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2pieces 18w DRL LED Work Light 10-30V 4WD 12v for Off Road Truck Bus Boat Fog Light Car Light Assembly ATV Daytime Running Light

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18w flood18w spot

● 6 high-quality LEDs of 3W each;
● Beam pattern: flood or spot
● Voltage: 12 – 24 V;
● Color temperature: 6000K-6500 K;
● Lifetime:> 50,000 hours;
● Waterproof class: IP 67;
● Operating temperature range: from -40 to + 50 ° С;
● Body material: aluminum alloy;
● Body color: black.

The difference between flood and spot:

● Spot has a narrow beam that concentrates light in a small area.

● Flood has a wide beam and it is constructed so that the light spreads over a wider area, but at a smaller distance

● With the spot, you will see things that are far away from you. In its turn, the flood will allow you to better see things at a short, but wider distance.

● Because the light is more concentrated, the spot will be brighter than the flood, but only within its narrower beam.

Spot is more suitable for lighting objects, and flood is more suitable for lighting areas.


LED lights are designed for installation on cars, SUVs, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles and agricultural machinery, water transport (boats etc), and so on. They can be used as daytime running lights and as additional lightning. If you have power supply with a voltage of 12 – 24 V lamp can be used for street lighting.

Advantages of LED headlights:
● Enhance your security. Additional light on night trips to unfamiliar terrain is an extremely important option.
● Savings. LED elements are characterized by low electricity consumption compared to other types of lamps. They practically do not create additional load on the wiring and generator, and do not affect fuel consumption.
● Easy installation. Due to the most simplified design of fasteners you will not have problems installing headlights and adjusting the direction of the luminous flux.
● Reliability. Cases of headlights are made of aluminum alloy, which allows them to cope with high mechanical loads. LED-elements are protected by shock-resistant acrylic glass. Due to its resistance to temperature extremes and precipitation, headlights can be used in all weather conditions.

● Lifetime. To extend the life of our headlights, we intentionally use 70% of the power of the LEDs.

Our advantages:
● Own production. We work directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries.

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4.9 overall

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  1. A***n

    It looks good made.


  2. I***n

    It works, it came in 10 days. Super.


  3. N***n

    Thank you all Works! very fast delivery


  4. G***g

    Came quickly to Hmao-Yugra. How to Install I will complement the koment.


  5. S***v

    Delivery of days 10 to Udmurtia. All corresponds to the claimed. In the work checked everything OK. As a gift put the lamp from USB. 4 PCS lot Ordered for 1500.


  6. 7***7

    I order from this store for the second time I worked a little less than a year, but my fault came too deep their fill one stopped working shining norms delivery to Kaliningrad less than a month


  7. O***v

    Everything is fine already Second batch


  8. A***o

    Super fast shipping. Not yet put)


  9. N***N

    One minus, the middle world came far.


  10. N***



  11. M***

    The goods came quickly. In works.


  12. R***e

    Everything works, the radiation is bright! Delivery fast!


  13. A***y

    Delivery fast from Russia.


  14. J***a

    Great item


  15. W***v

    Delivery from Russia (Peter) to 18 region in 1,5 weeks. Put on Lada 2107 instead of bolts fixing the lining (saber) of the bumper. It came perfectly without unnecessary “collective farm”. The hole in the case, where the wire and the seat of the glass went out, missed a transparent sealant. Thank you, I recommend!!!


  16. M***k

    Very good anti-fog


  17. D***n

    Shine brightly, in appearance quality How much will enlighten we see. Fast shipping from Russia


  18. T***a

    Received on time, the truth in the case has not yet tried! I recommend the store and the goods!


  19. V***v

    Thank you all fine


  20. R***r

    Is OK


  21. Customer

    Thank you!


  22. A***D

    The order in Peter went very quickly. 01.04. Shipped and 02.04. Already in the post office of Russia. DHO good quality, shine perfectly. USB flashlight as a gift store did not put as many ((


  23. Customer



  24. D***v

    Came all very fast Very bright good option on DHO The main thing is that the tightness does not fail.


