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5.84″ AAA Quality IPS LCD+Frame For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite LCD Display Screen Replacement For Redmi 6 Pro LCD 2280*1080 Resolution

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Black With FrameBlack Without Frame

5.84″ AAA Quality IPS LCD+Frame For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Display Screen Replacement For Redmi 6 Pro LCD 2280*1080 Resolution

1. AAA Quality Lcd For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

2. Perfect compatible for your phone.

3. Professional supplier and fast delivery.

4. The more you buy, the best price we can negotiate.

5. Offering you professional and patient service.

6. Professional supplier and fast delivery.

7.Packing Including:1 piece Lcd

1 set tools

1 piece tempered glass

1 piece 3M Black Glue

Please Pay attention to following 2 points,it is very imports to buyers.

1.Dear Friend,please test it before you install the Lcd.This is very important for gurantee.As we know, the Lcd is easy have problems,when the Lcds have problems before you install it ,we can replace it for you.If you have any problems ,please contact us.

2.Dear friend,we suggest you buy the ” Assembly with Frame”,becuase Assembly with frame is easy to change.If you buy Assembly without frame,you will do more things to change the screen.If you are professional to change the screen,you can buy the Assembly without frame.It is our advice.

Our Team Provide the Best Service

Supporting Aliexpress Standard Shipping ,Russia Air.these 2 types post are very fast shipping among the all post.

Fast Prepare the item in 24 hours

Gold Customer Servicer solve your problem in 24 hours on Workdays

Drop shipping support!

Pictures Provided For resellers!HTB1Ka 0SHvpK1RjSZPiq6zmwXXaD 5.84" AAA Quality IPS LCD+Frame For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite LCD Display Screen Replacement For Redmi 6 Pro LCD 2280*1080 ResolutionHTB1cAIcSNYaK1RjSZFnq6y80pXaE 5.84" AAA Quality IPS LCD+Frame For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite LCD Display Screen Replacement For Redmi 6 Pro LCD 2280*1080 Resolution5.84" AAA Quality IPS LCD+Frame For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite LCD Display Screen Replacement For Redmi 6 Pro LCD 2280*1080 ResolutionHTB1P96USSzqK1RjSZFLq6An2XXa5 5.84" AAA Quality IPS LCD+Frame For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite LCD Display Screen Replacement For Redmi 6 Pro LCD 2280*1080 ResolutionHTB1dKgrSNnaK1RjSZFtq6zC2VXak 5.84" AAA Quality IPS LCD+Frame For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite LCD Display Screen Replacement For Redmi 6 Pro LCD 2280*1080 Resolution

5.84" AAA Quality IPS LCD+Frame For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite LCD Display Screen Replacement For Redmi 6 Pro LCD 2280*1080 Resolution5.84" AAA Quality IPS LCD+Frame For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite LCD Display Screen Replacement For Redmi 6 Pro LCD 2280*1080 ResolutionHTB1IUQzXtzvK1RkSnfoq6zMwVXaU 5.84" AAA Quality IPS LCD+Frame For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite LCD Display Screen Replacement For Redmi 6 Pro LCD 2280*1080 Resolution

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4.8 overall

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  1. Customer

    Everything is fine, only bad there is no tape under the battery


  2. A***a

    Excellent quality


  3. J***a

    Good quality


  4. R***a

    Just like the original, the screens in this store quality, the store is super, answers all questions and quickly solves any problem, recommend, thanks


  5. S***n

    Took with the frame. The display is normal but warmer than original. The original glass is much better in terms of strength. The quality of the sensor gluing to the frame is in question. After the Assembly of the phone slammed the back cover and from pressing the burst of the touch in the corner. Apparently bad Gluing edges.


  6. D***s

    Works well, don’t forget to buy battery glue strips alongside this because you will need them to reglue battery back to the body when you change the screen


  7. Customer

    the ordered parcel came quickly and very well packed. the display is intact and I hope it’ll fit to the phone’s housing.


  8. Customer

    For 22 days came, like not a bad quality, complete with a protective glass and a set of screwdrivers.


