. In the kit 2 modules-dry and wet cleaning, the second rag, 2 antennae separately, the console, made soundly, the power is sufficient, the charge is enough for full cleaning 2 rooms. Apartments, while the charge remains. Thresholds take up to 2-3 cm, cleans the order better than iLife V50, I would compare with Xiaomi, but there are more functions and capabilities. In general, I advise, for such money just fire!!!


  20. J***s

    Overall a good vacuum cleaner — 3 cleaning modes (intelligent, spot and borders), strong suction (3 levels from low noise to max) and 3 water dripping rates — with many functions if app is used. Navigation with camera + gyroscope is better than robots relying solely on gyro. WiFi connection is easy and WeBack app has improved versus previous version. Battery lasts more than 100 minutes when using max suction (which should allow for cleaning over 100 sq. meters). Mopping works well. One word of caution: not adequate for carpets (both thick and thin) as brushes easily get tangled or robot goes under carpet. You may draw virtual walls (only if using app) that enable robot to avoid problem areas (e.g. carpets). Delivery to Portugal was very fast but Aliexpress tracking is not available. Product was delivered according to specifications, nothing missing (an extra pair of brushes included as well as an extra HEPA filter and one extra mop).


  21. P***n

    Delivery to the Netherlands took 12 days (I ordered it from Spain, but probably because of the amount of orders on black friday the store sended it from China. Seller payed taxes). Cleans very well. If you have a dog with long hairs, you will have to clean the orange brush because the pairs get stuck in it. After a complete clearing the robot remembers the rooms. It does not cross wires very well. All in all I am very happy with it. Thank you very much!


  22. Customer

    Received the long-awaited parcel, it came to Kazakhstan exactly for 1 month, everything is intact, delivered the courier to the door, after two days of use, what can I say .. The kid is stupid, this is a fact ..)))) we make a discount that still gets acquainted with the new place))) on the carpets it is not necessary to wait for a miracle .. Ordinary vacuum cleaner it will not replace you, but as an electric cleaner, for daily cleaning, especially if there are pets will be an indispensable assistant, collects wool and fine dust perfectly, they took it for this purpose to help Thomas, who every day do not want to get. The charge is enough for our not very big apartment more than, but the base after the error can not find, if hung on the curtain, it is necessary to show everything again, it is better to clean everything, what can prevent or harm him, wires, long curtains are better to lift, etc. d. Management through the application is convenient, in general and Overall very satisfied with the purchase, now while everything is at work, our baby is cheerful cat)))) thanks to the store! Wet cleaning has not been tested yet ..


  23. J***o

    Very good, very fast shipping.


  24. A***k

    The robot came quickly. everything matches. the card was made from the second time. the Virtual Wall is put well, before another robot had a tape to lay. the carpet with a rather high pile vacuumes a little heavy, but copes. for this price is a very good robot vacuum cleaner.


  25. K***z

    For this money is good. But if someone has a rug or pavement, they do poorly.


  26. S***v

    All as described.


  27. E***a

    Delivery for Christmas durable 3 weeks, ready to use, easy operation and applique after Polish Super sorawa, product complete, used for wet and dry, wholeheartedly recommend robot and store, not zawracajcie wearing head wirtualnymi walls it is superfluous although here is the option, Robot itself apart doing great and exact job regarding the vacuuming, wet przeciera surface for maintain purity, give you wearing advice with spots on which the focused a little longer, mode turbo little głośnawy but at night none it after all not Puszcza general when enabled TV almost it not hear, An extra set of brushes cleaning and cloth, already has become my friend, for this price recommend hot, nothing more no need household cleaning, thank you seller your patience to me 🙂


  28. Customer

    The app often flies. The robot vacuum cleaner is excellent. The camera is possible not for orientation in space, but as surveillance of users. Once the robot turned on itself, the schedule was not included, apparently the Chinese decided to watch my wife and I throw in bed. As soon as I showed him my eldak, he froze and went back to the base.


  29. P***r

    Shock robot arrived in 2 days after order ustawiłem when ordering Spain robot consistent with the description from US sold under name Cobbo S6 for 2000zł


  30. Customer

    All in Best Fine, works well packed, for daily wash.. Odkurza Super Radzi wearing!


  31. A***o

    For those who have this first vacuum cleaner, definitely will be delighted! Pros: convenient garbage tank. Water capacity. Well cleans. Jumps over the thresholds, the control in the application is not bad, the remote is not needed …. Cons: The room was clean and the bathroom was clean and clean. p., lost in the corridor that with the camera that without all the same will crash, I will not be surprised if the camera is a dummy in general not a bad vacuum cleaner I still recommend it more to buy than I do not recommend, iRobot stands and quietly smoking aside, Xiaomi next to iRobot stands ….. Brought to the house for 4 days!


