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AAA Quality LCD+Frame For MEIZU M5S Lcd Display 5.2 Inch Screen+Digitizer Touch screen For MEIZU M5S M612h LCD

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Black With FrameBlack Without FrameWhite With Frame

AAA Quality LCD+Frame For MEIZU M5S Lcd Display 5.2 Inch Screen+Digitizer Touch screen For MEIZU M5S M612Q /M612M

1. AAA Quality Lcd For MEIZU M5S

2. Perfect compatible for your phone.

3. Professional supplier and fast delivery.

4. The more you buy, the best price we can negotiate.

5. Offering you professional and patient service.

6. Professional supplier and fast delivery.

7.Packing Including:1 piece Lcd

1 set tools

1 piece tempered glass

1 piece 3M Black Glue

Please Pay attention to following 2 points,it is very imports to buyers.

1.Dear Friend,please test it before you install the Lcd.This is very important for gurantee.As we know, the Lcd is easy have problems,when the Lcds have problems before you install it ,we can replace it for you.If you have any problems ,please contact us

2.Dear friend,we suggest you buy the ” Assembly with Frame”,becuase Assembly with frame is easy to change.If you buy Assembly without frame,you will do more things to change the screen.If you are professional to change the screen,you can buy the Assembly withour frame.It is our advice.

Our Team Provide the Best Service

Supporting Aliexpress standard shipping Russia Air,these 2 types post are very fast shipping among the all post.

Fast Prepare the item in 24 hours

Gold Customer Servicer solve your problem in 24 hours on Workdays

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4.9 overall

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  1. A***v

    Great screen! according to the agreement, the store added the back cover and bolts, the cover was with all the antennas. in addition, two sets of tools, which although weak, but to install the screen is quite enough of these tools. a gift in the form of a protective glass, but unfortunately not from this phone, even the holes do not match, but this is a gift, in principle, he did not count on it. otherwise everything is fine and fast sending. thank you for the excellent service!


  2. A***o

    The quality of the goods on the highest equation. The store is excellent: put everything you need for replacement. Scotch, screwdriver and even protective glass. The packaging is excellent, nothing was damaged. I recommend cooperation).


  3. R***r

    2 weeks to the nizhny novgorod region, everything corresponds to the claimed, the screen is ideally in appearance, there are no pritenzy, everything is packed perfectly in the doll. Included protective glass for this special thanks to the store so keep. I did not check in the work, i will definitely add it, but i think there will be no problems because the feedback is positive. Recommend!!!


  4. A***n

    The display came for two weeks in the volgograd region. in the package there is a display with a frame, tools, protective glass. packed very high quality, the display was in a foam box wrapped in several layers of pouches. i’m going to put on the phone tomorrow, so i’ll write off the efficiency later. thank you very much to the store!


  5. V***v

    Came safely and safely, well packed, complete set of screwdriver, spatula, you can change the screen yourself, which i did, the main thing is to rearrange everything from the old (speaker, side buttons, loops). The sensor works, the screen brightness is good, satisfied.


  6. I***n

    Responsible, operative store. Display as native. Everything is fine


  7. Customer

    Everything is super, the screen came up, everything works


  8. S***d

    In karelia the goods came for 21 days. This is normal delivery speed. Packed all super, there are adhesive tape tools and safety glass. While we are normal, as i will add a review. At the moment i’m happy with everything, the store and i recommend the product.


  9. K***a

    Everything’s fine. It came quickly. The store controls the process, responds quickly. Changed without problems themselves.


  10. K***v

    Everything came fast enough. The screen changed itself, without problems. Everything works fine, the only gift protective glass is unclear from what model


  11. V***h

    As in the description, tape under the battery and plume is present, works


  12. E***v

    Everything is fine, the original display without a doubt, not used, packaging foam box, reliable. Everything works without differences from the new phone. I recommend


  13. P***y

    Everything went well and came quickly, but the glass, which went as a gift, is clearly not designed for this screen. It does not stick at all at the edges))


  14. A***v

    Everything is fine, came up as a native, for two weeks of operation complaints like no!


  15. Y***v

    The store is good, sociable sent immediately + protective glass and tools gift!!!. Packed perfectly. the parcel reached Karaganda for more than a month. Changed the display works clearly, thank you very much to the seller!!!! I recommend the seller!!!