  9. E***N

    Not when with such ease, and even so quickly did not change the display. The matrix itself is quality


  10. A***a

    Thank you, the husband fucked konesno, but changed, difficult, the quality of norms


  11. J***a

    Installed and working properly, good quality


  12. G***r



  13. D***r



  14. D***N

    Looks like everything is fine. Includes screwdriver and glass


  15. D***z

    The request was delivered in 20 days and arrived very well packed, screen replacement has been made and the product is working perfectly


  16. S***i

    Screen norms, ordered with a frame, changed himself, nothing difficult, works


  17. D***v

    The screen works well, included tool and protective glass, only sensor distance and light need after installation calibrate


  18. N***v

    The screen is super, everything changed in 30 minutes. Included tool and tape.


  19. D***i

    Display of excellent workmanship. Packed perfectly. I found a nice surprise: tempered glass for display.


  20. I***v

    Arrived in 4 weeks. In a set with a display set of the necessary investment, protect the glass (thanks to the store). The brightness of the display is slightly lower than the original.


  21. M***u

    Great. Approached as poured. Includes a set of screwdrivers and a protective glass.


  22. Customer

    Very well all worked out thank you recommend selling


  23. O***k

    Minsk 3 weeks. In principle, you can buy without a frame, if the screen is heavily broken. But then decide for yourself. With frame easier. Quality is normal for your money, but you can already find and cheaper. One fact. Oleophobic coating is not at all! So read the description, if there it is a crop, you can retract money for poor quality. How to check and prove? Internet with YouTube to help. The kit is enough for one time. Everything is stupid one-time, but not required. Well, in addition to the screwdriver and all kinds of plastics in the kit, a protective glass, which oleophobic is better than the screen.


  24. P***r

    Display working fine


  25. G***a

    It’s a white ??? framed touch+display. Why white don’t know. There is a problem with dialing – when the phone is on call the screen doesn’t work.


  26. Customer

    Well packed. It came quickly. I haven’t checked in yet, but it looks good. Complete with adhesive tape, tool kit and safety glass


  27. P***k

    Sorry non-working I was not lucky, had to order in RB to make the phone faster


  28. P***h

    Everything is fine. it works as it should. I recommend


  29. R***i

    placed order at first time…received faulty LCD may be logistic issue. Seller was really helpful send me 2nd one in only 10$. Works perfect. Both times came with tools and extra glass protector.


  30. Customer

    The screen works perfectly. Only downside, the adhesive strips provided with do not stick enough, it would be better to provide glue for lcd screen.


  31. A***v

    Excellent module, the colors are excellent without complaints, the store sent quickly, all questions are answered, I advise you to order, the screen came to Kursk region for 16 days


  32. E***v

    Screen quality at native level


  33. M***g

    Despite recalibrating the proximity sensor is not working with a tempered glass attached. Otherwise fine, fast shipping, screen working.


  34. I***s

    The display is excellent, not yellow, glued well. I recommend.


  35. A***v

    The product is good. the quality is not different from the original. You can order. Changed Himself for 30 minutes.


  36. A***h

    The difference with the original did not notice, excellent quality. After installation it was necessary to calibrate the proximity sensor.


  37. K***n

    Fast shipping, display quality is perfect, like original. But the TouchPad is not good, point of touch in center area jumps about 5mm. Delivery fast, the screen quality is excellent, the TouchPad is not very, the touch point in the center of the screen jumps somewhere by 5mm, sometimes with Phantom clicks. The protective glass on top seems to help but the complete glass because of the rounded edges of the screen, the canvas does not fit it.


  38. J***l

    Good product


  39. A***D

    In the RB came for 3 weeks. Packed very well. Seller recommend.