  25. A***v

    Thank you! Looks all super, but did not check yet! Thank you for your gift


  26. K***v

    Thank you all well and quickly


  27. V***v

    Fast delivery, good quality goods, I recommend.


  28. S***n

    I received the parcel. It came from Peter to Bryansk in 5 days. Shine well. The packing is normal, slightly crumpled, but everything is whole. Yusb lantern as a gift put, thank you. immediately prosiliconil. In general, I recommend.


  29. V***j

    Excellent goods and quality, very fast delivery, I advise the store and the goods, as I will deliver and check, then I will add a review.


  30. A***e

    I arrive very fast and everything is fine


  31. E***v

    Bright Bright took the middle light Delivery fast 10 days Arkhangelsk region Recommend.


  32. E***y

    I put 5 with a stretch. Before buying the goods, I read reviews for a long time and honestly expected the worst. Yes, the gap between the body and the glass is there and I smeared it with a sealant (just in case), but the board with the LEDs in it is not visible (as some wrote). Fed through the stabilizer of current and voltage. The current put out 125 Ma., and the voltage is 220v. At such parameters, the brightness decreased slightly, but its for DHO more than enough, they shine very brightly. But most importantly, with such current and voltage, the LEDs should live happily ever after. In general, the purchase is satisfied.


  33. D***n

    Everything is fine! even a flashlight as a gift!


  34. D***y

    Everything works, fasteners are not convenient, nuts do not moisture


  35. E***v

    Lanterns are fire at all!


  36. I***n

    The data is excellent, ordered a second time. The first one burned out one diode because of water ingress, so it’s better to seal


  37. A***v

    Quality goods. Fast shipping. Thank you.


  38. N***v

    They shine great. Connected for 10 minutes, 15 volts, heated up to about 40 degrees. The store put a gift-lamp.


  39. V***v

    The order came for 4 days in the village to the aunt in the dark in Saratov. Peter’s parcel. I’m still very surprised. 🙂 They are really made soundly. I’ll take it off.


  40. V***v

    The parcel came from Peter to Tambov in 3 days. Packed well. Load current 0.6 amps at 12 volts. When voltage increases, the current is naturally reduced. A gift-USB lamp is attached to the product. Some in the reviews write that it is necessary to connect through the voltage stabilizer, they are calculated by voltage from 10 to 30 volts. Suitable for on-board network 12 volts, and 24 volts. In them there is a driver. Time will tell you how long they will last.


  41. V***v

    So, well, what can I say before I order, read all the reviews of patience was enough, ordered to Bryansk somewhere five days, received at the post office, wanted to order delivery to the house, but changed his mind, took everything as in the description, a flashlight as a gift, decided to do the installation, I have WV B 5 +, I thought for a long time how to clip and decided to put the bumper in the grilles roughly cut, the only geeks need to be refined does not enter, did well, and the connection, connected to the wires of state fog, used stand 1500 R Us Tanovil, in the evening he drove from the cottage to the floor, the light is bright better than the state’s passing light, I came home and raised them slightly higher, roughly shine on the floor of a meter well, on the sides, and he missed the sealant, where the wire and the front in the slots, took the middle for two days, let’s see how much is enough


  42. A***v

    It’s fine. Fast shipment and delivery. Thank you for the present. The store is super, I recommend.


  43. S***a

    All Super dastage fast headlights glued sealants shine bright


  44. P***o

    Ordered 04.05, the store’s warehouse is in St. Petersburg, for this 06. 05 they ‘ve already been waiting for me at the post office. Checked work as I will set up a review


  45. R***v

    Came in three days from Peter to Tatarstan NC. They work fine. I take the second time, because. Burned because of the fact that I used without a voltage stabilizer for a while.