  16. Y***v

    The module earned immediately. No glitches. Thanks for the protective glass Seller Thank


  17. O***a

    The goods are good not to say anything, but there is a long swing before sending, beat on what holiday they have the day of education of the PRC, but the order was made 8 days before that, in general, like my Ishak I want.. I want to ride, the quality is normal!!!


  18. A***v

    Description precise, display, screwdriver, tape for gluing, and protective glass even with normal cutouts, working capacity I do not know, laziness right now with the phone to do


  19. E***v

    With view all the whole, as I will add a photo


  20. S***r

    Everything came, later I will sign as I put, put as a gift armor and screwdriver. Packed nobly


  21. B***c

    Заказывал long. I already use a new display for a month and everything works. It was a month to the Gomel region


  22. A***c



  23. R***o

    Got everything well. works. like, drove not for long. i recommend. glass as a gift received armor


  24. P***n



  25. A***v

    I reached the package to the Kurgan for a month. Everything works. Changed himself. Included tool for replacement.


  26. E***N

    Accordingly, the order, fast delivery and as a gift came the glass on the display.


  27. O***k

    For some reason pirishel without a speaker had to carefully order as the old broke when dastaval. although the last screen was strange with the speaker!


  28. D***v

    Came, put, works. Who will change himself, take with a frame.


  29. A***v

    The display came. All intact in a foam box. Put on the phone everything works. Thanks to the store.


  30. V***k

    The goods came not working half of the money returned


  31. F***d

    The parcel came about a month. Packed everything is just super. Full set of parts, all as in the description. Works fine. As a gift, a protective glass, came a whole, a little wrong, but it became normal. Seller advise!!!


  32. V***v

    Works fine armor looks not native


  33. H***i

    Screen as a native, put simply, you can at home without any Fens


  34. P***p

    Dali in podharunok zahisne sklo


  35. A***v

    Everything is clear, fire, while everything works without complaints. For 1100r module, protective glass. Screwdriver. Mega came quickly. One minus I did not like that there are no gaskets where they should be


  36. M***v

    order reserved not tested yet, looking good


  37. I***a

    The product is satisfied, the order went long (21.09-06.11.2019) of the tools worthy screwdrivers and adhesive tape. Plastic tools leave much to be desired .. Thanks to the store. Packaging worthy


  38. A***v



  39. I***r

    Very fast shipping to Lithuania. Good quality item.


  40. M***.

    The display came in 11 days, packed well, in the way nothing was damaged. Included tool and all that is required for installation. The display is serviceable and works well. Seller recommend!!!


  41. V***v

    As a gift, a screwdriver under the screws on the phone from below and a protective glass.


  42. S***s

    Only the protective glass did not fit


  43. I***o

    Sent on the day of payment. The parcel arrived in Kiev in 14 days. The quality of the screen is good, the touchscreen works without delay.


  44. G***m

    Everything went well a month came but without a frame


  45. Customer

    Hello, everybody. Everything works. All OK. Delivery two weeks. The track was tracked. (there is a no-bonus protective glass on the edges is not glued). Brightness changes smoothly, does not dance. Touch works for all 100%. Good luck to all


  46. G***m

    Within two weeks about delivered! Who says boo? This is a brand new screen! Everything is in place, everything converges clearly! Touchscreen works perfectly! Well, guys, in a word, well, just a new screen! Seller respect and respect! And special thanks for the screwdriver set, double-sided adhesive tape, protective glass!


  47. I***a

    On M5S came perfectly, the husband changed in 30 minutes. Be more careful with the speakers, wiring as fibers.


  48. N***v

    The screen came up perfectly, everything is fine, everything works!


  49. I***r

    Check without removing the film so that you can return. I have the brightness of the matrix is not uniform, but it is not much noticeable.


  50. R***v

    Quality at altitude. All stickers for the flex cable and battery are present. Works great. I advise everyone. Took with a frame so as not to bother with a plywood the difference in price is not great.


  51. H***a

    Yes, even


  52. B***r

    The screen as original, besides immediately with the frame, not to glue the glass, which is much faster and easier, the store respect, came quickly


  53. D***y

    It’s okay.


  54. Customer

    The lcd module is good quality,close to original one,u can buy. thanks


  55. J***o

    The goods arrived during. Packed very well.


  56. E***n

    Everything is super. Got up like a native. There are no artifacts.


  57. D***v

    The order received, the goods packed perfectly, not yet installed.