  40. B***r

    1 st order receiving a defective product with a uncomfortable touch is even having a dead area. (Fortunately AliExpress refund me my purchase but I lost my coupon in history) 2 th order receiving a perfect touch (what a pleasure!). The most: -Effective touch. -Rendering of the screen clean. -Protected screen. -Protective Film provided. The least: -Not the original screen. -Less bright than the original screen (it remains acceptable). -On bright screen => white = White on the store’s screen => white-gray. -Color necessarily less bright (it remains acceptable). I read a lot of comments on AliExpress is I think it’s complicated to find better. I do not regret my purchase and I recommend it even. # Dropped flat less than 40cm high with the protective Film is a shell 360 ยฐ, it split… So maybe a little fragile or not very lucky… I am good to recommend a ๐Ÿ™


  41. M***v



  42. Customer

    Bad response to pressing, came quickly. Tools not useful


  43. I***i

    medium quality, works not always as oryginal one used to


  44. M***r



  45. V***g

    From native not to distinguish, tracked, came in 2 weeks in RB


  46. C***a

    all ok


  47. O***o

    Fast shipping with tracking in Russia. the quality is excellent, everything came perfectly. Included replacement tool set


  48. R***r

    The goods came in intact and even quickly


  49. P***o

    As advertised. Good packaging. Arrived fast.


  50. P***v

    good store


  51. V***h

    I put it myself, all the hood, the proximity sensor works as a native, calibration was not required. Brightness is not different from the original, I recommend!!!


  52. D***r

    Had to get us post, more is okay, still not tested, recommend the store


  53. J***e

    Very satisfied with the product I mount it and it goes beautifully I hope it will last long. And super fast shipping. Highly recommended store.


  54. Customer

    Good product fast shiping Will do busnes again


  55. R***u

    Everything works fine. I like it. Delivery, relatively normal.


  56. Customer

    Fast Delivery Thank you


  57. S***n

    Delivery is slow. Screen quality is good. The reinstallation did not deliver any difficulties. Everything immediately earned. The store put a protective glass as a gift, thanks to him for this). When reinstalling carefully remove the vibration motor, it has a very delicate loop. Or immediately order a new one.


  58. Customer

    Display working. All normalds!


  59. F***o

    Fast and very good


  60. N***a

    Screen with white mask. Colors are super, quality has not failed! The second time I order from this store, did not disappoint. Plus a set of tools for installing the screen and protective glass as a gift


  61. A***o

    Everything works fine thanks


  62. A***h

    Very good screen


  63. N***v

    While I instructed then to rest


  64. K***v

    Excellent screen. Replaced himself. Wife is happy. From the original not to distinguish. The only moment-broke the flex of the fingerprint sensor) but it’s already me handpiece))))


  65. O***D

    The best store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At this seller you can find only high quality products!!! I am very satisfied!!! I recommend it to everyone. Thank you!


  66. J***s

    The screen works fine, not as smooth as an original one, but fine. I can’t give five stars because that and also because the screen cames with a very tiny scratch in the upper left corner, right in the black frame.


  67. Customer

    Excellent quality, same as original. I recommend to but with the frame because installing only the display is a pain if you don’t have the right tools


  68. F***z

    Everything is perfect. Installed and working properly, I hope use to see durability.


  69. A***v

    Chic screen, looks better than the previous) and the store put the Zite glass, can last better than the previous


  70. O***g

    Display quality everything works super, I recommend


  71. D***e

    nice product but came little late


  72. S***t

    Until I checked after installation


  73. O***L

    Order lost somewhere on the planet Earth.Opened a dispute…I’ll be full refunded 5 stars not for the order because I haven’t tested or received but for full refund


  74. C***e

    Ordered full frame. was able to peel off volume and power buttons to transplant them. same with the vibrating motor. Needed to use alcohol to remove battery. Screen and touch work great, but no more notification light showing thru. Have not tested proximity sensor.


  75. E***r

    Everything is perfect.


  76. L***S

    All right, the quality is not the same as the original, but is good. Comes with the tools to exchange and a glass film. Happy!


  77. A***i

    Fast delivery, thanks to the store for the quality goods


  78. S***n

    Display frankly-poor quality, from a small press immediately burst at the top of the screen, the colors are not so saturated, in comparison as it was on the original ..


  79. M***n

    Comes just what the description says and with enough quality


  80. A***s

    Everything’s fine. Got up like a native. Works great.