  46. A***v

    Just super running lights. I order already on the fourth car. Comes very quickly. I recommend to everyone


  47. V***n

    Until Novgorod 2 days thank you for the gift.


  48. S***i

    Shipping from Russia: ordered 09.05.2020 and received order 14.05.2020 track tracked from Peter. The product very much liked and everything corresponds to the description completely, thank you very much! Good store!


  49. K***K

    Everything is super


  50. V***n

    Thank you for the gift!


  51. S***v

    Delivery from Russia warehouse, very fast, connected through the daylight + block, glow very bright, took glow near light.


  52. O***v

    As always all is well


  53. Y***v

    The headlights are not bad. Very wide, well put on cars in the recessed in the bumper. They’re not very far away. Good for the neighbor. In my opinion a little blind (burn brighter than anti-paper), sent below.


  54. Customer

    The product corresponds to the description, the case is metal. Lanterns put on the back of the car, shine very bright!


  55. V***v

    Thin glass, large gaps, short screws that are uncomfortable to twist.


  56. E***n

    Delivery 3 days! Fog Super!!! made qualitatively! Connected the house through the stabilizer since I bought it in advance. Contacted the store he replied that the stabilizer is inside the fog!!! Soon installation. Excellent Product photo made in full darkness, without a fspysh!


  57. Customer

    The product corresponds to the description. Very fast delivery. In the Vladimir region it came in three days. The quality of the material of the lanterns is excellent, there are no traces of exploitation. The store also put a gift in the form of a USB flashlight, for this huge thank you. On performance did not check. As I check, I will try to complement the review. I did not communicate with the seller, there was no need. For build quality and send 5 *. I recommend to purchase.


  58. A***u

    All OK, very fast delivery


  59. E***o

    These are not running lights, put on the high beam. Shine well, but if you put above then the efect will be better


  60. R***r



  61. E***v

    Delivery instant. Less than a week. Quality is good, everything works.


  62. Customer

    The goods are good. I drove up in excellent condition. I checked the lights perfectly.


  63. A***v

    Came for 1,5 weeks in Yaroslavl. Quality is good. Shine very bright! I bought on the truck as a DHO. I installed it through reljuha, so that when they turn on the dimensions, they went out. In any case, do not use as anti-fog! They’re blind! I just in case I missed the sealant around the glass (the last photo shows). Fasteners (bolts, nuts) all stainless steel! The bracket itself is made of ordinary steel. I recommend to buy.


  64. V***o

    The store mistakenly sent 1 piece. Upon receipt immediately wrote and the next day the seller without problems sent the second lantern and said Trek number. Recommend! The lanterns work, only for some reason wires of different section and insulation quality in the two lanterns… Maybe the parties are different


  65. V***v

    Delivered in four days in Russia. Thank you.


  66. Z***v



  67. I***a

    Didn’t check.


  68. V***v

    Ordered on May 15, 21 was already at the Post Office (Rostov-on-Don). Very fast delivery.


  69. R***v

    Everything corresponds to the description


  70. I***v

    Fast delivery. It works great. Thank you to pravod


  71. W***v

    Delivery from Peter to 18 region in 5 days. The goods are intact, everything works. Track tracked to home. Thank you to the store!!!!


  72. Customer

    Bought for the DHO. By quality normal but will have to refine a little, lubricate with a sealant… How to orthonovny recall


  73. S***s

    The product corresponds to the description completely, not yet inserted, but look quite qualitative. Still in the photo seemed to me less than in reality. Also store sent a gift, led USB flashlight. Little thing, and nice) for this money I advise!


  74. V***r



  75. A***v

    All of them


  76. I***o

    Normal floodlights, I order not the first time, everything is fine… For those in the tank. As PTF they will in no case suit-will blind and will not perform the functions of PTF. as a viewfinder or DOP backlight (not on the road)-excellent.


  77. A***v

    The product received is very satisfied. I’m ordering for a second time. Everything is at the highest level.