  58. D***a

    Great quality product assembled in customer mobile without problems.


  59. E***K

    Delivery fast, everything works, good, quality screen


  60. W***i

    Good quality product.


  61. O***x

    Everything is fine, it came very quickly!


  62. M***v

    Not yet! At first glance, all class! Even the glass put as a gift


  63. I***N

    Excellent screen quality. Very pleasant impression of the parcel and the quality of the module. Protective glass and a set of tools are mediocre, but it does not matter.


  64. A***i

    The parcel went more than 2 months, after the opening of the dispute came in 2 days, the screen itself is like normal, plus more protective glass as a gift, for this Thanks


  65. D***v



  66. Y***o

    There were problems with tracking, the goods went very long, but came.


  67. I***i

    Did not come, the store returned the money.


  68. T***r

    LCD very good and fits very well on my phone… worth RECOMMEND!!


  69. A***o

    It came all on time, perfectly packed and protective glass as a gift.


  70. A***n

    Excellent product, the screen is clearer than the original


  71. M***m

    Good product


  72. A***y

    The screen and sensor work. Thank you. Protective glass came up, but does not stick around the edges.


  73. I***v

    Everything is fine. similar to the original. took with a frame


  74. E***a

    Everything is fine! The order came to Ufa for 3 weeks. Track tracked. The husband independently installed a new display. Everything works. Bright colors, sensitive sensor. Thank you very much to the store!


  75. G***N

    Lot received.


  76. A***v

    Packed in foam box. Changed the screen without problems, all sat on their places.


  77. B***v

    Everything came Super, without any problems, there is one minus is not significant, the protective film that comes in the kit does not fit, the edges do not fit, it is for reference


  78. J***o

    Module arrived for a month in Rostov The store put a set of tools and protective glass as a gift Seller recommend


  79. P***a

    Everything came up, the glass is satisfied, it came somewhere a little less than a month


  80. D***n

    Everything is fine


  81. V***v

    The screen works fine. That’s only a double-sided tape for the cables was not glued and sealing rubber bands, too, for this minus the store ….


  82. M***a

    Thank you very much. It came even earlier. Thank you


  83. G***r

    Norms display, clearly for M5 S, M5 has a little different cable


  84. V***i

    Came quickly well packed in a set of screwdrivers store put glass protective put everything works. Thank the seller.


  85. B***r

    Everything is super, went perfectly, holding the body tight no gaps. In the set put the protective glass (really not from this model but cutouts under the light sensor, Button and speaker matched)-I did not ask him, put and perfectly (“The horse in the teeth do not look”). Note that the angular rounding of the sensor is not as rolled as in the original (well at least it seemed to me), so the edges of the protective glass do not fit tightly-perhaps the problem in the most protective glass, I did not exchanged-the phone collected and gave it to the aunt. Dog. Quite long delivery-more than a month-have patience, the result is worth it.


  86. R***v

    The package came not damaged, but when installing a new screen found that there are no sharp connections at the corners of the screen. Even when on the screen at the bottom of the left, a small white spot glows. the parcel did not start to send back because the need for the phone is important. installed without problems, packed securely.


  87. Y***o

    The performance has not been checked yet. But visually everything is fine. Seller recommend.


  88. S***s

    Arrived in a month packed well thank you very much for the tool. I have not checked yet, but soon I will install.


  89. K***s

    Everything came as in the description thanks to the store


  90. M***v



  91. M***m

    items received.tq..not tested yet


  92. Z***a

    Everything corresponds to the stated, the screen is ideally in the appearance of claims no, everything is packed perfectly in purple. The complete protective glass is really not glued completely sorry. put, everything works perfectly. I put myself for the first time without any idea. Installation time is 1 hour.


  93. I***i

    All excellent module works no worse than the original. Thank you!


  94. H***

    Excellent display, put themselves everything works perfectly


  95. S***n

    Came all the whole display to look very high quality. Haven’t put how to write


  96. A***v

    Good store! Because of the quarantine, the shipment was delayed, but he was always at the ball. After shipment reached 10 days. The truth didn’t come to me, T. To needed was 611H, and I ordered 612H, but how to speak it is to blame!!! Balbes!! Store recommend!!!


  97. V***N

    Thank you very much!!! The store is super!


  98. K***n

    All norms


  99. N***n

    Everything went well, excellent quality.


  100. R***r

    Everything fits great. Very happy.