  81. V***n

    This is the second display. The first, by my fault, came over. Both are very good. Special differences from the original did not find. I will add a review, but almost two weeks works without complaints.


  82. D***v

    The proximity sensor does not work, so there is inconvenience, with the work of the phone


  83. N***v



  84. E***a

    Good quality product


  85. S***k

    The product arrived at the same time as 3 is not a fitting Terminator for the motor. Nama vikhov on the motor. Zaminev without Viro pratsu. Sensors of contempt.


  86. T***s

    All perfect very nice screen


  87. J***a

    Thank you, everything is ok.


  88. S***v

    The screen is good, recommend the store


  89. J***o

    Good quality, it’s worth getting the phone back for the price.


  90. L***S

    P Erfecto, a lot of quality!


  91. A***v

    As a native


  92. J***a

    Very excellent 100%


  93. I***.

    Fast delivery. Good communication. I recomend to buy goods of this store.


  94. M***o

    Very good, almost looks like original. Very easy to assemble.


  95. K***s

    Quality product, sensor sensitive, store recommend.


  96. S***v

    The screen works perfectly, the tape that is included poorly holds


  97. C***e

    absolutely satisfied with the quality and shipping of this product, putting it on was a little stressful but not too difficult, thank you store!!


  98. A***U

    The quality is excellent. Color rendering, brightness and contrast at the original level. The sensor is slowing down in my sense. The frame is unlike the original metal-plastic. Heat transfer from the processor to the metal housing (frame) through the thermopaste will not be, and perhaps the phone will “brake”.


  99. D***v

    The screen came in 2-3 weeks. Got up like a native!


  100. A***h

    The order reached 1.5 months before Minsk, packed normally, like all the whole, until checked


  101. A***a

    The screen is whole. Of course, far from the original. You can’t see anything in the sun. The proximity sensor is constantly buggy.


  102. A***v



  103. Customer



  104. I***a

    At first glance, the screen is good, I was put it in the workshop. But it turned out that during the call, the screen is extinguished and nothing is pressed, T. E is impossible to turn off!!! What is this funny, not clear?


  105. A***m



  106. P***n

    Delivery just over a month. Packing, completeness is OK. The display, as it seemed to me, is darker than the original, in the sun there is nothing to see. I ordered with a frame and, Ta-Dam, after a few days he himself peeled off from the frame.


  107. D***a

    the toush screnn donsn’t work


  108. S***n

    Display fire


  109. C***z

    The product has not arrived but the store has been very honest and they have returned the money. Reliable and recommended seller.


  110. V***o



  111. A***n

    Came in 13 days quality fire. Bonus set for disassembly and assembly. Plus ะทะฐัˆะธั‚ะฝะพะตัั‚ะตะบะปะพ


  112. N***v



  113. Customer



  114. G***v

    Backlight weak


  115. R***r

    The order was processed and sent promptly. Screen + Glass + set of tools for work. Everything was securely packed. The parcel came to the post office for 3,5 weeks. Nice to deal)


  116. I***a

    The delivery is super. the screen installed everything works. on the second day the screen was unglued. they apply bad glue.


  117. P***o

    good product. thanks


  118. A***k

    The display peeled off from the frame on the second day of use.


  119. A***a



  120. I***a

    The display came not working, had to be carried in local repairs, the money was not returned


  121. V***e

    Goods arrived very late (about 4 months arriving time). Came well packed with all tools, even glue. In the top screen’s blacklight colour isnt in good condition, is too dark, yellow on white screen…


  122. A***v

    The quality of course is not original, but very good, delivery in time


  123. G***s

    Dull compared to native.


  124. A***n

    Cunning sell sent me the display but didn’t work touch, after opening the dispute, I fucked my brain for a long time and taught me to “clean contacts” everything in this spirit. I did not want to return the money in any way and I turned all the way, but by the way after attracting AliExpress to the dispute, the money was returned, and sold seriously asked to put 5 stars. As promised, I put 5, and you yourself think, whether to buy from this cool.