  78. S***s

    Excellent additional PTF.


  79. S***s

    Excellent additional PTF. Delivered quickly, from the linen area.


  80. L***y

    Ordered for the second time, the first set served 3 years.


  81. I***h

    Four days before Peter, everything works. Thank you!


  82. R***y

    Sending fast. Delivery from SPB. the headlights in six months began to shine as in the photo. The gap was sealed. Wrote about the problem on WhatsApp store. The seller did not answer anything.


  83. Customer

    Perfectly done, not yet put, supplement how to supply


  84. E***a

    Delivery is super fast, the quality is quite good, I liked it.


  85. G***i

    I haven’t checked yet. Working capacity and so everything is in integrity. Thanks for the gift.


  86. A***n

    Delivery two weeks. Externally, everything looks very decent. The store put a small gift-nice. I checked immediately-everything works.


  87. A***h

    Shine Super. They don’t warm up. There is a controller. How long will the time show. Additionally, he poured the sealant in front of the slit and at the outlet of the wire. The wire is by the way soft silicone that is also a plus.


  88. G***g

    Everything is fine, shine well recommend thanks for the gift.


  89. A***i

    Gorgeous!!!! The order was made for a gift for installation on the Shawi field .. Used as additional route lights. Shine perfectly and are an excellent addition to the regular headlights. Mounts in the kit. The Comrade set himself for an hour of work. Manufacturing causes a sense of reliability. Delivery from Russia warehouses to Sochi 5 days.


  90. E***v

    Looks very cool. Heavy, not made of plastic.


  91. V***v

    Come quickly, work perfectly.


  92. A***h

    Delivery 3 days. Tracked. Looks good. I’ll add it. Thanks for the speed


  93. R***V

    Thank you to the store) very convenient, fast, reliable to order from a warehouse from Russia, everything is correct, shine perfectly, let’s hope for a long working capacity)))


  94. O***o

    Packed everything is fine, shine brightly


  95. V***s

    Warehouse in Russia, it came in less than a week. Bonus presented USB-flashlight 🙂 5 of 5!


  96. Customer

    In Izhevsk came less than a week! In the parcel was a pleasant bonus! Categorically recommend!!


  97. A***v

    Connected the lights perfectly but at night blindly. They stand as DHO when the passing beam is turned off. I missed the sealer of the slit, see how much is enough.


  98. P***v

    Everything is fine. Shines Bright, has not yet put.


  99. A***v

    Everything looks good. The wire section is decent. How to Install I will add a review. We arrived very quickly. The store put another gift. Melos a nice


  100. R***n

    There is no thermal paste.


  101. A***N

    Received within 4 days, I liked the product, I recommend. Check the Welin link. En/cash (need to remove gaps) and get up to 18% back from purchases.


  102. S***v

    The goods came until they installed.


  103. A***v

    Everything is clear and fast. But it will be soon. After I take a photo)


  104. S***n

    Hello, the headlights have received in appearance quality good, but there were slots between the case and the glass silicone will not be worse, I’ll add a review later, the first served a year from another store One blinked, thanks for the lamp, a pleasant bonus.


  105. I***u

    Reliable, honest store!!!


  106. R***r

    Fog of them will be just fire …. I advise quickly qualitatively inexpensive


  107. V***v

    Shine well. delivery Super!-the 9th ordered the 13th received.


  108. V***v

    Shine well. Shipping Super!-I ordered the 13th. For a gift, thank you, little thing, but nice.


  109. V***j

    Excellent goods and fast delivery, I advise the store and the goods, take it will not regret really worth your money


  110. A***v

    I like it


  111. A***k

    Order Received, works! Delivery from Russia, within 4 days! I did not expect this speed myself! It shines brightly, took with scattered light, on running lights. There is a flaw-Mount through a large bolt, under which you need to make a hole in the bumper (DHO is heavy enough), yes, and for fastening it is necessary to hold the nut on the back side with the key, I will have to remove the bumper for this. I will make two or four extra holes in the bracket and mount on the screws.