  32. A***v

    The order was almost a month at the first inspection all the whole. the box is double, we will test.


  33. Y***a

    I ordered a second for my aunt, it came quickly, thanks to the store!


  34. E***v

    Definitely only this vacuum cleaner


  35. A***v

    Excellent fluff, works Super, does not tupit, gets stuck only under the sofa, where narrowly in height, which is not surprising, well bypasses all the stains, the card remembers, but every time draws a new one to fix the cleaning and change of stains (the door was closed/opened) smart thing, quite simple. Put the program, register in the app, scan the barcode from the vacuum cleaner. Be sure to connect to 2,4 Hertz Wi-Fi, at 5 it does not work. Russian is in the app. Very clean vacuum cleaner, there is a mode of gaining high thresholds, included in the application.


  36. Customer

    The goods came quickly. Setup is understandable. We’ll watch it clean.


  37. A***k

    At the first connection, the update arrived. Now I started the first cleaning. This is the first robot, so I do not know what to compare with, a little later I will add a review 🙂


  38. S***h

    Thank you very much! It’s okay! Smart. Good set. Delivery to the door to Belarus. Seller thanks!


  39. S***v

    Order Denying for 12 days. It was packed in two boxes on vіdmin. Opium, all in all, except for a small Flint for the cleansing of the Flint. Yakshko short monsters forgive the robot for a smooth surface. Do not steep, pore Dolah, whisk up to 10-12mm. 40 sq. m. for 40 hville. The charge was 40%. Smart Mode I. From из.-to replace I not rosemy which in the mode of the 3 water tank raptovo sizzle tempted ед budlogs Chi tiles that repairing volati cleaning suspended. Burn orangeam two pitograms. Decals in 10 seconds to burn green, all I stamp шь, I in production, decals just sell unnamed volati) docks Ty will not manually не claviš. For one of the caps of the priberranch, this is how to spend decylk in the way. Tom put three Bali. Maybe three hours to remember the firmware.


  40. M***a

    I am under wraże niem. Super fast delivery. Works like should 🙂


  41. A***k

    Batdzo poleecam sprzedajacego !!! Shipment came in ciagu 3 days since zamowienia. Robert sprzata pieknie ,miesci Sie under furniture, washes podłoge stainless AZ nice. I have 2 little dogs at home and in kocnu I have no siersci at home. Oceniam for 5 with + recommend very 🙂 Is just rewelacja 🙂


  42. Z***k

    Such as wearing choosed and choosed very well, Applique works and vacuum cleaner is relacyjny especially, that is not the way.


  43. Customer

    Hello, Sometimes it has not finished cleaning or mopping one place it jumps to another. It’s stuck inside chair feet which it goes through and turns on sleep it self. The robot doesn’t work with methodology, it takes too long to clean or mop 80m2. I will try it some more time and i will let you know what i’m going to decide. I find it’s not as efficient as my old mamibot prevac 650.


  44. R***s

    Works as described. Good device


  45. A***v

    The delivery time was in 8 days from China to Mexico by Fedex. No any issues with the delivery at all. One small detail that a I had to pay about 13 USD for the custom clearance and brokerage services even so I was told by the store representative that I wouldn’t. The box was slightly jammed from one side but it did not affect the item at all. ABIR works fine for an about 1 hour for now.


  46. R***y

    Salesman Duge Dobry. Pilos is super. Recommend.


  47. O***o

    Vacuum cleaner-fire. not loud, powerful, removes perfectly. Seller recommend.


  48. K***I

    The robot-vacuum cleaner arrived in Poland within 5 days. Great. It is a pity that the tracking system cannot keep up with such fast shipments. The courier was earlier than information on the internet. All the time there was only information registered and not yet shipped. The parcel arrived whole, undamaged. The robot worked, and whether it will be good and will remain in the future for a long time. For now I am very pleased.


  49. K***o

    easy to use. works well


  50. M***s

    Paula’s attention was super, she was always in contact for the shipment,. The very good product although I have not tried it, but it is according to the description. Super fast shipping, arrived in only 3 days from Hong Kong to Lima via DHL, the bad thing is that DHL doesn’t bring to the Peruvian jungle, where I live, but at least he’s already in Lima with my parents who are enjoying it. Thanks Paula for everything. I recommend 100%


  51. O***v

    Всё отлично! Доставка из России очень быстрая