  125. J***k



  126. H***V

    ะŸะพั€ัŠั‡ะบะฐั‚ะฐ be directed to 28.01.2020G. They don’t get the beggars, but we’ll get them back. Put the two Pty in a fight. They sell common and not Misla, Che IMA wine.


  127. M***s



  128. G***d

    perfect product, replaced my phone screen with this product and it look just like new. recommended.


  129. R***v

    Excellent screen, took along with the frame, came in assembled form. If you change the screen yourself, gently remove from the battery this glue, if gently pull, it comes out, otherwise the battery will be damaged like in my bitter case


  130. T***v

    Good quality.


  131. M***y

    Excellent screen, repainted without problems.


  132. E***e

    Good display. came late though. guess it’s cause of the viruse. store communicates well. I recommend


  133. M***a

    Thank you to the store, everything on time and everything.


  134. K***n



  135. O***o

    Good product the only


  136. M***a

    works perfect


  137. F***s

    Great today came to me. Thank you


  138. S***i

    The quality fully corresponds to the price. There was one controversial issue, but the store solved it. The color goes into blue and the proximity sensor lies.


  139. H***r

    Corresponds to the description at 100%. Excellent quality! Included were tools, Scotch and protective glass! Immediately installed and checked-everything works! Now the phone is like new! One minus-badly glued display. Downstairs is leaving the hull. Stuck a Scotch tape from the kit.


  140. C***z

    The product was badly glued from the frame to the display, the result is that in less than a month of use it has been broken again. We had to buy from another store.


  141. A***v

    The screen came quite quickly-about two weeks, but the assembly quality is not very good, in some places the screen has been unglued.


  142. Customer

    The screen is not original. The car works bad and luftite. Do not recommend. On the first day the daughter dropped and the car crashed.


  143. K***k

    Garno Vovan, set of instructions!


  144. A***a

    OK is cool image colors such wearing troszkฤ™ can blade or wymyล›lam. But overall approx. To Polish happened in almost 2 wks


  145. F***v

    The first day the screen frosted, then already stopped, I use it for a week


  146. S***v

    Display 1 in1 as original, but came very badly glued to the frame, so I had to glue myself


  147. A***v

    Delivery month, came separately from the frame, unglued. But the store gave me the cost of glue, so 5 stars. The screen itself is excellent, the color rendition is good.


  148. S***y

    I order already 3 times, always everything is OK, I recommend


  149. K***o

    I did not connect, I can not say anything about the quality. If any jambs will-I’ll add a tip. In the kit there is an additional protective glass.


  150. I***r

    All right, I arrived on time.


  151. I***d

    The product is reached but I still did not check it


  152. M***m

    Works fine.


  153. J***o

    I’m giving 3 stars for the following reasons: – The product is as described, the image quality is very close to the original. I can’t see any difference from the original. – The product is VERY fragile. I Installed the display and closed the device applying force on the screen. It shattered close to the front camera. Be careful when you change yours because the display breaks really easily. – Buy the frameless version, it’s a lot easier to work than the other one. – I bought the display with the frame. The screen came poorly glued to the frame and I had to glue it place. Despite all the issues, the store is very good, I received the product very fast and very well packed.


  154. A***z

    All good


  155. R***n

    ัะบั€ะฐะฝ ะพั‚ะดะฐะตั‚ ัะธะฝะตะฒะฐั‚ั‹ะผ ะพั‚ั‚ะตะฝะบะพะผ. ะฟะพัะปะต ัƒัั‚ะฐะฝะพะฒะบะธ ะฝะต ั€ะฐะฑะพั‚ะฐะป ะดะฐั‚ั‡ะธะบ ะฟั€ะธะฑะปะธะถะตะฝะธั. ะฒัะต ั€ะตัˆะฐะตั‚ัั ะบะฐะปะธะฑั€ะพะฒะบะพะน ะดะฐั‚ั‡ะธะบะฐ *#*#6484#*#*


  156. F***o

    A luminosidade do ecrรฃ deixa muito a desejar. resto tudo ok


  157. O***a

    display works perfectly, anyway front shade senzor dont work propertly