  112. G***i

    Delivered to Ulyanovsk for a week. shine well. the material is reliable. it is desirable to walk by a sealant. I recommend the store


  113. A***a

    Delivery to Novosibirsk week, everything works! Gift surprised


  114. N***n

    A week before Belgorod! Fast delivery, accurate description, good workmanship. Thank you store. I will order more and recommend it to everyone.


  115. N***n



  116. S***v

    Everything is good, as a gift put a flashlight. Trivia but nice, thank you


  117. A***v

    They work, they have not yet installed.


  118. K***r

    Come quickly. I’ll check-I’ll add


  119. V***o

    Thank you! Quickly and everything works. My thanks.


  120. S***n

    Shine perfectly, thanks to the store.


  121. O***v

    Everything is fine


  122. A***a

    DHO came intact, from St. Petersburg. They shine bright. On the perimeter and in the area of the wire it is necessary to walk by a transparent sealant, otherwise water ingress is provided.


  123. V***n

    The parcel went from Peter to Moscow for 5 days. Receive at the post office.


  124. A***v

    Externally very good quality, large radiator. I haven’t plugged in yet. Delivery in Russia is very fast.


  125. A***v

    The lamps are good light normally, but the joints of the glass and The Wire need to be passed by the sealant! And so everything is super!


  126. A***v

    Order came in 5 days, perfectly packed, in the factory box and + Gift/USB lamps/. The headlight is of excellent quality, I strongly recommend to buy from this store. So take it, you will not regret it.


  127. V***R

    Class headlights. I took myself on a 9ku light for 1.5 until I got into an accident. Now I order a friend on UAZ. How to put a feedback.


  128. A***v

    Came quickly, made in my very kind.


  129. D***s

    Headlights came well packed, delivery to Novosibirsk about 3 weeks. In general, everything is good, though the cord could be made longer. I installed a month as long as everything works)


  130. T***s

    thankyou !!


  131. A***n

    All is well, but on one damaged glass, poutina, I think our mail, so work, the photo shows.


  132. A***V

    Everything works for now, the first set of 3 years, the second one after a month crouched now here’s the third time I take, one in stock, took everything from Russia but different stores


  133. V***n

    Seller well done. delivery three dry days to V. N The fire is shining. Before installation, I treated the sealant to the front side of the groove of the case and the glass and the output of the wire behind. Let’s see how long it takes. What good do not sweat inside can be taken. Advise


  134. S***v

    Set, work. The size is visually not very large, rather small. There is a problem with glass. When I installed, I noticed that on the glass of one of the lanterns there is a grid of small cracks. Cracks inside, not outside, outside glass smooth


  135. S***v

    Corresponds to the description. Fast shipping. For such money, the goods are super.


  136. B***b

    Everything came quickly, and correctly


  137. A***v

    Came quickly during the week, the quality of the assembly is excellent, but has not yet installed them. In general, I think there should be no problems!


  138. V***v

    The goods came quickly. Glasses in scratches, although the package is whole. Between the body and the glass, large slots will need to work as a sealant.


  139. A***v

    Did not check, delivery fast


  140. R***v

    Excellent quality, fast delivery + Gift inside)


  141. S***n

    Delivery fast! But they came with defective glasses. wrote to the store, he immediately offered to make a refund and refund, but I decided to use them for no purpose, T. E. Stationary, T. K. They shine really very well and offered to return half the amount, the seller agreed. I consider the seller decent and recommend buying from him! believe with such you can have business! Well done!


  142. A***v

    The headlights came from Peter to hakassia in two weeks. Each headlight consumes: At 12 V. -0.672a., 8,06 Watt. 13B. -0.650a., 8,44 Watt. 14 v. -0.595a., 8,33 Watt. Two headlights together consume approximately 16 – 17,5 Watts. There is a small difference of parameters of course. With an increase in voltage to 12.5 V. There is an increase in the brightness of the headlight glow. After (increased to 24 v.) -The brightness of the glow is stable. They do not heat much. Packed well, made qualitatively. A gift in the form of a USB lamp was present. I took it as a DHO for the Toyota Corona car. Not yet.