  101. D***v

    So-So display, picture quality is normal. But the quality of the gluing module is bad, the contour sticks out the glue and normally did not sit down the home button. The second time this store would definitely not buy. The parcel went 5 months, this is a record!


  102. S***v

    All norms display good advise goods and store


  103. N***a

    All top


  104. A***v

    Got it, checked the work. You can take it.


  105. A***o

    Super Screen, delivery 40 days. Seller recommend.


  106. I***V

    Excellent display. Came fast. Installed everything itself easily and simply. Tested about 2 weeks everything is fine. Original.


  107. I***a

    Everything went well, works


  108. O***t

    It all came up, like working


  109. R***v

    Everything went well perfectly, I recommend


  110. D***v

    Everything came, with the protective glass I am pleased, the robustness has not been checked, I will check the supplement.


  111. S***v

    Everything came up and worked.


  112. D***s



  113. S***a

    The order went 20 days, all as in the description, set for 20 min brightness is not different, Doc. Film on the screen, we will test


  114. V***v



  115. S***o

    Everything is fine


  116. E***n

    Everything works. Fast shipping.


  117. O***r

    The display is packed well + protective glass (bonus). Installed works. Colors are bright. Touch screen of… oh.


  118. R***e

    I order two times. The quality is excellent. Delivered in a month.


  119. R***h

    Thanks. Fast ship and good item.


  120. A***v

    Received, quality like norms, I will set a supplement to the review. Regarding the delivery is not all so radiant, the timing constantly moved, according to the result of the parcel went twice as long (due virus). Thank the store.


  121. N***h

    All right. Works


  122. A***v

    I rarely write a good review, but this is quite a good product. I buy displays not the first time, it is very pleased. There are no lights at all, everything is fine with Tach, too. I may be lucky with the copy, but I’m very happy with them. P. S. The protective glass which included is practically useless, the display closes not completely.


  123. S***a

    The module is excellent, everything is perfect and works. One remark: the lighting sensor is closed not tinted glass as from factory, but ordinary


  124. S***o

    Excellent screen, to the store Thank you very much!


  125. V***K

    All the reception, the instrumenti for the mix is present, this is the skin, if I pass it to dopovny yakshcho shcho;)


  126. G***e

    Everything works thanks


  127. F***v

    All is well, only he himself ordered the wrong phone (


  128. S***v

    The product came safely and safely, the store put a protective glass as a gift. How to install later unwrite


  129. V***n

    Received quickly, the screen quality is excellent, the tools are very useful. Replaced the broken screen with miezu M5S, the phone turned on, worked for 5 minutes and began to buggy, the start was triggered by double and triple pressing horizontally, and there was a screen heating just above the center. Disassembled the second time, cleaned the contacts on all the trains, neatly assembled, Gluck remained. Screen defective. I was upset, I thought I ‘d open a dispute, but after two days, Gluck disappeared. The flight has been normal for a week. So I put 3 stars. I just didn’t get lucky or I don’t even know. I do not talk about buying, for an inexpensive excellent screen if it was not for this glitch.


  130. K***k

    Everything came as a native. Installed without problems


  131. L***h

    It came quickly, the packaging is good, the display works, as a gift there was a protective glass, I recommend


  132. T***m

    Thank you very much


  133. M***v

    Everything is super! The smartphone is restored, the display in quality is indifference from the original, the store is well done! I advise on Meizu M5s


  134. A***v



  135. I***v

    The parcel was 20 days old, the store put a protective glass as a gift. I put it, it works. Seller recommend


  136. A***a

    Everything is good, everything works, I advise, the goods correspond


  137. Customer

    Great stuff. Thank you! Everything is super! I installed it myself, easily and simply, rose as a native.


  138. A***v



  139. A***a

    Innature clearly


  140. V***i

    Everything works great


  141. A***x

    Good quality for this price. The screen works.


  142. S***k



  143. D***v

    The pandemic took a long time. The display works fine. If you see the strips of the matrix on the included display, it is not critical. In the kit there was a protective glass and a set for replacement. Packed well in foam and Pu.


  144. V***v

    Works, the colors are a little different from the ones they used to be, but it works


  145. D***v

    The second time I order, not the original, but everything suits


  146. D***o

    The screen sat perfectly, everything works. It is put easily, you can cope yourself. But how long has he been driving… All the virus, of course, to the store of claims do not have


  147. E***a

    Все работает! Спасибо!