  143. A***v

    The goods came damaged. Broken glass. The headlight shines too bright. Even in the afternoon, he’s blind. The rest is normal. Shipping fast. I’m sure they put the marriage on purpose.


  144. S***o

    Running Lights of good quality, heavy with good thermal conductivity.


  145. E***n

    For Triple …..


  146. R***g

    Great item, my second purchase


  147. O***n

    Very fast delivery


  148. 7***7

    The product came very quickly to the store a huge receipt.


  149. A***o

    Fast delivery, and gift. Thank you so much.


  150. M***v

    Everything works and came quickly. The DHO is what it takes, I recommend.


  151. A***v

    Checked all burn perfectly. As a gift put the USB lamp. Seller recommend.


  152. A***L

    Running Lights got, put everything works great! I’ll take it for the second time.


  153. A***v

    Ordered a second time. The first served for 3,5. In one came water, began blinking and inside sweating. The second works now (will be spare).


  154. A***v

    Everything works fine I’m happy. thanks to the store


  155. T***n

    Come finally then! There were weeks 3 very long! (sealed all kindly goods are satisfied!)


  156. V***v

    Качество отличное, доставка очень быстрая,светят очень ярко. Продавцу спасибо за подарок.


  157. O***o

    На внешний вид соответствует описанию, пришли рабочие,но пока ещё не устанавливал


  158. F***r

    Thank you, that’s for sure.


  159. O***o

    It’s okay, thank you.


  160. O***v

    Good holy, I recommend


  161. N***v

    All got Store 5 +++


  162. M***i

    quality is good


  163. K***k

    Product semi


  164. V***n

    Everything is super. Shines brightly, complete with a bar + bolts. Another gift put, happiness full pants, long wanted running, and here came, thank you!


  165. M***n

    Thank you all excellent goods good


  166. V***V

    All wonderful thanks for the gift


  167. A***y

    The second set I order, I decided to put it on the back. The store is satisfied, sending fast. Plus as a gift put fanarik, a trifle and nice. Headlights are qualitatively made. I like it. Alexander is the city of Kolomna.


  168. S***n

    The parcel was received, installed them immediately on the car. Traveled three days and one lantern went out. I had to open (unpick), otherwise you will not understand. It turned out the throttle exploded. I took a little more (ring) and myself wound in one row winding with an isolated wire. The remains of the old dismantled and on the wires soldered a new coil throttle. In the poison found a place to fix it. Everything was collected and sealed with silicone. The Lantern again earned, shines as well as the second. In the course of the work, a little paint was wiped off, but this summer I will paint.


  169. Customer

    The goods received within 2 weeks. Everything works. No complaints.


  170. V***k

    all ok


  171. N***a

    The product looks at 5 + has not yet installed. I plan to install on a boat trailer instead of a fog lamp. Not to alter.


  172. V***v

    All norms, thanks for the flashlight, I understand this bonus


  173. G***d

    Excellent headlights! Special thanks for the gift.


  174. A***V

    Got before the time, connected to the BP 12 v work, I will put on the back of the truck, there is no moisture insulation from the word zero, the sealant is mandatory!!!


  175. G***d

    Came quickly not yet checked in the bonus gave a gift to the store thanks


  176. A***v

    Before installation it is better to wave with a sealant otherwise can fog.


  177. A***v

    I took two sets of flood and spot one to myself a second father-in-law. came in a week, in Tambov. checked for 20 minutes turned on heating almost no, work very well at night the meetings will blind so I will put through the relay as a DHO, of course 18 watts. There is no-it would be radiators heated as a soldering iron and in other reviews there are measurements. If anyone is interested, then I will put through the voltage stabilizer, made a linear (voltage stabilizer) because. Pulse that is sold on Ali and in radio sets can give leads to acoustics, and I have two USAS and three channels + sub do not want to whistle standing. Who at least once the soldering iron worked to make a linear stab. Itself “in the photo” and on YouTube is full of videos. Very much you advise to connect through the voltage stabilizer in 12 V. Because. Even the slightest difference in the big direction for LEDs death. and I have a generator of 14,5 v. Gives out. How to put and check in combat conditions I will unsubscribe. Yes, and I think that it will be necessary to seal the contour.


  178. Customer

    Everything is fine


  179. V***v

    Until I install the add-on


  180. V***v

    The long-awaited parcel received, all whole, in the robot did not check yet, there is a DHO controller, as it will come and immediately put, and I will add a tip.


  181. M***m

    The goods came quickly, to Tchaikovsky for 1 week. Everything is whole, everything works. Light diffused. The gap between the body and the LED unit was smeared with a sealant. The nuts of the mounting bracket had to be sharpened that they would fit in the body.


  182. G***m

    Everything matches. We have such costs of 800r per piece. Excellent addition, to the near light


  183. A***v

    Delivery is very fast, sent promptly. The quality is not bad: the LEDs all burn normally, drowned in the water for 20 minutes without additional sealing-everything is OK. Of the minuses I note that the reflector is not exactly, the diodes are offset from the central positions in it, respectively, the efficiency falls.


  184. Customer

    It shines well. Not yet installed


  185. A***v

    Shine brightly, I advise you to take will not regret


  186. M***i

    Very Niceee


  187. D***r

    The store and the store recommend, before Hmao came in 10 days, in the case did not check


  188. R***r

    In the water did not check, not yet put, stuck in five days!


  189. V***a

    Sent on the 4th day, delivery, to Ukraine (mystexpress + Ukr. mail) 22 days, with the store did not communicate, there was no gift in the form of a flashlight (and did not wait… but ….), checked… Working. Not yet installed


  190. R***r

    Got very fast. For its price are collected soundly. From the alteration-I had to slightly sharpen the face on the fixing nuts, otherwise did not climb into their places. As a gift was a USB lantern. I thought they would shine a little brighter. Put on the place of old cuffs, the difference is noticeable at times.


  191. A***n

    Before Tyumen came for 8 days,! Before buying, see the size, big enough DHO!!! The installation is simple, but very complex on the Corolla E150, very long with the installation, T. to the place there is especially no for them in the bumper, shine in Kaifu, before installation filled the gap between the body and the glass with a sealant, it’s too much there


  192. E***a

    Great store. Quality of Service at altitude.


  193. G***r

    Best DHO in its category, best store 5 +++ trading these DHO. Shipping super fast 10 days. I highly recommend the product and the store.


  194. A***v

    Quality is good, for this money. nuts for fastening, do not enter the holes, large, will have to either sharpen these, or buy a smaller diameter. and so like the norms, but not yet checked. will Supply the machine, дополню.


  195. D***v

    All is well, only it was necessary to take a far, the middle ear is very close seit.


  196. S***v

    Came quickly enough, 11 days, from Russia. They were just in the bag. Whole, came, although the boxes were crumpled. I asked you to pack it better, but it’s scored. I have not checked yet, but I ordered one more, for another car, and chose different, then I will check whether the difference is big.


  197. A***v

    Thank you very much to the store, received, no problem.


  198. S***y

    The headlights are bright. They will blind the oncoming. We need to adjust humanly. Solid collected. I don’t have any curve diodes. If only they worked on the car without jambs. And so the first impression of course is excellent. We’ll see. By the way, there were no bonuses and gifts.


  199. N***n

    Very fast delivery, after a day the parcel was already at the post office. The quality of the goods is good, everything works. The light matches the photos with other reviews.


  200. I***v

    It came to ulyannsk for 8 days, a gift on the spot, the nuts of the fastening do not climb into the intended place, will have to pull, and so everything is fine.


  201. E***a

    The order came in a complete set, but the nut, to which the rack was screwed was slightly more than the grooves in the DHO, it was necessary to hammer it there, as a result, the coating of the DHO itself was slightly damaged


  202. Customer

    Good lanterns. Put a gift USB lamp. The only negative large cracks in a circle and visible all the insides for any need or silicone and sealant


  203. L***a

    All Super


  204. A***v

    Delivery is fast. quality is excellent.


  205. D***v

    Good PtF


  206. M***v

    Delivery a week and a half to Volgograd + put a flashlight as a gift.


  207. V***a

    Everything is fine, thank you


  208. S***v

    The order came very quickly at first glance very interesting and quality that especially pleased the store put a small gift USB lamp! Ordered from Russia came within seven days of the seller I recommend! Thank you very much!


  209. Y***a

    All Super, recommend product and product. For the gift to the store Thank you very much.


  210. G***r



  211. V***v

    Got very fast .. + Gift flashlight for USB… all whole… Packing at height .. Confuses the gap between the body and the glass… until I put… I will add the installation


  212. A***v

    Delivered to Ryazan in 4 days, everything works bright. The light from the headlight goes with one big spot


  213. R***r

    Fast and high quality


  214. K***n



  215. R***r

    The goods came a week before the Tver region, the quality is good, everything is included. The store put a gift, very nice!


  216. L***a

    Headlights heavy. Metal. The radiator is big. I can not estimate the brightness, because. Tested during the day, the car has not yet installed. It came in 3 days.


  217. A***n

    Very fast, the goods are super, packing for 5 +


  218. N***v

    Come quickly. Everything’s fine. Even put a gift…


  219. O***v

    The goods are kind of good. I haven’t checked yet. It was two weeks. On the fastening of the NUT did not enter the groove. Had To face nut чуток шлифануть. Came in like a sweetheart. That’s all the problems. Take it.


  220. A***v

    Shine bright for DHO. Connected through two relays, did not smear anything. Delivery 3 days from Peter to V. Luk


  221. I***n

    The goods were not tracked but came 40 days earlier, five stars.


  222. A***r

    DHO-quality at altitude. Lanterns are heavy, quite large in size, Shine Super.


  223. I***o

    Everything is fine, the goods came from Peter, quickly, the quality is good, but the sealant in the circle of glass need to pass, that would not be dirt going, the diodes in the reflectors stand not perfectly smooth, but shine well, I will put on a snowmobile, ordered a far light, at night I did not check, called myself, said, That the parcel is in the mail, a trifle and nice!


  224. M***v

    Incomprehensible gap between the body and the glass. All the dirt will be dug there. I don’t know how justified it is, I sealed it with a sealant


  225. M***v

    Very quickly came the order, and the flashlight as a gift gave! !! M


  226. Y***o

    A package flew in a week from St. Petersburg. Packed well. Shine perfectly. I think it will be visible during the day. And as a gift yusb flashlight


  227. M***y

    Quality at height, plus gift


  228. Customer

    Thank you


  229. V***y

    The third time I order from this store. Delivery within a week and a half. Whole. Even put the flashlight. Thank you!!!


  230. S***v

    Delivery Week, not yet checked


  231. A***v

    Looks good quality.


  232. V***k

    Took a long one. Will be instead of neighbor with dimensions. Shines normally. For speed and goods will put five. Between the glass and the body can not be glued checked. For quality I will write later. Shop advise.


  233. L***x

    Very good store, fast delivery and consistent with the description, I advise +++++


  234. S***a

    Everything is fine! Delivered goods quickly


  235. A***n

    Delivery 2 days, shock! Shine smoothly on 890 rubles, look more expensive .. Between the glass and the shell slit, uniquely seal. Took on the boat .. I recommend.